Twinkle Twinkle little cataclysm

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Twinkle Twinkle little cataclysm

Post by DeuxBlackthorn » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:47 am

After tracking down the source of the crystal dragon attack, a strike force was dispatched to take down the being responsible, facing a grueling battle, but finally succeeding in stopping the ritual that was creating the creatures

[17:58] Marathon walks up momentarily glares at the protectorate sign before looking at N "so what is this i hear about something going on in the mountains?" she asks
[18:00] Lady Nightmare gives a small nod to each of you as you arrive "Let's wait for everyone to get here, so I only have to explain the situation once"
[18:01] Flare: nods, then smiles at Marathon. "Hello, I'm called Flare."
[18:02] Marathon look at the woman as if sizing her up and nods a bit.. "names marathon..."
[18:04] Flare: "Nice to meet you, Marathon." she senses she's being sized up and ignores it for the time being.
[18:06] Moondance appears, as if reality was a the surface of the pond and it rippled
[18:11] Sparks pads up the steps to stand next to Lady N quietly
[18:11] Marathon nods slightly toward flare seeming semi annoyed at the moment as if she didnt truly want to be there she smiles seeing moon shimmer into view next to her "didnt know you were attending this party..." she says
[18:11] Moondance: who do you think paid your ticket. I marked it as cash.
[18:12] Flare: gives both newcomers a warm smile and nod.
[18:13] Lady Nightmare smiles at Moon and Sparks as they arrive, letting a hand brush along Sparks' tail as she draws close
[18:14] Sparks smiles back and purrs, opening a panel on one gauntlet, stroking and tapping lightly at it, her bodysuit shimmers as it emits a pulse of active scanning, running over everyone and thing in the area and evaluating
[18:15] Marathon raises a brow "oh that was you?... well.. thank you... still not fond of playing hero in this damn town done to much of that shit for free already.. but the cash is certainly needed..." she smiles a bit at moon
[18:16] Moondance nodded" these things wrecked the industrial area the other day.. I though you might enjoy a hunt. "
[18:18] Flare: feels the tingle that adventure causes in her body. She looks forward to using her powers. Keeping them hidden all the time was so annoying.
[18:19] Marathon nods a bit... "well.. i do like a good fight... and.. dragons.. could be interesting..." she answer with a slight smile "who knows it might be a good time... even if the hero thing is over done at this point..."
[18:20] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) approached in silence, looking to the woman in the black dress. His speech masked along with his scent, he speaks. "The void whispers of dragons. Those whispers be true?" he ask.
[18:21] Sparks looks over the assembling group, then at her scan on her panel, tapping at it as it would refresh when Yuri walks up, gathering basic data on condition, equipment, and abilities it could detect, the photon cannon on her back quiet
[18:23] Moondance had her sword, kunai, bow, and shuriken..and a fancy dancy grappler on one arm... The goggles had some tech if that could be picke dup too
[18:24] Moondance grins and slaps Marathons ass hard " you bet its going to be fun. Sparks, N. "
[18:24] Lady Nightmare clears her throat and amplifies her voice so everyone can hear it "Thank you for coming. I'm sure most of you have heard about the attack in the industrial district about a week ago. We don't know exactly who or what was behind it, but they threatened to send a much larger attack if they weren't stopped. I've tracked their location to a cave in the mountains outside the city, and put out this call to stop them before the full attack can begin"
[18:27] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) shakes his head, remembering the 'attack' and the void shell he had erected around the foundry. "Crystaline beings... no use in heat. Burning paths.." he tells them, moving away in silence.
[18:30] Moondance: sound would be better. Did Crescendo just feel like playing Hookie? She isnt here when it would make it easy..
[18:30] Marathon if anything read on her it would be the tech she has on her mostly focused on her legs as a hot spot when she is scanned.... she shrugs hearing the announcement "go to mountains.. kick their shit in... earn that pay check.. got it..."
[18:31] Flare: "What type of being are we dealing with?"
[18:32] Sparks raises an eyebrow at the strange declarations then turns her attention to the rest of the group, saving the readout and closing the panel on her gauntlet. and folding her arms behind herself, having told LN what she was doing before hand and letting her handle putting it in the briefing
[18:35] Lady Nightmare looks to Flare "We don't yet know who the mastermind is behind it, but the forces that were sent out were some sort of crystal dragons. Very powerful even in small numbers. What I have been able to determine is that the site is a convergence of ley lines, so whatever being is there is likely using them to empower itself."
[18:39] Moondance: that should make it easier one us as well.
[18:41] NS Fiyero: walks down the street, contemplating the PAE building in the distance. On the way, he faces obvious metahumans. He can't avoid hearing part of the conversation, and stops a few meters away from them, staring. "Dragons", he scratches his chin, his blue eyes glowing as he processes the data.
[18:43] Flare: "Any idea to the number we're taking on?"
[18:46] Marathon pulls out her on hand flask and takes a sip leaning against a near by wall... the conversation boring her at this point and hear all she felt she needed to hear...
[18:49] Lady Nightmare nods to Moon "Possibly, for those that can take advantage of the energy" then looks to Flare "No, there seemed to be a single voice behind them from the data I got on the first attack. It's my hope that we're moving quickly enough that they haven't been able to produce any more forces, and it may just be the one behind it to fight." then glancing over everyone "Sparks here will be securing the area when you arrive and relaying comms to me, since the mountains will limit the range on normal devices. She'll join you once she's confirmed that there aren't additional threats in the area. The rest of you will head straight into the cave and attempt to deal with the source. I'll send any reinforcements I can your way. The shuttles at the landing pad have the coordinates, so ask any final questions and then you can head there to get going"
[18:53] Moondance: I have one. Whats your bra size? Important things for the people to know
[18:53] NS Fiyero: turns to read the apartment sign for rent, pretending to be interested. The ears attentive in the conversation, without however making any mention of joining the group. His eyes were half closed, his cortex totally focused on solving the enigma proposed by the group. "Dragons..." he murmured to himself. Though the last question made him smirk.
[18:53] Marathon looks up "will we..." she pauses and corrects "or rather will they, have to worry about radiation?" she asks referring to the others in the group "also waht is this about engery? we are not talking magic crap are we?"
[18:55] Marathon chuckles a bit at moons question "that is a good question too.."
[18:55] Flare: gives Moondance a smirk. She wonders about magic too. Her powers would be next to useless in that environment
[18:57] Lady Nightmare rolls her eyes a little and chuckles "I'd have to wear one to know that... the site is just inside the city's radiation shield, so that should be no issue. The energy is the ley lines of the planet, they can be used for magic, or other types of rituals. Given the nature of the forces they're using, I'd guess you're dealing with some sort of geomancer"
[18:59] Moondance grins and might have a mental image of a topless Nightmare going
[19:01] NS Fiyero: repeats to himself: "Geomancer, crystals, dragons, ley lines". He is trying to connect the dots. He picks up his cell phone and pretends to take notes and watch the time.
[19:03] Marathon "geomancer..." she echos... "could be worse as far a magic goes i guess..." she says... "still.. fuck magic.... voodoo fuckers always fucking shit up with their freak shit.." she grumbles
[19:04] Moondance: maybe we she get loaded ?
[19:04] Moondance: I am sure everyone else is seeing Nightmare topless though right?
[19:04] Flare: nods "Yes, let's get things started. (no comment)
[19:05] Lady Nightmare nods "Good luck, all of you..." shaking her head at Moon, then heading off to her comm relay room
[19:09] Marathon climbs out of the transport taking one last sip of her flask before begrudgingly putting it away eyeing the cave opening as she does
[19:10] Moondance gets her bod off her back and an arrow as she gets out. The arejust a normal arrow, with a glyph on it that would go off when it struck to effectiveley give the target a strong tase.
[19:12] Flare: steps off the transport and fires up. She hates going in blind like this "Ok, let's rock."
