Save Suki again?...The plot...begins? Thickens?...We found the plot!

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Save Suki again?...The plot...begins? Thickens?...We found the plot!

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[16:49] Eira Ermine nods and approaches the console. Once more channeling her energy into it as he black smoke triggers flowijng from it. Eira quickly disappears in flash step. Standing atop the pyramid "Good luck" she whispers as the smoke envelopes and brings you all to the game once more

[16:50] Sparks looks back in alarm as smoke flows over her "Wait we're going n-"

[16:50] Samantha Iseli cannot really argue with Mikoto's logic, but she still looks more nervous than she should. Though she doesn't have the opportunity to actually say anything as she's enveloped in smoke to be pulled into...whatever

[16:51] Scarlet awaited the smoke to engulf her without comment, curious as to what this experience would bring.

[16:52] Eira Ermine Eira frowns as once the smoke clears everyones bodies are laying around the console "I knew it" All the supplies and weapons, and tech left there as well

[16:55] Takamachi Mikoto looks over her shoulder at the backpack that was no longer there. "dangit. " Then she sees the hologram. She blinks once. Then she blinks again. "crapbaskets."

[16:56] Saiyan blink blinks and pats over herself rapidly "I'm HEY WHERE'S MY BOOMSTICK!?" then she goes wide-eyed at her own outburst mouthing 'boomstick?'

[16:57] XSU Trouble sighs and stretches "alllright there are Some side effects i may have neglected to mention..."

[16:57] Superstar Hologram smiles "Well now. I wasn't expecting you to return. You sure you do not desire to just leave Suki to her fate? Surely she is not worth the hardships you shall face"

[16:57] Eldritch Rose casually strolls over to the various platforms. Her staff left behind as well. She attempts to summon her magic. "Curious. I still feel my power contained within. It moves through me yet I cannot manifest it. This could be... some sort of projection into another world, Like an astral projection or perhaps it is another dimension entirely with differing rules of magic."
[16:58] Superstar Hologram: "There have been some changes since last time. As result the weapons have been reset and patched. You may also customize the colors. Seems the Surprise Mechanics idea was not taken to very well. So please choose your weapon"

[16:59] XSU Trouble stares a her a bit. "WOW, what do you know. good things Cannn happen."

[16:59] Scarlet: The knight blinked as she found herself in the simulated realm, the whole sensation feeling just a little odd. She stepped forward, only to find that she felt somewhat off-balance... probably due to the useless wings she now sported. "Excuse me but *what.*" she said flatly. "What is this? Why did the simulation make me look like this, of all things?"

[17:00] Angelina Williams shrugs slightly "It's just another layer down... a game within the game within the game" then glances up at the hologram "And you just shut your beach arse... we're not giving up till we 100% this crud"

[17:01] Eldritch Rose points to the hologram. "What are you creature?" she asks gesturing to the plates labeled with weapons. "Also what is your highest damaging single target weapon?"

[17:01] Saiyan stares at Trouble eyes flashing, clenching her fists and letting out a breath skimming the boxes and marching straight to rifleman... and somehow not seeing the 'Karate Master' box before she steps on it "Aww... crapbaskets"

[17:02] XSU Trouble picks up her shield again and then squints at Minka "you almost sound like you have ever played a video game."

[17:02] Scarlet: "Hm... what's the difference between Shield Maiden and Supporter?" she asked the hologram. "Does Maiden have any healing capabilities?"

[17:03] Superstar Hologram smiles and strikes a pose that the older CC residents would know all to well. "I am Superstar, the number one hero of Celestial City. As for the weapons, the descriptions have been provided for you"

[17:03] XSU Trouble shakes her head "no shield maiden is just basically you have a shield and only a shield, A supporter can do... magicy supporty stuff."

[17:03] Eldritch Rose snorts derisively at that. "Video games are a depraved waste of time. There are more productive things to do."

[17:05] Angelina Williams steps up and grabs the sword again, the blade immediately going black, but then struggling with some sort of further change for a moment before changing to a similarly-shaped energy field, at which she looks up and yells "I told you to behave!"

[17:05] XSU Trouble: "mmhm. and here we have the pink bombshell in rubber tossing out terms like "single target damage" and i start to think theres depth to them maybe. my bad. guess i learned."

[17:05] Saiyan folds her arms and frowns fiddling with the gauntlets her bracers had morphed into "How do I shopot these... how do I aim?"

[17:06] Eldritch Rose selects the karate master gloves. "These will suffice."

[17:06] Takamachi Mikoto: " Shut your trap Lexus. Not only are we going to save Suki, But we are going to crush it." She walks over to the healer box and activates it. Taking the staff she twirls it a bit. " Especially now that a -real- raid healer is here. " She walks forward. " Lets go searching for our friend. " [ ]

[17:07] Samantha Iseli blinks a few times as she looks around, she felt... odd to say the least. For the first time in years she felt, well not well rested, but she didn't feel tired. She also noticed that her medical bag, glasses, commlink, datapad, and stylus were gone. Those that ever paid that much attention to the doctor might note that her eyes seemed a bit dimmer, the usual faint glow they had no longer there. She hears the others asking questions and speaking amongst themselves, but she is frankly completely out of her depth to the point where she has actually no idea what to even do.

[17:07] Superstar Hologram puts her hands on her hips "Hey! Like Im totally Superstar, I don't know who this Lexus person is. They have no relation to me, no matter how sexy they are"

[17:08] Scarlet reached into the Support box and extracted a staff. "Hm... a little lacking in offense, but nothing else seems to allow for healing. This will do, for the time being."

[17:11] Superstar Hologram shakes her head "Is everyone ready then?"

[17:11] XSU Trouble stares at her ability chart "hay, my taunt now also blocks!"

[17:12] Saiyan grunts, turns and reches over to grab Trouble, clutching a fistful of her shirt and pulling her close with a snarled "Alright nerd, what else are you 'forgetting' to tell us?"

[17:12] Scarlet: "I am prepared." confirmed the kni- er, healer.

[17:12] Eldritch Rose "yes yes." she waves her hand flippantly to the hologram. "Take us to Suki now you peasant. We haven't all day to await her."

[17:13] Angelina Williams concentrates for a second and then starts to chuckle a bit "My buff got nerfed, and my nerf got buffed"

[17:14] Scarlet: "I question the wisdom of calling the god-like administrator of this world a peasant."

[17:14] Samantha Iseli tilts her head a little "I... do not know?" she asks hesitantly to the hologram's question

[17:15] XSU Trouble stares at her "that i have an attack that stuns, and a super that deals extra damge to stunned targets.. and i can taunt and Shirk.

[17:15] Takamachi Mikoto: pinches her nose and sighs " ... Rose that's not how this works. " She looks to Samantha " you have to pick a class. I'd recommend one of the attack classes since we have two healers. .. Perhaps rifle. That will allow you to stay back "

[17:16] Saiyan stares at her threateningly "Don;t mess with me nerd..." then shoves her back

[17:17] Takamachi Mikoto: " Sparks. Little less 'geets. little more gohan. "

[17:17] Samantha Iseli blinks at Mikoto's answer to her "I am a pacifist....I have never even held a rifle, I would be of little use in such a position"

[17:17] Saiyan snorts and folds her arms (( ))

[17:18] Angelina Williams glances back at Sam "The weapons will teach you what you need to know... and everything you see here is just pixels"

[17:18] XSU Trouble Holds up her shield and stonewalls the shove taking a half step back "alright.. also you will probably start spouting one liners, and catch phrases whenever its your turn,"

[17:18] Saiyan grunts "..."

[17:18] XSU Trouble: "exactly like that."

[17:19] Saiyan: "..."

[17:19] XSU Trouble stares a bit... "welp thats a new symptom."

[17:19] Takamachi Mikoto: "Crap She's protaging. "

[17:20] Scarlet: "I do believe it would be wise to begin pursuing our priority instead of bickering amongst ourselves."

[17:20] XSU Trouble: "its not bickering, its bantering. its diffrent"

[17:20] Saiyan looks back at the group over her shoulder in contempt "So what are we wwaiting for then?"

[17:21] Superstar Hologram sighs and plays with her nails "Like oh my god just pick one. Like here take the gun. You point and shoot not that hard really." The gun appears in Sam's hands "Like yeah you are a gunner now. Congrats"

[17:22] Eldritch Rose puts on the gauntlets "Hilarious..." she says dryly flexing the hand.

[17:23] XSU Trouble: "well, You look like some fearsome gladiator chick now. "

[17:24] Angelina Williams starts moving forward towards the back door of the police station "Well, we already cleared the front of this building, might as well see if there's anything useful in the back half"

[17:25] Samantha Iseli blinks as the rifle appears in her hands, she just stares at it and then glares at the hologram and then places the rifle on the ground and walks away from it, following the group

[17:26] Superstar Hologram scoffs "Not like you were all that sexy anyways. The battle music cues as the scene changes. Now in a turn based battle system. The 3 gunners and 1 heavy appears "Theres more of them. Fire" Heros turn first

[17:27] Saiyan grins ferociously, everything else falling away as she sees people she can punch, launching herself forward in a tackling punch lalaunbching ehr fist toward s the nearest mook (palm strike)


[17:29] Angelina Williams grins as she sees the enemies appear, glancing back at the new larger party and then letting out a resounding yell of "For Pony!" while brandishing her sword dramatically to encourage the group

[17:29] Eldritch Rose rushes the nearest opponent, hand open for a palm strike attack to build these... combo points from the read out.

[17:30] Takamachi Mikoto takes her staff and points it at Trouble. The staff glows. " PRO-TEC-TION! " Enveloping the tank in a protective shield

[17:31] Scarlet: Seeing the two fist fighters dive in fists-first, Scarlet slammed the butt of her staff into the ground and proclaimed the word "Barrier.", choosing to cover Eldritch Rose with a mystic shield.

[17:41] The Shotgunner 1 takes the 2 palm strikes. Rose and Sparks both are at 1 combo point. The Heavy Commander locks his shot on Trouble after the taunt. Barriers appear over Rose and Trouble for 1 turn. The Heavys shot misses Trouble. The other shotgunners fire. 1 shot hits Sparks. 1 shot hits Scarlet, and 1 shot misses. HEROES TURN

[17:44] XSU Trouble stares.. "well Shit. taunt now longer works on everyone Sooooo hopefully it dosen't wear off now or else everyones always gonna be taking hits.. Alright. HASTE TIME!" She runs unp and Smacks gunner 2 with her shield before running back and shouting at him "AND YOU SMELL LIKE ONE TOO!"

