escalating protest

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escalating protest

Post by allock » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:14 pm

[15:29] Allock (allock123) one by one a crowed forms in front of the school for meta humans , they force the gate open and start marching screaming there chants at the top of there lungs " meta humans go home , no more death on the streets, meta humans go home!"

[15:36] Crescendo floated down hearing the reports " you fools fear metahumans.. enough to come to a home for students. Perhaps you need a reminder of what fear is
[15:38] crowed several members of the crowed look up and gasp in horror many of them cowering , a few burst into tears while others hold firm but shouts of " its a meta human!!, whats she doing!!. did she just threaten us?.. some one call the protectorate"

[15:39] Nymphaedra lands atop the fence with an amused grin on her face. "And what have we here.. hyoomans?" she asked as she glanced over the crowd "Is this one of your mating rituals perchance? An 'Oregon, or Orgie? Or whatever it is you call it.?" she glances over to the other person who flew in "Oh come now.. let's see where this goes."

the nun in the middle of the group screams " oh sweet god, its some type of ugly bug meta!!, get out metas this is our city and were tired of dying in your brawls!"

[15:41] Crescendo laughed" Did I just threaten you? Do humans threaten mice? Does the tiger threaten the prey? No. The gods do not threaten.. your kind has done much to harm this planet. Now you assault its defenders with words"

[15:43] Jaron totally lands outside the gate, looking over the crowd

[15:44] crowed one particularly crotchetold woman yells " aww stick it in ya puss and spin ya self important narcissistic harpy , we have the right to protest were ever we want!! and you can take your divinity and shove dat in there to...dearie!"

[15:46] Nymphaedra was still smiling, although it was more forced, her eye twitching a bit "Your Queen.. is not ugly" she starts out calmly before snapping, her voice adopting a harsh buzz as she does so "... you foul smelling, hairless APES!" her tail lashing angrily behind her as she shoots a glance to the flying meta, personally hoping she doesn't have another 'divinity' take ire with her after the other night.

[15:46] Jaron looks to the bug ". . . can you please not provoke the crowd?"

[15:47] Evie and Nano park the truck a safe distance away and then peek over the gate. "So what's happening, Jaron? Hi, Nymphaedria." Evie doesn't mangle the name on pupose.

[15:48] Jaron: people are shouting insults back and forth

[15:48] Nano tilts her head walking over. " a casual protest in Celestial City then.."

[15:49] Evie: "Look, there's two of those grumpy nuns now. Where is the Celestial City anyway?"

[15:49] Evie: "Where is the Celestial City church I mean."

[15:49] crowed the crowd rights its self several members helping other calm down and they start marching again ," no more metas , metas get out!!! stop killing us in your wars!!"

[15:50] Jaron: where do you suggest we go?

[15:51] Nano "Theres a chruch around here somewhere?" She glances over to the chants. "These people don't know what a war really looks like do they.." She sighs. "If this was a real war they wouldn't be here right now.." She crossed her arms coldly.

[15:51] Crescendo laughed again " foolish speak you do not understand evolution.. " Music began to play a guitar riff as she sang " The time has come to an end,Yeah - this is what nature planned. Being tracked by a starving beast, Looking for it's daily feast. A predator on the verge of death. Close to its last breath, Getting close to it's last breath. RULES OF NATURE" Stretching a hand and what looked like a static image of a wolf shot forth trying to grab the mouthy oned throat

[15:51] Evie: "Don't egg them on, Jaron." Evie says quietly to Nano, "Does Jaron even count as a meta?"

[15:52] Jaron: by the law i do, yes, even if my abilities are typical to my species

[15:53] Nano sighs. "I see.." She then shoots a glance over as someone sang and then a wolf attacked someone. "Oh god damnit.."

[15:53] Nymphaedra looks over her shoulder, eye still twitching a bit "That.. is -Queen- Nymphaedra..." she starts and then adds "These Hyoomans dare insult me! Something I'm seeing a pattern in..." and then back to the crowd "I...have never killed Hyoomans that didn't deserve it. -" she then cut off at the sudden action "And that wasn't me..." her head turning to the side to look at the large, winged creature near her "Praytell, why would you care what you care classified as?"
[15:53] Evie: "Oh, great! Who is that lady up there? She's actually trying to egg them on."

[15:53] Jaron: . . . . damn idiot

[15:55] Evie adds, "And oh, sorry. Queen Nymphaedra I meant."