[19:12] Scene: The shuttle lands you a few hundred yards out from the cave entrance, a few outlying ruined buildings nearby, but the area seems to be long abandoned even by squatters that live in other ruined sections. Sparks moves off to check the surroundings to verify as soon as you land. Nothing seems odd, except that near the entrance to the cave are dozens of colored crystalline eggs scattered around ((Let's start sticking to PO now))
[19:17] Marathon glances at the eggs... "well that is lovely... looks like we have a pest problem..." she sayssteping a bit closer putting herself in front of the group
[19:19] Flare: steps forward. "Ok, a geomancer would use objects and things to harness his power. If so do you think breaking or moving those eggs would help us?"
[19:20] Moondance: Dont look into them. Probably a facehugger who loves minecraft in there.. wait does that mean an elizabeth shaw handjob? ~she smirked in the mask moving towards the entrance, arrow nocked but not attacking yet. ~ For now leave them be. If they arent hurting us then there shouldnt be trouble. Just be aware of them. or dont. or make anal beads.. I should collect any shards
[19:22] Scene: As you draw closer, you can see that the eggs are slightly transparent, and inside each is a tiny fetal dragon of color matching the egg. Unlike the ones that attacked the city before, these are currently only about a foot in length, obviously still some time to go before they're combat ready. The evening sunlight piercing into the cave reveals glints from inside that hint at even more of them
[19:30] Flare: "If you say so, but the embryos look awfully advanced, ready to hatch. I think we better hard boil these eggs
[19:31] Marathon shakes her head looking over the eggs.. "these things smell like trouble... i get the fealing they would be better smashed... we dont know how fast they grow or hatch.. and hell it might draw out momma so we can get this done faster... or.. we could sneek.. i ave never been much for sneaking..." she shrugs
[19:32] Moondance: You break the eggs we will have an angry mother on us. ~she shrugs~ guess I'm outvoted. I will keep watch
[19:33] AmeriGal runs up behind the group after being dispatched by Mistress N. Frowning under her hood seeing Anna and Marathon "Whats going on?"
[19:34] Scene: The cave seems to be quiet for the moment, the eggs resting there totally still, barely any motion from the babies inside them. Small beams of light are visible inside the cave as well, openings to the sky above, each of those beams having at least one of the white eggs inside, and none of the black ones
[19:35] Sparks jogs up herself, arriving with Amerigirl coincidentally raising an eyesbrow at the one she didn;t know before turning to the group "Area seems clear, no nasty surprises to close us in..." as her green eyes move over the tableu, sensors running over the area scanning softly
[19:41] Flare: glances behind her. "Hi, great uniform. We have an 'save eggs, smash eggs dilemma"
[19:41] Marathon glances back as amerigals queston... "dark cave... crystal dragons... found eggs... we ere gonna smash... there you are updated... unless you have a better idea?... moon i dont think wanted to smash them.. myself i could care less to be honest but they dont look friendly and i would rather not be cornered in there when they hatch"
[19:44] Moondance shrugged " I just think its tactically unsound. We should go after the target. thes elook like they ar ebarely able to bite ankles"
[19:45] Sparks curls tail around her thigh, not commenting just listening,on her back the charging spindle on her rifle hums and begins to spin
[19:46] AmeriGal frowns walking to the front "We don't even know if the poor creatures in these eggs are hostile or not. I am not comfortable with wiping out a species without proof of hostile intentions. Lets just focus on the actual threat here"
[19:48] Scene: The cave remains silent, whatever force is behind the eggs is apparently either not watching them, or not concerned by your arrival. The closer you get to the cave entrance, the more eggs you see packed into the natural alcoves inside, easily hundreds of them just within the first chamber
[19:51] Flare: considers what she's heard. "Yes, that makes sense. Let's move on."
[19:56] Marathon shrugs slighty at both moon an amerigals comments "well i am no strategist or planner... was never my thing so im not picky on how we do what we do" she answers walking deeper with them into the cave looking at all the eggs making sure to keep a step in front of most of the group so as the be the front line for what ever comes at them
[19:56] Moondance moves ahead. Eyes adjusting to the dark and staying alert. She kept the bow and arrow readyas she crept forward, careful steps to sneak around eggs " Th job isnt eggs, its the main threat, inefficient to mess with the eggs, or to imagine all of us naked, but at least that ones fun"
[19:58] Sparks snerks "I'll do that latter one anyway..." keeping her rifle slung as it continues to charge, staying to the rear of the group following, senses and sensors on alert
[20:00] AmeriGal draws her shield as she walks with the group "In a cave walking into the unknown with dragon eggs around. And I have the ex SE as my backup. Yeah Mistress N owes me for this"
[20:02] Scene: The eggs are denser towards the back of the entry room, to the point that at the exit tunnel they barely give room for single-file passage. Rainbow-colored light dimly reflects off that curving tunnel, the dominant color changing every few seconds in a steady pattern, the seven colors matching those of the eggs
[20:05] Flare: decides that walking isn't to their advantage. "Ok, I'm going to float up and forward, I'm probably immortal so if the dragon gets me, I'll get better...hopefully." and silently takes to the air, her feet inches above the ground"
[20:09] Marathon rolls her eyes at Ameri seeming to stroll rather casually through the eggs tho she was still alert "oh chill out princess... no one payed me to beat your ass so you are fine... sure you were part of the issue that destroyed the only family i haver had.. but hey.. i am over it... mostly..." she chuckles slightly looking up as flare as the floats... "join the club.. sort of.. i think... honestly i dont really know but if something can kill me i have yet to find it..."
[20:09] Moondance: Current SE. I'd quit complaining. I'm putting up with working with Protectorate ~she looks to Flare~ shes got a point. This floor is getting crowded . ~Moon begins to walk up the wall a way, keeping pace to keep watch, as she walked on the caves side . Her ponytails hang so she wraps them before stowing her bow and arrow sheath in a scroll she held along a wall, the items seemign to shrink into the text~ I didnt expect it this tight, its almost like captain strons ass
[20:11] Sparks frowns as various members of the party take to the air, picking her way carefully through the increasingly crowded eggs, her cannon humming as the charging whine reaches a soft crescendo then resets, one of the four pnels lighting with a soft glow
[20:22] AmeriGal chuckles "SE was my home as well so go cry to someone who is effected by it. It's people like you that caused it's collapse. I'm only here at Mistress N's request." She walks forward shield at the ready looking over the group. "Marathon can you scout ahead. You are fastest so can get in and out the best. Sparks guard our rear. New girl take airsupport. Moon can you take your bow and cover Marathon?"
[20:22] Scene: As you draw closer to the corner, the light gets a bit brighter, and the walls of the next room show a kaleidoscopic pattern of reflections in all the colors, the floor continuing to be littered in the eggs. A soft hum begins to become audible from around the curve as well
[20:25] Flare: increases her altitude while saying to Amerigal. "Got it, by the way, I'm called Flare." she replies, rising and moving forward. "But does that hum bother anyone?"
[20:37] Marathon glares a firey look at ameri... "SE was never your home and you are dumb as shit if you think that was... you ant people like you never belonged there in the first place.. and that is why the group is now dead! so best shut your damn mouth unless you want two problems to deal with in this damn cave... guess arent you supposed to be the damn "official" here.. cunt..." she growls... "and in the same breath you have the nerve to give me a damn order... you are lucky i am more professional than your pastey ass... which is pretty damn sad if you think about it..." she shakes her head she disappears in a blur of movement.. moving as a purple streak deeper into the cave the works around her moving in slow motion as she takes in all she can before hopefully zooming back out to the group provided nothing stops her "looks like some floating crystal woman is in there floating in a cylinder with a bunch of crystals around her.... freaky shit.." she mutters
[20:38] Sparks unslings her rifle and nods, half turning to keep an eye on the exit roving over the eggs and walls of the cave as it whines in her hands continuing to charge, flicking an ear at the crosstalk and remaining quiet
[20:39] Moondance: The bow is about useless in the confined space here. Marathon, lets go see what that hum is Amerigal, we are trusting you. ~she let Amerigal lead on tactics, choosing to not get into a headbutting competition when the protectorate tries to take charge. ~
[20:44] AmeriGal shakes her head "Now is not the time nor place to talk about your little group ruining Mistress N's group. SHe continues to move ahead with the group "Moon. Can you possibly do your stealth thing and prepare a sneak attack?" She nods up to Flare as she is given the girls name "Flare, got it"
[20:46] Scene: In the second room, eggs are scattered all across the floor, leaving a maze of open paths through the area, seven crystals spiraling around a pillar of pure energy, at the center of which floats Twinkle, eyes closed for the moment as she holds a small crystal between her hands which is steadily growing and taking on the same shape as the eggs, the rate of growth seeming like she can make an egg in a matter of a couple minutes
[20:49] Flare: waits for Moon to do her stealthy magic. She's feeling more nervous. Whoever is in that chamber is behind a choke point that gives them a great advantage. This could go bad really fast.
