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Making some headway

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:07 am
by DeuxBlackthorn
[18:14] Lady Nightmare stealthily blows a kiss to the spider-squad, then turns her gaze over the whole gathering and clears her throat to gather attention "As I'm sure most of you are aware, one of our largest problems with our new home at the moment is the lack of conductors for high-grade electronics. A short while ago, my investigations bore some fruit on that front, a large untapped gold deposit. It's far from the city, and the area around it is heavily overgrown, which on this world seems to mean quite dangerous. I've gathered this crew to move in and sweep the area of any threats that would prevent us from establishing mining operations"
[18:17] Agent London nods listening as she readjusts the straps on her gloves and sets her shiled on her back "Is this a lethal force thing or just clear the area as humanely as possible?"
[18:18] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods and looks back to Emily as well, smirking "whole crew out today" she states and looks at Raigeki, grinning wide at the armor, giving her a thumbs up too, not really gonna roll over and try and ask for specs at this point. She looks at London and smiles "Usually it's lethal force in these types of things. Even if it isn't at the start, it almost always is by the end"
[18:18] Blaize arches his brow again, chewing softly on the key which makes a soft clinking sound against his teeth. "So this is....a prospecting operation?" He says, more as a statement than a question. "I suppose it makes sense, given the resource needs of the town....though logistics may still be an issue, won't it? One step at a time, I guess." He shrugs and adjusts the carbine on his pack, sighing.
[18:18] Blaize: "I'm sure something will go wrong at some point."
[18:20] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal): "Prospecting is always good. Gold's pretty non-ferrous but still reacts on an electromagnetic scale. So I can give a good guide to where it is. No need to wheel out clunky machinary when you've got someone as cute as me~"
[18:21] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry looks around."Then we should endeavor to stop whatever goes wrong." She looks around."Is there a metahuman with super strength? I can help with heavy lifting."
[18:22] Sparks chuckles "Might be the same tech, but my big gun doesn't do nonlethal" looks at Blaize "More securing the site so we can prospect" she rolls her head on her neck cracking it, a black ripple moveing over her
[18:22] Spyder-Bitch shook her hand after hitting HG's ass. She knew HG had a hard ass, but that was a bit unexpected. She smirks under her mask as Emily put her arm around her, "Indeed it is Princess." Her symbiote would catch the kiss from N, enjoying the attention as usual. She would look over at Agent London, and fan herself a bit, "London Bridge isn't the only thing falling down tonight We hope. Unless that's what We're suppose to call her pants." Her goggles would visibly wink at the British warrior.
[18:22] Kitty Hikuto yawns and mumbles to the Katy "this seems dull.... Why do you go to these political things?"
[18:25] Raigeki looks over at Kitty. " Fighting comes later. Also. Cherry. you look -great- that's an adorable new look. " She looks over to Duex. " I'm going to need time to get out of this armor if we need my electromagnetic abilties. This armor interferes with them "
[18:26] NS Alicia Frakture smiles at Raigekis compliment."I have something for you later if you wish, I hope it will be of use to you and the city." before looking at those assembled."Either way i am prepared."
[18:26] Katy groans and scratches her freckled nose "Big game huntin' again ? Hell, i'm still feelin' confused from that most recent dino safari. If you ask me, this whole planet is cursed ..." she turns to Kitty, grinning a bit "Someday you'll appreciate politics. And then, murder and mayhem will be even more enjoyable." she winks.
[18:28] Nova Flare(Pilix) just listened quietly, patiently, taking in the information Lady Nightmare gave them. She idly adjusted the armored bracers she wore, fiddling with the fit of them some as she just listened and tried to prepare herself for whatever they might have to deal with. She only hoped to be useful on her first major outing.
[18:31] Samantha Iseli listens quietly to the short briefing from Nightmare. She had heard about the mission and hoped all she would be doing would be collecting samples for research, but if combat was to be expected, she was glad that she brought medical supplies.
[18:35] Lady Nightmare smiles "Well, we haven't seen any signs of machinery on the scans we've been able to do. We're expecting to be dealing with mostly plants and animals, so E/M abilities likely won't be super vital. As far as lethality, if you can drive things off without killing them, go for it... but considering the hostility of the wildlife here you'll likely have to put most of them down. Any other questions before you depart?" gesturing to the Vanguard transport jet waiting nearby
[18:36] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry blinsk as she raises her hands the electricity arcing between her fingers still."I can give wild life a mild electric shock to scare them off."
[18:37] Agent London just nods and and looks around "should be fun"
[18:38] Sparks snorts and grins at Cherry "Yeah... let me know how that works out love~" shouldering her cannon as it hums starting to pre-charge and moving to the transport
[18:38] Freyrson sneaks up behind Sparks, tapping her shoulder. "Mind if a god joins this party?"
[18:39] Sparks squints back at him "What is a god, to a nonbeliever?"
[18:40] Spyder-Bitch shakes her head to N's question, "The only questions We have, involve asking people how they want their eggs done in the morning." She'd head for the transport, looking to Emily and HG, "We call middle!"
[18:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) licks her lips and nods "I don't expect to be able to drive them back but if we do perimeter bombardments at range we might drive some of them off"
[18:41] Blaize looks at the transport and blinks. "Wait....we're riding....inside it?" He looks a little confused and bewildered, staring skeptically at the Vanguard transport.
[18:42] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) looked to the arriving god and then Sparks who called them out on being god. "A God to a nonbeliver is still a mass of divine power. I used to work for a pair, they had such a cute romance. I ended up becoming one in part. Small part at least. But I ramble! Were Spyder is in the middle, so I guess I'll sit left"
[18:46] NS Alicia Frakture follows Emily to the transport. "I will just take an open seat."
[18:49] Kitty Hikuto looks to Mikoto and just shrugs "minus fighting I could be napping, and naps are much more from then political stuff." She then also looks to Katy "still think naps are better." She looks over to the ship and shutters "well think I'll pass."
[18:50] Raigeki makes her way over to Samantha and flips her screen to what looks like a keypad and fingerprint scanner. If she reads the screen it says 'Dr. Samantha Iseli. Access to Souyokaze. Level: Medical' holding it out to her, clearly expecting her to pit in a PIN " I'll have PAE's shuttle on standby. It will come in handy if we need a field med facility. " she then looks to sam with a smile.
[18:53] Katy listens to Lady Nightmares short mission summary and reacts with a raspy sigh "Business as usual then. Alright, lets start with a 'terraforming' initiative. C'mon Kitty ... time for a lil' trip into the filthy jungle." speaks and would head inside the waiting transport.
