protested rethoric

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protested rethoric

Post by allock » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:40 am

one by one a crowd begns to gather at the central plaza angry people with determined looks on there faces, they carry signs with anti meta human slogans, and a few of them hold make shift clubs and weapons at the ready the crowd seems angry and on edge .and just a little bit afraid

12:40] Kaeryn look at the crowd gathering, hands in her pocket.

12:43] Crowd crowd waves there signs and marches in a circle they eye the spectator for the moment but make no move to them " what do we wan't ?" is called out only to be replied to with " safe streets "

[12:44] Kaeryn slowly move into the crowd, hands still in her pocket. She approach someone, and ask. "What is happening my friend ?"

[12:44] Jess Tress (Bouncy) looks down at the crowd from the road above, tossing a few peanuts in her mouth and chewing on them. "Safe streets, eh? Not like them marching on those streets is making them much safer, really." she murmurs to herself

[12:47] Crowd the chant continues " when do we want them ? " and the reply now!!!!" one young man breaks off his chanting to reply to kareny " were protesting meta humans, we want the city to kick them out!" he stops speaking to reply to part of the chant " out with the meta!!"

[12:49] Kaeryn chuckle. "Yeah.. right.." She shake her head. "You are just just jealous of their ability, because you have none.." She smirk.

[12:50] Jess Tress (Bouncy) mhmmms, hearing the claims of the crowd. Gulping down her peanuts, she then swings herself over the edge, falling down to the street in front of the crowd. Leaving this as a nice first impression, she adds to that with quite the welcoming smile. "Okay, here I am. Who wants to try and throw me out, eh?" she asks, rubbing her hands.

[12:54] Crowd frowns and turns to her " jealous? jealous? yes im jealous because two heros fighting killed my wife.. yes im jealous because a fight over some affair killed the woman i love" the crowd gasps and turns as bouncy lands some hands tighten on weapons but no one makes a move just yet " leave us alone, and its going to be the government and the city its self that throws you out , filthy murderer!"

[12:56] Jess Tress (Bouncy) raises an index finger, hearing the crowds claims. "Ah. Okay, so, the government. Aaaaand.... If YOU guys aren't willing or able to do what you want, then.... Care to explain how the government should do it? I mean...." she stops and chuckles a bit. "You're sort of asking the impossible here. You want metas gone, but you can't do that without metas. I'm not the smartest, but.... Even I can see the flawed logic in that, people."

[12:57] Kaeryn look at Bouncy, with a smirk, then back at the crowd. "Well.. shit happen my friend." She look back at Bouncy. "I am curious who have that stupid idea in the first place, to be honest .."

[12:59] Crowd the crowed boos at them both the young man visably getting angry " shit happens? shit happens? my wifes death is shit happens?" an old grumpy nun responds to jess with a nasty grin " oh its not like we normal humans are powerless there are ways to deal with meta humans , im sure if we try hard enough we might even find ways to remove there powers.. how do you like the sound of that deari? get out of the city or lose your powers for ever?"

[13:04] Jess Tress (Bouncy) looks at the nun, her eyes running over her outfit. "Okay, wow.... Yeah, I can see that faith and belief is your thing. I got a question for you. Actually for all of you. Why do you think you won't be the next guys or girls to become a meta, eh? I mean..... I sure didn't ask to become one." Then she adds to that with a grin. "Actually.... I can see there's already Metas among you there."

[13:04] Kaeryn "Life is unfair, my friend. What would you do if you wife died because of a thunderstorm ? You would protest against storm ?" She chuckle. "Honestly.. think before doing that sort of shit my friend." She sniff.

[13:06] Crowd growls " a metas not a natural disaster bitch, there people with wills of there own and there fighting in the streets all willynilly needs to stop

[13:08] Crowd the old grumpy nun rolls her eyes as some of the protesters in the group look around them selfs eying each other " bah then i expect they would leave the city or be made to leave the city " she eyes jess " let me ask you this girlie if your powers could be removed what then?"

[13:12] Kaeryn look at bouncy, then back at the nun. "I will remove a body part of everyone of you if that happen." She look at the crowd. "And trust me, i do not need my power for that. I did hit before."

[13:12] Jess Tress (Bouncy) shrugs. "In that case I'd say every meta could have their powers removed, and that would be done.... And then people are just going to be assholes and causing chaos without powers." She lets that sink in. "What, you think the streets will be safer without metas? Surprise, people will still be assholes. If you got something to take care of THAT, THEN we would be talking about solutions."

