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Dissappearance of the Sanctum

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 6:34 pm
by SelaKitty
Suggested WL Day: Glowing Sea
BGM: "The Great Northern Cave"

[15:56:29] Sparks is studying a padd, staying a bit back from the demarcation where the sanctum teleported out - Iridium flating slowly over the site moving in a slow grid pattern
[15:59:05] Samantha Iseli spots the Iridium flying above befoe she arrives at the site, but quickly spots Sparks and makes her way down the road, pulling out her datapad and activating literally every sensory module on the device and starting to run a scan "The last time I was here, a skeleton launched an arrow at me" she comments offhandedly.
[16:06:07] Sparks glances up, nods at her "Doctor.." looks into the area "No skeletons now.. or much of anything..." she frowns as her padd trills "There is somethign though..."
[16:10:22] Samantha Iseli returns the nods "Sparks." she replies and then nods against "Indeed." She hmms and looks over to Sparks "What have you found?" she asks, her scanner suite doesn't quite have the range that Sparks does with a ship and all.
[16:12:21] Sparks shakes her head frowning as Iridium circles a spot slowly "Lots of anomalies.. typical for areas of high magic use but there's something.. a large energy reading.. description sounds something like what HG described..." she transfers the readings to Sam
[16:20:30] Samantha Iseli doesn't get the data because her datapad's wireless transceiver chip isn't installed. "I will have to take your word for it, my scanner does not have that kind of range" she replies
[16:21:35] Sparks glances at her and hums "Well.. there's some kind of radiation out there.. I wouldn;t want anyone normal going in without some kind of protection, but..." she steps off the roadway carefully into the zone
[16:25:07] Samantha Iseli looks over her readings "Either my scanner is unable to detect it, or it does not reach out very far..." she asks as she slowly follows Sparks into the former site of the Sanctum, monitoring her scanner the whole time
[16:28:10] Sparks picks her way carefully in, monitoring her padd as much as looking where she's stepping - proceeding carefully until she stops "...picks up after here.. and that energy field.. it keeps surging..' she frowns "This could be dangerous"
[16:32:53] Samantha Iseli pauses just behind Sparks "I am definitely detecting something now...Though I cannot tell exactly..." she watches the energy surge, looking for any specific pattern. "I am having trouble identifying the energy, cannot tell if it is dangerous, but I would be inclined to assume it is."
[16:34:39] Sparks grumbles giving the side of her padd a soft whack - as if it would help "I hate magic..." she turns - looking towards the center of the field at an oddly remaining structure and paces slowly around it keeping a perimeter, mapping the edge of the field "But there's also these odd gaps..."
[16:39:40] Samantha Iseli hmms "I do not disagree with that sentiment." She frowns a little "Why could we not see that from further out?" she asks when she sees the odd structure "That bares a resemblance to a turbine generator" she comments as she follows along with Sparks
[16:41:26] Sparks grumbles "Because magic of course... you have to be standing diagonally to it, or the wind has to be coming from the east - or who knows whatever arbitrary laws of physics it bends..." she tilts head examining it "Mmm.. does seem to be some kind of generator.. and if they left it behind.. with no support system..."
[16:47:12] Samantha Iseli hmms "Well, at least we did not have to sacrifice a virgin chicken on a new moon at midnight." she comments dryly and then frowns "The last time they moved their sanctum, did they not attempt to blow up a large portion of the city?" She pauses a little "If that is a generator...that is still running..." She looks over at Sparks "With nowhere for the charge to go, would it not build up until the generator fails? Or..." she stops to think again "This radiation field may very well be the generator output... Would it not continue to expand?"
[16:49:37] Sparks closes her padd frowning into the haze "Or it may simply wind down and stop.. we don;t know what it was running off of.. aside from 'magic' of course.." the disgust in her voice apparent at the M-word "But catastrophic overload and a steadily expanding radiation field of death are easily possibilities too... wouldn't pout it past them" she sighs "Let's put some hazard markers up and get VG involved.. we're going to need assistance from mages or.. sorcerers.. or whatever the people in funny hats are called"
[16:53:39] Samantha Iseli nods a little bit "I for one hope it winds down and stops. But as you said 'because magic', we do not know. So yes, I sincerely second the suggestion of involving specialists. "I would still like to take samples.of the soil to run further tests on."
