An old hero meets a new hope : Mikoto meets Joseph

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An old hero meets a new hope : Mikoto meets Joseph

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[10:53] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu) walks into the school with a Bouquet of lilies. The receptionist at the desk looks at her and lets out a bit of of a surprised gasp and then, looks over to the calendar and makes an odd sort of noise. She gives Mikoto a bit of a wave but other than that, doesn't say anything. She walks over to the display case where the helmet is, and sets the lillys on top. As she does she murmurs "Eira's gone now. ... I'm the last one. " Placing her hand on the case for a moment. Then she does something odd. She actually opens the display case and takes out the helmet, holding it as if she were looking in to it's face.

[11:01] Joseph Chase sat idly in the lobby of the Hero Academy, looking over his clipboard as he mumbled while taking a bite of his breakfast burrito before placing in back in the Tupperware on the table. Some hot coffee was so far untouched in a thermos on the table. " So....I'm going to need to do introduction and power assessment before anything else..." He continued, keeping to himself for now as for now there wasn't anyone else around besides the receptionist that was hard at work. But the gasp would certainly turn his attention and he would rest the clipboard down as he saw why she did so. " Interesting....." He would say, standing up to approach the woman with her bouquet. "Good morning." He would begin casually. standing next to her at a respectful distance. " I don't mean to interrupt. But I just wanted to say thank you for your work in this city." He would state, looking at the picture of Raigeki instead of her as he said it, but turned to look directly to her a moment later. " You've certainly earned you've place i

[11:01] Joseph Chase this room." Joseph would say in a genuine way. It was people like her why he wanted to do his best in his new position. So Mikoto's legacy would not be undone but preserved by a new generation of heroes.

[11:06] Takamachi Mikoto turned to look at the man "one moment. " Then places the helmet back into the display. She closes it and she takes a second, Then looks at the picture on the wall and shakes her head. "I can't believe they used that picture. I was going through a real phase there what with the guns and whatnot. I didn't even need them. I just thought they looked cool. "

[11:11] Joseph Chase gave Mikoto her moment to safely return the helmet to its case and chuckled at her comment about the gun. " Well, flair is part of being a hero. Visible, rememberable, front and center. Our job is to bring hope to a bad situation so we need to stand out." He would blink and pause. What he said had been almost automatic. " Oh, sorry about that. I didn't mean to lecture you. Of course, you would know that. Bad habit of my trade I suppose." He would state in a calm and friendly way, reaching out to one of his giant hands in greeting. " Joseph Chase. I'm a new professor here. Today's actually my first official day."

[11:14] Takamachi Mikoto reaches out and takes the man's hand. "Mikoto Takamachi. And That's true. You'd be surprised how many times a bit of theatrics was all that I needed to stop something in it's tracks.. " She then looks back to the picture after the hand shake. " And That's not me in the picture. Well To be more accurate, I'm not her, Anymore. "

[11:20] Joseph Chase's handshake was firm, giving away that he possessed a decent amount of strength but it was controlled like that of a gentle giant. " That too. A fight that ends before it begins is the best kind of fight. For everyone involved." He would state bantering back to her. " How so? You're still doing good for the city. Leader of the PAE and member of the ruling council. Flashy gun or not. You're still Raigeki. People live happy lives because of your choices and effort for their wellbeing."

[11:24] Takamachi Mikoto: "You ever hear the saying 'You either die a hero, Or live long enough to become the villian? ' " She says. and gestures to the helmet "Chem died two years ago. We were on a mission to stop the greatest threat we'd ever seen. Shiva. She was killed as an even more powerful being's display of power. " She then gestures to the picture of Mrs. Strong. "She disapeared three years ago. no one has any idea where she is. " then started walking to the next picture

[11:31] Takamachi Mikoto: ... " Captain Strong. He had more raw power than any of us. Strongest. Fastest. Most durable. The mayor instituted a new policy that companies and citizens were allowed to 'bid' on convicted criminals They could pay a fee, and they would take on the responsibility of room, board and containment of criminals considered non-dangerous. In exchange, The criminals were then a a source of labor untill their sentence was up. They were then given a stipend and released. Strong decided on his own that was slavery. He came down and declared he would start destroying the city at random if we didn't remove the policy. he wouldn't listen to anyone. Didn't care that the new policy was voted on with overwhelming support. Even I was concerned that the policy was going to be abused, but he decided that he was going to start murdering people if we didn't change it.

