a kat in a tree

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a kat in a tree

Post by allock » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:47 pm

[10:36] Nano rubs her forehead as she walked toward the club entrance. "Why am I even bothering to work here this morning..." She mutters to herself.

[[10:37] Mark Blake a Bruised mark pushes open the door to the club and glances around

[10:38] Nano rushes to grab the still closing door and steps in. She blinks realizing who it was. "The hell happened to you?"

[10:40] Mark Blake glances back behind him a vivid black eye covering his left eye " oh dere was a few people dat were being rudely silent when i was asking questions, so i asked louder" he looks around " da loud mouth aint here it seems.. damn... "

[10:42] Nano grumbles a bit and sighs. "Well talk to me about it..go sit at the bar..I'll see if I can help you with those injuries.." She sighs walking over. "Shes not here at the moment.."

[10:43] Mark Blake nods and moves to the bar taking a seat " i don't need no tending im fine, but more importantly i found her"

[10:45] Nano grabs a wet wrag and glances over. "You found her.?" She blinks. "Where..?"

[10:48] Mark Blake nods lots grinning through his bruises " da ruins, in a group of abandoned buildings shes being kept in a cage... i managed to get a glimpes from a distance but couoldn't get close"

[10:49] Nano "I see.." She sighs. "Well then..now we can find her and get her back.." She looks over and inhales. "You sure you don't need help..with those injuries..those bruises are bad.." She shakes her head. "So you found Kat...god the others won't believe this..guess I owe you an apology.."

[10:53] Mark Blake shrugs " eh im used to it.. im crazy mark after all, be careful crazy marks paranoid about things all ways angry at stuff" he grimaces " never mind i've been fighting since i was a child, never mind i was once the guardian of a whole neighbor hood " he shakes his head " any ways.. you should call up the loud mouth and let her know "

[10:55] Nano looks over. "If you say so..." She sighs shaking her head and puts a finger to her ear. She mutters somethings into the comm and sighs looking back. 'Now I wait.." She grimaces. "Well good job..you want a cola while we wait?"

[10:58] Mark Blake nods and tilts his head " got any thing with iron in
it? my blood levels a bit low"

[10:59] Nano looks over and sighs. "You been bleeding to much.." She looks over. "I don't think we carry iron rich drinks..here..." She looks over. "You need blood instead?" She thinks for a moment. "Probably not the best tasting solution.." She sighs looking around.

[11:00] Mark Blake makes a face and shakes his head " im not a vampire ya know" he sighs and shrugs " ill have to make due til i can get my iron supplements from da van"

[11:01] Nano looks over. "I can help....if you are okay with it.." She sighs a bit.

[11:01] Mark Blake tilts his head" help how?"

[11:02] Nano "You have seen my power in action once have you not?" She looks over.

[11:02] Mark Blake frowns " i saw you shoot of a big drill thing"

[11:03] Nano looks over. "Oh right.." She sighs. "Well..think of it as my body can mimic designs and materials to a certain extent.." She looks over. "These cells..can also assist in..producing a massive healing boost.." She looks over. "If I share them ..but you might need to eat after.."

[11:05] Mark Blake frowns and shakes his head " nah dat could be a bad idea, pules you need ya strength.. who ever dis guy is hes got the whole ruins scared"

[11:05] Nano looks over and shrugs. "If you say so..are you not coming..?" She looks over.

[11:08] Mark Blake grins " oh im coming im definitely coming"

[11:09] Nano looks over. "Then you should make sure you are at your peak strength to you know.." She sighs shaking her head.

[11:09] Evie: "Umm... I don't? I can probably find some different clothes at the club when we pick Nano up. What did you have in mind? I suppose I should have brought the bullet proof coat you gave me."

[11:10] Raigeki: I mean If we had time, I'd get you a PAE suit but they need to be custom fitted. For now something that lets you move easy and more sensible shoes than that will work " She walks into the clib looking at Mark and Nano, taking a breath

[11:10] Mark Blake frowns " forget about it nano.. ill be ok" he smiled lightly playing down his bruises " besides, my body aint exactly normal there no telling how it would react, yeah?"

[11:11] Nano sighs a bit. "I guess not..." She looks over. "Oh..hey you two got here fast.."

[11:12] Raigeki: " It helps when you have a car that can fly faster than sound "

[11:12] Mark Blake looks over and frowns" heya evie.. whats with lighting pants .."

