A Clean Sweep (Clean up Day 2)

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A Clean Sweep (Clean up Day 2)

Post by Cybermonarch » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:13 am

05:24] Corona: Hmmm, how odd.
[05:25] Cyberlord was inside his building, using drones to carry out debris and even making a single construct of a tractor beam that he was using to remove debris from his building. "Still got a long way to go."
[05:25] Kara (eshra91): (( can't stay long... just checking on things ))
[05:26] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): ((np, cya around))
[05:27] Corona: Oh, a hologram.
[05:27] Cyberlord looks over at Corona. "So who might you be?" asked Cyberlord, as he continued to assist his drones in the removal of debris.
[05:28] Corona: I am Corona, and I'm sure you guys don't have any on this Earth.
[05:28] Ebony (ebonylove61): hello kara
[05:29] Cyberlord asks her. "So what brings you to my building? It''s closed for repairs, and cleaning right now... something I'm working on."
[05:30] Corona stuck her hand in the light from the projector, "Hey, give me a break. I'm new to this Earth."
[05:30] Kara (eshra91): Heya Ebony!z
[05:31] Ebony (ebonylove61): :)
[05:31] Cyberlord nods his head. "Since you're new here, you probably don't have any resources or allies, yet do you Corona? I'd be willing to offer you membership into B.A. DASS INC, if you'd like a job." The more people he had on board the better off the chances of getting the monumental task of fixing their building done would actually be.
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[05:32] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): A job? In this ruin? You sure seem to have a high opinion of your organization.
[05:33] Corona: What do you have to offer me?
[05:33] Cyberlord says to her. "Yes, a job. A job helping with the repairs like the other employees have been doing. And as to what, a place to stay. Technology. Food, medicine, water. Money once the building is fixed back up and operational."
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[05:35] Corona: Well, I might be willing to agree, but whatever shelter you are offering me, it needs a view of the sky, I'm solar powered.
[05:36] Corona: And I tend to sleep during the day.
[05:37] Cyberlord nods his head. "That can easily be arranged, Corona. And very well. You'll be night shift. If ANYONE tries to steal from here... or just destroy this building for the fun of it, I want you to put a stop to it. That's your assignment, that and cleaning the debris. It shouldn't take us more than six days or so to get the debris cleaned up..." He said this, as he swept more of the debris out of the building and his drones carried some out, into the street.
[05:39] Corona: Six days? Heh, heh, we'll see. I can help guard the building easy enough.
[05:40] Cyberlord nods his head. "After that, the buildings piled atop ours will need to be removed, which will require some serious muscle I don't have. Once that's done which will take about another week, the actual reconstruction of the building can begin, and believe me B.A. DASS will be better than before. So Corona, here's your badge." With that he handed her an infinity symbol she could put somewhere on her costume.
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[05:41] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[05:41] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[05:41] Corona chuckled, "I'll see if I have a place to put it on these clothes."
[05:43] Cyberlord nodded his head. "Corona, there is something I must show you. Be warned, it is not pretty. If you encounter the individual who did it to me, you must not engage. You must run, and call for backup."
[05:44] Corona: Go ahead, show me. At least I can run away. Heaven knows I wouldn't have been able to in a bustle.
[05:44] Cyberlord nods, and shows her the video of the incident that had caused him to become an AI due to being impaled upon his own generator.
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[05:46] Ebony (ebonylove61): hi barbara
[05:46] Corona: So, why aren't you working towards helping the city?
[05:46] Barbara (girlnude.bing): bonjour Ebony
[05:46] girlnude Bing: hello Ebony
[05:46] Barbara (girlnude.bing): joli look
[05:46] girlnude Bing: nice look
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[05:47] Cyberlord says to her. "I am. By getting my building fixed, once I get it completely operational, I can provide power to the city which will help them a lot more than if I wasted resources trying to help everyone else first."