[16:54:56] Sparks nods "If you hand me a sample container I'll get one in the field.. I can withstand it for a bit.. I suggest theough for the rest you work that way ish..." she gestures south and east "...anmd watch out for any other surprises
[17:01:36] Samantha Iseli puts away her datapad and opens up her medical bag "That is why I brought this" she says, rummaging through. Notably, there is something that looks more or less like a pistol, and another device which Sparks might recognize as what she's called a 'shield projector gauntlet'. Eventually she procures a number of samples containers. She hands half to Sparks and starts by collecting a sample of hopefully uncorrupted soil., putting it in a case. She opens up her datapad again and starts making her way towards the south.
[17:02:57] Sparks nods taking them and putting some in pockets, looking towards the reactor her suit rippling she takes a firm step into the field, plodding in at a steady pace to reach a site closer in...
[17:10:04] (Unnamed) You step into a field of demonic energy radiation, it gets stronger as you approach the reactor.
[17:05:57] Samantha Iseli doesn't actually make it very far before she notices something. She furrows her brow as she nears a strange black material that doesn't show up on her active scans, and barely registers on her passive ones "When you are done there, I found something else. And I want one to examine."
[17:07:22] Sparks grunts "Right..." stepping up close as she dares as her suit twists and ripples chaotically, then going down to a knee, quickly uncapping the container and scooping some of the aoil and rubble into it - sealing it on the spot and hurrying quickly out over to Sam
[17:10:10] Samantha Iseli looks over at Sparks "Are you alright?" she asks, noting how Sparks' suit ripples rather significantly in the radiation field "Also, based on the reaction from your suit, I am altering my opinion of that energy to 'very probably dangerous'.
[17:12:53] Sparks nods "Yes." she says briefly, then elaborates as she bags jots down information on the container and bags it "The radiation picks up significantly in there.... it's not beta or nuclear - still not sure exactly what it is or it would do to someone unshielded.. but wouldn't want to find out" she seals the baggie as her suit calms to it's normal state then looks down "Alright ,whatcha got?"
[17:19:13] Samantha Iseli hmms "I suppose we could bring a lab animal and expose it to the field. However that seems both cruel and unnecessary. But I do have the data I was able to collect saved, I can run some theoretical tests when we return to PAE or the hospital." She then turns to the object "I... have no idea. It seems to be absorbing the energy from the active scans from my datapad. The applications for this material would be endless..."
[17:22:37] Sparks "I agree.. maybe the magic users can tell us something" leans over studying the crystalline shape and gives a low whistle as she tries to peer at Sam's datapad "That's something alright.."
[17:26:15] Samantha Iseli nods a little "I would certainly like some of it to study myself. Though without knowing more about the material, I would rather not try to remove a piece... So, yes, probably best to leave it to the magic users, at least for now." Her datapad is in German, though she is aware that Sparks can apparently read the language.
[17:30:14] Sparks would stare at the padd for a minute or two - longer than someone reading it normally would need - then blink and nod "Right.. I'd love to take a sample but.. might be dangerous to remove it into the city just yet.. and I kinda don't wanna touch it eiuther" she observes
[17:33:09] Samantha Iseli nods "I am more concerned about what would happen if it were fractured. If it absorbs energy, then one must ask where the energy goes? Logically, it must be stored in the material. So what happens if the material is subjected to a shock sufficient to destabilize it?" she asks, though more just theorizing than actually asking "I suspect moving it would actually be relatively safe, but there is that 'because magic' aspect that makes all of this little more than guess work."
[17:35:10] Sparks tilts ear and frowns "mmm, Logically yes.. logically though such a material doesn't exist either, it may be transported.." she waves a hand vaguely "...somewhere" she nods, looking around a bit for a stick
[17:39:04] Samantha Iseli shrugs a little "If the energy is transported elsewhere, cracking it open may be even more dangerous as that could in theory allow the energy to return as well, though..." she looks around "There appear to be a number of these in the radiation field, so if the energy from all of them is sent to the same place, the backwash could be potentially far larger than what this piece has absorbed." she sighs a little "Or it could start leaking strawberry ice cream for all I know. Magic is..." she makes a frustrated noise and shrugs "Either way, it is cataloged."
[17:40:42] Sparks nods and straightens "Right.. let's get our samples - set up some hazard markers, and report in I think..."