[15:56] crowed the old and grumpy nun in the back screams back,almost seeming ready to take them all on her self" not our problem you dragon meta don't care where ya go jus" suddenly she screams as a wolf appares from the metas hand and trys to rip out her throat , and as it lunges a red blur streaks down at it from the roof of the school one glowing clawed hand riping up at the image rebellion emerges from hiding" dats abot enough of dat.."

[15:58] Nano eye twitches. "Today is going to annoy me too isn't.." She sighs and starts walking forward to get a better view. "Evie..we better get ready to start evacuating.."

[16:00] Nymphaedra glances back to the crowd and gives a soft chuckle. Her mannerisms calming a bit as she thought the uppity humans were going to be an amusing show, until the sudden intervention which draws another soft laugh from her "Oh, the strange Penguin Hyooman had someone watching over them. How exciting!"

[16:01] crowed: (( allright everyone , im about to do po seems were going to need it for this after all))

[16:01] Son would go to jump in front of the wolf image when it was intercepted he would then take an advantageous position and shout out loud enough for everyone to hear. "ENOUGH EVERYONE DISPERSE AND GO HOME. VIOLENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED CONTINUE TO ACT OUT AND BE ARRESTED UNDER THE NAME OF THE CELESTIAL CITY DEFENSE FORCE." he would turn and look at the protesters. "You are currently trespassing on private property and breaking the law. go home now or be arrested. if you have questions to who I am I am Commander Son Tseng of the Celestial City Defense Force. a government Organization taskedbti the defense of the city from any threats inside and outside."

[16:02] Jaron looks through the fence as rebellion shows up, he stares, trying to get an idea of what kind of armor hes wearing through a scan

[16:02] Crescendo kepg singing the guitar and drum playing. The sound contruct pressed aganst Rebellions hand. Several infrasonic sounds spread across the area- designed to vibrate and activate areas of the human mind responcible for hallucinations, and vertigo. The Wolf pressing at rebellion grew into a full sized wolf lunging at the would be hero " Out here only the strong survive. What's done is done. Survived to see another day, The game of life. The hunter and the agile prey, No guarantee, Which of them will succeed. Strong or Weak. Rules of Nature Rules of Nature"

[16:03] Son Tseng would go to jump in front of the wolf image when it was intercepted he would then take an advantageous position and shout out loud enough for everyone to hear. "ENOUGH EVERYONE DISPERSE AND GO HOME. VIOLENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED CONTINUE TO ACT OUT AND BE ARRESTED UNDER THE NAME OF THE CELESTIAL CITY DEFENSE FORCE." he would turn and look at the protesters. "You are currently trespassing on private property and breaking the law. go home now or be arrested. if you have questions to who I am I am Commander Son Tseng of the Celestial City Defense Force. a government Organization tasked to the defense of the city from any threats inside and outside."

[16:04] Evie was about to say something into her coms, but hearing Son Tseng just says to Nano, "Huh." She just stands and watches.

[16:05] Nano looks over. "Well..those two probably got this.." She sighs.

[16:19] Jaron looks back up to crescendo, firing one of his standard issue blobs of biomatter, trying to restrain her before she hurt anyone else

[16:24] crowed the crowed grew visibly more and more afraid as a brawl started to brew before, around and at them " see!! this,, this is what we don't want" the grumpy nun screams the rest of the crowd start to back away the stronger members of the group helping the ones suffering from hallucinations they quickly pull back and run away leaving rebellion there tussling with the wolf jarons scans would reveal that the armor was infact a mix of armor and living organism not much something that was worn but a part of the figure himself interwoven with his body his blood flowing through it and eve as he scanned parts of the helmet began to change developing a sound filter ,

[16:25] Crescendo had stayed aware.. she knew there were multiple threats. The song changes, to something older, but no less hard " You take a mortal man. And put him in control. Watch him become a god, Watch people's heads a'roll. A'roll, a' roll. Just like the Pied Piper Led rats through the streets, We dance like marionettes Swaying to the symphony Of destruction" A barrage of discs bring formed and shot at Ston Tsen and Jaron, the bladed discs in part intercepting the blob and making it drop before it hits her. Each disc was capable of slicing clean through the surrounding buildings. The staticy wolf construct still fighting with rebellion

[16:31] Son Tseng would send off a couple ki blasts on hopes to stop the disks coming at him "enough DISPERSE and go home! no more violence will be tolerated last warning." each ki blast was sent with precision to not put any of the protesters in harm's way. he would look down at Evie. "You try members of the protectorate please help escort the protesters off the private property of the University."