[05:47] Barbara (girlnude.bing): effets électriques saisissant
[05:47] girlnude Bing: electrical effects grabbing
[05:47] Barbara (girlnude.bing): oui
[05:47] girlnude Bing: Yes
[05:47] Barbara (girlnude.bing): très bien
[05:47] girlnude Bing: very good
[05:47] Ebony (ebonylove61): go with the character i think
[05:47] Barbara (girlnude.bing): bonne idée
[05:47] girlnude Bing: good idea
[05:47] Barbara (girlnude.bing): la ville a besoin de réconfort
[05:47] girlnude Bing: the city needs comfort
[05:48] Barbara (girlnude.bing): complêtement ratatinée
[05:48] girlnude Bing: completly wizened
[05:48] Barbara (girlnude.bing): ☜❤☞★★ mdrrrr ★★☜❤☞
[05:48] girlnude Bing: ☜❤☞ ★★ ★★ ☜❤☞ mdrrrr
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[05:48] Ebony (ebonylove61): thats what we are here for
[05:49] Ebony (ebonylove61): just to help out
[05:49] Barbara (girlnude.bing): pour aider et pour jouer
[05:49] girlnude Bing: to help and to play
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[05:49] Ebony (ebonylove61): yes
[05:50] Barbara (girlnude.bing): je vais me changer
[05:50] girlnude Bing: I'm going to change
[05:50] Barbara (girlnude.bing): excusez moi
[05:50] girlnude Bing: excuse me
[05:51] Corona: Anyway, I need to soak some rays, but before I go, will I get arrested to mocked here for my manner of dress?
[05:51] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): ((arrested or mocked))
[05:52] Cyberlord thought about it. "Probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to have a spare set of clothes... just in case..." said Cyberlord. "Oh and if you encounter an individual named Czar, you run. You run. You don't call for backup. You flee."
[05:52] Ebony (ebonylove61): what wrong with your manner of dress
[05:53] Corona: It's what got me exiled here. Queen Victoria had set up certain edicts regarding manner of dress, but I was starving for lack of sun.
[05:54] Cyberlord nods his head at her. "I'll help you out Corona, might even work on some tech to help you absorb more sunlight quicker. What do you think of that?"
[05:54] Cobalt(May) arrives at the scene, looking genuinely worried. "Sir! I came as soon as I could! Is everything alright?"
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[05:56] Cyberlord said to Cobalt. "Define alright. There is an individual out on the streets who deserves nothing less than the chair, for what she did to me. So no, I am not in an optimal state right now. Though a healthy dose of REVENGE would likely change that, followed by destroying this Empress Terrane individual as well, so her minions know and fear me."
[05:57] Corona: Well, technology was regulated where I came from. I don't like messing with the stuff. If man was supposed to have technology, God would have provided it to us.
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[05:58] ! DRAGON HOOK GRAPPLE GUN ! v1.02: distance= 25.226059
[05:58] Cyberlord said to Corona. "Well since you're working for me, I'll let you know. B.A. DASS is a Tech Company, and a good one at that. Your main job Corona will be security. Mainly blasting anyone who tries to rob, or destroy the building. I am so sick of having additional repairs added on."
[05:59] Barbara (girlnude.bing): l'harpon fonctionne mais la ville est déglinguée
[06:00] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): I don't 'blast' I can't shoot anything, just punch.
[06:00] Cobalt(May) frowns at CL. "Boss. Revenge only leads to more pain and suffering so I have an alternative for temporary stress relief." She thinks for a moment. "I don't know if this will work for you, but perhaps you need to relieve stress via distracting your thoughts away from Terrane for thirty minutes."
[06:00] Barbara (girlnude.bing): fausse manoeuvre
[06:00] girlnude Bing: false maneuver
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[06:03] Cyberlord sighed as he looked at Cobalt. "How? The only other thing I can do right now..." He pointed at the debris. "... is repair my building. Which is a very tedious process that will require a lot of work."
[06:04] Corona: Comment civilisés vos gens sont ici. La prochaine chose que vous savez, vous me dire que vous ne disposez pas du thé l'après-midi.
[06:04] Asrya (asrya.amaterasu): <<N... nani?>>
[06:04] Asrya (asrya.amaterasu): <<Where'd the french come from?>
[06:05] Corona: <<How uncivilized your people are here. Next thing you know, you'll tell me you don't have afternoon tea.>>
[06:05] Asrya (asrya.amaterasu): <<*headdesk* *loving thwap with a newspaper* >>
[06:05] Cyberlord says to her. "Actually sometimes I do enjoy afternoon tea, even being an AI now due to that incident. And the sooner we're back up and running, the sooner I can activate the generators, and provide energy to the city..."
[06:06] Cobalt(May) looks to the building. "You're an artificial intelligence now. Maybe you should leave the heavy lifting to the rest of us while you write a few programs and contingency algorithms."
