Rash of Retcon Requests

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Rash of Retcon Requests

Post by Mr. Strong » Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:42 pm


So, lately there have been quite a few instances of people asking that already-concluded scenes be modified, removed, etc. It's getting to that point where it's getting annoying (to me, at least, because I can only speak for myself.) and so I feel it's time to write a few words about retcons, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First... If you don't like someone's post and feel it contains errors or is invalid (godmoding, metagamed) etc. It is your responsibility to say something right then and there. (How do you know this information? Is that a valid source?) If you don't question it at the time, it's very hard for us to say "ok, wipe that."

That doesn't excuse metagamers from metagaming just because you aren't challenged. If you're caught maliciously metagaming (alliteration!), you will be dealt with. Especially if you act on the metagamed shit, because you're creating knots that we have to untie.

Secondly... Try to find ways forward, in the event of adverse circumstances, to continue on without wiping out scenes. Definitely do not do shit that makes no sense with the intention of making a scene you don't like invalid. (That's disruptive. It will be dealt with.)

Thidly... There is a difference between: "Someone did something blatantly unfair and it shouldn't have happened, so it should be undone." and "I dislike the result of this action that I took, so I want this scene wiped and you should all forget my character has brain farts."

Most requests to wipe scenes have been people who do something that will have a bad result ICly, make their character look bad, and other "unforced errors".
Retcons/scene-wipes of this nature are a massive buzz kill. They make it so everyone has wasted their fucking time. Requests to undo scenes on the basis of yourself having done something fucking stupid, will be ignored. Deal with Consequences. That's the fun of role playing, FFS!

There is however, a different kind of retconning. Good retconning. The kind I even encourage! More on that in a later post.

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Re: Rash of Retcon Requests

Post by Montyjack » Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:36 am

Good points well made. Personally, I like bad consequences they make you feel alive!
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