Save Suki!

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Save Suki!

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[17:02] The rec room is completely decorated with streamers, and balloons and multiple birthday cakes. All the banners say Happy Birthday Suki. Off in the corner sits a bigger cake, but no sign of Suki

[17:04] Angelina Williams pops into the room out of nowhere and takes a look around "Now where is that little troublemaker hiding? Maybe I can finally pin her in one place for a few minutes"

[17:05] Metapool (Talista Glas) there's a shimmering in the air, a smell of strawberries, a rumble as if a train coming from a great distance, then a bright rainbow hole in space time opens up, causing the entirety of reality to shimmer and groan. And out of that chaotic hole emerges Metapool, leaping out like a glorious seal jumping into the water. But she missed the water, and as the portal closed, she slammed into the floor beside the pool. A minute passed and she jumped to her feet "NO ONE SAW THAT, I AM ALIVE!!!!"

[17:06] Shia Aicara shakes her head as she walks in, seeing Metapool's face-first flop into the floor..

[17:08] Angelina Williams glances over at the bizarre entrance and chuckles a bit "Huh... if I had to guess, I'm not the only one here that's not exactly a native"

[17:10] Black Goblin steps off the elevator, wondering just what kind of birthday parties they have at the academy. He steps off, looking around slowly to see how lively the party was.

[17:16] Metapool (Talista Glas) grins to Angelina "IT'S YOU! WE HAVE EVERYONE...I think" she states and blinks at Black Goblin "nice costume, you an elf? You look like an elf. Your new name is Buddy, Hi Buddy the Elf!" gives a peace sign "IIIIII'm Captain Countess Metapool, First of her Name, Eater of Dragons, Freer of the First Men, and Ruler of Gondor. Or uh...Metapool if you're not into the whole title thing." she says and twitches in place, then looks around "'s getting naked?"

[17:16] Suki giggles and pops out of the cake leaping with lots of force "SURPRISE!" Leaping to high and smacking her head on the roof before falling back into her hole with a groan " ok"

[17:18] XSU Trouble blinks taking a half step back as Suki makes her meteoric rise! and then more accurately meteoric fall with the assistance of gravity "are you really though?" trouble asks shuffling a bit closer and leaning forward slightly too try and eyeball her.

[17:19] Angelina Williams chuckles a bit "Well, we will be when the birthday girl shows up" giving a nod to each of the others arriving, then turns at Suki's debut and chuckles a bit, stepping over towards the cake and offering a hand "Hey there silly, long time no see"

[17:19] Shia Aicara giggles~ "silly.."

[17:20] Black Goblin raised a brow at Metapool, which showed through on the mask, "Ah, no. I'm not an elf...or named buddy...Though I do like smiling. It is the best." He could hear his sister laughing in his mind 'Oh that was horrible!' He'd see Suki emerge, and looked around, "So, no one's going to offer her an asprin or anything?"

[17:21] Suki giggles and gets back up taking the hand "Suki is ok! Happy Birthday Suki and thank you for coming"

[17:22] Metapool (Talista Glas) pulls off her goggles so she can see without having to worry about the tactical readouts and advertisements for local spam tacos. She stares intently at Black Goblin "right, don't want to say anything bad, I'm not hashtag-racist" she states, then she moved forward with a wave at Suki "I deciphered your message and arrived today, I am today horay!" she says with a giggle "do you want a teddy bear?"

[17:26] Angelina Williams gives Suki a look over as she comes out of the cake "Happy Birthday, you're looking quite festive tonight"

[17:29] Black Goblin hears his sister in his head, 'Racist? Is because of the really black skin or something? Probably best you don't tell her you're not really black.' He looked over at Suki, giving a light wave, "Ah, happy birthday." He looked at the cake a moment, then back at Suki, "So, I take it you really like frosting."

[17:30] XSU Trouble comes over too glancing around at the decorations curiously then at Suki's outfit "Suki... why are you dressed like a clown?" she then streaching before glancing over too the goblin and giving a shruuug

[17:31] Suki smiles and skips up to Metapool "Yay! Suki loves teddy bears! Um but Suki didnt bring you anything. Suki sorry" Pausing at the birthday wishes "You know its Suki's birthday?? Who told you Suki's birthday? Um Suki isn't a clown. Suki is Suki, silly person"

[17:32] Shia Aicara smiles~ "yet you are dressed like one, she was asking why, silly~"

[17:33] Angelina Williams smiles "Cause she felt like it... and maybe the outfit has good stats"

[17:34] XSU Trouble stares at the outfit.... "i have worn stupider things in video games because of stats." trouble eventually admits

