It couldn't last

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It couldn't last

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The peace and quiet of construction and settling in on our new world has been abruptly shattered for the first time tonight, as a pair of villains attempted to attack the Intercorp building and then proceeded to severely injure security forces sent to stop them.

[19:23] V pouts as her beam deflects from the pyramid "Lame! I liked the old city better... everything there fell apart faster" then she turns as she hears a landing behind her "Ah, hello again lightning bug... I see your carapace re-grew" her gaze flitting around the others as they arrive "I swear, nobody around here has anything better to do than ruin my fun..." dropping her sniper rifle to the ground, where it deconstructs into code as she begins manufacturing another weapon more suited to the situation
[19:25] Six had been flying over the city on a normal patrol for the vanguard when she saw the weapons fire. she followed the path of the shot to were it came from. an attack on the city would not stand. she shifted from her light combat gear to heavy armor as she moved up to the roof.
[19:26] Raigeki clears her though " So. Look. In the intrest of being fair I'm giving you one chance. This isn't going to go like last time we clashed. I've got my powers back. Now. it looks like you are outnumbered here.If you surrender peacefully you won't be damaged. "
[19:29] The Inertia Demon: The skinless serial killer floated up to the roof with all the grace of a practiced ballerina, slowly increasing her directional inertia as she crested the surface of the roof. She came to a stop just as the top half of her head came into view. Eyes gleaming with malice greeted the roof's occupants, and a smile that seemed to widen beyond the normal human limitations was visible behind her calcified mask. It seemed to grow just a *touch* wider as Mikoto offered V the chance to surrender. "Perhaps I should even the odds, then." she rasped, her voice a garbled, hissing mess. She pulled herself over the railing, and remained floating a few feet over the roof. A trickle of drool ran out of her flayed maw and began to drip off her chin as she felt her urge to indulge in bloodshed rising.
[19:30] I.C.E. scans the woman. Memories of Eira playing from last encounter. Scanning the energy signatures arouynd the area buying time as evac procedures begin downstairs "Where is your twin sister. Last time there were two of you" Eyes narrowing seeing the new threat joining
[19:31] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR opens her mask and steps towards V, her boots thumping heavily on the roof of the building with each step. "Nice wings. Not as fancy as mine, mind, but at least you have some style..." The gauntlet-mounted pulsers on her wrists snap open as V begins building another weapon. "My, my. I heard of your encounter with some of my people in the wastes of the old city....I was hoping we would get a chance to meet, since I owe you a lovely, painful beatdown for what you did to them. Now, be a good girl and listen to the electrical girl, hmm?" She smirks, gesturing absently at Raigeki.
[19:31] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: **electrical woman
[19:35] NYX is just a swirling pattern of field fluctuations circling around Raigeki's hand. No manifestation at all yet.
[19:35] Six levels her rifle at the demon who just showed up seeing as the others seemed to have this under control "I recommend you leave immediately." Six warned the woman who just showed up. but seeing the look on her face said she was not going to listen.
[19:39] V laughs at Raigeki's boast "I remember your powers well... I also remember you screaming in helpless agony even while you had them... you don't frighten me" glancing up at the demon's arrival "Well, don't you look like my kind of party... I'll try not to shoot you too much" giving a small grin, then looking to ICE "You I don't remember... but your energy is familiar... like the bug's friend that night, only lesser. I wonder if you'll prove as entertaining" ignoring Six for the moment as she focuses on the demon, and just shaking her head at Zeph's words "No... I think I owe you all a beatdown first" her construction finishing as a massive scythe materializes in her hands, glowing with energy, and she quickly swings it to unleash a shockwave of ki towards the three in front of her
[19:43] Raigeki looks intently ad Zephyr and then does the same for ICE. Her face looked like she was issuing orders but no sound came from her lips. She had issued her warning, and her offer had been rejected. A massive bolt came down out of the sky as Raigeki's mask slid closed, her body surrounded by electricity as she moved towards the being before her, accelerated magnetically. blinking out of existence for a split second and reappearing on the other side of the shock wave, electrically-charged ninjato and tanto coming from their sheath and accelerated by her power. Still, Mikoto was still Mikoto and in during the attack, Immigrant song begin playing from some sort of hidden speaker.
[19:45] The Inertia Demon: "YES! A party! That's exactly what I'm about!" she said, cackling all the while in response to V's comment. "And *this* little gathering is exactly the sort of pot luck I live for!" Her head snapped towards Six, appraising her with the same ravenous desire that was formerly focused on the others. She shrieked a battle cry, redirecting and drastically lowering her personal inertia toward the Vanguard op, intent on slamming into her and blasting her off her feet. She wasn't particularly strong, but she was a very durable creature; she accelerated to mach 0.5 in the blink of an eye. Hopefully, Six wasn't strong or fast enough to rebuff her assault.