[17:45] Eldritch Rose focuses on gunner 2. She shifts her feet and uses a "feint" sending her foot for his groin, but halting and following through with a "palm strike" at Gunner 2's neck. "Die, vermin."

[17:46] Saiyan growls "Worm!" she bellows at shotgunner 1, "You DARE?" drawing her leg up into a hard knee strike into his belly, continuing her momentum floating up a bit in the air "I'll end you!" she cries out, as she erupts in red energy a shockwave rushing out forward enveloping the mooks (Palm strike, sweeping kick)

[17:48] Angelina Williams rushes into the melee now, pushing her way into the center of the enemy formation, her sword growing a second blade from the other end of the hilt for the moment, humming loudly as she twirls it flamboyantly "Sailor Chonk makes this shit look good!" the second blade fading again as she finishes the whirlwind, and then she turns her attention to the heavy and lets out a piercing banshee screech at him

[17:50] Scarlet: The healer twitched as she felt the shot hit her, unused to the sensation of pain. Oh, how it felt to lack her signature fleshsculpting! She pointed her staff at the shotgunner that tagged her and focused all of her malice towards him, willing her magic to cripple his combat capabilities. "Decrepitate!" she shouted, unleashing her Debuff. Inspired by Dicepool's heroics, she channeled her strength through the staff again, intending to test the destructive capabilities her class gave her through the Cast Spell ability. She hoped her foes had no elemental resistances.

[17:51] Takamachi Mikoto aims her staff at the heavy commander to cast a Debuff on him "Keiosu burasuto!" Then swings her shield like a baseball bat at the shotgunner 1 to try to finsh him off with her cast spell "Seinaru!"

[17:57] Russ Solari: Oh, cool.

[18:00] Shotgunner 1 screams and fades as he is obl;iterated by the heores. Shotgunner 2 turning sickly green "Smark...I don't feel so good. He wobbles taking aim at Trouble after the taunt and fires for reduced damage, but the barrier prevents the hit. Shotgunner one cries out as another debuff strikes :Im blind. The bitches blinded me" The Heavy is to busy staring and trembling at the feisty little sailor scout "Please...dont hurt me" HEROES TURN

[18:02] XSU Trouble shouts "WHEN TROUBLE THE NUN THROWS HER MIGHTY SHIELD!" and throws it at the heavy gunner whom is stunned.

[18:03] Takamachi Mikoto points her staff once again at Trouble "PRO-TEK-TION!"

[18:03] Angelina Williams lets out a warbling yell as she takes her sword in both hands and overheads it, swinging down at the heavy's head repeatedly like she was trying to split logs

[18:05] Eldritch Rose slides forward, her hand extending her palm flat and rushing at the solar plexus of the shotgunner (2). "Just... die already!" The Palm Strike and the ki energy flowing through her towards the man.

[18:05] Sai-nyan pants as she drifts down onto the pavement again light fading, grinning in full blood lust as she launches herself forward into the back line in a flying kick at Heavy Commander (palm strike)

[18:06] Scarlet: Seeing as Sparks was the only other person who was injured, Scarlet slammed her staff down onto the ground once more. The rod emitted a pleasant, resonating tone, and a warm glow appeared around Sai-nyan as her wounds began to close up.

[18:11] Shotgunner 2 coughs up losing more health. Steading his gun he shoots at Sparks after Sparks was healed. Shotgunner 3 is gripping his eyes running in circles "Im blind, I cant fucking see" The heavy is still terrified crying as he huddles up. The shield strike comes knocking him on his ass as it bounces off and strikes the other 2 gunners before returning to heroes turn

[18:14] Angelina Williams grins as the heavy falls backwards, swapping her grip on the sword and swinging it underhand this time, aiming to split him in half at the crotch "Such a crybaby won't be needing this anymore"

[18:16] Eldritch Rose simply continues to build combo points. She slams her hand forward again at shotgunner 2, aiming at the neck to grap and crush with a Palm Strike. "How many times do I need to hit you before you die? if I wasn't sure you weren't real I'd hunt down your family and make them suffer for this preposterous defiance."

[18:16] Sai-nyan has a momentarily confusing sensation of being healed then hurt, growling "I'LL KILL YOU!"spinning around into a punishing kick at Gunner 2 again (Palm Strike)

[18:17] Scarlet frowned as the healing she had performed on Sai-nyan was undone. She brought up her staff and let loose another blast of random elemental energy, this time directed at Shotgunner 3. Words of power tumbled past her lips as she called forth whatever unearthly might fueled this magic.

[18:20] XSU Trouble catches her shield and then runs up and swings the shield at the side of the blind guys head.

[18:21] Takamachi Mikoto lets out a a cackle and aims her her staff at the heavy commander "Your day is about to get worse, Baka-san!" as she casts her (debuff) Curse on him "Keiosu burasuto!"

[18:22] Sai-nyan strangely wants a cheese burrito now

[18:30] Shotgunner 2 coughs up more looking more and more green. Taking aim he fires again at Sparks after she hits him again. Getting struck by Rose as well "Fuck you bitches" The heavy screams and grips his eyes as the debuff hits him "Ahhh the bitch hit me so hard in the scak Ive been blinded!" Shotgunner 3 cries out as hes engulfed in flames by Scarlet "IM ON FIRE! IM BLIND AND IM ON FIRE!" The blind wears off "I can see!" just as the shield bask strikes him he groans falling to the floor "I don't want to see anymore please" HEROES TURN

[18:30] Takamachi Mikoto spins her staff with a flourish then swings it behind her back pointing it at the Sai-nyan "PRO-TEK-TION!"

[18:31] Sai-nyan growls clenching her fists "Every time you shoot me only makes me want to HIT YOU HARDER!" throwing out her other fist in a cross (Palm strike on GUnner 2)

[18:33] Angelina Williams laughs as she keeps wailing on the downed heavy "This is fun! It's like a pinata party, just without the candy" switching back to 1-handing the sword as she reaches into her bag and tries to force it to start providing her with candy to scatter around

[18:33] XSU Trouble slams gunner 3 with her shield.

[18:34] Samantha Iseli quietly watches the battle from the background, doing her best to stay out of the way. She occasionally looks around to see if she can spot any locations that have the potential to store medical supplies since her own did not accompany her. She rolls her eyes a bit as the enemies yell and holler "They say 'bitch' quite a lot." she comments dryly.

[18:34] Scarlet: The healer wasn't entirely certain how health was measured in this world, but she knew that Sai-nyan's wounds were mounting. Once again, she grasped her staff in both hands and slammed it into the ground. A deep resonating tone flooded over her target once more, healing the fist fighter's wounds as much as she could.

[18:34] Eldritch Rose narrows her eyes at gunner 2 who seemed to simply be turning greener and greener with each blow. She was unclear as to what that meant. Perhaps some sort of illness or a countdown to something? She elected to disengage that target. She moves over and attempts to wrap her arms around the waist of gunner 3 to deliver a German Suplex (Suplex ability) to the man, expending her 4 combo points as a test of sorts.

[18:37] Takamachi Mikoto looks over to Sam " you know. It's okay to shoot at them. They aren't real people. Still having you around makes me feel better.

[18:40] Samantha Iseli furrows her brow "As I have said before, I am a pacifist." she replies, the rifle that had been forced upon her laying in the street where she left it.

[18:40] Sai-nyan tries to determine if she can /spit on gunner 2 as a free action

[18:41] Gunner 3 cries out as he's suplexed "What the fuckl. You aint no Brock Lesner and I'm not a fuckin train!" Then he dissipates as Rose hits the KO. The Gunner 2 looks on about to die himself "What the fuck are you people?" He shoots at Rose but the shield blocks the shot and dissipates. Heavy is still cursing holding his eyes "Guys what the fucks going on? I cant see shit. The bitch dun hit my balls into my sockets or some shit" HEROES TURN

[18:43] Angelina Williams frowns a bit as she still can't get anything to come out of her bag, her wailing on the heavy becoming even more frantic as she calls out petulantly "I want some damn candy! Gimme candy!"

[18:44] XSU Trouble Shieldbashes heavy "LETSGO FOR THE STUNNNN!" she shouts

[18:45] Takamachi Mikoto: hey. Sam. If you don't want to shoot... I just read the manual and you have a move you can do with the gun that isn't damage. You can look through the scope and find out their HP. That would be helpful and you don't even have to attack anyone. points at gunner 2 "kill steal pew " fireing a magic spell

[18:45] Eldritch Rose tilts her head. "Who is Brock Lesnar?" she asks to herself more than anyone else before turning to the Heavy Commader. She channels the power of her Palm Strike through to the crook of her foot as she sends said foot towards his mouth.

[18:47] Scarlet repeated her last move, tapping the staff on the ground to heal her own wounds.

[18:47] Samantha Iseli hmms and eventually sighs "I will admit that such a thing would be useful..." Relenting, she turns to walk back down the street to collect the rifle.

[18:49] Sai-nyan snorts disdainfully looking at the heavy commander, lifting her hand up flat, palm out towards him "Disappear." a bright pulse of Ki energy flying out to envelop him (Palm Strike)

[18:49] The Gunner 2 cries out "BITCH!" as Mikotos spell hits him. He disipates. Heavy is still on the ground unable to move "Jesus! Just fucking end it you damn sadists. I cant see shit you psychos" Unable to move and blind HEORES TURN

[18:50] XSU Trouble points at the one on the ground "FUCK HIM UP! FUCKKKK HIMMM UPPPPP!!!!" as she grabs her shield with two hands and stars smacking him with the rim

[18:50] Eldritch Rose lift her foot and starts just stomping on the prone, blind man without remorse.

[18:51] Angelina Williams doesn't let up with her endless swings "Not until you tell me where you're hiding the candy!"

[18:51] Scarlet: "Does anyone else require healing?" asked Scarlet. "I'm not sure if this is the type of world that limits the use of in-combat abilities once a battle is over."

[18:51] Samantha Iseli can't help but sympathize with the heavy as she collects her rifle, with surprisingly little hesitation, using it as a support device and not as a weapon changes her view of the device.

[18:51] Sai-nyan peels corner of her mouth up sadistically firing more Ki blasts into the pitiful man (Palm striiiike)

[18:52] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu) walks up and looks at the commander. "hey I bet we can level up our attacks this way! " She taps the guy with her staff "HEAL!"

[18:52] Sai-nyan grins "Cool..."

