Do you have a story idea? We want you!

For the sim or the website
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Do you have a story idea? We want you!

Post by Chyleste » Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:43 am

Do you have an idea for a story arc?
Is one of your stories growing large enough to effect the city?
Would you like to run an event?

We would love to help set things up and bring your ideas to life.

There are a few guidelines that we require to make it work.

1. Things must fit into our setting and lore.

2. It needs to be something that everyone can get involved in and enjoy. We want to try to give everyone a chance to shine.

3. Any building needs or changes to the SIM build need to be reasonable and approved by Chyleste.

4. Every story should have a beginning, climax and resolution. It's always nice to have some follow up threads that can be investigated for future stories. Also keep in mind any consequences that will result from the story.

5. We want variety in the stories and events. I know there's only so many ways to tell a story involving super heroics. It will get boring if we keep repeating the same basic ideas-- like a giant lizard attacks one event, then the next is a giant monkey. We at least want to put something different in between similar events.

Any admin can help set things up. Don't be afraid to talk with any of us. Remember this is OUR world. We are creating together!

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