Ashes to Ashes

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Ashes to Ashes

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:07 pm

[11:27:05] Cyberlord noticed the intruder in B.A. DASS INC and immediately pulled out the Omni-Blaster. "How the hell did you get in here?"

[11:27:51] Alexandra Suvari / Tauros (NicP) smashed her way through the city, this time approaching what seemed to be a ruiend tech location. She grinned" metal for the empress's fortress" the woman turning to Cyberlord" you dare threaten the Empress' Herald?"

[11:28:41] Cyberlord nodded. "Indeed I do." At the same time, he pushed a button on his gauntlet sending out a distress signal to the rest of B.A. DASS.

[11:29:52] Alexandra Suvari / Tauros (NicP) moves towards one wall, swinging her vicious blade towards it to tear into it so she can pull the metals out

[11:30:13] Cyberlord shoots a blast of acid from the Omni-Blaster at her. "Hell no. You aren't wrecking the building."

[11:38:31] Alexandra Suvari / Tauros (NicP) grins and turns hearing him as he shot, leaping forward. the air shimmered around her body, and though the acid struck, it seemed to roll off. But she was coming in with a left handed punch from the leap towards Cyberlord" and an ant is going to stop me?"

[11:39:48] Cyberlord said to her. "Yes, I'm going to stop you, and prevent you from smashing my building..." As she came in, Cyberlord rolled out of the way before shooting a stun ray at her that should paralyze her if it hits.

[11:43:35] Alexandra Suvari / Tauros (NicP) grinned, the ray hitting that same field. It fades as she lands, and she can be seen grinning, and snorting " your guns wont stop me. " The she-bull threw her bade in a spinning sawing motion towards Cyberlord, while she leapt up, to a wall, and in a move straight out of a luchador's move set jumping from the 'ropes' at Cyberlord from the other direction. Ready to catch her sword, the weapon coming at 80 tons of force, but she'd hit even harder

[11:45:29] Cyberlord was hit by the attacks, and slammed into a generator of sorts nearby that had an infinity symbol, and that was glowing green.

[11:48:53] Alexandra Suvari / Tauros (NicP) caught her blade as both attacks connected on Cyberlord, stopping it from slicing through him, if it broke through his armor, but not from wounding him deeply. she marched over to the generator and swung the blade down, intending to impale him to the equipment with the sword and keep him pinned

[11:52:41] As he was slammed into the generator... impaled. The impalement made the generator start to build up energy, and overload with power... The sword had ran him through. As the generator continued to build up with energy, Cyberlord's whole body began to glow, as the entire building glowed with green energy..

[11:58:30] Alexandra Suvari / Tauros (NicP): would grab at several of the steel girds and pull them free. Carrying them over her left shoulder, she grabbed her blades handle and pull it free. She didn't got for a killing blow on the man, but wanted her blade before the generator started to send even more electricity out. What was there shocking her. her removal likely releasing it into Cyberlord as she carried her prize away

[12:02:39] As she removed the blade, the energy would surge through Cyberlord and power in the building would overload temporarily,, fusing Veritas with his AI known as Virgil. At the same time, this also caused his entire building to glow.
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Dust to Dos

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:00 pm

[12:11:35] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) saw the power surge..that was why shed left the roof. She approached the building to investigate. Her photonic multitool being used to scan for signals untils he saw the bloody body on the generator" and I just woke him up.."

[12:13:32] Cyberlord 's mind was currently dormant inside the machinery of B.A. DASS INC. The wound looked like it had been made with a sword.

[12:16:08] Queen Of Thorns tilts her head to one side and leaps off the edge of the building down ot hte floor of Ba Dass

[12:19:14] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) stepped to look him over. She wasnt getting signs of life from him. " lovely well at least i got the interdimensional tech before someone killed him. That should stabalize my communications with its transmitter. " she tapped at her bracer, and scanned the building for irregularities " This is Byrne. I know I'm just a consultant.. but your boss is dead. Looks like a giant saw"

[12:19:52] Cyberlord started to wake up... and look around through cameras. Upon seeing his corpse, he panicked. "What the hell happened to me?"

[12:23:14] Queen Of Thorns looks up and looks around. "apprently, your an Ex cyberlord." She reaches out a vine and sticks the vine down though the hole. "Yup...very dead....or at least physicaly dead....." She looks up at him and shrugs.

