Suki Finale. Fall of Soul, Rise of a Empress

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Suki Finale. Fall of Soul, Rise of a Empress

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[15:57] Theres a visible spirit energy radiating from the school. At the desk passed out in her Arctica form is Eira. Clearly she did a stupid and went in on her own, stubborn as usual

[15:57] Metapool (Talista Glas) the air shimmers and there's a smell of ozone, bacon, and reheated beans. Space time seems to shudder and there's a clapping sound like a firework going off and Metapool jumps out and screams "I'm a healer!!!" looks around "shit, something went wrong."

[15:57] NS Z3PH-YR: Quickly! Before Metapool sees us!

[15:58] Angelina Williams pulls out her comm as soon as she sees Eira pass out "Uh... hey boss... I think Eira went and did a dumb... might need to assemble the crew ASAP"

[15:58] XSU Trouble kicks in the door "THE CREW IS HERE!"

[15:58] NS Z3PH-YR: Lady Mikoto, please reposition a foot to your right before attempting to enter the door.

[15:59] Sparks rolls her eyes "Is that what your purity gets you?"

[15:59] NS Z3PH-YR looks at Eira. "I see Durian has competition for "biggest idiot in the city" this month..."

[15:59] Metapool (Talista Glas) screams as the door bursts open "why are we kicking doors?!? What the hell happened? Where's Suki? Did I fuck up? I...I don't want to fuck up..." she says a bit sad

[15:59] Takamachi Mikoto crosses her arms. " Zephyr. Shut it before I shut it for you.

[16:00] Takamachi Mikoto: that was copmpletly uncalled for.

[16:00] NS Z3PH-YR: I wasn't making a joke.

[16:00] NS Z3PH-YR sighs but crosses her arms, saying nothing more.

[16:00] Sparks moves over to Ryosei, taking trouble with her, to resume pettings

[16:01] Takamachi Mikoto points at the box. " Suki is in there. We're going in after her. "

[16:01] Samantha Iseli hurries over to Eira, ignoring the others. Quickly pulling up her datapad to run a scan on the unconscious woman

[16:01] XSU Trouble meeps being steered around basically by her bumb

[16:02] NS Z3PH-YR brushes some hair behind her ear. "Alas. I would likely do the same ill-advised thing for any of my sisters." She glances at Mikoto. "Related or otherwise. Still, we should probably get in there post-haste."

[16:02] Metapool (Talista Glas) giggles at Zeph and looks at Mikoto "It's ok, she hate's us 'cause she anus" she states and looks back t Zeph giving her a big thumbs up sign and then looks back at Mikoto "Alright...let's go into the box. I don't know what happened last time, probably a desync thanks to switching places with the intelligence in my gun. Or it just didn't like me"

[16:02] Ryosei finds herself a Sparks magnet, but smile slightly as she leans into the petting and watches the scene.

[16:02] Angelina Williams glances back as people start barging in, no smile at all on her face tonight "I couldn't study as much as I'd hoped... but I think I have an idea, if we can disrupt Shi's control for even a few seconds"

[16:03] Innoctiva just silently messes with her hat, listening to everyone carry on around her.

[16:03] The console still radiates with spirit energy, this time Eiras own holds the darkness at bay, but the portal remains open. Eira seems dead as her spirit has left her body. The room is very chilled from her Kori's power. Samantha would find a very weak vital

[16:04] NS Z3PH-YR looks to Angelina. "I attempted to contact Devushka, as her dominion over electronics would likely be valuable, but she's not answering."

[16:04] Takamachi Mikoto: " First thing, we need to get Eira conscious. she's the only one who can get us on there.. or " She frowns " oh shit. She's already in there. "

[16:06] Sparks headtilts as she pets them softly "If it was actually tech I would take a poke at it.. but I don;t know anything about magic..."

[16:06] Metapool (Talista Glas) seems to determine that this wasn't her fault and moves forward curiously "I am tech, and I've been told I'm magical too...or that something is magical."

[16:06] NS Z3PH-YR adjusts her glasses. "There appears to be only one path forward, Lady Mikoto. Shall we lead the charge?"

[16:07] Sparks offers "Try pressing 'start' ?"

[16:07] Innoctiva speaks up from the back of the room. "I know a bit, but I also would need to study the exact magics that are making this gaming system do what it does..and honestly I'd rather not mess it up and trap anyone in there.."

[16:08] Takamachi Mikoto gets closer to the box. " ... Looks like she left the door open. " She then looks at the others " Okay. Look. I know this is going to sound strange, but If something incapacitates me, Angelina is in charge.

[16:08] NS Z3PH-YR approaches the box. "Now is not the time to study or observe. It is the time to follow Eira's example." She glances at Metapool with a rare grin. "It's the time to do something incredibly stupid. Tally ho!"

[16:09] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) blinks, and looks down at herself. "Are you KIDDING me?"

[16:09] Takamachi Mikoto: " ... This is .. gross.

[16:09] Samantha Iseli furrows her brow a little as she looks over the scan results, Eira was alive, though before she could comment, she finds herself, along with the rest of the group in a... she has no idea what this place was

[16:10] Innoctiva glances around and seems to smile from ear to ear. "It reminds me of home! Er..."

[16:10] XSU Trouble steps forward and draws her soul sword and looks around "Kay. This place is way diffrent from everywhere else we have been.."

[16:10] Metapool (Talista Glas) comes out of the portal and blinks as everyone is here "shit's still a bit janky" she states and looks around "or something is, maybe it's my blade, HI EVERYONE! DIGITAL ADVENTURE TIME!!!"

[16:10] Angelina Williams looks down at her pouch, her frown deepening, and she slips it off of herself, setting it on the desk and giving Miko a nod before stepping through the portal, arriving in the spirit realm just still in her PAE suit, with no fancy weapons or gear this time, looking around to survey the situation

[16:11] Takamachi Mikoto: This is ... different. "

[16:11] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): You're telling me, Lady Mikoto. At least the world doesn't seem...taller to you.

[16:11] The portal opens to a different realm from before. Trees with crying souls tangled in their roots. A lava looking flow and volcanoes. All peoples souls. In the center stares Shi from under a protective bubble. Eiras trapped spirit right next to her. "My my, looks like the fools did show after all" Shi teases the party

[16:12] XSU Trouble pokes a protruding.. stalagmite? with the tip of her sword.. lookings slightly offput.. "is this what hell looks like?"

[16:12] Innoctiva glances to Trouble. "One of the nine circles is very close to this. So you are not wrong."

[16:13] XSU Trouble: "... ehhhhh...."

[16:13] Sparks was starting to reach for a padd to scan, but blinks a little as she is abruptly pulled in, looking down at her uniform "Well. that was..." she fdoesn;t finish the thought instead focusing on the apparent enemy

[16:13] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): You think if I shoot the shield it'll trigger the battle and skip her drivel?

[16:13] Metapool (Talista Glas) makes a squee sound and tries to hug Zeph "YOU'RE SO CUTE OH MY GOD" she shouts and looks around slowly "fools? Hey now, who's more foolish? Us for coming or you for letting us in, hmmm? Think about that?"

