a busted bug

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a busted bug

Post by allock » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:16 am

[15:40] tiz the thug eyes the black punch buggy parked on the side of the street and casually approaches it

[15:42] comes tromping in the door. He pauses on the entry stairs seeing the scene before him. He grinned, slipping back outside quickly... where he spots some guy hanging around the car parked out front.

[15:44] tiz the thug looks around his hand going to his pocket until he notices the man starring at him he stares back hard his gaze cold and mean " yeah ? got a problem bro?"

[15:45] Evie turned to look at who was coming into the club now, feeling the cold draft, even as the place was warming up, head emanating off Jason like he was a fireplace. She says, "Huh? Start with Nano what?"
[15:45] Evie didn't see who walked in and out the door though.

[15:46] The long-haired dude pays little mind to the other guy as he dashes off toward the corner. "Nah..." He rounds the corner, out of sight, the sound of crunching snow fading.

[15:48] tiz the thug turns back to the car pulling his tools out and quickly sets to work breaking into the car with a few snips and a clever twist or two the car revs to life . the punk laughs ruckusly and revs it doing a burn out mockingly as he prepares to drive off

[15:49] Jason tensed up as the sypder had the newcommerapproach. he didnt htink shed actually do it since he just got here. However to his surprize and rather delight she actually did. The room now getting abit hotter he would watch in anticipation as she took his whole dck in her mouth. "Holy fucking.." He would moan abit. His toes curled as he felt spyder lick at his ear unaware of the lizard like shape to it. As she forced her deeper jason would pant abit.

[15:49] Anna-Kate Harper smiles and lifts her tantop off then hands go to try to release Nanos dress

[15:50] Evie hears the car start out front, the sound recognizable, and suddenly calls out, "Oh, hell, no! I'm not losing another car!" She turns to run out the club.

[15:50] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) reaches up to rest her hands on Jason's ass, the guiding, goading hand of the Spyder Queen makes her... tingle... moan soft....

[15:52] Spyder-Queen 's left heal would suddenly melt off of her, and the liquid would go towards Alex. A new heal would form in its place as the symbiote she sent out towards Alex would slither towards her, going to bond with her. The symbiote would be loyal to Spyder-Queen/Spyder-Bitch, and would try to influence Alex. She'd look at Alex, and try to speak to the symbiote that was trying to bond with the girl, "You want to take your clothes off, don't you?"

[15:55] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) feels something attaching to the back of her head, beneath her hair. She reaches back to try and grab it, but suddenly a soothing sensation cascades all down her back... into her mind... her sex grows moist... sucking Jason's cock feels... so much better now. She nods, never once relinquishing his shaft, in fact, her throat relaxes, taking him deeper. She does want her clothes off. Wants to be naked...

[15:59] Nano blushes a bit as Anna pulled off her top and glanced over. "What....another car..?"

[15:59] Evie reaches the door and flings it open, seeing some goon in her car. "Nano, help!" she cries.

[16:00] Lee had made his way onto the nearby rooftop when he heard the commotion out front. He'd move to the edge to peek over and see what was going on.

[16:00] Anna-Kate Harper looks to nano " later. I want you, but go help Evie " a look of desrire on her face but also of putting others before herself..she was going to be blue balled from hell

[16:01] Jason moaned as he enjoyed the feeling of Alex's mouth around his dick. As alex placed her hand on his ass she would notice it was rather warm like touching the outside of a hot oven. He was unaware of what the spyder was doing to influnce the poor woman. Hed moan and shutter as he looked to the teacher then to nano then back at Alex. "Damn girl youre really.." hed pause a moment as he hear evie call for help. "What?" Hed attempt to push alex off him an a rough yet gentel manor. "Sorry ladies but my pal needs some help."

[16:01] Nano sighs a bit. "The one time I didn't bring a gun.." She grumbles a bit. "Alright..sorry Anna..hopefully..this doesn't take too long.." She looks over. "I think I am going to go snap some ribs.." She cracks her knuckles rushing after Evie in heels of all things.
[16:02] Alex Aeon (alexice.aeon) tumbles down into a lower kneel, mewling and panting. "mmhh, fuuuck~ I'm so... wet~!" She looks up to Spyder-Queen for help.

[16:02] Spyder-Queen smiled widely at seeing her symbiote child take a new host. A new child in her Symbiote Kingdom. Now to just get Jason's seed so she could create another symbiote to replace the child she just gave up. She heard Evie's cries to Nano, and looked to Anna-Kate, "Why don't you fuck this lovely blonde in the ass while she suckles her chocolate?" She'd go to wrap her arms around Jason, trying to prevent hi from leaving, "Come on now, they got this! Don't want to make your chocolate salty balls turn blue now, do ya?"