[11:37] Joseph Chase would follow after her, listening to every word. "Yes of course. It's a common thing. The world is perilous for heroes and more often than not the line between villain and hero is sometimes not clear. It's why I don't kill. Because I believe in and have seen redemption." He would explain, pausing to let the woman lament about her falling or missing allies. He knew those she spoke of well. Even before it was his job to teach young students about them. He would glance further around the room. " And now one remains. I can't imagine how that must feel." He would state, true sympathy in his voice. "I will do what I can to make sure what they built remains, by educating new heroes to uphold it." He would pause hearing the story of Captain strong. " This life is certainly a burden and it can take its toll. And when you feel like there is no other way you can often lash out. But there always is a way. Turning to violence and death is an ultimatum that you can't take back." He would pause, observing her tone and

[11:37] Joseph Chase words. " It sounds like you think about this often. If there something eating at you?" He would gently probe, sensing that the hero may be troubled.

[11:37] Veianthe Greyhardt (veianthe): is there*

[11:38] Takamachi Mikoto nods to Joseph "I think his wife vanishing had alot to do with it. She was always his moral compass." She then turned and gestures to Arctica clearly avoiding his question. "Technically, She's not dead. But in order to save the lives of a large number of people, She took over as the 'keeper of souls' and now guides souls to the afterlife. So she's gone, as far as most of us are concerned.. " then moves on to the next corner.

[11:43] Joseph Chase would note that Mikoto had ignored his question, but would not push just yet. Instead, following her and letting her speak the names of her friends. "I wouldn't say she's gone. She is just protecting and helping us in another way. Gone implies that her guiding souls has no meaning." Joseph commented, ever a beacon of optimism. Maybe giving that frame of mind would help the woman came to terms with that. That she wasn't the one person left on the wall.

[11:54] Takamachi Mikoto: " Timber.. " she sighs. " Timber was alot like Captain Strong, but not as much. Just a little slower. Just a little weaker. Just a little less durable. In the public's eye, he was like 'Discount Strong' But . . . " She hesitates a bit. "But He considered the consequences of his actions. He made sure that he wasn't going to involve bystanders. Some even called him weak because he would prioritize the people around him over getting the bad guy. Strong was the one everyone proclaimed was the hero. To Me, Timber was the Real hero. "

[11:59] Joseph Chase would also sigh, looking up at Timber along with Mikoto. " Catching the bad guy. In my opinion, is the least important part of being a hero. Don't get me wrong, dealing with the cause of danger is important. But what's the point if you are saving nothing but an empty ruin? Helping the victims of evil should be our number one priority. If it's not, then what the point?" Joseph says back to Mikoto calmly, continuing to comment on her speaking the stories of these heroes. Joseph only hope what he was saying was helping her.

[12:03] Takamachi Mikoto: Me looks over at the woman. "Lady Nightmare. She ran the Shadow elite. Murderers. thieves. what have you. She was a true kingpin of the evil underground. " she pauses. " She wanted power. But it never quite satisfied her. She was walking through an alleyway and saw a woman being attacked, and on a whim, saved her. Something changed. She ran for mayor. She began cleaning up the city. She even risked her own life to save mine

[12:05] Takamachi Mikoto: Then When we learned the sun was becoming unstable, she joined me. She put everything she had, wealth, power. expertise. Combined it with everything I had. Between the two of us we were able to expand the ARK and evacuate earth. She runs the Vanguard, which are pretty much the police.