[20:54] Marathon her expression flares up even more and she shouts "our group WAS N's group you bitch... YOU were among the newcomers that fucked everything up and now look at the place and if you dont want to talk about shit then dont fucking bring it up you dumb cunt.... you are damn lucky i am more stable a bit more stable these days or i would be painting the walls with brain matter right about now" growls "now as i said shut your face hole and stick to the damn job.. i dont like working with you ether but i didnt say shit until you started running your mouth... and if i am the bigger person between tho two of us then you clearly got issues..." she says.. than taking a deep breath to calm herself she looks up to moon waiting for her to do her thing
[20:55] Moondance activates her invisibility , moving along the wall to get behind the woman in the vial. She gave Marathon a nod before she did go invisible. Pulling a kunai with her left hand, an electrical glyph on it, and two of her smaller ceramic shuriken each with a different glyph than the electrical.
[20:57] Sparks flicks an ear at the loud arguing, remaining silent - she may as well not even be there but for the rising and resetting hum of her cannon as another cell charges on it, keeping to the rear
[20:57] AmeriGal takes in the information and nods completely disregarding Marathons little tirade "Marathon. Do you think you can steal that egg from her with Moons help? We can use that to draw her out into the ruins rather than taking the chance and fighting her in such a cramped quarters"
[20:59] Twinkle keeps growing the egg in her hands, either somehow not hearing the echoes of the shout, or totally unconcerned by the possibility of intruders
[21:01] Flare: turns to the arguing women, holding a finger to her lips in a "Be quiet!" signal. She does think Amerigal's idea is a good one and waits for whatever will happen to happen.
[21:04] Marathon takes another breath trying to contain herself "she is surround by some energy pillar... no idea what will happen if i touch it... but i can try.... ill go when ever moon gives the signal..." she says muttering and still quite annoyed
[21:07] Moondance frowns..she cant go fully visible and give a signal this close She gauged the area and prepared. As soon as the shield was alerted she was acting
[21:07] Sparks fidgets with her cannon, looking back towards the cave entrance
[21:11] AmeriGal looks to Sparks "I'm guessing that thing will have quite the impact from all the charging? When you get a shot after she's in the open take it" She looks up at Flare "Can you and Sparks stay ready out here? I'm gonna go help with the distraction. We will be coming out fast and probably with a angered bitch after us> Whether the angered bitch is the crystal girl or Marathon is yet to be seen" She then follows Marathon and Moon. Seeing the woman she nods to the two and prepares to throw her shield at the barrier as distraction
[21:14] Twinkle builds the crystal to full size, then opens her eyes, the egg firing off at supersonic speed deeper into the cave system, after which she looks over to the entrance of the room with a small smile "Fleshlings... have you come to offer your service to the planet? Or are you the first of the impure to throw yourselves into the cleansing fire? Either way, we shall be happy to accomodate you" the hum growing as the spinning crystals speed up and begin to rise to her level, the ground trembling slightly under you all, and anyone aware of the ley energies would see them stir into a tempest
[21:23] Flare: has to dodge, barely, a high speed egg. "What the hell?" she cries out, but fights the urge to rush in shooting, she knew her job and would do it.
[21:27] Marathon sees the womans eyes open and feels the ground rumbling she glances around at the cavern "looks like we woke mommy" she says with a smirk... then glances at amerigirl "so.. eggs gone.... new plan?" she asks bracing herself for a fight
[21:29] Moondance threw the two shuriken at Twinkle - even if the tube was in the way- " improvise" The two stars would crumble on impact and the glyphs would flare to created a field of ultradhesive glue like sustance as she faded into view
[21:29] Sparks arches an ear "I've got two shots charged, I'll be ready." she replies evenly, shifting around bringing her photon cannon to bear into the area instead of covering the cave entrance, the charging spindle whining as it spins, a third panel glowing softly to life as it resets it's charging cycle "...three." completely oblivious to ley energies and magic hocus pocus, though her hair rises a bit on the back of her neck
[21:33] AmeriGal curses "Same plan as before but minus the egg.!" She hurls her shield at the crystal woman hoping to test the barriers defense
[21:38] Twinkle shakes her head slightly as the glue shuriken and shield impact on the force field, the shield bouncing off without visible effect apart from a brief flicker of light through it and the spinning crystals, while the glue just splatters over that section of the barrier and sticks to it "More impures then... so be it... we shall cleanse you so the world can grow" the red crystal flashing with light, and a pool of napalm appears on the ground beneath her, starting out about the size of the barrier but quickly spreading across the floor
[21:41] Flare: sees the light flickering "Do you need me?" she yells out
[21:47] Marathon shakes her head.. "this doesnt look good..." her eyes dart around a moment "different crystals different powers... destroy the crystals no more powers..." she says hoping she was somewhat correct.. "i am going for the bitch in the middle" she says and she dashes toward the woman.. leaving over the flames on the groups aiming a massive kick with her powerful legs on the center pillar at super sonic speeds
[21:51] Sparks goes down onto one knee, propping up her cannon waiting patiently in the corridor outside, perking an ear wondering what's going on in there trying to determine from the sounds of battle
[21:56] AmeriGal catches the shield as it returns "Well we got her attention like we wanted. Now lets get out" She hurls her shield to richochet it off several crystals taking Marathons advice to destroy as many as she can
[22:02] Twinkle floats unperturbed in her shield as Marathon slams into it, the barrier having no give at all, and again just flickering with a bit of light, the crystals flashing again as well. The shield impacts two of the spinning crystals, chipping divots out of them at the points of contact before being bounced away. The napalm pool continues to spread steadily, and now the white crystal glows momentarily, a 50 ton beam of pure force blasting out from it at Amerigal "Why do you insist on fighting growth? The planet must be strengthened"
[22:04] Flare: decides she needs to go in and, her flames streaking behind her, she enters the chamber
[22:08] Sparks taps fingers on the body of her cannon, eye fixed through the targetting reticle at the cave wall where it curves out of sight as the cannon hums, dialing the output to maximum as she listens to the fighting, standard beam for most effective output, the first charged cell fades as the barrel glows to life with a dark ruby shine as the artillery piece initiates prefire "..."