[13:17] Anna stood off to the side, watching for a moment as the crowd faced off against two others. She considered for a moment and then strolled into the crowd -- adding her voice to the anti-meta protests. "Oh please, that's like saying we shouldn't protest atom bombs because people will still be assholes with guns!"

[13:18] Crowd they sneer at bouncy " yeah its called the police and the armed forces , it worked pretty well for us before there were metas i expect it will work well after we get rid of you, or are you saying we should roll over and let you keep killing us accidentally in some brawl because you can throw a truck , or maybe your a belgrave sympathizer eh? think your superior because you have powers? ?" the crowd is visibly angrier both at bouncy and karenys words a young man wearing a bandanna low over his eyes pushes him self up from where he was leaning against a building, clearly not a protester , he places him self between karyen and the protesters and simply smiles ," yeah shes right!!! come on get real" the protesters rally behind annas words

[13:21] Kaeryn "Human are superior to animal, and we, meta, are superior to human. Nobody can change that fact." She sniff. "Don't be mad of the truth.." She look at Anna. "And like every protest, my friend, it is stupid and useless.."

[13:23] Jess Tress (Bouncy) rubs her nose, and nods. "Yeah, exactly. Perfect example, really. What use is it, to protest atom bombs, when you're still going to get shot? I mean.... Guys... and girls, for that matter.... You're making demands, without actually presenting a solution here. Like.... Imagine you're the person in charge of this city. You see your people like you, demanding to get rid of metas. And, what now? Pray? Hope? Think about a law you can't really push on the problem because you lack the methods necessary? What exactly are you going to do? I'll tell you.... You're going to give up on the demand, since there's no way to actually see it through."

[13:24] Anna picked up on the accent -- Balkans, for sure. Serbian, Bosnian perhaps. It was a pretty good angle to take, she figured. "Oh right. Superior and inferior. That's rich coming from a Yugoslav. You know what that kind of rhetoric got? Well you should, if you study your own history!" she called back.

[13:26] Alice wandered up behind the large crowd, head flopping to the side curiously as she watched the rhetoric bouncing back and forth. Spotting Anna in the crowd, slowly a blue eyebrow would rise on Alice's face.

[13:27] Crowd the nun frowns and shakes her head and a tall man with slick back hair pipes up " oh there are ways to enforce it metas aren't immortal and im sure some one can whip up something to deal with them " an old man in the group pipes up " all we want is for our government to take notice, to start acting!! were tired of dying in the streets by the dozens on an almost daily occurrence

[13:30] Kaeryn look toward Anna. "Oh, great.. an historian in the place .." She get her hands out of the pocket, and take off her glasses. "Well, tell me the relationship you are doing between the past of my people, who have been sacrified because of belief, and my power that are real ?" She throw her glasses in the air, and 'hold' it near her, mimicking the gesture of holding it with her hand, but clearly using telekinetic for that.

[13:30] Jess Tress (Bouncy) sighs slightly. "Ah, you are 'sure'? You 'think' there's a way? There 'should' be one? Okay maybe a more visual and physical example will make the problem much more clear to you." She points to the tall man with the pipe bar. "Come over here. Right here. I'm a meta, I'm the problem. Now, try and remove me. See where that gets you, and what you 'think' after that."

[13:31] Hel had wandered by to get something hot to drink, but became curious of the gathering. She quickly got her drink and sat down to watch what was going on.

[13:33] Crowd the nun clearly a ring leader shakes her head " don't do it, thats what they want, ifwe attack them were a rioting mob and not just protesters. remember the weapons are to protect us in case we get attacked again the corwd all glower at the two argueing metas and keep to the protesting though the old man just shakes his head in dispair " young lady, what do you want us todo? go back into our homes and wait for you to distroy them?"

[13:33] Anna snorts. "The strong trying to lord it over the weak," she said sardonically, leering at Kaeryn. "You're just like the nobles in Europe back in the day. Thinking they're oh-so-superior. Well you know what that got them? Maybe you should Louis XVI. Or maybe you can remain ignorant, and the guillotine will come as a surprise."

[13:34] Alice would keep her head flopped to the side as she thought about all of this. "Um." she began. "Why not make them all register?" she asked, a little curious. "Then you could track down the bad ones!"