[11:13] Evie doesn't answer Mark's question, but just asks, "So where's Katherine?"

[11:16] Nano looks over. "Easy..we are all on the same side here..getting Kat back is all our main priority.."

[11:16] Evie: "Yeah, so let's all go. You guys ready?"

[11:17] Mark Blake shifts " shes in da ruins i can lead ya dere"

[11:19] Raigeki: " That's a bit.. worying. Katy and I went through almost every inch of those ruins the night was taken "

[11:20] Nano looks over. "Must of been a different area all together..." She leans on te bar. "So..are we going to make a plan or just go in and save her and watch out for the obvious traps.."

[11:22] Evie: "What exactly was Kat's condition?"

[11:22] Evie: "Keep in mind, these people love traps, and Kat herself may just be the bait for a bigger trap."

[11:24] Nano looks over. "I guess thats a possibility.." She shakes her head. "But if there is a chance.."

[11:28] Mark Blake frwons " her conditon was cutesy.. like i think.. i only saw her from a distance i couldn't get close

[11:28] Nano looks over and sighs.

[11:29] Mark Blake reaches up and touches one of his bruises gingerly, winching as he dos " isay we go in dere and kick some butt"

[11:30] Raigeki: normally I'd do a high altitude fly over for recon, then halo drop where his defenses were weakest but. to put it simple, you guys aren't the pros they are " She crosses her arms and sighs, thinking. Allright. We'll get close and see what we can see. Tenitive plan is I'll walk in like I think I'm the biggest baddest mamajama they've ever seen. Swinging cars and shit. While I wreck the place and look like a big dumb overconfident idiot, you three find a back way in and get her out. I'll be the big juicy meta-human bait. If for some reason I go down or get captured, you get out and let Katy, Zephyr or Hellguard know what happened. " As she talks she pulls a tube of medigel out and hands it to mark

[11:30] Evie: "Mark, we fought them at the mall and they had all kinds of traps. Rushing in blindly and stupidly would be a bad idea. Just sayin'. We need to at least take some care."

[11:31] Evie: "They had glue traps and cages and mines."

[11:31] Nano "Don't forget the tactical missile launchers.."

[11:32] Evie: "Oh, well, you know. What's a tacticle missile launcher here and there."

[11:32] Mark Blake takes the gel and glances at it then shrugs rubbing a bit in " is zepyer dat big boobed killer you guys got working for ya?"

[11:32] Evie: "We also have to make sure they don't just kill Kat if it looks like things are going to be end."

[11:33] Nano "I know it's more than enough to put me and you down for good if it detonates to close." She sighs. "I am just saying we get a good idea and then focus on making sure we come out alive.."
[11:35] Mark Blake nods and scratches his head " well short ands
sparkys idea seems like a good onelets do dat"

[11:35] Nano "Short?" She glances over.

[11:36] Mark Blake points at mikotot " her"

[11:37] Nano shrugs a bit. "Anyways.." She walks around.

[11:37] Mark Blake pushes up from the bar " so.. you ready to do dis?"

[11:38] Evie nods to Mikoto. "Alright, then what?"

[11:38] Raigeki: " I don't know that I'd call her a killer. She's got less blood on her hands than the CCPD did. But that's not important " She pulls out what looks like a thumdrive with a button on it then says " Kat. This is Mikoto. Go with Evie and her friends. Don't argue. The long you take to get free, the harder it will be for me to get free " She then pulls out another one and presses the button on that one " Katy. Zeph. This is Mikoto. If you are getting this, it means the rescue plan went south. Don't waste time fighting or blaming. just get me out. " She then holds up the two sticks with recorded messages " If we are lucky this will make the stubborn ones listen. Who's gunna carry them "

11:40] Evie: "I guess I can. This outfit actually has pockets."
11:40] Mark Blake nods " yeah i shouldn't take it, any thing on me is gona get eaten up

[11:40] Raigeki nods and hands the recordings over to them " I don't suppose any of you are pilots? "

[11:40] Evie shakes her head.

[11:41] Nano looks over and sighs. "Alright..." She looks over. "Let me read the manual and I can remember everything from start to finish.." She taps her head.

[11:41] Mark Blake tilts his head and grins " i can drive a van

[11:41] Evie smiles toward Nano.

[11:41] Mark Blake frowns " look im gonna meet ya dere " and with that he storms out of the club

[11:41] Evie sighs.