[12:26:48] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) nods " seems so. " she turned her tool to a monitor and tried to set it to dosiplay going through signals until he might have a face

[12:27:21] Cyberlord 's face was shown on a screen. "So... it looks lie I'm digital now..."

[12:29:13] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) nods. she kneels looking down at the wound " Queen, I've seen this damage before"

[12:30:30] Queen Of Thorns looks over at Jamie and nods. "Oh?" She waits for Jamie to fill in the blanks still studying the corpse thoughtfully. "Do you mind if I get this meat prossessed ? " She looks over at Cyberlord thoughtfully "I mean sinice it's just gonna rot there."

[12:31:12] Cyberlord thought about it. "So long as you remove the electronics from it, and destroy it. I'm going to need a new body... lots of new bodies. Raw materials to build hundreds of new bodies, and something to materialize data."

[12:34:31] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) looks to the screen. the Queen " the body is up to him. You have the materials from the drones we shut down, Cyber. data materalization is more difficult. I can break down matter and store it, then have it rebuilt, but you are talking solid bodies from data I think. Mongon maybe..hard light would be easier

[12:36:27] Cyberlord nods his head. "Alright, you can have the body Queen of Thorns. I'm going to be working on mechanical bodies to use for this situation."

[12:38:40] Queen Of Thorns looks over the body and holds out a hand a sparkly turoquise ooze starting to drip from her claws and down on the body, eating hte organics and bones until all the electronics are all that's remained. "I don't want the electronics...." She purrs as the blob writhes to her hooves and ust gets soaked back up into her body. "there you are...." She cracks her neck and sighs as he feels invigorated.

[12:38:50] Perrin Ashbourne hesitates when he hears voices. quickly setting down the two sacks he had -one full of what looked to be copper and similar metals, the other general salvage the man thought held some value. When he heard them talking about bodies, he moves up to the wall to listen in

[12:42:50] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): in the meantime ~she grabbed one of the drones, and started toking on it. She took the powercell from another nearby it and tooled it into place. It was a simple hover drone with cameras and a projector..but it was soemthing~ try giving this a run, Cyber. see if you can connect

[12:44:36] Cyberlord connected to the drone, and took control of it... using it to fly around and project a hologram of him. "Yes, I can connect to it.."

[12:47:32] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): that gets you mobile at least. ~she stepped over to queen sliding her tool away
[12:47:40] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) waved to perrin's direction. hearing the metal

[12:48:34] Cyberlord nodded. "I need a way to materialize data, a problem that I am incapable of resolving... right now..."

[12:48:49] Queen Of Thorns watches them all and shrugs and looks at Cyberlord. "what do you mean?"

[12:49:11] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): I think he means making data solid.
[12:49:27] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): Like the tron cycles..but thosere were inside a system

[12:50:23] Cyberlord nodded his head. "Precisely..."

[12:50:29] Locke Cole is actually Locke Cole, not Perm but forgot his titler Oi. you lot. yer looking fer tech? " he crossed his arms watching the group, half expecting them to try to jump him

[12:52:13] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): Cyberlord here might need some people working for him

[12:53:20] Cyberlord nodded his head. "Indeed, I could use all the tech you gathered. Would be useful for parts, anyway."

[13:00:00] Perrin Ashbourne: We doing a post order or ar you waiting on me

[13:01:53] Locke Cole nods slowly. " Most of what I got is radios. phones. .. common junk. I did get this though.. " he rummages around in sack #2 for a minute or so and pulls out a dented metal briefcase. "ya know that big tech company? The one that meteor hit? I dug some robot girl out of it. With her was this case. she handed it to me, I guess as a reward for gettin her dug out. Robot girl called it a hard-light whats-it or something. she gave it to me sayin her react-ter wasn' enough to power it.

[13:04:11] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): that would be leviathan or millenium.. doest narrow down

[13:04:11] Queen Of Thorns watches Cyberlord her expression thoughtful as she hears hard light. "Huh..hard light......that sounds intresting." She shrugs and looks at the cop a little wary. "Her vines swaying nervously"

[13:04:37] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski arrived on the scene and looked around, spotting a figure being held by some kind of a forcefield. "Okay, what's going on here?" he asked, his hand hovering close to his gun just in case.

[13:05:07] Cyberlord sighed and looked at the individual. "Hand it over, so we can take the device and put it to use, in order to allow me to project. Hello, do you like my new form? My physical form got destroyed, so I'm now digital..." said Cyberlord.

