Notices about pending large scale or sim-wide events
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The Celestial City Mayoral Election will be happening -very- soon.

You will be required to vote -twice-

One vote will be for your character
The second vote will be for YOU.

IC and OOC wants and needs are very different indeed.

Your IC choice will determine which of the three candidates will go on to reign as Mayor of Celestial City.
Your OOC choice will determine which of the three candidates IC policies will best serve YOU as a PLAYER in the RP Environment.

We want to provide you the RP environment you want, with out you having to vote for a candidate you wouldn't vote for.

For example. Your character might be into equality and equal pay. But you yourself maybe want a sim where villains are more prolific and present.
The OOC vote is a mandate from the player base about what kind of rp environment they want. We will work out how that environment is implemented should the IC candidate be totally against the IC environment desired. There are numerous sneaky ways to do this IC.

The winner of the IC vote will be mayor.
The winner of the OOC vote will have the atmosphere implemented.
It's really over to our player base to decide how they want the sim proceed.

An informed decision we feel is best for everyone participating in this roleplay.

Each Candidate will pitch their IC policies in Terms of how they feel they benefit the sim in an OOC capacity.

The IC campaign has been going well with the personalities battling it out in debates and exchanges across social media. Your characters likely ready to vote for those characters IC.

Now comes the final phase where the OOC pitch will be made to you the player.

Below the candidates will pitch how they feel their policies will affect the roleplay environment of the sim to cater and serve better the player community.

The IC vote your characters vote for choice of mayor.
The OOC vote is your about the future of the role-play environment.

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Post by J.Trimble »


I believe everybody is here to have fun. Roleplay is meant to be fun. It's also supposed to be pretty simple to find something to do. My intents for the sim atmosphere are simply to facilitate roleplay. All these options will be there to help roleplay grow. Bare in mind you can opt -in- and -out- of any storyline you wish. Nobody is going to force you to play a situation you don't want to. Consider the proposal a buffet. You don't have to eat it all, or any of it, but it's nice to have the choice.

[*]I believe heroes can't be heroes without villains. It's the elephant in the room. Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor, Spiderman has Doc Ock. All heroes need a nemesis. These can't be provided by NPC driven storylines. These must be provided by players who are wanting to invest their time in the sim. Currently villains mainly believe that being a villain in celestial is near impossible due to the continual -villain rush- by heroes. We need to provide villains with some way to combat this.
[*]I believe we must make celestial city appealing to villains so that heroes can actually -be- heroes rather than cosplayers with powers.
[*]I believe heroes need adversity in order to be heroes.
[*]I believe Celestial City currently provides too many IC services that are taken for granted and actually restrict the options for crime and adversity.
[*]I believe that there are many types of role-player and one shoe fits all punishments does not work in regards to the diverse player base of the city.
[*]I believe villains need to be given the opportunity to be villains and heroes the chance to evolve their characters through encounters with villains.
[*]I believe the IC atmosphere of a sim -should be- the greatest villain and the ultimate adversity a character can face.
[*]I believe in staying -true- to the setting of most superhero stories. Superheroes are -usually- at odds with the law or believe the law too corrupt in order to deliver justice thus giving them a -reason- to act outside of it.
[*]I believe that a long term solution to stimulating roleplay must be established rather than short term encounters and short term fall out from plot lines.
[*]I believe the setting should provide the tools and options for roleplay rather then rp being dependent on sim wide plots.
[*]Finally I believe that players should be responsible for starting their own plotlines. The proposed measures are to give players the tools to do so.


[*]I intend the law the apply to all, hero and villain alike. ((that's what equality looks like))
[*]I intend the police to be better equipped and able to respond to threats as well as having meta humans allowed on the roster.
[*]I intend the police to allow villains on the roster in order to fulfill -corrupt- cop niche.
[*]I intend corrupt cops and good cops to not have to be segregated into different groups. Going to the cops should be a gamble.
[*]I intend that mass intervention ((ganging up on villains or heroes )) becomes a -Public disorder- offense that can lead to prosecution of all involved.
[*]I intend that "bystander intervention" in crimes will require notifying the police before hand. If this is not done, it can lead to prosecution of the bystander.
[*]I intend that "collateral damage" caused by people in the act of "intervention" will lead to prosecution.
[*]I intend that any minor crime caused by people in the act of intervention ((example trespass on to private property)) will lead to prosecution.
[*]I intend that -Assault- charges may be levied against people who intervene with force in a situation that is reasonably -well in hand-
[*]I intend there to be APB's and MOST WANTED lists posted on the forums. These will only name -either- the civilian guise or alter ego guise. Not both.
[*]I intend licensed bounty hunters to be rewarded for bringing in fugitives.
[*]I intend that property owners are allowed to deal with trespass or personal assault by any-means they feel appropriate. The law will not apply in situations where someone has invaded another home. This allows villains free reign ((anything goes so long as ooc consented)) without -legal- retribution within their base of operations or homes.

