Clean Up: Day 1

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Clean Up: Day 1

Post by Cybermonarch » Sun Apr 17, 2016 9:12 pm

[19:33] Second Life Cyberlord was inside his building, coordinating the efforts of multiple robots who were sweeping the floor, and removing debris from the building. irritated, Cyberlord was muttering obscenities, and also death threats about the individual who had undone his earlier efforts to clean. "... tear her lungs out and use them to choke her..."
[19:34] killer Calamity: is offline.
[19:34] UltraWoman had seen the city falling further and further into chaos with all the factions of heroes and villains trying to divide areas of the city for their own. She heard of a recent attack at the former B.A.DASS INC building and decided to check it out for herself. She walks into the building through what was left of the doorway when she overhears a voice coming from inside "Hello? Anybody here?" She calls out as she walks inside
[19:36] Second Life Cyberlord was standing there as a hologram. "Hello. Welcome to B.A. DASS. As you can see... we're closed for repairs." Drones march past her carrying debris and start physically hurling it out into the street, because CL is irritated with his lack of progress to clean up the building. "If you are here to make the building more of a mess, please don't or I will get angry. If you're here to help, you can start with some of the debris."

[19:43] UltraWoman steps to the side as the drones march past her. Seemingly not caring that she's standing there "Excuse you!" She says to the machine as she almost gets run over by it. She turns to the floating green man that addressed her "I'm not her for either reason. I'm investigating the reported attack from a few days ago. Trying to find out what happened. And who's responsible!"
[19:44] Cyberlord asks her. "Which attack? The one that killed Cyberlord, or the one by 'Flash Bang?" This was asked by him as he was making a broom materialize out of data and using it to sweep the debris out of the building.

[19:45] UltraWoman raises her eyebrows in surprise "There was more than one attack?" She looks down a bit as she rubs her chin with her right hand as she contemplates the statement. "Well...." She looks up at the hologram "I guess both!"
[19:46] Cyberlord nods his head. "I'm Cyberlord, and as you can see I survived both attacks. Though the latter has made me start working double time in order to repair the building...."
[19:47] UltraWoman scrunches her face with a confused look on it. "But... you said... wait!" She pauses as she tilts her head to the right "You said someone killed Cyberlord... but you're Cyberlord!" She tilts her head to the other side "How is that possible?"

[19:50] Cyberlord said to her. "The individual who killed me impaled me onto one of my generators when my AI Vergil was inside of it. This resulted in a fusion of the code with me, turning me into an AI. What you see now is a simple projection, nothing more and nothing less. I can do a lot of things with this projection, including interact with people, and viciously assault anyone who tries to rob or loot or just destroy my building for the hell of it. Something that has gotten very old, very fast. So tell me, Ultra Woman. Do you need a day job?"

[19:54] UltraWoman nods her head slightly as she listens to the explanation of events leading to Cyberlords current condition. She looks around at all the destruction. Not really able to tell what was from the meteors and what was from later attacks "Well... You seem to know exactly who was involved. Why don't you give me their names... so I can track them down and deliver them to the proper authorities." She smirks a bit at the question of a day job "Actually... I'm quite busy with all the chaos in the city right now. There's at least three hostile factions duking it out for control over parts of the city!"

[19:56] Cyberlord groans. "I'll make you a deal, Ultrawoman. In your spare time you help me clean this...." He gestured theatrically at the rubble, and generalized debris and even pointed upwards at the buildings that were atop his. "... and in return I'll do you one better. I'll help you deliver the individual to the proper authorities once I've analyzed her near invulnerability that caused her to survive everything I threw at her..."''

[19:59] UltraWoman looks around the building a bit. She rolls her eyes around with a slightly displeased look "A cleaning crew? You've got all these drones working for you! And there's missing people! and ughh" She takes a deep sighing breath "I just don't have the time to do cleanup work with so much to deal with! Why won't you tell me who did this?"

[20:00] Cyberlord says to her. "Quite simply put, if the individual could shrug off a 30 ton plasma blast like I aimed at her, I have no doubts whatsoever she could probably withstand ANYTHING you could throw her way. And drones are good sure, but they only operate their best when I'm not resting. So since I can't be around all hours in order to clean, clean and clean..."
[20:01] Cyberlord 's drones came back in and picked up more debris, and began to haul it out.
[20:02] UltraWoman folds her arms across her chest. She tilts her head to the left as she gives him a little smirk "Maybe you were just using the wrong type of attack! You don't even know anything about me. How do you know what I'm capable of?"
[20:03] Cyberlord says to her. "I assume from the lack of technology on your costume that you likely possess Superhuman Strength. And point taken. Very well. I will show you the video. But I want your word you won't engage her near B.A. DASS Inc. I've already got enough repairs that are in need of being done."

[20:05] Cyberlord goes over to a screen and brings up the video of his death on it. "As you can see, well you saw what happened."

[20:11] UltraWoman watched the video. Her face becoming very serious and very solemn look on her face "What a horrible site!" She comments as she shakes her head back and forth "I don't know who that is. But I'll find her! And bring her in!" She looks back at Cyberlord "Don't worry... I'll keep her away from your precious building!"