[11:42] Raigeki: " We'll take a van then. not gunna risk the escape on me gettikg held up

[11:42] Raigeki: " Evie. For the love oof god put on some shoes that make sense "

[11:42] Mark Blake stops and looks back " den come on cuase da van is leaving!"

[11:42] Nano "Lets go Evie.." She sighs. "Be ready for anything.."

[11:43] Evie: "I'm fine in heels! And I can use them as weapons if I need to. ((And the legs on this outfit, prolly the most comfortable one Evie has, are too long for flats))

[11:45] Mark Blake hops in the van and turns the key , the van starts with a bang and a stuttering chuckle before the engine gets going

[11:45] Mark Blake: hold on to something!

[11:45] Raigeki: " park far enough away that we won't alert them

[11:45] Nano eye twitches. "If I die in a car crash..I am going to be more upset...than dieing to some witty trap.."

[11:46] Evie: "I'll be upset know matter how you die, Nano. Just don't."

[11:47] Mark Blake rolls up the hill moving at a fast clip , way to fast and unless told to stop he would pull all the way to the four way at the top
hat range.

[11:48] Raigeki whisepers " shit. Brake mines on the road!

[11:49] Nano braces herself. "Not my plan Evie.."

[11:49] Mark Blake Slams on the brakes as the van skids and fish tails into the mines , theres several shrill beeping as the van comes to a stop

[11:50] Raigeki clenches her fists and concentrates, and lauches the van up away from the mines, trying to get it out of their radius before they blow

[11:52] Nano reaches forward and holds Evie in place. "Fuck this is going to suck.." She mutters.

[11:53] Mark Blake as the van launches into the air one of the mines explodes into a splash of white liquid which flys uselessly into the air one of the mines opens and launches a grappling hook intot he bottom of the van and one mine dos explode with a loud bang , the van comes down hard with a bang

[11:54] Evie umphs.

[11:55] Raigeki: grits her teeth and sets the fan down as gently as she can and mutters " so much for sneaking.. " hoping out and getting ready to defend the van and the students inside from further attach
[11:55] Evie: "Which way is she, Mark?"

[11:56] Nano "Everyone alright..?"

[11:56] Mark Blake mark lays still at the steering wheel his head resting on the wheel a large goose egg on one temple

[11:57] Nano "Fuck...Evie check him out.." She goes to get out and winces a bit. "Not how I wanted things to start.." She mutters rubbing her side.

[11:57] Evie shakes Mark beside her. "Hey, wake up."

[11:59] Mark Blake groans and shifts but dosn't wake up blood drips onto his leg which begins to eat away at his clothes, at least for the moment mark is down for the count

[12:01] Evie considers stabbing Mark with a knife to bring out Rebellion but doesn't have one. She looks sees the blood and getting out and moving to the other side of the van checks the head wound.

[12:02] Kat: *purr*

[12:02] Nano holds her side as she comes around. "Well..is he alright Evie..?"

[12:03] Pitfall Mark is alive if knocked out , with out medical experience its impossible to tell more

[12:04] Pitfall as the begin to get out of the van and check mark a voice sounds from loud speakers hidden around the ruined buildings " attention uninvited guests, you are currently standing on private property.."

[12:05] Evie: "Maybe, I'm not sure. Maybe I better leave and take him to a hospital." She walks to the back of the van, inspecting the damage.

[12:07] Nano glances up at the loud speakers. "Great..I think we found the spot.." She exhales letting her hand off her side. "Keep an eye on him.." She looks over. "Wheres Raigeki..?"

[12:10] Evie: "Uninvited guests? What's he talking about. We're standing on a public street." She moves back to the van and activates the van's speaker system.

[12:11] Evie says in to the van's PA system, "We're not here by choice. Your mines broke our van."

[12:13] Pitfall The van shows no external damage, but who knows if its damaged internally the voice speaks up again " what brings you all to my humble little abode? hmm i wonder " several monitors deploy near the van an image of a cage shows up inside the cage is a person the recognizes , dressed in frilly pink and white theres a pause as he considers a reply " guess you shouldn't of been so careless then and ways , have you come to admire my kitten?"

[12:14] Nano "God damnit.." She looks over. "We found the spot.." She mutters.

[12:16] Raigeki hps off the van and steps forward. " Looks a bit fisty. " under her breath she murmurs " how bad is Mark?

[12:17] Evie shakes her head. "I can't tell. He'll probably be okay but I don't know for sure. Maybe if we can get in and get Kat out quick...." She doesn't finish the sentance.

