Springtime at the Chemical Plant

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Springtime at the Chemical Plant

Post by Chyleste » Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:21 pm

Emergency broadcasts go off from the chemical plant. Reports that a caped metahuman has broken in. The security guard radioed in the initial report but then contact was lost. Potential hostage situation.

[10:01] Omega: lands unsteadily on the rooftop of the building where the alarm was radioed in. She looks around, hoping this isn't some mega powered meta human in there as she drops off the roof to the street

[10:05] Spring Heeled Jack is inside the plant, obscured by shadows. The latches of the front doors have been melted and then the doors broken off their hinges. The security guard's gun and flashlight lay on the floor just inside the doorway. On the catwalk above the large vat are two figures cloaked in the deep shadows of the machinery. A man's voice can be heard begging. "Please, mister. I got a wife and kid." Another deeper voice laughs. "Don't worry. You are just my insurance policy."

[10:07] Omega: carefully steps through the broken doors, noting their apparently melted state. Once inside, she sees the flashlight and gun on the floor, just as the nervous heroine overhears to men talking deeper in the building. Omega quietly attempts to sneak in farther, to try and get a better look at what's going on

[10:10] Spring Heeled Jack is holding the security guard by the shirt with one arm. The villain is looping a chain over the pipe above. He secures the chain and starts to bind the guard's wrists hoisting him up off his feet. "I wouldn't struggle too much. I am not good at tying knots in chain. You don't wanna fall in that goop below do ya?"

[10:12] Omega: 's eyes go wide as she realizes the situation the guard is being put into. Stepping out from behind the wall, Omega launches herself into the air, aiming to land on the other end of the platform..... and almost missing! She stumbles and manages to catch herself from falling down the stairs "You there! Unhand that poor man this instant!"

[10:18] Spring Heeled Jack pushes the guard causing him to swing back over the open vat of chemicals. The villain turns quickly and spots the sexy heroine with a laugh. "What are you supposed to be Battle-Barbie? I'll unhand him, sure. I would rather be handling you anyway." The creep crouches and leaps toward Omega but flies over her head. He twists in mid air and plants his feet against the wall bouncing back to the catwalk in front of the blond.

[10:19] Anna-Kate Harper (Nicole Portola) hears of some trouble from bums and mistakenly thinks the magician is here. As she comes in she sees jack " hey you ar enot Magician! this is his territory! He told me so!"

[10:23] Omega: gasps out loud as the guard swings out over the vat of nasty looking chemicals. Just as she's about to try to rescue him, the blond hears a voice behind her and without thinking turns her attention in that direction. Not recognizing the new arrival she smiles and quickly looks back to where the dark villain is standing.... just in time to see he's leapt through the air and landed right in front of her! Omega takes a fighting stance "Battle-Barbie? I'll show you what this Battle Barbie can do!" *she launches a big roundhouse kick, attempting to make contact with the stranger's head

[10:26] Spring Heeled Jack cackles madly and ducks low under the blond's kick. He raises one arm trying to catch her leg over his head and hold her body spread in that awkward position.

[10:27] Spatha: hey you let go of her. or.. or.. I cut you! ~she held up her hand as if she was waving a knife, and a metal blade formed in her hand~

[10:28] Omega: starts to lose her balance as her kick misses, then nearly falls over as the man grabs her leg with his arm. She falls against the railing, trying to use it to hold herself up. "Ack! Let go!" *she tries to pull her leg away from his powerful grip, looking behind her hoping the woman can help her.

[10:32] Spring Heeled Jack holds Omega's leg up to keep her in that off balance standing splits. He shifts forward a bit more under Omega's body and unleashes a burst of flames from his mouth toward Spatha's blade. The flames feel hot but do not burn flesh only melting through non-living materials.

[10:36] Spatha reaches a hand up, not realizing they wouldnt hurt her..but then,,they didnt normally. Her hand glowed as the flames touched it, and then her weapon began to glow

[10:37] Omega: feels the heat from the flames and hops a little, the man's hand still holding her leg up in the air. Then, having seen something similar before, the blond grips the railing tightly with both hands and brings her other leg up in what amounts to a pretty weak kick, aiming for the man's mid-section hoping to break free of his strong grip

[10:40] Spring Heeled Jack draws in another breath for a second breath of flames, this time closer to the hatted woman. That is when Omega's knee connects with his gut. The villain hitches a breath, swallowing the fire perhaps? He shoves Omega's leg upward and back to send her tumbling backward down the stairs toward Spatha as he rolls back to try and regroup.

