Inferna's Field Trip of Weeds (event record)

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Inferna's Field Trip of Weeds (event record)

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[09:42:55] Little Al/Big Al: me One eye looks up and focuses on her , the Regular non glowing eye, though the orb is stained red its surprisingly unmenacing , one hand throws two fingers to his fore head in a small salute "hii! im Allock but people call me little al,", as the one hand is distracted the other throws the fanny pack into the garbage near the door, while another voice full of confidence and snark says "Big al, and we probably wont get along.
[09:46:01] Cassandra Keneinan smiles a shaky smile and nods "Hello Allock, I'm Cassie. I'm assuming you're a student here too?" *she noticed the other girl walk in and smiles in her direction
[09:48:06] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) sat there, silent. She only knew a teacher, and that wa sit
[09:48:14] Alecta Papadopoulos: did that
[09:49:07] Little Al/Big Al Nods his red glowing eye Vanishing and his face assuming a bright smile " i do!! nice to meet you casisie" he looks over at the other girl " oh hello , i think we met when you were looking to enroll , im little al".
[09:54:07] Cassandra Keneinan looks the quiet girl over "Hello! I'm Cassie"
[09:54:17] Alecta Papadopoulos nods" Im Alecta. or alex. it is..pleasant ? to meet you" her greek accent apparent
[09:56:17] Cassandra Keneinan tilts her head to the side "Alex.. Allock. Nice to meet you both. Your accent is pretty cool Alex, where are you from originally?"

[09:59:31] Little Al/Big Al: me Smiles and waits for the reply , always hungry to learn about places outside the city, he drums a little beat on the back of the couch one leg raised and pushing his skirt up slightly " yeah i've never heard your accent before, its cool"
[10:01:52] Alecta Papadopoulos: I from Greece. It is normal there. This city is unusual to me"

[10:03:32] Cassandra Keneinan nods "Greece... I remember reading about Greece back in the old days. But yes, this city is certainly different than anything I'm used to too"
[10:08:08] Little Al/Big Al Frowns and shrugs was his city really that deferent, he'd been here his entire life so he had nothing to base it on " I've never even gone up to the station i cant imaging what a place like Greece must be like he frowns and repeats the name " greece , greece".
[10:08:35] Alecta Papadopoulos frowns. Those attentive to details would notice thing" Its not from..this all is too advanced. Miss Clarity is teaching me about the moving picture book
[10:11:03] Cassandra Keneinan hides her surprise at the phrase "moving picture book".... she didn't realize Greece was so far removed from technology
[10:14:54] Little Al/Big Al His face flushes and his eyes both glow bright red at the mention of Miss Clarity , a confident but no longer arrogant voice now issues forth " yeah shes , teaching me something as well." He sifts and coughs collecting himself " so how have you all liked classes? , im looking forward to orientation today.
[10:19:55] Cassandra Keneinan shakes her head "I'm afraid I don't know who Miss Clarity is. I only know Miss Harlow, she's the one who, um, took my enrollment." *she looks between the two people "Classes? I haven't had any classes yet. Are you both staying on campus in the dorms?"
[10:21:27] Alecta Papadopoulos: I don't..know. I am trying to catch up. women in my time werent taught how do do real work
[10:21:43] Alecta Papadopoulos nods to cass
[10:25:19] Little Al/Big Al Smiles " i have a room here yes,.. um some times i still sleep out on the streets though, when i get scared of being inside". he looks around the red glow dieing as the innocent voice takes over " umm but don't tll the teachers ok.. i think they might not be happy about that"
[10:26:45] Cassandra Keneinan smiles "No, I think you're right. I believe the rules don't allow for wandering off campus after curfew Allock" *she looks over at Alex "You weren't taught how to do real work? So, um, what did the women of your time doing with all their time?"

