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[17:48] Moondance remains hidden, on the side of the bank. Awaiting the foretold judgement, expecting doom and gloom. The city had to last however.

[18:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) flies above, high altitude, dropping down, wings snapping in, falling like a bullet and slamming into the ground, wings opening up and halo blazing in its glory, looking about as she slowly stands up, looking about curiously and then opening up on her own private channels to pull in further officers if need be.

[18:00] Joan Harker makes her way to the courtyard a few minutes before the time on the message as part of the security force to watch the situation, armor on and crossbow drawn, but holding it at ease for the moment until she sees what's happening, the look on her face all business

[18:01] Moondance kept watching invisibly from the side of the bank

[18:02] Marathon notices the gathering forming and she gets closer to see what exactly is going on

[18:03] Kuma wanders the streets of the City, noticing the quiet nature of the moment. That usually meant one thing, the people were gathering for something, so he needs to follow it. Maybe it will be worth his while. He comes across the bridge, looking down at the situation, ignoring anyone who tried to speak to him.

[18:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR walks up and stands beside Nyx, her AR already out as she looks over the crowd, frowning. "I hate this tension."

[18:03] Nymphaedra was buzzing along the periphreal of the area and darts in to make her entrance, figuring that the Queen should grace a crowd with her pre- wait. She came to a halt watching the other flier's flashy entrance and instead just lands rather plainly. Shooting an annoyed glare in the way of the Protectorate's Boss. "Annoying..." she grumbled in a totally not sulking way
[18:04] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) watches, not sure why everyone is here. "What in all hells is goin on? First this screechin all over town, now this?" he ask, trying to keep his aura in check

[18:06] Miss Accretion (Alice) flies in slowly, descending from the sky with a faint purple glow surrounding her person. An incredible aura of pressure was exuded from her person over the courtyard. The air felt heavy... extremely heavy. It was almost like the gravity in the area was turned up by five times The woman stared blankly over the crowd, her blood red hair being pulled out of the way of her eyes. Her mask seemed to distort light around it. Her armor looked masterfully crafted, every nook and cranny seemingly taking painstaking amounts of time to forge. The woman spoke in a booming voice that seemed to shake the ground. "Welcome, Celestial citizens. Metas... Humans... Synths... and Inhuman monsters. You, the select few... answered the call. You, the select few took up the call to arms. You should be rewarded. You should pass judgment, but you have all, failed. Your city is corrupt, run by monsters and cowards. Politicians exist here in the same corrupt, evil capacity as they always have. Humanity does not need elected officials... it needs a leader. A ruler. A god." She said, taking a look around as she continued. "Few of you understand the truth of this city. The truth is, you had no election. It was rigged by those in charge. You are fools. Surrender to the new dawn. Surrender to Horizon and we shall set you free."

[18:16] Moondance frowns as she listens but makes no movements

[18:17] Lodestar would land on the ground from her flght with a click of her heels and a nod to Hell Guard. "Alright. I'm here!"

[18:20] Nymphaedra blinks, the sudden increase in gravity causing her chitin to click down harder than she expected. Resulting in a soft yelp before her psionic renforcement kicked up a little and she walked forward. First the Protectorate had stolen her entrance, and now someone was claiming her city? No. She barked out "I'm afraid you must be new here... this city, already has a beloved Queen" she posed her tail to gesture towards herself, a confident grin on her face "So.. perhaps you should be bowing down, as is the custom? I'm certain you were just...uninformed.."

[18:21] Metamorph swoops down and lands on the snowy ground

[18:26] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR frowns at the booming armor lady, before cupping her hands around her mouth and manually increasing her volume to be heard. "Not the best way to introduce yourself dear....drop the god complex and start over with your name, please."

[18:26] Kuma as he watched and waited on the events unfold, he began to realize why there was such a gathering or rather felt it. He felt the pressure on his body, as if a gravitational force was trying to pull him down. It felt like a thick heavy weight all over his body, weighing on his very bones. He could feel its widespread effect. His eyes scan the area, tracking the source until it fell on someone with a purple aura. A redhead wearing a mask. She dared declare herself a god. He laughs out loud. People thought him arrogant, yet here is someone who has such gall to call themselves a god. He began to wonder if this was even worth it. She had power, but she was also delusional. Then again her presumed state of mind as well as the power she was putting out might be what makes her dangerous.

