A protest in monologue

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A protest in monologue

Post by allock » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:51 pm

[11:29] Allock (allock123) a crowd begins to gather in front of the protectorate building there faces are calm but determined , they hold signs with slogans, they line them selfs up and begin marching " meta humans get out , meta humans get out!!"

[11:35] Allock (allock123) the crowd continues marching there voices loud and angry as they block the protectorate building entrance with there marching" meta monsters get out , stop killing us in your squabbles, wear more clothes!!!"

[11:42] crowed the crowd waves there signs about as they march in a circle , they give the icy meta woman a dirty look as she approaches clearly a meta of some sort " get out of our city freak!!! we dont want your kind here!"

[11:42] Shiver (thalia19999): heard the call on the police band,and turned her iceslide in the direction of mod in front of the Protectorate building. She spoke in her new best authoritarian voice after a deep breath to calm herself," People..People please go home... If you send a letter to the mayor He will set up a meeting for you."

[11:45] crowed they ignore her several faces in the crowd sneering there signs wave faster there voices grow louder " fuck that !! we want you meta monsters out of here!!" an older nun in the back screams out " and to put on some clothes and stop acting like harlots!!!"

[11:44] Niamh (niamh.kleiner) wanders up more out of curiosity than anything else. She watches the glacial superheroine as she attempts to take charge of the rowdy gathering. ((I'm not in super form)

[11:45] crowed they ignore her several faces in the crowd sneering there signs wave faster there voices grow louder " fuck that !! we want you meta monsters out of here!!" an older nun in the back screams out " and to put on some clothes and stop acting like harlots!!!"

[11:51] Shiver (thalia19999): " harlot? Its leotard such as gymnastic would wear. You try to calm angry mob or super powered villain in a dress!!" She gave a shocked look stunned by the old nun's words and shouted back. She always throught herself as a good girl. " Watch your lauguage,and I am not a monster. I do my best to help protect this great city...You know a few of you could help this city by taking a bath!!" She shouted back leaning forward.

[11:54] Niamh (niamh.kleiner) moves in closer to the crowd her hands spread to her sides, a radiant smile on her face. "Please, people," she says, her voice strangely musical. She glances at the irate heroine, pleading with her eyes for her to not incite them further. "This is not the way," she continues, turning her attention more to the cranky nun, "This isn't helping anything. You're trying to solve violence with violence, and that just never works. If it did, you'd have no reason to protest!"

[11:58] crowed the crowd grows angrier at the icy metas words there signs wave faster as if to express there rage " we have every right to be here gathering , where tired of you freaks fighting in the streets doing what ever you please ! were tired of our loved ones dying when they go out for a samich cause , some floozy with super powers deiced to run at super speed through a crowd! take your super bull shit and get out!!!" the crowd turns there gaze to the other woman , settling down a bit several of them speak up " we ain't being violent were protesting , theres no other way , its got to the point we can't have them freaks around its either us or them!!" the nun pops up and squints again " yeah!!! and why are you siding with those monsters any ways!! " she points a finger at Miamh
[11:59] crowed: Niamh*

[12:05] Shiver (thalia19999) crossed her arms with annoyed gaze at the protesters." You are allowed to protest, but you are not allowed to hurt anyone.You call me all the names you want, but I don't care what you say.. especially the ugly one dressed like a nun. I don't believe you are real nun!!" She raised her chin

[12:10] Niamh (niamh.kleiner) starts to reply, then her mouth drops open as Shiver continues her harangue. She swallows hard and moves in even closer to the crowd, her smile back in place, sincerity shining in her guileless, wide blue eyes. "Stop this, everyone," she says firmly, but gently, shooting Shiver yet another glance. "We are all in this together whether we like it or not. The metas have no place else to go! But this type of protest has always ended badly. We need to find another way."

[12:13] crowed the crowd makes several rabbley unhappy noises several of them turn to look at Niamh again " theres a whole world outside our walls.. you trying to tell me with all there powers those freaks couldn't make it livable again? i mean honestly thats what they should be doing, going out there and making the world whole again, but nooooo they stay in the city limits just fighting and comiting crimes!!"

[12:25] Shiver (thalia19999) felt Niamh's gaze,and held her tongue with some frustration on her ivory features on her face,and body laugauge." The words freak,and monster hit her bringing back all the taunts that she had to endure and her family heard many times.

[12:29] Niamh (niamh.kleiner) tilts her head to the side, her gaze finding as many of those in the crowd as she can, remaining silent for a moment. "Are all metas evil?" she asks, "Are all metas selfish, self serving monsters? Do you think that if the 'world beyond our walls' could be tamed, that one or more of them wouldn't already be out there carving out their own little kingdom? If that area could be settled, why would they stay here? No," she continues, "Not all metas are good. Most are totally misunderstood. Some don't even know why they are what they are. They aren't freaks. They're just different. I beg you to stop before more violence results." With those words, Niamh goes down on her knees on the street before the crowd. "I am a meta," she announces, "And I wouldn't harm anyone for the world."

[12:41] crowed the crowd gasps and shrinks back, all accept the old woman she stares at niamh and frowns shaking her head " well thats admirable of you dearie" he waves her hand at the crowed " but look.. see thats the kind of reaction you should expect , it dosn't matter if your good or bad, were just tired of dying and frankly we think you metas haven't even tried" she motions at the crowd and they begin to pack up but there faces are angry frightened and fed up and bit by bit the disprse

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