[22:16] Marathon pushes off the pillar hard enough to move back and land on solid ground... "incomming!" she shouts to ameri then calls out "center pillar not gonna budge yet.. smaller crystals first... maybe that will weaken the middle..." and she eyes one of the eggs.. she grabs a read one and lifts it.. tossing it in the air then spinning in a blur of movement to kick it hard at the red crystal like a super sonic soccer ball impressive force
[22:18] AmeriGal catches the returning shield just as she is nailed by the blast sending her flying back impacting against the wall dazed "fuck. that hurt. We need to get out of here Marathon" she groans out in pain

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Re: Twinkle Twinkle little cataclysm

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[18:29] Twinkle chuckles softly as Flare bursts into the chamber "More ants seeking to defy the will of the world? Your failure is a foregone conclusion". Marathon's kick makes the egg crack on impact, nearly shattering it, but when it hits the spinning crystals the egg breaks apart without so much as denting the crystal. Things are still calm in the outer room where Sparks is waiting, though some of the baby dragons in the eggs are starting to shift around, as if becoming agitated in their slumber. The clear crystal glows with light now as the pool of napalm continues to spread, and there's a sound of a loud crack throughout the inner room, and then all the eggs appear to hatch at once, and instantly grow to full size, several dozen (illusionary) crystal dragons rearing up and letting out angry growls that echo off the stone
[18:38] Flare: cries out "Told you we should have broken those eggs!" Aiming a heat blast at the head of the nearest dragon
[18:44] Marathon shakes her head and grumbles... as the dragons start to hatch "fucking hell... yea i saw this coming... pretty sure this is the exact scenario i mentioned.... that what we get for letting the fucking protectorate make the plan..." she eyes one of the dragons and shouts.. "well lets see what the hell we are up against..!" and rushes one of them her body blurring with speed as she mostly focus on her lower body as she delivers as barrage of rapid fire kicks a super sonic speeds toward one of the red dragons.. targeting various points hoping to find a weak spot
[18:44] Moondance frowns, left fist clenching then hurling the kunai she held in it at twinkle, whether it hit her or the shell around her the glyph would ignite and metal crumble as a powerfuly taser like electrical effect as let off, trying to take the serpents head, so to speak
[18:48] Sparks flicks tail a bit as the eggs rock and stir, her cannon humming and crackling in prefire mode remaining steadily pointed towards thebedn in the cave "ANytime now!" she calls out
[18:50] Valindra would have felt the mass amount of energy being given off by the cave and would go there without a second thought running on the air itself as she comes inside, "I heard that this city had some crazy jewelry but.. dragon crystals? That's a new one on me..."
[18:55] Mr. Might confidently walked towards the cave where he had heard what sounded like a swarm of beasts all growling out in anger. He entered into the cave entrance with a large smile spread across his face, his hand held up to shield his eyes as he entered, allowing the short amount of time to let his eyes adjust from the day outside to the darkness in the cave. Once they had he lowered his hand and overheard talking in the cavern from across where he was standing. " Hey! Everything okay? " he spoke out in a deep confident voice as he walked towards the entrance of the second room where the others gathered. He spots the girl in black with the large weapon and he stops a short distance behind her, tilting his head some to peak into the room ahead of Sparks. " Do you nee- " his words cut short as he hears the combat from the other room, and what sounded like the beasts from before but much closer and frightening. He rushed past sparks and into the room, a bit taken back by the large crystal dragons though his
[18:55] Mr. Might: confident smile never ceased. Choosing not to act yet, still not aware of what was going on.
[19:02] Twinkle smiles slightly as more people move into the room "Hmm... this might almost be entertaining...". Marathon's kick and Flare's blast both pass right through the dragons, the images wavering slightly and then re-forming immediately, then each of the dragons opens their mouths and belches beams of different-colored energy, adding even more to the kaleidescope effect of the room, becoming almost blindingly bright with the array of reflections. Moon's kunai hits the barrier with a thud, and the electricity just sparks and fizzles at the tip of the blade, the barrier obviously not containing anything that can conduct electricity. The napalm pool keeps growing, starting to raise the temperature in the cave noticeably now, though it skirts around the base of all but the red eggs, and goes extra wide around the blue ones. The green crystal flashes now, and the mundane insects around the cavern suddenly swell in size, 3 foot long centipedes crawling along the walls and floor, while 2 foot tall spiders skulk out of
[19:08] Flare: watches her heat blast go right through her target! That thoughts race through her mind. "The dragons are projections!" She screams, feeling the heat rise from the napalm and rises a little higher. She's going to ignore the dragons. But the bugs...she hates bugs with a passion. But the source has to be the woman in the crystal. Taking a breath of the hot air, she focused a blast of heat toward the crystal
[19:08] Sparks taps a finger restlessly against her trigger guard as the building whine of her cannon grows higher and higher, then growls lowering it and aborting the prefire, steam flashing and streaming from the barrel as it bleeds off the built up energy and heat cooling down "Damnit" she curses, rising to her feet raising a brow as other figures race past her, retreating back up the passage way a bit while waiting for the weapon to recover, turning her eye on the rocking eggs wondering if she should do something about them...
[19:18] Marathon blinks as the her foot goes through the dragon as if it were not there she squints as the sudden brightness using her visor to protect her eyes and glances around at the scene, she looks to flare and shouts... "flare.. you make fire? hit the blue crystal as you main target and target any blue eggs you can with everything you got... she calls out to sparks in the other room "the bitch isn't budging she is protected.. get i here stay behind us and take out the red crystal with your gun!" she looks to the two new faces... "i dont know what you guys can do but try and hold off these bugs cover sparks, Moon try to take out what ever you think is best.. i am going for the green crystal!" she shouts and leaps across the napalm aiming a massive kick at the green gem her leg blurring as the one blow turns into a barrage hoping to utterly destroy the thing
[19:19] Moondance speaks over coms and audible " Ok, two of us just hit illusions. But dont trust that they are all illusions. Sparks, anytime now. Marathon, Priovide the close range backup for the more fragile members. Amerigal, you will be our tank with that shield. Flare, if you can do smaller shots in larger numbers, try to hit groups of the enemies, see what is real and what isnt. Warning, slippery floor! " The heat was going to be a problem even though she was on a wall She kicked at one fo the centipedes, and hurls four shuriken around to the walls, not aimed at anything in particular. A light blue glyph would ignite on impact and spheres of water would be conjured to flood the chamber a good foot or so to help with the napalm
[19:23] Sparks: taps a finger restlessly against her trigger guard as the building whine of her cannon grows higher and higher, then growls lowering it and aborting the prefire, steam flashing and streaming from the barrel as it bleeds off the built up energy and heat cooling down "Damnit" she curses, rising to her feet raising a brow as other figures race past her, retreating back up the passage way a bit while waiting for the weapon to recover, turning her eye on the rocking eggs wondering if she should do something about them... at the call to join them she groans and mutters "Figures..." then louder "On my way!" slinging the rifle as it completes it's cooldown/reset cycle, slipping energy charges off her belt she scatters them among the eggs here as she jogs forward to join them in the chamber..
[19:23] Valindra would step up into the air standing on it to avoid the incoming light up napalm noticing it was missing most of the eggs except for the red ones which means they are probably vulnerable to fire before speaking aloud, "I've got a plan for the napalm." She would speak in a firm tone as magical runes lit over her hands, "imponam uber terram"
[19:26] Mr. Might looked up to Flare as she called out that the dragons were only projections. " Huh?! " he shaded his eyes from the blinding lights as he looked around at the dragons then down to the eggs that the Napalm moved around and in the case of the red ones, moved under. He tapped his index finger over his chin several times and nodded his head. " Hmm... " his attention is suddenly taken by Marathon who was yelling out commands to everyone and himself from the sounds of it. He then looked to Moondance who also seemed to have her own idea of what to do here. He simply shrugged his broad shoulders and with a smile he launched out towards one of the bugs that was nearest to the others, and with a heavy fist he punched it with his super strength. Quickly pulling back and readying to defend anyone who was in need of it. Eyes going to the bug he wonders if perhaps he overdid it a bit there.