The above measures do -not- outlaw meta humans nor costumed crime fighters. They do however add -extra- risk to the role.
Being a hero is not meant to be easy. It must come with risk, responsibility and challenges.
The purpose of these intentions is to give villains some wiggle room to operate in the city.
It is intended that these measures will -reduce- the -ganging up- of heroes on villains that currently makes playing a villain -near impossible-
The above intents will also make the alter ego aspect necessary for fugitives. Laying low to avoid bounty hunters and police is why you would have your -secret- identity. Currently there is no motivation to play your civilian identity. Note that APB's and WANTED bills will only identify the -identity- used during the crime.
If the WANTED ads or APBs really are too much for a player to handle, then they can simply request that their character ((which ever identity they were using )) could -not- be identified at the scene.

The intent is to add options for role-play not dictate role-play or force players into situations they have no desire to play. I believe that having -options- is better than depriving the community of those options.


It is intended that there be a variety of punishment options available for the different types of player.

All -punishments- will be dealt by the courts which will see use.
All -punishments- are optional and will be discussed OOC with the accused before sentencing proceeds. Again these are OPTIONS to facilitate roleplay not a means to dictate your roleplay.

[*]FINES: [/u][/i][/b] No punishment, just pay the fine if you can IC afford it. Villains likely to use this method due to -ill gotten gains-
[*]RESTITUTION:[/u][/i][/b] Indentured servitude ((slavery)) To your victim. If no victim you're auctioned to highest bidder. Makes for great SHIP((Superheroine/hero in peril )) roleplay.
[*]CHAIN GANG: [/u][/i][/b] Chaingangs are basically like the suicide squad. Forced to fight against city enemies. Also used for gladiatorial entertainment. There will be multiple chaingangs each at the command of a police officer, they are -free- to use the city when not -on mission- Those who enjoy combat roleplay or competition bouts should enjoy this.
[*]COMMUNAL SERVICE:[/u][/i][/b] This can either be something simple and harmless like clearing up after meta battles or something horrific like being forced to work of your debt at the strip club as a performer and/or escort. If the glory hole opens you may be able to work off your debt in that. This Is a flexible punishment depending on your OOC wants. If you wish a mundane communal service punishment then its yours, if you want something more aligned with forced prostitution and humiliation, that too can be catered for.
[*]REPROGRAMMING: [/u][/i][/b]Some people can be deemed -too- dangerous to be allowed out on the streets with out being reprogrammed first.The method of reprogramming depends on you. It can be the hard way through prolonged reeducation. ((the kinky sort)) -hypnosis- -physical torture/mental torture- or what ever your particular fancy takes. Again -just- optional for people who enjoy this sort of thing.
[*]SWIFT JUSTICE: [/u][/i][/b]This is not being forced to listen to catchy pop tunes. This is a simple on the spot punishment dealt by a corrupt cop. A harsh and brutal beating or rape depending on what you choose ooc. This is for those who enjoy these types of scenes. "Skip the courts for this one, they're going to walk it anyway!"


[*]SOCIAL SECURITY: [/u][/i][/b]It is intended that there will be no social safety net. Those who fail to find work may wish to look into a private sponsorship contract. This is a contract basically along the same lines of restitution ((Slavery)). However the contract like the sentance is notoriously difficult to escape.
[*]PUBLIC SERVICES[/u][/i][/b] Some aspects of the public services will be funded via a 20 percent sales tax on items. Others will require insurance. Medical Insurance being the most obvious. Fire Insurance being the most -exploitable- Just imagine the fire department as an extortion racket. Now it won't let insured properties burn down, but it may let the fires take their course on uninsured properties, until they become a risk to neighboring properties. The police will do their expected duties in public, but investigations into missing persons will require a fee. Other services the police can sell is criminal background checks, and self defense classes. I believe that -charging- for some investigations will lead to heroes doing investigations themselves while making kidnapping of people a little easier, again this just gives villain characters more wiggle room.
As with all things "Fee's" for use will lead to some -unable to afford- to use services. This in itself is an interesting development for those who could become -loan sharks- automatically this guarantees a level of crime previously overlooked and makes for some interesting sticky situations.