[17:43:06] Samantha Iseli nods "According to my map, the only other thing of interest is a door further to the east." she says, pausing to collect another soil sample that was further away from the radiation field, lower chance of contamination, and multiple control samples never hurt anyone. "I second the hazard markers. Your call on whether to check the door or depart after that. Though I suppose since there are two of us, we could do both at the same time."
[17:44:33] Sparks pulls out her own padd checking out the survey data "Mmm, Iridium didn;t see anything else int eh area but.. I'll go with you, just wait up a moment for me" she moves over closer to the road as the same craft descends smoothly, she opens a hatch pulling out some small flares and collapsible marker cones to set out
[17:45:30] Samantha Iseli nods a little "Would you like some help then?" she asks "There is no point in me just standing here."
[17:48:19] Sparks shrugs, grabbing some cones and handing Sam the road flares "Light these and circle them around the zone, a meter or two out from the cones.."
[17:52:19] Samantha Iseli nods a little and accepts the flares, following after Sparks and placing them in her medical back. Whenever Sparks puts down a cone, she lights a flare and places it the specified distance out from the cone, averaging them at one and a half meters out.
[17:56:11] Sparks would make a quick circle around the area spacing them out marking the zone as best she could - ending back where they started stashing any leftover cones or flares Sam gave back - Iridium taking off again as she looks to her "Alright.. lead on doc"
[17:58:42] Samantha Iseli returns the spare flares and then nods, pulling her datapad out again to keep an enhanced lookout for any other additional surprises as she leads Sparks to where her map says there is a door.
[18:00:32] Sparks follows, Iridium going to a slow patrol orbit overhead and tracking them
[18:02:33] Samantha Iseli leads Sparks to the door, at least it looks like a door anyway. Though she can't figure out how to open it "Well, it is a door. But I have doubts that even both of us could open this by hand."
[18:06:34] Sparks hums, surveying it as she steps up closer, reaching up running her hand over it - then giving a whimsical knock and shaking her head "Nope."
[18:08:33] Samantha Iseli hmms "Well...It would probably take a team of engineers with plasma torches a day or two to cut through this, so I think we are about done here for the time being."
[18:09:54] Sparks nods and sighs "Well.. we got plenty of readings to stdy at least.. and your samples... speaking of which" she reaches into her coat to pull out the one's she'd collected, including the one from close in, all neatly lableed and detailed from where and what, to hand over
[18:11:44] Samantha Iseli nods a bit and puts away her datapad again as Sparks hands her the samples. she places these in isolated and shielded sample container containers for extra safety and to avoid contaminating the other samples. "Dangge" she says an returns to following Sparks
[18:13:25] Sparks inclines head and leads back to the road - tilting ear as she monitors comm - she'd pull out her padd "Go ahead Doctor.. I think I'll wait here for the vanguard team..." she taps at her padd uploading her data back to the PAE tower
[18:22:14] Samantha Iseli notices the data upload and hmms "Could you grant me access to that data? for when I get to PAE I suspect that your equipment may have better or more complete readings than mine was able to provide. I will make my data available to you as well, in the event that my scans picked up something that yours did not." She hmm a bit as she looks over the slightly distorted area, like a heat ripple, but somewhat less obvious and then to the generator "I do hope they have the good sense to take detailed readings of that generator before they do... whatever with it. Because I want to look over the design" She looks back over to Sparks "Would you like me to remain or should I depart to get a head start on research?" Of course, Sparks had told her to go ahead, but there were warnings for PAE members to not be alone in the lower city, even if they were months old
[18:24:03] Sparks taps keys to allow her access "Of course... and that's part of why i'm remaining her. I'll be fine." she sighs "Then again.. I'm a director now.. example and all that.." she taps her comm to privately request a very small security detail
[18:27:15] Samantha Iseli blinks a couple times "Hmm? Oh right, you are director of space division now. Congratulations." she says, having heard something about it a while back but there had always been something more pressing than social niceties. "If you are sure, than I shall begin to make my way back"
[18:28:00] Sparks waves "Take care"
[18:30:12] Samantha Iseli returns the way "You as well." She casts one last glance at the area "I do not know if I have acquired some of Katy's paranoia... But I am very concerned about this." she says and then starts to walk off