[18:56] Nova Flare(Pilix) just gave a nod at the final words from N and turns to head over into the transport with everyone else, shuffling inside as she tries to find a space in the cramped quarters of the vehicle.
[18:57] Samantha Iseli rather instinctively gives the person calling themself a god a disbelieving glare for a few moments before turning back to passively observing the conversations. She was about to head towards the aircraft when Raigeki approached her. She tilted her head a bit as she read the screen. She lifts a gloved hand to show that the fingerprint scanner might be an issue. "Suit is one piece" she says quietly, but she does quickly enter a pin. She nods a bit "Hopefully, no-one will be injured at all, let alone enough to require the use of any facilities." she replies to Raigeki, returning the smile slightly.
[19:00] Freyrson just waves at Samantha as he waited for others to board.
[19:03] Lady Nightmare chuckles at Hell "We don't really have a good way to transport artillery around the world, nor much by way of artillery with that range at the moment... and I'd rather not torch a massive swath of woodland if it can be avoided". The pilot gives a friendly wave as everyone piles into the transport, and as soon as everyone is on board it takes off at Mach 5, the flight this time taking nearly an hour even at that speed, finally setting down just outside a massive dense forest, the pilot giving the coordinates and direction to the site "It's a little under a mile in. Keep your heads on swivels in there". The walk is relatively uneventful, forest teeming with life but nothing attacking the group, and finally you reach a very odd-looking clearing with varied plants and animals from different biomes, a couple that haven't been seen before, the forest still so dense that even in the clearing barely any light makes it through the canopy
[19:05] Agent London gets her shiled ready as she departs the transport. Keeping to the front of the group with the rest of Vanguard
[19:06] Sparks plays with someone's wings on the flight
[19:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) hops off the transport and immediately pulls out her cannon, loading a mag of high explosive "may not be able to drag in an artillery piece, but I got the next best thing" she states, making ready to move. She clears the drop zone quickly and moves to set up a front position, gun ready, used to moving and operating with the weapon out
[19:07] Blaize sighs, and, somewhat reluctantly, climbs into the transport. "Gah, its like crawling into a dead guy." If there was meaning to that comment, he certainly didn't clarify on it, only sitting down awkwardly and sighing as the transport took off, trying not to look outside as they zipped along. Once they got out, he readily departed, looking at the terrain before sighing and leaving his skateboard in the transport. "Take care of that for me, please...." he seemed to say to the transport itself, then hopping onto the ground, following the others to the clearing while taking stock of his surroundings. He seemed a bit...uncomfortable with walking, however. "And you people do this all the time to get to places? No wonder half this city seems to have a stick up their butts."
[19:12] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) skimmed a tiny bit off the top of the ship's reactor to make sure she was fully maxed out, and then flitted her fingers when they got down. She probably could have done her compass trick, but she didn't know if anyone would even listen to her to follow her in the first place, and so didn't bother and just waited around,
[19:12] Spyder-Bitch would get handsy with HG and Emily on the flight over. Once they land, she'd swing her legs up as she pops off her seat and heads outside, "This would totally be a great place for a place to have an orgy with everyone here after digging up some gold." She'd shrug, "Just sayin'." She'd look over at Mikoto, "Don't worry, We'd let you have first crack at us." Her goggle would blink at the blue suited woman.
[19:13] Kitty Hikuto would pretty much stumble out of the ship and cling to the nearest tree as she was recovering from motion sickness and groans in her suffering.
[19:13] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry steps out of the transport upon arrival, and looks around."There are many beings on teh ground I will enter the air and see what I can do to help in that capacity." As she lifts into the air
[19:14] Sparks stretches slowly as she gets off the transport, arching her lithe frame in each direction a few times her tight bodysuit not hiding much "Mmm, lotta wood..." she comments, looking up at the trees feeling a bit unnerved herself, sticking well.. more in the center of the group since she doesn;t want to be on the rear and snuck up on, meanwhile keying for a status update on Iridium as it orbits overhead, having it orbit the area and link up comms, getting at least positions of everyone in the team and forming a tactical map it relays to everyone, then searching for contacts and targets, it would take a minute to interface with weapons and other systems to display firing arcs and data
[19:16] Raigeki walks up to the front next to Hellguard. "oh. Great. Evil dead trees. And me without my flamethrower." She rolls her shoulders. " Okay. Mk-II begin initialization sequence. " She armor she had began to spin up, sounding something like an old flashbulb charging. when the sound dissipates there's a very slight shimmer around the armor. Mikoto punches a fist into her hand. " Katy. I'm counting on you to punch the eject button if this thing locks up on me. "
[19:19] Katy leaves the transport and without much grace, her boots hit the ground of the alien wilderness. Gladly, this excursion was stronger in numbers and seemingly deployed some sturdy frontline units, at least compared to that recent recon mission. Noticing the boss' order, Katy would reply with a silent nod and then ready her XM109, loading a mag of 25mm shaped charge rounds. She would activate her Augmented Reality targeting system and try to link into Sparks tactical information stream, mostly staying behind for the moment and trying to spot potential targets.
[19:23] Nova Flare(Pilix) stepped out of the ship and trekked along with the rest on the ground, wanting to conserve her energy in case fighting did break out. During the walk, she just looked around at the forest, the tight arrangements of trees and the shrubs and other flora grown all over, until they finally reach the clearing. She tries to look around the area and get some sense of the layout, while seeing it there looked to be anything dangerous, though she would mainly listen for any others calling out anything.
[19:28] Samantha Iseli decides not to insult the person claiming to be a god. She returns the pilot's wave as se takes a seat. She'd have to follow up with Mikoto after the mission when she didn't have gloves on. She spends most of the flight in a fitful nap. The landing wakes her up and she departs the transport, following along with the group, the sensors in her glasses recording the various plants and animals she saw..
[19:29] Freyrson steps off the transport, stretching looking around. "Hm," he mused. "Wonder which weapon I would need for this. Lovely place though, nature always is." He began cycling through his weapons in his mind, though hoped it wouldn't be necessary.
