Soliciting Strong and the Phalanx

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Soliciting Strong and the Phalanx

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[10:36] Beta sighs, and super jumps onto the roof top of the Y... waiting for Strong to arrive. "Hello Captain Strong. My name is Beta... at least that's the project designation Dad made me under."
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[10:38] Psionica flies downwards to the scene waving to Captain Strong as she lands gently.
[10:39] Captain Strong stands on the roof, surveying the East side of the city when Beta arrives. "Umm. Ok. uh...Mister Beta" he says, trying not to laugh aloud.
[10:39] Beta sighs. "You are probably suspicious of me... because Cyberlord made me, am I right?"
[10:40] Psionica looks at Captain Strong. "Beta filled me in on the situation."
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[10:42] Captain Strong looks at him, "Well... I am now that you've told me that." he said, recalling the nut who tried robbing the strip club before building up a dubious business. "Great, Psionica, now maybe you can let me know what's going on."
[10:42] Beta pulled out a PDA he'd gotten from Advent that contained information on CL's genetics, that showed he was incapable of impregnating a woman, and so he had to resort to another method... engineering his own. This was offered by Beta to Captain Strong. "Look at this." The PDA was offered to Strong.
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[10:45] Captain Strong looks at it, a confused look on his face. "Ummm. ok. So why do I need to know about this person's sperm count?" he asked. "Psionica, help me with this... can you cure headaches with your powers? I think I feel one about to come on."
[10:46] Beta sighs. "This is to show you that I am NOT a clone... Strong. "
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[10:47] Psionica nods. "He's defending his case that he's different from Cyberlord." She giggles a little. "But my powers don't cure headaches."
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[10:49] Captain Strong: . "I never said you were. I hadn't even though of cloning until you mentioned it." he said, starting to rub his temples. "Ok. grand. You're not Cyberlord. Is there anything else you want to tell me, apart from that and Cyberlord's defective testicles?"
[10:49] Psionica looks to Beta as she's waiting for him to say what he intends to.
[10:51] Beta pulls out an invite, and hands it to Captain Strong. "This is your invitation to an Advent meeting Friday, if you wanted to attend." Beta groaned when he realized something. "Say Strong, would you and the Phalanx be willing to do me a big favor? There's a fairly large piece of debris lying atop my building.... and I'd appreciate if someone were able to knock the debris down... given I've been unable to get my hands on a crane... to do the work."
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[10:54] Captain Strong took the invitation without comment. "Is there a reason why you can't hire some laborers?" he asked. "Unless there are people trapped, my policy has been to allow Union Workers to handle the cleanup. Things are difficult enough without shortsighted supes stealing jobs."
[10:55] Beta sighs. "Given how much the debris weighs, and how it's perched.. hiring ay labors would put them into SEVERE danger. I'm not willing to put them in that much of a risk..."
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[10:55] Jason Todd (cyberstrikedrago): *laborers
[10:56] Psionica nods. "He's right. Union workers wouldn't be the best bet, 'cause the job is too dangerous."
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[10:57] Captain Strong nods. "This is what thermal lances are for" he said. "However, I and my people are willing to supervise and assist, to ensure the safety of the workers."
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[10:59] Beta listens to him. "Very well. Also if you could try to discourage any superhuman fights near the building debris would be less likely to rain down and hurt civilians." Thermal lances were a good idea. He might build some soon. "I'll have to get started constructing thermal lances for workers to use. "
[11:00] Psionica smiles. "This turned out better than expected."
[11:01] Captain Strong: "We discourage all anti-social behavior, especially metahuman attacks, throughout the city. Your property is no exception." he said, clearly choosing his words carefully.
[11:03] Beta nodded his head. "Captain Strong, you have a permanent invitation to Advent.. meaning you can enter the building whenever..." With that Beta pulled out an ID card with Strong's Symbol on it. "This will allow you to bypass the Forcefield door."
[11:03] Beta handed him the ID Card.
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[11:08] Captain Strong took the card. "I accept your invitation to enter your building when necessary." he said, again carefully wording his reply to make it clear that was all he was accepting was a key to the door, and nothing else.
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[11:13] Psionica observes the conversation carefully, not saying another word just yet.
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[11:14] Beta hacked into the PDA with little more than his mind, causing it to display an archived security file of the fight between Tauros, and Cyberlord. This fight was one that Cyberlord had lost... badly. It had cost him his corporeal form, and turned him into an Ai. "I wouldn't even be CEO of Advent, if that hadn't happened. it forced Dad to awaken me, as he didn't want to hurt others while he learns to operate his new body... so he left town for a while and put me in charge of the company. "
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[11:16] Captain Strong looked at the footage.
[11:17] Psionica pats Beta on the shoulder. "It's gonna be alright, Beta. Don't you worry."
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[11:20] Beta calms at Psionica's touch... but inwardly he was boiling with rage right now. The heroes were doing nothing as of yet to confine Tauros or execute her. Either option was perfectly valid because of the chaos that had caused. "And you see why Dad hasn't been around. To recover from the Trauma, and avoid a mental break down he has left town... leaving me in charge of all his assets. I may need to construct a mech suit or something to enable me to survive trying to capture Tauros given how invulnerable she is..."
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[11:24] Captain Strong looked up at the man skeptically. "I thought I just said... We discourage super powered combat within the city...Don't we, Psionica? It places innocent people at risk." he said, handing him back the device. "Defending the city from attacks is entirely different from constructing weapons to pursue a vendetta."