[16:13] Angelina Williams: "Well... you said that Shi is basically Death... so we're in Death's head now" glancing over as Shi speaks "Yeah, we showed... and this is your last chance to give us Suki and Eira back before we kick you to the curb"

[16:13] A soul would grip at Troubles sword, pleading and crying as it looses grip and is dragged with the rest of the flowing souls

[16:13] Ryosei appears wearing a completely different outfit, slightly out of place compared to most of the rest of the group, but definitely armed.

[16:14] XSU Trouble looks at the tip of her sword very distrubed.. "oof.. uh.. is there anything we can do for these pople?"

[16:14] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): We could detonate the bitch in charge. It'd be a start, right?
[16:15] Second Life: Items successfully shared.

[16:15] XSU Trouble: "she is behind a shield. Can't attack some one behind a shield.. or if you can you can't beat them"

[16:15] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): True, but it might trigger the battle early and spare us her monologue.

[16:15] XSU Trouble: "you where not paying attention where you."

[16:16] Angelina Williams: Of course she's behind a shield... cause she's a pussy little cunt that doesn't want to admit she's afraid of us

[16:16] Ryosei guestures to sides, "Anyone else looking at the other shields with other possible enemies?"

[16:16] Metapool (Talista Glas) raises a hand "How does this work? I missed the last few raids and am coming in as a fresh spawn. Please, does someone have a tutorial? Please tell me I don't have to go on reddit...I don't think I can stand the downvotes"

[16:16] XSU Trouble: "okay let me put it another way, IF we try to prempt a fight and lose because the boss is invincible behind a shield. we have to sit through the dialouge all over again from the beginning."

[16:17] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Assuming we get a second chance,

[16:17] XSU Trouble: "yeah..."

[16:17] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) sighs. "Fine. We'll listen to the drivel."

[16:17] Takamachi Mikoto pinches her nose. "Come on Shi. You've been around long enough to know how this goes. You bluster and threaten, But ultimately we triumph with the power of friendship or some other hidden power, or just sheer force of will. You've seen countless foes many of wich far stronger than you fall before groups like this. "

[16:18] Metapool (Talista Glas) smiles "The true enemy was inside you all along" she states "hey, that rhymes. Wait, no, nevermind"

[16:18] XSU Trouble: "worse then this in terms of raw power.. we used to bring timber or strong with us then and its like having a howitzer on your side."

[16:19] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Well yeah, but we can't do it any more because....ahh....

[16:19] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) glances at Metapool

[16:19] Innoctiva seems to be enjoying herself in the location, her demonic features bleeding back out onto her form, her tail was wagging happily.

[16:19] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Well, regardless we can't do that any more.

[16:19] Takamachi Mikoto: ... I can't even remember the last time Strong came along for one of these. Wouldn't mind timber though.

[16:21] Shi chuckles "Oh, you think its all still a game? Very well. I will continue to indulge you. You have been rather fun toys to play with." She releases some energy as the one of the volcanoes erupts. From the tormented souls golems appear. The faces of the tormented souls cascading around their bodies as Shi laughs "There now little heroes. Your first encounter. Do be entertaining. I'm afraid the little Empress here wasn't much fun" Gesturing to Eiras trapped soul among the trees. SHi laughs at Mikotos words "Friendship? Dear you are in my realm now. Your little powers dont work here dear. And no power of friendship will save your souls today." With that the golems lunge forth triggering the battle. A giant arm smacks the whole party for 2 damage. HEROES TURN

[16:21] XSU Trouble shrugs "point still stands, we have beat her before with more and less powerful groups okay. So we need to disable the shield.. anyone? Ah crap ANALIZE IN FIGHT!"

[16:22] XSU Trouble Scans the first golem!

[16:23] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) takes 2 damage (8 hp) and staggers back. "Alas, when the music plays, we dance..." She says, and releases a blast shot to strike all enemies on the battlefield.

[16:24] Angelina Williams doesn't seem to be in the mood for games, or for messing around tonight, as she simply waves her hand in the direction of the golems and their bodies begin trying to rip themselves apart (Bitches Love Cannons)

[16:25] Takamachi Mikoto extends her hand in front of her "Shine." releasing a blast of energy on the golems. <Spirit unleashed>

[16:25] Sparks is reaching down to ehr side, knowing what she'll find there smiling fondly as she pulls a squyat box ffrom her belyt and unfolds it with a chirp, starting to turn towards the golems when the first impacts hit staggering her, smile vanishing as her right hand leaps to her belt, plucking her weapon off adjusting settings on the fly with long practiced ease, a cone of energy engulfing both golems! (Blast shot)

[16:25] Metapool (Talista Glas) gets hit and blinks "why did I lose a number? Shit, I like numbers. Uh..." draws her blade and blinks as if she suddenly realizes what she can do "SMITE ATTACK!" she shouts "LEEEEROY JENKINS!" and rushes the nearest enemy doing a smite attack (smite attack)

[16:25] Ryosei stumbles away from the golems for a second as she was guarding the opposite direction, then turns with a slight growl. She lashes forward into the first Golem, swords flashing in the eerie light. (Slash on 1)

[16:28] Innoctiva is pulled from her happy little reverie as the attack hits, she would growl, not sounding much unlike a cat's. She casts a (Barrier) around Mikoto, seeing that everyone was still relatively healthy from the attack.

[16:36] Shi laughs and mocks the heroes as they attack. The golems breaking apart from the attacks as the soul energy splashes around and more golems are made. Now the enemy number doubling, SHi's voice echoing through her realm "Oh sorry, there will be no analyzing or whatever. These are my rules. I'm sure you can manage" more laughter as the soul golems begin to glow and charge a attack "Oh dear. This one looks dangerous. Better be ready" SHe teases and places a long nail to soul Eiras forehead as Eiras voice screams out in pain "Now now princess. Your dear friends came to die for you, I mean rescue you. Would be rude to just sleep through it" EIra looks up weakly and spots Mikoto. Mouthing 'Im...sorry' HEROES TURN

[16:38] XSU Trouble Siighhhs And spirit slashes the Soul golem 1

[16:39] Takamachi Mikoto growls and tries to reach out to her own abilities, frustrated at being constrained. She flings her hand out with a frustrated grunt, casting her spell blast without even a comment

[16:40] Sparks frowns, resetting ehr weapon to normal and targeting Golem two with a long blast, watching (Shoot #2)

[16:40] Angelina Williams starts marching forward slowly, barely paying attention to the golems as a wave of energy erupts from her to rip through them "How about you stop being such a wanker and come out here? I've got a fist with a few thousand copies of your name on it"

[16:40] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) readys a phase shot arrow. "Right. This must be one of those hopeless boss fight levels...." She frowns, and fires a phase shot at golem 3, trying to edge her way around the golem group towards the shield.