[12:08] Joseph Chase would smile this time, looking up at the woman next to timber. " Proof that we are all shades of grey. Earlier you said that heroes can live long enough to become a villain. But villains can become heroes under the right circumstance and opportunity. People no matter how seemingly vile should be given a chance to be better. So long as we have a safe level of caution in case they don't. "

[12:09] Takamachi Mikoto nods " she's a bit more ... uh. Well. she means well, at least. " she then starts to move to the next one

[12:10] Joseph Chase followed on. Letting Mikoto continue her tour.

[12:12] Takamachi Mikoto: Diamond.. " she pauses " She uh .. " she purses her lips "You see She...." she frowns and thinks. then lets out a sigh. "She was a complete screw up. But her heart was in the right place. She tried her hardest, and ultimately gave her life to save the people. She's earned her place there. "

[12:15] Joseph Chase would sigh looking up at Diamond's face. " Giving her life to save others means she did what she had to do. Of course the ideal solution is to preserve life, including our own. But a well thought plan usually lasts until it's implemented. It's hard to plan for chaos."

[12:17] Takamachi Mikoto turns to Hellguard. " I'm not real sure what happened to Melanie. She never really stood out like the others, but she was steadfast. no one has seen her in about 6 months though. We aren't sure what happened. "

[12:20] Joseph Chase nodded pausing to think a moment as he rubs the scruff on his chin. " Well 6 months can be a short time for hero work sometimes. I think is fair to be cautious ready for bad news. But we deal in the business of hope. There is no reason we can't hold onto it too."

[12:20] Takamachi Mikoto nods

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[12:25] Takamachi Mikoto looks at the last picture and sighs. " She began as an idealist. The city had two symbols. Captain Strong was the symbol of Power. Raigeki was the symbol of hope. When the others began to doubt themselves, She cheered them on. When they fell she helped them back to her feet. When temptation to take the easy path instead of the right path came, She was the one that convinced the others not to take it. She was the one who always got back up. No matter what happened. She always got back up. "

[12:31] Takamachi Mikoto: .. then she took responsibility for a major power company. They proved food power water as cheaply as possible and still be able to operate. Then one after one the compromises came. Never anything immoral or anything like that. And then came .. well. everything. Little by little, things wore on. " She then turned the man. "Yesterday. A man interfered with me taking a family member of mine to get medical care. in the end, That man, a civilian angered me to the point that I unleashed my power on him. ... I stopped it.. but I fired it. If I had been even a tenth of a second slower he would have been nothing more than a red mist. " She looks back at the picture. "I think that Raigeki may have died with i fired that shot. "

[12:38] Joseph Chase would watched Mikoto closely listening to her and trying to read between the line. "And what about Raigeki? The support of the team that got everyone back up. The symbol of hope. Who did she rely on? Who picked her up when she fell down?" Joseph questioned, glancing over towards the area there his lesson plan still lay. " I really appreciate you sharing this insight with me. Honestly, I'd love to know more. Do you like coffee or tea? I believe I made a little too much for myself. " He would state kindly, gesturing to the table and chairs. " No one needs to be the strong one all the time. Powers and mutations aside. We are all filled with hopes dreams and anxieties." But then would pause as he heard the root of what was bothering her. " That is a difficult situation. And a moment of weakness....But you know... I disagree. A person got in your way and kept you from helping a person you love. It would have been so easy to have turned him to mist as you said. But instead, you stopped and took the hard decisio

[12:38] Joseph Chase You didn't resort to violence even though it directly hurt you and the one you loved. There is hardly a perfect answer. But the fact that you didn't take the easy one as Captain Strong did, proves to be that Raigeki is still alive."

[12:44] Takamachi Mikoto shrugs and sighs. " most of the time I had to just suck it up and deal with things. These days I have the support of my wife and many of the people at PAE but" she shrugs.

[12:47] Takamachi Mikoto: " So you want to be a teacher here. Are you teaching an academic subject or are you imparting your experience on the next generation?