[10:27:37] Alecta Papadopoulos nods. Filing it away for herself but not going tot ell. " cooking, cleaning. we took care of the home and farm work like feeding animals. "

[10:30:52] Cassandra Keneinan nods "Ah yes, I've done alot of those things too back before everything went to heck in the world. I never had a chance for a 'real job' as I was a college student back then"
[10:33:40] Alecta Papadopoulos: only men attended college. Those trying for senator. The healers were trained by another healer. This world is too fast"

[10:35:17] Cassandra Keneinan raises an eyebrow "Healers? You mean, like, doctors? And yes, things can move very quickly around here can't they? Sometimes I wish things would just slow down a bit"
[10:38:21] Alecta Papadopoulos: that would be the new term. I am learning- slowly. I have to catch up. I know basic maths.
[10:40:45] Cassandra Keneinan: "Wait, basic math? I know you said women of your time didn't go to college, but were your women not much for school at all?" *she shakes her head and frowns "Sorry Alex, please don't take that the wrong way. It sounded kinda mean I guess. But, if you ever need any help with.... adjusting... to things, I'd be more than happy to help any time I can"
[10:42:51] Alecta Papadopoulos: just enough for the market. Men ran the country. Here it is vaslty different. Aphrodite would be pleased, but Zeus would weep and gnash. ~she nodded, seeming to not take insult~
[10:44:02] Cassandra Keneinan grins "Aphrodite? Zeus? When, exactly, was your 'time' Alex? Those are names not heard mentioned for eons in my time back in the old world."
[10:45:26] Alecta Papadopoulos just looked to her, unblinking " The jewish subsect following a messiah was starting to be rumored. I do not know a year"
[10:46:42] Cassandra Keneinan's eyes widen a bit "R... really? Th..that was a long ways in the past in my world. Are you.. from the past or something like that?"
[10:50:54] Alecta Papadopoulos: to me it was the present. There were clashes involving this cult. They pushed and hadnt been able to accept their place. They made up fale rumors about being thrown to lions and surviving fires to spread propaganda
[10:51:51] Cassandra Keneinan nods "Wow, this is amazing! Those things you're talking about are things I've read about in.. in history books, among other places"
[10:53:26] Alecta Papadopoulos nods" amd now I adjust here. i am used to showing my legs but the rest of new
[10:55:05] Cassandra Keneinan looks you up and down slowly "Well, you look good in that outfit Alex, if I do say so myself" *she giggles a bit
[11:01:02] Alecta Papadopoulos straightens the sirt: thank you. Miss clarity helped me pick it. "
[11:02:23] Cassandra Keneinan: We all pretty much have the same uniform here at the school. Any of us would look out of place without it anyway. *smiles* "Any idea what classes you're going to be taking?"
[11:07:46] Alecta Papadopoulos: Probably cooking, and the power control. I need to elarn how to use it better