[13:36] Jess Tress (Bouncy) gestures with one hand. "See? You can't remove me. And if YOU, with all your righteous attitude and spirit can't do that.... What the fuck do you expect your government to do? Heh? Magically pull a solution out of their ass, because you are protesting? Give me a break. Do something, right here and now, or you're just barking hollow words, and you know that."

[13:37] Kaeryn "Off-topic, since these 'lord' were just human and normal after all. I am waiting a real comparaison my friend." She still hold her glasses in the air. "These lord could not throw people in space, or tank at building. I am superior, don't be mad." She smirk and point at Bouncy. "She is right. You all appear like idiots at this moment.. protesting to remove people is not smart."

[13:39] Crowd the man wearing the bandanna looks grim but he doesn't remove his gaze from kaeryn , a middle aged woman pipes up " we don't care what you think about us nor do we care about your power, you are goliath and we are david, simply trying to find our rock now if your done heckling us beat it!"

[13:40] Anna rolled her eyes. "So 'superior' and yet too stupid to see an obvious analogy," she snorted. "Humans have overcome everything thrown at them through history. You're no different. You're just another bump in the road. You can get out of the way or get run over."

[13:41] Anthrophage (anthropophagi): "Come on now people, she's dressed like a stripper. Throw her a couple of one dollar bills and she'll go away," the creature up on the bridge shouts before laughing at the scene.


[13:43] Jess Tress (Bouncy) points to the middle-aged woman. "There! Make THAT woman your leader, people. She gets it. First the stone, then the demands. Now, if you all excuse me? I'll head home, and watch some porn." She turns around to leave, only to stop for a moment, and look back at them again. "With humans! And metas! Yeah!"
[13:44] Kaeryn "Oh because i am a bump in a road for you ?" She chuckle, and finally put her glasses in her pocket, as she approach Anna. "Come on, did a meta hurt you bad when you were a child ?" She sniff as she put her hands in pocket, looking at Anna.

[13:45] Alice was starting to get a little uncomfortable. She'd made a suggestion to try to get the crowd less focused on violence and more on practical solutions, but it didn't seem to have been listened to. Shoulders dipping, she'd take a few steps back and listen in silence, unsure what to do - she definitely wasn't a hero, and this felt like it could devolve into violence at any second.

[13:45] Crowd the crowd sneers at her the man wearing the bandanna moves quickly and fianlly speaks " i can't let ya hurt any one here lady.."

[13:48] Anna stood her ground, entirely unperturbed. She was a meta herself, after all. She was just enjoying stirring the pot. Plus -- driving the big bad heroes underground would only be helpful for her. "I just have no use for jumped-up losers who smell of vodka, or their delusions of grandeur," she retorted. "Would-be petty dictators like you belong on the scrap heap of histry."

[13:49] Nymphaedra gave a chittering sound as she approached the crowded intersection "Oh, what have we here? Hyoomans chaffing under their arrogance again?" she chuckled softly "Or perhaps some perceived injustice? Was there perchance a shortage on your soy milk? Or a break in service for your video service? Yes. With how often your kind seem to protest it's almost as if you actually are dealing with real not choosing the right ruler?"

[13:51] Kaeryn "Atleast.. i will be in the history, my friend." She grin, and give a look at Nymphaedra. "No, they are just pissed off meta like me.. or other type of people, like you .. and they want to remove you from that Earth." She nod, with a grin.

[13:52] Crowd the man in the bandanna winches as the apparent protester continues her barrage of insults the crowed turns and looks gasping as a bug monster appears a man faints " ohh god its an ugly bug monster some one screams" he young man turns and sighs " dis day just got a lot worse"

[13:53] Jess Tress (Bouncy) does a stop when she hears the yell about a bug monster. "Heh...." she says and turns around. "Now I wonder, how will they remove that, eh? 10 bucks say they're going to ask for a meta to help."

[13:54] Anna chuckled. "You'll be forgotten," she said to Kaeryn. "Or reviled. Maybe that's what you want. You want to follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, or Adolf Hitler, or maybe Slobodan Milošević is more your speed?"

[13:57] Nymphaedra feels her eye twitch a bit at the crass comments hurled her way. " not a 'bug monster'.." she begins, her tone buzzing in irritation "I am your -rightful- Queen, and you all are lucky I am a merciful master.. because I'll pretend I didn't hear your insolence." She waves a hand "As for protesting Metas.. by all means, you could simply submit to me and you would be under my protection."

