Farewell to Horns

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Farewell to Horns

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:39 pm

[11:41:45] Rain draped the pants on the rack and huffed angrily, "Break easy!" She turns and looks at Evie with a sheepish grin, "I Rain. You?" She growled at the newly formed human, "Demon! Friend or foe!" She made a grab at her sword but wouldn't attack, it was weird though because she thought bunny slippers were kinda cute!
[11:43:03] Evie: "Iran? You ran from who?" She holds the pants out toward Rain. "Looking for something to wear?"
[11:43:37] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth let out a huge bellow..one some may recognize from the ruined city. She takes a swing of her massive.. could hardly be called a sword. a tone of iron rivetted and pounded out with saw like teeth. More of a barely sharpened cleaver than anything She slashed at the wall, tearing a huge gash through the structureslicing electrical wires and water pipes
[11:44:21] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( wait. Is that Tauros?
[11:46:22] Raigeki shrugs " I'm not a foe. I just - " she srumbled a bit at the shaking of the impact below and mutters " aw crap" and moved over to the railing to look at what's going on
[11:47:38] Anna-Kate Harper (nicole.portola): formerly known as tauros yes)
[11:48:17] Evie also turns at the sound, thinking now Rain may not have been the disturnbance she was called to investigate after all.
[11:50:07] Rain recognized the roar, she had avoided a fight earlier while she was taking care of Entity, "Safe outside!" She ran through the wall to avoid hitting Evie and then smashed through the balcony! Her spines vibrated and hummed loudly as she landed, the snow moving away from her as they picked up on more details! "You not here, away!" She couldn't roar with so many people still running and screaming for their lives, she'd break their eardrums!
[11:53:32] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth let out a loud bellow again.. horns sprouting from her head, a white substance leaking from her fact to form a bone mask " You! You took my home!"
[11:57:14] Evie calls down, "Hey, you two. You both alright? There's not going to be any fighting here, is there?"
[11:57:27] Rain brought her arm out in front of herself and made sure not to hit a screaming lady as she brought her sword out to one side, "Home gone? Make new!" She cursed her luck with all the weaklings running around in her own language, she knew that this was going to be bad, "You away! Go!" She shouted at the bone mask and tensed up ready for anything! She was trying to be nice but her english wasn't that good yet!
[12:09:22] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth roared as she rushed, her body surrounded by a golen field as she screamed in ancient greek " I was but now you are here too! Die !" the sword coming in with enough force to level a building
[12:09:22] Raigeki glances to evie " Stay back get ready to project shields to protect bystanders. " Then she hoped down and looks to the woman with spikes on her " If you want to help. Try to lure that woman away from people " She wasn't real sure how this was going to go down, though, she had a feeling that collateral damage was going to be a problem with this fight
[12:12:16] Evie had been about to try throwing a shield between the two combatants to stall for time and and try to reason with them, but it didn't look much like at this point reason was going to solve anything. She runs toward the entrance ot the bowling alley, directing some civilians who were trying to exit to go back inside.
[12:13:23] Evie: "All the way to the back, through the emergency exit," she says.
[12:14:56] Rain brought her massive hand up and let the sword pierce it, she saw in 360 degrees at all times do to her spines bouncing sound off of everything, "Move lady!" She didn't look behind her as she sent a kick into the bone faces groin! The impact of the sword into her hand sent black blood splattering everywhere and a shockwave to move the snow away in a gust! This fight between gods had just started, her huge hand clamped down on the sword and she grunted in pain as she absorbed the impact, "You no live..." She was deciding to go all out in this fight. The kick had enough force to snap steel!
[12:20:49] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth ..or the bone mask.. just stared at her. her foot hat his that golden aura like a newborns hitting a steel plate. Another roar and more ancient greek as the golden glow faded, her free hand coming up and in a meaty fist aimed at smashing the woman in the face. Less force than the sword, but a lot of forcer for a meta " GET OUT OF MY HOME!" her boots tearing apart as hooves formed, her feet changing
[12:22:40] Raigeki kept her distance for now. She put up an electronic magnetic shield to protect herself. She went into a crouch but didn't go in yet. She got on her comms and sent a broadcast <PAE control. This is Raigeki. Bring the STRONGBUSTER online. Send a squad to help Protectorate clear the area. " > She then began charging herself and building up energy, trying to prep for a fight she doesn't really want
[12:24:52] Rain's tugged on the sword and tried to throw it away as her face got smashed! She lowered her eyebrows and listened to the roar, "Challenge excepted..." Her spines picked up in pitch and she roared back! It sounded like a squadron of jets just broke the sound barrier at the same time mere feet away! It wasn't a damaging attack, unless you were glass or had super sensitive hearing!
[12:25:43] Lodestar would be directing what civilians that had came outside. "Please move as far from the mall as you can! If you have any family, call them to let them know your fine once out of harm's way! Stay away from the mall!" She would direct civilians before she would look to the mall and would speak on the PA again. "Please evacuate in an orderly fashion. This is an ordered evecuation by the Protectorate. Those causing chaos inside, I won't warn you again. Move your fight, or lay down your arms and surrender into Protectorate custody. You are endangering innocent lives for what ever reason and you will be arrested for damages and any lives lost. Make your choice. This is the last warning you are getting." She would speak with her near gripping the device. "~Lodestar, I don't think they will step down. You know how things are.~ ... I know. It shouldn't be this way." She spoke with gritted teeth.