[16:41] Metapool (Talista Glas) points over "girl, you better believe prettier people than you have tried to kill me. And despite their initial success, I'm still here!" she states and flips her the bird "so jog on" she states and looks to the golems "now...for you...I learned this move from Witcher 3. It's called...HOLD X TO NOT DIE!" she screams and launches into a masterfully strange spinning sword display chopping at every enemy on the field ((whirlwind attack))

[16:42] Ryosei arches down into a crouch, then launches herself forward between the golems, ending up behind the group as her blade dance in deadly arcs. ((Whirlwind attack))

[16:44] Innoctiva frowns and glances to Samantha. "Should one of us risk using our "Super" to heal up everyone before a big attack?"

[16:45] Takamachi Mikoto: " no! Barrier yourselves and do it AFTER the big attack!

[16:45] Sparks glances over "I'd save it.. that rezzes too right? save it till someone's down, and barrier yourselves"

[16:46] Samantha Iseli blinks when the number of golems doubles and they then begin to charge up some sort of attack, seeing ash she isn't sure if there are any other healers among the group, she looks over to Innoctiva "If they are not injured, healing the group before an at-" she's cut off by Mikoto, who offers the advice she was going to give Innoctica anyway. So she nods and barriers herself

[16:46] The golems unleash their attack as they explode in spirit energy. Striking the entire team for major damage as even the barriers dont block. The entire party sits at 1 HP as Shi's laughter rings out "Come now dears. I do expect better" HEROES TURN

[16:46] Innoctiva nods and surrounds herself with a (Barrier)

[16:48] XSU Trouble staggers and falls back as the attack lands and groans "Goddamnit this game is rigged."

[16:48] Takamachi Mikoto: " Didn't work for Kefka. Didn't work for Sephiroth, Didn't work for Kuja and it's not gunna work for you!" She fires off another spell blast

[16:48] Sparks's face just tightens as she is hit and kocked back, staggering back to her feet grimly fiiring again (Shoot - #2)

[16:50] Metapool (Talista Glas) screams as she drops to 1 hp, which is at least 1 more than where she doesn't want to be, but a lot more than one less than where she usually prefers to sit "you cheating bitch, fucking cunt. Uh...reload previous save? No...glitch into ground and shoot around shield? No? Damn, not a Bethesda game I guess. I know...send hate mail to developers and stalk on twitter until they add an easy mode! No, don't think so either. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start? Hmmm...Well, no other option then..." she hops to the nearest golem and slashes it then hopes back like she's Cloud Strife in the original FFVII ((slash attack))

[16:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) falls back, panting as she feels the spirit energy tearing at her body. For some reason, she gives a low, slightly off-kilter chuckle, grinning at Kai with a wild expression. "From where we're sitting....this must seem like a 24 karat run of bad luck....." She raises her bow, shaking as she prepares another blast shot.
[16:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Truth is....

[16:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): The game was rigged from the start!

[16:51] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) fires her blast shot, if only to make it clear she's not dying without a fight.

[16:51] Angelina Williams ignores the impact of the blast and her health total as she starts pushing her way through the mass of golems, voice dripping with venom as she levels a phase shot at Shi despite the barrier "I... said... shut... the... fuck... up... and... stop... hiding... you... dumb... cunt!"

[16:51] Innoctiva collapses to her knees and raises her staff up, casting her Super and healing everyone to full, she had no fancy words for it this time. "Seems that way, always love stepping into the big bad's realm and have them jeer at us and all that.."

[16:51] XSU Trouble pushes herself up as dicepool breaks the rules and blinks "Wait.. we can do that?"

[16:52] Ryosei growls and goes to one knee, then as the heal washes over her she drives her smite into the back of the nearest Golem, still circling towards the sheilded figures.

[16:53] XSU Trouble Throws her sword a the nearest golem which dances of its own accord doing the swordsman of death combo for her

[16:54] Innoctiva watches as Angelina seems to be ignoring the laws of this realm. She rises up and frowns. "There must be a way for all of us to just break the rules like that.."

[16:58] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Assuming her plan actually works...

[17:02] Shi laughs at Trouble and Zeph's words "Im hurt dears. I am merely taking My little Suki's idea and expanding upon it. It" as she gestures around her "All of this, just works" After the party is healed SHi makes a gesture with her hands as the golems unleash their attack again this time without charging. Again they explode and leave the heroes at 1 HP. SHe looks to Dicepool with a venomous smile as the phase shot doesnt work and merely fades to nothing as it strikes the barrier "Ah, I cannot wait to taste your soul little one. Perhaps I will make you a servant. After all what do you think you are fighting? These are all the lost souls I have gathered. You will merely be added to the collection" Shi makes a gesture as the golems disappear. In theiir place she creates hell knights and what looks like Eira's mother corrupted and made into a soul sorceress. "Here, perhaps these will be of better fun and less challenge. We will call this..beginner mode for you" SHe laughs enjoying playing with the helpless heroes. EIra glares as she tries to gather her spirit energy. Weakly tethered to SHi's realm HEROES TURN

[17:05] Sparks flicks an ear "Whelp, any ideas?" gamely firing again

[17:06] XSU Trouble dosen't even bother catching the sword as it comes back letting it hover there infront of her as she frowns at it "Your not doing me any favors here bud."

[17:06] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) groans, falling to her knees. "Che4ting....b1tch..." She pants, her voice glitching a little as she staggers to her feet again and take aim at the corrupted form of Eira's mother. "1 will N0T.....b3 y0ur PL4YTH1NG."

[17:07] Angelina Williams notes Eira starting to do something and begins shifting towards the opposite side of the shield to draw Shi's attention away from her, ignoring the battle behind her entirely as she hurls another phase shot into the barrier "Oh, I'm way too spicy for you... your little games here don't frighten me in the least. You may control one little corner of reality, but all of it is a plaything to a Pool"

[17:07] Metapool (Talista Glas) blinks as she's fully healed "I...I have the power, I am a god, you can't touch this, I'll..." screams as she's dropped back to 1 hp. Not fair, I didn't agree to Dark Souls. I don't have time to keep running this mission as slightly different people over and over again" she states and shivers and looks to the nearest knight, going for a full squat teabag on the remains of a golem and then launching an attack against the nearest creature ((spirit slash))

[17:09] Ryosei shakes her head with a growl and notes that the field has changed. Unlike the nameless golems, there's a more clear 'leader' to this group of enemies, allowing her a target as she charges in and puts a lethal slash into the 'empress'. <Swordsman of Death>

[17:09] Samantha Iseli gasps in pain as the attack rips through her barrier, dropping her to her knees "That... did not work..." she groans and pushes herself up to her feet. She lets out a relieved sigh when Innoctiva's healing energy surges through her. "Well... Barriers are pointless..." she groans and sighs, not sure what to actually do, not that she can do anything as she's knocked back down to her knees at one HP. "That... Is.. not fair..." she grumbles and gathers her energy, raising her staff up and calling out "Geister verblassen nie" as she activates her own super, sending out a wave of healing energy to heal the party

[17:14] Innoctiva sighs and just sits on her knees. "This is why I am not a gamer.." As Samantha's healing wave washes over her and the others again she sighs. "I'd rather be getting my head stomped in again in the lower city.." She seemed to be forfeiting the turn the game provided for her, more so because she had no idea what she could do at this point if there was going to be another wave that nearly one shot them again.

