A Gentleman and the honorable return of a hat.

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A Gentleman and the honorable return of a hat.

Post by Chyleste » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:58 pm

[18:11] Emma Ginery (EmmaGinery Resident): Won't you come in?

[18:13] The Gentleman walks up the road and looks at the costumed figure that opens the door. He gives a polite nod and steps inside. His thumb remains poised on the end of his cane, cautious but not paranoid. "Thank you. I heard mention of a certain hat that you may have found?"

[18:14] Strangeling nods, reaching under her cloak, presenting the Gentleman with his errant hat.

[18:16] The Gentleman smiles and starts to reach out but then hesitates. He lifts his chin with a bit of a smirk. "Oh how wonderful. I do thank you for retrieving it." He pauses a second before reaching for it. "Please forgive my manners, but what is it that you are seeking for this favor?"

[18:17] Strangeling "It is your property - there is no just reason why it should not be returned."

[18:19] The Gentleman takes the hat and carefully places it on his head. He smiles and gives a small bow. "That is quite appreciated, my lady. It is a rare thing to find someone these days who understands proper etiquette. I do hope you understand my trepidation with this city full of barbarians."

[18:21] Strangeling nods. "Of course - it is only sensible to be cautious. However, I see no logic in hostility for hostility's sake. You appear to be a civilized person in the middle of all this - such civility should be appreciated." Strangeling pauses briefly, smiling under her hood. "It is counterfeit, wasn't it?"

[18:23] The Gentleman smiles and nods along as the cloaked figure speaks. His face drops at the last bit though. "Excuse me? counterfeit? Do you mean my hat? No, no. not at all. It was a gift from Prince Albert himself."

[18:24] Strangeling "No ... the money returned to the city bank. The mannerisms of the individual involved seems to match you perfectly. To rob and then return the bank's money? The only logical reason would be to exchange legal script for counterfeit."

[18:27] The Gentleman chuckles and looks downward with a slight flush to his cheeks. "Oh. That is what you mean. While I would prefer not to speak too much about the bank, I would say that I am a man of my word. When I promise someone something then I follow through to the letter with that which I have promised. A man has nothing if he does not have the honor of his word."

[18:30] Strangeling "Indeed? Most curious, then ... to be maneuvered into having to rob the bank, then being of a mind to return the stolen property? You are something of a puzzle." Strangeling paused briefly. "Before you go - do you have a name that you go by?"

[18:33] The Gentleman laughs softly. "I prefer to simply be known as the Gentleman in this city. I believe that alone is enough to set me apart from most of the rest of these commoners. And to whom do I have the pleasure of this company?"

[18:35] Strangeling "A Strangeling to this place. It has been most enjoyable to meet you, though sadly a pleasure that will likely not be repeated. Given our respective pursuits, I doubt that our next meeting will be as pleasant as this one."

[18:37] The Gentleman gives another small bow. "The pleasure is mine. I cannot express my appreciation for the return of my hat. It is a shame that you feel we must be on opposing viewpoints. I assume you are one of the constables of this city then?"

[18:39] Strangeling waves a hand to the negative. "Simply a concerned citizen with the means to aid my neighbors. If the police were to come by me, I would likely fare no better in their esteem than you."

[18:41] The Gentleman nods thoughtfully. "Then I do not see why we must be at odds. I am merely a businessman seeking my way in this world." He smiles. "Perhaps, we are not that different. You seem sensible enough. Wouldn't you enjoy a nice elegant evening dining on a fine feast in the comfort of a respectable manor?"

[18:44] Strangeling folds back into her hood, concealing any hint of a smile. "Perhaps at some point ... at the moment I do not believe that I am sufficiently prepared to be so trusting. As you have said: it is understandable to be cautious."

[18:47] The Gentleman gives another nodding bow. "That I can respect, my lady. This city has a habit of attempting to bury a dagger into your back. If you ever grow tired of struggling with the oppression of the tyrants in this city and wish to enjoy the finer things in life, I would be honored to share some time with someone such as you."

[18:49] Strangeling pauses briefly, taking time to admire the manner in which the Gentleman maintains himself. "I do have other places that I must be. Until next time, then." Nodding slightly, she steps to the door.

[18:50] The Gentleman gives a slight tip of his hat and steps out of her path. "As you wish. The city needs more of honor such as you. I wish you a wonderful evening."

[18:51] Strangeling pauses one last time, saying nothing before stepping through the door and exiting into the night.

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