[17:35] Metapool (Talista Glas) giggles "you invited me. most people wouldn't" she states and pulls out her gun, aiming at Suki "Teddy bear inbound!" she shouts as there's a sound of screaming from the gun that sounds like <WWWAAAARRRRRAAAAAANNNNNTTTTTTYYYYYYY VVVVOOOOIIIIIDDDDEEEEDDDDD> as the weapon sucks in air and says a general fuck you to physics, tearing apart molecules on an atomic level and reassembling them into a teddy bear that fires out of the gun at a velocity of a salty 7 year old throwing it in a tantrum "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" before she puts the now overheating gun back in its sling as the gun almost whimpers, saying < more...teddy bears...>

[17:39] Black Goblin looked around a bit, noticing he was the only guy around. He'd smirk slightly, but his smile faded as he heard his sister in his head, 'All these beautiful women, and you don't stand a chance.' He'd jump back at Metapool firing the gun, a bit surprised by her firing it, followed by relief and confusion at it being a teddy bear being shot, "Okay, is that normal?"

[17:40] XSU Trouble looks at Goblin "normal? no. For Metapool? yes." she replies giving a slight nod and gestureing him closer

[17:41] Suki giggles and catches the teddy "Oh thats so cool! Suki will name it The Chad. Happy Birthday Suki!" Dancing and clapping happily as she hugs the teddy :Oh um...Suki got Suki gifts to open to"

[17:41] Aiko Kanami (niterider.kahane) snakes her head at the gun's screaming.. apparently the noise drives her ears nuts~

[17:42] Angelina Williams nods slightly at Trouble's words "For sure... I was lucky I was able to get a complete set bonus here" then laughs at Goblin's shock "Give up on any thoughts of normal tonight... just embrace the strangeness and you'll be a lot happier" glancing at Suki "You got yourself gifts?"

[17:44] Metapool (Talista Glas) the gun seems to grumble <normal? is the spontaneous recalibration of reality from a simple machine normal? I was supposed to be a dancer, but now I'm a gun> the gun simmered down as Metapool looked around "Who said that? Dancer? Hello? Weird, not normal." she states and looks back at Trouble "Nice hat" she states and gives a thumbs up to Suki "Happy Birthday!" she then pulls off her mask, momentarily recognizing the absurdity of an artificial life form wearing a mask. Arnold didn't wear a mask.

[17:46] Black Goblin looked at XSU Trouble, wondering if she was some kind of cybernetic nun or something. He scratched his head a bit, his hat sliding up and down ever so slightly as he did, "She got herself presents?" He looked to XSU Trouble a moment again, a bit glad to hear he wasn't the only one that that it was odd. He looked to Angelina with a nod, "Thanks scout. Think I'll try to do that." He could hear his sister in his head, 'Yeah, these crazy girls are all yours. I don't see a reason for me to come out at all.'

[17:46] Suki giggles and nods "Well duh. Its Suki's birthday! Of course Suki got gifts. Not Super Suki though. Suki is just Suki. Suki doesnt wear a cape, and Super Suki does. So Suki is not Super Suki" nods and skips to the table "Come on The Chad, Suki wants to see what Suki got" Pausing in her skip to look at trouble "Oh...Suki is sorry for any offenses miss nun lady." Tilting her head to Meta's gun "Oh Suki loves dancing! Suki is good dancer. Oh yeah Suki got gifts" remembering what her objective was

[17:48] XSU Trouble gives a nod up to metapool, "Nice Neon." she replies deciding to just double down on this being a costume party and she is not wearing anything strange. at all. and it would be weird to think she was . she produces a small box from behind her back to suki "here! i got you this!"

[17:50] Angelina Williams follows Suki towards the table and starts digging through her bag looking for the gifts she got, an entire steaming-hot pizza hitting the floor along with a couple sets of underwear and bras before she pulls out two medium-size gift-wrapped boxes and sets them next to the others

[17:52] NS Z3PH-YR warps in at the far end of the room, then approaches. "I heard there was a thing."

[17:53] Black Goblin rubbed his eyes at Angelina's little trick. Yep, he was losing a grip on reality or this was all an elaborate magic show. He just really didn't know which. He looked over at Z3PH-YR, "You don't know the half of it."

[17:54] Shia Aicara nods to Zephyr~ "hello~"

[17:54] NS Z3PH-YR nods to Shia, then looks at Trouble. "Why are you wearing a Nun habit?"

[17:54] Metapool (Talista Glas) smiles to Trouble "ALL neon is nice" she states and turns around, catching sight of Shia and her eyes went wide "EARS!!!" she screams, moving up to try and scritch Shia's ears. If allowed, this would go on until she caught sight of Zeph and yelled "BOOBS!" and then would rush over to try and fondle Zeph, quite aware she was likely about to get punched

[17:55] NS Z3PH-YR indeed punches Metapool.

[17:55] NS Z3PH-YR a lot.

[17:55] Suki pauses and looks at everyone as she sniffles a little " Suki gifts? But its Suki's birthday. Why give Suki gifts? Looking at Zeph and waving seeing Zeph "Um Suki isn't at the tower place, so please dont shoot Suki ok? The Chad would be sad if Suki gets shot" nodding and holding up her teddy bear

[17:55] NS Z3PH-YR in fact probably more than she had to. She REALLY wasn't in the mood for metapool's brand of idiocy today.