[06:06] Corona: Are you sure you have enough steam generators to handle that?
[06:07] Corona: ... and where is your coal supply?
[06:07] Cyberlord says to her. "Technology has moved past the Steam Age, quite considerably. Once I get B.A. DASS fixed, I will produce more generators and provide them at low cost. So yes, I am sure. As for you, Cobalt. I've already started writing up a contingency plan, one that requires a rocket. Corona, technology has moved so past that of Queen Victoria, you'd be surprised."
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[06:08] Corona: Well, Queen Victoria the Third, was quite the... bitch, I believe is the term.
[06:08] Cobalt(May) looks to Corona with a kind expression. "I'm sorry to inform you this, but Steam Generators are completely obsolete and replaced by electrical ones with processing units."
[06:09] Cobalt(May) rubs the back of her neck. "I mean very advanced generators."
[06:10] Cyberlord materializes a broom made out of data in his hands, and starts to sweep out more debris. "Cobalt, meet Corona. Night Shift Security for B.A. DASS. You'll be monitoring her with my security robots, making sure she doesn't do too much collateral damage when she removes looters, and others from trying to raid our building. Understood?"
[06:10] Corona: Well, the Queen and her heirs were quite adamant about limiting the use of technology. I surprised we managed to have 1.5 billion people living in the world with her puritanical reign.
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[06:13] Queen Of Thorns rises out of the ground and looks around her third eye peeping out of the hole in the mask on her head. "Good morning..Spring cleaning time again."
[06:13] Cyberlord sighs. "Yes it is, Queen of Thorns. It seems it's always spring cleaning when B.A. DASS has so much rubble around."
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[06:14] Corona: Well, the Queen and her heirs were quite adamant about limiting the use of technology. I surprised we managed to have 1.5 billion people living in the world with her puritanical reign. ((repost))
[06:17] Queen Of Thorns nods and smiles. "Well then....let me help. 'She reaches out a hand and her claws start to drip a glowing ooze as it splatters on the ground it starts to make the florm of long slug like creatures with two stalks for eyes they begin to slime around the interior starting to swollow up large amounts of rubble thier internals starting to digest it down into slag. "they are inelligant but at least they get rid of it, I can take the slag with me or you can use i for recycling." She watches as the creatures unearthly acid start to digest it and once it's done leaving the in organic material behind in big lumps seperated by silicate and metal.
[06:18] Corona: I think it's time for me to get some sun. See you at sundown.
[06:18] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): ((need breakfast))
[06:18] Cyberlord nods his head. "You can have the debris, if you want..." With that his drones continued to pile it up. "B.A. DASS INC is getting closer. Only about six more days of work to clean up the floor, then we need to get the buildings that are piled atop us off." Cyberlord sighed.
[06:18] Jason Todd (cyberstrikedrago): (Alright.)
[06:18] Cobalt(May) looks to the Queen of Thorns. "She looks intimidating, but seems like a nice person."
[06:19] Corona: Wouldn't it be prudent to move the buildings first, in case this building is badly damaged?
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[06:20] Cyberlord rubbed his temples, and groaned. "I wish I could still have coffee. And, normally yes. Go get your sunlight in, there'll be more work for you to do later."
[06:20] Corona: Until later, Lord Cyber.
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[06:22] Cyberlord groaned, at both of them. "This Empress Terrane, I'd love to blow out her brains across the pavement. Hero or not, reformed or not. She lacks the decency to keep her minions on a leash."
[06:23] Cobalt(May) closes her eyes after waving goodbye to Corona. Her mind concentrated on coding, she lifts her arm and a holographic C+ programming tool appears. Various scripts and commands rapidly appear segment by segment for a split second. After the coding, a digital cup of coffee and a digital stress ball appear. "Sir? Your coffee?"
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[06:24] Queen Of Thorns continues to clean up the floor of the building serpearting hte useful from the junk which is disloved and eaten by the creatures., she hears the name and growls. "SHe is trying to take dominion over my land....she's going to pay for that..with flesh and blood.." She closes her clawed fist as she keeps working. "I am going to use her body to fertilize my garden." She growls her three eyes blazing
[06:25] Cyberlord takes the digital cup of coffee and starts to slowly sip it, ignoring the digital stressball. "Thank you Cobalt. " With that he'd send her a file. It showed a very graphic description of what he planned on doing to Empress Terrane. Suffice to say, it would probably make Cobalt shudder. "And if you can't stop her, I will Queen of Thorns. Her minion impaled me onto my own generator. If it is war they want with B.A. DASS, once we're operational it is war they shall have."