[11:09:41] Cassandra Keneinan nods "I'm here for the power control too. Some of my.. um.. abilities kinda scare me lately" *she pauses "That and to try and finally finish my schooling"
[11:10:39] Alecta Papadopoulos nods" what do you do? I can make and throw balls of fire"
[11:12:02] Allock (allock123) wakes up from a nap yawns , then settels back to listen
[11:12:26] Cassandra Keneinan's eyes widen "Balls of fire? Umm.. no, I can't do anything like that. That sounds.. dangerous!"
[11:14:59] Alecta Papadopoulos nods" well, it doesnt burn me. But thats why I need to learn cotnrol"
[11:16:10] Little Al/Big Al blinks drowsily " fire eh, thats pretty neat, and " he glances over at cassie " what kind of power do you have?"
[11:17:41] Cassandra Keneinan nods at Alex then looks at Allock "Welcome back, did you have a good nap?... as for my powers, let's just say that somehow got a new power recently and it.. well.. kinda causes explosions all around me and... and I can't control it. The rest of my abilities I can control, just.. just that one"
[11:18:24] Alecta Papadopoulos: I only have that one aspect. Can you fly? What do you do, ~looking toa llock
[11:20:02] Little Al/Big Al Nods and wiggles a bit " we did, some times we get tired " he frowns and looks away " i don't know really.. um its there , but im not sure what it is", says little al, big al remaning noticably silent.
[11:23:17] Cassandra Keneinan smiles "I can fly! Actually.. a bit. I'm still getting the hang of it. It's another new power I... umm.. acquired lately"
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[11:25:20] Little Al/Big Al Blinks eyes igniting and his tone becoming all attitude and a touch harsh " aquired eh.... interesting phrasing .
[11:25:36] Alecta Papadopoulos: the only flying I do is if someone throws me
[11:26:34] Cassandra Keneinan giggles at Alex
[11:28:53] Little Al/Big Al stretches again his lean muscles standing out under the see through under shirt" well , i've seen a few of the teachers, some are a little weird , some are a bit pushy but so far not really bad"
[11:30:40] Alecta Papadopoulos gives a blink. she hadnt purposfully made a joke. " they need to be pussy. want us to be good to get our licenses. I just want to be able to keep from hurting people
[11:31:07] Inferna knocks on the door of the student residence. She has a knapsack over her shoulder with a few basic ingredients in it- flour, water, eggs, salt- but no seasonings or other treats. "Aye," she calls, her rich Scots brogue identifying her immediately to anyone who has heard the culinary professor's voice before, "Ye ferget tha field trip?" She respects the privacy of the dorm hall enough to not enter if she doesn't have to, although her infrared sense does tell her there are at least three students-moving warm bodies- awake on the first floor.
[11:32:13] Alecta Papadopoulos rose. Her body cold. " field trip? I didnt see anything about it"
[11:33:06] Cassandra Keneinan hears the voice from outside "Wait, there's a field trip? I.. I don't see it on my schedule..."
[11:33:48] Little Al/Big Al Grunts and fires back rudely " who is...oh its you" he dusts him self off and rises "shes one of the pushy ones " big al shrugs as he pretty much gos to what ever class he feels like at the moment.
[11:35:37] Alecta Papadopoulos: is it because of your bunny slippers?
[11:36:38] Little Al/Big Al flushes and crosses his arms " what bunny slippers, i have no idea what your talking about"
[11:37:09] Cassandra Keneinan opens the door and looks at the other two, looking outside and seeing one of the instructors "Field trip?"
[11:38:00] Little Al/Big Al: cant hurt
[11:38:45] Inferna taps her foot at the door. "Ye would 'ave 'eard it if'n ye bothered ta come ta me classes," she replies evenly. "Ah dun do tha online schedulin', me computers al'ays break." Well, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is true that she has been known to perform heavy percussive maintenance, and to not always know when such is actually required. So much technology shift, so little time for the old lady. "Aye. Foragin' Trip, ta learn tha plants that grow wild in tha city ye know an' love, so yer nae caught wi' a reason ta be 'ungry. Good way ta learn 'ow ta look at yer 'ome agin."
[11:39:14] Little Al/Big Al Snags a small bag hidden by the door and throws it over his shoulder with a grunt " at the very least she might feed us after wards" as he finishes little als voice chimes in " aya food!
[11:39:14] Little Al/Big Al: "
[11:39:53] Alecta Papadopoulos looked to the instructor " I dont know how to use the moving picture boxes, if that is what you mean. I would like this fireld trip"
[11:40:35] Cassandra Keneinan nods and giggles "Food is a good thing!"

[11:44:25] Cassandra Keneinan takes out her phone and shows it to Alex, whispering "is this what you mean by a moving picture box Alex?"

[11:46:11] Inferna smiles. "Aye, tis good ta 'ave ye oon board then. Firs' thin' ta consider when yer foragin', what tha season be. Ah ken yer nae fools, saw ah dun need ta ask. We be oon tha border betwixt fall an' Summer. Sae, what parts o' plants do ye ken ta bae growin' most now?"
[11:48:16] Alecta Papadopoulos nods to cass" and the bigger ones on the desks"
[11:49:01] Little Al/Big Al Taps his chin lightly as he thinks " well thres a vegetable garden ths old woman has down on filth st,, we usually steal from around this time of year.. not sure what the plants are called though.
[11:49:34] Alecta Papadopoulos looks to the instructor" weeds, fungus, and fall root vegetables. Most crops are being harvested as persephone gets taken