[18:27] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) groans, feeling the weight and slowly crouching as she re-adjusts to it. She shakes her head and looks up at the woman, nodding to Lodestar and then back to her "why do I get the feeling you won't come peacefully?" she asks, reaching to her blade and drawing it, the edge glowing with the same energy that flowed through her body and manifested in the halo above her head

[18:28] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) shakes his head, stepping back out of the chaos for a moment. If this was gonna be a shitstorm, might we well get armored up.

[18:31] Joan Harker rolls her eyes "Oh, just what we need, another idiot calling themselves a god... guess it's time to knock some sense into her" the pressure definitely noticed, but her peak physique keeps her quite capable of functioning at 5G, channeling psionic energy into her bolts and taking aim, taking a little longer than usual as she has to adjust slightly for the distortions

[18:32] Syblaze(Pilix) arrives on the scene a bit later than the others, seeing the gathering of others and looking up at the floating girl. "So uh.. what's the situation now? Everyone's looking a bit fight happy right now..."

[18:34] Marathon glances up at the floating woman rolling her eyes as the speech as she eels the weight bearing down.. she glances down at her ample chest noting its noticeable sage under the force "do you know how hard it is too keep these things up ya cocky cunt!" she growls up at the woman

[18:39] Miss Accretion (Alice) blinks and tilts her head. She was confused, clearly. They all claimed she called herself a god. She shook her head and sighed, clearly disappointed once again. She held her hand out as purple energy collected in it. Light distorted around the small ball of energy, mimicking a black hole. She let the little orb float around her body as she looked down. Some were struggling, some were not. She spoke in a loud voice once again, echoing across the field. "I did not call myself a god, nor would I. I am an aspect. Gravity. I am the realized force of nature into a singular human body. My power is ultimate, but I am no god. No, I worship a much greater entity... one you will all come to know soon. The God of this universe... the last god of existence. All humans, Metas, and Synths are protected... but you..." She said, turning her head to look at Nymphaedra. "You are an abomination. You do not deserve to exist. Flee, and I will spare you this once... but know your execution comes soon. The rest of you have drawn weapons, and assumed pointless things. If you dare try to attack me, I will have no choice but to judge you all right here... right now. Make your choice." As she finished saying this, a purple orb of energy slowly started to form around her. It looked like a shield, but light dimmed lightly around it. It was solid, but see through. Energy in its purest form.

[18:42] Moondance rested on the far rooftop, changing , whistle invisible using her speed, the recording the happenings. Last she knew Horizon was an ally. Eidelon appeared slowly beside Hell Guard in her red and gold. The gravity making it harder but she maintained. She wouldnt be simply jumping buildings though!

[18:44] Lodestar grit her teeth as she would feel gravity pulling onto her. She struggled to move a hand back and grip the hilt of her sword and pull it out. She wielded it to her side as she managed to struggle with the solar energy, looking like a golden light, shimmered around her. "Who are you to decide who has the right to exist? All because you know one 'god'?" She called out with grit teeth as she took a deep breath. "Why are you here? If you are here to declare yourself as a ruler to all, then we will strike for you have no true power in Celestial City. Not you, not the bug queen and not the Belgrave Organization. We vote for our leaders!"

[18:47] Nymphaedra hearing the insult she gave a loud, chittering hiss and strode forward "I...and my kind.. are the PEAK of perfection, you insolant, hairless ape!" her topne buzzed angrily "I will not flee.. nor will I kneel, I..am a Queen... and you will acknowledge me as such!"

[18:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR crosses her arms, frowning. She still seemed wary of this Gravity woman but didn't seem intent to attack. She glanced to Katy and made a waving motion with her hand, shaking her head. -Stand down for now.- Even then she made eye contact, making sure that despite standing down she wanted Katy to remain ready. She shifted on her heeled feet, the gravity weighing on her slightly but not hampering her movement, yet. People were drawing weapons...but she didn't want to make the call to attack, not yet. She certainly didn't want to spark a fight right in front of the HQ.....

[18:49] Kuma felt a slight tug on his clothes as the mysterious woman made a small black hole. That is when she revealed her power, her control of gravity. That explains the pressure he's been feeling bleed off of her presence. She claims she is no god but serves one. Makes him wonder why this... god does not bother to show his or her face instead then if they are what she claims they are. Clearly a god can do their own handiwork then, yes? All the same, he wasn't taking her seriously just yet. He hid his own aura, not giving off any power. He wanted to further observe, yet the way she was carrying on, the energy swarming her, her voice ever so threatening, it appears that another fight is about to take place. He doesn't like getting involved in this hero fights, but he is not a fan of being ruled over either, especially by someone unworthy of such. All the same, there appeared to be someone in particular this woman sought to challenge. This individual referring to her as an ape. This day might end up amusing as far as entertainment goes.