[19:48] I.C.E. draws her blade channeling her energy into as she clashes with the shockwave "You don't know the limits of my energy sweetie." Smirking as she channels more and slashes sending her own energy slash towards the demon following Mikotos command
[19:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR braces, and her wings seem to expand and then fold around her, creating a corona of plasma that flares against the shockwave. The display is added with a pair of blue flames streaming from the ports on Zephyr's back, and the force of the wave pushes Zephyr back a foot or so, but nothing else. Zephyr looks up and grins at V. "I was hoping you wouldn't surrender." She says, her helmet snapping shut as she raises her gauntlet-mounted pulse rifles and begins advancing towards V, only to stop and tilt her head as if she recieved an unspoken command. Turning, she faced the Inertia demon, the coronal shield opening only for an instant to allow Zeph to fire a burst of plasma-encased high caliber projectiles at the demon at the rate of a military-grade minigun. On impact with their target, they would both pierce into and detonate against whatever they hit, in a tiny explosion of raw plasma with the heat of the sun behind it.
[19:51] Six saw the creature rushing at her she planted her heavily armored feet and put her shield out in front of her. the armor she was wearing weighed roughly half a ton. she'd brace for impact to little sucess. while she was not imediately toppled she was being pushed back toward the edge of the building. the joints in her arms and legs groaning and creeking from rhe strain and force. her focus too much on defence to attack right now as she skidded back towad the edge of the roof.
[19:53] V isn't fast enough to react to Raigeki's maneuver, the first blade biting into her back but clanging into incredibly resistant metal just under the surface, and while the electricity courses into it it doesn't seem to interfere with her systems like most cyborgs. Lacking the speed to bring her scythe into position quickly enough, she instead uses a wing blade to deflect the second swing, the weapon breaking a chunk out of the crystalline blade, then she spins the rest of the way around, trying to bash Raigeki with the shaft of the scythe, a distant thunk and whistle sounding off, though perhaps missed among the sounds of battle
[19:58] The Inertia Demon emitted a wheezing laugh as Six was pushed back. "You know-" she began, rebounding off the shield after her impact. "I don't normally go for the armored ones. Too much effort to get the meat out of their shell. But you've left a few ~prime~ cuts exposed. I'll start with tho-" And then Zephyr's plasma-encased volley began to strike her. The first handful of rounds only cracked her bone armor... but before long, they were breaking it apart and slagging the outer layers. Kansei hissed in pain, holding up a palm towards the cyborg and imparting inertia into the bullets that were headed her way; if Zephyr didn't stop firing, she was just going to add to the growing number of halted projectiles. She wasn't quick enough to react to ICE's sword slash, however; it struck her full-on, causing large fissures to form all about her abdominal armor and driving the wind from her. The hail of bullets she'd been holding back drew a few inches closer, but she managed to re-assert control before they could speed up to
[19:58] The Inertia Demon: anything more than a slow crawl.
[20:02] Raigeki s blades came up to block the shaft of the scythe. ahd she slides backwards as sparks fly and the clang of metal on metal can be heard Loudly. To the casual observer, it might look like she was meeting strength with prodigious speed and strength, but someone observant would be able to tell that Mikoto was using her magnetic abilities to move her armor and weapons and her body was just along for the ride. There was a growl that came from the helmet and she seemed monetarily distracted, allowing the force of the clash to push he back into the corner hard, and in a voice that sounded like it was coming from between grit teeth she said " Is that all you got? Did you get weaker? "
[20:04] I.C.E. smirks seeing her attack was effective as she channels more of her energy "Pick on someone your own size demon" Launching another freezing slash trying to drive him away and keep seperated from V.
[20:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR only fired a short burst, On seeing Interia stop some of the projectiles, she lowered her wrists and advanced again, letting her coronal shield expand. She manuvered in such a way so not to let Six get hit, but if the deadly rings of plasma were not stopped, they would strike Inertia's outstretched hand, with all the implications thereof.