[11:50:32] Cassandra Keneinan stares blankly at the instructor, finding herself having to really focus on understand the instructor's thick accent "Plants? I.. I guess I really don't know much about which plants are growing in the city at the moment..."
[11:50:33] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): we can)
[11:57:05] Inferna nods. "Aye, tha root vegetables be fer tha Fall. But yer on'y 'alf roight there. It dun be deep fall yet, root vegetables dun be ready fer plauckin', nae quite. But we do 'ave plants producin' flowers still, as it be tha end o' summer, an' some blooms be edible as weel. There be lion's teeth an' clover still growin' oon campus, an' tha last o' tha wild strawberries, methinks. Blueberries need a diff'rent soil, but ye'll mayhap foind some wild burdock an' e'en some Queen Anne's lace, in truth a wild carrot."
[12:02:34] Little Al/Big Al Leans back against the wall as he listens arms crossed. paying attention but not really enthused one way or another, his only real interest in this filed trip is to get out and see a new part of the city " eh i guess its good to know if im out on the street again"
[12:04:05] Alecta Papadopoulos squinches her face" who si queen anne?" as she looked, senses going out trying to detect demonic heritage. She found supernatural but not demonic. not ebing demon ment she couldnt dientify it
[12:04:58] Cassandra Keneinan's stomach rumbles a bit at the mention of one of her favorite fruits, the strawberry "Oh, I hope we get to eat some strawberries on this field trip!"
[12:10:33] Inferna pats her napsack. "Any plants ye see, bring ta me. If they be good ta eat, ah'll store 'em fer tha end o' class, an' then we'll 'ave a merry lil feast thagither, aye?" she offers, a twinkle in her green eyes as she grins. She does have supernatural elements, certainly, albeit not demonic. Her body is possessed, flesh and bone, by a colony of Salamander fire spirits. "Aye, there mayhap still be strawberries. They dun look loik yer supermarket uns though. They 'ave small, spiky leaves, an' tha fruits be red an' small, wi' that seeds stickin' all oot from 'em loik a tiny spiked ball." She steps over to the green space behindthe students, having spotted the viney plant in question. She kneels down to lift it up a bit and demonstrate. "Loik these."
[12:13:19] Little Al/Big Al looks up distractedly as a perfectly normal man in a hat leaps and flips by , sniffing the air he detects a faint fishy oder, he ponders this and shrugs , " well that was strange" he mutters and returns to the lecture.
[12:14:04] Alecta Papadopoulos gave a nod, though she wasnt cpable of blushing. She stepped closer and bended knees down to the plant, closer
[12:15:33] Cassandra Keneinan looks at the selection of green things on the ground, confuses as to how she's supposed to know which are to be eaten and which are to be walked on
[12:20:40] Inferna plucks three of the strawberries from the small patch, a pretty good haul for one plant, actually, and offers them to her students. The 'berries' are tiny, and their seeds rise off them like tiny art deco buildings on a miniscule planet, rounded saucers on thin legs. What they lack in size, they make up for in their intense, deep sweetness. These are not the cultivars her students may be used to seeing, they are the plant as it grows naturally, and the richness of its flavor is a direct relation to the plant's desire to live and spread in the harshest of circumstances.
[12:24:19] Little Al/Big Al Takes the fruit and holds onto it waiting until shes distracted by handing out the next and slipping it into his bag with a small grin.
[12:25:11] Alecta Papadopoulos rolls it between two figners" we used to collect these in the forest., while the men hunted. "
[12:26:26] Cassandra Keneinan takes the berry from the instructor, noting how small it appeared compared to what she was used to seeing in the stores. She takes a tiny nibble of it and her eyes instantly grow wide in surprise "Yummy!" *she's about to pop the rest of it into her mouth when she decides she'd better wait and see if she's supposed to be learning something about it before eating it