[18:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) tilts her head and then smirks, nodding to Eidolon "welcome to the show" she states, looking at the bug "I dislike the queen more than most else, but they're still part of the city and may be useful at some point. How about you go back to the sky and whatever god you wanted to be with and see if they have further plans to play chess or whatever?" she asks, stalling as she looked around, trying to spot any tricks that may be around, any odd objects standing out or anything that could be used to cause the woman to float. She was in full tactical mode and wanted to keep the casualties low at the start compared to how things usually went

[18:47] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) steps out of it. "Humans... when ya got debris for the foundry... ya know where to find me..." he says, calling up a circle of flame and sinking into it. No amount of politics was worth it... not even the damn monkeys can't even figure out how to use the power all around them.

[18:52] Joan Harker laughs softly "You know a god... good for you. I know a thousand of them, and they aren't singing your praises for sure. Now why don't you go scurry back off to your little corner before you start really getting on the nerves of everyone here, and we punt you out to the wastes in your little ball?" keeping her weapon aimed in the adjusted position, but not pulling the trigger yet

[18:56] Syblaze(Pilix) hasn't drawn any weapons yet to be fair! She looks at all the others who have, wondering why everyone was on edge. Had the woman issues any threats? She seemed mostly to be against the bug queen... but most of the city was too, so she was just a bit confused. She looks up at the floating woman. "Who is this supposed god then? How do we know they're real, and why don't they come talk themselves? Why should you have to speak for them? And what is it you, and they want exactly?"

[19:03] Marathon shakes her head able to with stand the weight with out too much trouble thus far.. ether than her already heavy chest causing her obvious issues... "there is no such thing as a damn god..." she shouts "power beings.. powerful people... sure... but a damn toaster can be a god if people decide to worship the shit..." the pauses.. "that said... i really dont have much left that i give a damn about in this shit hole city thats all gone... I go where the money is... she glances between the woman and the gathering crowd then back up at the woman... "this douche bag you work for pay well? if not then fuck off... this city may be full of assholes but they are assholes with cash"

[19:05] Miss Accretion (Alice) sighs again. She was annoyed with the ignorance of the masses of metas. Few understood there was no threat... not presently, except to the inhuman beast. She decided to make it clear. The only way to do that to apes was to explain and demonstrate. The field of gravity was constant, 5x around the area. Accretion spoke in a booming voice once again. "Nature. My god, is nature. Not Gaia... not "Mother Nature" which humans cling to... Nature. The eternally wrathful deity." She said, listening to the calls for money as well. She spoke in reply. "Money?... All you require is currency? Horizon pays those who further the cause." She said, staring at elewa before lifting her hand, aiming at the bug queen. The bug queen would feel a massive force cling to her body, lifting her and pulling her up into the air to float towards Accretion while being held still. "A demonstration for the welplings. I am the pinnacle of Human evolution. You are the pinnacle of ant evolution. Just like before... humans toy with your very existence and poison your hives. You are nothing." She said, bringing the bug queen face to face. Accretion placed both hands on the womans cheeks, leaning in and kissing her forehead. She then spoke once more. "Begone, ant." As she said this, Nymphaedra was launched back into the street behind Lodestar. Not hard enough to wound her, but hard enough to hurt. Accretion then stared straight at Hellguard and spoke, seeming to ignore most of the people with weapons that might be ready to attack. "What heaven do you come from, Angel? Are you fallen? Did your god banish you?"

[19:09] Eidelon gave a nod to Hell Guard and floated up a but to help counter the effect of the gravity on her. " Great, another Terrane follower. " She watched as the bug queen was lifted, then flew to her as she was being thrown. Trying to catch her and stop some of the impact- not sure how hard the woman was flung. Nym may feel a restrained predatorial feel off of her. otherwise, she waited on orders.

[19:10] Lodestar just watched with the struggle of the gravity as she would feel herself sweat to this. "~So, uh, she means business. What are you going to... DO, exactly? Throw light beams until you annoy her to death?~" Seiken torted as Lodestar seemed to huff a bit and took a breath, speaking almost too loudly. "You are NOT a god of mine!" She yelled before she would stare to her with a frown. "... for... you follow nature! Nature? It--It means nothing beyond the planet and in the sea of stars. Without--without that, star or sun, there is no life. Light. Anything! I... I am a part of beyond that. You aren't my god." She would grit her teeth. "... and you do not belong here, either. You have no right to anyone here!"