[19:34] Scene from the edge of the clearing you can see a couple of the carnivorous plants growing in the area, the acidic pods venting their gasses into the air, one of the poisonous mushroom trees in the very center, as well as a few new creatures that sort of look like large Kappas. Additionally, the odd chirping sounds of raptors are audible from the other end of the clearing. In her flight, Cherry notices some dense spiderwebs among the forest canopy. Nothing seems to be aware of the new arrivals just yet
[19:36] Agent London isnt bothered by the gasses or poisons. Keeping watch on the animals but not about to start swinging if unneccisary
[19:36] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks to Raigeki and smirks "I hope you tested that. I don't want to drag you out of it" she states with a wink and hears the chirping and looks around "heads on a swivel, we've got some wildlife potential out pools, watch gas clouds, and watch out for dinosaurs" she states as she pulls out her gas mask and fixes it in place
[19:37] Blaize rolls his shoulders, flexing his metal arm and taking a sip from the tube on his back; those near him with a keen nose may briefly notice the biting aroma of petrol. Seeing the others gear up, Blaize pulls the carbine off his back and pulls the bolt back, checking to ensure it was loaded and ready. He seemed to have taken on a more disciplined posture, more akin to a soldier than some punk with a skateboard. "Right...let's get this over with-" He stops and looks at the tree in front of him, the one that seems rather cross at him. And hungry. He stares at it for a moment, then scowls. "Good for you, buddy." Blaize says to it, then raises his carbine and shoots the tree between the "eyes."
[19:39] Emily Kabal (lillyanakabal) looked to Mikoto and shook her head with a smile. "You are shooting thirty thousand kelvin of hot plasma, and you want a flamethrower? Next Hellguard will be lamienting the lack of a .22" She then heard the chittering and cast her eyes about for the source. Trees didn't how bioelectrical energy like the synapses of flesh-beings, so she could effectively see right through them whilelooking for living beings in the distance
[19:39] NS Alicia Frakture finds the dense spider webs and relates the information below to the others. She looks at the others, awaiting orders. electricity arcing off her fingers as she is ready to fight.
[19:40] Sparks wrinkles her nose tapping her padd, then extending her arm pulling a coat sleeve back exposing more of the bodysuit to let it's autodetection sense poisons or toxins "There may be contaminants in the air.. and other contact poisons, careful what you touch." she'd look back at Kitty "You okay?" then at sam "Got some antitoxins? just in case?" her info network relaying information aback and forth and populating data into everyone's display
[19:50] Kitty Hikuto wouldn't care for the wildlife or mission, she was just hunched over a root of a tree trying not to throw up as she recovers from the ride here. She didn't answer Sparks she would just say "I blame Katy."
[19:50] Raigeki: Right Lets do this. She starts to move forward. " She looks at the tree that Blaize shot. "Bit jumpy? " then frowns as she looks at her hud readouts. " Ah. yeah. guys. Hell Guard is right. Masks on if you need to breathe. "
[19:51] Katy by now was concentrated and focused on her surroundings, this disturbing encounter with those strange tendrils during the last mission vivid in her memory. Even more worried the moment. when Sparks notes the possiblity of biotoxic contamination. For now, she would just continue to slowly advance, vigilant and trying to remain close to potential cover.
[19:54] Nova Flare(Pilix) continued to move, spreading out some along with the others to start trying to sweep the area and find anything that could be dangerous, staying alert. She heard the callout for masks on, blinking a bit. "Uh.. I don't really have a mask... like that..." She looked around again, just trying not to.... breathe too much...
[19:56] Samantha Iseli debates putting on a mask to counter the gas being released from the mushrooms, though the deciding factor is that she hears the sound of the raptors among the trees, she'd have to go closer to the tree or risk being a target. So, she pulls a mask out of her bag and puts it on, pretending that she needed it. She jumps a little at the gunshot and looks over to Blaize and the hole he'd put in the tree, rather doubting the shot killed it given her past experience with the creatures. Sparks beat her to warning the others, and she seemed surprised at Sparks speaking to her "Yes, given how prevalent these mushrooms are on this planet, it seemed wise to make antitoxins part of a standard field kit." she replies, then adds "Of course, prevention is better, if you have a mask that can filter them out, please use it. I have two spares if needed." She directs a look at Nova who had just admitted to not having a mask, so she holds one of them out.
[19:58] Freyrson of all things, he especially takes note of the plants. "Those could be potential trouble... Skadi's hammer would be handy for this area," he thought, then his eyes fell on what appeared to be kappas. "Oh, I love those creatures! I think I'll claim one as a pet before this is done!" Turns his head to Blaize after he shoots one of the trees, lifting a brow. "Steady your nerves and your weapons," he cautioned. "Best not to antagonize them if it's not necessary. we are in their home after all."
[20:01] Scene Blaize's shot punctures into the treant, but doesn't pierce all the way through. The wound bleeds green as the creature lets out a loud shriek and its limbs snap out like whips towards Blaize with enough force to obliterate a normal person. The shot and scream alert the rest of the creatures to your intrusion, the lizard creatures turning in your direction and starting to charge with loud roars, trying to mask the rustling of the undergrowth as other creatures close in under cover rapidly
[20:06] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) blinks as she hears the shot ring out, just one, not a shit show, just one shot. She growls loudly at that but it was too late now. She pulled up her cannon and fired the magazine of high explosive rounds at the incoming lizard rush, looking to scatter the charge and cause enough collateral damage to the creatures to cripple them or repel their attack, firing five rounds rapidly but scattered over the approaching wave.
[20:08] Blaize looks back at Freyrson and Mikoto. "I'm perfectly calm, thanks. I'm just not in the mood to negotiate with the local wildlife. We're on a mission, are we not? Anyone or anything between us and that mission is an e-" Blaize is knocked off his feet by the impact, sent flying into a tree truck hard enough to leave a visible dent. Despite this, only the breath is knocked out of him, grumbling as he gets back onto his feet and picking up his gun. " really don't want to piss me off, Tree."
[20:09] NS Alicia Frakture Cherry looks around attempting to take in the information she is receiving through her optics. Sadly with all the movement she did not notice on spiderweb and floated right into it. the stickiness and tensile strength catching her tight and quickly binding her. She looks up and sees a spider... thing coming for her."Take care of the other beings I will keep this one occupied." **Sadly exit post RL calls and I have to get up early for work. But if someone could bring her down after the battle**
[20:10] Sparks groans "Well.. not altogether unexpected..." she moves laterally and down, her coat rippling and taking on a green disjointed coloration blending in as she goes to ground, concentrating on the feed on her tablet from the other's and iridium overhead, painting targets for the relayed HUD manually if necessary helping the computer identify treants and lizards, cannon humming at full power before it's coaked on her back keeping it in reserve
[20:11] Kitty Hikuto waves weakly to the rest of the group "kill them for me I'm going to be here hugging a tree till everything stops being wobbly and dizzy."
[20:14] Raigeki wasn't really up for running her suit at full power from the gate, So she draws her plasma pistol, flips a switch and then fires into the tree with a massive shotgun-like blast of plasma, blowing the pistols whole charge in that one shot. She then puts up her shield just in case that wasn't enough and routes power to charge the pistol up again.