[06:29] Cobalt(May) sees the file. She shudders uncomfortably. "Sir... Have you considered anger management?"
[06:30] Cyberlord says to her. "Cobalt, tell me. Has anyone ever burnt the word Avarice into your forehead? Anger management doesn't help as they'd likely make me bring up the Czar situation..." The word Czar was spoken with venom.
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[06:38] Cobalt(May) says to him. "Someone once tried to burn the word Soulless on my head. I was lucky one of the Kaplun Industries super soldiers managed to stop the crazy meanie." She goes from happy and naive, to nearly as sour as Psionica herself. "Being the clone of a strong psychic and not getting her powers. It stinks."
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[06:40] Cyberlord growled in irritation. "Well, this Czar individual did more than simply burn the word Avarice into my forehead. He also left me in a nearly dead and dying state chained to the front door of my building." As he told her that, anyone could likely see that Cyberlord was tensing up, and getting angrier. He hated to talk about that situation and tried to bury it. Anyone who posted a video of that soon got their computer permanently crashed by him. "... it's a good thing he can't do anything else to me anymore."
[06:41] Queen Of Thorns keeps controlinmg the slugs growing faster as she conducts the slugs like she's conducting a symphony quietly eavesdropping on the conversation.
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[06:45] Cyberlord sighed, and approached the Queen of Thorns. "I've kept up my end of the bargain, but your followers haven't shown up to assist with the clean up... at all."
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[06:48] Queen Of Thorns looks at Ba Dass and her slimes stop the floor nearly clear of debris besides much more managable lump and tilts her head to one side. "I am handling this personally...as you can see...I am here handling it personally.." She looks a bit annoyed a she looks at him. "our bargian wasnt' to clean this place up..our bargian for water and MRE's were in echange for my people to help your neeighborhood watch..which we have provided.
[06:49] Cyberlord nodded. "Alright. Good. " He smiled at her, but she could tell he ws very tense right now. "I know. By the way, this Empress Terrane. One of her followers has a date with a dissection table once I get B.A. DASS fixed."
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[06:51] Queen Of Thorns looks at C yberlord. 'You are welcome to any carcass that we leave behind...she has been atempting to give away my territory and I am very angry aboutt hat..so after I rip her in half you can hve the halves as you like. "She smirks and makes one of her claws into a fist, the two slug constrcuts gurgling with thier mistress's rage.
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[06:53] Cyberlord says to her. "The only one of them that is needed by me is this Tauros individual. Since she is so invulnerable, I must analyze her powers... and arrange for a nasty incident to happen that will make Empress Terrane afraid of sending more of her crew to wreck B.A. DASS."
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[06:54] Queen Of Thorns looks at Cyberlord with a puzzled expression. "What would you want with invernablity..I mean...arn't you you know..invernable, immortal?" she walks up and pokes a claw though his hologram, her expression puzzled.
[06:55] Cyberlord sighs. "I want to be prepared in case more nut jobs with that power would show up. Strong was bad enough, but now we've got Stormblaze and Tauros as potential problems as well, though Stormblaze answers to you... so he shouldn't try to smash my building... hopefully."
[06:57] Cyberlord groans, and says to Cobalt. "Cobalt, could you code a rocket launcher and a picture of Tauros on a Dartboard?"
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[06:59] Queen Of Thorns Looks at Cyberlord. "Cyberlord? really? your made of pure thought can't you just imagane up those things?" She looks at him puzzled and pokes him aagain. "I mean serously...your a creature of pure will..why not try and make it yourself?
[07:00] Cyberlord sighs. "As I'm devoting 80% of my processing power presently to attempt to access a certain project that Sir Jerry made, I can't right now. "
[07:00] Cobalt(May) closes her eyes and lifts her right arm. The same holographic screen returns with a C+ command console rapidly slinging code onto it. "I can top that." She tries to use the code to surround him with an office cubicle and a computer with a Quake mod. The Quake mod involves a 1 on 1 duel with Tauros. Tauros is armed with nothing but a pistol.