[17:20] Shi laughs as the Empress falls to Ryoseis strike. Her laughter only growing more annoying and louder as the others fall "You think you aren't my toys. She gestures her hands and visible on everyone are strings. The same kind that were controlling Saki "You have been my toys this entire time you fools." Eira nods to Dicepool weakly as she begins to gather more energy. The souls stream seeming to change its flow as it comes towards her. Shi laughs and drops her barrier as she approaches the group "You see, I merely stole MY Suki's little game idea. It was just so fun. DId you enjoy watching the dear Empresses memories? The fool Advisor thought he could control me. Instead he brought me such a perfect vessel" Gesturing with her hands as boss music plays "So tell me dears. How are you NOT merley my little play things right now. Waving her hands as the healers would find their heal spell disappear from the selection. HEROES TURN

[17:22] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Hey, Shi.

[17:22] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) walks up to Shi.

[17:22] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Fuck you.

[17:22] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) phase shots Shi in the tits just because she can and figures she's about to die anyways.

[17:23] Angelina Williams continues to circle around as Shi finally moves out of the dome, firing another phase shot off despite being pretty sure it still won't do anything, and then trying to get close enough to whisper something to Eira

[17:23] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) actually charges. Damn muscle memory

[17:24] Ryosei twists herself as Shi appears beside her, stepping a few feet to the side to ready her stance before lashing out with a smite on the 'all powerful' being. <Smite>

[17:25] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu) runs up to Shi, draws back her hand and tries to punch her in the schnoz, REALLY REALLY hard.

[17:25] Sparks reaches up and tugs at one of her strings, then tries scanning it with her tricorder, even though they were told scanning doesn't work

[17:26] Metapool (Talista Glas) blinks at the strings "Ha, joke's on you, I always come with strings attached!" she shouts and then pauses "wait, no, that came out wrong. Let me try again...Ha, joke's on you, I excel at attaching strings. No, that's worse, first one better, we'll go with that. I know...time for the big one...420NOSCOPEDORITOSMOUNTAINDEWBLAZEIT69YOURMOM!" she shouts and does her super attack on Shi ((Swordsman of Death attack))

[17:26] XSU Trouble closes her eyes and waits.

[17:29] Innoctiva sighs again. "So, healers that can't, I mean make us more useless." She looks to the strings on her and tugs on one. "You are like the millionth person to try and pull that whole master of puppets bullshit on me.." She walks up to Shi, (Empowers) her staff and whacks her hard on the head. "Might as well die with THAT satisfaction.."

[17:29] Samantha Iseli frowns as she sees the strings attached to herself and the rest of the group and feels as though some of her power has been taken away, realizing she is no longer able to heal anyone. She frowns and casts cure on Innoctiva, looking to see if it removes the strings and restores her heal spell.

[17:37] Shi No Hime laughs and is suddenly cutoff by a REALLY REALLY HARD strike to her nose. Head jutting back as she rights herself and glares at Mikoto "This. IS where you die." Gesturing with her hands as as the souls rise up golem after golem appearing. As the entire area is surrounding the heroes "It's been fun. But I am quite bored now." She takes flight and stares down at the heroes "Are you not even curious as to how you ran into little Suki? Hmm? How I am able to torment her until the end of time all while Suki seemingly walks among your city?" SHe summons another soul, this one of Lexas Regal "You see, the Suki you knew before coming to this game. That was merely my creation. Nothing but a vessel of souls. This little ditz Lexas somehow managed to corrupt my creation, as such I had her killed. Oh you should of seen it. Suki was actually crying having to kill her only friend. And then when I let her awaken I purged all memory. The little ditz would search forever for where her friend left to" Her laughter echoes through the realm, sick and twisted" The golems surround the heroes but do not yet attack. Eira begins to glow as the souls from the stream begin to wash over her but SHi is to busy laughing at the misery she has caused HEROES TURN. The strings remain still as they glow removing another move from the heroes arsenal each

[17:39] Sparks raises an ewyebrow eyes following the streams of energy, making connections, she whispers low to the others "Keep her distracted. Don;t let her look at Eira, she spins, setting to wide-beam again firing a blast to engulf several golems witha loud cry of "ENOUGH ALREADY!"

[17:39] Kosmos (kosmos.asturias) hums "I've got no strings..." from Pinochio

[17:41] Metapool (Talista Glas) groans as her super doesn't connect "Bro, I am straight up not having a good time" she states and looks around "I am tired of being strung along. String your attack and get these fucking pieces of shit off of me!" she shouts, swinging her sword around in a whirlwind attack to try and remove the strings, not sure how she can forget how to use an attack but apparently she can no longer do a normal slash. No, can totally do a spirit slash but can't slash normally. gg ((Whirlwind attack at the strings))

[17:42] Angelina Williams snarls in rage as she listens to Shi's explanation, barely resisting the urge to leap on her like an animal, but instead she begins focusing on her control of the world around her, getting ready to capitalize on whatever distraction Eira is able to offer

[17:43] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): " Stop playing by this cunt's rules! if we use the abilities she gave us we're playing right into her hands! " At that point she did something she knew was a bad idea. She reaches out with her left hand to grab at the Tsuka of Shi's sword, grunting when she floats up out of range. Denied her original course of action She kicks off golem 4 trying to get enough height to grab hold of her

[17:44] Ryosei changes her mind on her swords and decides to try using Shi's manipulations against her. Instead of attacking, she starts to run around underneath the floating woman, aiming to wraps the strings that had been attached to her body around the villianess.

[17:44] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) looks around at the golems, still sitting at 1 hp, barely able to keep her software cohesive enough to function in the game. She listens to Shi's story and begins laughing, her expression very not unlike the expression of an anime yandere girl who has finally fucking lost it. "Th1s i5......t0o much....s0rry Mikoto-sama....1 suppo5e thi5 is....wh3re it ends...for 4ll of u5...." She raises her bow above her head and, resuming her demented laughter, fires a powerful shot into the air. ((BITCHES LOVE CANNONS))

[17:45] XSU Trouble grabs the book off her hip opens it and then points to the page shouting up at Shi "IT SAYS HERE YOUR A BITCH!"

[17:46] Angelina Williams 's voice comes over PAE comms, though sounding distant at the moment "Nobody kill her... when this fight is over, this bitch is mine... I'm gonna make her beg for the torments she inflicted on Suki"

[17:52] Innoctiva feels yet another of her abilities go away. Hearing the explanation on Suki's past she sighs. She flys up with a few flaps of her wings and attempts to whack Shi on the head with her staff again. "I've got nothing, I'm going to keep doing this till you kill me or I rattle enough sense in your brains that you'll kindly shut up, people like you make me sick.."