[20:09] V laughs loudly as her scythe dissipates into code "Not at all... just a little rusty. After all, there aren't any real challenges around here to keep me in shape" shifting her ki into speed mode, a sonic boom erupting as she starts zipping around Raigeki, her punches only slightly stronger than a peak human, but dozens of them raining down each second. At the same time, the whistling grows slightly louder, and then a 135 mm HE Howitzer shell slams into the roof and explodes, the whistling sound continuing to grow in intensity
[20:13] The Inertia Demon: Foes behind, in front of, and beside her? Well, Kansei thought, this was certainly disadvantageous. She could only direct her inertial manipulation in two different directions at once. She took a moment to weigh her options. Towards V? No, she didn't feel like fighting back-to-back. Away from V? No, that'd provoke attacks from ICE and Six as she withdrew. Between ICE and Zephyr? No, that wouldn't work. In the end, she realized that she just needed to think vertically. She shifted her personal inertia upwards, and reduced it, allowing her to evade ICE's attack completely- unfortunately, she wasn't quite quick enough, and Zephyr's corona managed to amputate her two smallest toes on her right foot before she was out of the path of the energy field. In the same moment, she redirected the inertia in the handful of bullets she had captured; one went towards ICE's shoulder, one went towards SIX's exposed thigh, and two were sent towards Zephyr's hopefully-less-armored elbows. The explosion that occurred only
[20:13] The Inertia Demon: slightly thereafter added force to her modified personal inertia, causing her to rocket upwards several feet and dazing her for a few short seconds.
[20:16] Raigeki began fighting defensivly, blocking her blow for blow untill the shell caught her eye, One of the punches landed square in the jaw and she goes down onto one knee, and would have been out cold if not for her armor. At that point she pushed herself to her limits. She shouted out "ZEPH! Cover the sky! None of those shells get through! " At the same time she came up, trying to uppercut V with her shorter blade, grabbing all of the bits of shrapnel she could and trying to slam them into her opponent's back
[20:17] I.C.E. is uneffected as the bullets bounce of her skin merely tearing her clothing. Taking to the sky to follow the demon but gets caught in the explosion of the tank shell as she falls to ground roughly tumbling.
[20:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR's elbows, and in fact her lower arms, were less armored than the rest of her body, but unfortunately the bullets did not make it that far; the same corona that burned away Inertia's toes also caught the bullets, detonating them harmlessly and integrating the plasma back into her system. Zephyr pulled the corona back in, the flames from the ports on her back dying down and her wings unfolding to their default configuration. At that point, the first shell struck, sending Zephyr flying towards the guardrail. She thankfully caught herself and used her jets to get back over, dusting herself off. "Right-O!" She said in response to Raigeki. "Beginning top cover! LEt's see how the Terrible Twins do when seperated...." She said, planting her feet and charging up her systems. Her wings flared again, forming into a larger and larger corona until it covered the entire roof in a nearly inpenetrable dome, something that would take a hit from a tactical nuke to even dent. "We've got ourselves an arena! Now let the game
[20:19] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR the games begin!
[20:20] Six was not quick enough to dodge the bullet sent her way she wince as it shot into her leg going deep enough into her skin to hit the metal of her endo-skeleton lodging itself into her leg. with a growl she pointed her plasma rifle up at Inertia pulling the trigger three times sending three bolts of hot plasma toward the demon's legs. her leg was flashing a warning on her hud as damaged.
[20:23] Zero positions herself on PAE roof with her trusty sniper rifle. Trained on the roof for any incoming shells ready to ice them with cryo rounds
[20:25] V grins as Raigeki drops to one knee, shifting her ki to force mode right as the counterattack is launched at her, bringing one hand up to intercept the stab, the tip of the blade digging a bit into her metal layers, but they hold steady for now, the shrapnel barrage digging into her back, scraping into the layers of her armor, but being just ordinary iron it gives out faster than her structure, and then she retaliates with a full-force backhand aimed for Raigeki's head with enough strength to send a semi flying. Two more shells slam into Zeph's barrier and explode, and the whistling continues, signalling that the barrage isn't ending just yet
[20:29] The Inertia Demon: It took far too long to recover from her shocked state on her own- Six's plasma bolts did it for her. While her continued upwards ascent caused one of the bolts to miss, the two others impacted her left leg, just above the knee. An unearthly shrieking erupted from her as she regained her focus, eyes locked onto the new subject of her ire. She withdrew a small silvery canister from her belt, and pulled a pin from it- a grenade. "Have a free war crime." she rasped, hurling the device at Six's head hard enough to cave in a regular human's skull. White phosphorous was going to pour out of it in short order.