[16:31] crowed: (( im giving tsng some leway cause hes on a phone though))

[16:32] Jaron quickly tries to take off but still takes a hit from one of those discs, green scales shoot off of him like shrapnel as his armor takes the hit, he is also thrown back hard enough to leave a large dent in the wall behind him, he quickly takes off and moves back to give him a chance to evade further attacks

[16:36] crowed the crowd is deep in the school grounds now hiding helping each other to climb one of the stone walls in the back , Rebellions claws Perice deep into the sound wolf , seeming to rip the sound its self apart, he turns and glances up at crescendo his blue eyes glowing and with a leap bounces of the nearby tree launching him self at crescendo in an attempt to drag her down to the ground with his weight a clawed hand slashing

[16:48] Crescendo grinned at her assault hitting. Taking a breath she both felt and saw the wolf construct torn apart and dissipate. She was prepping another ' spell' as the beat changed and pulled down by rebellion. Pulling her hatchet She swung it at the man.. a well treained strength but not superhuman. But she never ceased singing. " it was just fine we lived in peace looked to a happy ending, the days were bright, they shined like gold, every step ascending. our dreams came true, our path was clear, the moon watched safely from above. but every smile is not the same and every heart's not filled with..... love for mankind look around it's getting very hard to find, not every open wound is simply healed by time. but revenge is always sweet, and chaos is the prize. feel it everywhere and you see it growing, enemies arise and the hate is flowing. shattering the moon and bloodying the sky. the machines of war will fuel both sides, and the greed will only grow more lies. farewell to days of peace cuz now it's time to

[16:48] Crescendo: die..Time to die" Her sound waves pulsing away from her with enough force to fling a tank, likely damaging the walls and throwing anyone not anchored, but then that sound condensed back into a raging tornado , more focues cyslones splitting off like faux wind tentacles to lash at Rebellion and Son

[16:54] Son Tseng sighed as the wind tentacles came at him. "that's it." he would fly at the speed of 70 mph towards crescendo going to tackle her. barely dodging the tentacles bits of his uniform would fly off.

[16:55] Jaron is luckily at least a bit away and above the others so he doesnt really get flung around, he dodges through the cyclones and fires off a plasma beam towards crescendo, hopefully its enough to stop her

[16:59] Rebellion theres a crunch as a hatchet slams into his side blood dripping to the floor as the blade cut into his hardened side hes pulled away from her by the sound waves to slam into the near by tree groaning he glances to the school and noticing the people where no longer in immediate danger , he stagers to his feet and blinks as he see the sudden incoming impact from the other three fighters shaking his head he turns and runs towards the school and scales his way to the roof and the yard further in to make sure the protesters escaped

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Re: escalating protest

Post by Butterfly of Doom » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:30 pm

[17:04:18] Crescendo was tackled by Sun, the impact taking her- and him- far enough away the plasma only glanced her, and likely rubble hitting him. The sound tornado died out and the woman in white screamed in pain as she was burnt badly " you know what comes with thunder?" She would send a surge of electricity through son, or try to, not quite full on lightning hit but far more than a taser, hoping to get him down so she could fly in escape

[17:07:14] Son Tseng was hit by the electricity it was enough to stun him enough for her to get away. "damn it. another one for the wanted list though." he would look to check the damage and make sure the civilians got away.

[17:09:02] Jaron looks around at the damage, hopefully nothing more than a smoldering hole in the ground is actually caused by him, he moves to check on evie and nano as crescendo bails

[17:09:17] Jaron: are you two ok?

[17:11:09] Nano nods softly. "I think so..we must of chosen a safe enough spot to wait.."

[17:11:10] Son Tseng would land next to them as well. and then look to Jaron and back to them. "I look forward to working closely with you two and the protectorate in keeping the City safe."

[17:11:31] Crescendo grimaced as she flew off but her task was done.. the humans thought themselves above metas and were proven wrong

[17:11:44] Evie spits on the ground, watching Crescendo flee and Son Tseng just hovering. "Yeah, we're fine. I'm pissed off though. I can't find which statute in the Celestial City Legal Code prevents someone from making up a fake office and threatening civilians with arrest. I'm sure it's here."
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