The OOC intent is to make villainy a viable option and encourage more villains to the sim. More villains means more conflict with heroes ,which means heroes actually get to hero outside of NPC engagements. There would also outlets for SHIP and Combat roleplay outside of the norm.

[*]More options
[*]More villains.
[*]More Heroic deeds.
[*]Several heroes who would be -righteously- against this systemic abuse could form teams with the purpose of liberating people from slavery, attacking city auctions, dealing out vigilante justice to those who abuse their "Indentured" servants, or attacking corrupt cops. The possibilities are endless so long as there is something to fight against.

I believe you can never have too many -options-
I believe in giving players multiple options then leaving them to decide wether to use them or not.

The setting would on the surface remain the same. It's not some Orwellian state dystopia, it's more like a corrupted city that makes life a daily struggle. More like Gotham than Oceania. Plenty of things for Villains to exploit. Which means plenty of villains to be heroic against.

Sim wide plots involving NPC's will -still- occur, but the above options give people something to do while between those.

The one thing we can say about the sim is the lack of -regular- player controlled villains. We know the causes of this, these measures aim to make villains able to function in the city as well as to cater to many styles of roleplay. If we don't offer options, somewhere else will.

Do remember, without villains, there is no point in being a hero. How you vote will send a message to villains who might wish to play in celestial city. It's your choice.
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Timbers paper er platform

Post by Timberwulff »

IC We are in an extinction level event. The steps I want to take are as follows:

1. EDUCATION : Many new arrivals face issues when entering a new place, especially when the new place is full of meta humans and various other species. Upon arrival all beings coming in to the city be welcomed unless they present an immediate threat. If no threat is presented they be given a quick course about the city. There will also be a chance for new metahumans to learn to use their powers and an education system for non metas as well.

2.SALARY: This is simple. equal work, equal pay regardless of gender, skin color,species, etc. this will be commensurate with skill level as well.

3.TAXES : Everyone pays a fair amount based on income. This money will be used towards the CCPD, the firedepartment (We keep needing new fire trucks.) Education as well as outreach programs to the aliens and those of the Outlands.

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: I look to bolster the police force by including metahumans with non metas to stem any metahuman threats. Punishment: You break it , you bought it. property damage will be billd to and collected from the offending party. Failure to pay will result in community service based on abilities. This community service will be exempt from the minimum wage laws enacted. Failing either option you will have to write a term papwer about why you should be mayor of Celestial City. *Note: this can only be used once before it is considered cruel and unusual punishment.* Those villains wishing rehabilitation will be allowed the option to help out the city throuh various programs.

OOC: These IC changes plus implementing the city council should be cannon fodder for conflict. From the average xenophobe to elitest club owning shape shifting robots.

In time Timber would attempt to register all metas. no secret identities for safety but a working catalog of those with abilities.

There also runs the chance of of conflict rising from interactions with the aliens and the people from the Outland.

Much like Delphines comment punishment is optional however bounties will be placed and bounty hunters will be recognized with proper training.
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Post by Asrya »

I agree.
Okay but honestly I don't have a lot I oocly stand for.
Abby believes that by informing the people of what's going on in the city, the citizens will have more freedom to choose their own actions.

She wishes to bolster the police force with the ability to handle metahumans and detain them.
OOCly this could help bolster belief in the police force, allow for omre players to play police officers without being hobbled, and allow for plotlines involving the police department and allowing for corrupt officials and non corrupt officials to play both sides of the legal system.

She wishes to implement a citizen's council as well as a representative council to run similarly to a parliament, with nterest groups having reps as well as citizen districts.
OOCly this would help expand the setting and the playability of non hero characters.

She wishes to include the aliens and the mutates from the outlands in city policies, as well as offer work, fair compensation for all, and a minimum wage. OOCly this would hopefully encourage more alien and mutate players.

ICly, Abby is the owner of a company. She maks enough to live in a nice apartment, but honestly doesn't have all the money in the world to work with. She's run on the platform of trying to get communities to help themselves to bolster their own safety and keep everyone informed of the goings on. All in the interest of allowing free communication between everyone. If there had been more information to the city, some of the events may not have happened.
OOCly this doesn't change much in the way of how tings are run. We still depend on players taking up the hooks thrown out, or coming up with their own plots. Right now, the stories all rely on the admins to run them, and the admins are running low. I know the players out there have stories they want to implement, we're here to help do that, but we need you guys to meet us halfway.
We can't do anything when the players stop talking to us.
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