[17:56] Angelina Williams waves to Zeph as she pops in "Heya there mini-mini-boss-lady" then smiles to Suki "Nobody's gonna shoot you today, hon... and we got you gifts to celebrate, that's how it's supposed to work"

[17:57] Shia Aicara smiles to Metapool~ "well, hello there~"

[17:57] NS Z3PH-YR at least aims so that were MEtapool to go flying from her overkill punch, she would at least land in the pool. She looks at Suki regardless of the result. "No worries. I'm not in the mood to shoot anyone today. Except maybe Metapool here."

[17:59] Metapool (Talista Glas) gets hit and groans "I liked ears better" she states and looks back at the presents and Suki, smiling wide as she watches the party shenanigans, looking at Zeph "I'd take a bullet for you...or from you...or with you...or something" she states and then sneakily tries to scratch Shia's ears again

[18:01] Aiko Kanami (niterider.kahane) looks back to Metapool.. "hmm?"

[18:03] Suki giggles and opens one of the boxes "Someone gave Suki a game to play for Suki's birthday. Not sure how they knew it was Suki's birthday though" shrugs and opens the box as a thick black smoke starts to envelop the room quickly making the room pitch dark to all forms of vision "Suki didn't do it!" is heard

[18:04] NS Z3PH-YR blinks. "Uhhhh....Suki, who sent you that gift?"

[18:04] NS Z3PH-YR: It appears to be on fire.

[18:05] Metapool (Talista Glas) looks around at the black smoke and says "hey look everyone, a plot device" she states and looks back at Suki "Wonder what this means. If it's Jumanji I wanna be The Rock. I am not Jack Black, fuck that, I want The Rock"

[18:05] Shia Aicara arches her ears switching to listening intently, "agreed..and this smoke is not nice.."

[18:05] XSU Trouble Coughs a bit and leans down "Crud bad time to forget the gasmask.. " she says trying to get low and under it

[18:05] NS Z3PH-YR tries to scoot away from the smoke, nudging for Trouble to do the same. "Metapool, what have I told you about the fourth wall?"

[18:06] Black Goblin could hear his sister in his head, 'The hell is that!?' He looked to the box, seeing the smoke come out, but before he could react he couldn't see anything any more. He put his hand on his bag, sliding it into it to grab some rocks to start to pour energy into them, getting ready for the worst to happen.

[18:06] Angelina Williams grabs onto Suki's hand as everything goes black, laughing a little at Metapool's comment "Oh, if it's Jumanji then that'll be four levels of Inception... a new record"

[18:08] NS Z3PH-YR yelps as she is suddenly somewhere else. "Bloody hell....why did I think that was such a good idea..."

[18:09] as the darkness fills the room the party goers feel a tug as if being warped somewhere else. Landing on a strange Torii gate as the smoke fades showing ....the old city?

[18:09] Metapool (Talista Glas) looks around "this is interesting, let's see where this goes" she states and looks at Zeph "fourth wall" giggles and looks around as she blinks "wait...this looks familiar..."

[18:10] NS Z3PH-YR: Well, it's becoming obvious whatever was in that box is highly hallucenogenic.

[18:10] Black Goblin looked around as the black smoke faded. He was never in the old city, she he would have no idea where he was, "Did we just get transported to a new universe again or something?" He hears his sister in his head, 'This doesn't feel right...'

[18:10] NS Z3PH-YR: Either that or this is a very intricate, albeit nostalgic, prank.

[18:11] XSU Trouble sighs and shakes her head "i feel like mistakes where made.."

[18:11] NS Z3PH-YR: That much is obvious...the first step is to assign blame.

[18:11] NS Z3PH-YR: Metapool did it.

[18:11] Shia Aicara looks around, confused.."the hell...?" then goes to call her drone to her, the little machine having no real combat capabilities..

[18:12] Angelina Williams ponders a moment, then reaches for her bag and stuffs her hand in, frowning when it comes out empty "Hmm... gonna take a minute to get my bearings here..."

[18:13] The smoke clears and everyone would notice something different about themselves. All communication devices would not function as they are cutoff completely. And any powers possesed would no longer function. A mysterious fog rolls in with a vague outline of a woman 'Well well. Thius is a snag. I certainly wasn't expecting the bitch to have company"

[18:14] XSU Trouble stares at the figure a moment... "I suspect when she says bitch she means suki... who is absent? HEAD COUNT!"

[18:15] NS Z3PH-YR reaches down for something, then blinks and looks down at her leg. "Shite, I lost me pistol. And my ARPC. Trouble, equipment check!"