[20:33] Raigeki sees the canistier flying at Diva . she releases her blade and reaches out to it snaagging it and slingshoting it back to it's poit of origin, holy to get caught with the backhand and go flying
[20:33] I.C.E. groans standing up missing her jacket and some of the side of her face as circuits are visible " Im pissed" Channeling her energy as it crackles around her visibly causing the area to quake before taking off at incredible speed towards the demon. Moving fast enough to leave a after image as she attempts to flash step above and slash down with another freezing slash at the demon
[20:34] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR V's projectiles hit the barrier and....pass through. Evidently, this corona was configured to let things leave, but not enter. It stays strong as long as Zephyr keeps it up, which the robo girl continues to do, her wings flaring and shifting to hold the dome and protect the rooftop from any further interference. Zephyr looks at V and smirks. "That's cute, dear. Now how about you fight us yourself instead of relying on your sibling to help. It shall give my...ah..compatriots time to sniff them out and reduce them to inert slag. I will be sure to send the fused lump of what is left of them to the residence of your choosing." Suddenly, she snapped to Inertia and fired one of her gauntlet rifles at the thrown projectile. Like the CIWS on an aircraft carrier, she precisely tracked the flying device and fired to not directly detonate it, but to divert its course away from Six before it detonated. It is notable that Zephyr has not moved from the spot since she raised the corona.
[20:35] Outcry scans the line of projectiles to try and locate the source to take it out
[20:40] V watches Raigeki go flying, giving a quick glance over at the other fight, grinning as she sees everyone being kept busy. She shifts back to speed mode and boosts with her jets as well in a straight line, doing a mach 5 bum rush at Zeph, using 10 tons of force to try to push and/or throw her off the roof, her digital printer spinning up again at the same time, while shells keep raining down, but the mundane explosives make no progress against Zeph's shield. Outcry's search would find that the shell barrage is coming in from somewhere outside the city, likely one of the rock formations
[20:44] Raigeki reaches the apex of her arc of flight. and begins to fall twards the ground sword droping to the hand, and pieces of her shattered helmet , blood a stream of blood coming from her lips, she goes into free-fall
[20:45] The Inertia Demon only had human reaction speeds. Peak human reaction speeds, but human nonetheless. The best she could do to defend against her own grenade was to shield her face and neck with her forearms... only for it to detonate on the other side of the roof. A few errant wisps of Willy Pete might have found their way over to the rest of the battle, but it wouldn't be nearly as devastating as a point-blank blast. Breathing a quiet sigh of relief, she didn't notice ICE quick-stepping behind her until it was far too late. The blade dug into her carapace, scoring a deep channel and severing a number of muscles... but it seemed to lose efficacy before it could dig into her spinal column. Her instincts had saved her; she had absorbed enough of the force from the blade to keep herself in the fight. Using some of that imparted momentum, she spun around and sent an outstretched hand towards ICE's exposed belly. If she successfully made contact, all the remaining force of that cut was going to be focused into a spot the size
[20:45] The Inertia Demon: of a fingertip.
[20:48] Six watched as the granade meant for her was dealt with her concern now was Raigeki. shifting her form to her light combat configuration. she boosted after Raigeki using all the speed she had to attempt ti catch her as she fell. Six's power core was flashing at half power from all this combat. she'd need to recharge soon.
[20:51] I.C.E. is surprised that her blade is stiopped. Since the demon didnt stop the slashes last time she assumed it meant she was safe with her attacks. A miscalculation that cost her as she's hit by the force of her own attack but not before channeling some energy and to try and give some freeze damage to the demon as she falls to the ground from the piercing attack
[20:54] Eventide is totally being obvious about snooping
[20:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR speaks into her headset. "Durian, I will be sending you some coordinates to your computer shortly. I want you to go there and suppress whatever is firing these shells." At that point V rushes her, giving only enough time to turn to face V before she slams into her armorpushing the two a good 10 feet back as her own thrusters fire to counteract. The impact knocked Zephyr's breath out, and her shield wavered for just a moment as her internal systems compensated and distributed power, but the armored gynoid recovered quickly. Zephyr grins under her mask, one of her hands coming down to grab V's left shoulder. "That's cute, dear." She begins squeezing at the joint of V's arm and her shoulder, tighter and tighter. "Very....very...cute." 10 tons of force...15...20....30....50....70...tons squeezing down on that one joint. And then her other hand grabs at right the side of V's face, squeezing, and tries to push her thumb into V's eye, but instead of building up, she does this with 40 tons of force with no hesi
[20:54] Durian dose a quick fly by checking on everyone as he had a never before seen launcher as his jets kcick on and hauls ass over the hills
[20:56] The Inertia Demon was in so much pain at that very moment, the addition of a little lethal cold was only hardly noticed. The freezing energy traveled up her arm, affecting her digits first and foremost; her thumb, index finger, and middle finger were completely iced through, and fell off in short order. Kansei managed to retain her focus, and launched herself down at ICE with all her inertial might. Her armored heel sped towards her target's throat, intent on crushing whatever vitals were within to paste. If she missed, the wooden deck where she impacted instead was going to splinter and break in a spiderweb pattern. "DAMN YOU, ROBOT!" she roared. "YOU AREN'T EVEN MADE OF MEAT! YOU'RE WORTHLESS, AND I'M PUTTING ALL THIS EFFORT INTO KILLING YOU!"