[18:52] Sai-nyan: [Samantha disliked that]

[18:53] Samantha Iseli groans in distaste "Is it really necessary to torture the poor man?" ((XD))

[18:53] Sai-nyan: [Sai-nyan liked that]

[18:53] [Samantha will remember that.]

[18:54] The Heavy swears as he dissipates. The healing spell to late "FUCK THIS" The scene fades with a rather distraught looking Superstar "Wow....I can't believe you would do that. I don't even know the size of his cock. Such a total waste"

[18:55] Sai-nyan blinks "Glowy chick has a point"

[18:55] Takamachi Mikoto: "..."

[18:55] Samantha Iseli wonders what roosters have to do with this

[18:55] Sai-nyan reconsiders "Nah.. he was weak, wouldn't make good strong babies"

[18:56] XSU Trouble coughs and adjusts her ribbon "ladies. moving brusquely onwards.. anyone see an item drop? if a battle cross drops i have dibs."

[18:57] Angelina Williams pouts "The next enemies better have something worthwhile, trash fights suck in this game"

[18:57] Eldritch Rose looks to the glowing hologram. "As I'd sully myself on something so preposterous as a video game man. Now take us to Suki you vapid swath of light."

[18:57] Scarlet: "I was unaware you wished to bear children, Sparks."

[18:57] Takamachi Mikoto: " Come on guys. don't you know how to do this. Tank takes point.

[18:58] Sai-nyan snorts "Don't be silly of course I..." she blinks, then frowns looking confused and uncertain

[18:58] XSU Trouble Coughs COUGHS "MOVING BRUSQUELY ONWARDS!" she announces quickly starting to jog forward.

[18:58] Superstar Hologram giggles "Vapid? Oh is that like another word for hot? Well thank you. You are average I guess. I'm totally vapidder then" The area ahead stretches on. The next point is to either turn left at end of road or investigate the gas station

[18:59] Angelina Williams does a quick check of the back of the police station to make sure we don't miss anything before rushing to catch up with the others

[18:59] Sai-nyan follows arms folded but looking remarkebly uncertain and more like her normal self "I.. can't? I don't want to.. but..I.."

[18:59] Takamachi Mikoto: bah. she's getting too into the game. Ange, keep an eye on her.

[18:59] XSU Trouble stares at the art and framing shop.. "wait i don't remember us having one of those."

[19:00] Takamachi Mikoto: " SIDE QUEST!

[19:00] Sai-nyan would object but seems too distracted

[19:01] XSU Trouble sighs and walks up too the art and framing store and kicks on the door "this is stupid."

[19:01] Angelina Williams heads towards the door with the others "If nothing else, at least there should be some flammables in there"

[19:02] XSU Trouble turns around and stares. "FLEE EVERYONE RETREAT! RUNN THE FUCK AWAY!"

[19:02] Scarlet: "Oh. I get it. This is a trap."


[19:02] Samantha Iseli mumbles "I think this is where the dungeon master would apply 'railroading'." as she thinks back to half overheard conversations of the D&D players in medical school. She scarcely has time to finish the thought when... and drumroll

[19:03] Sai-nyan blinks being taken completely out of self review and back into character "...what.. the hfil."

[19:03] Takamachi Mikoto: Sam! I will give you a million credits if you put aside your pacifist ways! "

[19:04] The music cues up as the battle once more starts. Giant monstrous...vagina's appear as the titler appear over their heads. The Vaginasaurs staring ahead, their lips drooling. HEROES TURN

[19:04] XSU Trouble Tries to run away


[19:04] XSU Trouble: FUCK

[19:04] XSU Trouble Throws her sheidl

[19:05] Angelina Williams stares at the creatures for a few seconds, then raises her sword and yells out "You all... get them!"

[19:05] Sai-nyan assumes a fighting post "..what if I punch them and they enjoy it..?" she hesitates

[19:05] Samantha Iseli raises an eyebrow "These are animals, not people, I am less inclined to be nonviolent in a self-defense situation. So, I guess I accept?" she says as she readies her rifle, intending to Scope one of the enemies to determine it's health and weakness(es)

[19:07] Eldritch Rose tilts her head. "No wonder gamers are such losers, if this is their sexual fantasies, its no wonder they are perennial incels." She moves, leaping for a flying kick (Palm Strike @ Vaginasaur 2).

[19:08] Scarlet: "Thanks, I hate this!" the healer called to Superstar Hologram as she placed a Barrier on Eldritch Rose and scampered away from the front of the battle.

[19:09] Takamachi Mikoto screams when the battle music changes. She swings her staff to throw a blast at Vaginasaur 3 "EX-PLOS-ION!"

[19:22] The scope on Vaginasaur 1 shows 3 HP, Weakness to Poison and Immune to Blind. Vaginasaur 2 attacks trying to swallow Rose but the barrier blocks the attack as it takes one hit from the palm strike. Vaginasaur 1 runs up as its lips grow and she swallows up Sai-nyan. Vaginasaur 4 spits a slippery substance up at Dice doing damage as Dice is lubed with pre. Vaginasaur 3 spits up at Trouble doing damage and coating in pre. The giant Vaginasaurous Sex lets out a Might Queefey Roar stunning Scarlet and Samantha. HEROES TURN

[19:24] Samantha Iseli consults the manual for this rifle after scanning one of the creatures "I have something called Blas-" she yelps at the noise from the big red thing, she probably should have been stunned by it even if the roar hadn't been directed at her.

[19:25] XSU Trouble catches her shield and groans as she is coverd in gunk "Fuck. This. Fight." she runs up and shield bashes the one with sparks in it before raising her shield and absorbing because FUCk Actively asking for trouble from these

[19:25] Sai-nyan gives a muffled scream and wriggles in her wet warm confinement

[19:26] Eldritch Rose slams one palm forward at vaginasaur 2 followed by a second (Palm Strike x 2), a simple effort as she built her power up further.

[19:27] Scarlet staggered back from the roar of the Vaginasaurous Sex, reeling and only barely able to keep her balance. She managed to collect herself and utter words of power, attempting to Debuff the massive pussybeast that addled her so. "Be lessened!" she commanded.

[19:28] Samantha Iseli apparently gets a move anyway, so she recovers from being stunned, but seeing as at least two friendlies are in the line of fire, she isn't inclined to use the move that she had been considering intially, so she decides to scope the Vaginasaurous Sex instead, she expects the weakness to be the same, and for it to have more HP

[19:29] Angelina Williams shudders and groans as she's covered in slime "Ugh, that is soooo not cool. I said the next fight needed to be better, and this is definitely not better" staying behind what cover the building offers and taking advantage of video game rules this time, swinging her blade in wide sweeps to unleash a whirlwind among the enemies, then hurls her sword at the largest of the creatures

[19:29] Takamachi Mikoto: " OH SHI! " She then aims her staff at Trouble "PRO-TEK-TION!" shielding her daughter from the violent vagoos. then flings a damage spell at the vagarious she attacked earlier "Please die gross thing!"

[19:33] Two more beasts go down from the attacks. Dissipating and spitting out Saiyan. The Giant Vaginasaurous Sex is struck by the debuff and turns into a cock as it waddles around. Vaginasaur 4 sp-its up at Troubles shield as the attack is blocked by the barrier. HEROES TURN

[19:34] Sai-nyan flails "EW EW EW EW" flailing and grabbing the cock-ed pussy flinging it away from her at the larger one (Salad tosser super!, throw 4 at boss)

[19:36] Scarlet decided to roll the dice again, hurling a random elemental blast at the last remaining creature. "BEGONE, THOT!"

[19:36] Takamachi Mikoto: HA HA The Vagina has been Cocked!" She blinks "..." She sighs "I think I'm going to sit Suki down for a talk after we rescue her. " She then aims her staff at the non cocked axewound "Keiosu burasuto!" trying to debuff it

[19:37] Samantha Iseli blinks at the large vaginasaur is turned into a rooster. She shrugs a bit and takes aim at it, she doubts she's going to hit a target of that size with her complete and utter lack of skill, but she has a clear line of fire, so she shoots at it. She doubts the shot will finish it off, but figures she doesn't really have anything to lose.

[19:37] XSU Trouble stays behind her shield drawing as little attention to herself as she can

[19:38] Eldritch Rose moves in to deliver yet another palm strike at the remaining Vaginasaur.

[19:38] Angelina Williams catches her sword and shakes her head, taking a half-hearted swing in the general direction of the remaining foes to try adding some more damage, then bashing at the window of the art store to try getting to some cleaning supplies

[19:40] Superstar Hologram: The battle again fades as the foes are vanquished. Any remnants of juices magically dried off the party. Superstar sighs shaking her head "Amateurs. My pussy could so take a better beating than those. Guess they just arent as vapid as me" The door to the shop opens showing another memory crystal. This one displaying 2 of 4

[19:40] Sai-nyan vibrates, arcs and pulses of power radiating off of her, red hair lifting a bit, flickering yellow as her eyes shift towards a bight blue in the streetlight as the street rumbles ominously "I need a shower. NOW."

[19:41] Sai-nyan calms down as she is magically cleaned

[19:41] Scarlet: "I think we *all* do. I felt unclean just looking at those abominations."

[19:42] XSU Trouble: "hay samantha.. wanna trade weapons?"

[19:42] XSU Trouble: "it don't wanna be the tank anymore..."

[19:42] Takamachi Mikoto: First rule of vagina monsters. Don't talk about vagania monsters. We shall never speak of this again. "

[19:42] Angelina Williams calls out "Another crystal in here... we probably need them" but she walks past it to an industrial-sized bottle of acetone, opening it up and dumping it over herself

[19:42] Sai-nyan stalks forward "..."

[19:43] XSU Trouble: DON'T TOUCH THAT."

[19:43] Takamachi Mikoto: " OOH Loot!" She reaches down to grab the crystal

[19:43] Sai-nyan was reaching down to snatch it first "Mine!"

[19:44] Samantha Iseli idly wonders if she should tell the hologram what 'vapid' means. She eventually decides against it as she's determined to not antagonize the glowing being that appears to be something akin to a guide for the party. "I agree with Mikoto." She says before turning to trouble "Even in this world, you are likely more physically capable of the task than I am." she gently declines the offer to trade.

[19:47] Angelina Williams comes out of the shop again after a minute, reeking of chemical and wiping herself off with a torn-up canvas "We definitely need that microtransaction shop to stock some brain bleach"

[19:47] As the Crystal is touched the scene fades. Slowly the scene materializes showing a cyberpunk style Japanese mansion. Voices of children can be heard as you see two kids one past "Suki where are you taking me?" The hooded child asks as the other is holding her hand "Come on Empress its not safe here anymore" as the scene fades once more to the celestial city mock up. Superstar looks on tilting her head "Where do you guys go when you touch the weird crystals...those arent suppose to be a thing in this"

[19:47] Sai-nyan "..."