[18:15] Metapool (Talista Glas) blurts out "THE BITCH IS ZEPHYR, SHE'S THE BITCH!" she screams and then stops "wait, I can think clearly now, what the fuck is going on?" she asks and looks around anxiously "uh...did...did I leave some of me behind somewhere?"

[18:15] Angelina Williams: Ya know, it's not nice to set a trap for someone on their birthday... which kinda makes you the bitch here... hate to break it to ya

[18:17] XSU Trouble pats herself down "didn't bring any equipment with me... her eyes widen after a moment "uuhhh No Internet.. Why is there no Internet? theres always supposed to be Internet."

[18:17] Black Goblin saw the image of a woman appearing, and pulled the rocks out of his bag, keeping his fist closed around them. He could hear his sister whisper in his mind, 'Psst, they aren't glowing any more.' He looked at his hand, opening it to see just a few pebbles in it. He focused, but nothing happened. He started to hyperventilate, as his sister had run countless simulations on what would happen if they were powerless. He knew his liver would give out within just a few hours, and if he wasn't able to switch with her by then, he'd be dead.

[18:18] Mysterious Figure smirks "Well the trap was for Suki. I hadn't expected her to make...friends. Well either way I can still have my fun." She summons tiles on the ground "You are now what you would call, game characters. This is MY game. You may play of course and free your precious Suki. I'm a sporting being afterall. Or you can abandon her right now and return. No one would blame you of course. After all the chaos Suki has done. You would probably be saving your precious little city"

[18:19] Shia Aicara growls.. "huh.. my little companion is gone.." she then checks for her whipsword, but find it's missing as well.. "ok.. where the fucking hell is my whipsword?" she growls at the strange figure..

[18:19] NS Z3PH-YR frowns at Trouble's response, checking her own systems. "I can't make contact with HQ either......strange, I....wait a minute." She looks down at her hands, flexing her fingers. "That's....not right. Trouble, run a diagnostic on your hardware. Tell me the return on your physical strength threshold." She glances at the woman, frowning, but doesn't say anything yet.

[18:20] Angelina Williams laughs "What do you mean 'now'? You're a wee bit behind the times, it seems... but that's okay, since you're just a silly little bitch" skipping her way around the shadowy figure and seeing if the hair is solid enough to grab and pull hard

[18:21] Metapool (Talista Glas) looks down and blinks "wait...wait wait wait...oh my god...I'M NO LONGER A GUN!!!" she screams and does a very fancy dance "wait, does that mean..." looks behind her and the gun speaks <yeah, it means that, gimme back my body you fucking warranty voiding cheese bag> she blinks and looks forward again "things are weird now"

[18:22] Black Goblin can hear his sister in his head, going over breathing exercises for him. He started to take deep slow breaths, trying to keep calm, 'Looks like we have to play a game. Something tells me this is more like Saw than Jumanji.' He would nod to her, knowing he couldn't just leave a helpless girl trapped here. Sure he didn't know who Suki really was, but that didn't really matter. He was a hero after all. Well, one in training here.

[18:22] XSU Trouble flails around a bit "AAAGGHHHH I AM NORRMAALLLLL..." she pauses a moment later.. "Actually other then no Internet,HQ connection, Equipment teleporter, or Comms, i am functioning within this bodies normal parameters." she shrugs "not impressive parameters but normal none the less."

[18:23] XSU Trouble reaches up to squeeze her chest... "yup.. okay everything is here."

[18:24] NS Z3PH-YR nods. "Same here, except...." She groans and rubs her back. "Why does my chest feel....heavier?"

[18:24] Mysterious Figure would smirk as Angelina's hand would phase through her. The aura around her would intensify and Angelina would feel almost like her very soul was nearly being ripped from her body "Now now, I see you are eager. Very well. Choose your weapons wisely. Know if you do, there is no going back" With that said the figure fades away entirely as the mist clears leaving the heros with no other directions

[18:25] XSU Trouble tilts her head "yes. but actually no." she replies to zeph before turning her attention back too the misty lady before she fades away to nothing "Oh Cool So what did megabitch leave us?"

[18:26] NS Z3PH-YR sighs. "No going back' she says. As if there were a bloody exit door behind us or something..." She she looks down at her chest, sighing. "I suppose I always took my raw strength for granted. This is going to be...troublesome."

[18:26] Angelina Williams shrugs a bit as the figure vanishes, looking over the collection of items "Alright... we need a balanced team here... one tank, one or two healers, and the rest on mad deeps"

[18:27] NS Z3PH-YR: Well, I do my best fighting at ranged, so....

[18:28] Metapool (Talista Glas) raises her hand "I wanna be the bard!" she shouts and starts singing "SWEEET CAROLINE....DUH DUH DUH! THE GOOD TIMES NEVER FELT SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD SO GOOD!" she dances around and then the gun shouts <fuck me I'm a gun again> as Metapool goes in for the second chorus

[18:28] Shia Aicara nods.. "where i'm used to close-quarters.."