[10:42] Spatha could fight some, and was attentive but the stairs didnt leave much room. She did turn the blade as Omega was knoecked down into her, but thanks to absorbing th qualities of the mans flame- its warm metal could not cut skin, only make a lined in her clothing when omega hit her and they both tumbleds down..or at least she did

[10:45] Omega: smiles a bit as her second kick successfully frees her leg from the man's grip, then squeaks as she's pushed backwards down the stairs. The girl feels the other woman behind her as she falls into her and they both tumble to the floor below, her hands wind up firmly on the other woman's breasts. Realizing what she's done, Omega blushes bright red and quickly scrambles to her feet and turns to face the villain still up on the catwalk

[10:47] Spring Heeled Jack laughs loudly. The sound of his cackling echoes through the chemical plant. He leaps over the stairs with the two girls tangled together and lands at the base behind them. He reaches out trying to grab a wrist of each of them and twist into a painful arm lock hold.

[10:50] Spatha blinks" its ok. " too apologetic about the woman accidentally feeling her up to not get grabbed. She slashed at the man with the knife, forgetting the effect his fire had on it...

[10:52] Omega: looks around after she stands up, not seeing the man on the catwalk. Just then she feels a hand on her wrist, pulling it roughly behind her "Owwwwwww!!" *she stomps her booted foot down trying to hit the man's foot to get him to let her go, looking over her shoulder behind her trying to see him

[10:56] Spring Heeled Jack jerks on Spatha's arm to pull her off balance as she draws back her blade. He lifts his foot and kicks toward Spatha's gut trying to knock the wind out of the sword wielding woman. Omega's heel comes down on his boot hitting the hard armored toes. He loses his balance a bit though and falls to the side trying to hold onto both girl's wrists and drag them down even harder to the floor with him.

[10:58] Spatha was kicked in the gut with a loud ' huchuh!" and the blade fell from her hand, the hand above the rest and sinking down into the concrete to rest on the hilt. Her arm pulls up painfully even as she tried to resist. She has some strength..but so did he, and she was failing

[10:59] Omega: can tell by the feeling of the impact that the man's boots must be hardened somehow as it doesn't have the effect she was hoping for. It was enough to make him lose his balance, but he kept his grip on the blond's wrist and she was pulled hard to the ground with him and the other woman "Yikes!" *she lands with a hard thud, momentarily disoriented as she shakes her head to clear the cobwebs

[11:01] Spring Heeled Jack scrambles quickly to get over the two prone girls. He draws in a breath and unleashes a burst of the flames again over both of them. The fire feels very hot on their skin but does not burn living tissue- it very well could burn through clothing and other materials though.

[11:01] Syblaze(Pilix) ran around the area looking for any signs of trouble. As she passes the building, her sensors indicate people inside, and seeing the damage to the doors, she decides to move in to investigate!

[11:03] Spatha was held still as the flames wahed over her and melted her clothing off! Except her hat. that rolls across the floor

[11:05] Omega: 's amulet suddenly flashes brightly, an orb of protective energy covers the blond as the flames wash over her. Exactly ten seconds later, the orb fades from view and her amulet returns to its normal level of brightness. The involuntary shielding temporarily leaves her weak and unable to get to her feet until her strength returns. From the floor she notices motion out of the corner of her eye and slowly turns her head to see someone in the distance enter the building

[11:08] Spring Heeled Jack squirms out from under the heroines and gets to his feet. He lets go of their wrists as he stands. The villain looks down watching the two to make sure they are out while he takes a second to catch his breath. He reaches into his suit and starts to pull out a length of chain, not yet noticing the new comer.

[11:10] Spatha: Hey, only magician gets to do that!~trying to stand, the knife she had made dissipating~

[11:12] Syblaze(Pilix) creeps forward slowly, looking around until she spotted the man and the two women. "Activate cloak." She whispers softly, to trigger her armor's cloaking ability... She shimmers for a moment, and then there's a spark and crackle of electricity, the voice of her AI informing her the cloaking systems seem to be inoperable. She sighs and just starts to steps forward, going for an up-front approach instead. She points to the cloaked man. "What are you up to, creep?"