[07:00] Queen Of Thorns folds her arms as she watches him trying to get him to improve. "What's the project? Mabye I can help?" she reches up and taps her brain gently.
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[07:02] Cobalt(May) alters the code a little. "Wait. I can do better than that." She changes the Quake mod to a Half Life 2 mod.
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[07:08] Cyberlord sees the new surroundings form around him, and Cyberlord sighe d as he pummeled it. "The project is to access Sattelite DASS, a space laser. Presently I've been unable to."
[07:10] Cyberlord started accessing the computer and smiled... blasting away at Tauros with pretty much everything he could conceive. Not fifteen minutes later, Cyberlord was far calmer than he had been. "Thank you Cobalt. I needed that. Now if only it could happen in real life."
[07:15] Cobalt(May) makes a gesture like she's blowing smoke from the barrel of a gun. "You're welcome. Always helps to play a game when you're mad."
[07:16] Cyberlord groans. "If the laser were operational, Tauros wouldn't be a problem because I could simply..." He snapped his fingers. "... do that and she'd be burnt with the power of a space laser."
[07:17] Queen Of Thorns nods and chuckles. "I know of that one...but I don't know if I can access that information.." she looks at Cyberlord. "I mean if it's up ins pace being spacy....there's really nothing anyone can do to it, can your you you know.. table that for when your more powerful? Say you know when you could make more computesr to help think for you?" She looks at them both feeling like CL is really putting the cart before the horse ont his one
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[07:26] Cyberlord nods his head. "Good idea. Table that idea until later on. Hell the only reason I wanted it was to put a permanent stop to Tauros. I'm not getting ran through again, even if she could find a way to do so..." Cyberlord angrily growled beneath his breath and then sighed. "How to handle the situation? There's gonna be war between your faction, and hers Queen of Thorns. " Cyberlord then sighed and stopped trying to access the project, before making a digital can of beer materialize in his hands. "This city's gonna have a shitstorm before too long, Cobalt..."
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[07:31] Cobalt(May) points at CL. "Language." She creates a hologram of two hands with a clipboard and a pencil. "I'll be sure to schedule some butt kickings."
[07:34] Cyberlord groaned, as he looked at her. "Why do you want me to watch my language? What I said is the honest truth. We lack the capability to defend this building presently, if Terrane or her nutjobs should show up."
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[07:40] Cobalt(May) rubs her neck in embarrassment. "I may be eighteen, but I just can't stand hearing profanity. I've heard loud mouth soldiers overuse it during bionic enhancement sessions."
[07:40] Queen Of Thorns nods as she listens to him and chuckles. "Maybe your not looking at it as the blessing it could be.
[07:41] Cyberlord sighed. "What do you mean, it could be a blessing?"
[07:44] Queen Of Thorns waves a claw around her in tehr ubble. "maybe your looking ot build in the wrong direction? " she points below her. "Think of it this way......build a shitty little say three stoory building...make it look harmless..inaocuous.." She than poits below her. "Than dig your roots in deep...put the fancy razmataz below and you can hide your operation fro people like her.....be sneaky..be ruthless Cyberlord." She sm irks as she wiggles her claws. "LEt the world think taht BA Dass is a small time outfit, allt eh while maraling your time and forces to really give them it when it counts.
[07:44] Queen Of Thorns raeches up with a claw to scratch her cheekbone idly." I mean look at millienium...they ahd a big flash building..and at hte end of the day..it ment nothing.." she smiles at him.
[07:48] Cyberlord thought about it. "Not a bad idea, and if I did add guns near every window... any would be robbers would be in for a NASTY surprise."
[07:48] Cobalt(May) points to Queen of Thorns and says to CL. "She has a point, sir. Subterranian laboratories hidden underneath inconspicuous buildings were a classic back where I was from. Kaplun Industries took it a step further and built a city sized lab beneath an entire city."
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[07:50] Cyberlord nodded his head. "An excellent idea..." An alarm goes off as a couple of robbers are trying to get in. "... seriously?" Cyberlord makes the broom appear and starts sweeping up the debris, as the thugs enter with guns.
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[07:52] One of the thugs pointed the gun, a plain pistol at Cobalt while the other aimed his at the Queen of Thorns, as they didn't see Cyberlord yet. "Hands up... this is a robbery."
