Industrial Break Ins Mystery event chain

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Industrial Break Ins Mystery event chain

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The factory in the industrial area reports some break ins. They request some detectives to find out who is raiding the area.
Another break in was reported last night from the industrial area. Oddly the security guard that called it in has disappeared.

(( Starting now May 4, 2017. Go at your own pace. Follow the clues to draw some theories on what is happening. More clues will be added each day until completion. The event will run for a full week then conclude with a confrontation scene.

There are items placed around the area.

When you click on these items it will whisper a clue to only the person who touches the item.

These clues will give hints to lead to the next clue and so forth.

Use detective skills to find the next clue and add up all the information to come to your conclusions about the mystery.

Some clues will be easy to find while others may require some thought or some searching the area.

Do not spoil things OOC. You can work together and share information IC.

Let me know if you like this type of event. Please give feedback on what works and if you like it or not.

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