[16:03] tiz the thug the car is picking up speed as it heads away from the club

[16:04] Evie runs after the bug as it backfires once and puts away on two cylinders (one or two of the valves being stuck), but the bug handles pretty darn well in the snow due to it's rear engine, at least if the driver knows how to drive a manual transmission. "Stop! That's my car!" she cries out.

[16:05] Nano eye twitches. "God damnit.." She sighs and kicks off her heels. Stockings flimsily ripping away as she did. "Oh well.." She then went into a full sprint after the car not hindered at all by the heels now.
[16:05] tiz the thug grinds the gears horribly and sticks his hand out the window delivering a potent middle finger

[16:09] Evie continues to run, reaching beneath her jacket to pull her hard light stun gun out of its holster, but she doesn't start trying to fire yet. "Stop, you fucking bastard!" she yells, hoping to be able to make some ground on it before it tries to go up the hill. With only two cylinders the thing was absolutely horrible at climbing hills.

[16:10] Jason after being free would smile then wink at the spyder before running out of the building slipping on some ice as he mumbled. "Fuck" hed then run in the direction of the car as the fire began to egnight his skin revealing the skeleton underneath. As he rean he would pull out his chain and run his hands along it causing it to turn into a shiny metalic flaming chain instead. As he ran hed begine to spin the chain in the air

[16:11] Nano looks over as Anna appeared. "Oh thanks.." She looks at it and then glances as Jason ran up. "I have an idea..but it's risky.." She puts the gun in her cleavage safety on to be safe. She grimaces as he goes skeleton rather quickly. "Well I rather not a scorched ass.."

[16:12] tiz the thug the bug picks up speed dispite the clumsy driving and grinding gears, heading into the city proper

[16:12] tiz the thug once again he flicks off the shorty behind him

[16:21] tiz the thug a punch buggy slams into the corner of the metal works with a loud crunch totaling the car the driver stagers out dizzly

[16:21] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) stretches when she is off the stairs, heading for the exit with her hips still swaying like that. "I'll make sure to bring kneepads." she tells, raising her hand to wave... and then stops, hearing the car crash against the corner. "Whoa!"

[16:24] Jason ran as quick as he could each footstep leaving a bootshaped pullde in its wake the heat from him melting the snow as he ran. He was seeing red. He hated people fucking with him or his friends. He planned on making that man pay. The necron entity urging him to splatter his brains. However jason attempted to avoid giving into the dark nature, Especially around nano and evie. as he ran he would stpo the car and the guy as he yelled. "Wait right there motherfucker.."

[16:26] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) tilts her head, and looks at the driver, taking a few steps forward. "You okay, man? Jesus, what did the wall do to YOU, eh? That's no way to treat a perfectly harmless wall!"

[16:27] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) shook his head, making his way to the door. A metal car... rare to find. "An' dead man's slope claims another victim..." he comments, eyes still on the blonde's bumper

[16:28] tiz the thug looks around dizzily and and screams as he spots the skull faced man coming for him " ohhh fuck its some type of monster!! fucking hate this city" pushes away from the totaled car then he looks at the woman " yeah im fine , i.. i was running from a monster dat monster " he points to jason and the others joining him " he he wants to eat me and fuck hes got friends now" the thug turns again starting to move around the bug and head up the street

[16:28] Evie is still up on top of the hill, trying to run, but only managing a quick walk with momentary bursts like she was skipping or something, panting with exertion.

[16:30] Nano draws her gun cursing. "You fucking cock sucker.." The glock already cocked but she wasn't going to shoot. She was a little bit more than upset now as she ran up deeply pissed he was running off.

[16:31] Jason 's empty eyesockets were tained on the thug as he ran. Jason didnt seem to noticed the hot super chick nearby. He was eeing red for sure. "Get your ass back here you little shit!" Jason would slowly but surly seem to be catching up, unable to get tired he was able to maintain his full sprint infedinatly. If no one does anything Jason would surly catch up and tackle the man.

[16:34] Evie is almost at the bottom of the hill now. She stops to call in to her com, "In foot pursuit of a suspected can thief, in the Industrial District headed up hill toward the Ex-ks-sexexcelsior." She is panout of breath, panting, and can barely say the name of the club.

[16:34] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) blinks at first, but as the man claims he's being chased, she jumps into action.... Quite literally so. With a leap she slides with her ass over the roof of the totaled car (causing a rubbery squeaking sound while doing so) and lands on the other side, taking a fighting stance. "Hah! Bad timing, you...." Then she stops, blinking. "Nano? The heck are you doing here?" she asks, confused.

