The "Trio" Segement 1: Crisis in the Lower City

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The "Trio" Segement 1: Crisis in the Lower City

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*A broadcast comes on the Sivitri Media Group*

Patricia: "Hi I am Patricia Atwell, a New Anchor here as Sivitri Media, your source of Lower City News. Welcome to our segments called "The Trio" where three panelists of varying backgrounds discuss and comment on recent events in the Lower City. Yesterday, what started out as an effort to turn dinosaurs into pocket monsters, a Japanese game from the mid 90s on some Earth, escalated into a battle between metas leaving dozens dead by our supposed protectors in the Vanguard or at least someone who appears to be allied with them. Our panel is here to discuss. With us we have Amy Rorbacher, with the Libertarian think-tank "Atlas has Shrugged." To her left we have blogger and activist John J. Jones. And to his left we have Rory Wilton, retired General of the United States Military and advisor to the President on his Earth. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to begin by going over the sequence of events. So a person known as Suki, who reportedly escaped a mental institution, committed acts of animal cruelty on dinosaurs to make them into Poke'mon, creatures from a children's video games on some Earths. What does this say about how we treat and secure the criminal insane? Let us start with Amy."

Amy: "I firmly believe the government has few jobs and protecting the people from criminals is one of them. How is it that this Suki is able to escape again and again from our mental institutions? It's poor leadership at every level of government that this is allowed to happen."

John: "I agree with Amy on this one actually but I would take it a step further. The government needs to step in and take over these 'private' mental health institutions. They need to legislate better (Amy starts shaking her heard) rules for how we treat and house the insane. We need this to prevent more Suki's from walking our streets."

Amy: "No no no. We need to privatize it further roll back these oppressive regulations and let doctors actually do treatments that work. We need to let business come up with actual cures to these diseases. We need to cut their taxes to let them grow."

*John starts to reply but Patricia cuts him off.*

Patricia: "Any comment on that General?"

Gen. Wilton: "Not much. It's apparent though that this criminal justice system that Nightmare has imposed is not working. For anyone. We have no prisons, just a few holding cells. We deliver punishment in a medieval way but this isn't the middle ages. They would just kill the criminally insane for being possessed by demons and so on. I used to suspect our government knew better than to randomly kill innocent people but after seeing all this I am not so sure."

Patricia: "I'm sure everyone is chomping at the bit to get at the events that happened after the appearance of Kataron and the arrival of the Vangaurd's back up. Let start with Kataron's arrival and talk a bit about Kataron himself. So during the course of events it would seem that an altercation happened when a member of PAE Security attempted to attack the figure known as Eldritch Rose, we'll get to more on this later. But shortly after this Kataron appeared on scene and seemed to take control of the dinosaurs and Suki left the scene shortly there after-"

Amy: "You know it is a good thing the Vanguard was there to let the criminal who started it all go free..."

*Gen. Wilton laughs lightly at that as Patricia continues.*

Patricia: "Lets talk about Kataron. Now he is definitely a criminal. He's killed hundreds of innocents in this city. He's apparently the one who resurrected this Xalagia? Thoughts on this man."

John: "It's apparent that this Kataron guy is a bad dude. No one can deny that. I think all of us are in agreement that the Vanguard was well within rights to bring a heavy force to deal with the situation. What's not acceptable is what happens during the course of this."

Amy: "I agree with John wholly for once. Kataron is probably the most wanted man in the whole city and extremely dangerous and powerful."

Gen. Wilton: "I agree, I have nothing to add to that part other than given what we've seen of the Vanguard I think they might be objectively worse."

Patricia: "We need to move on. Eldritch Rose. We don't know a lot about this figure. She's proclaimed the Lower City as her domain in the past. She killed the gangster mercenary known as Grimskull. She and others of this apparent mystery group are referred to only as "The Association" according to our sources on the streets. They've been involved mostly in attacking the gangs of the Lower City and Ruins. They wiped out a gang known as the Union not long ago and are reported have been targeting the gang known as the Marauders, particularly an event known as the Friday the 13th Massacre where dozens were killed at an underground death match event. Lets start with thoughts on these revelations?"

John: "Let me be upfront. I don't believe violence is the answer to any of this. Killing gangsters just makes more gangsters. The key to ending all these gangs is not prisons or death, it is lifting them out of poverty. When you look at gangs like the Union, the Red Caps, the Marauders. All of these gangs have a theme: disenfranchisement. They are bitter and angry and feeling poor and left out. The policies of the government of this city are what has caused them to exist. I don't think the Association are heroes for killing angry poor people."