[14:00] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Like thats going Help,,,, never mind i did say anything Really ,

[14:00] Kaeryn "Proof that work, you know their name, and what they have done.." She shrug and smile. She is totally not giving a fuck. She look at Nymphaedra. "Atleast.." She look at the crowd. "You cannot complain after me.. i am not making threat to make you some sort of slave.." She chuckle, and step aside. She sit on the fire hydrant.

[14:03] Crowd some one in the crowd yells back " or you could get a real job and stop trying to be our queen!!" some one else yells " also stop trying to eat us!! bug monster!!" " the man in the bandanna breaths a sigh of relife then turns and gazes at the bug queen , the nun mutters something then turns to the handsome man with the slick backed hair " i hate to say it but the slutty meta might be right.. we should consider a more vigorous approach next time

[14:04] Jess Tress (Bouncy) can't help to crack a smirk. "Now, that's gonna be interesting. I mean, those people wouldn't want us to cause any 'chaos' or even 'kill' someone, no? Guess that bug queen there is a problem they got to solve on their own, then."

[14:04] Anna stepped back from the crowd. "The solution," she said, raising her voice, "is to make your own voices heard in government. Vote. Vote for people who will make the changes you seek. Don't let petty bullies like hoodie over there silence you. Vote!" With that she fades back from the crowd, walking away with a smile curling her black-lipsticked lips.

[14:07] Kaeryn take her hand out of her pocket, and wave it rapidly toward Anna as she walk away. She will try to make her fall with her telekinetic. Of course, she will hide her gesture by faking a sneeze, and a rub of her nose.

[14:10] Nymphaedra twitches again, this time her tail begining to sway behind her "Oh, so you think a Queen should lower herself to prepare your meals? Or clean your house..." she suddenly snaps out "That! Is your kind's flaw! Arrogance!" she stalks forward towards the crowd a few steps "Believing -I- should lower myself to your work... no.. I offer you a chance to serve your Queen willingly, and you insist on throwing it back at me...slaves... no. Slaves are useless. I offer you a position in something greather than yourselves!"

[14:10] Crowd the crowd starts chanting " vote vote vote vote vote!!!" the voices rising to a roar one lone voice can be heard " also lets get some raid!!" signs wave in the air as a a second wave of energy enters the crowd the crowd now a rumbling dull roar

[14:11] Anna felt something strike her in the back, like a rough push, and she slipped, falling to a knee. Glancing back over her shoulder she saw there was no one there -- but knew enough to know it must have been one of the metas she had been antagonizing. She didn't say anything, though. She brushed off the dirt and snow and kept walking, head held high, and disappeared around a corner.

[14:12] A late coming protester, Sister Carmen Louisa, hurries from behind the kiosk, trying to be sneaky but tripping over a chair, as she passes by Nymphaedra, tries to join the crowd of protesters.

[14:14] Kaeryn look at Nymphaedra, and the crowd, shaking her head.

[14:14] Jess Tress (Bouncy) sighs, shrugs, and leaps up onto the highway above. There, she pulls a stink bomb from her cleavage, juggling it in her hands for a moment, before she tosses it over the edge and into the crowd. "Have fun with the stink." she murmurs, and watches with a grin again. Might as well have a bit of fun now.

[14:15] Anthrophage (anthropophagi): "That's just mean."

[14:16] Jess Tress (Bouncy): Maybe, but they earned it.

[14:16] Nymphaedra gave a hiss at the hyooman invading her sppace, the flat end of her tail darting out to try and whack the hyooman "Do not... approach your Queen without her permission!" she snapped out.

[14:17] Kaeryn take a joint out of her pocket, and lit it, as she start to smoke.

[14:20] Hel had been silently observing. Unsure what to do really. It had just been heated words back and forth. But she saw the stink bomb thrown, and heart something that sounded like someone being whacked. She stood, and glanced around for some place to slip quietly out of the way, before fading away from the protest.

[14:21] Hel Holsworthy (anankeschnee) left chat range.

