Quotes of Shun Itagaki

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Quotes of Shun Itagaki

Post by Yata and Reaver » Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:50 pm

I made this thread in order to post some of the in character quotes I made that induced laughter and good times. These quotes will be restricted to posts made as Shun.

"Let it be known that I, Yatagarasu, like to annoy the bad guys."
"I'm trying, but her grip is tighter than a chronic masturbator."
"I don't follow any god. Too many religious fanatics do horrible things in their god's name."
"Time to prune some plants, then... Yatagarasu... Kenzan!!!"
Shun Itagaki points at Flower. "I'm kicking your ass," He points to Snowflake. "Your ass," And lastly, he points at Terrane. "And your ass from Canal Street, New York, to Beverly Hills, California."
"Are you sure you really want what's best for us or are you, in reality, pulling a 'President' Trump?"
"Ass whoopin', comin' up"
Shun Itagaki/Yatagarasu

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