[07:53] Cobalt(May) turns around and shakes her head, wagging her finger. "Are you really sure you wanna do this? If you leave, I won't attack you."
[07:53] Queen Of Thorns smiles and shrugs. "Hide the entrence in something as inocous as a broom closet, a garbage can....or even a dumpster out back." She shrugs and looks at CL. "the point is....one of the thigns that your eninmies could always use against you is your need for things to be bigger and better." She looks over at the tugs grinning. "oh please tell me you didn't invite these guys.." She grins and the slugs start to crawl back to her so she can draw them up into her claws, her expression turning murderous her vines growing bigger and thicker. "Oh Helllow boys..wanna play with me?" she bat sher eyes, her vines growing bigger and thicker, her phermones taking a more aluring and seductive scent, if they can smell it it will make them euphoric, and deeply aroused.
[07:54] As the thugs inhaled the pheromones, it made them euphoric... deeply aroused and unable to move.
[07:55] Cyberlord said. "No I didn't invite them, though I know where they're going. Away from here, empty handed."
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[07:58] Queen Of Thorns grins as she walks up to him her claws dripping and she drags a razor sharp claw up one of thier throat, blood poring from the wound not stopping until one oof her fingers gets stuck in thep oint of his jaw bone. And then lowers her claw...she grins and her three eyes blaze as she reaches out a vine ot strangle one of them, another one ofher vines starting to grow a huge scythe like thorn at the tip of one. 'OH I love to play.." Notthing but the urge to murder and the sound o her own sap pouding in her ears.
[08:01] Cobalt(May) goes wide eyed in shock as she watches as the Queen of Thorns brutally dispatches the thugs. "Oh... my gosh... That was absolutely unnecessary."
[08:01] The remaining thug tries to flee before she can kill him with a scythe.
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[08:03] Cyberlord sighs. "More will be coming here later. I need to get the doors fixed eventually..."
[08:03] Queen Of Thorns smiles a murderous smile and the vine goes flying out of hte door to spear him through the spine and lifts him up th thorn opening like a star and folding back to beind him in half the sound of screams and gugrgles and broken bones as the balck of his head touches his caves and eventually it just becomes a glob of wirthing meat and then goes silent.
[08:04] Fi (fianah.mistwood): *calves
[08:05] Cobalt(May) points at the Queen of Thorns in a scolding manner. "Not to mention completely and utterly unethical and wrong! Those dead thugs probably had families!" Beneath her helmet, she's trying her best not to freak out. "I was wrong about you... You're no better than the thugs you just killed. And that's saying a lot."
[08:05] Cyberlord asked Cobalt. "Cobalt, you know I have a lot of dangerous weaponry around here, right?"
[08:08] Cobalt(May) nods to Cyberlord. "I'm fully aware of that, Sir. And I'm also aware that this dangerous weaponry should only be used against seemingly inexorable tides." She looks back to Queen. "But eviscerating a bunch of common thugs is just wrong." She takes notice to Queen's murderous smile. "Have you no code of ethics?! I can see that smile!!!"
[08:09] Doctor Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) is online.
[08:09] Cyberlord said to her. "Now imagine if those thugs had managed to steal any of it, Cobalt. This is why I need to get the building cleaned up, the ones stacked atop it removed... and even add a few security systems for the bolder morons."
[08:12] Queen Of Thorns looks over at Cobalt and her vines srhinking and looks at her. "If those peopelc ared about thier families they wouldn't be attacking a building...anyway..I am far better because one of them..is still alive. " She points at the man bleeding and twitching on the ground. "And if he lives, he's going to let his friends know don't come back..because I will be here." She looks down at him and he starts to crawl away, his tongue flopping like a horrifying necktie. "I am not a thug..I understand how savage this town has become and I respond in kind." She flicks the blood off her claws
[08:13] Cyberlord went over to the thug, and injected him with the regeneration serum which would heal him, but hurt a lot. "You're fortunate that I'm in a merciful mood today. Tell your friends to not come here. Any other building? Fine. Be someone else's headache for a change."
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[08:14] Doctor Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) approaches the building feeling her queens call
[08:15] Cobalt(May) facepalms. "Sir. I fully know the consequences of allowing these dummies to get a hold of BA DASS property. But lethal force was clearly not justified in this scenario. Especially since the odds were overwhelmingly in our favor." Beneath her helmet, she looks at the Queen of Thorns in disgust. "Are you even listening to yourself, plant lady?! Do you not think that these thugs might have just been stealing weapons to protect loved ones from other thugs?!"

