Bridget Bathory aka Lady Hel

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Bridget Bathory aka Lady Hel

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Hello all! Bridget here, your local attorney at law! Just a quick basic run down as I look forward to interacting with all of you in the sim... Below is a basic run down of who my character is. Should you need her legal services or private investigative services, please feel free to stop by the offices or simply make an appointment.

Bridget Bathory:
SL NAME (Display Name and Screen Name): Brittainy Collins


CHARACTER TYPE (Hero, villain, or citizen?): Villain but more of an anti villain


AGE (all characters must be at least 18): undetermined though her appearance guarantees her to at least be over 25 in mortal years, even if she is not mortal.

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : Bridget was raised in the underworld, knowing nothing but what her Norse heritage and grandmother, Hel, had to teach her. She is fascinated by humans and distrustful / disgusted of them at the same time. She finds those who brag about their powers distinctly amusing, and fun to mock or even antagonize. She will defend those whom she determines worthy, and destroy those she has no use for, it matters not to her whether they are villain or hero. Should any hurt her family, she would happily eat their soul, while listening to their screams as she allows their personal fears to manifest in reality through a psychic link, terrorizing them with their own memories.


1. Leach - Has the ability to sense darkness upon a mortal's soul, whether potentially in the future, past, or present. Once sensed will feed off that soul, psychically linking myself to the mortal for up to 24 hours or until another food source becomes available. While linked am able to have access to the mortal's memories and thoughts, also am able to psychically suggest and push the human into behaving as I wish, such as walking into a bank and withdrawing money in order to make a large donation to a charity he/she would not normally do. The mortal has no awareness of me, while linked, though I am unable to be very far from the mortal.

2. Terror - Am able to induce hallucinations and delusions within mortals due to their psychic susceptibility in the neurons, causing them to believe in what ever terrifies them and letting it manifest itself into reality.

3. Vengeance - When provoked will seek vengeance. She looks for an intimate and personal form of attack. She would rather use torture, whether emotional, physical or psychological in order to seek retribution, than simply setting a house on fire with all loved ones tied up within, BUT if she needs to she is more than happy to conform and do such as long as she can make sure the target is bound and forced to watch and listen to their loved ones screams as they are eaten by flames.

4. Truth - She is has the ability to detect lies and truth amongst humans and turn it against them. Humans naturally will lie, thinking they will fool anyone. They also assume a villain is unable to speak truth, where as truth is more harmful then a lie. Truth has consequences. Mortals are more afraid of truth and what it can cause than lies. Lies are escapes.
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Re: Bridget Bathory aka Lady Hel

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Attorneys meh.
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