Bad Lands

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Bad Lands

Post by J.Trimble »

"The constitution was very specific in the precise dimensions of celestial city. We are currently to advise that the newly discovered area of ruination outside of the city by the industrial sector is currently not protected by the laws of celestial city. We advise citizens to stay away from this area as any crimes committed in this area cannot be successfully prosecuted by the judiciary until the area and its native inhabitants are successfully assimilated into the city. This will be a lengthy process and we can not deliver a deadline, when dealing with an indigenous peoples it is very much up to their majority to decide wether they wish to be assimilated into the city. Citizens are advised to avoid travel to the ruined area as there will be no police assistance should things turn sour."

((In short the newly constructed area is deemed "lawless" as it currently stands, of course this could change or maybe not, assumed the residents of the area , the cannibal chud things are resistant to the idea of having civilization thrust upon them. Meanwhile criminals are free to use the area as a legal blackhole, and heroes or anti heroes too. ))
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Re: Bad Lands

Post by Chyleste »

(( if you are talking about the condemned area that is connected to the industrial area above ground, that is just a part of Celestial City that was not rebuilt after the meteors hit. Hence it is condemned and deserted. Homeless and other undesirables have kind of taken over that area. It is generally ignored by law and such since no one is legally supposed to be there.

There is an "ancient city" that is going to be officially discovered in the events of April 20-23 but that it underground. ))
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