The Celestial University for Metahumans

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The Celestial University for Metahumans

Post by Chyleste » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:16 am

The Celestial University for Metahumans enrolling now!
The main building for C.U.M. is done (some decor may be added). We are looking for anyone who wants to enroll as a student or play an instructor. Lots of possibilities for this to develop stories as well as some fun!

The Celestial University for Metahumans is a college that offers normal learning courses as well as some classes tailor made to teach people how to use metahuman powers and become super heroes.

Graduates of the school will be rewarded with not only a diploma but also a warden license giving them the legal right to be a costumed hero.

Rules will be strict and discipline will be harsh. Punishments will be left up to the instructor who catches the student breaking the rules.

Students will be allowed to have a dorm room, usually 2 students per room.

----------------------University Rules---------------------------------

1. Metahuman powers are not allowed to be used on the campus except during the training classes.

2. Students must be in uniform at all times on campus. ( We will work with you to put together a school uniform. Chyleste is working with creators to get a uniform we can give out for free)

3. Students are expected to behave in a mature manner. Disruptive behavior will be punished.

4. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Students late for class will be punished. (Yes we will work with RL schedules)

5. All instructors and staff must be respected. Any attitudes toward the staff will be dealt with harshly.

6. Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity. Any public displays of lewd behavior will be punished.

7. Students are required to maintain a high grade point average or face discipline. (Relax it is all RP. We won't have boring homework)

8. Students are required to be in their dorms after curfew. Anyone caught outside late will be subject to punishment. (Again based on the RP scenes. We do not have an actual RL time)

9. Instructors have final authority over the student body. The dean and administration has final say over the instructors.

(( This is a setting with a lot of potential for stories. Students can compete against each other and try to get others in trouble - keep it OOC friendly. Students can try to get away with as much as possible without being caught by the instructors. Yes, of course, some students want to be caught and punished OOC. The main thing is to have fun as always.))

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