Tagging System [Read Before Starting a Thread]

The same roleplay rules of Celestial City apply here. You are IC in this section. When posting, make sure to use your character name at the beginning of your post/emote. Remember: Have fun!
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Tagging System [Read Before Starting a Thread]

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In order to facilitate roleplays in this subforum, we're implementing a tagging system for threads so people know whether or not they can join in and post just by looking at the title. The format is "Thread Title [Tag]" For example, "Dark and Stormy Night [Log]" You must manually add in the tag.

[Log] is for finished RPs that happened in-world and are just getting posted here without being continued.

[Open] is for threads anyone can join.

[Closed] is for invite-only threads where only specific people are allowed to post.

[Ask to Join] are for threads where people may request permission to post.
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