Amy: "Just bleeding heart nonsense. Look I'm sorry about these people being poor. But Celestial City is a land of opportunity. If you are poor and destitute. Start a business. There is a A LOT of work to be done here in the city for those willing to pull themselves up by the boot straps and do it. I'm sorry but if you're running around kidnapping women and summoning demons in the street. You deserve what is coming to you. I think this "Association" is the best thing that could be happening to the Lower City to be honest. It's about time someone gave a crap about the people here."

Gen. Wilton: "I would normally say that this should be handled by official authorities like the Vanguard but I mean we've just witnessed what their help can bring."

Patricia: "Thats a good lead in to what is next. So before the arrival of Kataron and member of PAE security attacked Eldritch Rose and began a scuffle. However, soon Kataron arrived followed by Vanguard reinforcements that included Lady Nightmare herself and this Xalagia. Rose, according to witnesses declared she has no official relationship with Kataron but would side with him in opposition to Nightmare and Xalagia. A rather bitter battle ensued that saw PAE siding with the Vanguard and Xalagia who we can assume is an ally to the Vanguard according witnesses. Rose engaged Xalagia who, well lets show the recovered footage."

*A shaky camera, probably a phone films a portion of the battle.* "Oh shit, oh shit what the fuck is going on out here?" a man's voice says as he films. A tremendous amount of lightining arcs out of Xalagia aimed a a building off screen somewhere. Rose interposes herself between the lightning and it's target, blocking it and preventing the target's destruction before she leaves, seemingly very injured shortly thereafter with a portal.*

Patricia: "So according witnesses, Xalagia appeared to be aiming at the casino to kill someone, apparently the spouse of Rose. Such a blow would have killed *hundreds* of people. Just before Rose left the scene more apparent members of the Association arrive to cover their retreat. When they escaped, Xalagia fired into an apartment building, killing dozens of people in an apparent act of frustration at being denied the destruction of the casino. This is someone allied to someone who is to be our protector? Thoughts on this?"

Amy: "This is why you can't trust the government to do things. This is *insane.* The government of this city funds The Vanguard. And they made this situation infinitely worse. This Association, we're supposed to be believe are the outlaws, arguable have a net gain of lives yesterday. Rose saved a number of civilians prior and the casino. The Vanguard killed dozens of of people. I know the universe has collapsed and all but I was hoping we could not live in a psychotic Nightmare. Rose is absolutely a hero."

John: "To say nothing of her previous actions, this Eldritch Rose absolutely saved hundreds of lives and exposed absolute corruption at the highest levels of our law enforcement and indeed our government. I have never been a big fan of the Vanguard and its ham-handed method of delivering justice and this just goes more to the point. I can say I'm not pleased she chose to aid Kataron, but yesterday he by far seemed the lesser of two evils at least."

Gen Wilton: "I agree with the others. Sometimes you need to ally with the lesser evil to take on the bigger one. We should be thanking these people for exposing the sort of help the Vanguard is willing to employ. Nightmare is a terrorist. Plain and simple. She was before and she is now. Instead of imprisoning her, we just made her the head of law enforcement. We humans, hell even the metas, are just insects to these supposed 'cosmic gods' at the top of the Vanguard. Our lives are meaningless to them. You know Scarlett Morningside, the new councilor, was in the casino? Xalagia attempted to murder a council member and what? Nothing. Nada. Why is Xalagia not on the most wanted list yet I'm sure Eldritch Rose and hers will be? This is absolute tyranny. My country on Earth, our founding fathers fought against the tyranny of our government. After yesterday, I don't see the Association any differently that those brave men who stood against the British in the 1700s."

Amy: "And what of PAE's role in all of this? They sided with Nightmare and her corruption. Two council member tacitly okay'd attempting to kill another! Our government is tyranny at this point. I concur with the general. This is *madness* with a capital M. We don't have a government of the people. We live in an oligarchy where people who have no or weaker superpowers are excepted to be killed by the hundreds, crushed under the feet of waring gods."

John: "I don't think rebellion is the answer but reform. Scarlett Morningside's life was threatened yesterday. Surely there will be consequences for attempting to kill a council member. We need checks and balances in our government to ensure that corrupt officials don't get to stay."

Patricia: "Alright well, we are out of time for now. Thank you to the panel for discussing this issue with us today. Up next: The clean up effort in the Lower City is underway. We've a deep look into the grim job of cleaning up after deadly metahuman encounters entitled "The Mournful Janitors."
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