[20:13] Cyberlord growls when he notices a couple of thugs trying to run into the damaged B.A. DASS and steal technology. Snapping his fingers, his drones drop the debris as all 7 of the ones working for him are Gunners, and they point Omni-Blasters at the thugs. "I'll give you two options, Ultra Woman. You can either persuade the thugs that robbing this place is bad for their health, or they can spend the next 8-10 hours screaming in fear, and pain. " From his mood, he was not in a good mood presently. Of course he disliked bringing up experiences where he'd been in near death, or deadly situations.

[20:17] UltraWoman looks at the thugs with a look of disappointment "Really guys? We're right here!" She says to them. Her belt, eyes, and hands all start glowing brightly "You've got 5 seconds to go back out the way you came. With empty hands! Or I'll take you all to the station personally! And it won't be fun!"

[20:19] Cyberlord watches as the thugs retreat, quickly scared off by her and him. Yawning, he has the drones resume cleaning efforts. "I've got to pull this building from the rubble, recruit more employees, arm more employees... train up the ones I'm gonna arm. There's so much work to be done. " A broom made out of data materializes once more in his hands as he starts to sweep the debris together into piles, which his drones carry out.
[20:22] UltraWoman snickers at the men as the retreat out of the building quickly "See what I mean? Even in occupied buildings. The city is in chaos!" She rolls her eyes as she sighs deeply "I know you've got alot to do. Oh... there's one more things. Didn't you have a run in with a... let me see.. what was the name... Czar I think it was?!"

[20:23] Cyberlord asks her. "Do you truly want me to bring up that horrible experience, Ultra Woman? Do you want to know every excruciatingly violent detail of what that MONSTER did to me?" Cyberlord gave her a glare that if looks could kill would have earned him a prison sentence, for murdering her.

[20:27] UltraWoman puts her hands up in a defensive manner "Whoa... easy killer. Didn't mean to bring up a sore subject! Just looking for answers is all! Making sure proper justice is done." she puts her hands back down and looks directly at him "So... this woman that... for lack of a better term. Killed you. Do you have a name by chance?"
[20:28] Cyberlord sighs. "No, although she's a herald of the Empress Terrane. I may need to put a bounty out on the head of this Empress, and her followers once I get B.A. DASS operational. Hell, I'd pay you for locking her and her followers up... permanently. " Sighing, he said to her. "I'm sorry I snapped. I just don't like thinking of what Czar did to me... I had PTSD due to that."
[20:31] BLACKJAY: dragged in a wheeled dumpster and started going about the bussiness of chucking in lumps of debris inside of it, if part of her duties were to move mountains or collapsed buildings then she was going to fail in that duty spectacularly. She started about the business of throwing what she could physically handle first... shaking her head, had this been the old days she would have hired contractors to do this for her... she grumbled a greeting and waved her hand over at the two... she'd been reduced to being a maid it seemed...

[20:33] UltraWoman leans back as Cyberlord speaks of Terrane. A powerful woman UltraGirl has encountered earlier today. "Terrane you say... hmmm... that's not good!" She mutters softly as she thinks of the challenging fight she and Timber had with the geomancer. "It's okay... I guess I should've known an incident like that would be hard to talk about!" she sees the woman come in and start to help with the cleaning efforts "Oh hello there!" she looks back at Cyberlord "I'll find this... herald.... and I'll bring her in! And I'll figure out how to deal with Terrane after that! One thing at a time." She tilts her head towards BlackJay while looking at Cyberlord "One of yours?"
[20:35] Cyberlord nodded. "Thanks for coming, Black Jay. The clean up efforts will require all hands on deck, everyone we can possibly muster. And yes, she is one of mine Ultrawoman. If you truly want to know about what Czar did, I suppose I could illuminate you.... even though dredging up those memories will hurt emotionally..." He said, not even looking forward to even partially reliving what Czar had done to him by looking at the memories. "Someone needs to take Terrane out. I might ask a friend of mine if she and her loyalists could do something about Terrane and her loyalists."

[20:38] Jo Trimble sliced through an iron girder with her shinny new monocular nails, quite pleased at how that worked out.. as the end of the girder fell off with a loud clunk. She waved to Cyberlord and ultra woman as she began to cut the bar down further with her ...what would she call them... claws... no, a Jay was a bird... these were her talons.... ,slash, clunk... she went along the girder breaking it up into manageable chunks.
[20:39] BLACKJAY: ed through an iron girder with her shinny new monocular nails, quite pleased at how that worked out.. as the end of the girder fell off with a loud clunk. She waved to Cyberlord and ultra woman as she began to cut the bar down further with her ...what would she call them... claws... no, a Jay was a bird... these were her talons.... ,slash, clunk... she went along the girder breaking it up into manageable chunks.