[12:17] Nano glances over and sighs. "Okay..you are alright..glad a few of us got out of that unscathed.." She winces and looks over. "Kat...looks..alirght I think.."

[12:18] Evie: "Yeah, but are the images on the monitors live, or just recorded?"

[12:21] Nano "Good question..." She sighs.

[12:22] Pitfall theres a hum and a figure seems to decloak infront of a computer terminal in the middle of the street its helmeted head urns and looks back at the group , it waves and turns back to the terminal typing away the voice speaks up on the live speaker " i am now turning on my security system so. if you wana see my kitty then .. i mighthurry were i you"

[12:24] Evie says over the PA system, "We were more kinda interested in how one goes about joining your little terrorist organization? You see the flag on our van?"

[12:26] Raigeki: " So, I guess at this point Subtlety is a bit out the window. " She reaches out with her em sense starting to feel out the traps. once she has an idea of where the ones beteen her ant the terminal are she begins tracing the circuitry of it, keeping her hands behind her back As evie shouts, she getts an idea keeping her hands behind her back she whispers "left rear pouch are handcuffs. stick them on me and offer me up, There's no way this guy doesn't know who i am

[12:27] Pitfall Theres a pause the figure at the terminal keeps working as the voice speaks" how surprising, specially considering , there are at least three metas with you..hmm i guess if they wanted to join our cause they could kill them selfs"

[12:28] Nano "And theres a flaw in that plan already.." She mutters. "Bastard already can tell somehow.." She looks over.

[12:29] Evie reaches toward the pouch, but doesn't grab it yet. She asks, "Good idea, but I'm not sure it will work, do you? Maybe if we had thought about it sooner...."

[12:30] Raigeki: unless evie's been lying about being meta he can't tell. you can tell him .. well the truth. that you're a robot that got turned into a meta and you blame them for it. He may still buy it. If not. Plan b is Raigeki smash while you find kat. "

[12:31] Evie says over the loud speaker, "We're rebels, like you. We hate metas as much as you do, prolly for the same reasons. Why do you hate 'em?"

[12:34] Nano looks over and sighs. "I suppose...lets see how he reacts.." She looks over. "Though if this guy has sensors or bio-scanners he probably already knows I am not human.." She glances over. "I know that...much already.."

[12:35] Pitfall the images of kat pan behind her and trough the bars of a cage they can see a missile launcher adjusting its aim at her once again theres a quite pause " well evie... nano.. mikoto i have many reasons to hate metas.. but there personal and while i know you.. i don't know you well enough for that " theres another pause " im going to need some poof that your being legit "

[12:37] Evie: "He seens to know us all pretty well and must have a pretty good eye on us from somewhere." She takes out her stun gun and points it at Mikoto's back. "Sorry about this." She fires. Twice.

[12:40] Nano glances over and exhales. She doesn't react mostly because it's part of a plan Evie must of come up with.

[12:44] Pitfall theres a whirring from some where behind the van "alright.. im tired of playing with you.. do you honestly expect me to believe that you just took down mikoto with a tazer?" the images on the monitors change to one of the van with a targeting recital on it " 1..2.... "

[12:45] Evie grabs Mark out of the open van door shouting "Run!" She tries to drag him away from the van.

[12:47] Nano rushes forward to help Evie. "Alright enough we know it won't work anymore.."

[12:47] Kat is sleeping in the cage unaware of the deadly battle going on

[12:49] Evie: "He sure seems to know a lot about us."

[12:52] Pitfall nano and evie pull mark from the van as the voice says" 3" and behind them a missile launcher fires and the van explodes

[12:54] Nano covers Evie from the explosion and exhales. "Yeah...guess we have limited options now.."

[12:58] Joan Harker pulls her bike up into the area, parking and hopping off, then unslinging her crossbow as she moves up, immediately recognizing the enemy and sticking to cover, watching the ground while she moves as she remembers his tactics

[13:02] Evie looks behind her as the van exploded, Mikoto seeming to be taking pretending to be harmed by the stun gun shots to the back a little too fiercely. SHe hopes she didn't actually hurt Mikoto by shooting her in the back with the stun gun. Luckily, Mikoto seems to be mostly unharmed by the explosion itself, other than not moving. The monitors still show an image of Kat in a cage, a missile launcher aimed at her, and the helmeted man is standing in front of the monitor, still some distance away ((if I understand everything rightly))

[13:02] Raigeki lurches forward when the shots hit her. It dawns on her that evie might not know her suit would disperse the energy to make it less efective, but /3

[13:04] Pitfall the figure at the terminal keeps working away the voice over the loud speakers souns again " my security system is now active, your only hope of deactivating them lies in this terminal, and in 10 minuets im going to kill the lovely feline in the cage ..tick tock tick tock!"