[13:05:48] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): Andy. someone murdered cyberlord ~she stepped over bringing up footage, of Tauros sending Cyberlord into the generator, and impaling him to it with ehr saw like blade~ I knew I recognized that wound..

[13:06:41] Cyberlord sighed, and looked around. "I no longer have a corporeal form, a problem that needs to be solved."
[13:09:53] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski: (There are other males in the police department. Andy isn't the only one)

[13:12:51] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski looks over to the footage and frowns. "I'll have to see if I can run that through the database and try to get a match, unless someone knows the identity of the attacker," he pointed out.

[13:13:04] Cyberlord sighed. "Since I lack a body... I'll need this holo emitter for now... And the attacker called herself a herald of someone..."

[13:13:22] Queen Of Thorns watches everyone speak and shakes her head as she isn't needed and walks ocver to Perrin and smiles,and then turns her head to listen to CL

[13:13:58] Locke Cole Blinked "Hand it over ? Ya daft mate? We got a city full o folks grubin around in rubble just ta survive. I dunno what this hard light thingamajig does But that robot girl seemed to think it was good enough payment fer savin her life. I'm not opposed ta tradin fer it but just givin it over seems just a mite unreasonable. -oh what. a herald? .. Was it hel? Did she say herald of hel? ARe those dirty cunts back? "

[13:15:41] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) works at the data" the microphones are scrambled form the power surge damaging the recent data. let me see what I can do" she cracked her figners and started typing, fingers blurring, writing up a code directly on the system " give me a moment"

[13:16:25] Cyberlord flies over to the individual. "How does a job here, working as a tech retriever count? You'd be retrieving tech, and bringing it back here in return for food, water, and a place to stay."
[13:21:19] Locke Cole seems to think about it for a few moments "Got most o that sorted out and I prefer ta be intendant... " He glances over to Jaimie, thoughtfully. " I might negotiate wi' her though. Place is dangerous latly, and she looks like she might know where ta get what I actually need.

[13:21:56] Cyberlord nodded. "I'll allow it. But we'll be taking that hard-light device, as it could aid in me being solid longer."

[13:24:42] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): and what is it you actually need? ~fingers flying, she hit the execute and the sound cleared up. Amplified and clear., at least for the audio data not completely corrupt. ' you dare threaten the Empress' Herald?"' ~ I fought this woman before.

[13:26:31] Amy Sapphire (demondiva.sapphire) walks past, stopping and seeing a large group of people inside the building. Turning to face them, one of them looking familiar to me

[13:27:34] Locke Cole frowns " Sounds ta me like you're threaten ta rob me lad. That ain't a good idea. Price just went up. Better let the girl do tha talkin. She seems smarter than ya. " he looks over at Jamie. " We can talk about that over here by the firetruck, lass. " he takes the case and moves over "jus so yer greedy friend here doesn't cause the price to make it unobtainable. "

[13:30:26] Queen Of Thorns tilts her head to one side her thee eyes blinking as she sences something on the wind she runs and leaps her vines reaching out to dig hooks into the wall and climb up and out of sight.
[13:31:52] Thorn flew down to the city street, sniffing the air reaching down into the broken street, a tentacle plunging into a crack as she seeks out the dirt for a moment... Then shook her head lightly, mumbling something...

[13:32:53] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): show Andy this..and you owe me Cyber ~ walking over to the truck

[13:33:13] Cyberlord nodded, and then showed Andy the footage. "Very well."

[13:34:06] Locke Cole shakes his head muttering "lots o plant folk out today. " Then me moves closer to Jamie he shakes his head, but then moves close to her and starts whispering to her so the others can't hear.

[13:34:32] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski continued to look at the footage and frowned. "Okay, so where are your remains now? I can call a coroner to pick it up and take it to the hospital for examination, as it'll help with building the case against your assailant.
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Re: Ashes to Ashes

Post by Cybermonarch » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:02 pm

