Hell Guard's Rescue

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Hell Guard's Rescue

Post by Talista Glas » Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:43 pm

[20:43] Varangian (Talista Glas) stood in the lawless area, waiting on backup to arrive. She breathed through the gas mask, slowly panning around the area, stretching out and doing a mini patrol with her rifle, scanning the windows and rooftops like HG showed her

[20:44] Sybil the mechanical one hovers down from wherever she was- Wings... Humming... Not needing her jets. Eyes turning to one on the ground already, "Officer.", she speaks out- A greeting. As she'd be approaching the ground. Feet landing not far from the first.

[20:45] Joan Harker makes her way to the meeting site, weapon at the ready in this part of the city, offering a small bow to the others "Hello there, we have a lead on Hell Guard's disappearance?"

[20:54] Varangian (Talista Glas) nods and gives a salute before bringing her gun back at her stance "welcome, I am Bellona Quinton, Codename: Varangian, Staff Sergeant of the 13th Unpowered Branch of the Celestial City Marines" she states calmly "We are certain of a few things. First of all, Hell Guard received a message and then proceeded to head into this area, attaching a suppressor. After entering the area, her comm and tracker went off. I have not done a thorough examination of the area, so I will assist logistically as we run it"

[20:55] Sybil head turning up as Joan arrives aswell- Another nod of greeting in her direction, a hum towards Varangian. "... How long ago was this, again?", the machine person wonder- Starting to look across the ruins. Scanning rather intently- "Was she in her armor?", she wonders- Would probably be easier finding footsteps when one stomping around in that

[20:57] Joan Harker nods at the greeting "Joan Harker, one of her Protectorate agents. I suppose we should just comb the area, see if any of her effects were left here..." starting to scan around the intersection

[20:59] Varangian (Talista Glas) nods "I am not sure if she was wearing her armor, we weren't actively tracking her. We do know she is alive via a heartbeat dump that is still broadcasting, but we've been unable to trace it back due to it having its own proxxies in place to prevent an enemy from tracking her location. She came a few days back, I can give a dump of the information leading up to her going off grid if you wish and can give tactical analysis on any areas you search and items you find"

[21:00] Sybil's head cocks a bit to the others- "My name is already known.", she'd be commenting in something of the deadpan, nodding again towards Varangian, "... That information would be appreciated, where exactly did... The tracker... Go off?", she wonders to herself- Looking around the ruins- Wings starting to hum again, as she'd hover just above the ground

[21:03] Joan Harker searches the area for signs of conflict that would fall in the right timeframe, still not as good at tracking in the city as she was in wilderness, but getting more familiar with it, making her way from corner to corner and giving scans around the closest parts of the adjoining buildings

[21:05] Varangian (Talista Glas) nods, transferring the information to Sybil. Information includes HG's phone dump (not the actual messages), the bio-tracker showing current heart beat that was elevated but not problematic, and the data of her comms that went dead "She was standing approximately here, though there is about five feet in a radius of fault, so it is not pinpoint exact" she responds, Joan would find evidence of recent movement, two individuals unarmored while Sybil would find evidence of armored movement of one individual, but not the heavy imprints of HG's power armor

[21:10] Sybil seeming paused as she'd be getting the information dump- Nodding soon again to herself as she'd be hovering forward- Looking down, staring at the heavier footstep- "Hm.", she's mumbling, taking some closer look- As she'd be raising her gun arm up, "... Lets... Think...", having some thought in her head

[21:12] Joan Harker starts trying to piece together the movements of the unarmored individuals, looking for evidence of where they might have come from or gone

[21:14] Varangian (Talista Glas) the armored individual over by Sybil had come in from outside of the lawless zone. The ones who moved to meet the solo came from just in front of the building Deux was looking at, there were not tracks coming around it, simply they started there and moved to where Varangian was standing while the armored tracks led from the city to where Sybil was standing.

[21:16] Joan Harker sees the lack of tracks around the building and starts parkouring her way up the wall, looking for any further signs of the individuals up above

[21:19] Sybil looking around herself- Humming. Bit of the displeased look to her- She hovers, "Hm.", she'd offer- Before moving towards the center- Where all tracks met together, "... First things first... What weapons were used?", she decides to try guessing who might have done this- Pointing her weapon arm towards the ground, she spritzes lightly with luminol around where the tracks intersect- To react with blood or any other human fluid(or chlorine) To create light glow, even if they're no longer visible to the naked eye.