[13:04] Raigeki had been taken unawares given that the gun was NOT a tazer but a hardlight based stun gun. She groans and crawls out from the wreckage and shakes her head. she limps forward a second and mutters " that was ruded "

[13:06] Evie is somewhat relieved to see Mikoto move again. She grimaces meekly. "Sorry," she says.

[13:06] Nano sighs a bit. "Alright.." She glances back. "Evie...." She spoke and threw her own jacket off. "Ten minutes..." She throws off her pouch and tosses them to the side. "Guess...something has to be done.." She exhales softly and then she starts to move forward. "

[13:08] Joan Harker had already swapped to her steel bolts for human targets, and begins charging them with psionic force as she keeps darting from cover to cover to get into firing range of the man, calling in on Protectorate comms "Are either of you skilled at dealing with those computer things?"

[13:10] Evie says over her Protectorate com, "I know how to download songs. I've only just learned to use the Protectorate database. It's not quite as user friendly as the PAE one."

[13:13] Pitfall several obvious lights blink to life as the mans voice sounds again " nine minuets " the street is empt or so it seems save for the man and the terminal and the two turrets which begin to spin to life shifting and turning lightly as the aim down the street " oh ilike music to!! let me play you one of my favorits" the image cuts to a close up full body shot of kat " playful kitty"

[13:15] Nano "Evie..get to cover.." She spoke and broke into a run forward. Not sure what those turrets were going to shoot. But she didn't want Evie caught taking a barrage of shots. She hasn't used any of her power yet.

[13:15] Evie looks around her. "How is he hearing everything we say from this distance? And don't rush the keyboard. It's a trap."

[13:17] Kat hears the voice and immediately wakes up and begins to rub her sex with a deep purr

[13:17] Raigeki reaches out to the man at the terminal and seizes the metal in his armor, simultaniously she tries to spin him around and begins to constrict his armor. " Good ol Raigeki. An old school hero. Doesn't kill. So on and so forth " She starts constrict more " Untill some idiot crosses the line. You think you can get away with threatening to kill one of my people and I'd shriek and wither? Here's my counter offer. You release her and bring her here safely," she constricts the metal a bit more " OR. I will track down everyone and everything you love. If so much as a hair on her head is harmed, you will personally bear witness to me personally destroying every last bit of everything that you give a damn about.The, Bit by bit I will fry your nervous system you won't get 10 minutes. you'll get hours and days of suffering untill I let you die., -if- i let you die "

[13:20] Joan Harker fires a volley of 6 bolts, aimed for the man's head, shoulders, chest, and knees, each bolt carrying 20 tons of force behind it, staying in cover until the last shot is off, then stepping out into the open and marching towards the man, no longer seeming concerned about the traps

[13:25] Pitfall kats every movement and touch is broadcast on the monitor the voice speaks out as the figure is lifted, it moves strangely , jerkily as if not quite in sync with mikotos directing of magnitc force " oh no please! im sorry please spare me please ill do any thing!!" as joans bolts fly they seem to easily pierce the man.. two easily the image buzzes and snows then blinks out of existence " hahaha not" and next to mikioto a grabbing ring attached to a metal cable emerges attempting to close around her tightly one turret turns and aims at joan firing a barrage of pellets at her wich if they hit will begin to immidealy spread a icy cold through her
[13:26] Pitfall: ( immediately))

[13:28] Evie tries to wake up Mark again, crouching down next to him, while still watching what was going on in front of her. Slapping him she says, "Wake up. Where is Kat? We need to know."

[13:29] Pitfall Marks wakes up enough to groan and point at the nearby building

[13:29] Evie: "Mark says that building there13:30] Kat mews loudly over the speaker as she continues to rub her pussy inside the cage. The other hand reaching up to massage her breasts in to much heat to care about anything else right now except being a good kitten

[13:30] Kat meows

[13:31] Joan Harker makes no attempt at dodging the shots, walking directly towards one of the land mines as the cold spreads through her body, knowing what to look for after the prior encounter, stepping on the mine to set it off, ripping her body apart into a spray of blinding light, which then takes the shape of her angelic form and continues to walk towards the building pointed out "See if either of you can disable these turrets... I'll move through in the meantime

[13:32] Amaya Graunova (amaya.grau) is online.