[16:35] tiz the thug pants heavily as he starts running up the steep hill screaming and clutching his side " help dat monster wants my soul " he grins as the super lady gets between him and the skull faced man and keeps running a hitch in his voice

[16:36] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) chuckles, shaking his head at the sound of her as on the metal. "I'll get the prybar an' jack... this night is gettin' busy."

[16:37] Nano blinks a bit nearly falling on her face since she can't slide in her bare feet without ripping herself up. "I would ask you the same question..." She looks over. "God damnit hes going to get away at this rate.." She huffs running would only tire her out with her limited stamina.

[16:37] Jason continued to sprint as the woman leaped infront of him hed pause a moment as she went into a fighting stance. HIs empty eyesocketes peering at her shaply form a moment. hOwever as she spoke out to nano hed take this opportunity to attempt to sidestep the woman and continue his chase doing a dead sprint. If not stopped jason would be rather close to the poor guy.

[16:40] Evie stops, leaning on the building and trying to catch her breath, not able to catch up to Nano and Jason. She speaks into her Protectorate com again.

[16:42] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) was still confused about the situaton, but not too much as to not stretch out both her arms, extending them more and more until she could reach both Jasons and Itz's shirt and jacket. She'd attempt to pull back both towards her (Though not being the strongest it could actually end up in her getting dragged along by them, just saying).

[16:45] tiz the thug gasps as he's pulled up short " what the hell..." he jerks a bit as hes brought up short byt the stretchy woman but just that he looks back and frowns " hey let go of me, can't ya se im trying to run away from a demon here?"

[16:45] Nano blinks as she seemed to go to grab both. Not sure how that would work for her. She glanced over and tilts her head. "Need..help roping them in..?"

[16:47] Jason would indeed get grabbed just before he managed to grab the thug. However jason would keep going though his speed would be reduced now thathe had something grabbing him. Given he was able to move 50 tons in this state Jess may find herself starting to stretch along with him. Though as she pulled he would appear unmoving. However as soon as the thug was close enough hed attempt to grab him by the shirt and pull him closer to himself. If jason wasnt stopped he may actually go overboard with the beating. Even though jason didnt normally want to kill anyone the necron entity within tended to make him get a little rough when hes angry.

[16:50] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) begins to explain to Nano. "Well, I was chcking out this evil foundry here, and... WHOA!" It's at this point she's dragged on by Jason, ending up bumping at his back and with Itz close by as well. Seeing that Jason's about to beat on the man, she slides in between them. "Haaaaaaalt! In the name of rubber, I say halt!" She does risk getting a punch herself, if Jason doesn't stop or pull the punches, really.

[16:52] Evie stands still a few more moments, trying to catch her breath and then starts trying to run again, almost hopping, toward the car and the intersection where Jason and the perp disappeared. She can almost see Nano going around the corner, and wasn't sure what she thought she saw as Jess went rebounding after Jason and Tiz

[16:53] tiz the thug frowns and slips out of his hoody " yeah.. stop in the name of rubber ..and shit!" he says and keeps on running breathing hard " fuck fuck i gota get away from here"

[16:53] Nano "Fucking hell.." She runs after them to try to stop it from turning into an unneeded bloody brawl. "Lets not get to violent alright.."

[16:56] Jason was indeed about to punch the guy hard enough to kill a normal guy, given he was attacking out of anger rather that necessity he didnt think to pull back on his punch. However as the rubber chick went between them hed dreeze. One of his weaknessess were women after all. As he looked her curvaceous figure over hed grunt before lowering his fist. "Fuck fine...sorry..was just gonna...HAY!" Hed spot the man running off before reaching for his chain. As his hand gripped it the chain would catch fire as the metal turned to a reflective black steel. "You better grab him..because if i do it will hurt a lot more..."

[16:59] Evie finally reaches the corner and stops, leaning on the building, to catch her breath again and check out what's going on with the pursuit.

[16:59] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) gives a short nod, and then blinks as Jason asks her to stop him. "Why? I got him right.... here...." she explains, before she looks at the empty shirt she has in her hands. "Whoa! Sneaky fellow." Thn she has her free arm again stretch out, in an attempt to grab Itz by the belt and once more hold him or drag him back. Her other hand raises the shirt, and she takes a sniff at it. "Nice cologne, though."

[17:00] Nano sighs a bit and with a huff puts the pistol back in her cleavage to hold it. "Not worth the bullets..." She sighs seeing those two seemed to have it handled. She turns and looks at the damage on the car. "Can't have nice..things anymore..." SHe grumbles.

