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Planning to build bridges

Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 9:35 am
by Cybermonarch
[08:01] Keel (keel.cahir): / laughs. She leans on the cart, her smile as wide as can be. "I might take you up on that some time. "
[08:01] Okino Saemon **
[08:01] Beta had just woken up, and approached Okino, still a bit groggy. "Hey Beautiful..'
[08:02] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) smiles as he finishes the first bowl and reaches for the second digging in a bit slower this time
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[08:03] Okino Saemon keeps her smile as Beta approaches. "Hey yourself." She gives a wink. "You've been busy." She taps the newspaper sticking out of her back on the handlebars.
[08:03] Beta blushes as she winks at him. "I've got a lot of work to do.... it seems..." says Beta.
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[08:05] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic) soon finishes his second bowl and smiles."And I am stuffed."You all have a good one."S he pays for the food before flying off.
[08:05] Beta 's stomach rumbled angrily, and if it could speak would be cursing him out as he had been so caught up with work last night, he'd forgotten to eat.
[08:06] Okino Saemon waves to Timber as he flies off. She then glances at Beta, with a grin, and starts fixing some food. A variety plate.
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[08:08] Beta took the variety plate when it was prepared, and asked Okino after he finished it. "Tell me. What should my next step be? I've already practically given the Hospital equipment it needs in order to reduce the critically injured's stays... plus it can allow them to have those with minor injuries finished first...." Beta sighed. "I'm still new to being CEO...'
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[08:10] Okino Saemon leans on the cart, puffing on her cigar. "I'm no business woman, truthfully. I just have my cart, and you. But.... I think You've done the best you can. For now. As logn as you keep up the image of a good CEO, You'll be fine. Just don't let any papparazi near you." She smirked a bit. 'You know how reporters can skew even the smallest thigns."
[08:11] Beta sighs. "I need to buy some place, and launch phase II... assembling a superhero team that is funded by Advent. That should be worth a lot of good press, assuming they're competent..."
[08:12] Okino Saemon She leans over to pat his face. "It'll be fine. Judging from what i've been seeing, a fair amount of the heroes here are pretty competent, to the ebst of their ability. They'll just need a good leader."
[08:14] Beta blushes as she pats his face. "I see. But choosing the right heroes is definitely an important matter. Let's see here. We'd need a couple of real power houses similar to Strong in terms of sheer power level, we'd need a genius I suppose I could cover that part, a technopath, perhaps a normal human... what else?"
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[08:19] Okino Saemon leans backl and taps her cheek in thought. "Hmm... I coudl be the human, cause, that's technically what I am. Oh! This is just like that show i used to watch as a kid. Super Sentai, and Masked Rider! There's 5 main heroes.... And a Sixth, in case trouble hit the fan real bad!" She started talking excitedly about how the sixth ranger was usually a solo character who joined the team later and was able to hold his own most of the time without the help of the team, up until the very end, where he needs their help."
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[08:20] Beta nodded his head. "Good idea. With you on board you could help evacuate civilians who are too afraid of metas, or bionic individuals or others...." Beta groaned and sighed at Okino. "The team will need more than six on it... though. But who should we start with first?"
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[08:23] Okino Saemon drops her excitement as he mentions this. "Hrm.... Well, Timber is eager enough to help. And you see how my food has him hooked." She smiels at him. 'Thanks to you." She looks back donw, to think. 'Hmm... There's quite a few technology heroes around, so that's not in shortage. Railgun could assist me in the Human department. She looks normal enough."
[08:24] Beta nods his head. "Good idea... maybe if we got Timber on board he could be the proverbial muscle. If we had a hulk, that would be even better. Remind me to genetically engineer a hulk like creature for us..." said Beta with a smile. "Yeah, some tech heroes like Rail Gun would work. We'd also need a good marksman..."
[08:25] Okino Saemon Smiles, and nods. 'You keep working on your end. I'll see who i can round up." She grins a bit. 'With your help, My food's become quite popular. SO I don't doubt I can get a few peple to listen."
[08:26] Beta nods his head. "You're in charge of recruitment for the team Okino. When my personal assistant gets back, I'll talk to her about leading said team of supers. Hmm. Do you think we need drones or not?"
[08:26] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola) smiles as she hums, stalking the street
[08:27] Okino Saemon Shakes her head. "I've seen some movies of heroes with drones. It didn't end too well with them on the front lines." She leans ont he cart. 'Maybe as Back up, but never at the front lines."
[08:28] Beta sighs. "My dad used drones, even when reformed. Since I can only hit with 10 tons, I may need something more... to even the playing field against the stronger meta nut cases out there. Hmm. So Okino, you have any good desserts?"
[08:30] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola): that why you need better robots..Shiva had ones designed to handle metas
[08:32] Okino Saemon Smiles suddenly. She lets the Other lady talk, as she pulls out a small bucket of ice cream. She starts scopping out little balls, dipping them in a thick clear broth, and then sprinkling a crunchy material ann over it. A quick dip into a vat of boiling oil, and she pulls oout a pile of crunchy looking balls. carefully laying them on a place, she displays them. "Chekc it out. Fried Ice cream."
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[08:34] Beta took the fried ice cream, and started to eat it... as he said to Okino. "This is wonderful...."