[12:53] Joseph Chase pulled out two cups as it seemed Joseph was always prepared for company. Sliding one over to Mikoto. " Coffee or tea? The tea is Earl Grey. " He would ask, pouring her what she asked for and pouring coffee for himself. He would then leave all the fixing of cream, sugar, etc to let Mikoto prepare it how she pleased. Joseph drank his black. " But is it still not enough? Are there things that you struggle to share with your wife and subordinates for one reason or another. I've found when we play hero for long enough we try to save people in every situation. Including saving our loved ones from worrying." He explained, taking a sip of his brew. " Academic and practical. I suppose you shared so much it's only fair I share with you. I'm also a hero. But originally from another place. I was brought here...abruptly." He would state, some sadness flickering in his eyes for a moment before disappearing. " My hero name is Pureheart Prince. And um...." He looked embarrassed. I was chosen by a sort of sentient benevol

[12:53] Joseph Chase energy. I can transform into a battle mode that greatly increases my strength and fighting powers. Unfortunately... It comes with.....accessories."

[12:54] Veianthe Greyhardt (veianthe): benevolent*

[12:56] Takamachi Mikoto: Tea please" she responded and began to prepare her tea, assuming he poured her some. " you've read the histories? you know what happened to our original worlds?

[13:05] Joseph Chase took another sip and sighed. I haven't been able to really contact it in any way. I did recently encounter two others from the same place, which gives me hope but. " He would pause again. " They are magical beings that seem to have been cut off from that realm. I'm worried it may be no more. Which means I have failed my mission to protect it. It's why I strive to be a teacher in the place. I want to keep this world and her people safe. And I believe the best way to do that is to build a strong legacy of heroes. People that can train others with our ideals after we are old and gone. We may pass on, but the ideals we leave behind remain strong.

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[13:18] Takamachi Mikoto takes a deep breath and nods. " I want to make something abundantly clear. For many of us, We know our worlds were destroyed. We saw it. But for many worlds we simply do not know. Things come through all the time from other worlds, and that strongly suggest that other worlds still exist, but we cannot contact them. So all we know for sure is that it's a one-way trip. We've had several people come from certain worlds at different times, so it's entirely possible we're just cut off. "

[13:25] Joseph Chase looked down at his cup and nodded, looking at Mikoto was a smile. " See? everyone has moments of weakness. You are right. My home may still be out there. And now it's another job to pick up where I left off." He seemed in genuine good spirits. That glimmer of sadness was now gone. " Thank you Mrs. Takamachi." He stated, resting his cup down on the table. " I hope having some time to talk things out has helped clear your head as well. I know we just met, but if you ever need someone to talk to that understands the stress of hero work. I don't mind listening and what is said will remain between us." He smiled taping his head with a finger. " Seriously. my powers make me immune to mind control so I can promise no villains will pry my mind open." He states as a bit of a cheesy joke. " But in all seriousness, I'm not interested in just helping novice heroes."

[13:30] Takamachi Mikoto: You said You

[13:31] Takamachi Mikoto: So you said you transform into a battle mode. " She grins. " I'll show you mine if you show me yours. "

[13:40] Joseph Chase choked a little bit on coffee as he heard her suggest showing each other's battle forms. "Uhm yes well!" Joseph looking at the time and considering telling her his cat was on fire or he left the mailbox on. But that would be rude. He would stand up and sigh. " Just so long as we remain professionals." He would state and sigh stalling no long as he called out. " In the name of friendship and justice! I call upon the Pureheart stream! And with a brilliant flash of light a pink glitter the man's clothing would disintegrate, his unprofessional area conveniently covered by ever brighter sparkles as his clothing was replaced by feminine magical girl clothing. His hair grew three times longer and may have rivaled Mikoto's in silky smooth care. When all was said and done, Pureheart Prince stood before her. " I have access to extreme strength, speed, agility, and some benevolent magic in this form. However.....The clothing is not optional. And unfortunately, it's hard to argue with cosmic benevolent matter."