[18:29] Angelina Williams pulls out a small gold coin and flips it to Meta "How about you be the witcher instead?"

[18:29] Black Goblin looked to Angelina, "So, yeah, um, how do we decide on all that? I mean, just speaking for myself here, but I totally lost my powers. Don't know how useful those types of characters are with a bunch of powerless people." He would normally be a tank, as he had forcefield abilities, but he didn't see the point of volunteering for that now.

[18:30] Superstar Hologram a little droid appears and plays a hologram. A overly cheerful blond ditz appearing. "Like Hi! Welcome to Celestial City. Home of Suki and Superstar. The worlds greatest heros and holders of the key to the clitty. You may choose your weapons, but be careful with those Super Attacks, because like you can only use them like once a battle ok? So arm up and fighht the good fight. You to can be the bestest of heroes like Suki and Superstar!" striking a heroic pose

[18:30] XSU Trouble starts checking her fingers "uhhh theres six of us here." she says counting out on her hands... then turns and looks at everyone assembled and sighs "Okay. Well doing a head count... i guess i will tank? Tank. it is..." she looks up at the goblin and waves him off "relax, We have been set to basically normal. so that means no ones really better suited for anything?" she shrugs and grabs the shield.

[18:31] NS Z3PH-YR picks up the laser rifle, checking the charge. "Would prefer a railgun, but I suppose this will do..."

[18:32] XSU Trouble snickers at her "heheh~ hay, zeph remember how much you hated energy weapons? "

[18:32] Angelina Williams: She said it's a game... so once you pick a class, you should get some abilities to go with it. Hopefully once I get my bearings a bit I'll be able to see through the code again like I normally do

[18:32] Metapool (Talista Glas) grins at Angelina and catches the coin, spending way too long figuring out where to tuck it and then suddenly it disappears "I got money. I want to be the bard! Saxophone, I want a saxophone!" she shouts, humming careless whisper

[18:32] Shia Aicara grumbles.. "hmm.. sword or fist, i'm equal at both.."

[18:33] NS Z3PH-YR sighs at Trouble. "Don't remind me. But, when all you have is a hammer....even if its a stupid laser hammer...."

[18:35] Black Goblin hears his sister in his head, 'Okay, so if I'm following the logic everyone is saying here, and that's a big if, you should pick healer. If you can only use your abilities once a battle, it's probably best the actual doctor in your head tells you when to use it.' He'd nod his head a bit, agreeing with his sister for the moment, "I guess I'll pick healer then. Dunno what that will give me, but figure I'd pick something I could actually be good at." He looked to the group, "And technically, I count as one and a half. Long story, don't ask."

[18:36] Angelina Williams hums a bit as she watches everyone "Hmm... so what are you going for, Meta? I'm all over the place, so I'll just fill in wherever we end up short"

[18:38] Metapool (Talista Glas) looks at Angelina and shrugs "Healer most likely. In the rear, with the gear" she states and giggles "is that weird? That sounds weird. Healer, I want a medi gun!" she says "or something else similar

[18:39] XSU Trouble: "if we have too many healers the tank will never die right?"

[18:41] Black Goblin looked to Trouble, "If we have too many healers, we won't have a balanced team and won't progress fast enough. And I don't know about you guys, but I kinda need to get out of here as fast as possible."

[18:41] Angelina Williams nods slightly "Alright then, so I'll get the third deeps... and only if there's no enrage timers" moving to snatch up a sword and swing it wildly a few times "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die"

[18:43] NS Z3PH-YR looks at the laser rifle. "Hey, you think I can get a custom skin for this?"

[18:44] Superstar Hologram smiles "We do offer fully customizable skins for weapons through ourt wonderful new Surprise Mechanic feature"

[18:45] XSU Trouble looks at zeph.. "Goddamnit it has lootboxes.. we are in gaming hell."

[18:45] Superstar Hologram: They are Surprise Mechanics. Lootboxes sound so negative honestly

[18:45] Angelina Williams: Everything has lootboxes... at least we didn't get default character skins

[18:45] Shia Aicara: same difference.

[18:46] NS Z3PH-YR: Okay, but don't even THINK about asking me my credit chip number.

[18:46] XSU Trouble: "Go healer that way we will have two.."

[18:47] XSU Trouble takes a moment to look at dicepools sword. "Wait is that a lightsaber?"

[18:48] Angelina Williams: No no, it's a 'laser sword'... totally different thing, really

[18:48] XSU Trouble: "but its not shaped like a sword.. its more like a baton.."

[18:50] Shia Aicara looks confused.. "err... i do believe i did say my knowledge lies best with close quarters.."

[18:50] Angelina Williams waves the sword around wildly "Eh, it works like a sword... the end without a handle goes in the bad things"

[18:51] Metapool (Talista Glas) holds up her weapon "I have staff of...oh fuck, I'm fading, do I get to keep my character, please don't let me lose progress..." she screams, shimmering a bit and then dissipating into thin air

[18:52] XSU Trouble sighs and throws up her arms before looking at superstar "Can we take several weapons and switch between fights?"