[17:01] tiz the thug struggles and kicks " gah !! stop let me go .. i thought you were a hero . dats a monster you shouldbe fighting it"

[17:04] Jason watched as she grabbed the punk and dragged him back. looking to the thug hed respond. "Youre lucky pal..she is a hero..if it wasnt for her youd wish you were dead." Hed grumble abit before slinging his chain over his torso once more. The fire went out around his skull causing the skin to heal rapidly over it. As soon as he was completly healed hed look to Jess then smiled. Dispite the whole situation he was enjoying the view. Hed then look to evies car then to the thug. He wanted to make sure the guy doesnt get away..he wanted to stay close by until he was handled still fighting the urge to break his fingers one by one.

[17:04] Evie sees that Tix seems to be stopped for the moment and slows to a walk again, still trying to catch her breath. She pulls her Protectorate arm band from her coat pocket, putting it on. She calls out toward Tiz, "Stop struggling and kneel down with your hands on your head. In the name of the Protectorate, you're under arrest."

[17:06] tiz the thug curses under his breath " ah fuck dat was a proc car well fuck my life " he glares at the smaller woman and smacks at the hand on his belt as he kneels not saying a word though he dos glance side long at jason

[17:08] Evie pulls out a pair of handcuffs from under her jacket and approaches Tiz carefully.

[17:08] Nano nods Evie being the only one of two of them actually carrying her badge everywhere it seemed. She walks over to the car to survey the damage. Since it seemed Tiz was going nowhere with those three on him. She shakes her head and looks over. "Fixable this time atleast..I think.."

[17:08] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) has her nose still on the shirt, and then looks up at Jason when he changes. "Mhmmm.... Don't look like a monster to me, really. More like a Heavy Metal Special Effect gone wrong." she replies, and then shrugs. "Ah well, just to be fair, I guess." are her following words, when the hand lets go of Itzs belt, and she has her fist slam into the freshly regenerated face of Jason. The impact kinda feels like he just got hit with a water ballon, and her fist bounces back from the impact. "Ow! Damn, this always happens when I punch people."

[17:10] tiz the thug eyes glint as he watches eive approach his fingers twitching behind his head as he waits for the right moment"

[17:11] Jason glared at the thug as the thug looked to him. As he listened to the rubber woman hed smile before looking over. Just as he was about to speak hed feel the impact causing him to blink a few times. "Bitch...did you just punch me?" He was now distracted from the thug and evie

[17:12] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) nods a few times, and grins proud. "Uh huh.... Totally did. How was the experience? Can you, like, give me a rating on how well it was, on a 1 to 10 scale?" she asks, giggling.

[17:13] Evie gets a little closer to the kneeling tiz, gripping her hard light lazer gun with both hands, but also holding the handcuffs. She says, "Look at the wall and don't try anything funny."

[17:13] tiz the thug growls and trys to lung at her hand making little garbing motions

[17:14] Jason narrowed his eyes then began to smile then chuckle. "Youre an odd one arnt ya...well since youre hot as fuck ill forgive ya...and ill rate that a nine..if you want a ten...see me later..see how flexible you really are." hed wink. typical jason being distracted by any chick with a pulse it seemed. something not really new to those that knew him.

[17:16] Evie pulls the trigger on the stun gun. Twice. She wasn't a very good shot with it yet, as she had only practiced twice, but this was pretty short range. She could have fired many more times in a short amount of time, but Mikoto had warned her that she could seriously injure or kill someone if she shot them too many times.

[17:16] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) blinks quickly, then looks down at herself. "Straaaaange.... That's the second time today someone tells me I'm hot and want to check out how stretchy I can get." Then she looks over her shoulder, and narrows her eyes. "Must be the influence of the evil foundry here. Corrupting peoples minds to try and find out how stretchy are things. That's vile."

[17:17] Nano stood up with a sigh and turned towards the others. She saw Tiz lunge at Evie and growled. Her hand making almost a quick motion the gun slipping out into her hand. "The fuck do you think you are doing.!" She pointed in there direction. She exhaled seeing Evie pull the trigger once or twice.

[17:17] tiz the thug grunts and jerks his body twitching as he falls to the ground stuned

[17:19] Jason raised a brow at the rubber woman before looking to nano while he mouthed the words. -seriously?- however just as he did he would notice the commotion nearby. Hed quickly make his way to the thug. As soon as he was stunned jason would attempt to grab the man. if successful hed forcfully shove him to his stomach before placeing his boot between his shoulderblade putting enough pressure where if the man tried to move hed find it was like trying to push a car.

[17:19] Evie rushes toward Tiz, cautious of an a trick, but wanting to act before the stun wears off. She tries to put Tiz's arms behind his back and cuff him.