[13:45] Takamachi Mikoto just stares at him with eyes the size of saucers. slowly her hands come up to her face and there was a gasp of what sounded like the purest joy. In fact, Joseph might even get the impression of sparkles in her eyes. " Oh my dog that is WONDERFUL, "

[13:49] Joseph Chase chuckled nervously. Well, that was better than laughter. " At least I'm not hard to miss. Which is an important quality of a hero. Also, my magic is entirely nonlethal so I only need to restrain my punches. Villain often underestimates me which is also a nice benefit. " He would honestly be happy with her reaction the look of joy was a nice look on her. Much better than her look of defeat earlier. " So I think you owe me a transformation now Mrs. Takamachi~"

[13:57] Takamachi Mikoto grabs a device and holds it above her head. " Ījisu totsugeki! Settoappu!" She began to float up and she was surrounded with arcs of electricity Then there a bright flash as her armor forms and she lowers back to the ground in her battle outfit

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[14:03] Joseph Chase smiled, admiring the armor of such a famous hero. " Just like in the picture. We certainly look ready to fight crime. Well. I look ready for an episode Drag Heroes and fighting crime." He said, smiling. He didn't mind poking a bit of fun at himself if it meant he could lighten the mood. "Of course. Don't be afraid to ask for my assistance if you ever need it. Of course, I'm sure the PAE is a tight ship under your command. But I'm here if you need me." Joseph stated, saying that in a way that might imply that he didn't just mean an ally in fighting crime.

[14:04] Raigeki laughs " Are you serious?!" she laughs again " I think if they actually did what I told them to I'd faint"

[14:08] Update:

[14:10] Joseph Chase laughs with her and sighs happily. " Well, I suppose we endure for the ones we care about. I've always worked alone so it's one of the few things I haven't experience in. Funny enough it's hard to find a sidekick willing to wear purple skirts." He jests before continuing. " I'm sure it's still a positive experience for the most part though. They are unruly subordinates but they are YOUR unruly subordinates."

[14:13] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): " I'll introduce you to inny. She's my god niece. She also adores anything sparkly and pink. " She sighs a bit and rubs the back of her neck " She's incredibly powerful but incredibly naive, and has a bit of a magical girl obsession. You might be the teacher she listens to the most. Might even become something of a protege.

[14:17] Joseph Chase liked the sound of that smiling in appreciation. " I love to help where I'm needed and would be thrilled to help her however I can. She and any rookie that passes through her. Though, I think the younger heroes may take my transformation with a little less grace." Though from the sound of that didn't really bother Joseph. It required a pretty thick skin to be the Pureheart Prince.

[14:21] Raigeki shrugs. " Don't worry about that too much. There is enough bizzare stuff round here that I doubt anyone will give you a second look. ... unless it's up your skirt. There are -many- perverts.

[14:28] Joseph Chase let out another laugh. " Think they would have an easier chance of reading my mind. I take my position seriously. And admittedly I'm a little old fashioned." He stated before calling out again." Pureheart Dismiss!" And the transformation would begin again, but this time in reverse. Luckily the cosmic energy only revealing as much skin as what would have been allowed for PG13. "I must say I do really enjoy chatting with you. They say you should never meet your heroes but you seem, to just as pleasant to speak with as I thought you would. Raigeki Alive and in the flesh." He winked, the wise man making a drawback to her comment about the death of her persona. He just hoped that he had got her back on the right track now.

[14:32] Veianthe Greyhardt (veianthe): you seem just as pleasant to*

[14:37] Jean walks into the academy and looks from one side to the other. He was tapping his fingers together, looking at the pictures on the walls.

[14:41] Takamachi Mikoto takes out the devices that she seemed to transform her. She scrolled through it for a bit and pressed a button. Her clothes reformed to something that looked much more casual in what looked like a matter transformation, Revealing that her transformation MIGHT have been mostly smoke and mirrors. " So EVery now and then I cook dinner for the folks at PAE. I'll probably be doing that tonight. how about you drop by. I'll give you a call to let you know when. " She looks over "And i think you're on "
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