[13:33] Nano moves forward and nods. "Alright..I'll see what I can do.." She grumbles. "Computers...of all times to remember how to handle this crap.." She rushes forward not sure what to expect. Getting close to the terminal.

[13:33] Evie: "No, don't go to the terminal! That's what he wants!"

[13:34] Kat mews loudly over the speaker as she continues to rub her pussy inside the cage. The other hand reaching up to massage her breasts in to much heat to care about anything else right now except being a good kitten

[13:36] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( So Can I See the cage from where I'm standing?

[13:37] Pitfall theres a laugh over the speakers " ah yes i rememberer you// you gave me quite a hard time on our first encounter.. so i deiced to add some new toys to my arsenal " and as the glowing being approaches the terminal theres a hisss as the gas tank behind it starts to release an agent into the air , a heavy narcotic mixed with a paralyzing nerve agent

[13:37] Raigeki spots the claw coming her way, then right after spots the cage. One moment she's there, then the next there's a flash of light and she's next to the cage.

[13:42] Purgatory doesn't breathe like this, slowing down the effects of the gas significantly, swinging her sword at the tank, the ethereal blade passing through, applying the holy flame directly to the internal components to melt them down and stop the flow, but then she has to stop and channel purification magic through herself to cleanse the effects before her physical portion becomes too affected

[13:44] Nano slides to a stop looking over. "What are you.." She glances over at the hiss and takes a hesitant step back not sure what it was. She winces and jumped back covering her mouth.She drops to her knee and gasps a bit. She got a hint of it in her own system from being to close. Though her body was already quickly trying to break it down.

[13:44] Pitfall twin turrets next to the cage turn and take aim at mikoto firing an assortment of pellets while from behind evie and nano theres a snap and some thing flys through the air whirling as it streaks towards evies ankles the armored figure turns and raises its gun man your a spoil sport .. any one ever tell you that" and he fries a bolt that opens into a net at the lightning woman , his helmet giving him a tactical positioning assessment of most of the people in the area off handly he says " cat show star"

[13:48] Evie throws herself over Mark and turns on her Mark4 shield as soon as she hears the sound.

[13:50] Purgatory finishes cleansing herself and floats slightly off the ground as she moves towards the building, preparing her next spell as she goes to be ready for any more surprises

[13:52] Kat mews snapping out of her naughty play. Looking around she lets out a startle meow seeing Raigeki so close. She scampers and hides herself behoind the curtain peeking out a little

[13:52] Kat: Meow!

[13:52] Raigeki fires off a railgun spike to shoot the lock off the cage, eying what had to be some sort of lightning rod attached to the cage. She dances about the pelets acrobaticly, but she was grazed by a few then pushes against the mini turret that was hidden behind the table, hoping to slam turret and table into the man

[13:53] Nano slowly stands back up straight and makes another rush for the computer. Not sure what just happened to her. She was intent on knocking out the security.

[13:53] Raigeki fires off a railgun spike to shoot the lock off the cage, eying what had to be some sort of lightning rod attached to the cage. She dances about the pelets acrobaticly, but she was grazed by a few then pushes against the mini turret that was hidden behind the table, hoping to slam turret and table into the man. going into a crouch just as the net hits her and starts to tangle her up

[13:59] Pitfall a bolo with a small beeping box attached hits the shield and falls to the ground with a thunk the box still beeping " by the way .. 5 minuets!" the armored figure back peddels from the two women his trap gun coming up and firring fou shots into the ground around purgatory each one a stake of bone which gives off a vile aura he grunts as the moving table disturbs his aim forcing him to stumble back as hes tripped by it ,as nano gets to the terminal and steps in front of it a panle opens up under her and the voice screams out " thats why they call me pitfall!"

[14:02] Pitfall the cage door opens as the lock shatters with a violent jarring

[14:05] Purgatory grunts out as the auras nauseate her a bit, but unleashes her prepared spell, her flame shield spreading out from her, hot enough to make the chunks of bone dry out and shatter, taking a moment to regather herself again, the edges of her body starting to turn black as her rage builds, the flames of her sword flaring up, making it the size of a claymore now instead of a broadsword

[14:06] Nano reaches and goes to hit a few buttons but instead lets out a yelp. She hears the voice and then felt the ground give way. She tries to grab at something to prevent herself from falling the entire way.
[14:06] Kat continues to cower behind the curtain as the door swings open. The battle being waged keeping her to scared to venture out. SHe mews softly terrified

[14:07] Evie yells, "Nan!" and leaving Mark, runs toward Nano.

