Hello im new

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Hello im new

Post by TinaDollyKraft » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:10 pm

I am new to here but not to RP in general. I have been looking for a good super hero rp for a long tme.

SL NAME Eva'sRubberSLut (Tinadollykraft)




AGE 24

CHARACTER'S BACKSTORY : This sleek full body women is a H.A.S. Agent. She is responsible to insurgencies and transporting people inside her ample and plush body in adverse and dangerous conditions found in this world. Her body is genetically formed for this kind of work. Her long flowing black hair cascades down her, her body is slender and sleek with HUGE jugs. A nice pair of jiggle round orbs of 38DD E tits jut out from her chest, they seem to defile gravity as they shimmer in the light, They are so big her back is having a hard time keeping them upright as she walks leaning forward. Her hips are nice and wide with a nice V framing her pink soft pussy that is wet with lust. She wear a nice pink and purple striped bra that holds her breasts in place. Her waist has ass hugging shorts and barely comes down to the top of her
[21:49] Eva'sRubberSlut (tinadollykraft): legs. When she bends over people can see she is not wearing panties.

It is best not to cross this agent less you want to end up as breasts and ass fat for her next mission. I am up for just about any sort of RP and TF fun all you have to do is ask! But watch out this kitty has claws and I tf with out warning! If your not careful your arms and legs shrink, your whole body will fade to tight silk fabric and before you know it I am wearing you as my new panties! Or worse I have absorbed you into my body for my next mission. My last foe got absorbed deep inside my ample and jiggly breasts. Don't cross my like a former foe did. She found out the hard way how nice it is to be inside my breasts and attacked by my breasts fat.

1. Absorbing her foes to include trapping them as clothing or inside her body or as inanimate objects. Her limitation are she only gets 4 hours a day to use her powers. Her powers are also limited by how many people she has inside of her at one time and what foes she has trapped as her clothing. She has a finite amount of power, and it drains faster the more people she is holding under her spell. Also there is potential that those with magical powers may be able to repel her transformations for a time but will have more trouble resisting as time passes (As the RP progresses).

WEAKNESSES: Gambling, large breasts, Hypnosis, mind rays and letting her guard down too soon.

Day Job (Optional):
I would love to be a bartender in Sin City Club,

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Re: Hello im new

Post by Chyleste » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:14 pm

Hello and welcome to Celestial City!

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