[20:25] Nova Flare(Pilix) looked over to Sam as she held out a mask after mentioning spares. She moves over to accept it, nodding to the doctor. "Thanks." She works on strapping it on to protect herself from any poison gasses and toxins, gasping softly as she hears the shriek from the tree creature. She looks around knowing other things had to know they were there now, while the tree lashes out at the one that shot it. She spreads out a bit more from the rest of the group as heated plasma starts to build up around her hands, preparing herself as she watches one of the flanks of the group while they dealt with the strange living tree.
[20:26] Samantha Iseli nods to Nova as she accepts the mask, then winces at the loud shriek and roars "Scheisse" she complains, somewhat loudly and looks for somewhere she can take shelter so she can stay out of the way of the people who actually could deal with the various creatures now closing in on them. She spared a few moments to look over Blaize after he'd been hit by the tree, but it seemed he was fine since he just shrugged off the impacts. She tries to keep an eye out for injuries and on her surroundings just in case something tried sneaking up on her.
[20:29] Freyrson sighs. "Well.. Hel," he said. "Arges.. I need your mother's hammer.. Everyone.. stand clear." He holds out his hand, what seems like snow gathers and forms a shape in his hand, turning into a hammer, but it wasn't Thor's. It was a gift from Skadi." Those capable of seeing aura could see his is a fiery red, yet it changed slightly with this hammer as snow seems to fall all around him, but unless they have some celestial power they will find that they can't feel his power. The temperature around his began to decrease, anyone too close to him would feel a chill. "Stand back everyone!" he said before looking at Blaize. "Words of wisdom... never make enemies if you can avoid it." He holds the Hammer of Skadi in front of him as a blizzard is created, blowing towards the riled up creatures heading towards them.
[20:36] Scene Hell's volley of rounds only briefly slows the creatures, seeming to bounce off without any real effect, the monsters flailing out with their claws as they close into range. Raigeki's shot rips through the treant, the flames searing at it as it screams out even louder than before, lashing out for her shield before it turns to flee. The rustling of the underbrush reveals its source as a pack of raptors leap out on the flank of the group, going for distracted and lightly-armored targets, while a couple massive spiders descend slightly from the canopy and begin spitting poison down at Hell and Freyrson
[20:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) she hears movement above and gasps "Above!" she shouts. The artillery on the raptors was mostly ineffective. She loads canister rounds, aiming up at the spiders and fires her five shells into the trees, the high speed tungsten balls ripping apart anything in their path, a wide spread pattern set up to cause maximum damage against the spiders above her, trying to move to keep away from the raptors.
[20:40] Blaize dusts himself off, glancing at Freyrson. "Too late to make friends now." He looks up to see the kappas advancing, and grins fiercely. "I guess you didn't get the hint." He says, holstering his carbine and extending his left arm. There is a pulse of energy, almost like the low thrumming of a bass, then the sounds of mechnical clattering as bits of metal form from his arm, climbing down and assembling themselves into a massive cannon attached to his mechanical limb. As the revolving cylinder on the back assembles itself, already loaded with high explosive ammo, Blaize points the muzzle of the cannon into the maw of the kappa towering over him. "Feeling lucky?" he says, then fires a 30mm high explosive round right into the kappa's mouth.
[20:43] Sparks crawls over to collect Kitty, her coat shifting with the adaptive camoflauge as she extracts her and the other fallen out of the combat area back to the LZ, letting the hardware and iridium continue coordination and relaying combat data, targets and firing zones, taking up a more rear position and drawing her canon as she rises " Idon;t feel lucky" she chimes, looking for a target
[20:53] Raigeki looks over to her right " OH SHIT! They have Clever Girls! Someone get on that!" She holsters her pistol and shuts her shield down thrusts her her hands forward " HADOKEN!" Firring off her suit's plasma projector at the closest kappa
[20:54] Nova Flare(Pilix) gasps as a raptor leaps out of the brush toward her, throwing her hands forward and letting her super hot plasma spread out in front of her like a shield, ready to vaporize whatever comes in contact with it, hoping to finish off or at least turn away the raptor. "Already on it!" She called out, hearing Raigeki. She would look around, trying to spot the other raptors, ready to go on the offensive against them, once this one was dealt with.
[20:57] Freyrson could feel the liquid of the poison pelting his jacket as he looks up at the spiders descending towards him and Hell. He stops focusing his blizzard blast on the rest of the forces and aims his hammer up at the spiders, firing a cold blast at one of the spiders to freeze it.
[20:57] Astra's voice crackles from any P.A.E. radios nearby, "Astra inbound, please don't shoot me down." Shortly there after, Astra flashes by overhead, thrusters screaming. She circles, searching for a clearing to land in. Finding one, she sets down near the group, weapons and armor ready for combat.
[21:04] Scene Hell's volley rips through one of the spiders, sending it tumbling to the ground, but the other one swings aside, only catching the edge of Freyrson's cold wave, though it seems to have trouble skittering now with a couple legs frozen up. Mikoto's blast staggers the kappa, drawing a roar of pain from it, but it's still upright and tries to slash at her with its claws, while Blaize's shot sends his target stumbling backwards with more of a pained whine, pawing at its face as black blood oozes from its mouth. The third kappa rushes past towards Hell, trying to slash at her while she's focused upwards. Nova's shield vaporizes the lead raptor instantly, two others moving to opposite sides of her, feinting attacks to make her commit her shield to one side so the other can strike. The other two raptors rush past, one pouncing at Freyrson and the other pouncing for Samantha, while the remaining spider keeps spitting down at Freyrson to try weakening him
[21:08] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as she feels the kappa on her, the slash not cutting her armor but doing damage. She turns around and delivers a 2 ton smash with the back end of her gun, then puts the barrel to the spider's head, delivering a single shot of canister shell right to the head. She then turns around, using her wings to get a couple feet back, and unloads the remaining four canister shots into the Kappa, looking to shred it with the rounds.
[21:15] Blaize braces himself, and the cylinder on the back of the cannon rotates, kicking the spent casing free from the back of the cannon with a resounding clang as the cartridge hits the ground. As the next round moves into battery, he raises his cannon again, once more aiming right at the Kappa's mouth and firing a second high-explosive shot.