[19:34] Twinkle just keeps smiling and starts laughing inside her shield as she hears people trying to put together a plan. Flare's fireblast hits the shield and just splashes against it, having no more effect than any of the prior attacks on it, just a quick flicker of light between it and the crystals. Marathon's lunge allows her to land a few kicks on the green crystal before it spins out of range, her force enough to blast some chunks out of the stone, making it wobble a bit as it moves now, but not yet destroying it. Moon's shuriken hit the walls and let loose a flood of water, which hits the napalm and unleashes a cloud of steam into the air, turning the room into a sauna, but slowing the rise in temperature and spread of the pool for the moment. Might's punch utterly obliterates the spider he hits, the empowering effect only scaling up their strength relative to the size increase, making these bugs about on par with an average human. Twinkle does a pirhouette inside her shield, still seeming quite unconcerned, as
[19:39] Twinkle: now the purple crystal flashes, then fires a beam of death energy at Marathon, intending to sap her energy before she can get away from the crystals and perhaps drop her into the fire
[19:40] Flare: starts perspiring in her latex as the steam rises. 'Can I make fire?' was she kidding? But the bugs were so big! She hated them, hated them with a passion. But she pushed her fear down as she she directed fireballs at the blue crystal
[19:50] Marathon "woah!" she shouts as the beam comes at her moves as fast as the can to dodge but the speed of the essence draining blast is just too much it manages to clip her in mid air as she jumps back and she stumbles her jump falling short just shy of making it... she shrieks in agony as her body is engulfed but kept rolling and ultimately lands out of the flames... her flesh smoking and seared from head to the point that met her legs.. and she lay there motionless looking like what might as well have been a charred corpse
[19:52] Moondance smirks watching the targets as the pede she kicked flew . She moves down the wall drawing her enchanted blade, its edge audibly sharp as the silicate ceramic monomolecular edge blade hits the air. She moves and slashes toward the green crystal as she leaps between the walls to stay on the move, to work in tadem with Marathon. As Marathon seems to go down though, there are no jokes, the ninja was acting with ruthless precision
[19:52] Sparks's eyes scan over the room, automatically reaching back for her rifle as it bleeps that it's cooldown is complete, unslinging it, thankfully not seeing the spider that got squishied before she entered she backs up to the wall, finding a clear vector to the red crystal she'd been directed at she goes down to one knee, lining up her sights and locking onto it as the barrel glows to life again, the second panel going dark on the rifle leaving only one lit as it powers up the shot, the charging spindle resuming spinning on the side trying to build up more energy. She doesn't waste any time and squeezes the trigger, the shrill electronic whine and blinding flash filling the room as a tight column of destructive energy blasts towards the red crystal, a full power beam shot meant to cut through a fighter's shields and armor
[19:53] Valindra would focus as a large construct made of hardened stone would rise up from the ground funneling the liquid napalm into it using a small amount of air magic. This construct was essentially just a long stone shaft with fed out into several nozzles the nozzles would be right above the eggs that weren't red in color aiming to drop the flaming napalm onto them. She would let out a little pant as one the flow started it would continue to draw the napalm into it until there was some kind of disruption in the flow for some reason. If she had any luck at all this would do severe damage or possibly even destroy all but the red eggs.
[19:59] Mr. Might would notice immediately that the bugs had gotten bigger after he squashed it. " No good. Ill have to defend them without crushing the bugs maybe..? " he muttered to himself, though daunting, he managed to keep his smile. Quickly he jumped over to Marathons aid as she went down, coming to her side and looking her over with a look of worry in his eyes, he would check to see if she was still breathing before looking back to the woman and her crystals, noting back to when the kick of Marathon landed on the crystal, doing some damage to it... " We need to end this quick, before more are hurt from the flames" he rose up and focused his strength into his legs, deciding to attack with the others, bending at his knee's he suddenly launched himself over the napalm at bursting speeds, his fist pulled back behind him before he launched a powerful attack on one of the crystals. " Mighty Smash! " the full potential of his power focused into his arm and fist in hopes of delivering a shattering blow that might shatter
[19:59] Mr. Might: the crystal and if lucky send the shards into the other crystals. But with no power of flight, despite the outcome of his attack, he would find himself above the hot Napalm with, at this moment, no way to pull himself back, still falling forward towards the back wall.
[20:07] Twinkle finally gets a serious look on her face as the tone and target of the attacks shift. Flare's blasts are met by a beam of blue energy from the crystal, which douses the flames as they meet, but with her attentions split each fireball pushes the energy back towards the crystal steadily. Moon's sword cuts into the green crystal where it's already damaged, breaking off more chunks, that crystal bobbing up and down erratically now, as if it's barely keeping up anymore. Sparks' shot impacts the red crystal, ripping a hole through the center of it and sending spiderweb cracks through the rest, that one also starting to wobble unsteadily in its path. Valindra's construct redirects the expanding pool of napalm onto the eggs, the blue ones shattering instantly where the fiery substance contacts them, while the other non-red eggs begin to glow and develop tiny cracks as the heat flows into them. Might impacts the green crystal as well as it spins away from Moon, his punch the final impact that sends it flying out o
[20:07] Twinkle: of its path, smashing into the wall and shattering. Twinkle lets out a loud scream as it does, reeling inside her shield, the cry answered by a roar as the fragments of the broken crystal turn into a green dragon, clinging to the wall where it impacted for a second, then lunging out across the lava into the group, slamming to the ground with an earth-shaking impact
[20:14] Flare: sees that the attacks are effective, but the result is a dragon! It seemed surreal, like a movie made real. But it was real. There was alot going on, but the creature had to be dealt with. Perspiration soaked her as she started firing fireballs at the beast.
[20:15] Marathon was still breathing when Might checked but barely between the blast and the burns she seems to be in pretty bad shape.... all of her clothing was burned away save for her leg armor her cuffs and her helmet how ever the bare flesh was just a mess of severe burns that could barely be recognized... she was still motionless but if he took the time he would see her burns begin mending themselves visibly healing even as she lay unmoving
[20:19] Moondance noted Marathons healing. Her flesh's movement and Moons own attention t detail. Still she ended up in the same. Picking up speed the sound barrier would be brokejust for a second but enough to make a sonic boom as she changed cours. Left hand hurling more of the water globe conjuring shuriken, Her right arm bringing the sword up as she would seem to flash near the green dragon,, while keeping herself out of the path of Flares attacks. Her own sword sliced at the neck of the green dragon as if to decapitate
[20:25] Sparks blinks "Huh, guessing this one is not an illusion..." she charges the cannon again, the last panel going dark for now as she leans back wincing at the impact of the green dragon, noting that moon seems to be dealing with it she moves laterally to get around it and get a clear shot at twinkle and the crystals, noting nearly all of them are damage now she toggles to wide beam, unleashing a shot from the hip the harsh eletronic screech of energy cracking through the room again as a less focused cone of destructive energy washes over the crystal group and Twinkle's cylinder, the weapon going mostly dark she'd sling it the charging spindle still working quickly on it as she glances down at marathon evaluating her and reaching for more energy charges on her belt
[20:26] Valindra would sigh seeing a big dragon spawn having to figure this one wasn't an illusion she was just thankful she wasn't on the ground. She could see Marathon was in bad shape but didn't think she could do much what with a giant dragon around. In the meantime her construct would continue to pour naplam onto the non-red eggs. In the meantime she turned her focus to the dragon speaking in her mystical language yet again, "potentia illimitata imperium."
[20:30] Mr. Might had noted that Marathon was healing, his first priority was making sure others would be fine. After all, there seemed to be enough capable heroes here to deal with the threat. After he, with the help of the others, shattered the first cyrstal, he continued on in a straight path till his body made contact with the cave wall behind it, crashing hard into it with the strength of his leap, he dug his hands into the rock wall as he spun around and in a oafish move he pushed himself off the wall, making it crumble beneath his strength in attemps to launch another powerful punch on the crystals that floated around Twinkle, assuming it the center of her power, or at the very least the shield. He winds up and punches!