[13:40] Cyberlord said to her. "Queen of Thorns dissolved the organic material, so it wouldn't rot... I let her."
[13:41] Amy Sapphire (demondiva.sapphire) teleports back and says to Jaimie, whom she recognises from the telescope, "I just came above ground, there is more damage than i expected"
[13:43] Thorn raised a brow, her tentacles and cybernetic arms working to free up a large chunk of broken road... Pulling it off and cooing lightly as she pulled out what looked to be a hard green ovaloid with red speckling and black veiny protrusions... She rubbed her face against it, hissing lightly at the appearance of the teleporting woman.
[13:45] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski crossed his arms as he waited for the response to his question.
[13:45] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) nods" -really- owe me this time. You can give him the hardlight. I won't back out of the deal" She smiled to amy" there is. im not sure whos cleaning the streets..I know wher eim busy. i have to go buy this har light projector for cyberlord... both fo you should come by the temple when its complete" lookignt o amy and thorn
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[13:45] Cyberlord said to Andy. "The body was dissolved by the Queen of Thorns, and used as food for her plants, the electronic components are there..." He said, pointing at them.
[13:46] Locke Cole was still holdin the case out to Jamie. " you made the deal, Lass. Thing's yours ta to with as ya please. "
[13:46] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski frowns. "Well, that's going to hinder any kind of a case against the attacker since we don't have physical evidence beyond the electronics. No body means no autopsy."
[13:47] Cyberlord sighed. "Well, given the electricity isn't operable for the most part here yet the body would have rotted... soon."
[13:47] Amy Sapphire (demondiva.sapphire) listens curiously to what is being said, then adds something, "At least the police station look okay"
[13:48] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) nodded and carried the case over to cyberlord
[13:49] Thorn starts putting the ovalid behind her, keeping it safe in a curled tentacle, eyes shifting between those present... Putting back the piece of road and moving a bit back, sniffing the ground again.
[13:49] Cyberlord looks over at the police officer. "I have something for you, if you want it..."
[13:49] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski looked at the projection, "Doesn't matter. Video evidence doesn't always hold a lot of weight in a court of law, and sometimes isn't even admissible. The defense will argue that the tape was doctored." He drew in a breath and then indicated, "The electronic components may help a bit, but the body would have been sure fire evidence."
[13:50] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski looked at the floating figure and asked, "What do you have?"
[13:50] Cyberlord facepalms, but then remember he is a projection. "Given the state of the city, you need better weaponry. I'm giving you an Omni-Blaster..." He said, pointing at one that was on a table.
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[13:51] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski looks over to the table and eyes the weapon. "What does it do?"
[13:51] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) nodded to Thorn and amy" pardon me dears. I need to go pay a deadmans debt" left hand going to Lockes arm as she typed on the rbacer
[13:52] Cyberlord points at the tablet near the blaster. "Instructions are on that... you can use them if you want."
[13:53] Thorn lifted her head, looking at Jaimie and nodding, before lifting up another section of the road, tentacles pulling out another ovaloid mass.
[13:54] Locke Cole shrugs not having realised she ment to pay it now, but heads off with her taking care to avoid the worst of the rubble.
[13:54] Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): forum post incoming onc ei clean up. keep an eye out cl, andy. post the rest of your convo on it)
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[13:57] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski nods and picks up the weapon along with the tablet. "I'll turn this over to the chief. If she approves it, then I'm sure she'll assign it to an officer that she deems best to use it in the field." he pointed out. "We should get you . . . or rather what's left of you . . . to the station as well."
[13:58] Thorn kept the second ovaloid behind her as well, head twisting and turning a bit as she stood up, glaring at Cyberlord's projection, then looked over at the other two, humming lightly... "I require... Assistance. Information."
[13:58] Cyberlord thought about it. "Should I come as well?"

[14:00] Amy Sapphire (demondiva.sapphire) walks upto Thorn, "nice plants" smiles at her. looking at her outfit
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[14:01] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski nods. "Yeah, that would be for the best, for your own protection for whatever remains of you. The person who did this may try again if they know that you still exist in some form."

[14:01] Cyberlord sighed. "You do realize I'll have to transmit myself back here every day in order to work on cleaning this building up. The building is something I need to have cleaned up, so it can be rebuilt soon."
[14:03] Thorn nods lightly. "They are... Hearty. Durable." She looked the woman over slowly, then trying to meet her eyes as her own momentarily seemed to flash, attempting to use her mesmer on the woman. "As you seem to be. You are willing to render aid and information, yes? Tell me... What is your function in this city?"
[14:03] Sgt Andy "Ski Boss" Wojeski nodded. "If you can do it holographically without compromising what is projecting you now, then transmit away. But the device that is projecting you now should remain at the station for safety reasons

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