[21:15] Sparks backpedals with a curse and her cannon flicks up and over, a harsh electronic scream blasting through the foliage as a blinding column of destructive energy lances across the group carving a dinner plate sized hole through not just raptor but a considerable distance of foliage behind it now having a precisely bored tunnel since it ws still on full power. The targeting computers on board Iridium, orbiting overhead automatically identify Astra's IFF and transmit the datafeed to her giving her a tactical AR of the battlefield, as well as adding her to everyone else's HUD
[21:20] Nova Flare(Pilix) looks to the other raptors as they each move to either side of her, as if to try and force her to turn her shield to one and leave herself open to the other... thankfully she was quite the clever girl herself, and instead dropped the shield to throw one hand out to either side and simply unleash a blast of hot plasma at each of the raptors to disable, or run them off, if she could hit them.
[21:20] Raigeki does her best to stay out of HG's firring line, throwing blasts that would make Vegeta proud at foes, and delivering punches and kicks in the 15 ton range at any foe that gets within melee range. " Astra! Raptors! using her HUD to mark the raptor going after Sam as the priority target, Counting on HG to cover her rear
[21:22] Astra quickly assesses the situation, marking all nearby targets and prioritizing the raptor currently charging Samantha as the most urgent target. With android speed she lunges forward at the raptor, extending her blade ahead in attempt to run the hungry dino through as well as knock it away from the endangered Samantha. She yelps at the unexpected energy blast from Sparks' cannon barely missing her, but still damaging her shielding by half as she charges the raptor.
[21:28] Samantha Iseli remained in cover, trying to keep an eye out for anything attacking the group from the other side, but as the the sound of weapons filled the air it became hard for her to focus. She felt her hands starting to shake and forced them to ball up into fists, her knuckles going white under her gloves as she tried to force herself to stay calm. With her attention so focused on the side of the group opposite the raptors were attacking and keeping herself together. The sound of Sparks' cannot shot sending her hands to her ears to try to block it out., she doesn't notice the raptor pouncing at her from behind. only for it's corpse to sail past her
[21:32] Freyrson swings his hammer at the raptor mid pounce. If it connects the raptor will fee la blast of cold rush through its body. The same effect goes for whoever is struck by the hammer. It won't freeze it, but it'll be as if enter came inside its body.. He would then reach out for the raptor's tail to attempt to swing it over his head with a roar and use it to hammer the spider still spitting at him. "Away with you foul beast!!" he'd roar.
[21:33] Astra sighs, having about to run the raptor charging Samantha through with her blade. She gives Sparks a dirty look, kicking the raptor's smoking corpse past Samantha.
[21:39] Scene Hell's smash doesn't seem to accomplish much of anything, but the shot puts down the slowed spider, and the follow-up shots to the kappa stagger it once again, opening up a series of lacerations across its front that drip blood into the grass. Raigeki's shots begin burning through her target slowly but steadily, the beast howling in pain and continuing to slash, seeming undettered by the melee attacks. Blaize's second mouth shot rips open his target's mouth, the creature collapsing to the ground and going still. Sparks' cannon and Astra's sword easily obliterating their target. Nova's blasts catch the raptors by surprise as they move to lunge forward, both of them collapsing to the ground, twitching and screeching and badly burned. Freyrson's swing bats the raptor off course with a sickening crunch, the creature going limp as its grabbed and thrown at the spider, the two corpses flying off together. One of the carnivorous plants shifts down, biting up a cluster of the acid pods and then lobbing them towa
[21:39] Scene: towards the battle like artillery. The kappa in front of Hell suddenly claps its hands together, and a piercingly loud roar echoes from the sky above, massive waves of wind ripping away leaves and snapping branches to begin opening up the area, allowing you to catch a glimpse of a massive dragon overhead, and then the kappa vanishes instantaneously, just like the dinosaur on the last expedition
[21:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees the canister shots do not a great deal and growls, shaking her head, time for the big stuff. "stay out of my firing line" she states over the mics. She switches to AP rounds meant to punch straight through solid armor plating, loading the round and fires five shots into the Kappa's chest and head. The rounds were meant to be used against densely armored targets and she expected at least a little bit of damage from it or they were straight fucked.
[21:45] Blaize spits on the downed Kappa, grumbling about how much trouble this expedition is proving to be. Looking up, he just manages to catch a glimpse of the incoming acid pods to shout, "Incoming!" and diving away, going into a roll and coming up with his cannon trained on the plant that lobbed them. He aims for the stalk of the creature and narrows his eyes, the cylinder on the back of his cannon rotating to put another round into battery.
[21:47] Raigeki falls back as HG takes on the one she was fighting. She claps her hands together and reaches up into she sky " UNDER THE SHIELD!" She calls out and then projects a shield above them muttering " Was hoping to save this.. " she mutters, the armor occasionally sparking in disconcerting ways.
[21:50] Sparks moves over closer to Sam to cover her a bit, trying to keep her out of the worst of danger and under the shield, slinging her rifle in favor of her more convenient blaster drawing it from under her coat, it powers up instantly.. Pointing Astra more towards the front line making sure nothing was incoming immediately before kneeling down to Sam, reaching out to her shoulder "Hey.. you okay.. come on I'm gonna need you focused here, people are gonna get hurt and we need you to help, but just stay behind me and Astra for now"
[21:51] Nova Flare(Pilix) looked to each raptor, making sure they were down for the count, before looking around the area at the rest of the threats being handily dealt with by the rest of the group. It looked like they were winning, for the moment. Looking around at the scene as she was, she didn't notice the acid pod flying in, one landing nearby and some of the acid splashing at her, throwing her arms up as drops land over her, burning holes into her outfit. She glares over toward the plant, starting to dash toward it so she could lob flaming hot plasma at the plant in turn.
[21:59] Samantha Iseli seems a bit stunned from all the weapon's fire, muttering a quiet "Danke" to Sparks as she's pulled under the shield. She closes her eyes and starts to focus on slowing her breathing "I am fine" she manages to say, in a most unconvincing manner, after a couple moments. She does at least look more focused at least, and follows Sparks' suggestion of staying behind her and Astra
[22:00] Freyrson bats at one of the acid pods with his hammer but stumbles after swinging. He felt a slight strain when he swung, breathing a little heavy. He follows others to Raigeki, getting under her shield. Along the way, he had looked up, spotting the dragon in the sky. "We got more trouble," he said, resting on his hammer. "Anyone has some water?" He touches his cheek, feeling a mucus like liquid. Damn spider still managed to get him earlier. Now the effects were being felt. There were a few holes in his clothes from him batting at the acid pod prior.
[22:01] Astra scans for targets again, prioritizing the dragon as the new most urgent threat. She holsters her blade and begins to charge her Sunbeam ranged weapon in lethal mode. She jumps to the side as one of the acid pods arcs towards her, moving closer and in front of Samantha in an attempt cover her with her energy shield.