[18:52] Superstar Hologram shakes her head "You may trade amongst eachother but you may only grab one."

[18:53] XSU Trouble glares at the hologram "whatcha got against multiclassing you classist hologirl?"

[18:54] NS Z3PH-YR: So I have a suggestion. Why don't we stop bickering with the hologram and get this show on the road?

[18:54] Angelina Williams: Seems they're going old-school here... but yeah, let's roll out before Suki has all the fun without us

[18:56] Superstar Hologram smiles as the heroes pass her "Boob girl, class locked Rifleman. Nun, class locked SHield Maiden, School girl, class locked Swordsman."

[18:58] Black Goblin holds the super weird staff in both of his hands, looking at it, "This, is going to be interesting."

[19:03] Superstar Hologram nods "Black Man class locked, Supporter. Woldgirl class locked, Karate Master. Good luck heroes"

[19:03] Angelina Williams glances at Trouble "Well, tank usually takes the lead... I won't stare at your butt too much"

[19:04] Aiko Kanami (niterider.kahane): [guess will make use of Shia's originally having that augmented strength and being able to pull some hard licks~ lol]

[19:04] The hologram disappears once more leaving you alone. You have a choice to make. Can move forward, or investigate the police department first.

[19:04] NS Z3PH-YR: Sexual harassment of PAE employees may result in a class action lawsuit.

[19:04] NS Z3PH-YR: So, who is in support of checking the police station first? May have some intel as to just what kind of game this is, or at the very least what we can expect.

[19:05] Shia Aicara: "agreed here.."

[19:05] The police station has 2 visible entrances. Theres the front lobby area, or the side entrance

[19:05] Angelina Williams nods "Plus we might get some juicy eeps to level up"

[19:06] Black Goblin looked at the hologram, "It's Black Goblin. And I think being a goblin totally fits for this kind of thing. And you're gone." He looked at everyone else, "Oh, yeah, Black Goblin is my name. Figured it may come in handy to know what to call me if you need to get healed or something." Looked to the police station, "It's either a great idea, or an obvious one. Either way, I'm just following you girls." He could hear his sister whisper in his mind, 'This is not going to end with you in the middle of an orgy. Just get that out of your head right now.'

[19:07] XSU Trouble stares at the police station "Wasn't the police force terrrible back in the day?"

[19:08] NS Z3PH-YR shrugs and walks towards the door, peeking in. "I mean, so was the food, but..."

[19:08] Shia Aicara looks to Trouble.. "i was not here then, so i cannot say.."

[19:08] Angelina Williams: "Probably... but that means we don't have to feel bad about killing them" glancing back at Goblin "You can call me Dicepool"

[19:09] XSU Trouble holds up her transparent shield and pokes herhead into the police station...

[19:09] Black Goblin looked to Angelina with a nod, "Thanks Dicepool. That's more helpful than you know." He'd follow behind the girls, trying not to stare at their asses, but was failing happily at that.

[19:11] Trap triggers and voices sound "Get them, don't let them get the key!" Shots fire as battle music starts up and you find yourselves in a old style turn based fight system . Facing 3 Shotgunners and 1 Heavy in the back. One shot hits Dice for low damage

[19:14] NS Z3PH-YR eeeps and ducks back behind the door as she finds herself spontaneously speaking without her volition: "Hostiles detected. Moving to engage." She blinks. "Really? We're doing battle lines now too?"

[19:14] XSU Trouble gets off cooldown first and shouts "HAY DICKBAGS SHOOT AT ME WITH THE SHIELD"

[19:14] Shia Aicara starts to go for her whipsword, but remembers it isn't there, then moves to zip off to the opposite entrance, ready to catch them by surprise from behind..

[19:15] NS Z3PH-YR recovers from cooldown, and fires a laser shot at the heavy in the back.

[19:15] Shia cant flee from battle

[19:15] NS Z3PH-YR: "Engaging!"

[19:16] Angelina Williams yelps as she takes the grazing hit, quickly mentally flipping through her options and then charging forward as soon as she's able to, leaping into a wild spin when she nears the enemies "Taste my blade, villainous scum!"

[19:18] Black Goblin sees the battle lines forming and sighs, "I wish I played more Final Fantasy VII when I was younger. Would have been helpful in knowing just what to do with this thing." He'd hold the staff up, looking at it, "Um, debuff?" He didn't really know how to use the staff, but he was hoping that would do something.