[11:14] Omega: hears the newcomer's voice as she slowly struggles to her feet, grabbing the stair railing to help her up. Leaning against the railing, the blond shakes her head still trying to clear it and looks at the man "Y.. you.. you're going to pay for th...that... "*she looks down at the now-naked woman still on the floor, hoping she can get up soon

[11:15] Spring Heeled Jack kicks at Spatha to knock her back down as she tries to stand. He looks up, with the chain in his hand as he hears Syblaze's voice. The villain lets out a cackle. "Come join the party. We got a naked sword swallower here and the amazing Battle- Barbie." He lunges toward Omega trying to pin her against the stair railing with his body while keeping his eye on Syblaze.

[11:19] Spatha give another HUCHUH when kicked an knockd again " but WHYYYYYY"

[11:22] Syblaze(Pilix) frowns watching him kick at the naked girl and then go after the other one. "You want me to join the party? How nice of you to invite me! ...you might regret it though, creep." She takes a stance as energy crackles near her wrists before twin energy blades ignite to life, extending from her bracers. "You ready for me?" In a flash of speed, she would be rushing toward him, her booster propelling her, her blades held forward, ready to strike at him.

[11:24] Omega: is still a bit too weak to evade the man's lunge and finds herself pinned between his body and the stair railing. She grabs as his arms and tries to keep him from grabbing her, relying on her recharging powers to hopefully have the strength to fight him off "Get.... off.... me!"

[11:27] Spring Heeled Jack holds onto the railing behind Omega, pressing his body against her tightly to prevent her from moving and restrict her deep breaths. As Syblaze rushes him, Jack lets loose a huge burst of flaming breath to meet the charging armored heroine. The flames do not harm living things but can burn through most other materials.

[11:30] Spatha grunted, but did see Jack was distracted, a mace forming in her hand and swung to try to hid the villain in the gut ! It wasnt very eloquent or subtle but its was hard enough to even attack right now much less make it deceptive

[11:33] Syblaze(Pilix) skids as she throws on the brakes when she sees the oncoming flames. Before she can react herself, her internal AI activates the armor's shield systems, throwing up a general shield to block the flames. "Whoa, someone had a spicy breakfast! Might want to eat a mint!"

[11:35] Omega: 's energy has finally fully returned. And with it, her strength. She reaches around behind her back and grabs the same railing that the man has hold of and rips it off its bolts, then gives a shove with her legs, trying to propel both herself and the man across the room as hard as she can "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!"

[11:36] Spring Heeled Jack had though that Spatha was down for the count. The mace strikes him hard in the side and he coughs out a breath. He presses more weight against Omega as he kicks wildly toward Spatha with one leg. Jack is off balance as Omega suddenly comes alive and sends him flying across the plant into the wall. The villain slams into the wall and slides down into the shadows of the drain pipe.

[11:38] Spatha collapsed to a knee.. still not even at 50% after those kicks " I.. got.. a..blow in...bastard" spoken in latin
[11:38] Spatha was struck by the leg after speaking and this time..her eyes closed even though she breathed

[11:40] Syblaze(Pilix)'s energy shield drops as the blond goes flying with the man into a wall. "Ouch.." She looks down to the naked girl, holding out a hand to help her up if she wanted. "You alright?"
[11:41] Syblaze(Pilix) blinks and notices the girl had passed out in fact, deactivating both blades so she could grab her and pull her somewhere a bit more out of the way and safe for now.

[11:43] Omega: flashes a satisfied grin as the dark stranger goes crashing into the wall behind the pipe. She takes a moment to look behind her and see how the naked girl is doing, noticing the armored girl is tending to her. The blond's amulet glows brightly as it materializes her sword and shield out of it's own energy. She calls out to the man hidden in the shadows "Come out! You can't beat all of us!"

[11:45] Spring Heeled Jack stays quietly hidden in the shadows for a long moment. Just as everyone may start to think Jack is out, the villain springs from behind the pipe with a superhuman leap. He swings the chain down toward Omega as he passes over her and somersaults in mid air aiming his powerful legs to land directly at Syblaze, preparing to bound off her toward the door.