[21:00] V grins back at Zeph as she grabs and squeezes, the pressure on the shoulder only starting to have a slight effect as it reaches the 70 ton mark, but even then the joint holds up just fine, while the stab at her eye punches through the synthetic orb, but the actual sensors are seated into metal underneath, the loss of that side of her visor interfering with her automated targeting, making her artillery less accurate now, and then she shifts her body to the side as her printer spits out a giant minigun between her and Zeph, which immediately starts spinning up to fire 50mm tank shells at point blank "Afraid I don't do cute... but keep it up and maybe someday you'll be a real robot, if they don't dump you in a scrap heap when I finish with ya"
[21:01] Eventide flies closer, recording the situation with her cybernetic eye
[21:04] Raigeki turned her head to Diva and smiled slightly. she reaches out and places her hand over the power core, and, knowing exactly how much diva can store quick charges the Valkyrie, then murmurs "Good girl. Physical attacks don't seem to work on skinless.use energy." Then her aura flares and she vanishes, reappearing inside the shield. Seeing what happened to ICE and then Zephyr, somethinig seems to snap.. her eyes loos their golden color and change to a silver hue and her electrical energy starts rising rapidly
[21:08] Zero smirks lining up her rifle sight. Judging all the parameters as she steadies her breathing. Only needing a split second to find her target. Pulling the trigger sending the glue round soaring at its target down the barrel of the artillery
[21:10] Six nods and takes the power boost letting the energy flow into her. now that she was at full power her attention turned to the skinless one. "if energy is required..." six alters her configutation to her 'recon' mode but adds in her boosters from light combat. "then I will oblige her" she calls in another weapon from her arsenal. a double bladed plasma sword. six moves quickly to intercept Inertia before she can strike ICE. swinging the blade at her leg.
[21:11] Eventide taps at the energy field and feels the superheated plasma lash across her body. Mostly scorching her clothing and guns. She tilts her head then focusses her recording on ICE's form
[21:12] I.C.E. lands hard systems shaking. Pierced but not fatal however something was struck as her energy seems to rabidly increase shaking the very building and crackling as she flips just barely in time to dodge the fatal strike. the debris and resulting impact chipping at her body as more of her is scratched showing the robotic pieces. Eyes glowing dangerous speaking in a near robotic voice ". Paramameters recognize. Exterminate with extreme prejudice. Then sends a freezing shockwave towards the demon this one much more powerful
[21:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR feels what amounts to being kicked in the stomach over and over again, not a very pleasant feeling, as the impacts from the shell shoot sparks and shrapnel around the two. Her armor holds against the first few shots but Zephyr can feel it beginning to buckle,. "DIdn't you learn from that poor attempt at a tackle? This isn't getting you anywhere...." She reaches forward with one hand to grab the minigun's barrels and stop their rotations, trying to crush or bend them into uselessness with about 80 tons of force "Least I'm not a cunt." She spits then brings her other arm up to fire a nice rapid fire burst of plasma-charged explosive projectiles right into V's face.
[21:18] V yanks back on the gun as it's grabbed, then gets blasted in the face, melting all the synthetic flesh and other cosmetic features away, leaving a nearly featureless metal head, the heat and explosions causing some melting and deformation around the edges as she flies backwards, the barrels ripping away, but the firing mechanism keeps spinning as the ammo changes to plasma packets, firing out wildly at immense pace as she spins and stumbles, shots going everywhere until she manages to stabilize herself near the edge of the roof. "Aww... you mussed up my makeup... do you know how long I spend getting that just right in the morning?"
[21:20] The Inertia Demon: Unfortunately, ICE was able to evade the strike and counterattack; she managed to dodge much of it, but what energy that managed to strike her froze and shattered the majority of the armor along her abdomen, leaving her far less protected. Six joined the assault with a plasma weapon, and Kansei was only barely able to redirect herself to avoid what would have been the amputation of her right leg. "Back for more?!" she hissed, fishing another canister from her pocket. This one had white warning stripes. "Fine. A closed-casket funeral it'll be, then!" She pulled the pin, and dropped the canister; it began to spew a thick white smoke almost immediately. It emerged from the canister at just a mote above human body temperature, ruining any attempts at using thermal imaging to locate a human within its radius. The skinless woman flattened herself along the ground as the smoke enveloped her, and attempted to slide across the ground in order to place herself behind where she believed Six would be.