[20:41] Twinkle clutches her head for the moment, her eyes squinted shut, snarling under her breath. Flare's fireballs impact on the green dragon, each one spreading a bit of heat through the structure, slowly starting to spread hairline cracks through it. Moon's blade strikes the dragon cleanly as it still recovers from the landing impact, cutting a gouge into the back of the neck, but not enough force to cut all the way through, while the water floods down and builds even more steam in the room, making the air thick, still not dousing the napalm but the spread seems to have been halted. Sparks' shot impacts across the crystals, the edges of them cracking and crumbling slightly, but for the most part they hold up, apart from the red one that had been punched through before, and which Might impacts heavily, which makes a splintering noise as the cracks spread visibly through the whole thing and it wobbles unsteadily, then shatters, a red dragon forming as the pieces break apart, another roar sounding out as Twinkle curl
[20:42] Twinkle: curls up a bit and screams in pain, her fists clenching tightly. The green dragon begins to glow, the damage done to it starting to pull back together, while it flails its claws like an angry dervish. The red dragon just lets itself drop from mid-air into what's left of the napalm pool, shaking the ground again and sending liquid flame splashing all around the room, a couple blue eggs getting caught in it and breaking. The other eggs keep cracking more and more as the heat continues to build on them
[20:47] Flare: maintains her fire on the greed dragon. From the way Twinkle is screaming, something is hurting her. The air is thick and steamy, occasional clouds blocking her vision, but she kept on firing, changing her position to avoid the claws.
[20:53] Marathon gasps.. out loud seems to regain some form on consciousness.. she groans in pain and grits her teeth... her fists clench and her body begins to vibrate... her slow healing process suddenly accelerating... she coughs and a wicked grin could be seen on her burnt lips... the outer layer of her dark and now very bare skin starting to re emerge as her flesh heals... "this bitch is looking for a beating..." she growls... in a raspy voice while slowly pulling herself up to her knees
[20:54] Moondance landed before the green dragon. She kept track of the enemies . Pointing a blade at Twinkle as if noting there was something personal to the living gem. Speaking fluent japanese {You have done me dishonor and brought my friend pain. You will meet the end of my sword} Channeling her chi, her body blurs and she tried the neck slice again, this time with enough force for the punch to send a bus rolling . She noted the environs and when twinkle started seeming in pain " Sound. " was the first word spoken in english " we kill her together, Marathon"
[20:56] Sparks kneels down checking on Marathon, noting the rapid healing now herself she arches a brow and looks back at the situation, "You alright?" while on her back the photon cannon's charging whine reaches a crescendo, then resets as one of the charge panels flickers back into life, she'd kneel in the cavern entrance next to Marathon taking her cannon back off it's sling, deciding on her next target, she targets the crytals with another wide-beam blast her cannon erupting in it's piercing electrnic whine again
[20:58] Valindra would focus herself as a large oil drill made purely of arcane energy would drop onto the back of the green dragon. The bit itself was designed to chew through crystal structural as it was aiming to drill to the core of the dragon and unlike a normal oil drill bit it had teeth that spun on the outside of it as well trying to chew up as much of the dragon as it could while pushing a arcane energy into it.
[21:03] Mr. Might grinned wider as his first punch caused the red crystal to burst, but another dragon formed. " Some sort of defense mechanism maybe? " he mutters again to himself before he comes smashing to a halt outside the Napalm beside the green dragon. He looked to Marathon who was... very naked, not really noticing it before but with her healing it was more obvious. He leaned back some. " Good to see you up! " he gave Marathon a thumbs up and turned quickly to have the two dragons in front of him now with his back to the wall. The main focus of the party seemed to be on the green one, but the red one, splashing the napalm about, was going to be an issue. He grunted and reached across the Napalm to grab for any part of the red dragon that he could grip his muscular hand onto. " Thats enough out of you! " while reaching across a large splash of the Napalm splashed over his arm and though it seemed to not have the same effect on him as it had Marathon, he winced and was obviously pained by it, but it did not halt his
[21:03] Mr. Might: reach. If able, he would take hold of the dragon in a mighty grip, swinging it around and out of the Napalm to smash it against the cave wall. The napalm that had splashed on him fell to the ground like water, leaving a deep burn in his flesh though it seemed to not have burned all the way through the skin. Perhaps another super power. " Bath time is over. ". He stood tall but lifted his other arm to feel his wound, clenching his teeth together, but his smile never wavered.
[21:08] Twinkle takes a moment to re-gather herself, still protected in her shield, though the field seems a bit fainter than before. The combination of attacks on the already-damaged green dragon is too much for its healing to overcome, as the heated crystal is ripped apart by the drill and the head chopped off as cleanly as crystals can be, sailing across the room and shattering on the wall, before the whole dragon crumbles into shards. Sparks' shot blasts into the remaining crystals, still washing off the shield, but ripping away even more of the mass of the 5 remaining foci, all of them starting to wobble unsteadily in their paths now, energy flickering around them visibly. Might is able to grab onto the red dragon and pull it out of the pool, but the creature is massive, and just moving it takes much of his strength, resulting in not a lot being left to put into the impact, the dragon's wings and tail gouging furrows out of the stone, and then it opens its mouth and belches out a torrent of napalm directly at him.
[21:08] Twinkle stabilizes herself again, then closes her eyes and moves into a more meditative pose, those that can sense the ley energies would feel them surge up even more wildly than before, and begin gathering around her inside her field, the ley lines themselves twisting in their paths to follow her call
[21:14] Flare: nearly cries out in triumph as the green dragon falls, but the red one is belching fire on the guy. "Not on my watch!" she screams, this time, with her hands burning, tries to wrap her arms around the red beast's neck, doing her best to squeeze it.
[21:22] Marathon her lips curl an her grin widens... her hears sparks question... she shakes her head and puts her hands over her helmet "not now..." she growls seeming as tho she was talking to no ne at all.. "not now!" she shouts this time.. seems to shake off what ever was effecting her for the most part her expression suddenly turns sharp "this bitch is gonna die...." growls and with her body vibrating at high speed looking almost as the she was blurry to the naked eye she would seem to almost disappear to the normal eye as a sonic boom rocked the walls of the cave... her foot aimed at the red dragon it shits into a jack hammer like spike and she fired repeated blows much faster than even before zipping around and hititng it from all sides in her barrage to dismantle the thing
[21:25] Moondance: We will have more dragons likely when those crystals fail as well. She started hurting at the boom and the roars. ~As the green dragon fell she moved to Marathon , giving a nod , with her presence letting her know she was there ~ the field likely is not coming down until those are gone. Flares taking a dragon. Marathons cover. Brawler person thing, go after a crystal! Sparks, good job ~ she herself rean along a wall, another sonic boom as she sliced at the blue crystal
[21:26] Sparks snorts and set back on her haunches, cannon across her knees as it charges watching the others engage the dragons not able to do much of anything until another shot charges, and she didn;t think she'd be able to use her charges effectively against the dragons without hitting someone else
[21:27] Valindra could feel the ley lines and power increase around Twinkle as she meditated and as she didn’t have to blow up her drill weapon on the green dragon it is still around. She would close her eyes and focus on it it would turn facing the bit at Twinkle and fly at her. Pure arcane energy drilling at her shield leaving Vilandra to hope that at minimal Twinkle would have to focus on reinforcing her shield as opposed to using all that power she was pulling up to send more attacks at them.
[21:32] Mr. Might took everything he had to drag the large creature out of the Napalm so it would splash it everywhere. And when it turned to belch out the Napalm he reacted quickly, grabbing hold of its head and with his strength forced its belch away from the others and most of himself to keep the spray minimal. However his right arm now was covered in the belch. His super powers doing their job in absorbing much of the damage but he wasnt impervious. He quickly shook his arm out to the side so the Napalm that landed on his arm was shaken off onto the ground away from the others and quickly withdrew his arm, clenching onto it in a great deal of pain. But even still, he continued to grin at the dragon. In fact he even began to laugh out loud, a loud bellowing laugh. " Is that all a Dragon has to offer?! I expected more! " he stood up and did his best to pretend he was not in pain but his eyes spoke for themselves. He looked to Moondance and nodded his head, turning to face Twinkle again and he crouched down, once against
[21:32] Mr. Might: he blasted off towards her, his better arm drawn back and cocked, ready to lay another devistating smash on one of the crystals again, in hopes of smashing another to pieces. " If this is the only way to stop you. I will succeed! " and with a loud gutteral noise he unloaded his heavy hand at one of the crystals!