[14:11] Pitfall the armored man frowns and says operation ice age "and a missile launcher near the van begins to move taking aim he gasps as the cage door opens " no!! if she exits that cage before im ready , my plan will be ruined" he turns and fires a a spread of shots at the glowy woman confident miktoto was down in his net

[14:15] Raigeki was under a pile of ice and goop, but suddenly smoke started rising from it. Mikoto injected a painkiller and then used the heat of the electrictiy to melt the glue nylon andice off her, droplits of burning glue driping off her armor and helmet for a horrible effect. ... she was going to feel that in the morning " KAT Get out of the cage! And be careful this asshole probabally surrounded it with a trap" The then sparking melty looking figure starts to advance on the armored man

[14:16] Purgatory sees the gun aim at her, swinging her sword and unleashing a wall of insanely hot holy flame from herself, intending not only to incinerate whatever garbage is being shot at her, but to burn the man's soul right out of his body on the spot

[14:16] Nano manages to barely grasp the edge of the trap door and holing on. She winces a bit unable to get her other arm up. Not sure where the drop would take her. "D..damnit it..." She exhales.

[14:17] Evie reaches the reap door and holstering her hard light based stun gun, bends down to help Nano up.

[14:18] Kat hides herself behind the curtain as the scary lightning woman yells. SHe mews timidly shaking

[14:19] Pitfall gasps and yells two things as the flames hit him " Battle kat, operation ragnarock!"the flame hits the armored figure and it screams as its innocent soul is forced out of its body

[14:24] Nano slowly tries to help Evie pull her out. "Shit..sorry.." She frowns unable to get a good spot for her feet to dig in.
14:25] Evie pulls harder on Nano.

[14:27] Raigeki: is waiting to see what kat does since she'll be on the recieving end of it, probabally

[14:28] Purgatory smiles as the main screams and collapses "Back to whatever hell spawned you, filth... and may you suffer there for eternity this time" glancing back to see if the girls are managing

[14:28] Evie hears something on a link and holding Nano as close to her as she can hits her shield's switch, putting it in always-on mode.

[14:29] Kat At the sound of the trigger word the cute mews turn into a hissing as her ears fold back and tail dances. The sound of her claws popping out as she slashes in a frenzy easily reducing the cgaeto rubble as she pounces at the nearest person which happened to be Raigeki

[14:30] Kat: Hiss!

[14:32] Pitfall theres a low hum as of devices powering up the turrets in the area begin spinning and firing as they do objects fire repeatedly at evies shield bolos hit and explode ice and glue pellets fill the air underneath nano a trip of darts fire aimed at her butt

[14:34] Raigeki waits till the last second then grabs the claws and the devices that contain them and catches Kat. She lowers her to the ground acivating a shied against whatever ragnorok was and trying to calm kat while holding her still inside the bubble " Ssshhh Kat. it's okay it's okay, It's me. you're safe "

[14:35] Nano was managing to get up and suddenly yelped as something hit her. She gasped as she banged her knee against the pavement on her way out and rolls to the side with Evie. "This is my fault.." She mutters.

[14:36] Purgatory doesn't want to harm the captive, so rather than engaging Kat she starts flying swiftly from turret to turret, attempting to use her sword to melt out the mechanicals from each of them in turn

[14:37] Kat hisses and violently struggles against Raigeki as she is held. Trying to claw the woman in a mindless feral frezy

[14:37] Evie watches all the objects around and below Evie's shield bounce off as she finishes pulling the skinny Nano up and out of the trap. Thinking the worse has passed, she turns her shields back to Reactive mode, pulling her stun gun out again.

[14:39] Pitfall the turrets spark and melt down , theres a sudden thunder as the missle luanchers blow up

[14:39] Raigeki moves away from the incenerated turrets and pulls Kat with her. Fairly confident she can keep Kat Still she hugs her " Come on Katherine. this isn't you Fight this. you're stronger than what this asshole did to you!"

[14:40] Nano holds onto Evie and winces rubbing her rear. "I think something hit me..before I got up Evie.." She mutters a bit. "Don't feel anything......though.." She glances over. "Can't see for obvious reasons.."