[22:06] Scene Hell's shots rip a few holes into her target, the kappa stumbling down and crying out in pain, shaking its head a few times before trying to push itself back up. Raigeki's shield catches most of the pods, which explode on impact and release a cloud of caustic gas that starts spreading, luckily most of it seeming to go upwards now. Nova's first plasma shots hit the plant with loud sizzles, one catching one of the protrusions on the plant's stalk and causing it to pop, unleashing a flood of foul liquid. The other plant on the opposite end of the clearing grabs up a second set of pods and lobs them now, while the dragon comes down lower, several more beats of its wings causing the nearby trees to crack, and then snap off at the trunks, the massive trees slamming down to the ground hard enough to shake it
[22:13] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls, moving a bit as her wings flap to give her a bit of movement, looking to push under the shield further and nudge Mikoto away from a falling tree. She watches as the Kappa was trying to get back up, loading another magazine and firing one aimed shot at its head and then if it still lived she'd empty the mag "big incoming she states, pulling the gun up, loading a fresh mag and getting ready to attack or pull back as needed
[22:13] Blaize is about to fire when he sees something...big come into the clearing. Thinking on a dime, he turns and fires his loaded shot at the dragon, already racking the next round. He glances at the cylinder, seeing he only had two shots left, and groaned. "I knew I should have brought more ammo...." he said, looking at the dragon again. His finger ran along the key in his mouth. "Might be time to pull out my ace."
[22:16] Sparks grunts, checking how much integrity she lost with the acid sloughing off her, letting the coat disintegrate into tatters, swapping her blaster to her left hand potshotting at the smaller targets lending supporting fire with bolts of energy in a suppressive fire pattern, other hand reaching back to pull her cannon forward awkardly, counting on fire assist and an augmented reality cone projection to aim for the dragon as she thumbs it to blast mode, maximum power "so uh Yeah.. it's aces out time" she calls, triggering a blast her cannon roaring with it's deafening electronic scream, a bolt of enery lancing up to the dragon, burst mode meant for shielded targets it would expend the energy in a powerful blast at the point of impact, making shockwaves
[22:19] Raigeki: ... huh. This looks like it's going to be a problem " She takes a deep breath, and then the true power of the armor is revealed. The battle field is filled with music [ ] she pulls out her sword and leaps into the air, trying to come down on top of the dragons head with a downward stab
[22:23] Nova Flare(Pilix) lobs a few more blasts of searing hot plasma at the plant for good measure, to make sure it burned up and wouldn't be a threat to them. Then the other one on the other end of the clearing started lobbing pods as well, she sighed softly. "They just don't quit.." Then the wind that'd been building up grew much more intense, knocking her right off her feet as she stumbled to the ground, watching the trees all crack and come tumbling down as well all around. She then looked over to see the massive dragon land, her eyes wide as she could hardly believe what she was seeing. "This place has DRAGONS?! First dinosaurs, now dragons..? What kind of jurassic park game of thrones fanfic is this place?" She pushed herself slowly back up to her feet, focused on that dragon now, wondering if it breathed fire... "Aces out time, huh...."
[22:26] Samantha Iseli hears something sizzling and notices a splotch of acid burning away at her jacket, she quickly sets her bag aside and pull her jacket off, tossing it away. She checks her shirt for any sign of damage, but doesn't see any. She hears a call for some water and starts rummaging through her bag, seemingly almost on autopilot, retrieving a bottle of water and a sample collection kit She winces a bit and stumbles slightly from the scream from Sparks' cannon. When she recovers, she hands the bottle to Freyrson and with an order of "Hold still" does her best to keep her hands from shaking and scrape off the venomous mucus from his cheek and hand into the kit's collection jar. She figures a sample would come in handy sooner or later.
[22:31] Freyrson takes the water and whispers a chant into it. The name Freya could be heard in said chant as he drinks the water. His strength was back now. "Thank you," he said to Samantha, standing up. "You doubt me, I see the judgement in your eyes," he began. "But I am not need your belief or some pagan worship. I know my truth. Part of such truth is that my power goes towards the protection of this world and the people in it. I was born for it. I am not just my father's son, but I am my mother's son as well. The blood of two gods run through my veins, yet only one of them is a Jotunn!" With a roar his eyes began to glow.. His aura changes from the fiery red to that of blue. Runic markings appearing around him as he triggers one of his god forms, "Blood of the Jotunn." He is physically at his strongest in said form as well as not really needing his hammer anymore. "Someone say Aces out?" he said, sounded as if two voices spoke at once.
[22:32] Astra leaps up, flaring her wings, half flying over the dragon while its distracted by all the heavy firepower. She twists in the air as she comes down over it in an attempt to straddle its neck and ride it. While still in the air, she fires her Sunbeam weapon, a golden beam of energy lancing out at the back of the beast's head. "Where in the world did this thing come from?!?!", she shouts over all the weapons fire.
[22:42] Scene Hell's shots finish off the last of the kappas, and the plants are out of ammo now, leaving the dragon as the only threat. The second cluster of pods is caught up in the wind from the dragon's wings, diverted out towards the edge of the group before hitting the ground and exploding to spread another cloud of acid. Sparks' cannon slams into the beast, the blast ripping a few scales open, but dissipating the energy before it can penetrate, while Raigeki's sword slips between two scales but finds the dragon's hide incredibly durable as well, all her strength only managing to drive the point in a couple inches. Astra's cannon searing into some of the smaller neck scales, causing them to crack around the edges. The dragon roars out, clearly annoyed by the people standing on it, flipping its head up quickly to try throwing them both into the air, while sweeping one of its massive wings across the area to attempt to batter everyone else out of the way
[22:49] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) loads up another mag, aims for the soft spot under the least, it's always a soft spot in every fantasy book she's read so it's worth a shot, and fires two AP rounds at each wing's underside and then one at the underside of the dragon's neck, looking to cause as much damage as possible but also probing for weaknesses as Mikoto and Astra danced on its head
[22:49] Blaize sighs, watching Raigeki go all super serious. "Gods, is she always this melodramatic?" He says, taking the key from his mouth. He inserts into a slot on the elbow of his arm and, grinning, turns the key. "Aces out it is!" Like before, a low booming pulse emanates from around him, but this time Blaize seems to turn into light, his body glowing brighter and brighter until he can no longer be clearly seen. The light becomes a pillar, which expands out around him, and then all at once it dissappears...and where Blaize once stood was a hulking mass of steel, a battlefield weapon though most who saw it would refer to it as a tank. Obligatory song:
[22:50] Sparks starres at Blaize "...right" then responds to Astra, over comm over the battle noise "Well you see when a papa dragon and a mama dragon love each other very much, sometimes..." she begins, marking the spot she dislodged scales from as a target in the info feed for others to focus on, turning her cannon and checking it, two charge panels remain glowing ready, she immediately fires again, trying to be careful of the two riders aiming for it's neck while looking for any other weaknesses, meanwhile having Iridium focus sensors to lock onto it in case it pulls a flash disappearance again
[22:53] Raigeki gets flung up into the air " fuck fuck fu- oh wait. the armor flies. " She then dives back for the dragon garbing the sword in both hands and trying to drive her blade into the left eye of the beast, because that's how you slay an mfing dragon
[22:56] Nova Flare(Pilix) watched the other attacking the dragon, trying to look for any weak spot. She saw the wing swinging in and jumped up, plasma firing from her feet as she took to the air, hovering above the wing-swipe as she started to throw hot explosive plasma blasts at the beast, trying to help probe for any weak spots.