[17:58] Samantha Iseli just sort of blinks a bit, so the Suki they came here to rescue was a creation of Shi? So what, this whole thing had been a trap then? She feels another power taken away from her. She hears Mikoto say not to play by Shi's rules, but seeing as all the people don't have powers, she didn't exactly see any alternative but to not play at all. Not that she can actually do anything helpful anyway between the strings and with the powers this realm granted her being taken away

[17:58] The realm begins to rumble and the stream of souls glows more before finally erupting As Eira emerges...only looking very different and confident. With a wave of her hand the strings fade from the party as she looks to Dicepool and channels the soul energy in the realm through her

[17:59] Dicepool gives Eira a small smile and nod, and then suddenly a booming mechanical voice echoes out from all around "ADMINISTRATOR PRIVELEGES GRANTED". Dicepool's entire body suddenly breaks apart into strings of glowing code, which erupt across the battlefield and wrap around each of her allies "Well bitch... let me be the first to say... you just done fucked up... Ultimate Limit Break! Shatter Reality!" the energy flowing into everyone as not only your normal powers return to you, but limitless potential above and beyond them, your very wills becoming the new reality.

[18:02] Sparks blinks as the glow suffuses her, and lifts a lip I don;t usually offer much resistance to others wanting to get inside me.. but this is certainly welcome" she grins as possibilities run through her mind.. and one emerges, she closes her eyes clenching her fist as blinding energy coalesces in it then fades in a sparkle of code as she holds a small simple arrowhead insignia, gazing at it reverently before placing it on her chest and looking at the rest

[18:02] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) blinks, the code suddenly binding around her and restoring her fracturing software. "I.....feel....." she suddenly grins, gritting her teeth in pure anime-style determination. "Releasing mental blocks! Initialize magitek combat armor network! STEEL BUTTERFLY! ENGAGE!" And with that, her form changes, completely.

[18:03] Metapool (Talista Glas) there's a scream from Metapool's gun and both say in unison "Now you've activated my trap card" her gun dissipates, Metapool floats into the air and waves her sword. There's an explosion of light as she chants in something that sounds kinda like Japanese but is all gibberish "Owa mu ra shindu kama ubuntu oma shinga!" she shouts, gun platforms forming on her arms and she strikes a pose "NANI!!!!" she shouts as the warship cannons begin firing high powered explosive rounds into the groups of enemies below her

[18:05] XSU Trouble looks down as she glows blinking in suprise as sie now in power armor and nhooks the oversized pistol from her hip "Hay Shi bitch, Enough talk."

[18:05] Raigeki: blinks. Reaches up into the sky and then in a flash of light .. Transforms " you should give up now. " She comments as she starts to levitate

[18:07] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) levitates into the air, turning and nodding at Raigeki as she feels her systems, for the first time, fully initialize, the ten channelling crystals on her wings glowing and arcing with pure magical energy. "Let us bitch-slap her with the might of ZEUS!"

[18:07] Innoctiva's miasma erupts form her small form clouding her from the other's view. She tosses off her hat and the staff as tendrils of the mist swirl around the rest, her form starts to alter, growing larger and now eyes started opening in places in the mist that made up her actual body. Several mouths opened up and talked at once. "So you are letting me do this? Fine by me!" She let out a laugh as a few tendrils wrapped around the enemies below. "Can I devour her? Please?" The golems would start to feel the effects of her acid as the tendrils started to crush them.

[18:09] Raigeki: " Trouble. We are totally going to make that armor in the real world when we get out

[18:10] Jade watches everyone armor up, and concentrates as her own body is encased by metal and energy. "Oh yeah."

[18:10] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Knowing Trouble, she probably already has a prototype somewhere.

[18:10] Sparks steps back in slow measured strides, a blue shield bubble flickering around her

[18:12] Samantha Iseli blinks as Eira appears, and considering the way everything else in this battle has gone, she assumes things are about to get much worse. And with dicepool blowing up into lines of code, she's pretty sure her worst fears are confirmed, especially when the code wraps around her. Though to her surprise she finds her powers returning to her and even being augmented. Her coat starts to glow and wrap around her, eventually enveloping her completely in a glow bright enough to obscure her form. The glow unfurls from around her as a pair of wings, leaving her in a dress with metal golden accents

[18:14] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Hey, Mikoto-sama?

[18:14] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Is this the part where we kick ass?

[18:23] Raigeki: "Also. I knew you had it in you to be a magical girl, Eira. Now you'll never convince me you aren't.

[18:26] Empress Eira Endo floats up next to Mikoto. Summoning a orb as she controls all the energy of the realm and channels it through her allies. Her energy charging as The golems and Shi are actually looking worried. Shi gesturing with her hands but nothing happening as she looks up at Eira and Mikoto in disbelief. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Eira smiles "I am Empress Eira Endo of the Vegapan Empire. You have breached the contract of Soul Entities. You have toyed with the souls you were placed in charge of. have fucked with MY Family. Your reign ends here Shi." Shi laughs still stubborn and defiant "NEVER!" As the golems charge forward to attack the party. She smiles to Mikoto "Well...I guess we can't fight what we are" As she begins to charge a spiritual blast "How about we try one of your silly anime attacks together hmm?"

[18:29] Metapool (Talista Glas) shouts "I am also of the Vegan Pan empire, whatever that means. SPIRIT BEAM!" She shouts, cannons charging for an unimaginably long time and then firing beams of energy that are sure to make bubble explosions, a missile firing from her back, bursting above the enemy and raining down a cloud of teddy bears, and also death. As this happens she lands and begins cutting with her sword as the smaller guns fire off flak shots all around her at various enemies, hacking and slashing as her kit became a death blossom of...death

[18:30] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) focuses on attacking Shi, aiming to keep her off balance to give Eira and MIkoto the time they need to prepare their attack. "Finally free of your inane let's see how well you fare against my TRUE self!" The gems on her wings glow and channel energy into her sword, with arcs and crackles as Zephyr lights off her boosters and charges at Shi, swinging her magic-charged energy blade. "I AM THE SWORD OF PARAGON, AND YOU WILL TASTE MY BLADE!"

[18:34] Samantha Iseli isn't sure what she can even do with this new form, but since she is in a support role she casts a barrier spell, and is surprised to find it covers the entire party before she even has the chance to decide who to protect

[18:35] Raigeki snaps her her fingers and suddenly a new player entered the arena. She turns back and winks at CELES. Then she moves out next to Eira holding her hand out twards Shi " you mean hit her really -REALLY- hard? " beginning to build up a massive charge of electromagnetic energy.

[18:35] Jade launches into the air, the pods on her back spreading into wings of light as she lifts up her rifle, "HOLY JADE ULTRA BLAST." Spirals of green light rotate outwards from the barrel of her weapon, the central light growing brighter and brighter before, "BAKA!" The central beam lashes out towards Shi as the side spirals turn into missiles of light, arcing over the field before smashing into the various golems.

[18:35] Ryosei launches into the air, the pods on her back spreading into wings of light as she lifts up her rifle, "HOLY JADE ULTRA BLAST." Spirals of green light rotate outwards from the barrel of her weapon, the central light growing brighter and brighter before, "BAKA!" The central beam lashes out towards Shi as the side spirals turn into missiles of light, arcing over the field before smashing into the various golems.