[19:26] The battle music sounds. All the enemies lock on Trouble, her taunt working "Fire at the shield bitch!" Two enemies are hit by Dice's Super Charge slash as a whirlwind of blades appears shredding them "AH FUCK!" The heavy in back takes a critical from Zephs blast as he fires on the shield. Hitting Trouble. One of the gunners screams as hes blinded by Black Goblin. The field shifts tou players turns once more

[19:28] XSU Trouble Meeps as she is hit - "OW! Come onnn!" she says Raising up her shield to block herself with it "I feel like not being able to raise your shield as your taunting is a bit of a design flaw"

[19:29] NS Z3PH-YR nods, already beginning to line up another shot. "I'll focus on the heavy! Take advantage of Trouble's aggro to move in and take out those shotguns!" She says, firing another shot. "Your arse is grass!" again, she blinks. "Who the bloody hell made up these lines anyways?"

[19:29] NS Z3PH-YR: **fires another shot at the heavy

[19:31] Angelina Williams tilts her head slightly "Hmm... some meaty trash in this game, and I might be able to help out on that front" suddenly letting out a deafening roar that echoes across the battlefield to invigorate everyone "For Glory! And cheese sticks!"

[19:31] Black Goblin blinks as he sees someone get blinded by his staff. How unexpected. He sees Trouble get hit, and he listens to his sister to see if he should heal the girl or not, "To heal, or not to heal..." he hears his sister say in his head, 'She's not that hurt. Don't heal yet.' He'd nod, and waive the staff around a bit and say, "Dicepool, things are getting a bit dicey for you, so how about a barrier or two?" He'd point the staff at Dicepool, trying to put a protective barrier around her while she fights on the front line. He looked to Z3PH-YR, "Yeah, these lines are cheesier than the sticks she wants to eat."

[19:33] XSU Trouble: "Hay, Wait, now i feel like i can do another thing?" she stares as dice gets a buff. then turns and glares at black "Really?"

[19:38] The heavy takes another hit "Fuck! Why cant I shoot the gun bitch?" Dice's War Cry echoes out as the entire party feels faster enabling two actions each their next turn. The barrier goes up over Dice as the gunners once more fire at Trouble hitting fonce as the other 3 miss. The turn once again moving to players

[19:41] XSU Trouble takes the hit to the shield and then selects discharge... and tries too target Black goblin... and then sighs and discharges at the first of the shotgun guys before hiding behind her shield again

[19:43] Angelina Williams just starts flailing with her sword now, swinging wildly at the backs of the shotgunners, starting with whichever looks weakest if she can tell "You get a sword! And you get a sword! You all get a sword!"

[19:44] Black Goblin looks at Trouble, giving a sheepish shrug, "You got your shield up. She's still on the front line. Sorry Sister. Or is it Mother? Sorry, never did learn the nun ranking system." He hears his sister in his mind, 'Don't worry about her. No one gets two shotted this early in a game...Unless you're playing Breath of the Wild, but I don't think these guys are Lynols on the Great Pleatue level of a threat. God I hate you for knowing that.' He feels different from the War Cry, and would waive the staff towards Trouble, "Okay, lets try this. Our enemies fate we can seal, if my ally I heal!" It would be right after this that he'd get hit with the redirect from Trouble's shield, knocking him back a bit. He winced, debating if he should heal himself, but heard his sister, 'We're fine. But a barrier around the girl with the gun.' He'd waive the staff, "Your name, I don't know, but use protection with you? I hope so!" He couldn't help but feel a double meaning in that as he tried to put a barrier on Z3PH-YR

[19:46] NS Z3PH-YR switches modes on her gun, addressing Goblin. "Call me Zephyr!" She fires, this time her rifle sweeping the field with a wide AOE attack. Thankfully, the game did not grace her with an attack taunt this time. "Focus on keeping our tank alive! She's taking the hits!"

[19:48] NS Z3PH-YR: /me, realizing she has another shot, fires again at the heavy. "Eat shite!"

[19:49] XSU Trouble looks over at zeph and raises her eyebrows "your battle callouts are so brittish they hurt."

[19:51] Two of the gunners go down from the combination attack. A barrier appears around Zeph and her second shot misses the heavy. This time the heavy ignores the shielkd woman and shots the Goblin for a little damage. Play again switches to players

[19:53] XSU Trouble blinks as an attack totally miseses going at her and hits the goblin instead "Oh. huh. guess taunt wears off hu?" she says glancing over her shoulder at the gobbo. "ya okay?"

[19:53] NS Z3PH-YR shrugs. "Maybe because I am *painfully* British?" This time she lines up and fires two shots in a row at the Heavy.

[19:54] Angelina Williams sees the shot at the healer and decides to put a quick end to that, spinning towards the heavy and forcing a bit of influence over her ability as she lets out a horrifying screech at the heavy, her influence causing her features to briefly contort into a likeness of the girl from The Ring

[19:56] XSU Trouble blinks "oh right, UH, F YOU ALL SMELL LIKE ASS" she taunts

[19:59] Black Goblin gets hit by the heavy, and falls to a knee for a moment. He hears his sister, 'Let me see the wound.' He'd look at his chest where he got hit, and waited for his sister to assess it. It took her longer without her super speed thinking to figure out how hurt they were. He hears his sister say, 'Don't waste a heal on us this round. Stay focused.' He looked to Trouble, nodding to her and his sister's comments. He'd use the staff to help himself back up, holding himself up a moment as he said, "Taunt and flaunt, protection for the nun with no son!" He'd try to put a protection barrier around Trouble now as he knew she'd be vulnerable from the taunting.