[23:03] Samantha Iseli nods to Freyrson's thanks and starts to turn away when he speaks to her again, she manages to keep the scathing reply she had to herself. She was about to reply to him when she sees the markings appear and steps back to give the god space. While she doubted the claim, she couldn't doubt that he had power. But with the cover of the shield, and the trees gone, she isn't entirely sure where she should go now, so she just crouches next to one of the larger damaged trucks.
[23:04] Freyrson walks over to one of the torn down trees that was uprooted from the dragon's roar. With his giant's strength, he picks it up and freezes it solid in his hands before taking aim at the dragon. He launches the frozen tree like a javelin, right at its snout.
[23:05] Astra yelps as the dragon tries to toss her off, she manages to grab onto the dragon's scales, barely holding on as she's tossed around like a rag doll. "Make it ssssttop!!!!!", she screams. Despite her flailing around she manages to deliver another Sunbeam shot to the enraged dragon's neck, though in another location not previously hit. Loosing her grip, she's flung off towards the group, leaving a gouge in the earth as she slides to a halt next to Samantha. "Ow..."
[23:16] Scene Hell's shots chip break loose a few of the softer underscales, the shock of the impacts driving the wing up slightly so it sweeps across the area closer to chest height. Sparks' shot shears off a few more scales and the blast rips open a few small wounds where the initial shot had hit. Raigeki manages to stab into the eye, finding it a little softer, still very resilient but the sword presses through the eye, stopping instantly when it reaches bone. Nova's blasts sear at the scales where they hit, weakening them and creating cracks, but not managing to rip them off completely. Freyrson's javelin hits the dragon's nose and shatters, the creature rearing its head back and blinking at the odd sensation, but not seeming actually harmed by it. Astra's shot creates another patch of cracking scales, much of the creature's neck scaling damaged or destroyed at this point, but still little damage pierced through. As the sweep of its wing finishes it rears its head back even further and opens its mouth, foul green
[23:16] Scene: smoke gushing out from it, and then it lunges forward and sprays out a massive geyser of hydrochloric acid towards Hell, Freyrson, and Sparks with enough force to pick up the trees in the area and hurl them into the woods
[23:18] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) since the dragon spent an eternity broadcasting its attack and since it was a dragon anyways and HG was expecting something, she already was moving when it was looking like it was about to hack up a furball. She moved rapidly to the side of the spray of acid, firing a continuous beam of energy straight at its mouth, hitting likely at an angle but also trying to pull attention from the main crowd more so than deliver a death blow. But she'd not complain about one.
[23:19] Blaize rumbled forward, his turret swinging around to face the dragon. "Let's see how thick he is in the gut." He says. his voice echoes out from the tank as if he were speaking inside it, but somehow loud enough to be heard over the din of the engine. When the dragon sprays the geyser of acid, Blaize lines up the shot and fires, the cannon roaring and spitting a hjet of flame from the muzzle as it launches an AP shell aimed at the dragon's stomach. He doesn't check to see the status of the shot, however, his engine revving as he clatters in reverse away, trying to put some extra distance between him and those sweeping wings.
[23:25] Sparks tags the opening she was making on it's underbelly in the data-feed, indicating the others should focus their fire on that spot, sighting through her cannon targeting to try and deliver her last charge on that target, then grits her teeth as the sweeping wave of acid bears down on her, turning and reaching out to shove Sam fully clear as her rippling black suit engulfs her entirely casing her in a shell as the wave hits her and throws her back, the material surging and rippling as it cycles trying to withstand the wave, then shutting down as it expends it's defensive power, leaving her on one knee panting leaning on her cannon exhausted, the thin usually invisible mask covering her face. Iridium takes over the HUD and tactical map automatically as she goes offline, suit operating on emergency power
[23:27] Raigeki realizes she was right near the dragons mouth and decided that was a bad place to be. She plants her feet against the dragon's face and kicks off, propelling herself away from the impending fire blast. " Okay. We aren't going to take this thing down poke at it randomly. Everyone focus fire at the same spot "
[23:30] Nova Flare(Pilix) watched the dragon open is mouth and rear its head back, taking that as an opening to start throwing plasma blasts into it to see if it would have any effect. As Raigeki called out to focus on a spot, she looked to where the others had done a lot of damage, starting to throw plasma blasts that way.. at the same time, the area around he began to grow colder, the area spreading more and more as she started to absorb heat from the air, slowly building up her power more.
[23:34] Samantha Iseli winces a bit at the thump and Astra sliding up next to her. She yelps when Sparks shoves her further out of the way of the torrent of acid released from the dragon. She wasn't sure if she wanted to complain that it was spewing acide, or just thankful that it wasn't fire.
[23:35] Freyrson holds up both of his hands, unleashing a blizzard from his hands to try and counter the acid blast from the dragons. He can feel some of the acid already peppering him like a sprinkle. "You know dragon," he says. "I've fought one such as you before. The problem with the lot of you is that subtlety is not your strong suit!" He hoped this would help occupy the dragon while the others went on the attack.
[23:36] Astra pulls herself to a kneeling position next to Sam just as the massive stream of acid spews past, she winces as large trees bounce off her shield into the woods, draining her protective shield to nearly nothing. "Affirmative", she responds to Raigeki's order. "Targeting marked target." She brings her arm up and delivers another energy blast from her Sunbeam weapon, the golden beam striking the designated target. "Preparing Phase Transfer Cannon, nobody get in front of me!! Phase Transfer cannon at Thirty Three percent and charging!!", she states as she begins charging her ultimate weapon.
