The Artisans Gene Bomb

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The Artisans Gene Bomb

Post by Chyleste » Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:53 pm

The Artisans were creating a glowing orb that had swirling images of the DNA double helix appearing in it. Before the orb was fully finished, it was shot by a gunman from the crowd gathered.

The orb glows brighter sending waves of odd tingling energy out through everyone's body. There is a tension in the air as if feels as if the orb is building up to something. The Battle Rider Droid's shot passes through the Artisan's body and enters the swirling orb. The perception of time seems to slow down as the bullet spirals and splits into smaller pieces, then even smaller and smaller particles, separating into the minerals it was made from. Even further breakdown of the projectile into molecules and then atoms and further. The orb grows more and pulsates before exploding with a blinding flash. The wave of energy spread out at nearly light speed passing through every sentient being in the city and outskirts. The energy leaves everyone feeling very odd, disorientated, and yet energized.

The immediate effects of the bomb was not fully clear other than a feeling of empowerment. As the next few days progress and the top scientists analyze patients, it is discovered that a new sequence of DNA has been added to everyone. The scientists are not able to decode exactly what the new segment does at this time.

(( What does this mean OOC? With the additional DNA this opens the possibilities for more new metahumans and the potential for people to change their powers. Everything still requires admin approval. This is an IC chance to make changes to characters or to make some new characters. Some normal citizens will be awakening new metahuman powers, perhaps confused and not knowing how to control their new abilities. ))

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