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Re: A Clean Sweep (Clean up Day 2)

Post by Cybermonarch » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:34 am

[08:15] Cobalt(May) facepalms. "Sir. I fully know the consequences of allowing these dummies to get a hold of BA DASS property. But lethal force was clearly not justified in this scenario. Especially since the odds were overwhelmingly in our favor." Beneath her helmet, she looks at the Queen of Thorns in disgust. "Are you even listening to yourself, plant lady?! Do you not think that these thugs might have just been stealing weapons to protect loved ones from other thugs?!"
[08:20] Cobalt(May) looks back to Cyberlord. "I'm sorry, Sir. But I cannot, in good conscience, associate with this woman and her sadistic streak. If you need me, I'll be in the south-east edge of the city." She points to Queen. "As far away from her as possible." Activating her jet boots, she storms off.
[08:20] Cyberlord sighed as he watched the cat fight begin. "I'm going to weaponize your armor Cobalt... add in mini missiles, perhaps a laser cannon on a shoulder or something. Alright..."
[08:21] Cyberlord nodded at her. "Very well. "
[08:21] Queen Of Thorns moves closer and licks her lips. "Do you realize...what we were before CL found Jeasus or Vishnu or whtever? "She cracks her neck her claws opening and closing as she reaches out a claw to gently caress her helmet grinning.
[08:22] Queen Of Thorns drops her voice into a murderous whisper. "We were vilians." she continues to gently run her claw along hte helm.
[08:22] Casey Emmerich (hellion47): ((Switching to Psionica.))
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[08:23] Cyberlord sighs, and resumes sweeping debris out of the building.
[08:23] Casey Emmerich (hellion47): ((Also, Cobalt stormed off pretty fast.))
[08:23] Fi (fianah.mistwood): ((dang it lOL))
[08:24] Fi (fianah.mistwood): ((oh well))
[08:24] Fi (fianah.mistwood): (please let me retcon :) ))
[08:25] Casey Emmerich (hellion47): ((Sure. I'll wait for your post before Psionica enters the scene.))
[08:25] Queen Of Thorns looks up at the woman fly away. "Awwwwww.....she dosn't like me very well.." she pouts and then laughs cracking her neck gently. "I don't think I mesh with your new Staff Cl." She laughs and shrugs
[08:26] Cyberlord sighs. "Yeah, it was to be expected Queen of Thorns. Some of them are very heroic. Given Sir Jerry's death.... I've had to recruit heroes. Given their survival chances being higher than well mine were... it made business sense. She's just my personal assistant. Eventually I plan on making her bionic when I have my building repaired..."
[08:26] Doctor Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola) smirked" thats why I remain a consultant only, my queen. Cyberlord wants to play the hero..who am I to stop him?
[08:27] Cyberlord says to her. "Exactly. Play the role of a hero. It saves me trouble, plus getting my face smashed in. Eventually I'll have the city eating out of the palm of my hand... practically."
[08:28] Psionica walks into the scene, looking haggard and covered in blood that isn't her own. The expression on her face is a combination of very sleep deprived and livid. "Those thugs really picked the wrong bitch to fuck with."
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[08:30] Cyberlord approaches Psionica. "You don't look so good, my friend."
[08:33] Psionica holds her head, trying to get her wits about her. "This shithole just gets worse and worse. It's like the thugs never end..." A trail of blood drips from the outside of her leotard. "I still keep asking myself why I don't just kill them off. It would sure save me a fuck ton of trouble."
[08:33] Cyberlord nods his head. "Two of them came here, tried to rob the place. Queen of Thorns killed one of the nutjobs, and Cobalt got all huffy about it."
[08:35] Doctor Jaimie Saoirse Byrne 亗 (nicole.portola): Cobalt is soft. it is fine to welcome , but if they desecrate, there is a swift justice
[08:36] Cyberlord said to them. "I must go recharge... as I need to rest." (be back later. I have to work.) Cyberlord disappeared.
[08:36] Psionica waves her hand dismissively. "Little Miss Goody Clone can go fuck herself for all I care!" She adjusts her mask. "Right now, I'm wondering if I still give a fuck about justice..."

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