[19:48] XSU Trouble: "Do we get at least a new weapon for that bullshit?

[19:48] Takamachi Mikoto: be blinks watching the scene. "Seinaru tawagoto...."

[19:48] Scarlet: "...what do you mean 'where do we go'? Are those not simple hallucinations?"

[19:49] Samantha Iseli shrugs "Somewhere that is not here, apparently."

[19:50] XSU Trouble powers onwards hoping for htat never again glancing over at the wall to her left as she goes

[19:51] Sai-nyan: "Tank, go tank"

[19:51] Superstar Hologram shakes her head "No...thats not even like in the game. Maybe you broke it. Couldn't be me, Im way to hot and vapid to break it" The scene opens showing a building of...latex. You can go forward or investigate

[19:51] Takamachi Mikoto: "..."

[19:52] Sai-nyan lifts a boot, planting it onto trouble's rear, driving her forward into the latex building "Go tank!"

[19:52] Angelina Williams follows along, glancing askew at the building to the side "That's not a normal building material there... don't remember anything like that in the old city"

[19:52] Takamachi Mikoto: "..."

[19:53] Samantha Iseli pauses and looks up at the hologram "Question, this weapon has two moves which appear to affect an area, if allies are in that area, are they effected?" she asks, figuring it would be best to know if Blast Shot and 'Bitches Love Cannnons" would hurt her teammates if used.

[19:53] XSU Trouble flails as she is pushed forward to the building before turning and glareing at sai "GOddamnit!"

[19:53] Sai-nyan smirks "What? you got a shield."

[19:53] Scarlet: "Don't aggro the aggro magnet!"

[19:53] Scarlet: "This is MMORPG 101!"

[19:54] Takamachi Mikoto: " Ange's area of effect didn't hit any allies, so I'm willing to bet you can't hit allies unless you spicifically target them "

[19:54] Sai-nyan swipes her hand emphatically "Feh, I am a sai-nyan warrior. I don't feel fear.."

[19:54] Battle music cues up as the enemy appears. Latex drones of liquid latex. They waste no time as one strikes first attempting to ensnare Trouble with a latex string. HEROES TURN

[19:56] Superstar Hologram: me turns to Sam "Um like, why would you shoot at allies dummy. Of course it wont hurt them. God you are totally not vapid at all"

[19:56] XSU Trouble Gasps in surprise as she is hit from behind by the latex string and she flails around "GONNA BEAT YOUR ASS CAT

[19:57] Eldritch Rose runs up to strike with a palm strike at the Latex Drones #4, continuing to build her points up.

[19:57] Scarlet: "I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS SORT OF MAGICAL REALM!" screeched Scarlet, throwing a Debuff at the drone that entrapped Trouble.

[19:58] Angelina Williams arches a brow as the new figures suddenly appear, noticing the tank getting grabbed and figuring she should probably try to keep too much pressure from going to the squishies, moving towards Drone 3 and bellowing out "Hey! Freak show! You and me, let's dance!"

[19:59] Sai-nyan eyes them "...but you have a shield?" she shrugs clenching her fist, glowing energy swirling out of the air into a hamming ball, she flings it forward launching a blast at Drone 1 holding Trouble (Palm strike)

[19:59] Samantha Iseli shrugs a little "That may be so, but I would like to be certain of that." She blinks a bit when beings made of latex appear. The hologram does confirm that her AOE attacks won't harm allies, so she makes a note of that. And then promptly scans Latex Drones 2, idly wondering if they are people in latex suits, or just latex in the shape of people. She doesn't seem insult by being told she's not vapid, though she probably doesn't care.

[20:01] Takamachi Mikoto: " Focus fire! " She thrusts her stave towards the latex drones 1 thankful that her daughter is short, trying to blast them in the face, no witty quip or disarming comment, just straight up 'fuck you' magic to the face

[20:08] Sai-nyan calls out to Trouble helpfully "Try tanking harder!"

[20:09] XSU Trouble: "FUCK YOU!"


[20:10] Sai-nyan snickers "That's your job"

[20:11] the two karate masters would find their attacks absorbed as Sams Scope ability shows stats. 5HP. Immune to Blunt force unless debuffed. Weakness of fire and ice . The latex on trouble would slowly creep up restraining her legs. keeping her stunned as it attempts to cover her body. A fire spell hitting the drone as it squeels. Scarlets debuff showing as blind but does nothing as the drones are clearly already sightless. Drone 2 Spits a glob of latex at Mikoto. Drone 4 spits at Scarlet. Drone 3 approaches Dice accepting the challenge as it swipes dealing 1 damage

[20:14] XSU Trouble shouts out "HAY KUNG POW- SWAP WEAPONS WITH ME FOR THE FIGHT THE SHIELD IS MORE VERSITILE THEN HIT-Nnngh!" she starts trying to pull her legs out of the gunk flailing a bit "this feels so weird.."

[20:14] Eldritch Rose narrowed her eyes behind her mask. "Ridiculous." She chooses to disengaged entirely. "I've other matters to attend to."

[20:14] Samantha Iseli looks at her rifle, then Trouble in her namesake. She lets out a heavy sigh and hopes that there really is no friendly fire as she employs Blast Shot from her rifle. It's the exact opposite of what Mikoto's order was, but she doesn't have faith in her ability to aim in a situation like this.

[20:15] Sai-nyan frowns "That's.. okay." she shifts into a fighting pose. "New idea.. let's try hitting them REALLY HARD!" she cries out firing again at drone set 2 (Palm Strike)

[20:15] Angelina Williams groans as the drone approaches her "I hope this was a good idea..." trying to deflect the swipe with her sailor scepter, the hook ends of the moon getting caught up on the loose strands while her other hand swings the sword down at her foe

[20:15] Scarlet flinched when struck by the latex globule, counting her lucky stars that it was only blunt force trauma and not a restraining attack. She waved her staff at Drone 1, sending an elemental blast at it.

[20:16] Takamachi Mikoto passes her staff to her left hand. " BY THE HONOR OF GREYSKULL, I HAVE THE POOOWEEEEEEEEERRR!" She waits a second or two and sighs " .. "Was worth a shot. She aims at drone and tries to curse it "Keiosu burasuto!"

[20:21] Takamachi Mikoto: Scarlet! Next turn Barrier me! I've got a plan!

[20:23] Scarlet: "Of course, my Lady."

[20:23] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): bawk cawk

[20:25] Takamachi Mikoto waits for Scarlet to barrier her then aims her staff at Dicepool

[20:27] The latex continues to creep up Troubles body. It seems to tighten as she struggles and squirms. Slowly creeping trying to completely encase as it attempts to penetrate the sex. As a blast strikes it from Scarlets attack. The Shot Blast from Sam striking them all as they take damage. Dice's slash damaging the challenged drone as her scepter sinks underneath the goopey body. The drone spits a glob at Dice. Drone 2 lets out a sudden crow as its turned to a latexed cock by Mikotos random debuff. Drone 4 fires a glob at Saiyan. HEROES TURN

[20:28] Sai-nyan growls incensed at the lack of effect she's having even worse insulted by 4's counter attack, kicking off when one is polymorphed, flying forward her fist scooping up the chicken-ed Drone 2, wrapping her fingers around the cock and squeezing "WHY. WON'T. YOU. DIE!" (Palm Strike)

[20:30] Angelina Williams keeps hold of her scepter and tries to yank it out of the rubbery mass "Hey! Give that ba--!" her protest cut off as the glob smacks her in the face and splatters over most of her head, continuing to flail at the drone with her sword, albeit somewhat less effectively now

[20:30] Scarlet channeled her power towards Mikoto, forming a barrier around her. "You're protected! Get in there!"

[20:31] Takamachi Mikoto waits for Scarlet to barrier her then aims her staff at Dicepool's foes " Keiosu burasuto!" trying to curse them to make Dice's fight easier for her, bracing herself in case the shield doesn't protect her from the counter attack

[20:34] XSU Trouble squirms and groans her hands flying between her legs as she feels the latex getting into places as she tries to pull it away from her "g-Guys H-Help! Its getting handsy!"

[20:36] Samantha Iseli had rather hoped that blast shot would have done more damage, but she supposed that the damage was spread out among all the targets. And with that on cooldown she idly wonders if she should scan another. She wants to help Trouble, but she's still not convinced that she could make a shot that would be helpful. "Mikoto, orders?" she asks, doing nothing for the moment

[20:40] Sai-nyans hands stroke the cock. It lets out a squeak as she chokes the chicken damaging the limp little guy as it flails and bucks helpless in her palm. Latex Drone 1's latex creeps up attempting to gag Trouble. The tendrils pushing into her sex as the latex fills her trying to corrupt and drone. Latex Drone 3 quickly encompesses Dice's head in a latex hood. About to wrap its tendrils around her the challenge is ruined by Mikoto. The Drone fires a glob as Superstar sounds out "No no, you like totally tried to cheat the system thingy." The glob encompasses Mikoto and the barrier trapping her for one turn. Drone 4 fires a tendril shot at Samantha. HEROES TURN

[20:42] muffled noises come from the orb. Those noises are probably profanities.

[20:43] Sai-nyan grins in victory, squeezing tighter to finish it off! "Just shoot something!" she roars! as she shakes it

[20:43] Angelina Williams can't see now to try dodging the tendrils, still tugging at her scepter and flailing away blindly with her sword, unsure what's going on with the rest of the fight and just hoping her opponent is almost done so she can try to clean up again

[20:43] Scarlet cursed under her breath. It was time to determine who to prioritize first- obviously, she felt compelled to aid Mikoto first, but Angelina and Trouble seemed to be in slightly more dire straights. The healer focused on Drone 1, hurling a Debuff their way with another shout of "Decrepify!".

[20:45] Samantha Iseli attempts to dodge the tendril shot since her requested orders are blocked by the orb around Mikoto, and probably are actually a swath of swears and not actually orders. Not that it actually mattered in actuality since she couldn't actually understand a word of it.