[17:21] tiz the thug lays on the ground cuffed and twitching slighltly

[17:21] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) lets out an "mhmmmmm?" when Nano runs past them, and seemingly only now realizes what's going on between Evie and Tiz. "Oh my god! You're right!" She immediaely makes her way over, coming to a halt at the downed criminal. With a perfectly and skilled grab she.... has her hand take the poor bastards wallet. Stepping back a bit, she looks through it. "Eh.... Three bucks, Titty Lake coupon and I think this could either be condom, or a gum. I'll keep the condom or gum, what do you guys want?" she asks, ready to split the loot.

[17:22] Nano huffs a bit and puts the gun away again. "I swear..I did not ask for this today.."

[17:23] Evie says to Nano, "Come hold him while I call for a ride." To Jess she says, "I'll take the rest if you don't mind, if there's any ID in it."

[17:23] Jason would remove his boot from the guys back as soon as Evie had him cuffed. looking to Jess as she tooked the wallet hed chuckle then smiled. "Keep it.." He was shocked to see someone loot a guy other than him. Looking to the thug hed speak. "You got a lot of nerve you stupid prick...hope you have powers...a lot of lonly meta males in the prison i hear buttercup."

[17:25] tiz the thug groans and shifts " uggh fucking aww nahh come on .. i just took the car for a ride, you should be thanking me any ways it drove like crap"

[17:25] Evie says in to her comms, "Perp in custody, I need a ride back to HQ and also a wrecker at this location."

[17:25] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) looks Evie over, and suddenly her eyes narrow. "Hey.... I don't even KNOW you, Lady. Yeah, you did your part, took him out too, but that doesn't mean you get to keep the wallet. Also, you know.... I don't think any liquor store will accept that ID... You don't even look closely identical, see?"

[17:27] Nano facepalms. "Not to use.." She sighs. "One night to just do crap..and I spend it cutting up my feet..in the cold..to chase someone who can't drive a four cylinder half a mile.." She grumbles a bit and sighs. "This is the kind of stuff that makes me drink..and I can't.."

[17:28] Evie rolls her eyes. "Just gimme the ID then. I don't care about the rest." Before long a patrol car rolls up, and not much longer after that a wrecker comes and picks up the crashed beetle.

[17:28] Jason looking to the thug would shake his head. Hed look to nano. "Welp...this day was a rollercoaster of emotions....i swear this day was starting to get real awsome..then shit for brains here had to fuck it up." Hed point to th ethug before looking to Jesse wondering if she was...alittle off.

[17:31] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) frowns a bit, but then tosses the ID over to Evie. "Fine, Keep it. See what good does it for you." She also sticks her tongue out at Evie, before holding on to the wallet like a cherished treasure, close to her chest. Then she notices Jasons look at her. "What? I collect wallets. Everyone needs a hobby, you know?"

[17:32] tiz the thug mutters to him self " fucking crazy ass meta bitch"

[17:32] Evie puts tries to shove Tiz into the patrol car.

[17:33] Jason looking to the thug would look to evie as he spoke. "Hay evie one sec if you dont mind.." WIthout waiting for an answer hed make his way to the thug as he was crammed in the car.

[17:34] Evie says, "Eh?"

[17:34] Nano "Which one of us are you calling a bitch..?" She ignored the meta part she had no reason to be upset with that.

[17:34] tiz the thug grunts and gets into the car leering at jason and making a face but then pales " no you keep dat freak away from me!! i heard stories about dat guy , and he and some red scarfed guy tore into my buddys, keep him away!"

[17:36] Jess Tress (BubbleGum) stretches a bit. "Well, this was a good day. Learned a few new swearwords, got a new shirt and a wallet.... Now, last thing to make it perfect is a good and hot shower." She looks over everyone. "Anyone got a good and hot shower? The one I always use is nice, but it's so tedious that I always have to cuff and gag the guy who lives there."

[17:36] Jason narrowed his eyes at the thug before smiling as he spoke. "Oh pal...the stories are just that..stories...im actually much worse...and later im going to make my way down to the jail house..and youll experiance the truth behind it soon enough...especially since youve insulted my best friend here." Hed chuckle before licking his own palm and attempting to deliver a very hard smack to the guys face. Enough to leave a slimy spitty wet hand mark.

[17:37] Evie flinches but pretends not to have seen the attempted slap. She says to the officer driving the car, "Take him away," and closes the door when she is able.

[17:37] Nano huffs a bit crossing her arms. "I know who hes talking about.."

tiz the thug flinches as hes slaped " fucking meta""

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