Proper Manners at the Museum

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Proper Manners at the Museum

Post by Chyleste » Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:22 pm

[19:52] The Gentleman is upstairs taking various paintings off the wall and carefully wrapping them up before sliding them into a large bag. There are two people tied together near the well dressed man. The lower level is already missing several high quality art pieces.

[19:52] Lodestar: "I'll give this one credit... it isn't the bank." She would push open the door and took notice of the paintings already missing in the lower room. "..... Geez. How fast is this person?"

[19:54] Tara: "Scary fast. Keep your guard up." she muttered, one handgun in each hand. "If we're lucky, they aren't fast enough to have packed up and left by now."

[19:55] Celestial Star lands outside the museum. "Well at least this is just some minor thing and no super powered metas." SHe speaks into her comlink "Looks like this may be a simple one, may make dinner tonight afterall"

[19:59] Lodestar would move a hand to the back of her sword as she would start to make her way to the stairs carefully. "Simple is always good, at least."

[20:00] The Gentleman secures the bag and places a small device on the canvas bag. Carefully the Gentleman sets the bag near another full on which also has the small device (about the size of a silver dollar). He opens a third bag and begins to pull more paintings down. His rich voice filters downstairs quietly as he speaks to the hostages. "I do hope you forgive this imposition. I regret resorting to such methods as binding you but this institution is quite large and I must keep you both in sight. I am certain you understand. I will not be much longer. Then you may return to your evening."

[20:03] Tara: "Whaddya know?" whispered the gun-toting officer. "Sounds like we're in luck. We'll storm up the stairs as quickly as we can, and try to catch'em off guard. You guys ready?"

[20:05] Celestial Star can sense the life energies of the hostages and the hostage taker. She presses a button on her goggles and scans the floor above. Seeing the others are taking the stairs, she scans for the nearest exit to the gentleman with the xray setting deciding to let the other two take the steps.

[20:09] The Gentleman removes a painting from the wall and holds it up to admire it. "Oh this is exquisite. Such fine strokes. I believe that this artist may rival DaVinci, himself. He was quite the interesting person, you know. Quite introverted but once you engaged him in a chat, he would prattle on for hours at end." The other ways of getting in the second floor would be the windows and a fire exit door in the South West corner of the floor across from the top of the stairs.

[20:10] Lodestar would nod once over to Tara as she would soon race up the stairs with the hand on the hilt as she was all set to confront and turned by the heel to the very top. "Halt! This robbery ends--" But the speech stop as she immediately saw the top hat, the white cloak... and her cheeks were just turning red as she stared. "T-The Gentleman?"

[20:13] Tara charged up the stairs behind Emily, skidding to a stop beside her with her weapons aimed at the presumed perp. "Yeah, what she sa- wait, what?" she said, suddenly looking at Emily. "This is the guy?"

[20:15] Celestial Star flies outside and lands carefully on the roof to conserve her energy. She watches the occupants through her goggles as she just stands and bides her time, having a pretty good idea who the robber was by the voice and courteous demeanor after she dealt with him once as Arctica

[20:17] The Gentleman shifts closer to the hostages. A frown crosses the man's face as he pulls his cloak around, covering most of his body and partially covering the hostages as well. "Egads! It is the constables. Drat it all. I should not have dilly-dallied so long. Curse my reminiscing of ages gone by." He raises his voice slightly to be heard across the room. "There is no need for barbarism. You may lower the weapons. I will be on my way."

[20:20] Lodestar would give a glance to Tara and would nod once. "Yeah..." Though she was in costume now. She owuld steady take a step forward. "You can't leave with the portraits, Gentleman. You should know better then that. Come on - they need to be in the museum. How is everyone going to enjoy these works of art? They belong to the public."

[20:23] Tara: The officer kept her weapons trained on the Gentleman. With the hostages obstructing him as much as they were, she knew she couldn't take the risk of actually taking a shot, but if he just gave her a biiiit more leeway... "Yeah. Be reasonable. Whatcha gonna do, sell'em on Celestial City's black market? Let'em sit in some musty old basement for a century or two?"

[20:26] Celestial Star calmly walks to the fire exit and jams the door by sticking one of her kunai into the floor by it. Then she walks back over to the the roof near the window. All the while watching the confrontation through her goggles

[20:28] The Gentleman keeps his cloak positioned protectively as he raises his cane near the hostages. His voice remains calm as he speaks in a clear voice. "I assure you that I will take proper care of these masterpieces. This city can be such a danger to fragile treasures such as these. One never knows when this facility may burn down or be crushed by some immense organism seeking a meal from the shopping district. That would be such a shame, you must admit." He glances at the unbagged painting with an expression of longing, not wanting to leave it behind. "If you will allow me one more moment, then I will take my leave with none harmed."

[20:30] Lodestar would give another glance over to Tara but she would take another step forward. "I... I know you won't hurt the hostage. That isn't you. You don't hurt people and I understand why you want to protect these paintings--but there are better ways. You are capable of a lot better then this. Just lower the cane...."