[20:48] XSU Trouble 's loud lewd moan as she is penitrated is blessedly cut off by the latex gagging her as she squirms and wiggles mmphing a bit lewdly

[20:53] The rubber cock squeaks and pops spraying its gooey latex load all over Sai-nyan as it attempts to cover her. Superstar speaks up "Like oh my god. You totally don't know the proper handling of a cock" The latex on Trouble completely encompasses its victim just as teh poison debuff makes it disappear. Trouble is left in her new latex suit as the tendrils continue to probe. The latex hood quickly spreads on Dice as it crawls down her body trying to repeat what has happened to the naughty nun. Drone 4 turns and swipes at Mikoto as it shatters the barrier. Drone 3 shoots a glob at Samantha to try and restrain her. HEROES TURN

[20:55] Angelina Williams flails more and more wildly as the latex starts creeping down her body until it gets to her arms, then her motions start slowing down as it gets harder to move, not used to this sort of thing at all

[20:56] Sai-nyan makes a face "BLeh!" as she gets a sticky messy facial, shaking her head wiping the gooey strands off her face , noting Trouble laying prone "Ugh.. two down...".bringing her hands together the energy arcing and cracking between her hands like electricity, she shoves it forward towards Drone 4 "Alright try THIS!" as golden crackling energy lances into it and surrounds it in a buzzing field! (1 inch punch)

[20:57] Scarlet whipped another Dubuff at Drone 3, intent on stopping another total envelopment event. "Does anyone have any idea how to free Lady Mikoto!?" she called out, sounding a touch frantic.

[20:57] Sai-nyan: "I punch things, want me to try that?"

[20:58] Samantha Iseli is forced to attempt another dodge as another pair or drones fire at her. She supposes this is revenge for her earlier attack. Which has probably cooled off by now, but it doesn't seem like she's going to get the opportunity to go on the offense. "It is a bubble, try popping it with something pointy?" she offers

[20:58] Sai-nyan: "Just SHOOT SOMETHIING!"

[20:59] the orb around mikoto seemed to shrink for a moment then suddenly expand and burst. Mikoto stood there for a second huffing and puffing. The turned to glare at Superstar " You are lucky I can't just emp you into oblivion. She pants and then aims her staff at drone sparks was attacking " Keiosu burasuto!" once again trying to make it vulnerable to damge. She was mad, yo.

[21:02] XSU Trouble squeaks and writhes on the ground letting out quiet moaning noises as one hand strokes her face the other between her legs pawing at herself as her hips slowly rock in response to the tendrils within her..

[21:05] The latex moves down Dices body encasing her. The tendrils penetrating her sex as the squirm around doing their work from the inside. The latex around Trouble stays but at least allows her to see. A popup shows "CONGRATULATIONS. GAINED DRONE PERK IMMUNE TO BLUNT DAMAGE" All the while the tendrils penetrating and probing her wrtithing body. Drone 5 is stunned and turns to sickly green goop as the posion status hits. Drone 4 struck by a debuff is turned into a rubber cock

[21:06] Drone 4 is stunned and poisoned, drone 3 is a cock

[21:07] Sai-nyan grins viciously, reaching out to drone 4, grabbing the two featureless heads flexing her fingers and slamming them together, HARD "CHOO CHOO MOTHERFUCKER" (suplex)

[21:07] Scarlet: "Be as dust!" ordered Scarlet, sending another bolt of elemental power towards Drone 4.

[21:09] Angelina Williams nearly falls over backwards as the scepter suddenly pulls free when her foe is transformed, trying to drop her sword now to pry at the rubber, but the suit has attached it to her hand now, and as the rubber stretches further down and penetrates into her she cries out into the hood in surprise, staggering against the wall for support

[21:09] Takamachi Mikoto steps up to cock 2 Pulls her staff back and then tried to golf swing the cock into the wall hoping that if she was fast enough she could save dice

[21:10] Samantha Iseli doesn't have a clean shot on the remaining enemies, so she decides to perform a test and charges her rifle, idly wondering if the charge remains between combat encounters. Normally she'd be running over to help the others, but she is well aware that there really isn't anything she can do without supplies, of which she has none.

[21:13] Just as the cock pops against the wall from the hit. Dice gets the Popup "CONGRATULATIONS. GAINED DRONE PERK IMMUNE TO BLUNT DAMAGE!" The living suits restraining their victims as the posioned drone is splattered from the suplex. The scene clearing but this time the heroes not getting a free cleaning. The guns charge does not carry over battles. Superstar looks over the party "Wow...that was kinda hot actually" The road opening showing City Hall on the left

[21:14] Scarlet: "...I don't suppose there's any way to remove the suits while we're in the simulation, is there?"

[21:15] Sai-nyan huffs in annoyance, and moves over to Trouble "Hey.. still alive?"

[21:15] Superstar Hologram giggles "Why would you want to do that. Those two look so yummy. And like I mean hearing the moans they are clearly totally happy. They almost look like vapid even"

[21:16] XSU Trouble Moans and squirms on the ground back arching

[21:17] Scarlet pursed her lips, reminding herself to not back-talk the deific entity while within its sphere of influence.

[21:17] Sai-nyan raises an eyebrow "Eh. Good enough." bending down picking her up and slinging her over her shoulder to carry her on

[21:17] Takamachi Mikoto glances over to Trouble briefly then moves over to dice. She tries to puncture the mask "Trouble doesn't need to breathe! Ange does! help me!" compeletly ignoring the drone at this point

[21:17] Sai-nyan grabs shield too

[21:18] Angelina Williams flops and squirms against the wall, shoving an arm up against her mouth to try not making any more of a display than she needs to as the suit has its way with her, legs buckling as she barely keeps herself upright for the moment, getting even more embarrassed as people start rushing towards her

[21:18] Scarlet: "Hm... do you think we could use her sword to cut a hole in the latex?"

[21:19] Sai-nyan strolls over towards Ange, following Mikoto, Trouble slung over her left shoulder, her ass presented for the holes and what's happening to them probably on full display as she's carried like that, Sai-nyan obliviously just carrying her shield in her right hand

[21:21] Samantha Iseli hmms a bit at Scarlet's suggestion "A smaller more precise blade, like a knife, would be better. But yes, the sword could work" she agrees

[21:21] XSU Trouble: ** Seduce Me **

[21:21] Superstar Hologram shrugs "They are fine. Hear the moans? Bet those suits are like totally fucking them stupid. Im kinda jealous actually. So fucking vapid"

[21:23] XSU Trouble shakes and squirms occasionally her legs occasionally curling as she is carried not really resisting and just letting herself be carried limply over one shoulder as she muffledly moans periodically

[21:24] Angelina Williams does her best to get her feet back under her, shaking her head a little, her voice only slightly muffled by the suit now that it's complete "I'm... okay... it's all a simulation... just gotta tune it out... this is why I never play eroge games..."

[21:25] Scarlet attempted to take up Angelina's sword and do just that- make a slice in the latex. She made little attempt to mitigate the risk of such an operation, attempting to make an incision along the side of Dicepool's head. If she was injured... well, there *were* two healers in the par- oh look, she's fine. "You know-" she said to Hologram, "-you control this world. Couldn't you just will yourself to be enveloped in latex?"

[21:25] Takamachi Mikoto: " Shut up you idiot. You've been dead for more than a year now and it hasn't made you any less of a stupid cunt. " She blinks a bit and nods. " allright.. if you say so.. " She then walks over to Sai-nyan " stand her up so i can reach her back.

[21:26] Superstar Hologram tilts her head "You...think I control this world? Like oh my god I wish. You know how many cocks I would totally wrangle?"

[21:26] Sai-nyan shrugs at the reassurance, and turns to stride onward with the continuouslyfucked tank over her shoulder - but stops and puts Trouble on ehr feet, holding on since she guesses she won;t stay on her feet without help, seeing if she can strap the shield to her arm in the meantime

[21:27] Takamachi Mikoto leans the staff in the crook of her arm "

[21:28] Samantha Iseli just blinks a couple times at Mikoto's words, not used to hearing such vulgarity from Mikoto.

[21:29] XSU Trouble adopts a haughty and irritable posture, seeming much more grouchy than usual. Arms folded over its chest, the machine narrows its eyes, seeming annoyed by the surroundings.

[21:29] Angelina Williams takes a few experimental steps, doing her best not to let out any audible noises while she adjusts to the new situation, then starting off ahead of the others, having the feeling she's gonna be moving slowly for a little bit

[21:32] XSU Trouble manages to get less less noodly and she manages to stay upright as she stiffly walking forward and occasionally letting out a muffled moan squeezing her shields handle as tight as she can too try and block it out which is harder.. then expected..

[21:32] Superstar Hologram floats along humming. The road stretching forward. The door of the city hal;l opening giving you choice

[21:32] Sai-nyan guides tank forward helping her keep staight and upright

[21:33] Takamachi Mikoto: " AS much as I want to move on .. that gas station fight gve me information. I'm going in "

[21:33] Sai-nyan: "Right, healer go tank"

[21:33] Scarlet wordlessly trailed behind Mikoto.

[21:34] Sai-nyan reaches out to the hologram since she's unussually close at the moment, seeing if her fingers touch ofr go through the sparkly nipple

[21:34] Superstar Hologram giggles as Sai-nyans hand passes through. "Oh you want to like have some fun? Gah! I totally wish I could, guess I'm just way to vapid for you to handle ya know" giggles

[21:35] There is nothing inside but another floating crystal

[21:35] Angelina Williams quickly ends up at the back of the group once people start moving again, resting up against the door frame while she watches for signs of another encounter

[21:37] Takamachi Mikoto crouches down and touches the crystal. "what do you have for me this time... "

[21:38] Sai-nyan keeps one arm supporting Trouble as she prods at glittering holo-nipple, bored

[21:38] Samantha Iseli remains outside of the building, even with her lack of experience, she knew using such a weapon in close quarters was not a good idea

[21:39] XSU Trouble squeaks and bends over slightly letting out a loud moan before staggering back against the Sai-nyan then irritably swatting at her and trying to regain her feet..

[21:39] The scene once more fades. This time a village appears hidden amongst bamboo fields. Two girls run by laughing. The little Suki cries out "Wait up Empress" The now blond child yells back "I told you to stiop calling me that. We aren't that anymore. Now come on, if we are late master is going to kill us, or worse" The scene fading as the city hall returns. Once more Superstar looking congfused "Um...thats not a thing for this. or like its not supposed to be."

[21:40] Sai-nyan yawns "Alright, moving on..." half-supporting half-propelling the latex tank on

[21:41] Angelina Williams watches the scene curiously, then makes her way out again before everyone else and starts moving again, her steps getting a little more stable

[21:42] Takamachi Mikoto: "Alright, Lexus. What the hell is going on here? And Why don't you give more of a fuck about Suki? ... Or is it just that you were only pretending to care about her because you're a whore for adoration?!