[18:36] Dicepool extends a strand of code towards one of the rock spikes, the green energy saturating it and taking over the spirit flow, the rock suddenly spouting dozens of massive mech-sized beam cannons "Let's see just how much bitches actually do love cannons" the beams erupting in massive lances of light that scythe across the battlefield, leaving her allies untouched in their passing

[18:37] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 looks around looking at the scene. " Target lock acquired. Begining supressive fire.

[18:37] Innoctiva's miasma lashed out and whipped at the various minions of Shi as the bulk of her body seemed to rest around the others, oddly the mist seemed to steer clear of Samantha as if her very presence drove the darkness away from her.

[18:38] Astra [Kosmos] pulls out what looks like a small cartridge, loading it into a handgun, cause the handgun to expand in a flash of light to a gigantic 10 meter long rifle

[18:40] Empress Eira Endo chuckles at Mikoto "Well, we can try it your way for once. do you do this again?" The golems are being incinerated by the rediculous firepower. Shi cries out as she is struck by Zeph "This cant be happening! I CONTROL THIS REALM!" THe entire party begins to glow as Tear of Suki appears between Mikoto and Eira. Eira smiles "No Shi. I know control this realm."

[18:40] XSU Trouble pills the trigger the camera swooping in down her barrel too the front of the frontloaded bolt showing a smiley face as it sips between the barrel and the bolter shell until it shifts to display the rear of the shell which reads "Micro Fusion - handle with care" around the outer rim before the hammer drops slamming the firing pin forward which pearces the primer like a spear through plate. the camera follows the ejecting casing as it is jettisoned before time slows once more and the camera flys past the seemingly gargantuan casing to catch up with the slowly advancing nuclear bolt as the audiance is treated to the gyrojet engines spluttering and flareing in slow motion before Bursting alight and flying forward as the camera resettles on the golems that ar her target from a comparably safe distance to enjoy the light show.

[18:40] Sparks simply reaches up and touches the golden badge on her chest "Sela to Noonien... Fire."

[18:40] Far in the distance overhead a twinkling light that might be a shooting star moves overhead, and pinpricks of light flash and rain down onto the field massive particle beams slamming down precisely onto target, glowing bolts of energy chasing as torpedoes rain into the ground, the antimatter explosions blinding white as the massive beams of energy from the orbiting starship slam into Shi again and again

[18:42] Dicepool laughs at Shi "You DID control this realm... past tense"

[18:42] Metapool (Talista Glas) grins and slams the ground, a puff of smoke appearing and the machinery was gone. In its place as the starship rained down fire, a massive bear mech appeared. She laughed and began firing lasers from her eyes and launching fish missiles that rained down ill tempered sea bass with laser beams on the enemies below, laughing as she swung the massive paws, looking to cause as much teddy bear damage and chaos as possible

[18:43] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) pivots her boosters backwards, suddenly jetting away from Shi--only to be replaced by Trouble's rapidly advancing microfusion warhead. In slow-mo, the camera catchess her doing a backflip over the warhead, one of her fingers teasing mischeviously along the casing, until she clears the projectile, allowing it to continue on its journey to Shi's forehead as Zephyr sticks out her tongue and flashes a peace sign at the once-almighty space cunt named Shi.

[18:45] Astra [Kosmos] aligns her massive cannon in the direction of the Golems and the Empress. The cannon glows as a thin line projects towards her target before firing a massive blast of energy at the whole enemy field! ((Bitches Love Cannons))

[18:46] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) gives the little warehead some friends as well, firing off a salvo of high-explosive magically-charged shells from her forearm-mounted bolter. Not nearly as much punch as the microfusion warhead, but you know what they say about misery loving company-and there was a lot of misery in store for poor Shi.

[18:46] Innoctiva pulls herself back together, reforming into the small demonic form she was known for. Seems even as a large Eldritch abomination she lacked any will to kill another being. She would be content to watch the rest of the light show, honestly not really even being needed at this point.

[18:49] Raigeki looks down at Shi " She's a spirit, isn't she? Just pounding her with attacks isn't going to do it. " She looks at Eira. " We have to seal her. " she then thinks. " I'm going to create an electromagnetic field around her... and you to whatever you do to make it seal spirits. " She then looks at Shi "It didn't have to go this way. " Chō-Denjihō Rērugan!" and fires a massive beam of power at Shi, but just before hitting her splits into a thousand smaller beams that spin and wrap around her, begining to contract

[18:51] Ryosei floats back a bit as her helmet folds away, letting her watch the final moment's of Shi as people with a much greater vendetta go all out. The armored kitsune continues to take shots at any golem or other secondary spirit that might try to cause issues.

[18:51] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 looks over at Trouble. "Katy is going to be so jealous that you got to actually use a microfusion round in battle.

[18:52] Sparks headtilts "An imaginary microfusion round~" she teases

[18:52] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Totally non-existent.

[18:52] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): PAE publicly denies the existence of any and all so-called "microfusion rounds."

[18:53] Astra [Kosmos] tries booping the Empress with the barrel of her giant gun?

[18:54] XSU Trouble: "feels real enough to me" she replies blowing off the muzzle smoke of her bolter

[18:56] Empress Eira Endo nods and channels all the energy as she release her spirit orb. It begins to suck Shi in as she is wrapped by Mikotos attack. The Tear of Suki flies forth and encompasses the orb as a crystal seal begins to form. Eira merely nodding "Your punishment is confinement, never to be released" As she unleashes her blast. The battlefield golems easily being decimated by the partys attack and microfusion blast leaving a crater in the area that just merely reforms. The souls flying about and merely being channeled into the now proclaimed Vegapan Empress "For all the people you tormented, and lives you have destroyed. You are no more the controller of this realm nor the keeper of souls"

[18:58] Dicepool nods at Miko's words, strands of code forming into chains and surging at Shi to aid in the binding, then she begins floating down towards the ground, looking to Mikoto with a grim smile "And this is why you keep a Pool on the payroll"

[18:59] Metapool (Talista Glas) smirks "and additionally I curse you to teabags" she states, making a teabag motion in the massive mech suit. She blinks and looks to Dice "you people are getting paid?" she giggles "teddy bears for all!" she states, firing another teddy bear missile that exploded, sending hundreds of teddy bears into the team

[19:01] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) drops down next to Trouble, twirling her sword and looking at Trouble's bolter. "Crude, but effective."

[19:03] Sparks surveys the devastation dispassionately, giving direction through her badge the furious attack from space lets up, bright bolts of beam energy spearing down around the party helping keep any summoned minions at bay (by vaporizing them) as Shi is bound

[19:04] Innoctiva is preoccupied by all the teddy bears, gathering the ones she could she would make herself a pile of the stuffed animals and proceeded to hide in the mass of toys with a little giggle.

[19:04] XSU Trouble grins me revs down her chainsword and looks at her bolter "like a sledge hammer to an infants face." she replies staring at it a moment.. before holstering it.