[14:42] Kat growls and hisses trying to move and thrash in Raigekis hold. The programming to strong after so much exposure to it.

[14:43] Purgatory moves over to the girls once the turrets are down, checking them both over for any injuries, waiting for the moment to see if Raigeki makes any progress with Kat

[14:46] Evie aims her hard light stun gun at Kat. She also waited to see if Mikoto made any progress and wouldn't fire unless Mikoto told her to.

[14:47] Nano backs away from the trap door and looks over. "Okay..I am alright I think.." She exhales a bit looking over.

[14:47] Peno (lauranah.sirnah) left chat range.

[14:48] Raigeki: Gee. It's a good thing no one murdered the guy who might know how to fix this. OH WAIT! " She sigghs and reaches up looking Kat in the eye " Come on Kat. I don't want to have to knock you out "

[14:48] Evie nods as if that somehow could be heard over the com-link and lowers her gun, looking around, at Nano, and shielding her eyes a bit, up to Joan. "Nice timing," she says.

[14:50] Kat thrashes and hisses fighting against her attacker the best she helplesly can completely enraged

[14:53] Purgatory nods slightly to Evie, seeing no serious injuries between the pair, so she moves closer to the building, not exactly an expert at this sort of thing, but she sends a wave of more subtle, soothing healing magic at Kat, hoping to take off the edge of the trauma and maybe settle her a bit

[14:54] Raigeki reaches up and gently touches Kat's temple, she closes her eyes and tries to follow the brain activity being very careful as she's only done this a few times before

[14:54] Mariasana Melodie is o

[14:54] Mariasana Melodie is offline.

[14:58] Evie takes Nano's hand and tries to pull her with her back to where Mark laid on the ground.

[14:58] Tina Rayanne Drake (tien.coage) is online.

[14:58] Kat cals a little from a combination of Purgatory and Raigeki. Also burning out fast as her feral mode takes a lot out of her. Her brain activity sporadic and chaos. The man really did a number on her. She struggles but beigns to slow and then finally stops as she passes out. Her claws retracting as she lies on the floor purring

[14:59] Kat purrs and snuggles

[15:00] Mercedes Taurus (mercedes.taurus) is offline.

[15:00] Nano reaches down feeling around and gasps. She winces and pulls a dart out of her body and holds it up. She lets Evie pull her along. "Great...what do you think was in this.." She exhales.

[15:02] Evie says to Nano. "Hold on to it. Feel anything? Mikoto might have something to analyze the remainder of it unless she's too busy in which case we'll go see if Lady N is around. Stay close to me."

[15:03] Purgatory sees Kat run out of energy, the bits of black fading away and her blade going back to its original state, and then she sheathes it, moving back to the corpse and reaching down to pick him up

[15:04] Raigeki moves over and gently picks up Kat. She looks over to Purgatory and sighs " I had a -lot- of questions for him ... "

[15:07] Purgatory looks back to Raigeki "The monster answers to a higher authority now. If it awakens again I'll be sure to send it your way though. This isn't the first time I killed it"

[15:08] Nano nods and tucks it away. She sighs leaning against her. "I am not sure what it is..." She looks over. "Everything alright Miss..?"

[15:08] Kat purrs and nuzzles into the arms carrying her, completely exhausted

[15:09] Allock (allock123) theres a gentle beeping from the mans head which quickly speeds up

[15:09] Evie says into her Protectorate com, "Thanks for the help. I'll do the paperwork if you want."

[15:10] Raigeki: ... " Posession. Damnit h that was what i was worried about " She then looks over to evie and Nano " no.. I'm not sure Kat's back to normal yet. just .. not angry now. how he was able to control her so deeply after having her for only a day though.. ... I'm betting that he just tapped into what harlow did to her "

[15:11] Purgatory sighs as she hears the beeping, dropping the body and flying away from it before it explodes "Damn... I was hoping to get the body back to the station, maybe have eyes on it if it awakened again."

[15:12] Allock (allock123) with a thud the corpses head explodes

[15:12] Evie: "How would he know to tap into it so quickly. For that matter, how did he know the three of us and maybe Mark too. Could he have gotten to know us so well from simply researching us after the mall incident?"

[15:13] Evie: "I mean, everyone knows Mikoto. And Joan fought him before. But he knew Nano's name and mine."

[15:15] Nano looks over and holds the dart looking it over and sighs. "Hes has access to database information..if you ask me.."

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