[14:21] Crowd the crowd begins to back up a bit and the man in the bandanna trys to nonchalantly place him self between the bug queen and the protesters, attempt to not appear as if hes protecting them , the stink bomb falls into the crowd and gos off with a pfft and a horrifying smell fills the air the crowd begins to gag and several people vomit " oh god the metas are attacking us !!!!" the old nun gags then screams " runnn!! meet back at the rendezvous point were not done! these meta tyrants will never silence us!" the humans begin fleeing dashing for the parked cars and trucks, the man in the bandanna grunts as the tail smacks into him sending him staggering " oh now dats just what i been waiting for.. sorry buggy..I've been on edge for a while now.. and you just volunteered" several of the protesters rush at the bug queen baseball bats and metal pipes swinging

[14:23] Kaeryn will observe the chaos beginning. She is still sitting on her fire hydrant, smoking.

[14:24] Jess Tress (Bouncy) blinks a few times, seeing the response from her stink bomb. "Wow.... Okay, that escalated quickly." Her eyes also fall on the group mobilizing against the bug queen there, and she rubs her nose. "Hey, if you guys need some help with that.... Maybe 'thinking' that there 'should' be a solution will help."

[14:24] Sister Carmen Louisa yelps as she's struck by Nymphaedras tail, tripping a second time and almost falling down. She turns around and gives Nymphaedra a mean look as she picks her sign back up before silently slipping in to the crowd and trying to squeeze in next to one of the nuns. She gags horribly when the stink bomb goes off, but runs to try and keep up with the crowd, especially the nun who mentioned the rendevous point.

[14:26] Crowd: so no po then , just make sure theres at least one post between your before posting agian
[14:27] Alice Fairchild (alicefairchild) entered chat range (9.26 m

[14:29] Nymphaedra seeing she got the two-piece with her tail-thwap she was feeling smug, until the crowd begins to turn against her. And as several approach she raises her tail, blade side at the ready and gives a vicious grin "If you seek to rebel against your Queen... then realize that this will not be forgiven.." she stated, her tail at the ready to lash out at the first to close with her

[14:31] Jess Tress (Bouncy) just leans against the railing, not seeming to want to stop Nymph fighting the crowd.... Or the crowd from trying to fight her. When the guy in total black attire steps by her, she nods with a greet. "Hey. Came for the show?" she asks.

[14:32] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) moved alongside the rabbit, still watching the street level. He nodded, then asked "What's goin on here? They come to stomp the bug?"

[14:34] Jess Tress (Bouncy) shakes her head at the question. "Nope. Those good folks down there were protesting to get Metas removed from the city. Turns out, some Metas don't like getting kicked out, and I kinda am making a point here what these people are actually asking for by not lifting a single finger. You know, as if I were not around, as per their demand."

[14:35] Mark Blake narrows his eyes and removes his bandanna a glowing gem prominent on his for head " oh baby im just the rebel for ya den , he you guys cut it out!" he yells at the protesters to no avail as the man with the bat arrives first his bat swinging wild at the bug queens skull quickly followed by the second man and a pipe aimed at her gut

[14:37] Kaeryn smoke her joint, chuckling at the scene. happening.

[14:37] Sister Carmen Louisa swallows a little bit of vomit that came up as she tries not to puke all over the ground from the stink bomb. "She said retreat," she cries out, "Back to the rendevous point!"

[14:38] Jess Tress (Bouncy): Oh, yeah.... And I might have dropped a present in the crowd. Almost forgot about that.

[14:40] Nymphaedra sent her tail slashing at the hyooman who aimed for her head's throat, should she manage to catch him with the attack...well.. it wouldn't be pretty; and darted a secondary arm out to block the blow going for her gut, the pipe striking her chitin covered secondary arm with enough force to crack the outer layer. But would otherwise have little effect. "So be it! You and your ilk would not be the first rebels to be crushed by Queen Nymphaedra!" she gave a sudden, rather drawn out laugh - One that totes isn't like a cartoon villain...maybe.

[14:42] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar) nodded, overlooking the mob. He could call up the void, scare the living dog snot out of them...but they were only human. "I got something that might break it up some...." he says quietly, reaching back to retrieve a small black orb from his pack. "Oh, I'd advise taking a deep breath before I do this..."

[14:46] Mark Blake grows as the men are cut down the rest of the protesters all begin to flee the cars driving away , one man attempts to grab sister luises hand and drag her away , the man with the gem in his forehead cracks his knuckles as for the most part only metas remain in the plaza

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