[21:38] Twinkle opens her eyes again as she finishes gathering her energy, taking a look around as the smile creeps back onto her face, the ley energies suddenly snapping, and the feel of the energy changes from a raging torrent to a still pond as a light begins to glow from within her. Flare grabs onto the dragon's neck, but it's strength is quite impressive as it pushes against her, and if anything the flames in her hands seem to spur it on even more, until Marathon arrives and slams into it with the spiked leg, the impacts fast enough to send splintering vibrations through the creature's body, cracking it apart until the whole thing shatters into tiny pieces. Moon hits the damaged blue crystal and slices through it, the pieces shattering against the wall, giving birth to a blue dragon, which lunges through the air away from the fires and aims a beam of energy at Flare, the same energy that doused her flames from the blue crystal. Valindra's drill adds another count to the list of attacks that do nothing to the main s
[21:38] Twinkle: shield, though the flickers of energy last a little longer this time. Might punches into the purple crystal, sending it to impact into another wall, birthing a purple dragon from the broken pieces, which clings to the stone and turns its head, firing a beam of death energy at him in turn now. The breaking crystals stagger Twinkle again, but she seems to be in some sort of zen state now, no longer crying out in pain from them.
[21:46] Flare: hears a cracking from beneath her, which is good. Even with her arms and legs wrapped around the dragon's neck, it's gyrations are giving her a ride she won't soon forget. But as Marathon kills it, she falls for a moment before she can get her bearing again. But now, there's a blue dragon. There's a blue flash, then she's suddenly cold as if dry ice replaced her blood. To her horror, her hands went out. "What the hell?" she whispers, in her confusion, she hovers.
[21:54] Marathon glances between the two dragons the battler for her slowed down to match her speed grits her teeth.. a mist of her own blood painting the air around her as she vibration of her body increase... the very air around her seemed to shake with a resounding force and she could feel her madness scratching at the back of her mind having just enough presence to pick a target... judging the purple dragon more dangerous she first dashes to the blue kicking it once in the face with all she has hoping to redirect the blast aims for flare then bursts toward the purple dragon to treat it to a similar set of rapid strikes as the red was dealt
[21:56] Moondance: Take them all, or we cant reach the real threat! Sound may or may not work. It could be focus on these things..still crystals and sound....~ she slides on the wall as if it was a floor then looked to the purple dragon Going at it and slicing, with her motion seeming lile the worlds most violent food processor though no chi channeled into it. She wasnt aiming for anywhere in particular more trying to break it completely, working with Marathon and carful to avoid her. A goggle lens winking to her as theough fought at speeds likely only they could track~ This is my space . Unless your name is Jesus, you better go, and if it is, you'll resurrect !
[22:00] Sparks glances down at her cannon, staying to the back out of the way as the charging spindle spins building up power, she reaches into her belt and pulls out an energy charge hefting it a few times as she eyes the crystals, then looks at the napalm "..." she primes one of the chrges and stands, throwing it in an arc towards the crytals and shield, it wouldn;t be as powerful or accurate as her cannon but hopefuly the concussion would be 'sonic' enough
[22:01] Valindra would see her drill did nothing to the shield as apparently it is too strong at this point. She would easily judge the purple dragon to be the biggest threat and aim her drill to hit its lower stomach trying to drill into it the drill eating at the crystal dragon hopefully able to break it apart with the effort.
[22:06] Mr. Might found himself colliding with the wall again, making rock break away from the cavern walls with the force. He spins around in time to see the blast from the Purple Dragon heading straight for him, he quickly spun around and pushed himself off the cavern wall, smashing his shoulder into the wall and breaking through to the other side where the entrance was. And disappeared....
[22:11] Twinkle glows brighter as she recovers from the staggering, her smile growing wider despite the destruction that's been unleashed "The planet agrees, it's time for you pitiful fleshlings to die..." the entire cavern vibrating now, and the stone begins ripping apart as a forest of crystals erupt from every surface, the hum of her shield resonating through each of them, filling the air with the sound to an almost painful level now. Marathon's kick knocks the blue dragon's energy out of line for a moment and knocks a solid chunk out of the creature's head, buying Flare a few seconds while it re-orients itself, while once again the combined trio of attacks quickly overwhelms the purple dragon's resilience, breaking it apart faster than it can react on the heels of its blast. The charge detonates, sending the last three crystal foci spinning off in different directions and shattering them as well, each spawning another dragon from the wreckage as the main barrier flickers and then dies, Twinkle flinching in reaction
[22:12] Twinkle: to that and bracing herself
[22:19] Flare: The shield is gone! The creature is unprotected. She may not have her flames, but she has her strength. Wasting no more time, she streaks at Twinkle as fast as she can.
[22:25] Marathon grins letting out a someway crazy sounding laugh... "look who just got knocked out of their little happy place" she says maybe a bee like for twinkle but having enough sense left in her at the moment to even consider the many dragons in the room she aims one of her power house jack hammer kicks... the tip of the jack hammer vibrates intensely to the point that if is getting super heated and she goes in for the take down
[22:25] Moondance darts back as the purple one falls (RIP - Doves shall cry) And flickers as if reality was the surface of a lake and the surface had been hit by a pebble, Only to reappear the same way at twinkles reas, Thrushting her blade as chi channeled in her arm for the blow. She aimed for where a humans heart would be. Was the moment likely expected for someone to strike? Yes, but that at the flinch, she couldnt let the shot pass by. She had no intent to harm in her strike, nor murder. This was not homocide. This was assassination.
[22:27] Sparks grins as the barrier falls, bringing her cannon up to bear knowing how long it takes... yep a panel lights up as the charging spindle prepares another shot, she sets it to 'burst
[22:28] Valindra would figured everyone would concentrate on Twinkle herself once the shield went down so she simply directed her drill to drop on the black dragon already being so close to where it was anyway. She would then focus hard as she spoke in her spell casting voice knowing if they could wipe out the dragons they would have a much better shot, "potentia illimitata imperium"
[22:29] Sparks: 'burst' mode lining up her sights on twinkle, the panel going dark almost as soon as it lit up, rather than a beam there's a deep rumbling twang as a discrete bolt of energy is launched from the barrel streaking towards her, the bright ball of energy exploding on impact
[22:39] Twinkle takes the impacts from everyone, not particularly agile, Moon's sword managing to pierce her with the force focused into the thrust, coming out her front, but not finding any organs to take out, the other impacts battering her around, and then Sparks' blast slams into her and sends her flying free of the crowd to slam into the corner, starting to laugh as the rumbling of the cavern becomes a full-blown earthquake, and all the crystals that had grown from the stone shatter at once, turning into millions of razor blades that zip across the room in a flurry. The white and black dragons sync up, the white one unleashing a quick blast of light to burn vision, followed by black releasing a wave of absolute darkness to flood the cavern, the drill digging into black's body, but without the other attacks it holds up much better than before. The blue dragon homes its beam back in on Flare to keep her from firing back up, while the clear one aimes at Valindra, a beam of force energy travelling towards her, trying t
[22:40] Twinkle: to encircle her into an inescapable cage
[22:45] Flare: gasps as bits of crystal scape and cut her. She got a good hit on Twinkle but because of all the other shooting, couldn't get a grip on the creature. And now, her eyes blurry from the light/dark blast, she didn't see the blue beam in time to dodge it. Again, the feeling of ice in her veins as she tries to figure out what to do next as she turns away from the rock walls
[22:54] Marathon closes her eyes and covers her face as the flash lights up the cave she cant see much in the sudden darkness but she can still hear.... she focuses her hearing enhancing the sense so be able to target the location of the dragons she cant tell which is which from sound but she remembered their general locations she rush toward what she thought was the black one to try and turn the lights on... firing repeated strikes around it at various points with her still super heated kicks unable to be 100% sure where on the dragon she was striking it
[22:56] Moondance felt the blade go in, but the subtle impact that would belt from organs wasnt there. The swords enchantment worked from the two high strength attacks, It crackes and shatters, the whole sword breaking down into dust Still had it been a person, twinkle would have been dead. The crystals erupting form the walls and the shot that explodes from sparks seeming to hit her and cut her, before she evaporates and it was a chunk of stone. Moondance located by the entance, suit torn all to hell and lacerations though surface deep, rather than lethal if she had stayed there. " shit. No heart" Pulling a second kunai and hanging back for now. Her big 'gun' was gone
[22:58] Sparks yelps in surprise at the flurry of crystal blades, her bodysuit armoring up quickly covering her entire body in plates "My suit can't take much of this!" she calls out slinging her rifle and trying to tuck herself into the corner as much as possible out of the worst of it, pulling and priming another charge she makes an estimate based on where twinkle had been thrown before the dragon blasts and throws the charge, the damage being sustained preventing her suit from establishing a sensor profile of the room "Do we have a plan?"