[19:04] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): comment on that.

[19:05] Empress Eira Endo flies down and catches the crystalized spirit as it turns into her orb. The energy around dying down as Eira stops channeling her powers to Dice and everyone. The entire area begins to change

[19:05] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): I would ask if we could put those in mass production, but....I don't think Mikoto-sama would approve of raw recruits running around with automatic gyrojet guns. And shattered shoulders.

[19:06] Samantha Iseli looks appalled at Trouble's statement, but otherwise just remains on standby in the event she is somehow needed for something

[19:06] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu) looks down at the containment unit. "We aren't done yet. Ange. Come here. I'm going to need help " She then pulls out a cable from her pouch and kneels down next the cage. " you think I'm letting you keep Suki? you have another thing coming. " She seems to plug one in to the back of her head, and then moves to plug the other end into the containment cage

[19:07] Ryosei finds herself reverting back to her normal form, which suits her fine now that the danger is gone.

[19:07] Metapool (Talista Glas) moves over to Samantha "you fucking did it you awesome healer" gives her a teddy bear, then she walks back over towards Mikoto as she looks at her with a tilt "Can I help get Suki back?" she asks as the power armor fades away

[19:07] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667)'s steel wings flutter as she looks at Mikoto. "Let me know if you need a bit of a magical boost."

[19:08] Raigeki frowns " shit.. it doesn't have a data port.. But I thought i willed it into existance...

[19:08] The area changes as a bright light envelopes the entire party

[19:10] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) hums at trouble's statement, dismissing her energy sword. "Like I said, I'm fairly certain Mikoto-sama would not allow us to give such firepower to raw recruits."

[19:10] Dicepool feels Eira withdraw her influence and decides it's probably best to let everyone believe that her power was based primarily on that, per her agreements with Mikoto, so she lets herself return to normal and withdraws the influence on everyone else

[19:10] Metapool (Talista Glas) steps through the teleporter and immediately starts singing Stairway to Heaven and doing an air guitar motion, waiting for someone to drop a 'no stairway' on her.

[19:10] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) also dismisses her wings so she doesn't smack anyone with them.

[19:10] XSU Trouble: "well.. " she trails off seeing where they are now. "so if the last place was hell does that make this...?"

[19:11] Sparks takes her commbadge off, looking wistfully at it "I don;t even get to keep you do I...? a memento.." before slipping it into a jumpsuit pocket

[19:11] Sparks before looking around "Ultra-hell?"

[19:11] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) looks around. "My guess is this is Heaven, Purgatory....or Hardee's."

[19:12] Empress Eira Endo smiles as she alters the area around them. A radiant glow as the trapped souls suffering ends. "No Zeph, this is not. This is the same realm. Or what it should be. This is the Realm of Spirits. where we part ways now"

[19:12] Innoctiva frowns when she is teleported out of her fortress of teddy bears.

[19:12] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: you aren't doing that bullshit 'i have to sacrifice myself' nonsense are you?

[19:13] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) turns around, making sure not to accidentally knock Trouble's feet out from under her with her boosters. "What do you mean by "part ways, Eira? You're coming back with us."

[19:13] Sparks watches Empress Eira "That's great and all.. how do we get Suki back? that is why we started this whole adventure isn't it?" she looks around

[19:13] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Everyone's fuckin' coming back with us.

[19:14] Raigeki tries give a gentle knife edge chop to Eira's head. "no. None of that. Shame on you. "
[19:14] Astra [Kosmos] frowns at her appearance and concentrates

[19:15] Ryosei watches the scene, taking a deep breath as she starts glowing slightly, but hardly noticable with all the light around.

[19:15] Angelina Williams: Yeah... ya may not have always been my favorite person during this whole thing... but in the end it turns out you were pretty alright. So no being a martyr allowed

[19:15] XSU Trouble headpats Zeph.

[19:15] Sparks reaches out to pet Ryosei softly, since she wound up next to her

[19:16] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) moofs,. Her wings were out the entire time, nevermind that crap about folding them up.

[19:16] Empress Eira Endo smiles as she summons a crystal and floats it over to Mikoto "I am sorry, but the sacrifice was already made. If Shi was to be sealed than another would need to take her place. There must always be a Keeper of Spirits. This crystal is Suki's soul. The true Suki." The chop going right through her "I am sorry Mikoto, but I must burden you with one thing. Please, protect Suki. She only lives for her Empress. She must learn there is more to life"

[19:16] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Eira....

[19:16] Raigeki: Dice. Meta. Create dragonballs. Now.

[19:16] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): What about the school?

[19:18] Metapool (Talista Glas) smirks "I can do a genie in a bottle, but you have to keep Dandelion back, his singing haunts me to this day" she states and looks around "No? Name the show? Please? I can't remember, it had superman in it, and I think Justin Bieber? Hmmm, think I'm losing it" she states and moves forward to Eira "Can I help? I have some...ways...if I can think of them or remember them...usually I can't..."

[19:20] Empress Eira Endo smiles "Im sure the students are in good hands with Nightmare. This was my choice to make." She places her hand on Metapools head "Thank you dear, but the deed is already done. There is no going back, and have no regrets as long as Suki is safe." SHe smiles to Zeph "You would no doubt do the same for your sister, would you not?"

[19:21] Angelina Williams: Don't worry about Suki, I'll make sure she does just fine in her new home... can we like, leave this gateway open, and you can come and go as you need to?

[19:21] XSU Trouble: "we demand two sukis. we promised to come back for village suki!"

[19:21] Empress EIra Endo smiles to Trouble "The old Suki will return as well, I sadly cannot do much for her. But please, take care of her as well. SHe may not trully be my sister, but she is. Despite being Shi's creation."

[19:22] Samantha Iseli looks around, blinking a couple times at the change in scenery before focusing on what the others are saying, tilting her head slightly, looking between the others "I am not inclined towards the sacrifice of one person for the sake of another" She mutters with a sigh

[19:22] Raigeki: " Whats the point of all this? Suki is trapped in a crystal, and even if we do get her out, you know damn we'll she'll just take her own life once she finds out you sacrificed herself. You're damming her to a life of being on suicide watch. Are you really going to do that? "

[19:22] Metapool (Talista Glas) stares as she feels a hand on her head, reaching up to touch it and crying a bit for a moment before whatever emotional wave had gone through her was gone. She had but a moment of sanity, and then immediately moved and hugged Eira tight "thank you." she states "I will try and remember this moment..."

[19:24] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) looks up at Eira with the single "eye" on her visor, then looks away. "...Yes. I understand, Eira-sama." She looks at Raigeki. "Mikoto-sama...there is nothing to be done. It is finished."

[19:25] Ryosei considers and leans over to whisper something in Spark's ear. "Tell Yoko I am sorry."

[19:25] Empress Eira Endo shakes her head to Mikoto "Suki is stronger than that. If I hadn't done this and we freed her, she would never change. She would only live for me. Would you want that Mikoto? She needs to live. Anyone can die for someone, there is no strength for that. To live for them, and continue striving forward, that is strength. I know Suki possesses such."