[19:14] Nymphaedra would give a rather undignified yelp as she is yanked through the air, her wings buzzing and her tail thrashing "Unhand me.. you do not TOUCh the Que-" she cut off at the kiss to her helmeted forehead. A deadly cal;m seeming to take over her for a moment as she said "I will skin you alive and use your hide to pad my thr-oooone!" she would cut off with a scree as she is flung backwards, her wings buzzing again as she tried to recover, eventually hitting something squishy that slowed her flightpath enough to recover. She would look back at the hyooman that aided her "You... I like for now..." she managed to get out between her angry bug noises.

[19:14] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR narrows her eyes, priming up her systems to combat. "Now that was simply uncalled for." She said, beginning her battlefield scan. Only one hostile entity for now...but she was not fond of the words she had with Marathon. Someone who was swayed easy by a paycheck changed sides very quickly. She warped off the building to the street, walking up to the sidewalk. The woman was very obviously a gynoid, if the glowing eyes and servo sounds with each movement didn't give it away. There was also something...odd about her signature on spacetime herself. She seemed to be...vibrating lightly on the continuum, like a tightly-wound spring holding back tremendous power. When she warped, some of that energy dispersed, but was already building up again. "Nature's nice and all, but what does your god have to offer? So far you've only insulted us and thrown people around." She glances at Nymph. "Not particularly fond of that woman, honestly, but I do think it was a bit uncalled for. Do you have anything at your disposal that isn't an insult or threat?"

[19:17] Kuma felt himself being pushed towards the ground as the gravity in the area increased by 5. He has to unleash his aura then, awakening it as a display of dark violet energy surrounded him, cracks appearing all over as if cracks in a mirror or glass, a telling sign of his split personality. He uses chi to keep himself stable, fighting against the gravitational effect. He then sighs at the "God" reveal. So she was basically the epitome of a tree hugger with a god complex. Then again, hearing her say she will pay those who further her cause did grab his attention. Yet, he wondered how legit this was. He, himself is not above using his talents for monetary gain, yet he didn't think she could be trusted. Her form of payment might be something else. Still he observed silently for the time being, watching as she attacked the big queen.

[19:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches the woman lift the bug queen and then toss her "actually, the pinnacle of ant evolution is the one you just tossed" she states, looking at Zephyr and then Marathon, groaning "think she's trying to show how divided we are. maybe money is good, but not dying is better" she states and looks up at the challenge with a smirk "I don't come from Heaven, I come from Hell. Because in Hell, there's plenty of demons to kill" she grins and licks her lips, channeling her power into the blade to channel the fires of hell into it, nearby snow melting as it simmered in flames

[19:20] Joan Harker glares briefly at Marathon during the exchange, but quickly turns her focus back to Accretion, just staying at the ready while she waits for orders or for a fight to break out on its own

[19:23] Syblaze(Pilix) strains a bit against the increased gravity, relying on her armor he help keep her up. She watches the bug queen pulled and then flung away. "No need for being rude, ya know? Nature? Nature isn't a god.... nature is just.... nature.... It's not some sentient entity, it just is! And we're all part of it either way. Seems to me like you just have a warped perception and over inflated ego, thinking you're somehow better than other people, just because you have different powers... News for you, being different doesn't make you better, or worse... So quit it with all this and leave people alone."

[19:26] Marathon glances as hellguard and shakes her head "dieing has never been a concern for me... and this city along with the people in it have taken everything from me... as far as i see it unless they got something to give me the whole damn place can just fuck off" she notes joans glare and shrugs "i dont get paid to be like able... i am done saving the damn day for this shit hole" then calling up to the floating woman she shouts "its a start... but seeing as we havent talked numbers or specific jobs.. consider me neutral for now unless some one has a better and tangible offer..." she says glances at the crowd a moment before stepping aside to watch

[19:29] Miss Accretion (Alice) smiles as she sees the lack of action after an attack on one of the defenders. She shook her head as her arms lifted up in the air. She spoke in a loud voice. "Nature is not singular to this world. It is universal. The universal entity of Nature. Doubt if you will, cling to your past... your present. Your future is in question." She said, pointing to Nymphaedra. "You all speak of the value of that one, yet none of you defended her spare one. The rest told stories with your eyes. The hatred you have for her is natural. She is not human, there for... why care?" She said. She looked to Zephyr and spoke. "I do not threaten... but I can offer more. A small... demonstration to you all. Nature did not grant me my powers. I am an aspect. The aspects shall rise and deliver the city from the rigged dictators you now follow. She heard Marathons call, and held her hand up. A field of dense gravity (50 x normal gravity.) surrounded the field, however Marathon was exempt. Accretion held the field for a small time, speaking as she did. "Power is limited for those who follow false kings and gods. Heed my warning, citizens. Stand aside, and allow Horizons rise. If you do not... your city will be crushed, and humanity with it."