[21:21] Varangian (Talista Glas) there were scrapings on the ground that Sybil could see, as if armor scraped the concrete and a few slices as if by a blade. But other than that, no GSR, no shells, and no signs of heavy combat. Joan would notice the two pairs of foot prints would be present on the third floor balcony of the building, as if they had been waiting there for HG's approach

[21:22] Joan Harker calls down when she sees that "It looks like this was a prepared ambush... you said that Hell received a call that brought her out here? It may be that that call was a ploy"

[21:23] Sybil humming to herself- She'd be looking upwards again, "... Cutting implement or some sort of beam weapon, unknown.", head turning up, "Managed to defeat Hellgaurd without spilling blood, either overpowering via strength or having some alternative way to disarm one immediately.", she'd start observing, "... Possibly a psychic.", she makes one guess, "... All psychics I know of though are MIA.", looking behind herself again- She'd start to follow back to where... The drag marks are. "... Minimal signs of resistance afterwards? Maybe was knocked unconscious."

[21:26] Varangian (Talista Glas) Sybil would find that the three individuals walked off in the direction of the industrial area, seemingly all three walking at the same time. Varangian looked up at Joan "so they were waiting for her and there are minimal signs of attack, Sybil is investigating the footprints, perhaps she can tell where they went?" she asks, looking around for any weird off branches or other evidence that might have been missed and coming up empty

[21:28] Joan Harker nods, leaping off the balcony, slowing her fall at the last second with a gust of wind, then moving along in the direction of Sybil, keeping at the ready until something changes

[21:28] Sybil looking upward- She's humming, "No... Not dragged... She walked?", she wonders- Head shaking to herself, deciding not to think on too much, "... Traffic likely to disrupt tracks going further out...", she'd be guessing, pausing to stop by one spot of tracks- Spraying with... Air, seemingly, before she'd be prying off bit of the road where the tracks are, "For chemical analysis, in event they arrived from somewhere odd- Or...", taking up that bit of chunk of road to eat, outright, "If they're some elemental sort.", she supposes- She'd be then continuing onward, seeing how far these tracks going out of the ruins go. ... Her eyeballs are pretty much cameras as is. She will have to analyze foot sizes and such later.

[21:33] Varangian (Talista Glas) blinks and nods, moving to follow "if you can get a bead on where they go, lead us. I can't get a good visual on the footprints. If they enter anywhere weird, I have a few military deployments on standby to secure areas if necessary"

[21:34] Sybil nodding to herself- Waving a pair of left arms for the others, "I believe I can find."- And moving on to the next spot now

[21:36] Joan Harker just follows along for now, letting Sybil handle the tracking for this part, keeping an eye out for any ambushes or other disturbances

[21:37] Varangian (Talista Glas) nods "alright, this tunnel system is a mess, I cannot recommend any good statistical rundown of which way we should go or how we should proceed. Do you want to do a clean sweep starting here and working in or do you want to split up, it's up to you"

[21:39] Joan Harker: Well, if she's still alive after several days, then there's no immediate threat, so I'd recommend taking things cautiously and working as a team

[21:40] Sybil stopping by this area again- A hum looking over towards Varangian, something of the nods of acknowledgment, "Yes... Impressed we've managed to follow tracks this far.", she's commenting, looking into the tunnels, a pause, head turning towards Joan, "... No. Time is of the essence- Who knows what might be happening while she's gone- it might become another Horsemen situation again- No. We're finding her as soon we can."- Looking onwards again, "Following your intution- We need to find as much we can, many clues probably spoiled by time now.", she'd be going- As she hovers on forward- Trying to see if she can see the armored tracks again

[21:41] Varangian (Talista Glas) nods and sees some movement in the tunnels, some people sticking their heads out and then moving back at the far end "There's movement at the far end, they don't look exactly friendly. I know there's a little nook in there where people are sometimes taken to. If we move up, we may be able to run them off"

[21:43] Joan Harker shrugs a bit, hopping the tracks and levelling her crossbow in the direction indicated, starting to march forward steadily "Well, suppose it's as good a place as any to start"

[21:44] Sybil looks up- Hearing the mention of Varangian, assuming just vagrants, at first- She'd be staring for some moments- And presumably whatever has the normal human peeking head up would be becoming evident, "... Witnesses, perhaps?", she wonders, a little optimistic- Following after Joan now

[21:45] Varangian (Talista Glas) nods "alright, I'm ordering troops into position, you have point on this, lead us forward and we'll see if these are actually enemies or just vagrants in the tunnels" she states, moving to follow

[21:48] SCENE: three thugs seem to be guarding the area, strapped with MP-5 submachine guns, but get really wigged out when they see military and Protectorate forces approaching. They duck behind cover and immediately begin opening fire