[21:44] Samantha Iseli takes a couple steps away from the group when Mikoto starts to antagonize the hologram

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Re: Save Suki again?...The plot...begins? Thickens?...We found the plot!

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[21:44] The scene stretches out showing a set of stairs leading downwards, and a path marked secret path to the left into a park. Superstar looks at Mikoto "Um Im Superstar, and I totally care about Suki. Shes the greatest hero in the city. SHe will be back again soon Im sure. We always play this game. Though like, shes never brought like other people here before. I dont know, this is all getting weird and boring really. Like I can't even ride any of these yummy cocks like this"

[21:45] Takamachi Mikoto: Cut the crap. You were as good at hiding your identity as you were at getting through one of your low budget 'i wish i was jerry springer' tv episodes. " Then she shook her head looking even more frustrated and moved on.

[21:46] Angelina Williams turns down the path towards the park, though only taking a few steps down it before resting against the wall and waiting for the rest

[21:46] Sai-nyan tilts head "Secret?" seeming to ignore the outburst, more or less, but listening her tail on curling and swaying slowly, then heading to the park

[21:47] Samantha Iseli follows the others silently, legitimately not having a clue what as going on, she stays back a distance, having the vaguely foreboding feeling this was all a trap of some kind

[21:47] New boss music riggers this one a much darker tone as the battle scene shows and Suki's Idea of Strong appears as well as...a penis monster...with one eye. Superstar frowns "That is totally not what is meant by One Eyed Monster"

[21:49] XSU Trouble squirms and then points at Cpt. strong and shouts "wuddah wuddah wuddah!" and holding up her shield.

[21:49] Sai-nyan looks between them "Alright.. Tank go tank." shoving her into the one-eyed monster and adapting her fighting post, launching the first attack against the red figure (Palm Strike on anti-Strong)

[21:49] Scarlet: "Ah, an artfully subtle criticism of Strong's relationship to the City at large." the healer muttered, sending a Debuff at Strong.

[21:49] Samantha Iseli guesses she should start with Scoping Strong.

[21:52] Angelina Williams starts waddling her way forward across the grass, waving her sword overhead and straining to make her war cry heard "Yo! Smack this bitch up!"

[21:53] Takamachi Mikoto: Sam can you scope ... okay. yeah do that. " She then points her staff at Sai-lan. "protection." She says in a rather un amused tone. It seems that just seeing strong was enough to throw her out of the mood of playing up her role.

[21:58] Strong just stares. A caption above his head showing his status as blind and stunned. Though he doesnt show it. Merely standing there imposing. The one eyed monster blinks and squirts cum at the sai-nyan. Her punch glancing off Strong like it was nothing "Are you all done?" The voice sounds a bit more dickish and deeper with a evil tone than any would remeber. Clearly Suki didn't like Strong much. HEROES TURN All have 2 actions

[22:00] Samantha Iseli Scopes the One eyed Monster next. And since she has the option to do so, charges her rifle

[22:01] XSU Trouble Taunts the one eyed monster and readys an absorb

[22:02] Scarlet forced a massive surge of power to flow through her staff, sending a Debuff at both Strong and his one-eyed monster. "You are nothing. You should act like it." she hissed.

[22:02] XSU Trouble points at the one eyed monster unleasining an "MMMPH!" that sounds vaugely like "your mother is a whore" and raises her shield to absorb the next hit

[22:03] Angelina Williams continues her advance, skipping any fancy words this time as she gets into striking range, spinning into her whirlwind and then finishing the spin with a fierce strike down on the one-eyed monster, seeming particularly vicious and efficient with her strikes right now for some reason

[22:05] Sai-nyan blinks as she is given yet anothger facial, this time with cum instead of latex, and her vision goes red "I'm just STARTING!" launching a furious fusillade of rapid punches and blows into his face and chest, the jumping and spinning around curling and driving both feet down into a full body smashing blow into the shield on his chest "RAWW!" (Palm strike, SMASH!) spooge flecking off her with the ferociousness of her attacks

[22:06] Takamachi Mikoto steps up and aims her staff at strong. "Keiosu burasuto!" trying to debuff him then following out by spitting out "shinee, Chikushou" firing off a blast at the caped man.

[22:08] Samantha Iseli has no idea what everyone seems to have against Strong, having never encountered him beyond seeing him standing ontop of a building when she was walking to or from somewhere, nor had she actually heard anything about him either.

[22:09] Sai-nyan has nothing against him, just sai-nyan bloodlust!

[22:09] Scarlet is basically the same!

[22:09] Suki's Strong groans as his one eyed monster is taken out. The slashes from whirlwind striking him twice. Mikotos debuff hitting him as another appears over head. The random flip of the others still in effect. Strong is Slow, Stunned, and Blinded. Mikotos spell hitting for damage. Still he stands tall and imposing. Tanking the palm strike from sai-nyan "When has that ever worked? Wheres the real challenge?"

[22:11] Scarlet slapped him with a *third* debuff. One could never weaken their opponent too much, after all.

[22:11] XSU Trouble Taunts him again this time just flipping him off. and "MMphs" agressively at strong.

[22:11] Samantha Iseli just charges her rifle again

[22:12] Sai-nyan growls landing "SHUTUP!"and driving a knee right up into the iron crotch (1 inch (XD) punch)

[22:15] Angelina Williams raises her sword again and cries out "Strike him down! Let the hate flow through you!" then uses her sceptre as a hook to climb up his cape and get into position to slit his throat

[22:17] Takamachi Mikoto points the staff at him again "I'm just going to keep this up till we see your true form. Keiosu burasuto!"

[22:23] The debuff spells hit but they have zero effect since hes already has the debuffs. Strong is still slowed so misses a turn as he takes the strike from Dice's sword. "Im waiting" HEROES TURN

[22:24] Samantha Iseli has the vague impression that either this version of Strong is a complete and utter idiot, or a delay tactic to make the others waste their energy. Mikoto's words make her think the latter. None the less, she charges her rifle for the third time.

[22:25] Takamachi Mikoto: "how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?! Keiosu burasuto! Keiosu burasuto! "

[22:25] Sai-nyan is nearly rabid now as she starts pelting him with energy blasts "DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!" (Palm Strike, Palm Strike)

[22:25] Scarlet elected to forego further buffs, and instead launched a flurry of elemental bolts at him. (2x spell cast)

[22:27] Samantha Iseli notes that her rifle hasn't locked out and realizes she has a second action available to her. She doesn't want to broadcast that she has her rifle fully charged though "Do you want me to hit him or wait and see if there's something else after this?" she asks, mostly to Mikoto

[22:27] Angelina Williams gets into position and just starts sawing the blade of her sword back and forth across Strong's neck relentlessly, clinging to her position as best she can and cheering on the others as they barrage him

[22:28] Sai-nyan: "SHOOOOOOOT!"

[22:28] XSU Trouble throws her shield and then Taunts again mmphing something that sounds like "bend over and take it boyscout"

[22:28] Sai-nyan: "WASTE THIS BITCH!"

[22:30] Takamachi Mikoto: "This is Strong, If he breaks free of the stun he'll obliterate us! Worse off he was a huge asshole to Suki and this is her view of him. Take the shot!"

[22:32] Samantha Iseli is getting a lot of votes for 'fire' but Angelina is in the line of fire, which makes her hesitate regardless, so he waits for Mikoto to chime in, which she does promptly "Fair point" she aims rather carefully, hoping to avoid hitting Angelina if she can and triggers her rifle's super move 'Bitches Love Cannons'.

[22:33] Tanks all the hits as a large blast erupts from the cannon. Suddenly he rises and zooms at Trouble instantly KOing her in one hit "I warned you. Now leave" he growls

[22:34] Samantha Iseli blinks twice and then mutters in an entirely deadpan tone "Yeah, that was totally worth the effort."

[22:35] XSU Trouble takes the hit too the shield and skids across the ground going through a wall in the carpark and coming too a stop before her body flops the rest of the way down.

[22:35] Scarlet sent one more elemental blast Strong's way.

[22:37] Samantha Iseli idly wonders if blast shot is any more effective on a single opponent than the alarm clock BLC was. So, she fires off Blast Shot at Strong.

[22:37] Angelina Williams yelps in surprise as the hook tangled in the cape drags her along for the ride, but as soon as he stops moving she starts sawing again "We'll leave over your rotting carcass"

[22:38] Takamachi Mikoto looks over at Strong then walks over to center of the group "AWAKEN MY MINIONS!" casting a massive wave over the party causing them to heal and bring her daughter back into the fight" [ V ]

[22:38] Sai-nyan arches and twists out of the way of the miraculous flying nun "Huh." then puts her hands together, charging the electrical attack like before and flinging it at the titan "And you're getting annoying" golden energy arcing around and suffusing him (1 inch punch)

[22:39] XSU Trouble stands up her chin glowing slightly orange from the road rash before she charges back in and starts applying the sharper edge of her shield to Strong trying to hack into him with it.

[22:42] Strong fdades away as the attacks hit. In his place is a golden key. You obtained Key to the Clitty!" as the battle fades and you are in the park again. The path choices are to the stairway or the parking garage

[22:43] Takamachi Mikoto looks over to Scarlet. For a moment she seems to thin about something, then shakes her head" She blinks " the .. what.. " She goes over and looks at the key, then tries to pick it up. " huh. "

[22:43] Sai-nyan walks over to pick up the key "Yoink."

[22:44] Sai-nyan scowls "NMext loot is mine" grabbiong trouble instead, propelling her to the parking garage

[22:45] Takamachi Mikoto takes the key and looks at Sai-nay. "this isn't loot."

[22:45] Sai-nyan: "It's shiny it's loot"

[22:45] Takamachi Mikoto tries to use the key on the car

[22:47] as you approach the car battle music starts 'Hey! Leave Eiras car alone!" The enemies appear. Mikoto would instantly recognize the horror that was...The Missfits as they appear

[22:47] Sai-nyan raises an eyebrow "Almost no armor... these must be powerful foes!" she pushes trouble forward "Tank! go tank!"

[22:48] Takamachi Mikoto blinks when she sees the three women standing there " oh no.. " She then runs out and physically places her self between the misfits and her own group and spreads out her arms as if she was trying to prevent the fight " It's Me! Raigeki "

[22:50] The missfits dont recognize Miko. Instead music cuues up and they begin to dance in sync and cheer.

[22:52] XSU Trouble throws the shield over her shoulder and holds out her hands for the rifle.

