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Post by J.Trimble » Mon Nov 28, 2016 11:47 pm

The Laws Of the Land.

Greetings folks this is an OOC note to say the new CC laws have been passed and ratified as well as the new constitution, which really generates a lot of opportunities for new and old players alike.

The most fundamental changes we've made to the laws are to make it less open season on villains.

With the revocation of official city sanctioned heroes, Guardian, and Dagger roles, the only protectors of the masses "legally" authorized to stop wicked villains are the CCPD.

The CCPD keeps its doors open to all types of characters, meta powered and street level, good and bad ((corrupt cops will need to be sneaky, but there is not and never has been a blanket ban on them, now the laws give them some room to flex their muscles if they wish ))

Villains who are smart can really exploit things like contract laws, and indeed maybe instrumental in providing punishments for law breakers. Law breakers may be either hero or villain types now as the law makes no judgments on a person's character, just their actions.

It should also be noted there is plenty for heroes to do. Heroes might not agree with some of the methods used to punish people and might form a secret resistance movement to sabotage auctions or so.

As for punishments, Rehab is a walk in service where citizens can for a IC fee partake in the treatment of dangerous criminals ((hero and villain alike)) in the comfort of the old asylum on the hill. As its a walk in a person awaiting treatment can simply notify the group in city events that they are awaiting their -session- Feel free to start using this hook up service now.

We are hoping players will welcome the opportunity to set up business ventures that fully exploit these revised laws.

For example, the fire department needs to make a profit now. How bout some pyros taking over the fire dept and start offering fire insurance to individuals and property owners?

Fugitives from the law will now no doubt need to make use of their civilian disguises if wanted by the authorities and bounty hunters. Speaking of bounty hunters, does anyone want to set up a guild of rogues who will hunt down and capture wanted figures?

There's lots to do CC; we need you to use the opportunities presented.

Also, check out the punishment sections. You chose your punishment if you end up caught for breaking a law... These punishments are geared into giving you what you desire. If you're a rich villain or hero, you can normally get away with a heavy fine. Those who are poorer may have more interesting punishments available to them, from restitution to gladiatorial combat...

We would like to thank our players for their participation in the sim so far, and welcome them to take this to the next level.

Also, pay close attention to the E.O's if your looking for deals with government;)

Here below are the laws


Also, pay attention to the constitution, especially those freedoms of citizens. All of which can be found on the forums here..


Thanks to Blue for her tireless dedication and help in shaping these directives.

Please feel free to contact us with any ideas you have coming forwards.

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