[21:21] The Inertia Demon: prone
[21:21] Raigeki draws back her hands courting that Zephyr can hold her own for a few more seconds against V She thruts her hands forward threading teh needle between ICE and Diva screaming out "Masutāsupāku!" pouring all of the energy from her aura ith a massive beam of electrified plasma, channeling all of here rage straight at the skinless demon Though her energy dies down she glances over to V " This is your last chance to run " then into her comms she says "Arc reactor to Maximum charge. "
[21:25] Eventide shakes her head. It seemed like they were gunning for one or two main targets. She dismissed them as inefficent..but of course.. outwardly.. the student wouldnt try to help... She tilently laughed at Durian before opening a portal and stepping through
[21:29] Six: backs up a bit as the white phosphorous is thrown to the ground she'd actually fly up a bit to try and get a better veiw on where her opponent went. the glow from her plasma weapon giving away her position as well as the sound of her jets. though once mikoto slid in and fired off her Attack Six was very greatful she was in the air right now. all of her scanning instruments were being jammed so she could only attempt a visual spotting of the skinless woman
[21:36] I.C.E. eyes grow dark blue. Able to sense for any life energy. Finding the demon easily as she flashsteps to the location and brings down her blade " Unit Itegrated Cybernetic Experiment Execute all threats with extreme prejudice"
[21:39] The Inertia Demon: This time, it was circumstance rather than skill that saved the serial killer; she ducked into the smoke cloud just as Mikoto sent the massive surge of electricity her way. Unfortunately, the was still struck by the fringes of the beam. The sheer static force gripped many of the bone plates spread across her body, ripping them free and sending them hurtling into the distance with chunks of flesh still attached to them. Losing a few digits or getting fourth-degree burns were certainly no walk in the park, but to have pieces of one's body torn free was truly excruciating. Blood began to pool around her as she gasped for air, reeling from the sudden loss of so many pieces of her being. They would grow back, in time... but it wouldn't be a pleasant process. When ICE moved to end her with that slash, it was again pure happenstance that saved Kansei's life; she enveloped herself in her power, and absorbed the entire force of the blow. The icing effect still wounded her, causing muscles to shatter and her core temp
[21:39] The Inertia Demon: to begin dropping to dangerous levels, but other than that, it appeared as if the strike merely skipped across her flesh. She retaliated with a chop of her hand, seeking to take ICE's legs out from under her with the same slashing force that she had just absorbed.
[21:39] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR is hit by a few stray plasma rounds, grunting as they burn past her armor and singe her bodysuit through the cracks, causing damage notifications to appear on her HUD. She adjusts her damage control settings and suddenly drops the aegis shield, and her wings flare brighter as they return to their original shape. She grins at V. "I think you look much better now, dear...but I think I can improve your look at bit more. How does "inert lump of molten slag" sound?" She says, raising both arms and firing another burst at the girl, though it seems more just to be with the intention of making V react.
[21:42] V can't see much of what's going on through the thick smoke with her extraneous sensors out of commision, so she settles for just continuing to hose the battlefield with plasma balls and tank shells, the barrel-less gun having no aim at all, just firing indiscriminately into the cloud, Zeph's blasts hitting her again, further melting her metal structure, her features becoming less human in shape as well now
[21:43] Durian lands as his armor and helmet had bullet marks on them as he readys the launcher once more
[21:48] Raigeki sent her the orbs of ball lightning to intercept as many of the blasma bits as she could, but she would take a few grazing hits. Fighting through the pain and with sheer determination., she yaanked open an ammo pouch and began electromagnetically firring tungstun orbs with iron cores at the woman, aiming by locking on to v's power source and fireing at that, the balls traveling at speeds that igited the air in trails behind them.
[21:49] I.C.E. falls to the ground her own power used against her eaisly severing her legs circuits ajnd juices pouring out. Still focused on its mission "Execute with extrem prejudice" unable to feel pain as it drags its legless form up with the sword only to get blasted by a shell tearing apart her face as one of her optics falls out and the other dangles by its wires. Again pulling self up dragging towards the demon with its sword "EXECUTE.EXECUTE.EXECUTE. with extrem prejudice"
[21:51] Six can't see what is going on in the smoke below she didn't have the sensory capability to find the skinless woman on her own she unlocked her wrist join and started spinning the hand that held her blade in circles like a helicopter blade to try and blow the smoke away. she didn't like being half blind.
[21:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR takes more plasma hits, and pulls her coronal defense shield around her, but offsetting it so that she can fire one of her gauntlets around it like an officer with a riot shield. She glances at Durian. "Negative! Move to cover Mikoto!" She says, then begins advancing on V, weathering what blasts hit her, returning fire with her own aimed at V's face and center mass. "And you! Cut that out! All you're making is a mess!"