[20:32] Tara tried to assess the situation one more time, looking for a way to deal with the Gentleman without letting the hostages come to harm or allowing him to steal any of the artwork. If Lodestar could just distract him for a split second, she knew she could get a shot or two in without endangering the hostages. Tara took a few steps to her left, trying to create just a bit more margin for error between the innocents and the Gentleman...

[20:35] Celestial Star casually goes about setting a small trap outside the window just to be safe. A simple kunai and wire trip line. The thin yet strong wire creating a net oustide the window as she ties it off using her kunai to hold it in place around the window

[20:36] The Gentleman remains in his defensive position, not trusting the metahumans. "I implore you to please do not advance further. I am well aware of the reputation of this city. I have watched the town crier on the television set. We do not wish for this to become a disaster. If you will lower the weapons and step back to wait a moment, I will simply trade these two patrons of this institution for my bags and be on my way."

[20:40] Lodestar was just feeling her heart race. She would just grip the sword as she went to undraw Seiken. "~WOO! Let's do this!~" ... and proceeded to throw the sword against the wall. "~HEY! What the hell!? Don't just throw me aside! What was the big idea!? Hey! HEY! I deserve a debut as well! I didn't get to even see this guy! No fair! I cry a do over!~" But Lodestar would just try go step forward to him and would just try to extend a hand out to him. "That isn't true. Not everyone carries that reputation of the city. Come on."

[20:42] Tara just sort of looked at Lodestar, then to her guns. Then to the perp. With a sigh, she dropped her weapons back into their holsters. "You've got the stage, partner. I'll let you settle it your way."

[20:43] Celestial Star finishes trapping the exits and decides to do a little meditation

[20:46] The Gentleman tenses up as Lodestar draws her sword. He raises an eyebrow, almost but not quite losing his monocle as she tosses it aside. A wry smile forms on his lips as she steps closer. He gives a small nod toward her hand but does not move from the hostages. He turns his head toward Tara as she speaks. His smile grows wider as the officer puts her guns away. "I am quite pleased that you two will listen to reason. As a show of good faith, I offer an honorable agreement. I will release one of these bound citizens if one of you will assist loading the last painting into the bag and attaching this small ornament to it, please." He drops one of the silver dollar sized devices on the pillow on the bench.

[20:57] Lodestar would pause as she would move to him with an arched brow before she would move over to cross her arms as she looked to him. "Only if you can tell me a little more about Count St Germain. I haven't been able to find any real books about him yet. You were good friends together like you said, right? The one who discovered the Philospher's Stone." She would try to meet at his gaze as she had hoped he would catch it. ".... and... maybe.. if you turn over these paintings instead and let the hostages go, I can ask you out since you won't be a criminal anymore? .... a night out with tea? Or reading a book?"

[20:58] Tara: "I am *not* helping you do criminal shit." said Tara, sounding particularly indignant.

[21:00] Celestial Star meditates still keeping track of the events below her

[21:02] The Gentleman tilts his head as he peers over focusing on Lodestar's face. There is an expression of surprised confusion then his eyes light up with realization. He smiles wide. "Ah! Please forgive me. I did not recognize you in this style of costumery. Of course I would love to spend a nice evening reading with a spot of tea..." He frowns and snaps his gaze around to Tara as he hears her speak. "Such coarse language. There is no need for such profanities. Please be so kind as to watch your tongue in the presence of a lady."

[21:05] Lodestar: "I-It's fine. That's my co worker and good friend, Tara. I was just telling her about you. Tara? This is... uh, the Gentleman." She would gesture to him with a little smile as it finally clicked. "Now will you -please- give up the painting robbery? We talked about this. If you keep doing these things, how am I going to ask you out for nights like that? If you do that, then I have to arrest you. I know you aren't a terrible person. You could literally invest in the security of the museum or other neat things instead of holding people hostage, making them scared."

[21:06] Tara: If Tara was indignant before, she had just become absolutely livid. "Wh- you- EXCUSE ME?" she sputtered. "I'm *specifically* not putting holes in you right now because it would upset my partner. Do you really think it's a good idea to provoke me anyway?"

[21:06] Celestial Star smiles figuring Lodestar has things covered. She checks her traps and flies off "Coming home dear. City has some good heroes still who can handle such a situation"

[21:13] The Gentleman raises his chin and smiles softly toward Lodestar. He lowers his cane and then looks down toward the bags and the other painting. The man lets out a sigh as he is torn. The Gentleman glances over at Tara and makes a 'tsk' sound. "Now comes the barbaric threats. I ask for civility and proper manners, yet the answer is always violence." He sighs again. "We seem to be at an impasse. Are there no other options that you are willing to consider to resolve this? I do so enjoy these artworks."

