Breaking News! Seige in the Ruins

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Breaking News! Seige in the Ruins

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Sivitri Media News:

Tara: "We have breaking news in the ongoing saga of the bombing of the Casino on Friday. We cut to LCBA Security HQ where a spokeswoman is about to make a statement."

The scene cuts to a small podium outside on a set of stairs where a woman an LCBA Security unifrom stands, her hair is a deep red color. She speaks with a thick Irish accent.

Allison: "Good morning, my name is Sergeant Allison O'Malley of LCBA Security. At approximately 0400 hours, LCBA Security's SWAT team moved out and blew the underground tunnels that lead into the Marauder gangs headquarters. A few minutes after this, LCBA Security teams moved into position at their cave entrance into the area known as the Ruins. After a fifteen minute engagement, the Marauders were forced to retreat back into their cavern. At present, LCBA Security is holding the Marauders in their cave. This gang is the perpetrators of the bombing on the casino and the kidnapping of three woman in the Lower City as well as the summoning of demons at each of these occurances. However, we are not them. We're not going to run in there and kill them all. We're going hold our positions and wait till they surrender. If they can somehow hear this statement, those who offer themselves out, no weapons with hands up, will not be harmed. I'll take questions."

Reporters start blurting questions. Allison points to one.

Reporter 1: "Ma'am how long do you expect this seige to last?"

Allison: "I'm not equiped to say how long for sure though I would wager it would depend on how much food and water they have. You can fight as hard as you like, you can't beat hunger and thirst with a punch or a bullet." Allison points to another reporter

Reporter 2: "Are there any contingencies incase demons arrive?"

Allison: "Aye, we have some weaponry we suspect will give us some help against these demons. Fool us once as they say." She gestures to another reporter

Reporter 3: "The Ruins is generally outside the jursidiction or interest of the city. Does LCBA Security plan to actually try to get this area under control?"

Allison: "At the moment there are no plans to expand our operation into the Ruins full time however we wish to make it clean that hiding in the Ruins doesn't make you immune to justice. LCBA Security can and will go anywhere in the interest of defending the properties we protect in the Lower City, which is at this point most of them. That will be all, Thank you."

The TV cuts back to Tara at the studio

Tara: "A fascinating development in this saga. We can only hope the Marauders surrender peacefully."
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