[08:35] Okino Saemon chuckles. "I literally llooked it up the other day, and thought to myself. 'That looks easy." She leans on her cart, beaming. 'I've thought of using Curry powder, but I'd have to experiment wiht that on sme... test subjects."
[08:35] Beta thought about it. "I'd volunteer..." As she chuckled, he blushed.
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[08:41] Okino Saemon blushes herself, And keeps a calm smile. "I'll have to get more curry powder then, soon. Hehe." She sighs, watching him, for a moment. "Hmm..."
[08:42] Beta blushes even more at her calm smile, and her small laugh. "What is it, Okino?" He asked.
[08:43] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola) looks over she wanted to make sure the noods were vegetarian
[08:44] Okino Saemon smiels a bit more. 'I was just thinking of how, Since coming here and meeting you, I've had almost no trouble on my hands. It's rather nice--" She shakes her head suddenly. "OH, I AM SO SORRY, MA'AM. Did you want to order anything?"
[08:44] Beta sighed. "I'm happy I met you Okino...." said Beta. "I'll be back in fifteen minutes or more... got something to take care of..." With that he walked off.
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[08:46] Beta entered Advent and looked around. What could they use to solve that broken part of street he'd noticed the other day with Rail Gun? There was nothing here suitable. He'd have to raid the junk yard and juryrig some sort of mechanical contraption in order to fix that problem.
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[08:47] Beta walked back ."It's just as I thought. I lack the resources to repair a certain problem area in the city, presently."
[08:48] Beta 's tone of voice conveyed that he was ANGRY with himself, for not noticing the problem a lot sooner.
[08:48] Okino Saemon chuckels, holding up the noodles for her to see. "Flour, egg, Milk, And I have vegetarian topping--" She looked over at beta, "That doesn't sound good..."
[08:49] Beta sighed. "It isn't good Okino. A plank hardly is a good place to cross, and no substitute for a proper bridge.. either."
[08:50] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola): hmm can I have some with peppers and nuts sprinkled? ~she looked over~ that bridge? yeah. Ive asked Penance to help repair it
[08:51] Beta asked her and Jaimie. "How could I be so dumb so as not to see that problem when I crossed it the other day....?" Beta sighed. "Gonna need some serious hardware to build one that won't break as easily. Perhaps a Force Field as the Bridge powered by a Generator nearby. Yes... that would work. If I could make it somehow withstand 100 tons of force...."
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[08:52] Okino Saemon only raises a brow, as she pulls some noodles, and scopps some of the toppings asked for, finishig off with the broth. She passes it over.
[08:52] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola): or just some lumber and screwes. maybe a stone bridge
[08:52] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola): blend it into the surroundings
[08:52] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola) smiles and takes the plate" what would you like in payment?"
[08:53] Beta thought about it and then face palmed. Clearly he was dumb. While a stone bridge or a lumber bridge would work, his was the best idea. Still the other two ideas did have their merits of being less expensive.
[08:54] Okino Saemon smirks a bit,m and leans forward. 'I'm not gonna lie, Some more Double A batteries would be nice. 'She poitns up at the small light inside the cart.
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[09:00] Beta asked Okino. "How could I be so horrendously dumb as to ignore something that practically slapped me in the face the other day, the poor substitute for a bridge people have to cross, that will likely lead to injuries for them?" Beta was annoyed he hadn't caught the problem sooner and done something about it.
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[09:03] Okino Saemon starts to ponder somehting, but as soon as she hears Beta, and puffs smoke at him. She then takes her cigar in hand and points it at him. "Now listen here. A little thing like that isn't your main concern. Hell.. If you want you be concerned with the streets..." She pointed further down the road." Get a team to work on clearing the blocked roads. At least then, people wouldn't be forced to use that way."
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[09:04] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola) smiled and messing with her bracer holographics came up. Hitting keys " on the way..and the bdige is a good idea, clearing streets is as well. I just think a design that blends in would eb good
[09:04] Beta thought about it. "Well, what if we were to make a bridge that appeared to be stone, but was actually hard light... thus able to withstand 100 tons or so of force?"
[09:05] Beta then smiled at her, but coughed a little when she puffed the smoke at him.
[09:06] Okino Saemon sighed and placed the cigar back where it belonged. "Back home, We did nothign fancy about bridges, unless it was made of wood. Although I do remember this one bridge.." She trailed off, thinking about her home again.
[09:11] Doctor Jaimie Byrne (nicole.portola): I dont care whats its made of. There needs to be a natural flow given the area though~behind her a spacetime warp opened and a hovering drone arrived, with asmall box in its small arms - rechargable batteries and a solar charging kit
[09:12] Beta thought about it. "With the proper holographic tech, it could appear to be an ordinary stone bridge...." Beta smiled. "Of course,. I'd need to get my roof fixed... first."
[09:13] Takamachi Mikoto (kitsune.omizu) comes strolling up the street "Oooh!. Noodle cart!
[09:14] Okino Saemon chuckles, as she's brougth back to reality. "Yeah, first thigns fi-- OH, That's a handy lil drone, you got there." She barely noticed the new face appearing.
[09:14] Beta smiles at Okino, grabbing another fried ice cream thing. "I'll be back, got some work to do in Advent..."
[09:14] Beta heads off towards Advent to brainstorm designs for the bridge.