[12:32:07] Inferna smiles at her students, noting the different reactions to the strawberries. "Aye, tis nae unlike tha city 'ere, or all o' ye in it. Yer desire ta live, yer will ta experience tha full richness o' yer loives, that be what'll define tha richness yer loif contains. This be why ah loik wild plants more'n tha storebought uns. They dun got it easy, so they be forced ta develop deeper." Her honest, gentle smile never wavers as she replies to the girl who strangely, doesn't register on her infrared sense. That keeps throwing her off a little. "Aye, tis a good an' sonsie thin' that nae all 'ave fergotten tha old ways."
[12:35:08] Little Al/Big Al Frowns pretty sure he caught a glimpse of that perfectly normal man in the hat again, why was he hanging around, he moves to the hall and peers down it, distracted.
[12:36:35] Alecta Papadopoulos: to be fair. I was pulled from similiar times. We had an market, but its wasnt like the store I have seen here ~she looked around
[12:37:20] Cassandra Keneinan listens to the instructor's lesson on these strawberries, intrigued, but still waiting for when she thinks its okay to eat the rest of this little strawberry
[12:38:35] Rax Stooge leans against the wall further down the corridor, and casually lights a cigarette
[12:42:32] Inferna feels around for a moment, then pops a strawberry into her own mouth. The lighting of the cigarette in particular alerts her to the presence of the unknown entity. To her infrared sense, lighting a small fire may as well be waving around a beacon and screaming 'I am here!' However, her focus is on her students, and she has decided not to worry about the stranger unless he interferes with her class. "Tha lesson 'ere be nae aboon seein' aught ye 'avena, but unnerstandin' what ye do." She plucks a few fuzzy burdock leaves and the heads off a number of dandelions, the 'lions teeth' she had mentioned before. "Now, what do ye say we make a salad frae campus?" she asks.
[12:46:06] Little Al/Big Al crosses his arms and frowns at the man... suddenly pissed for some reason his hands itching for his crow bar he shakes his head and looks away pulling him self back to the lesson.
[12:47:57] Alecta Papadopoulos: salad day campus? whats that? ~she looks over at al~ is he going to be okay? ..but really. this sound slike a fancy recipte.
[12:48:20] Rax Stooge blows a cloud of smoke down the hallway, obviously coming from behind the Very Clever Disguise, he does not appear to care.
[12:49:24] Cassandra Keneinan watches closely as the instructor pops a strawberry into her mouth and smiles, doing the same with her own strawberry and savoring the flavor. She looks down and makes a mental note of where the instructor found the berries, pledging to come back and look for more
[12:56:10] Inferna smiles. "Wild strawberries, mayhap ye'll foind some chantarelles an' puffball mushrooms by tha tree, juniper twigs, burdock, dandelion. Find tha plants an' fungi ye ken, an' we'll make sommut ta eat thagither," she states. "Dun worry if'n yer nae sure aboon it, ah'll sort oot what we can an' cannae eat. But be creative, ye'll foind ye ken more'n ye believe ye do."
[13:00:12] Little Al/Big Al Moves off to the tree to look for these mushrooms hands in his pockets.bag across one shoulder.
[13:06:20] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola) knelt down eating the berry..that might be unfun later. She lifts up a mushroom that gave off toxic chemicals to the touch
[13:06:26] Alecta Papadopoulos did that
[13:06:39] Cassandra Keneinan bends down by the tree, pulling her skirt down a bit to make sure her bottom is covered. She looks at what Alex is picking and tries to pick stuff like she has. She recalls the instructor had some dandelions in her hands, so she grabs a couple of those as well. Completely uncertain as to what she's grabbing, she stands up and holds the stuff in front of her.
[13:12:28] Inferna looks over the mushrooms carefully, then throws the very deadly uncertain ones away with barely a pinch. "Those dun be edible," she comments. "Leastways, nae by normal 'uman standards. Tha dandelions be a good catch, though. Ah call 'em teeth o' tha lion, an' their greens be flavorful in a salad, their flowers be roight tasty ta let soak or boil inta a tea. Tha roots be a mild diuretic though, leave 'em be below tha surface."