[19:32] Eidelon crunched down, then stood up. Remembering the time she past near what had felt like a small planet but was an asteroid. The woman in the mask pushes " Then you admit yours is limited. " Slowly pushing up as she put on a show of it, discreetly rendering herself intangible

[19:33] Lodestar "~Heh. How delusional you are."~ Of all things that spoke out, it was another voice. A male voice, from the sword. Lodestar's sword. He chuckled as Lodestar gave a look over to the blade then to the woman above. "~You assume of lack of action that people don't care? Do you seriously believe there is hatred in this kid's heart? No. She loves one, and all. There isn't a single person in this whole city that Lodestar wouldn't reach out or try to understand - including the queen. Now, I understand, you wish to make people to bow down but if there is one thing I understand, one singular principal..."~ In that moment, the light shimmered despite struggling to stand and struggled up the palm of her hand as bright solar energy formed in a ball and she attempted to fire it straight at Miss Accretion's direction. "~... and that's you done fucked up, bitch.~"

[19:37] Nymphaedra stands herself up from the offered aid and begins advancing again. Until the wave of gravity hits, sending her down to her knees. Which...was the wrong thing to do. A piercing scree comes from the insect alien as she forces further pisonic power to her armor, allowing her to stand again, albiet unsteadily. Taking several further steps before there is a cracking noise and she staggers. Glowing green blood leaking from points on her armor as the gravity well cracks a few of the weaker points of her exoskeleton "You...will..DIE! I will see you and your god cast down.. I will show you...this whole city.. why I -am- the QUEEN!" she snarled. Taking another heavy step forward, bloodlust in her glowing eyes.

[19:38] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR had to admit the gravity hurt a bit. But...well she'd been blasted in the face by bombs, scorched by hellfire..and definitely been to planets where 50 times earth's gravity was the norm. In those cases, she'd been in power armor, but even then she could hold her own weight with a couple thousand pounds to spare. So, she decided to make a scene of it. As the gravity made the trees bend and the asphalt crack, she yawned and made a show of checking her watch, or her wrist, rather, since she didn't wear a watch. There was a bit of effort involved in remaining balanced, and shoring up her synthetic skin, tightening it in places so she didn't sag like an old woman, but the only real evidence of effort was a light whining from her servoes. When the field passed, she looked up at Accretion with a smirk. "Analysis of unknown vector complete. Strength: Inadequate. Evaluation: unimpressive. Do hurry back, dear. Your silly little god is no doubt calling you home for dinner."

[19:42] Kuma as the gravity ever increases, he unleashes more power to keep himself standing, but still felt the pull, it crawled all over him, felt like it pinned his clothing against against his skin, making it feel like he was wearing something skintight. If not for that energy, he'd be pinned long ago. She first spoke of nature, now she's going on about another group? How many of these organizations run rampant in this city? Does no one rely on or have confidence in their own power? Either way... he grew tiresome. "If your intention is to make me bow," he said, holding up a finger as a small ball of dark purple energy formed above the tip. "You will not do so with ease. I sat by long enough while you continued to play your games. You talk but have not even made your point and frankly, you've been talking too long and I am bored." He aims at the hovering woman, firing off that ball of energy as it increased in size midair, the effect of the blast would pack a punch, enough to blow a hole in the side of a building if it missed.

[19:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) was about to take to the air when the gravity surge hit. She flapped her wings and managed to stand up, moving normally. She still felt the effects but wasn't being forced to the ground. She tried to get the flap speed required to lift off, but gravity was too high. Instead, she gripped her blade and aimed her hand, pointing at the woman "Can't you be like the rest of the hippies and smoke pot in the river?" she growls, firing the beam at her. She might have accuracy issues due to the massive gravity pull, and she couldn't currently fly, but her wings were keeping her relatively stable