[20:00] NS Z3PH-YR breaks the turn order to glance at Goblin. "...w.hat?"

[20:02] Black Goblin looked to Z3PH-YR, "Sorry, I'm not Dr Seus, alright?"

[20:02] The heavy takes the shot now at critical health. Startles by Dices intimidation he stares turning white and stunned. The Shotgunner once mopre is forced to zone in on Trouble as the shot bounces off the barrier. The turn once more the players

[20:04] XSU Trouble "WHEN NUN TROUBLE THROWS HER MIGHTY SHIIEEEELLDD she shouts throwing her shield at the group!

[20:05] NS Z3PH-YR aims carefully and fires another shot at the heavy, hoping to take it down.

[20:06] Angelina Williams spins back towards the shotgun enemy, winding up a big overhand and then wailing her sword down at his skull while singing "She puts the sword in the coconut"

[20:07] Black Goblin waives the wand over his injury now, seeing a break from needing to otherwise protect, "The nun throws her shield, so her ally can heal." ((going to bow out here until next time. gotta put the kid to sleep. Save point!))

[20:09] The Heavy breaks his stun as he starts singing "All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield...oh wait" Taking the shot and the shield as he disipates. The shield bounces off the heavy and strikes the shotgunner. Dice's sword strike finishing him off as victory music plays and a golden key appears "You recieved prison key"

[20:10] XSU Trouble jumps up catching the shield before putting it back on her arm "okie."

[20:11] Angelina Williams pouts as the victory music starts to play in the world "Hey, that's my line... and where's our damn eeps and g?"

[20:11] NS Z3PH-YR: "For Lady Mikoto! For Paragon!"

[20:11] NS Z3PH-YR grumbles. "Fucking hell.

[20:12] NS Z3PH-YR: Now what?

[20:12] XSU Trouble Strikes a victory pose.. and ten wanders into the building "hmmrn.."

[20:13] The battle fades as you all are back in the prison. Theres a prison cell with a strange glowing crystal inside
[20:13] NS Z3PH-YR: Hey, there's a thing in that cell. Someone throe the key at it.

[20:14] XSU Trouble: "or just use the key on the door." she says touching it.

[20:14] Angelina Williams shrugs "Well, we got a key... so just gotta figure out which door it opens. There'll be loot or lore inside" coming around the corner and glancing at the crystal "I'm gonna go with loot this time"

[20:14] NS Z3PH-YR: who gets to touch the ominous crystal-oh I guess it's Trouble.

[20:15] XSU Trouble rolls her eyes and pokes the crystal "okay whaaats this?"

[20:15] NS Z3PH-YR turns on a light so she can see.

[20:15] Angelina Williams: Well, crystals are usually story items... you collect them to open a new area at some point

[20:17] as you touch the crystal the area fade4s. Distant voices can be heard. Children? "Hold on Eira! We aren't supposed to touch those" The scene fades back to the prison as another voice sopunds. This one known to all the old residents of CC as Lexus Regal sounds out "OMG Suki, like you have NEVER thought about Strongs one eyed monster? My Vag is totally like a drooling monster whenever I think about it." and the scene once more returns to the prison as the hologram pops in "Save point reached. Congratulations"

[20:17] NS Z3PH-YR: ....what?

[20:17] NS Z3PH-YR: Oh, I mean we saved, thankfully, but.....what?

[20:18] XSU Trouble stares blankly at the wall for a moment.. "so this will be a no save run, which is to say, we will not be getting more of those if we see them."

[20:18] Angelina Williams: I wonder if that microtransaction shop sells brain bleach...

[20:19] Angelina Williams: Or regular bleach might work too...

[20:20] XSU Trouble: "it might even be worth it to buy a micro transaction.."

[20:20] The fog rolls in and covers the area. Once it clears you are all bafdck at the Rec room, but Suki is nowhere to be seen

[20:22] NS Z3PH-YR looks around the rec room, seeing that she has her pistol again and no longer the extreme back pain. "Well. That was fun. Though it looks like we still need to find Suki...wherever she is. So what do you say lads? Same thing tomorrow?"

[20:25] Angelina Williams nods slightly "Works for me... maybe I'll be able to start seeing things properly again next time, it's always a bit weird when I start a new game at first... and especially so many layers in"

[20:25] XSU Trouble groans "Don't start with the layers please Dicey"

[20:26] XSU Trouble: "it makes my head hurt every time "

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