Cleaning up a Mess (Day 5)

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Cleaning up a Mess (Day 5)

Post by Cybermonarch » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:44 pm

[12:03] G-Girl knocks against the edge of the doorway, "You ok in here?"
[12:03] Cyberlord notices G-Girl arrive. "Somewhat, although not really..."
[12:04] G-Girl: What do you need, though from the looks of it, all I could offer you is a recharge?
[12:05] Cyberlord sighs. "What I need is a Force Field to put around the door..."
[12:05] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): Making a force field is easy, powering it in a sustainable way is a totally different story.
[12:06] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): ((excuse me, need to make a run to the trash bin))
[12:08] Jason Todd (cyberstrikedrago): (Alright.))
[12:09] Nicole Osbourne (nycole.evanier): ((back))
[12:11] Jason Todd (cyberstrikedrago): (WB)
[12:11] Cyberlord sighed as he looked over at G-Girl. "Yes, and making sure my employees could pass through it would be a problem, as well."
[12:13] G-Girl: Yes, that's true, since the parameters you told me didn't include that.
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[12:14] SUGAR Fizzle Mini Dress Boxed 16: Open Chat History (Ctrl+H) and click this link to join SUGAR mesh apparel's group : SUGAR mesh apparel
[12:15] Cyberlord nodded. "So do you have any suggestions on how to fix the Forcefield to do that, and keep out unwanted individuals?"
[12:15] G-Girl: Didn't you have a keycard system on these doors before?
[12:19] Cyberlord sighed. "That was before B.A. DASS was struck by the meteor, and then the doors were obliterated. But yes. Though now...."
[12:20] G-Girl G-Girl asked her wrist computer, "Penelope, do we have the spare parts at the fabrication plant?" Her wrist computer started showing a myriad of strange characters on its display before replying, "Yes, we do. It would only take 2.5 hours. We'd just need to negotiate an appropriate lease agreement with the owner of the building."
[12:21] Cyberlord nodded his head. "Very well, G-Girl. How much would it cost me to have you install such a device? The Miss Fits are allied with me, so they'd be allowed as are my employees. Just get tired of playing stop the moron who tries to steal from B.A. DASS at one point or other."
[12:24] PENELOPE: The total cost would included food and water for two people every day until 60 days after the government becomes operational. The cost includes maintenance for that time, not including deliberate damage to the system.
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[12:26] Cyberlord nods his head. "That can easily be arranged... I have resources that could provide food and water for 60 days after the government becomes operational. Deliberate damage won't be a problem from me, or my employees. But we will need to do something about the Empress Terrane, as one of her followers is responsible for me being an AI, namely Tauros. She skewered me on one of my own generators, thus turning me into an AI as Vergil was inside it at the time.""
[12:28] G-Girl: Well, let me ask, since you are virtual now, have you made allowances for making backups of your AI personality?
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[12:28] Cyberlord nods his head. "I've indeed made allowances, and stored backups, 10 or so outside the city in a remote location only I know about, 15 here... and a couple at a place I used to call home when I was organic..." He sighed.
[12:30] G-Girl: That's cool. I'll make arrangements to construct the door and wire it to your building's system. I see you have power, so I can wire it directly, with a two minute battery backup.
[12:30] PENELOPE: I h=can have it ready for installation tomorrow.
[12:31] G-Girl: I can have it ready for installation tomorrow.
[12:31] Cyberlord nods his head,. "Excellent. Also see if you can prevent...." Cyberlord sent her a file, video of what had happened. "This individual from even going through the Force Field. She hits with about 80 tons of force, and calls herself Tauros, a herald of Empress Terrane."
[12:32] G-Girl: Well, to be honest, while that might be doable, it wouldn't stop her from just using the building as a door.
[12:33] Cyberlord sighs. "I know. We'll need to arrange something to take care of her. The Miss Fits have even allied with me for that goal, to take down her Empress, Terrane. Say G-Girl, how'd you like a job working for B.A. DASS permanently?"
[12:35] G-Girl: Sorry, but I like working alone. Between my artificial diamond manufacturing, my coding projects, and my solar power and battery projects, I bearly have time to patrol.
[12:36] Cyberlord sighed. "I just thought with the amount of chaos this city has, you could use allies and assistants. But very well. So tomorrow I can expect to see a new door that's not so easily broken into installed?"
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[12:36] G-Girl: Not to mention the updates to Sirius Online. I want to be ready for when the Internet and power is restored.
[12:37] Cyberlord asked her. "Sirius Online is some sort of game, correct?"

[12:38] G-Girl: That's right. a 3D render space environment, 1st person, with the ability to code and 3d print stuff within the 3D space.
[12:38] G-Girl: I'd invite you to play, but technically, you are a bot and against the terms and conditions.
[12:39] Cyberlord thought about it. "Wait. me playing would be against the terms and conditions? Could I see the source code so I could make my own version?"
[12:41] G-Girl: No way! That would rob me of the ability to make the money I need for my food drives, when everything goes back to normal, but I could make a driver that would limit you to more human speeds. My AI checks the players, to reduce the cheating.
[12:42] Cyberlord thought about it. "I wouldn't even be using the source code to make my own version but to help me with various projects, make sure they work without wasting the materials. And alright, the driver would work..." Cyberlord growled when he noticed a couple of morons headed towards the building to try and rob it. "This is exactly why I need the Force Field Door thing."
[12:43] Cyberlord grabbed one of the crooks when he walked through and very violently tossed him out of the building. "I'm getting fed up with doing this."
[12:43] G-Girl: I'll try to get the fabrication started now. I still need to get some stuff ready, so if you'll excuse me.
[12:44] Cyberlord nodded at her after violently throwing the other crook out. "The sooner you get done, the sooner I can have my building up to it's full strength."

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