[19:45] Joan Harker is still biding her time when the massive blast of gravity hits, her human body being crushed utterly in seconds, barely time for the beginning of a scream before she cuts off into silence, followed by a few second delay before there's an explosion of light from where she stood, which is quickly engulfed in absolute blackness, taking a vaguely human shape with great wings, the light and dark struggling and surging against one another once the formation is complete, her voice dripping with malice now "Heretic! The true gods call you to face judgment now! You are the one who will end this day broken for your hubris!" one hand extending out, and a great blade forms into it, longer and wider than an average person, sheathed in bright flames that arc out hungrily, as if actively seeking something to consume. She floats easily off the ground now, having almost no physical presence anymore, and points the blade at Accretion as she prepares to charge

[19:51] Syblaze(Pilix) watches the gravity woman with a frown, yelping as the gravity suddenly picked up, forcing her down to her hands and knees, her armor straining against the gravity to keep her from being face flat on the ground. "I take as much issue with you trying to claim rulership.. as the bug doing the same... The people of this city aren't just going to let you.. or anyone.. claim rule by force, or fear.. no matter how entitled you think your power makes you..." Glancing around, she was feeling a sudden envy of nearly every other person apparently unaffected by the gravity while she struggled not to face-plant into the snowy ground. But there was at least one thing she could do still... after the others fired their other attacks, there was a flash of bright light as she vanished and immediately reappeared in a crackling flash of light right behind Accreation, attempting to grab onto her and cling to her. "Now cut this shit out!"

[19:53] Marathon watches the fight go on leaning against a near by wall and not hearing any other offers she takes no extra action just shaking her head slightly grumbling under her breath about the city and various groups with in

[20:00] Miss Accretion (Alice) blinks as the group launched various attacks. The small orb of dense energy flew out towards Lodestars attack, expanding out into a large ball of energy to collide down with it. She burned one of her defense methods that way. She noticed the deity-esq entity floating towards her, sighing as she got slammed with a burst of energy from the man with the evil-ish aura. She groaned as she shook her head. She reinforced the field as Pillix teleported into her field. She rolled her eyes and flew out of the field, leaving pillix trapped in the intense swirling mass of various different gravitational fields. She stopped infront of Kuma and looked into his eyes, her lips making contact with his as she pulled back a bit. She spoke in a booming voice. "Calm yourselves, welplings. This is not the place for combat, less you wish to kill the various civilians peeking from the corners." She said, lifting back up into the air and aiming her hands at two apartment buildings. "I don't wish for death today. I wish for notice... Spread the word of Horizon." She said, as a small trickle of blood came out of her ear. She was clearly prepared to take action, but had left herself open. Was she bluffing? who knew. "So... do you wish to attack still?"

[20:02] Eidelon flew up towards the woman and rendered herself tangible again to get more of a swing in as she spun in the air to get a spin" give it up! your attack will fail like the others! " Cocking her hips to one side and as she shouted " Civilians have been cleared! Butt Gatling!" launched a flurry of butt shaped telekinetic attacked as the shield before gravity pulled her now solid form to the ground to crash into its hard, making a small impact. The shorts would hit similar to a iron ball thrown by an olympic athlete

[20:03] Lodestar hesitated the second the people were threatened. The heroine's gaze went to the apartment buildings and held flashbacks over the last building that collasped the other day. It... It was a risk she couldn't take. "...but..." Her hand lowered with that shaking. "... I--Wait!" She yelled to Eidelon as she had ceased anya ttempt of attacking int hat moment. She coudln't take the risk. Even if civilians were evacuated, destruction of buildings wasn't something she wanted to see. Too reckless.

[20:09] Nymphaedra continued forward again, her tail coiling. The various attacks and counter strikes not seeming to phase her as they went off around her. However at the mention of bringing down buildings. She flashed a fanged grin "These hyoomans.. they may care. But I.. do not..." she glanced around, blood still leaking from her cracked carapace, the green fluid sizzling as it struck the ground "Stop attacking1 Your Queen...demands this fight!" she barked out. And more quietly she hissed "You will not look down at me again" as she took a few more staggered steps, her tail coils up and positions itself ready for a strike if she ever got close enough.

[20:10] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR glances up, unshouldering her rifle but remaining as she was, not firing yet. The so-called aspect was injured, it seemed. She narrowed her eyes, wondering something for a moment...but the priority of things beginning to heat up kept those thoughts to herself. Seeing Accretion's attention on the intangible one, she loaded her grenade launcher with a nonlethal cryo round, and fired, aiming for the woman's feet. Should it impact there, or wherver it impacted should it miss, it would throw up a gob of blue, supercooled material which would instantly bond and freeze to anyone or anything it touches, reaching the temperature of liquid nitrogen for a split second, with the intention of cryogenically freezing the intended victim solid.