[22:54] Sai-nyan gropes Trouble's latex rear without even realizing her hand is doing it as she waits, annoyed, for them to sort out their classes

[22:55] Angelina Williams tilts her head as Miko tries to intervene, but when the music begins to play she just says "Uh, boss lady... I don't think they remember you... it's just a game anyways, so let's just smash this and roll on" wondering if they may rely on their synchronization to function, so she looks to Missfit one and lets out her resounding yell, hoping to intimidate that one into breaking their unison

[22:57] Andromeda Arliss gives Trouble the rifle as she takes up Scarlet's staff

[22:57] XSU Trouble Mmphhs and presses her bum back into her hands for a moment before realizing what she is doing and shying away..

[22:58] Sai-nyan rolls eyes "Right, if that's sorted..." she pushes the now useless (to her) Trouble out of the way, raising her hand flinging a bolt of Ki energy right into the center Misfit #2's face! (Palm Strike)

[23:02] Samantha Iseli had been hoping for a peacful resolution when Mikoto had stepped forwards in an attempt to speak. She idly recalls some of the medical school D&D players talking 'Random encounters don't have to be violent, as long as they're random.' She's fairly sure this qualifies as random enough to not necessitate violence.

[23:05] Missfit 1 stops her dancing and screams "Oh god, like why would you do that? Missfit 2 takes a palm strike. Missfit 2 suddenly strips off her top and jiggles "You like what you see? Missfit 3 continues to dance sexily. The latex suits of Trouble and Dice seem to come to life more due to the sexy lustful display. HEROES TURN

[23:07] Samantha Iseli hmms a bit "They don't seem hostile... Can we not just... walk around them?" she asks

[23:07] Takamachi Mikoto: Now is NOT the time for the bimbo bazookas! " she shouts at the misfits. " Stop this! Don't be dumb!"

[23:08] Angelina Williams lets out a gasping moan of surprise as her suit suddenly starts moving again, clenching her legs together to try stabilizing herself and raising her sword overhead "Let's get this over with fast!"

[23:08] Sai-nyan snorts "They oppose us, they die" ignoring Mikoto entirely keeping her hand up firing a scatter of ki bolts out blanketing the enemy's field in a hail of destructive vaults (Sweeping kick)

[23:09] XSU Trouble moans leaning forward and manageing to charge her rifle as her free hand presses between her legs and she squirms...

[23:15] The Missfits scream as they are hit by the sweeping attack. Looking to eachother "Oh my god yes, thats like really smart. They all strip and pom poms appear from no where as the cheer and jiggle their breasts. The latex suits now becoming more lively as the tendrils once more penetrate and expand inside their victims. "B I M B O!" they cheer and glow seeming to get stronger

[23:17] Takamachi Mikoto looks back to her allies then looks down looking before looking back at the misfits. "Gomen. " then takes a step back to the group She swings her staff in an an arc at the misfits launching curses at 1 and 2 "Keiosu burasuto!" [ ]

[23:19] XSU Trouble moans and falls over holding down the charger even as she shudders and squirms.... ((charge Charge))

[23:20] Sai-nyan scowls at Trouble "How about a scan on one of these?" considering her enemies and shaking her head "Pitiful.. can I even bring myself to attack them?" she opens her fist slapping across Misfit #2's breasts once, then twice (Palm Strike, Palm Strike :3)

[23:20] Angelina Williams starts moving forward as the new turn begins, only to get caught by surprise when the tendril thrusts into her again, collapsing to her knees with a loud moan, though keeping enough presence of mind to swing her sword at #1

[23:21] Samantha Iseli pinches the bridge of her nose "Guess that is a no to walking around them..." She sighs heavily and casts a Barrier infront of Angelina

[23:23] Samantha Iseli uses er second action to negate the cooldown of her barrier, assuming she can do that

[23:24] Missfit one cries and is about to go down when suddenly a new enemy appears. All the Missfits are healed as...Eira...bimbofied stares down the party "Its like, totes ok now. I'm here. You guys just like cheer me on kk? Immediately flooding the area with her spirit energy except this one having a bimbo aura that greatly magnifies lust as the readies her...pom poms

[23:25] Takamachi Mikoto: "crapbaskets."

[23:27] Angelina Williams gets a momentary surge of energy when she sees the new arrival, just long enough to sneer out "Call me questionable, will you?" and push to her feet, unleashing her whirlwind attack before the growing pleasure makes her legs buckle again

[23:28] Takamachi Mikoto points at Eira "NO! None of that! Shame on you!" before unleashing a curse at her

[23:28] XSU Trouble moans and manages to stabilize her rifle enough on the ground too BITCHES LOVE CANNONS on Eira before flopping too the ground a shuddering cumming mess...

[23:29] Sai-nyan grunts, trying to ignore the heat flaring in her loins as she growls "Stop dancing and FIGHT ME!" trying a harder blow, curling her hand into a fist to punch #2 in the gut (Palm Strike)

[23:34] Samantha Iseli makes a bit of a face at the lust aura, as if she can't actually figure out if it's effecting her or not. In the end, it's the music that wins out and forces her into action. She was about to cast a debuff on Eira until she saw Sparks charge in, and such decided to cast a Barrier on her instead.

[23:36] Sai-nyan: ...................................................................................................

[23:39] The charge blast explodes striking the cheerleading group. The debuffs against the Icy leader does nothing oddly enough. The whirlwind of blades cutting apart the cheerleaders. But Eira blocks the blade? The Missfits screams die out as they fade. Eira stops her cheering as her eyes flash a deep blue and the temperature suddenly seems to drop. The lates suits responding to the rise as the victims nipples grow sensitive and poke through the tight layers. Eira looks the party over no longer dancing "Mistake...BIG DAMN MISTAKE" Suddenly sending a whirlwind kick striking the entire party with ice

[23:42] XSU Trouble lets out a loud moan just before the ice hit snaps her out enough too shakily point the rifle and scope Eira..

[23:46] Angelina Williams lets out a little yelp as the cold hardens her nipples in the rubber, but with the lust auras fading she's able to get back up to her feet after a moment, still a bit too rattled to think at the moment, so she just makes a quick swipe with her sword "Anything that gets you to shut up... I know you're supposed to hate the in-laws, but I haven't even gotten Suki to take the first date yet and you're already the worst"

[23:46] Sai-nyan growls "Big mistake for YOUUU!" launching herself through the air, lacing both fingers together to bring down in a double-fisted smash onto the ice girl! (Smash attack)

[23:48] Samantha Iseli yelps as the ice hits her, the sharp edges cutting her "Verdammt, das tut weh!" She groans a bit and looks around at the party, attempting to determine how much damage they'd taken and if it was worth healing everybody, or doing so one at a time

[23:48] Sai-nyan thankfully took no damage, thanks to her now expired barrier

[23:55] Takamachi Mikoto: Come on, Fire. Come on fire, Come on, fire! " She fires off a blast from her staff hoping to get fire.

[23:57] Samantha Iseli notes that Angelina and Sparks are fine because of the barriers, though trouble appears to be out of action, which means that Mikoto, herself and Trouble are injured. She raises her staff up and then slams the base to the ground, shouting "Helden sterben nicht!" as she casts the party heal and revive

[00:04] Bimbo Missfit Eira looks at Angelina confused "Like...I don't know what you are talking about silly. Catching the sword like its nothing "Like you should really chill out. Giggling at her pun as she channels her energy down the sword and Dice is assualted by a pure concentrated lust wave as the suit goes wild bringing her to orgasm. Mikotos attack hits as lightning strikes Eira. She takes the bash but doesn't stun like the foes normally do. Channeling her energy she releases a charged energy kick striking all the party for two damage "Like, you should totally cheer with me sillies" as she giggles and jiggles her breasts and pom poms

[00:06] Sai-nyan growls, still attacking nonstop chaining her overhead strike with a flurry of punches (Palm strike)

[00:09] Angelina Williams cries out at the surge and collapses to her knees once again, barely keeping herself that upright now, one hand down on the road for support, but the other lifts her sword while she looks up at Eira "This is the blade that cut down those sluts..." trying to provoke her focus but not using her challenge

[00:09] Takamachi Mikoto grunts and takes a step back from the blows, Damnit! " She aims her staff over at Eira maybye being a bard will work.... Gimmie fuel gimmie fire gimmie that which i desire" trying to make her staff shoot fire

[00:10] XSU Trouble is healed and refreshed but still getting fucked she manages to drags herself too the shield and grabs at it sliding it grindly across the ground too Angelina... before flopping too the ground weakly... panting and letting out a muffled moan..

[00:12] Samantha Iseli yelps as she's somehow hit by a kick despite having been in the back, she rather immediately regrets using her super move as she gets back to her feet. And Mikoto didn't use hers to heal them. This put her in a tough spot, and with Trouble only briefly brought back her super move seemed like much more of a waste now. She sighs a bit and casts Heal on Mikoto, if the other healer goes down, they're doomed, she knows this.

[00:19] Bimbo Missfit Eira giggles as Sai-nyan attacks her tit for one damage. "Silly, all you had to do was ask. Then takes 1 damage from Mikotos rock spell. Giggling Eira rips off her top "Like try these then" Jiggling her large breasts further increasing the lust drives of the latex suits. Eira smirks and does a kick against Saiy-nyan for big 3 point damage. "Are you like all turned on yet? Im getting wetter just thinking about it"

[00:20] Takamachi Mikoto: How are you even in an Ice form?! Kori would be ashamed to see you like this! " She swings her staff towards Sai-nyan "PRO-TEK-TION!"

[00:23] Angelina Williams groans and shudders as Eira ignores her and the suit's actions become even more intense, barely managing to raise her sword and yell out "You can do it!" before the waves of pleasure blast through her mind and she collapses all the way onto the pavement, shuddering and squirming in uncontrollable bliss

[00:24] Sai-nyan grunts skidding back grabbing and holding the leg as the barrier forms around her, just grinning getting her own form of lust from the fighting as she twists and lifts the leg to try and pull ice bimbo's leg out from under her and pile drive her down into the pavement! (Suplex!)

[00:24] Samantha Iseli feels oddly out of her depth working within the restrictions imposed by this world. She can't heal again for a bit. And with Mikoto healed, she decides the best thing she can do is...And then Angelina seemed to be out of the fight. She sighs a bit and casts Barrier on Mikoto to keep her in the fight longer.

[00:27] XSU Trouble Squirms and moans shuddering as her back arches the crotch of her suit streaching and withdrawing as the the suit does incredibly lewd things too the bot leaving her a quivering mess for yet another turn.