[11:24] Beta sighs. "Yeah. But I'm not just pursuing a vendetta. I want to keep my employees safe. Given she's after metal... she'd probably come back at some point to attack again..."

[11:27] Psionica looks at Beta, then Captain Strong. "You both bring up very good points. While we shouldn't be having super powered fights break out in the city, we should also be prepared for it. And while capturing Tauros is a good idea, it leaves too many people at risk."

[11:32] Captain Strong looked back and forth to both of them "Tauros and her pretended queen are enemies of the people. We will defend the people against them, whenever they show themselves." he said simply. "I do not approve of untrained individuals tearing apart the city just for revenge. /Anyone/ who puts the people in danger, or causes them harm, will be answerable to the law... and to me.... and to Psionica and the rest of the Phalanx."

[11:34] Psionica raises her hand. "And the Missfits."

[11:34] Beta sighed as he looked at Captain Strong. "She hits with 80 Tons, Strong. That is the exact number she hit Dad with, in his own building no less. His belt could only handle 30 of them, before it shorted out. It seems from my research into the video she somehow was able to shrug off his attack as if it did nothing to her. This may present a problem in handling her..." Beta sighed. "I got that information off of the surveillance cameras, and pressure sensors in the building that were active at that time. "

[11:37] Captain Strong nods. "She can do a lot of damage to the city... I'll be sure not to underestimate her when I squash her like a bug."

[11:43] Psionica starts to levitate above the roof. "I'm gonna get going. I need to get back to patrolling the city."

[11:45] Beta nodded, and looked at Strong. "And I have to get to work back at Advent... trying to get more and more operational. I'll see about using thermal lances to clear the roof, with the help of union workers if ANY are willing to do the job. " Beta sighed.

[11:48] Psionica hovers away, saluting Captain Strong then waving to Beta. "See ya later." ((Exit post))

[11:50] Captain Strong returns Volunteer Psionicas salute. "Offer a good wage, and people will be happy to get back to work." he replied.

[11:50] Beta yawns, but isn't going to allow himself to sleep until he gets his building operational. "I am offering a good wage, plus a bonus once the building is back up and running completely. Can't afford to rest now. " Beta sighed. "Tell me... know of anyone who owns the junkyard? I'm thinking of buying it personally."
[11:53] Captain Strong shook his head. "I don't. Best thing to do would be to inquire there." he said. (it is owned, but I forgot their name)
[11:53] Beta sighs. "I've also started handing 50 dollar bills out to citizens, to avoid the street Advent is on because of the very real problem of the debris falling... and killing them..."

[11:55] Captain Strong: "ummm ok. I suppose warning signs would be smart as well. ... I will monitor the street and step in if there's an immediate danger." he said.
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[11:55] Beta nods his head. "I've tried to meet with the police to ask them to cordon off the area, but no one was at the police station the other day..."
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[11:57] Beta sighed. "The only real danger is if meta fights happen there... they could destabilize the precariously perched debris... and cause it to fall on unfortunate bystanders."
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[12:02] Captain Strong sighed. "As I said... The area will be patrolled... We will stand against destructive superpowered combat there, and everywhere else that people are endangered. ... Is there anything else?"
[12:05] Beta shakes his head... "No..." Beta pulls out a gauntlet, and puts it on opening a portal to Advent and umping through.
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