[20:15] Kuma eyes widen under his mask as the woman landed in front of him to kiss him. She claims not to want death, yet her actions revealed otherwise. He is no hero and has no quarrels about citizens dying, but her grievous error was trying to force him to be bow with her display of power and pissing him off. He likes women sure and any other day, he'd ram her if the door was open, but he was no fool either. He would then try to place a hand on her, almost seeming to embrace the case but it was ploy. This was an attack he often used to get out of a jam and take someone by surprise. This was a use of his spiritual energy rather than chi this time. Energy would surge through him and out of his hand. If it connects, he'd deliver quite a shock to her system as the energy would tear through her entire body.

[20:17] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks at her officers "hold fire" she growls as she looks to the woman "If you're here to make a point, get on with it. If you've already made your point, explain it. If we're to solve a riddle, I'd like you to repeat the question. If you're just here to laugh off attacks, I'd recommend loading hand grenades into a tennis ball pitcher. But if you have a purpose, let's hear it because right now you seem to be just an over-powered talker"

[20:20] Joan Harker is mid-aerial-charge when Hell calls out to stop again, letting out a growl of anger that vibrates the air, but complying for the moment, the darkness swirling around angrily and small tendrils of it snapping at the air with tiny whip cracks as she strains against the desire to rip Accretion's soul out

[20:24] Syblaze(Pilix) gasps as she misses her grab of the woman, ending up left inside the bubble of swirling energies and gravities.. at least for the moment. The flash of light returns again as she teleports back out, since the woman was no longer there.. no point in staying inside the bubble now. She returns to the ground, and probably face-plants if the gravity was still turned up.. if not she stands and turns to watch Accreation, not quite sure what she was planning now.
[20:26] Marathon sighs sightly and pulls out her flask "seems you hero types got this shit all figured out..." she says shaking her head before taking a swig "bang up job as always..." she says sarcastically

[20:29] Rain was bounding towards the scene of a seemingly good fight! She grinned and drew her sword as the gravity increased, it felt like she was home again! "HA! This is cake!" Her spines hummed louder then ever before because she seemed happy for the first time since arriving! She couldn't see gravity being manipulated, but as she ran towards the thing everyone else was looking at, she assumed it was a bad thing anyway, coiled her powerful legs and jumped at her target hoping to hit with a great deal of force ((60tons)) with her sword, "Spread the word of THIS!" She was wondering though, how does one hold fire?

[20:35] Miss Accretion (Alice) blinked as she saw people stop, but Zephyr did not. The goop caught Accretions foot and bound her to the ground, causing her hover to stop. It didn't really seem to phase Accretion all that much, she didn't squirm... didn't even flinch. However, when the man sent a shock through her system she screamed out. She let out a loud shout as a wave of energy crashed out of her mouth into the mans face. The ground shook violently when she did this, cracking beneath her as she flew up. A chunk of the ground was ripped out with her, bound to her by the ice as she let out deep breaths. Accretion was then struck by the blade, launching her into the wall as the chunk of asphalt cracked with the ice, shattering as Accretion coughed up blood. Accretion slowly ascended out of the wall, her armor cracked and sliced. She stared at Rain and marked her mentally as a "to be killed" target. She spoke in a loud, booming voice once again. "Halt your attacks, idiotic children, and I will spare the lives of countless civilians. You clearly misunderstood the message... You will see soon. Follow me, and I will level as many buildings as I can." She said, as she slowly started ascending upwards. <IF> no one stopped her>, she would just keep ascending, and after five or so minutes, a sonic boom would be heard, and the field would be completely gone.

[20:37] Eidelon pulls herself up from the hole. Her clothing town by the impact and falling off of her. The lower part of of her mask appeared cracked on the right wide and upper on the left, She otherwise appeared unharmed ..She was going to attack but received her orders, " I can follow her. But I cant take her out myself, commander"

[20:38] Lodestar: "Just let her go!" She would find herself yelling as others were moving to attack as she huffed out. "What is the point if the entire city is levelled!? ~You should know how some owuld rather put their own selfishness into perspective, Lodeestar.~"

[20:42] Nymphaedra is thrown back by the residual blasts of the assorted attacks. Her armor covered by kicked up snow. However she would clear her head in time to see the attempted escape as well as the calls to let the Messenger go - Fuck that noise. Forcing her already taxed body to action she staggers forward and with a powerful buzz of her wings she makes a jump for the piece of ice dangling from Accretion's foot that had previously bound her to the ground. All four of her arms darting out to try and find purchase - About now wishing she had fingernails or claws instead of blunt, chitin numbs for fingers. "N-no! Face...me!" she managed to get out, breathing heavy from the exertion of standing, let alone the movement she just pulled off.