[13:27:01] Cassandra Keneinan watches as the instructor picks through the pile in her hands, tossing out mushrooms and a couple other things she has no idea what they are. She looks at the woman as she finishes "So.. the rest of this... stuff.. is all edible?"
[13:27:37] Alecta Papadopoulos lifted up the toxic mushroom offering it " like this one?" other hand taking some of the leaves and some sort of wild chamomille. The toxin sisne seem to affect her fingers
[13:27:51] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): didnt*
[13:30:10] Inferna smiles and nods. She pickes out a couple small orange-gold mushrooms in particular. "These be golden Chantarelles. An impressive foind, ah'll say." She looks over the mushroom and plant bounty in the other girl's hands. "Aye, that be nae good. Dispose o' it, but leave tha wild chamomile, we cin use that. But fer tha sakes o' all, wash yer 'ands. Ye've been 'andlin' some truly awfu' pickin's by tha looks o' it."
[13:31:16] Cassandra Keneinan holds the pile of green in her hands up to her nose and sniffs at it "I'll admit... that... well, people eat this stuff?"
[13:33:04] Alecta Papadopoulos nods and sets the flower down, tossing the shroom and going to wash her hands quick
[13:40:53] Inferna nods. "Aye, if'n they know ta look fer it." She sets out a bowl from ehr knapsack and fills it with some white vinegar. "That be wild chamomile. We'll let it soak in tha vinegar, then mix it wi' olive oil ta make a simple vinaigrette." She lets out her sword, flat up. "This be a lil cheatin'," she admits, "But ye can do much tha same wi' a flat stone an' a campfire." She sends her Salamander spirits invisibly around the blade, heating the surface into a simplified flat top. When she tosses the good mushrooms onto it, they start to sizzle.
[13:43] Cassandra Keneinan watches as the sword heats up and the shrooms begin to cook "Can you only eat cooked mushrooms?"
[13:48] Inferna shakes her head. "Nae, but tis best ta be used ta 'em a'fore eatin' raw. An' a good roast deepens tha flavors, sometoims." She tosses the grilled mushrooms into the bowl with the washed dandelion greens and the strawberries and burdock she has been gathering. Then she removes the chamomile from the vinegar, and adds in the oil, shaking them in a jar into a quick and easy dressing which she scatters over the wild salad. She divides it into two plates, offering one to the remaining student and nibbling on the other.
[13:50] Cassandra Keneinan takes the plate of greenery from you and watches you starting nibbling on your plate full. She looks over her own plate and carefully picks out something she can't identify and takes a tiny little bite of it. "Hmm.. this isn't bad. I.. I didn't know what to expect out a bunch of... I don't know... weeds?.. but this is good" *she takes some more bites
[13:59] Inferna chuckles. "Ye call it weeds, aye? Ye ken what a weed be? A weed be a plant ye dinna want. But if'n ye dun fash yerself o'er what plants be growin', an' instead learn what grows an' 'ow, ye'll foind that tha plants ye thought be weeds cease ta be an'..." She brushes the grass with a smirk, "sommut tha toim, tha plants ye tried ta grow turn oot ta be tha weeds!"
[14:00] Cassandra Keneinan giggles "Back in the old world, at my parents' house, I would try and grow stuff.... but yeah, it usually turned out to be weeds" *she munches on the salad some more
[14:02] Inferna beams. "Weel, ah'll be finishin' me lunch 'ere. Class dismissed, an' ah 'ope ye'll come by fer more lessons agin some other day." With that, the mellow, occasioanlly grumpy old heroine tucks into her salad and simply rests to contemplate the warm afternoon sun on her red skin.
[14:03] Little Al/Big Al Loads his bag with greens and berry having carefully watched what was edible and sneaks off
[14:03] Cassandra Keneinan smiles and nods "Thank you for the class" *she looks around on the ground, trying to find more of those yummy strawberries for a few moments, before heading off with her salad

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