Probing of Psionica

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Probing of Psionica

Post by Cybermonarch » Tue May 03, 2016 9:48 am

Beta asks Psionica when she arrives. "How did you find this secret room?"

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich rolls her eyes as she arrives in the secret room. "I actually just stumbled upon it.

Beta sighed. "This is where Advent keeps all it's tech now, I've had it with robberies. I'll need to hide the room better."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich raises her eyebrow and slowly approaches him. "A better question would be, who the hell are you and how did you get in here?"

Beta slowly reaches out for a set of gauntlets nearby. "I'm CL's genetically engineered son due to the fact he shoots blanks, and even if he didn't he had an... accident lately involving Tauros that made him into an AI... a problem that forced him to appoint me in charge, and take a vacation so he could learn how to better control his new body, and capabilities..."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich crosses her arms. "How 'bout you try proving that to me? Or are you just another looter impersonating someone to get out of trouble for free?" She gives him a harsh look of skepticism. "C'mon! Fess up and I'll let you go."

Beta says to her. "From Cyberlord's files on you Psionica, your real name is Casey, or Cassandra if you prefer. You once slept at his place because you passed out in this building. In addition, you seem to have developed a caffeine addiction rivaling the one he possessed when he was human. "

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich replies, "You've done your homework, but I'm still not completely convinced." She takes out a thermos of coffee and opens it. The smell of coffee wafts through the room. "What other way can you prove it." She takes a sip of her coffee.

Beta says to her. "I suppose I could allow you to probe into my mind, if you wished. "
Beta goes over to the one chair down here, and sits down in it.

Beta says to her. "From his files on you, you also have a clone named May, who is a Technopath that hates foul language of any sort. You and her are both on the board of directors of Advent...."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich proceeds to try and probe his mind with her telepathy, looking for clues on the man's true identity. She starts by looking for mental defenses so her telepathy can move past them.

Beta 's mind was fairly young, she could tell that he'd only recently been turned online. Yet around a certain section of his mind... she could see he was concentrating... to keep her completely out.

Beta 's section of his mind he was shielding related to recent events... ones she didn't know about.

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich continues to attempt her psychic probing. She takes mental notes of him resisting her telepathy. Noticing this resistance, she tries even harder.

Beta is overwhelmed by her attempts, and she could see that he HAD been appointed as CEO of Advent by his dad, who had told him when he did. "Son, you need to learn to lead, and in my current condition I am incapable of leading Advent. You stand a better chance as CEO of redeeming the company. Of course there may be skeptics... but I believe you can overcome them. Above all else remember, we're heroes now... we must act and LOOK the part. Even if at times you may want to rip out someone's lungs and choke them with them in the case of Tauros, you must refrain. I leave Advent in your hands..." With that, Cyberlord had disappeared. The very memory brought tears to Beta's eyes.

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich gasps in shock as she realizes that Beta is in tears. "Well... Now I know you're telling the truth." She immediately backs out of his mind, feeling apologetic that she helped bring that memory to the surface. Hearing Beta's memory of Cyberlord reminds her that she, herself, probably needs to treat May with a little more respect. "Sorry about the probing. I just had to make sure you are who you say you are."

Beta wiped the tears from his eyes, none too gently. It would probably make his eyes irritated, but he didn't care. "Dad didn't show you a picture of me, or anything. Of course. Why would he? I'm supposed to be the cream of the crop and I can't even HIT with enough force to make myself useful repairing my building..." As he said this, she could feel his temper begin to build a little. Beta stood up from the chair and angrily went over to where he kept the gauntlets, and other inventions he'd been working on. "Stupid..." He threw the gauntlets across the room because he was feeling angry at himself. He wasn't cut out for this. He was pathetic. Dad should never have appointed him to lead Advent.

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich tries to comfort him. "In the immortal words of many a cliche movie: Just believe in yourself." She moves closer to place a hand on his shoulder. "You can't keep dwelling on your weaknesses. Just work on your strengths and you'll be set to lead in the right direction."

Beta says to her. "Easy for you to say...You've been a hero all your life. Me, I'm just something Dad made because he couldn't have kids." When she touches his shoulder she could tell he'd been working hard.. as the muscles in the shoulder... are very tense. "Damn mess. My reputation's already bad enough with people thinking of me as nothing more than a CLONE of my dad. I'm not him... I could never be that intelligent..." Beta continued to berate himself.
Beta sighed. "If I'm not even qualified to lead a company, how could I possibly even assist Cobalt in leading a superhero team like Dad wanted?"

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich sighs. "Don't be so hard on yourself. Heroes aren't born heroes. We all need to go through trial and error before we get it right." She takes a moment to think. "The pressure is pretty high on this one, but you gotta be ready to step up to the challenge. Only then will you really know if you're good enough."

Beta sighed back, annoyed at himself. "I'm sorry for dragging YOU into my personal problems. Dad said he wanted me to what was it again? Ah yes. Cut off your coffee supply like you and Electrica once did for him...."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich glares at Beta. "Hell no! I need my coffee!" She holds her thermos tightly as the scent of coffee slowly permeates the underground lab. "If there's one thing I learned from your old man, it's how to guard my coffee."

Beta broke out in laughter as she glared, and held her thermos tightly. "Can't you take a joke?"

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich frowns. "I take my coffee seriously." She proceeds to guzzle down the rest of her coffee.

Beta asks her. "Do you believe me to be a competent CEO or would you and May rather replace me with someone else? Dad left you that authority, to replace me should you ever wish to."

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Re: Probing of Psionica

Post by Cybermonarch » Tue May 03, 2016 10:26 am

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich shrugs. "We'll see how you do your job first. If you do well as CEO, there will be no need for that."

Beta sighs. "So far I've managed to sell a medical pod to accelerate healing to the hospital, earning 60,000 dollars in the process for Advent. I sold it cheaper than I wanted to, because I felt they needed the upgrade."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich nods. "60 grand isn't so bad, though the cost of research and development need to be factored in."

Beta smiled. "The research and development was an over night job done by me, and personally tested. I used myself as the Guineapig for the Device. Persephone and her husband's mental states... I think they should be locked up. As after an encounter with them, all 4 of my limbs were broken. I recovered quickly thanks to the pod... which I believed is satisfactory testing. Still haven't made a version to treat disease...yet..."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich nods. "At least we know the pod works. Just try not to make it a habit to need it."

Beta nods. "There's a more powerful one than the one I sold... right here..." said Beta pointing it out.

Beta asked her. "Would you be willing to accompany me to meet with Strong, so I can convince him I'm not my dad? It needs to be done, now. I'll need a way to summon him..."

Cassandra "Casey" Emmerich looks over the pod. "This looks like the kind of thing May would obsessed with..." She looks back to Beta. "We'll take care of that as soon as possible."
Beta nodded his head. "She is obsessed with it. I had to pull her off of it, and make her go to the spa.... she needs to learn to relax..."

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