[21:56] The Inertia Demon felt her vision swim as ICE continued her assault as the combination of blood loss and crippling injuries she'd received began to really take their toll. No! She had to keep herself conscious just a little while longer! She hurled herself several feet away with her inertia manipulation, and leaped to her feet. The action caused a surge of nausea to pass through her, and she nearly collapsed. Gathering her strength, she focused on the blade in ICE's hands; power flowed between her and it as she tried to make one last attack before making her retreat. She *inverted* the weapon's inertia, and added a little of her own power to it. When ICE next tried to move it, the weapon would move in the opposite direction unless truly tremendous force was applied to it. Six's fan blade cleared the smoke away with some ease, revealing the Inertia Demon standing across the roof from her.
[22:01] V drops her minigun and enables her speed, mini sonic booms erupting as she tries to Matrix dodge Raigeki's barrage, managing to avoid hits to critical systems but having quite a few holes ripped through less important parts, barely able to move on her own now with several joints blown open, she relies entirely on her ki to propel her forwards as Zeph approaches, grabbing onto her with a tight hug as her printer spins up once more, her chest plates sliding open as a massive crystal extends from her back and anchors into the roof, using Zeph as a human shield to cover where her inner workings are exposed while the weapon charges
[22:04] Durian looked around trying to figure out what was going on as he made a few adjustments to his launcher ignoring what injuries he had
[22:06] Raigeki s eyes flash over to ice wondering how muich of this she could take. She felt the need to end the fight quickly." Oh no you don't. Not this time. she yanked a pouch off her belt and lobbed it into the air She then yells out "Kaika no yoru!" a small charge in the pouch blows sending Raigeki's tungsten rods spinning off into random directions. Suddenly, they stop spinning and point at the crystal on V's back Then came a dozen flashes of sparks and a dozen cracks of a sonic booms as the rods shoot at the crystal from all sorts of random directions "ZEPHT Blow your armor! EVERYONE EVAC NOW! NO ARGUMENTS RUN! " and she herself began sprinting to the shattered ICE
[22:08] I.C.E. arms fall away cleaved by her own blade. Falling to the ground again still feeling no pain "EXECUTE.EXECUTE.EXECUTEEXE....power output exceeding input. unit power lower shut down imminent. shutdown imminent. shutdown imminent. power at 10%" energy dying down as glow fades from optics "Unit in standby.." going quiet just as Mikoto picks her up sword returning to its sheath
[22:08] Six calls in her sheild as she see's the skinless woman standing across the roof from her. she grins under her helmet. "I think I owe you a little payback before you go." Six readied her boosters warming them up as she lowered herself into a sprint stance with the shield out in front. "lets see how you handle this!" she hald her blade behind her horizontally any attempt to side step could result in a very nasty cut. without any further warning Six launches herself from zero to 300 MPH in a matter of seconds. the shield acting like a battering ram, Six aiming to send the skinless woman flying then evac the area as ordered by Raigeki
[22:13] The Inertia Demon: Fuck. FUCK. What was she supposed to do? Dodging meant bisection, and while she could recover from that, she did *not* feel like explaining to her dad why she was one, only half the woman she used to be, and two, a serial killer. If she stayed still, she'd be bashed by that massive shiel- wait. The blood loss must have been making her delirious. She could deal with that quite well. She made no moves to avoid the shield bash, and absorbed the force as it struck her head-on. Most of it was expelled back at Six, with the intent of breaking her shield arm; she kept enough for herself to launch her bleeding form off the roof, and towards the low-class section of the city.
[22:14] Durian growled as he tossed the launcher on his back and pulled the modded mac (9mm ---> .45 cal) as he burst fired it at V trying to give zeph some play room "i aint leaving
[22:20] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR wasn't expecting the sudden move, gasping as she is suddenly grabbed and held tight against V as a human shield. In the tight confines, the coronal defense is momentarily 'confused' and her wings unfold again into their default form, though they flex as Zephyr tries to reboot them. "Let...go of me." She says, her voice cool and very, very cross. She attempts to grab V by one of her wings at the joint, applying all 80 tons of force in an attempt to pull it off, if only to force V to pull away from her to prevent such a thing. "Bloody hell, she's got me in a hold...." She suddenly yells out. "If anyone has a shot, bloody take it! Don't worry about me!" She groaned, glancing at Mikoto. "You're acting like I can just pop out of this thing, Miss. Why do you think I put it on BEFORE the mission?" She tries again to pull free. "Bloody hell, just go. I'll figure it out...." She said, looking back at V. "This is going to hurt. A lot." She said some other things too, but it was lost in the cacophony as Zephyr seem
[22:21] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR lost in the cacophony as Zephyr seemed focused on how not to...not die. Notably, however, her wings faded before dropping away, dissolving into particles before they even hit the ground. She smirked at V. "Going out with a bang, are we?" The SMG rounds pinged off her armor and she glared at Durian. "Go you bloody idiot. That's an order. Miss Mikoto, you have permission to knock Durian out and drag him off this bloody roof.