[21:16] Lodestar: "You can always come to the museum to enjoy them... we could even come by together. It's literally next to the library or why not try to work at the library? If it means that much to you, you can always work a job here to preserve the paintings. think about it! You get to see the paintngs all day, telling people the history and story behind each one and their historical significance so the knowledge doesn't get lost---and with you here, you can preserve them. You can protect them from harm! I know you are capable. There IS other factors to consider, after all."

[21:17] Tara: The black-clad officer was staring daggers at the Gentleman and gritting her teeth, but elected to remain silent.

[21:22] The Gentleman chuckles at Lodestar's suggestions. He shifts a bit letting his cloak slip away from the hostages. He focuses on Lodestar, almost forgetting that Tara is there now. His cane remains casually in his hand at his side. "I would truly enjoy showing you the fine works of history. There are many untold stories behind each and every project that a creator undertakes. I have met quite a number of those individuals through history. Some stories would amuse you, I am certain."

[21:26] Lodestar would have her hands clasped near her lap with a brighter smile. "I'd like that a lot. I wanted to see much more though even at the library. books are limited on history.... I would love to spend time with you, just taking a journey through history and the arts."
[21:26] "~I am so conflicted right now.~" Seiken would speak up but more directed to Tara.

[21:27] Tara: "You're not alone, buddy." she said back to the sword, crossing her arms.

[21:29] The Gentleman smiles brightly at Lodestar. He turns a bit more putting a little space between his body and the hostages. He lets out a breath. "That sounds like a lovely evening. I say, why do we not take these paintings back to my manor and I can tell you the stories of each of the artists tonight?"

[21:38] Lodestar paused but she would feel her gaze lowering slightly. "... I want to go with you but--but I can't let you take the paintings. I can't let you steal them."

[21:39] Tara remained silent.

[21:42] The Gentleman sighs. He looks down at the paintings and then back up at Lodestar. He nods sadly and steps even more away from the hostages toward Lodestar. "Tis a shame. A man should never be forced into this position. It is quite the quandary." He pauses and glances down at the unbagged picture. "Perhaps we can compromise with just this one painting and an evening of tea?"

[21:44] "~You aren't stealing a painting just to bone my granddaughter.~" Seiken was.......... particularly blunt as the sword would move along the wall. "~And I am certain by your clothing a man of your stature wouldn't need it.~" Lodestar glanced to the sword and sort of gestured to him. ".... That's Seiken."

[21:46] Tara: "Emily, I think... I think you've got this one. I trust that you'll make the right choice." Tara admitted, and began to leave. "I guess some things shouldn't be solved through the repeated application of bullets. Call me if you need me."

[21:49] The Gentleman looks over toward the sword. He raises a brow as he listens to the voice. "The sword speaks! One would think that such a well crafted blade would not have such harsh insinuations. Must have been forged by the Vikings or perhaps the Picts. Surely it is not an English product." He glances over at Tara with a bit more of a smile. "I do wish you a very pleasant evening. It is nice to see that you do have the capacity to learn that not everything must be resolved with fisticuffs."

[21:50] Lodestar: would wave to Tara. "I will! Don't worry. I got it handled." She smiled brightly before she would look to the Gentleman. There was a sigh from the sword. "~Alright, alright. I mean, on one hand... this is cute but on the other---fine.~" There was a golden shimmer from the sword before it seemed ti dissipate off, leaving her kind of standing awkwardly to him with two former hostages.

[21:53] Tara: The officer departed with a wave. "See ya back at HQ... ya know, whenever."

[22:03] The Gentleman blinks as the sword disappears. The Gentleman smiles at Lodestar and reaches out one hand toward her. "It seems we have managed to avoid any savage brutality this evening. If someone had to respond to this encounter, then I am very pleased it was you, my dear. Would you like to end this evening in a more relaxed environment? I can unbind the museum patrons."

[22:04] Lodestar would reach out in turn, taking his hand with a bit of a grip and her cheeks turning a bit red. "I... yeah. I would--and please unbind the hostages. I--I think they've been through enough."

[22:08] The Gentleman smiles even brighter. He pushes a spot on the cane and a blade pops out. He moves the end toward the ropes holding the hostages and deftly cuts through the bindings. He gives her hand a gentle tug to urge her closer as he opens his cloak. He nods to the hostages. "Please forgive this inconvenience. I do appreciate your cooperation in tonight's endeavors." He looks toward Lodestar as he holds up the cane once more. "Just as last time, I apologize for any discomfort this mode of transport may cause."

[22:11] Lodestar would let herself almost rest up against him and would and would stand on her tippy toes and took almost a little bold move as she let her lips lightly brush against his, kissing in but a gentle kiss that lingered before she parted. Her cheeks were red before nodding once. "... You're forgiven. It's worth the discomfort and any time spent with you is worth it."

[22:12] The Gentleman is happily surprised by the kiss. He embraces her closer as the energy begins to swirl around them. Just before they disappear, the Gentleman reaches down quickly and grabs the loose painting bringing it along with them as they teleport to his private manor.

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