[20:43] Iria stands atop the Tower. This is definitely not a fight she wanted to be in the face of. Really, that's how she preferred to approach most fights. Stand back and watch. She looks down, then watches as the woman begins to fly up. She puts her hand into her pocket, and grins mischievously. A little warning for her, if Accretion even noticed her as she flew up past the tower. "Don't blink..." she utters as the paperclip vanishes, appear in the air well above above of Accretion as she moved at enormous speeds.

[20:44] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR opened the breech of her grenade launcher, letting the spent cartridge clink to the ground as she watched the woman's foot get bound, then saw..or heard...her scream and be thrown into the wall. -She bleeds-, she thought to herself with a smile. -My my, what sordid secrets are you hiding form us, o aspect of gravity...?- She mused to herself, frowning as the woman made her escape, holding the civillians and the buildings themselves as hostages until she was safely gone. "Only the pathetic hide behind civilians." She said, out loud but mostly to herself. With the immediate threat gone, she deigned not to reload the grenade launcher and took a look around. "Everyone alright?" She looks to Nymph and walks over to her, squinting as if trying to determine if the queen woman needed help. "You uh.....doing okay in there?" She asked, dusting a piece of cement off her massive bre-energy reserves.

[20:48] Kuma is sprung backwards as the woman blasts him full in the face. She mostly displayed gravity abilities so a full energy blast was the last thing he expected from her. If not for his mask, his face might be a mess, but luckily it held up. Still cracks were visible in it, diagonally coming from the lower right to the place the nose would be and spreading out. He brings his hand up, grabbing his mask to make sure it didn't fall off as he groggily got back to his feet. The woman was being more defensive, desperately threatening the civilians to get others to not attack her. "You made a mistake woman," he said. "I don't give a shit for the weak." He creates another ball of energy hovering above his fingertip. He points up at her, taking aim as the ball grew to the size of a baseball. He fires it off as like before it increased in size as it flew through the air. It reaches the size of a beach ball as it made beeline towards her. It would pck 4x the punch his first attack did earlier in the fight.

[20:50] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks to Lodestar apologetically "I'm sorry, I can't, not after what I just witnessed" she states and looks to Eidolon "take her out or not, we need to give chase. If not, she goes uncontested into some area of the city where we are not to cause further death and destruction" she states, jumping and taking off for the woman, blade to her side as she tried to catch up the the flying woman, not wanting her to cause further damage at new targets around the city once she knew this side was clear

[20:54] Joan Harker hears the okay to pursue and flies up along with Hell, focusing her magic as she goes to call down a barrage of lightning out of the clear sky, every bolt aimed straight for Accretion and arcing in from different directions

[20:59] Syblaze(Pilix) sighs watching some of the others follow after the woman.. which she explicitly told them not to... She just hoped her own apartment building wouldn't be one of the ones flattened because they decided not to listen...

[21:00] Rain hummed to herself but frowned as she flew into the air, she turned and walked away... She didn't have wings or super speed so she wasn't going to try climbing a building to go after her...

[21:00] Marathon offers a slow sarcastic clap "great job boys and girls..." she mutters glances at the path at which the woman fled... "i am feeling a bit lazy at the moment... but i might be able to keep up with the bitch on foot for the right price... if not then i guess im done here..." she says taking a swig from her flask and looking the crowd over for any offers

[21:03] Miss Accretion (Alice) flew upwords past the woman, seemingly more focused on the ball of energy coming after her... and the angel. Accretion growled low and spun around, aiming her hands at both Hellguard and Kuma as the same sphere of energy surrounded her. Two beams of energy fired out, piercing through the ball of energy which detonated basically in her face at the same time as the "lightning" struck her shield, propelling her up into the air. The second beam crashed out and slammed into Hellguard, hitting her in the face full force. Accretion would use the smoke of the explosion to keep going upwords and fade from peoples sight. She was bleeding, but had contained the blood to just be on her person and not actually drip off. She couldn't afford that... not yet. To most, it would appear that she was either obliterated in the smoke, or escaped.

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Eidelon had given chase, angered by the fall of Hell Guard. She was found later and admitted to the hospital with signs of minor head trauma as some bruising. The worst done to her was kittens whiskers drawn on her face.
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