[22:21] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR then looked back at V, but said nothing else to her, instead seeming to be whispering something to herself.
[22:21] Durian growled after popping a shot off as he grabbed the launcher and leapt off the roof
[22:22] Six winced as her shield arm was blow completely to bits "Fuuuuck not AGIAN." she grumbled something about being the fifth arm this week and just flew off away from the building as ordered Miko was gonna be mad enough about replacing the arm and shield which had flown off in a random direction and lodged itself in someone's car engine. THAT was gonna be fun to deal with a shield with a huge vanguard emblem painted on it lodged in some smock's hood. Forget Miko, N was gonna be pissed too. Six gunned her boosters to get clear of the roof this was not her day.
[22:24] I.C.E. is carried by Mikoto systems offline
[22:24] The Inertia Demon disappeared over the ridge that contained the upper-class section of the city. A dedicated tracker might have been able to follow the intermittent blood trail she left, but it would be difficult once they arrived to the slums proper.
[22:26] V can't move during this process, her entire body locked rigidly in place, Zeph's 80 ton strength slowly bending V's metal but just barely enough to make progress, while Raigeki's shots blast chunks out of the crystal, which currently contain's V's core processors, one shot destroying her higher cognition center, reducing her to instinctual thought now... but the damage isn't enough to stop the firing sequence now that it's begun, and just as Zeph is starting to break free from the hold a pulse pings out from V to a 30 meter radius, followed a split second later by absolute hell on earth as the energy signal hyper-excites all atoms in the area, accelerating them to sufficient activity that surges of plasma and electricity rip through the air wildly, while the outer layers of every object in range tear themselves apart, the energy shearing molecular bonds several layers deep before the pulse fades out
[22:29] Raigeki moves low, scoooping the remains of ice up onto her shoulder then beginning to move faster hearing durians shout, She hits him with a powerful magnetic push, hoping he had enough metal on his bady that she could knock him off the roof. Continuing on she Dives off the edge of the roof, the wave of V's attack starting to lick at her boots as she accelerates hereself towards the ground,
[22:37] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR certainly felt like she was in hell. Or at the very least like someone had hit her with an exploding reactor. Her chestplate, made to no-sell kinetic penetrators fired by MBT's, simply cracked like porcelain hit by a baseball bat. Her helmet came apart around her, and then her hair was singed off, her gynoid eyeballs and extrernal sensors fried away like so much fodder. She screamed and fell to her knees as her armor and bodysuit sloughed off around her, vaporizing in the field of hyperallelleration. In the end though, it saved her, and the worst damage she got, other than to her head, was to her more lightly armored forearms. By the end of it, the blind, deafened, armless Zephyr knelt there with whatever was left of V, somewhat stunned out of consciousness for the moment.
[22:40] V stumbles back as the damaged crystal spire draws back into her and her chest plates close up, totally unaware of her situation now with only basic processes available, and her instincts scream at her that she needs repairs, her jets kicking on and launching her into the air at nearly mach 3, angling to head out into the wilds, too damaged to even realize she has the opportunity to finish off a bitter foe
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Re: It couldn't last

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Pics from the event

V over compensating
Raigeki ready for rematch
Zephyr shows ready to rock
Inertia Demon showing to her banquet
Inertia Demon_001.jpg
Six showing the Vanguard is ready to protect
This roof isnt big enough for this caliber fight
Battle Ground_002.jpg
Not CC if someone doesn't end up naked in a fight
ICE minor damage_001.jpg
Zeph and V going at it
ICE minor damage_002.jpg
I.C.E. is down already?
ICE minor damage_003.jpg
Inertia and Six rumble
ICE minor damage_005.jpg
Oh now I.C.E. is pissed
ICE minor damage_006.jpg
Seriously someone has to be overcompensating
ICE minor damage_007.jpg
You hurt her friends. NOW you die! ALSO Raigeki is also pissed
ICE minor damage_008.jpg
I.C.E. has had worse...right?
ICE minor damage_009.jpg
Demon taken down?
ICE minor damage_010.jpg
I.C.E. needs immediate evac. A fatal error has occurred
ICE minor damage_011.jpg
It's just not the night for PAE bots. Poor Zeph
Zeph too_001.jpg
Battle Ground_001.jpg

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Re: It couldn't last

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*Eventide collects money from the less moral civilians on some bets*
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