[12:30:17] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth roared, not as loud as the sonic attack, but plenty loud on her own. Her own strength kept the hacking blade in her hand, and egen.. pulled on it, at the speed her musculature pulled, turning it into a buz saw in a very limited area. Unfortunately for rain her body and sword were in that range. Her body twisted after the pull and swung wider in a circle around her. The iron heft slicing through buildings like butter
[12:31:01] Evie activates her mark4 shield in always-on mode for a moment until the sound of jet engines is gone, then switches it back to reactive mode. In always-on mode, she can't hear a thing outside.
[12:31:56] Lodestar would pause and wince as she heard a huge roar from the scene. It left people starting to panic even more. "~That was pleasant.~ Stay BACK!" She'd try to keep things calm as possible.
[12:36:33] Rain ripped her hand away and blocked the sword with her own, she was getting really pissed off! "UGMAR SIE TOTEN!" She cried out her warcry and spun around to try and bring her massive fist up into the berserk warrior! She had to make sure that sword didn't hit anyone! The fist could snap titanium, though she never actually had a titanium plate to test it out on, it was her heavy hitter! Her sword sparked as she tried to keep it from hitting the ground they were on as people were still trying to evacuate, and she knew the floor was the ceiling to the cave beneath them!
[12:41:04] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth did not take such things into account. The blow hit her. The bone cracking on the mask..some blood dripped into the snow. A tail formed off of her and fire grew in a light patch. Her body pulsing , tearing the shorts, and her trop 's knot in the back broken. Rain faced the embodiment of the minotaur of Crete. God slaying heritage. Beast of destruction. She stomped at the ground below her sending a spiderweb of cracks though the structure. The glow formed on her again as she wing that blade down like an axe chopping a criminals head
[12:43:52] Raigeki braces herselg against the roar as her helmet filters it down to a non damaging level. She remained at the ready partly because she was waiting for something. A beam of light seemed to come down from the sky and surround her, and when the beamed died down there stood a different figure, much larger and imposing than the small girl. The thing practicly shone with power, and not just because it was surrounded with a pwoerful arcing arua. She turned up the speakers on the helmet and bellowes out " All right you two. This is not the place for your petty feud! You've have your fun, but now it's time to stop before I put you both down "
[12:44:29] Lodestar couldn't help but stumble from the force the Steel-Dragon's landing must have caused. Once the heroine regained her footing, Lodestar turned by her heel carefully and gazed up to the armored dragon with widened eyes. "Whoa." A hand went up to her lips, clearing her throat before lowering back to her side. "A-Anyway... Stand by. If there is any way you can help with evacuations without panicking the civilians more, feel free to do so. Something big is happening on the inside and it is making people frightened for their lives."
[12:45:48] Evie looks over as she hears Steel-Dragon, her eyes initially widening with alarm, not recognizing Jaron, but as the beast or machine seems to offer help she says something over her Protectorate link.
[12:48:03] Evie uses an expletive as cracks go through the floor.
[12:51:38] Rain swung her sword to counter the saw blade! She grabbed at the changing berserk warrior, "Jugyres fel un Toten Sie!" If successful she'd jump and throw her into the ground outside of the mall! She wasn't going to let anyone else get hurt for a mistake she might have made! Her throw would send her into the ground at about mach one, just under breaking the sound barrier! She also didn't want now to turn into her welcome to celestial city fight...
[12:52:05] Lodestar nods once. "Thank you." She managed a tiny smile to the steel dragon.
[12:54:38] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth half roared at Raigeki " shove it you zeus fanboy!" Her free hand punching int he floor they stood on and ripping it out to hurl at the strongbuster armor with more than enough force to hurt Captain Strong himself. The distraction let the berserker get grabbed and thrown, that Golden aura about her as she flew through the air with the force of it, leaving a large crater in the road and screaming in rage
[12:55:44] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth would go through the base of that crater into down bwlow with the woman..the hole at the center large but not overly. a person could lay across it but a car would not fit
[12:58:48] Rain jumped into the hole after the berserker, barely managing to fit and scraping the side of her spines against it, she lands in the subway and brings her sword up as her vision recovers! The worst part of having no eyes is relying on those damn spines t see in the dark...
[13:00:14] Lodestar staggered back as the fight spilled out closer to the streets and found herself thankful though now people were screaming as it got closer. "Get back! It's going to be okay!" She called out to the citizens though even Lodestar wasn't exactly sure how to calm them down after that brief display.
[13:01:11] Steel-Dragon takes a step in front of lodestar and spreads his wings as a bit of a wall
[13:02:18] Evie moves back against the bowling alley as the two jump and lunge past her then looks over the side, watching. First the floors started cracking over where her car was parked and then the two looked like they were going to go straight into the parking lot. She tried to get where she could see them but had lost sight.