[23:03] Valindra would drop another arcane drill this time onto the back of the blue dragon crackling with arcane power as it goes to work getting to the core of the beast. She would let the drill that was working on the black dragon work itself to the center of the dragon before uttering the command, "reicio" With that the drill in the center of the black dragon would explode with arcane force being trapped in a crystal like that it would hopefully shatter the dragon. She had been blinded by the combo of the white and black dragons going solely on her sense of magical energies as she spoke again, "potentia illimitata imperium"
[23:08] Twinkle reels as the charge detonates next to her, the shockwaves from it sending cracks spreading out from the sword wound. Marathon's impacts disrupt the black dragon enough to allow the drill to reach the center and detonate, ripping that one apart, and the new drill starts working on the blue dragon, disrupting its control of the energy slightly, though its body is still holding together for the moment. The clear dragon solidifies the prison around Valindra, then starts stalking towards Sparks, light reflecting off sharp fangs. The white dragon begins issuing constant blasts of light, creating a strobe effect throughout the room, while the shards gather back up from where they landed and form into a tornado-like vortex, whipping around at speeds just below mach 1, a spinning wall of glistening pain
[23:14] Flare: feels her healing abilities kicking in, but her uniform is a tattered mess, skin revealed under the gaping rips in the latex. Her tights are history, but that was forgotten as the white dragon turns the cave into a scarehouse, strobing, disorienting her. The sudden roar of wind scared her, she felt the suction pulling her in. "Get clear!" she screamed as her body was pulled into the vortex.
[23:24] Marathon keeping her eyes closed tight even with her visor it was near impossible to see with the flashes... then the tornado of jagged stone whips up... her cuffs shift and expand to cover her arms and she used them to block her vital points... the shared were moving alot slower then she does but there were alot of them and she was still getting knicks and cuts as she runs through to the clear dragon hitting it hard in the side with a powerful kick.. trying to get its attention off sparks before darking to the white one feeling that is takes priority... offering up another barrage of stone shattering kicks trying to focus on breaking it down
[23:25] Sparks clenches her fist "I can't stay here!" she calls out, pulling another charge from her belt, tossing it at the nearest dragon as she stumbles her way out of the main cavern to get shelter from the swirling crystals, her suit power dangerously depleted, she checks her cannon, the spindle still charging as she leans against the cave wall just outside
[23:29] Valindra would let the arcane Drill working on the blue dragon try to get to its core if nothing else at least it should be doing significant damage to it. If it managed to reach the core of the dragon it too would explode. In the meantime another arcane drill would drop on the back of the white dragon aiming to preform the same trick on it as well as it seemed to be working quite well. She would feel her body starting to give out having used so much magic in a short period of time, but she hoped she would only have to hold it together a little while longer and she was quite luckily protected by the force cage.
[23:34] Twinkle raises her arms, the shaking of the cavern growing stronger as more stone falls away, revealing even more jagged crystals jutting out from the new positions of the walls. Marathon's kick draws the gaze of the clear dragon as it sends cracks splintering through its body, the dragon swiping a claw and tail at her before turning away from the retreating catgirl, not noticing the thrown charge until it detonates, breaking apart the damaged form the rest of the way. The blue dragon would fall the same as the black as the detonation goes off, and as Marathon and Valindra both attack the white one it starts quickly breaking down, though not quite destroyed yet, still firing off the flashes of light, while the vortex keeps growing, rapidly moving to fill the room with the bladed fragments
[23:49] Marathon sees the drill working on the white dragon as she kicks and she brings her leg up wo drop a heavy blow on the drill as she turns trying to help it along driving it deeper into the dragons crystal body to finish it off hoping to finish it off...
[23:51] Sparks takes slow breathes to relax and recover as she waits, finally the charging whine reaches it's peak and resets, indicating another shot charged, she sets it for pulse again, maximum yield, then drops to her knee, swinging the cannon around the corner bracing it on the wall and looking through the scope, tied in with hrer suit sensors to filter out the light flashes and flag targets, seeing the others engage the last nearly gone dragon she lines up on twinkle, firing the explosive bolt at her again
[23:52] Valindra let her drill work into the center of the white dragon having been given a little help and exploding. At this point she was nearly totally exhausted. She would look to Twinkle at this point trying to determine the best way to go at her reading her aura and the leylines for any weaknesses in her structure.
[23:58] Twinkle takes the impact from Sparks shot and slams back into the wall again, the jagged cracks arcing through her form now, several fingers and a whole foot breaking off and shattering on the ground. The white dragon gives in under the drill, ripping apart, leaving the room empty apart from the wounded girl finally. Valindra's search reveals no magical auras, it appears she's tapping into the ley lines through some other source of power, and they still seem to be obeying her will for the moment despite her injuries. She focuses their power, and once again the crystals lining the room shatter, sucking into the vortex and turning it into a blinding blizzard that could reduce a normal person to pulp in a split second, her voice a bit strained now as she speaks "Foolish fleshlings... the world will have its way... today, tomorrow, or centuries from now... all who oppose the growth will be cleansed"
[00:08] Marathon glares at twinkle looking utterly exhausted... at this point "i and do damn tired to even think of a quip for you..." she growls and her legs vibrates again becoming super heated once more.. even hotter than last time.. the air around ot blurred from the heat and she rushed at twinkle right through the whirling vortex of shards.. she blocks as much as she can with her arm braces but she still gets impaled by a few of them as her foot impacts a massive blow right into twinkles chest
[00:09] Flare: "Cleanse this!" she exclaimed. She felt her fire power coming back and launched a series of fireballs in the direction of Twinkles' back, hoping she missed Marathon
[00:10] Sparks moves back into cover, expended for now and letting the others finish he roff
[00:10] Valindra would aim for the center of Twinkle's personal aura in essence the aura of her life force and speak softly, "magicae telum" With that a bolt of pure arcane energy would form and head right for Twinkle however Valindra would never see the results as she would pass out on the spot falling to the ground totally exhausted.
[00:13] Twinkle is too dazed from the last impact to even try dodging the barrage of attacks, the twin types of bolts and barrage of kicks blasting more and more chunks off her body with each hit, until the whole thing shatters, the vortex collapsing, sending a rain of shards scattering around the room as the rumbling stills and silence takes over
[00:17] Flare: finds the silence almost maddening as the vortex and Twinkle falls. She lowers herself to the ground, hands glowing menacingly as she slowly approaches the fallen Twinkle.
[00:20] Marathon takes a deep breath and staggers slightly... "that draining blast is no joke..." she mutters looking down just not noticing she is naked she blushes and covers up a bit wincing as her hand touching one of the shards lodged in her flesh.... she grits her teeth and pulls it out the ones she can reach... before collapsing to the floor leaning against one of the cave walls
[00:21] Sparks peers around the corner " it over?"
[00:21] Valindra was passed out and the shards would rain on her cutting and stabbing her unconscious body. She was defenseless at this point and just a mere human in essence.

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