[21:51] Sybil the machine moves up alongside rest of the group- Looking, ".. Hm.", she'd be commenting as it seems these are no mere hobos- Bullets soon plinking off her face, not even bothering hiding as she'd be hovering up to take a peek- Seeming so non threatened by these- She'd be looking backwards to the rest of the group- "... Give me only a moment to arrange for your rides to the comfy cells after this.", she'd be announcing to the belligerents- Before she'd... Take bit of the step back- For rest of the mission as she does some connections with the Protectorate database and call center

[21:51] Joan Harker moves up to the corner near the indicated site, peering around, seeing the men diving and letting out a heavy sigh, ducking herself fully into cover for the initial burst, calling out "Drop your weapons and surrender now... the consequences will be much more favorable for you than if you force us to beat you into submission"

[21:54] Varangian (Talista Glas) brings up her gun and fires a warning burst off at 900 rounds per minute, moving into cover "This is Varangian, Staff Sergeant of the Celestial City Marine Corps along with a Protectorate officer running point. My troops are moving into position, drop your weapons or we WILL open fire!"

[22:01] SCENE: There's some commotion as they mumble among themselves, then five sets of guns are thrown out and five people walk forward, hands held high. The first one comes forward "We just got here, we didn't hurt her. We realized who she was and we immediately got the hell out of here. She's yours, we'll submit, we don't want any more trouble. We only came down here for a drug drop."

[22:04] Joan Harker steps out and around the corner as she hears the guns falling, kicking them further back out of reach, and then walking past the people, letting the reinforcements handle securing them while she moves to the hideaway entrance

[22:06] (Talista Glas) nods to Joan "at the risk of losing witnesses, I'll escort them back to the station. You go inside and find out what, if anything is there and give me a call if you need support, alright?"

[22:07] Joan Harker nods "Understood, I'll keep a line open" adjusting her comm device to fully active mode, then looking through the hole in the wall, scanning the area for any other threats

[22:09] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks up at the commotion, shuddering and then sees Joan walk in "not sure if I should be excited to see backup or embarrassed that it finds me caged. Either way, can you get me the hell out of here?"

[22:11] Joan Harker steps in once she sees the room clear apart from Hell, moving to the cage "Give me just a moment, let me see if there's a key available" searching the tables and counters

[22:12] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "only one key I now about, and the dude who grabbed me took it. Can you blast open the lock? There's only one lock on there and it's on the back" she states, shaking her head

[22:13] Joan Harker nods "Yeah, can take care of that if the key is gone... just shift as far away as you can" moving around to get a clear line on the lock, then funneling fire magic into it, heating it up steadily all the way to the melting point

[22:15] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods, grabbing the front of the cage and moving forward "alright, fire when ready" she states, leaning as far away from the single padlock keeping her in as possible

[22:17] Joan Harker melts the lock into slag, then channels ice to cool it off before it does any damage, reaching up to swing the door open, and then reaching up to help you out "All clear, chief"

[22:19] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles as she's helped out of the cage, shaking her head "that was...unpleasant to stay the least" she states, shaking her head and looking around "no one else here by chance? The dude left about two hours ago saying he'd be back in thirty minutes." she states "I was ready to gut him" she admitted, opening her right hand and revealing a broken shard of glass "or near enough"

[22:21] Joan Harker smiles back "Just a few druggies with automatic weapons outside... we tracked evidence of a fight between you and 2 assailants. Was one of them the man you're speaking of?"

[22:23] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) nods "Yeah, the man and he had an accomplice. I never saw their faces but the first one was approximately five feet eight inches, he was the main one, blue eyes. The second seemed younger and was six feet even with gray eyes, both male. First was heavyset, second skinny but not lanky" she states and shakes her head "Had to be cybernetic enhanced, and had hostages" states and shakes her head "should've just blasted them"

[22:25] Joan Harker nods "Well, Sybil gathered some samples, seemed to think she could get some info on the nature of the assailants from there. I suppose we'll see what she's able to turn up... did they harm you at all, or give any clue what they were after?"

[22:27] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "they didn't talk around me. They just hit me. I think they thought it would do anything. Eventually they gave up and decided to starve me, this was two days ago...so I'm a bit hungry, but I feel like I should go to the hospital just to ensure there's nothing that's been added or anything like that and to have a full toxicology run" she states

[22:28] Joan Harker nods "Sounds like a good plan, we can grab a bite on the way over there, so you aren't passing out on the doctors" taking another look around the room, particularly at the tables, to see if there's any evidence that might be gathered

[22:29] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) grins and nods "alright, how about a burger? I could use a good burger" she states, moving to follow, looking around as well and then walking behind Joan to head out

[22:30] Joan Harker chuckles "Yeah, can grab one at the square cafe... my treat" leading the way out of the hideaway after her scan, and then taking you off to get tended to
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