[23:42] Scene the dragon roars out as blasts are fired into its mouth and belly, the hits into open hide starting to rip open bleeding wounds now. It rears its whole body back, then pounces forward into the group, trying to land on the largest concentration of opponents there with enough force to shake the ground and make a shockwave that clears the next few layers of trees from the forest, then suddenly as it lands a portal opens up and sucks the dragon through instantly, the sound of falling trees persisting a moment longer before silence fills the area
[23:43] Raigeki mutters " not enough power ... " and runs over behind the tank for cover and began the shutdown procedure for the armor " Knew I should have installed the quick change unit before testing... " climbing out of the armor and then s looking over to the group standing there in her underwear blinking, then the dragon. " DAMNIT!"
[23:44] Blaize is shaken by the blast, his treads rattling as the tank is almost pitched over. He remains upright, but in the following seconds, the only sounds heard are his idling engine. The turret sweeps left, then right, as if looking for their opponent, then turns backwards to 'look' at Mikoto. " that it?"
[23:45] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as she's put on her back, jumping up and charging the cannon and then the dragon is pulled into a portal. She just watches for a moment and then mutters "all skill, no luck" she states and slowly looks around to see if anyone else was harmed or if there was incoming from further creatures "everyone alright?"
[23:47] Sparks is sent flying a bit more by the impact, crying out in pain as she bounces and skids along the ground, curling up as large rents and tears are in her bodysuit from that that don't close up immediately, she groans softly and slowly pulls her self up to a sitting position cradling an arm, some blood starting to drip from it her expression white
[23:47] Freyrson powers down, the hammer disappearing. "Hm... strange," he mused. "Something saved this dragon.. I think we have a new enemy to worry about."
[23:47] Blaize despite not having facial features, Blaize seems to blink in surprise. "
[23:47] Takamachi Mikoto crosses her arms over her boobs, but other wise seems fairly calm. " hey.. Mel. I don't suppose you've got a link to Hope's direct line? "
[23:47] Blaize: "You're not wearing any armor."
[23:47] Samantha Iseli looks over at Mikoto at the sudden call of 'damnit' and tilts her head a bit "I have an undersuit on, you may borrow my clothes if you like" she says with a bit of a shrug.
[23:48] Astra faces the dragon, panels on her armor opening and revealing glowing emitters as the Phased Transfer Canon charges. "Phased Transfer Cannon at.... ", she sputters, tumbling over on her back as the dragon pounces, the charging of the PTC interrupted by the pouncing dragon, energy courses over her armor, sparks flying as smoke rises from her. She groans in pain, "that did not go as expected...".
[23:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) tilts her head and nods "I have Vanguard comms" she states and walks over, speaking low we giving her a heads up the area is cleared or are we more wanting to talk about that portal?" she asks, looking Mikoto over with a cheeky smirk
[23:53] Takamachi Mikoto looks over at Blaze. " I have more than one armor. The one I was using greatly increases defense at a severe degradation of my offense. I felt like we were not doing enough damage to it so I was going to change armor to one that didn't limit my output." She then looks back over to Hellguard and speaks in a low tone " I'm not sure if my armor's recorders caught that ... but the way that happened was ... unsettlingly familiar. " She pulls her padd off of the armor and starts presses a hidden button, Engaging her normal armor at this point
[23:53] Blaize rotates his turret in the direction of the carnivorous plants. "I think some of those flowers want a piece of us, but that's nothing a little napalm won't handle."
[23:53] Sparks shifts as if to stand up, then wobbles, blood draining from her face and settles back roughly with a yelp, clutching her arm to her, panting a strained "Medic..", some of the rips in her suit start to slowly close
[23:54] Astra lays on the ground, sparking a bit
[23:54] Blaize looks forward and a low mechnical sigh sounds out Once more Blaize is surrounded by light but when it dissappates he's his old humanoid self again. "And that's how we fought on my world. Hey...are those two ok?"
[23:54] Nova Flare(Pilix) was charging herself up as the air all around her grew colder and colder, her plasm seeming to creep up along her arms, clearly preparing for a much more powerful attack. She watched the dragon pounce at those on the ground below, her power gathering more as her plasma spreads up to her shoulders... But just before she can try to attack, the dragon suddenly.... vanishes.... leaving her blinking in confusion, her plasma quickly dissipating and vanishing before it built up any further. "What...? Where'd it go?" She looks around some as she drifts down to the ground. She did take a moment to stare at a nearly naked Mikoto for a moment before glancing around again. "So, what.... we win?"
[23:55] Freyrson walks over to Sam, place a hand on her shoulder. "Many thanks woman of medicine," he said. "You do a great and honorable service to us all."
[23:55] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) realizes she doesn't have a camera or any sort of recording device on her "I hope you recorded it because uh...I didn't consider that when making new armor" she states and shakes her head, thinking she needed to have some sort of drone of some sort with a camera, or the nifty glasses that Faith used to use. She'd have to look into that. She radio'd in to N <Area is clear, there was some...weirdness with a portal, gonna need you to take a look at the footage we collect>
[23:57] Blaize: I think this one might need your help, medic-person. She says to Sam, then approaches Kosmos. "Hey, you're a gynoid, right? You have, like, an access panel or something?"
[23:57] Astra doesn't respond
[23:58] Blaize waves his hand in front of Astra's face.
[23:59] Astra's body is covered in overload burns and her eyes are dark
[23:59] Blaize frowns and kneels down, rolling Astra onto her stomach and looking for some sort of maintainence access.
[00:00] Raigeki: " Supposedly there's a large gold vein here. Clearing the area means that we'll be able to start building complex electronics again. " She makes her way over to Astra. "Okay. Lets see what's wrong here.." She reaches out and smacks the back of Blaize's hand. Rude... "
[00:00] Blaize: Ow!
[00:00] Blaize: I'm just trying to help...she looks kind of...dead.
[00:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches Blaize "You looking for the rear entrance? Should probably get her consent first" she states
[00:01] Scene: N responds to Hell "Portals, eh? I'll take a look at it, though that's more Mythos's thing"
[00:01] Blaize makes a rude gesture at Hell Guard. "I'm somewhat glad I have no idea what you're trying to imply."
[00:01] Samantha Iseli flinches a bit when Freyrson puts a hand on her shoulder, she was a bit uncomfortable being touched "You are welcom. I try" she replies, then looks over to Blaize and then down to Astra "Unfortunately, there is little I can do for her, my specialty is in organic medicine. I have experience in cybernetic, so I may be able to assist, but my specialty is in organic medicine." she replies
[00:02] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) responds into the mic <yeah...that's the problem...getting video from Mikoto and will ensure it gets to you. Watch it first before showing it to anyone please>