[13:02:55] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth 's vision was adapting rapidly. The golden aura glowed again as she charged lighting up the subway..taking a swing at the woman Aura only fading after the blow would have struck
[13:05:25] Raigeki: crosses her arms and places all of the armors's SIF at the ppoint where they met, backing it up with the force of her em shielding. She goes sliding backwards a gout of steam pouring from vents after she stops She looks over to Lodestar " The spiked one can be reasoned with! " Focus fire the naked one! The armor then sounded like a massive engine spinning up and drew her fist back. there was a CRACK as the massive armor moved at just above the speed of sound trrough the hole they made trying to bring the full force of the armor and mikoto's own lightling down on the naked one. Seeing how much she'd taken allready She wasn't taking chances, With a bellow that sounded like she was some kind of outer space super pwoered monkey, she began trying to rain blows down on the skull helmed woman
[13:06:48] Lodestar steps forward, brandishing her Protectorate badge to Yuri but smiled to him lightly. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience. There's an evacuation of the mall and the situation is currently under control." At least, Lodestar was -hoping- it was. She heard Raigeki but her attention was focused with Steel Dragon to ensuring the safety of the people. They came first.
[13:09:05] Rain was unusually calm despite being in battle mode! She saw the creature charge her in slow motion as she switched her sword to her monstrous hand and swung with everything she had! Her sword swung for the maximum amount of force allowable because of acceleration mass and leverage! She would die before letting this thing escape! Her sword would cut only if going fast enough, and it was! If the sword hit the charging berserker then shed have cut her in half, sending the pieces behind her and tumbling along the train tracks!
[13:09:29] Steel-Dragon quickly moves as he notes the sonic shockwave, putting his wings around a few civilians to shield them from the glass no doubt flying around all over the place
[13:09:47] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( yeah Mikoto kinda took an educated risk. She basicly railguned herself at nakey and now is trying to fist of the northstar her into submission
[13:13:18] Lodestar had thought things were in control before BOOM - the sound of glasses shattering from the sonic boom and sent her more to covering with the Steel Dragon's wings. "GEEZ the damage--" She would take a deep breath. Time to remain calm. Right. "...If... If I do, I'll pass the word."
[13:14:24] Steel-Dragon turns around and looks, well, seemingly into the tunnel below the ground "suggestion: shut down subway traffic in this area immediately, fight is moving towards station" he says, looking to lodestar again
[13:16:42] Evie: "I don't know where they went. I hear them fighting down there somewhere, but I'm not jumping down the hole they made."
[13:17:24] Alexandra Suvari / Behemoth: Raigekis blows landed on Behemoth before the field faded, It was the same feeling as when Rain kicked it, an infant beating on a steel plate with a squeeky hammer. But The womans godly sword broke through, and as that field faded, was struck through her chest. Visibly poking out her back. Blood coughed from the maske..the being ran her hand to it, dropping the ton of metal she called a blade. The hand rose, wiping her blood on the womans face as if annointing her" final..finall..finally.. thank you" The Minotaur had noted the warior facing her breaking through her shielding. She collapsed next to the hefty weight Her cock almost..evaporated. Her hooves and mask cracked. Those who could feel the spiritual felt the spirit of the ancient minotaur that Behemoth had borne leave her..to die as a woman. A worthy bearer, even in death.
[13:17:24] Lodestar would nod once. "Right. I'm going to call that in." SHe would raise her comm as she went to speak into it. "This is getting otu of hand..."
[13:20:28] Steel-Dragon: the naked one is down
[13:22:21] Rain couldn't cry as she didn't have eyes, but she held the hand to her face and spoke, "Rest, Worthy Warrior. Be at peace." She slid her blade out and let the body fall to the ground before growling at the woman wearing the armor, she wanted to just walk away but she had a feeing it wouldn't be that easy... And her shopping trip was ruined!!! "Ugh no fair..."
[13:23:14] Lodestar would lower the comm as she would overhear Steel-Dragon. "She is? Then I want the other one arrested and Raigeki's statement. Get that word down there. This can't keep happening!" Lodestar was angry. Though she rose a comm, speaking ot that but moved to public channels. "Shut down the subway system. This is an ordered evacuation of any civilians. Please leave in an orderly fashion. This is an order by the Protectorate."
[13:24:18] Steel-Dragon: cessation of lifesigns from the naked one confirmed, she is dead, probability of further conflict between remaining combatants, 64.644%
[13:25:09] Raigeki stood there and eyed the woman who had just cut down the minotaur. " There will be questions. I know who this woman is. and I will vouch that your aid was needed, but you need to lay down your weapon for now " As she spoke she pulled a silvered emergecny blanket and draped it over the fallen woman
[13:27:27] Evie stops watching the steel dragon and frowns, moving down into the subway, listening and looking for any signs of a fight, removing a flashlight from the holster under her coat.
[13:28:22] Rain stood to her towering height and placed the sword on her shoulder, "No trust you... Lead to surface." She seemed to be calming down and her spines quieted down, the humming noticeably gone inside the subway...

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