[00:30] Bimbo Missfit Eira giggles and jiggles her breasts jumping up and down and cheering "Yay! See like this is totes better than fighting me right?" Relesing more lust aura and spending her turn healing

[00:32] Samantha Iseli has only a spell and a debuff to cast, and thanks to the scope effect from Trouble, she knows that's useless. So, wit a sigh, she casts a Spell at Eira, willing it to be fire.

[00:33] Sai-nyan pants lightly and narrows eyes as some of her wounds close "Bullshit."charging energy in both hands and firing scattershots at her (Palm Strike x2)

[00:34] Takamachi Mikoto Looks down at Trouble and grits her teat "Emergency override Authorization Tango Hotel India Tango Mike-" then suddenly stops "Cancel!" swings her staff to Sai-nyan "Chiyu!" casting her healing spell on the wounded fighter then spun around and aimes at Samantha ""PRO-TEK-TION!" covering her with a shield " Shoot again! you ahve two attacks this turn!

[00:34] Angelina Williams rolls around on the pavement, jerking wildly and crying out loudly, no longer aware of anyone else around her as she's totally lost in a string of orgasms

[00:36] Samantha Iseli blinks a couple times when Mikoto says she can do another action, wondering how she knew that. But she doesn't bother questioning it and casts anoter spell, willing this one to be fire too

[00:37] Takamachi Mikoto was paying attention and was well aware that Ange's last desperate move was her war cry.

[00:38] Samantha Iseli doesn't seem any less confused

[00:39] XSU Trouble Shudders and groans wiggleing on the ground as she cums hard again, enough to finally get her to override the now useless tsun module so she can at least enjoy it a bit more.

[00:40] Bimbo Missfit Eira stops her dancing as her health drops to 1. "Thats not nice. Using her own Super Move as she flash steps around the field striking everyone for 5 damage, ignoring the barriers. SHe stands there no longer giggling "Why wouldn't you just with me?"

[00:40] Takamachi Mikoto aims her staff at Eira. "I'm about to end you Fake!" She then casts her spell, This time hoping for electricity "Chō-Denjihō!"

[00:40] Sai-nyan grunts wiping her mouth on the back of her gauntlet emerald eyes fixed on her prey, charging in again with a cry of "Begone, THOT!" driving an open handed strike to Eira's tcheek in a true pimp-palm-strike

[00:42] Samantha Iseli has no idea how much health she has, but knows it was one less than full before. Regardless, the heavy wallop of a punch knocks her on her ass

[00:43] Bimbo Missfit Eira cries as both attacks strike. Fading from view as the battle finally clears allowing access to the car

[00:44] Angelina Williams barely registers the pummeling between waves of pleasure, another orgasm drawing more cries from her, and as her body passes by its limits of release the stimulation starts to become uncomfortable, beginning to draw her focus back to reality slowly

[00:44] Sai-nyan drops to a knee and pants, energy fading as she powers down "That.. was fun..."

[00:45] Takamachi Mikoto goes down on one knee panting " Never speak of this... Especially not to Eira. "

[00:45] As the battle clears the suits fade away leaving the writhing messes of Dice and Trouble. Superstar appears giggling "My, that was a hot one. Like so fucking vapid"

[00:45] Samantha Iseli groans a little as she pushes herself up to her feet, leaning heavily against the wall next to her. She casts Heal on Mikoto "I do not even know who that is. So I will just not speak of it" she mumbles

[00:45] Sai-nyan stands and stretches, swinging her arm in a circle "Mm, let's do that again" as she moves over to trouble to check on her

[00:47] Angelina Williams just slumps down in the road, still shuddering with the aftershocks of the experience "Well... that was... unexpected..."

[00:48] Sai-nyan prods Trouble with a boot

[00:48] Takamachi Mikoto takes a deep breath then stands back up " Maiminionzu o mezame saseyou! " casting her super to heal everyone around in the area.

[00:49] Sai-nyan takes a slow breath as she heals up again, and stretches, then bends down picking trouble up and over her shoulder again, moving to check out the car

[00:49] XSU Trouble's suit seems to still be there, other then it no longer fucking her silly and the mask melting away to reveal troubles very ahegaoed face as she pants and judders still not mobile or recovered...

[00:49] Takamachi Mikoto starts inspecting the car, trying the key on the trunk

[00:49] Angelina Williams slowly gets back to her feet after the spell gives her back a bit of energy "Okay... Vegas rules apply to this place..."

[00:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) knocks on the invisible wall in light frustration.

[00:50] Superstar Hologram frowns as the car trunk opens "No like seriously I dont get the whole crystal thing. Its really new. Theres supposed to be candy in ther trunk

[00:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): I'm here! I....oh, well. I guess it's over.

[00:51] Samantha Iseli lets out a sigh of relief as her injuries are healed "That is considerably better" she says, still leaning against the wall, watching over Trouble "What are 'Vegas rules'?" she asks "Unless it is Swiss-made, I am not interested" she says over her shoulder to the hologram

[00:51] Angelina Williams pouts "Aww... I want the candy..."

[00:51] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Hey look, a crystal.

[00:51] The trunk opens to reveal the final crystal

[00:51] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) pokes it.

[00:51] Angelina Williams: What happens in the game, stays in the game... we don't discuss it outside

[00:51] Takamachi Mikoto: " Yep " she reaches forward and touches the crystal then looks at Zeph "Rude."

[00:51] Sai-nyan headtilts looking over Zephyr suspiciously "...", holding Trouble over her shoulder

[00:51] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Yes, I totally didn't see Trouble being hate-fucked by her own suit.

[00:52] Sai-nyan: "You don;t fight you don;t get loot."

[00:52] Samantha Iseli nods "I am fine with that" she replies, wandering over to join the rest of the group now that they're all back on their feet

[00:52] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Doesn't mean I can't poke it.

[00:52] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Last time it was just a save point and some sort of lore....

[00:52] XSU Trouble is most definatly not back on her feet and likely won't be for a while..

[00:53] Sai-nyan gives Mikoto a piercing stare next "and I believe I called dibs on the next shiny thing" she grins in avarice"

[00:53] Takamachi Mikoto: "you can have the car. it's shiny. "

[00:53] Samantha Iseli frowns and then walks back over to the shield that was formerly Trouble's. She picks it up and then smashes the car's windshield with it as she walks past, leaving it there as she returns to the trunk "Vegas rules"

[00:53] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) whispers. "The next shiny thing will probably be a latex drone mask that turns the wearer into a sex toy. You heard her."

[00:54] Takamachi Mikoto gives Sai-nyan the car key.

[00:55] The scene changes. Once again showing the cyberpunk palace. Little Suki is seen over hearing a conversation about assassinating the new heir. The scene changes again showing Suki running away with said heir. Another scene showing the two growing up together in the village. The blond heir clearly Eira. Then one final scene. Two teenagers, Eira stands over Suki. Hands gripping a pitch black blade as she drives it through Sukis chest. Then the scene fades leaving everyone back in the parking lot

[00:55] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Well. That was dramatic.

[00:55] Sai-nyan jingles the keys, looks to the car "... acceptable, this new pod can even arry the tank around" she motionbs you to clear the trunk

[00:56] Sai-nyan: "Wait what...?"

[00:56] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) walks over to Trouble and pokes her with her foot.

[00:56] Sai-nyan slaps Zephy's hand "Paws off my tank."

[00:56] Samantha Iseli blinks a couple times at the scene that plays for the group "Uh..."

[00:56] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) slaps Sai back. "Paws off my half-sister. Or cousin. I haven't decided which applies more accurately yet."

[00:57] Sai-nyan holds up a fist and sneers "Don't care, I claimed her. Want me to kill you?" Trouble still being carried over her left shoulder, butt-first

[00:57] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): You could try.

[00:58] the car disappears, as well as SUperstar and the buildings. Leaving only the exit down the stairway left

[00:58] Takamachi Mikoto looks down and sighs. " We should find the exit. " She looks over at sam "I was worried about that. " She then looks at Zeph " I don't think Trouble gives a shit about that. Besides. Sparks should return to normal when we leave. "

[00:58] Sai-nyan wrinkles nose and scowls, finally following "...what sparks?"

[00:58] Angelina Williams frowns as she watches the scene, clearly very unhappy with the last bit of it "Yup, definitely not Eira's biggest fan"

[00:59] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) shrugs.

[00:59] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Do we even know if that WAS Eira?

[01:00] Sai-nyan looks around at the scenery, holding Trouble "Provincial.. should be much easier to conquer."

[01:00] Angelina Williams: Which is why I'm not talking about running off to beat her up... but whatever the reason it's not exactly a scene that inspires my approval

[01:01] Sai-nyan: "Who cares who it was? she oppsed us we sent her to the next dimension"

[01:01] Samantha Iseli just stays quiet as the others who actually have a clue what's going on discuss the topic

[01:01] Sai-nyan: "She no longer matters"

[01:01] Takamachi Mikoto: ... " MAybe. But even so, it might not have actually happened. We are seeing things from Suki's perspective so it could have been a metaphorical stabbing.. something that Suki saw as a betrayal. "

[01:01] As they enter the stairway they are warped to a small village. The village very familiar as the bamboo towers and hides it from sight. 2 little kids are running around. Little Suki and Little Eira. Suki sounds out 'Wait up Empress!" And then a spear lands at the parties feet as they are all ejected back to the real world

[01:06] Sparks blinks a few times slowly, looking very confused and glancing around as if to figure out where she is, then down at the Trouble "Uhh... huh?"

[01:06] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Yup. That's your problem.

[01:06] XSU Trouble Groans and slowly pushes herself up

[01:06] Eira Ermine is standing there waiting 'Welcome back. I took care of your bodies while you were away"

[01:06] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): You threatened to kill me if I touched her so.....

[01:06] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) shrugs.

[01:07] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) turns and looks at Eira. "Oh, hey Miss" She scratches her neck awkwardly. "So...yeah."

[01:07] Angelina Williams frowns at Eira and crosses her arms, but doesn't say or do anything more

[01:07] Sparks blinks green eyes "I did...?" stepping over and bending down to check on Trouble, rolling her over gently

[01:07] Takamachi Mikoto looks over to Eira " ... Zeph were you not listening when i told you she wasn't herself. She probabally doesn't even remember it "

[01:08] Eira Ermine loooks very confused. "I feel like I maybe missed something"

[01:08] Takamachi Mikoto: " OH yeah. We gunna talk. "

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