[20:39] UltraWoman nods as she listens to what he has to say about the cleanup efforts. The incident with Czar, and dealing with Terrane. She takes a deep breath "I don't know what you're thinking... but please don't do anything that will result in a war. Things are bad enough as it is!" She folds her arms across her chest again "As far as the Czar issue. All I really need to know... is why he did what he did? Don't need details. Just the reason!"
[20:42] BLACKJAY: me started to deposit the lumps of girder in the dumpster. Of course the thing would weigh the same as a house when it was filled...but hopefully she could use a little ingenuity to deal with that. Me tilts her head... there was something about the name Terrane that poked at her mind... she couldn't figure it out.. who knew, she'd been up since midnight.
[20:44] Cyberlord said to her. "He believed that he could force me to stop being a villain by torturing me... and it worked... the torture hurt a lot. Especially him burning the word Avarice into my forehead. Took forever to get the damn thing off..." He sighed, as he resumed sweeping the debris out of the building.

[20:45] UltraWoman takes a deep sighing breath once more as her face looks a bit saddened "That's what I was afraid of!" She looks back at Cyberlord shaking her head back and forth "I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! Torture is never the solution to any problem. I don't care of the results!"
[20:46] BLACKJAY: didn't know that despite valiant efforts she'd expired at the hands of terrane the day before...dying in the hospital before mysteriously disappearing.. to reappear midnight totally oblivious to it all. She continued about her business.... she glanced over to the holographic broom.... then to the building in general.... and shrugged as she moved the heavy stuff.

[20:52] Cyberlord started to have his drones move debris out of the building, as he looked at Ultra Woman. "I am sorry I had to go through that, and wish I didn't. At least Czar won't torture me again, I know that much, due to a friend I have..." Cyberlord groaned. "Give me your cell, and I'll send you a copy of what happened so long as you don't publish it.. "
[20:53] UltraWoman nods as she hands him her cell phone "I promise. No-one will see it but me. Not even sure I really want to watch it myself." She shakes her head a bit as she thinks about the events "But I've gotta know if he needs to be brought in. I'm going to restore order to this damn city! Or die trying!"

[20:55] BLACKJAY: had just finished one dumpster full of junk and she walked out the front door, scanning the skyline she looked for vantage points, she grappled up to the top of a building, then retracted the line, she then pulled out a length, hung it over a flag pole and then fired towards the dumpster, then grabbing onto the line she climbed down, using the flag pole as a pully to start to drag the dumpster out of there , to the street ready for collection..
[20:57] Cyberlord then nods, beginning to hack into her phone and download the video into it before handing it over to her. "I've rigged it to where you've seen it once...the video will automatically delete itself, Ultra Woman." This was said as his drones continued to work, some of them helping Black Jay while others started to check the area for anymore idiots, while still others helped CL with sweeping out the building, and what not.
[20:58] Cyberlord handed her the phone back after 1 minute.
[21:00] UltraWoman nods as she takes the phone back and slips it into her suit. "Thank you. I'll get to the bottom of all of this! I promise. Oh... before I go...." she looks up to the part of the building laying on it's side "I guess I could help the clean up a little.... you want me to smash that thing to pieces?" She smirks a bit... feeling the need to crush something after the events of this morning
[21:02] Cyberlord says to her. "In about a week you can... when we've gotten all the debris removed from our building. " Cyberlord sighed. "We're doing well at the clean up so far, tonight."
[21:06] UltraWoman nods as she looks around "If you need me give me a call. I'll keep you apprised of my progress on the situation as well!" She turns to BlackJay "it was nice to have met you miss." She then turns back to Cyberlord "Duty calls. I'll be in touch!" Before turning around to walk out of the doorway
[21:06] Jo Trimble dragged in another dumpster and resumed doing exactly what she was doing before, repetition, repetition, repetition ..If it was working, then she saw no need to alter action.
[21:07] BLACKJAY: nodded to ultra woman as she dragged in another dumpster and resumed doing exactly what she was doing before, repetition, repetition, repetition ..If it was working, then she saw no need to alter action.

[21:09] Cyberlord looked at Black jay. "You're doing well. That's enough for tonight... as we'll have plenty more to do in the coming days...."
[21:10] BLACKJAY: just finished off her task and wiped the sweat from her brow, she nodded and dusted off her costume. "Yeah" she said looking at the husk of the building, "You could say that"
[21:11] Cyberlord sighed. "At least we did a good deal of work, right?"
[21:13] BLACKJAY: looked to cyberlord. "We?" she said..."yeah, sure did boss" she smiled, though she was exhausted.
[21:13] Cyberlord nodded at her. "Tomorrow your assignment is to recruit more to our numbers, we must swell our numbers... and grow stronger."

[21:15] BLACKJAY: "Okidoke boss" she said trying to figure out how she would do that. "I think your core's going to over heat" she said with a nod to the emitter..
[21:16] Cyberlord sighed. "I suppose I could turn off the emitter for now..." With that he snapped his fingers, and the drones went back into their charging pods. "Black Jay, one other assignment. If anyone tries to loot, or rob..."
[21:17] BLACKJAY: nodded "Yes I know, send em off...unless they are which case recruit em.."
[21:17] Cyberlord deactivated his hologram after saying. "... and if they're metas you avoid confrontation and wake me up..."

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