[11:46] Spatha was completely unresponsive as her body was taken. Her mace dissipating

[11:49] Syblaze(Pilix) was working to pull the unconscious naked woman aside to safety when the villain was coming down. An alert draws her attention as her sensors detected him incoming. She throws up her arms as he comes down on her to help block the blow a bit, getting shoved down to the ground. Her left blade ignites again as she takes a swing at him, trying to clip a leg and slow him down, though it's a wild swing and may not land.

[11:53] Omega: jumps a bit in surprise as the man vaults over her head. Too late she spots the chain swinging in her direction and the blond takes a direct hit to her chest and it knocks her backward toward the pipe. She hits the pipe with her back and glares at the man as she regains her balance and charges toward him, swinging her energy sword hard in his direction hoping he's distracted enough by the energy blade from the woman on the ground

[11:54] Spring Heeled Jack gets hit by Syblaze's blade in the leg. He spins wildly in the air. He lands on his face on the floor a few feet from the doorway. Jack rolls over as quick as he can but he is obviously dazed as he raises his arms in a defensive motion.

[11:55] Spatha had been pulled to the side, and safe.. in the chaos... she stirs some trying to crawl weakly to the stairs to escape

[11:56] Syblaze(Pilix) stands and looks toward the villain as he drops to the floor, letting out a huff. "Toldya you'd regret it. Now you're under arrest, creep!" She watches the other woman going after him too, and rushes in closer to make sure he wouldn't try any tricks to get away.

[11:58] Omega: 's attack misses badly as the man goes flying over toward the doorway. She sees Syblaze head that way to take care of the villain, and the blond puts away her sword and shield quickly and helps the naked girl over to the stairs and out of the way before turning her attention back toward the downed villain

[12:01] Spring Heeled Jack laughs as he pulls out a glowing blade from his suit. "Time to make a choice heroes!" He throws the balde over Syblaze's head aiming toward the chain holding the guard over the vat of chemicals. Jack scrambles up and lunges toward the two on the stairs, trying to grab Spatha and bound up the steps.

[12:06] Spatha and gets grabbed by the villain and carried. Visibly tying to form a new weapon but failing...

[12:07] Syblaze(Pilix) skids to a halt as the villain pulls out the blade and throws it. Her scanners analyze it and see it's headed for the chain holding the guard up. "Shit... well... here goes everything... hope it's working right!" Electrical crackling would surround her before a light seems to engulf her and she's gone, a moment later reappearing with the light and crackling near the guard to grab him and keep him from falling. "Holy shit it worked!"

[12:07] Omega: cries out as she sees the dagger thrown at the dangling security guard. Her attention diverted, she doesn't see the villain lunge in their direction until it's too late and she's knocked aside in the stairwell, sliding to the floor as she watches the man bound up the stairs with the naked girl in his graps "N...no! W...wait!!!"

[12:09] Spring Heeled Jack starts to drag Spatha behind him rushing toward the door. The security guard hugs tightly to Syblaze as she catches him. He thanks her over and over as he trembles and starts to cry. Jack glances back as he reaches the door with the naked girl in his hand. He gives a sarcastic wave and pushes out the door. "No time to wait. At least I got something out of this!"

[12:13] Syblaze(Pilix) pats the guy on the back a bit. "Yeah, yeah, don't worry about it. Just... doing the hero thing. You should get yourself home... uh, maybe file a police report and tell them anything you can about that criminal." She looked over toward the stair well, and sure enough he wasn't there now. She figured he would end up getting away, using the hostage as a distraction like that. She hurries over to the other heroine. "You alright? Did he get away?" She looks around some. "Where'd the other girl go?"

[12:14] Omega: slowly staggers to her feet, the villain is gone and with him the poor naked crimefighter too. She looks over at the heroine who saved the guard, smiling and nodding in her direction. She whispers to no one in particular "Well, at least we save the poor guard.. but, what of the newly captured heroine?" *as Syblaze comes over she looks at the now empty doorway "Y..yes, I'm fine *she struggles to her feet "...but... he.. he took her. He took the other girl!"

[12:17] Syblaze(Pilix) frowns as she hears that. "Shit... he took her? That... can't be good..." She looks to the doorway. "I'll go looking around to see if I can find him... have to try and help her if we can..."

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