[19:25] Sparks blinks looking back at her questioningly

[19:26] Innoctiva seems to bury her face into the collar of her coat, the waves of emotions from the group seemed to be overwhelming her and she remained quiet trying to hide the tears welling up in her eyes.

[19:26] Raigeki: " It's never finished. I didn't get where I am by just giving up and accepting bullshit

[19:27] Sparks maintains an almost vulcan stoicism on the outside, though she is currently looking at Ryosei with a raised eyebrow

[19:27] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): This isn't 'bullshit,' Mikoto-sama. This is Eira giving up -everything- for her sister. For her world. For us. Would you not do the same in her shoes if it were the only way?"

[19:28] Samantha Iseli sighs and looks over at the stairs while the others are arguing with Eira and just starts to quietly slip away and make her way towards them

[19:29] Empress Eira Endo places her hand on Mikotos shoulder "I have no regrets Mikoto. I wouldn't entrust my sister to you if I did."

[19:29] Metapool (Talista Glas) gives Eira a tighter hug and then releases her. She looks around the area for any weird waves or something. She pulls off her visor and looks with tilted eyes and shakes her head "I need some bullshit right now" she states and shakes her head moving over to Dice "help me do something...I need help, I can't...think clearly, I need help..." she states

[19:31] Angelina Williams keeps an eye on Eira and Mikoto while she tilts her head at Meta's comment "What sort of help, exactly?"

[19:31] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) looks back at Eira. " a final request...."

[19:32] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Is there anything you can do to help Suki? Give her something to remember you by or to give her strength?

[19:32] Metapool (Talista Glas) stares at Dice and sighs "I don't know. How do we have a happy ending?" she asks and hugs Dice tight "I'm sad and can't think clearly enough to not be sad but can't vent and I need to not let this happen but don't know how to not make this happen."

[19:34] Raigeki walks over and tries to pick up Eira and put her over her shoulder. " nope. Nope nope nope. not happening Eira. Don't forget I had that fight with Persephone. I know how to make it so you can't do this without taking me with you and you won't do that. "

[19:35] XSU Trouble: thats denial

[19:36] Angelina Williams gives a small wistful smile as she hugs Meta back "Sometimes you don't get to make everything go the way you want it to... I see enough to know this is one of those times. Just be glad that we've managed to right the wrongs of the past"

[19:36] Empress Eira Endo smiles to Zeph "You know, I never could get Suki to stop calling me that" She merely nods "You will see when you all depart this realm. Though you may have to incapacitate Mikoto to do so" she laughs as Mikoto goes right through her. She lets the orb rise between the group "Goodbye my friends. Thank you. For loving me" The orb flashes sending out a bright light as everyone is sent back to Eiras office

[19:37] Samantha Iseli starts to make her way up the stairs while the others continue to try to find some way of keeping Eira with them, of course, she's assuming that sitting in the chair will actually do anything..though, the next thing she knows, she's back in the office

[19:38] Sparks shakes her head and turns to leave

[19:38] Ryosei starts to talk to Eira, 'If you'd like, I would......' then poof back to the office.

[19:40] XSU Trouble: "well.. Shit."

[19:41] NS Z3PH-YR emerges in her old body, but her expression is still the same. Half expectantly and half dreading, she turns to see who-if anything, is left where Eira was.

[19:41] Astra [Kosmos] grumbles as she's left nearly naked again

[19:41] Metapool (Talista Glas) blinks and she's in the office "It was all a dream...wait no, it wasn't" is still hugging Dice "sorry, someone else needs this" she states and moves over to Mikoto, grabbing her and hugging her tight, nuzzling her shoulder in probably a bit of a weirdly friendly manner

[19:41] Raigeki s visor snaps closed

[19:41] Sparks looks down and flexes her fingers in her suit "..." reaching into her pocket even though she knows better...

[19:42] Eira is gone, in her place sits a sword. Sky blue, with a ribbon wrapped around the blade and a crown as the hilt

[19:43] XSU Trouble stares... "Where are we going to build the shrine?" she eventually says

[19:43] NS Z3PH-YR gingerly picks up the sword, examining it, then looks up at Raigeki. "This must be for Suki."

[19:43] Raigeki reaches up and patts Meta's shoulder, but other wise remains silent.

[19:43] NS Z3PH-YR: ...Not now, Trouble....please.

[19:44] Raigeki: Zeph. Put Kori down before she freezes. you. "

[19:44] XSU Trouble: "Seems like an important thing to get out of the way..."

[19:44] Angelina Williams steps over to the sword and reaches out, not quite touching it "I know I'm not worthy of you, but if you'll allow it, I'll deliver you to the one who is" frowning a bit as Zeph just grabs the blade

[19:44] Samantha Iseli lets out a quiet sigh, she had tried to take Eira's place while everyone was arguing, but that hadn't worked, at all. Knowing a few of the people as she does, she has a feeling they'll be trying to find a way back in to get Eira

[19:44] NS Z3PH-YR replaces the sword on the desk, tapping her fingers against the surface. "We need to find her."

[19:44] The sword allows Zeph to pick it up. A name engraved in the crown 'Empress of Souls'

[19:45] Sparks lets out a breath "If you all will excuse me.." she states a bit stiffly formal, before moving to the door, disappearing through it unless quickly stopped

[19:45] Ryosei follows the redheaded woman out.

[19:46] Metapool (Talista Glas) pulls out a data chip and gives it to Mikoto "Contact information for me. I will be shocked when I receive it. I have a moment of sanity before I become confused again. You can contact me if you need....teddy bear...or something" she states and looks around ""

[19:46] XSU Trouble's heat turns to watch Sparks go.. then after a moment follows.

[19:47] Innoctiva appears back in the office and raises up her miasma to hide herself from the rest. She may have not had the experiences the rest had with Eira, but feeling their sorrow was really getting to her as empathic as she was. At this point she starts to melt into the shadows, knowing its better the ones who knew Eira would rather have those close to mourn her loss.

[19:48] Samantha Iseli looks at the empty chair, then to the sword, then to the others gathered "I have work to do." she states quietly and starts to make her way out of the building, starting to make her way back to PAE

[19:49] Angelina Williams gently lifts the sword, cradling it in her arms like a child as she turns towards Raigeki, barely holding back her own tears now despite having gotten what she first came for

[19:50] NS Z3PH-YR turns away from the desk, looking out the window facing the city. Softly, barely audible among the ambient sounds of the building, she begins singing.
[19:50] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): ((

[19:50] Raigeki gently extracts herself from metapool gently and moves over to the sword " ... wait that's not.. " She looks down at it then looks at Dice "This isn't Kori.. "

[19:50] The sword glows a little with Eira's familiar warm energy. Having now completely transcended and taking Shi's place as Keeper of Souls. Eira Ermine was no more, having finally found her peace after a immortal life of war. She had finally truly retired.
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Re: Suki Finale. Fall of Soul, Rise of a Empress

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