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open for business(log)

Post by allock » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:02 pm

[14:32] Jaron lands in the road, having spotted the crowd and PAE truck during flight, he looks at the truck, zoning out as he checks the database quickly to see what this is about

[14:34] Nameless was double fisting hot dogs as the truck pulled up and simply took a bite, one had mayonnaise on it while the other had ketchup and mustard! She couldn't decide which one was better... She would eat them both! While also listening in on what may of may not be happening nearby!

[14:35] Tiz of the pae? the smiling man hands the rough looking biker before him a case and turns gasping as the large dragon land and swallows " oh my look at the time sorry folks thats it for sales today " oh god its a monster!!" he points at the dragon and the civis with there newly aquired weapons all turn to look at jaron frowns forming on there faces

[14:37] Jaron: i am no monster, and this man is a fraud *nods* i am the director of operations at PAE and i can tell you with certainty that he does not work for us

[14:40] Tiz of the pae? shakeshis head " ugh can you belive this guy? hes obviously a dragon and if he was pae why wasn't he at that protest stoning those metas from killing so many people!! he wants to kill you as well!!" a few people in the crowed start opening there cases as the man reaches up for the passanger door and tells some one inside " drive already" the van swings around as it starts to move puting the group of civis between it and the dragon

[14:40] Nameless smirked and finished off her hot dogs, wiped her hands on her dress as she chewed quickly and then motioned at some napkins! They floated over and she wiped her mouth off, she was enjoying the beutiful day outside! Even though it was cold...

[14:41] Tiz of the pae?: ( the van is not drivable so .. theater of the mind!!!))

[14:43] Nameless saw the van obstruct her vision and decided to simply levitate and sit on top f it to watch the goings ons!
[14:45] Jaron looks to the crowd "have i made a single move against you? as for why i wasnt there i do need sleep, same as you, i cannot be in more than one place at once" he nods a bit "i have no intention of fighting you, or hurting anyone here"

[14:46] Jaron looks to the truck, staring a bit as he tries to scan whats inside, determine if the weapons are PAE issue or not

[14:47] Tiz of the pae? the civis begins pulling out a there weapons and loading them one man unlimbers an acid spray aming it at jarons chest " leave us alone monster!!" he doesn't fire , but he looks scared and panicky , strangely enough the truck seems to have been set up to prevent deep scans but under the carapace of a crapy old van a rather impressive machine hides, and as jaron gets that info the van zooms away

[14:49] Takamachi Mikoto walks up loking like a tiny ball of fury " JARON! Follow the van!"

[14:49] Alice (Aqueous) follows Mikoto panting as she asks between breaths "Engagement orders Ma'am?"

[14:50] Jaron looks to them "and so i shall" he takes off to follow the van

[14:50] narrator the man with the acid spewer opens fire as mikoto screams a blast of acid shooting at jaron the rest of the crowed all panicky and frightened turn newly purchased and loaded weapons on mikoto " stay back a woman yells!"

[14:51] Evie says into her coms, "All units, I need a ..... stand by, all units." She was about to ask for the van for being stopped but on hearing Mikoto, thinks that sounds like a better idea all around. Maybe something can not only be learned about what's in the van, but where it's from.

[14:52] Juno (angel8819) landed beside Mikoto "Plan?"

[14:53] Takamachi Mikoto: As for you people. you should be ashamed ! That man you are so eager to call a monster!? He's the director of operations at PAE. He's the one making sure your lights come on at night. He's the one who make sure you have clean water to drink, and you treated him like that "

[14:55] Alice (Aqueous) misses mikotos orders for engagement over the clamor of the crowd and decides too use her own judgement exhaling slowly as her eyes begin to glow a brilliant blue. and above in the clouds a mass of water begins too form. Alices breathing for the time being slow and rythmical.

[14:55] narrator: (( sorry every one i had a sudden phone call))

[14:55] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny): ((np ^^))

[14:57] Jaron is totally n ot here and instead off trying to track the van

[14:59] narrator the angry woman squints and cockes her gun "oh where was he on the valentines eve massacrer eh!! where were any of you when we needed you!" as alice begins to glow a pnicky old lady in the back screams and fires a strane drill shapped bullet at her
[14:59] narrator: " nooo there going to kill us!!"

[15:03] Juno (angel8819) saw what was the inevitable scrap about to kick off and switched her field up to maximum.

[15:05] Evie doesn't approach the place where Tiz no longer is and doesn't talk like some alleyway gangster. Instead she hangs back, watching the crowd and calls into her coms, "I need a PVT at this location." Louder she calls out, "Drop all the weapons now or consider yourself under arrest by order ofthe Protectorate."

[15:07] Takamachi Mikoto did something compely bizare. She opend up her jumpsuit and peels it off " I'll tell you where I was. " letting them see the bruses and gunshots still healing " I was held captive. I was kidnapped and taken prisoner my people claiming to be Anti-metahuman activists. And they did it So that PAE could not do anything to respond.

[15:08] Alice (Aqueous) blinks looking forward tilting her head as the round is fired at her. the mass of water in the air heads down too the crowd slowing just before reaching them too prevent injury as it flows too try and encompass the crowd and submerge them looking too at the very least startle and for the time being shock some of them into submission. as it then flows too the ground shortly after likely having drenched the majority of the crowd priming them for an electrical shock. Alices eyes focusing on the round headed for her, yet she remained helpless to do any thing too stop it and it seemed the others had no means too stop it either. she grunts out and cries out as the drill shaped round slams into her right shoulder. causing extreme pain as it goes right through her. yet aside from the water. she made no agressive actions "Cool.. Down" is all she says while clutching her bloody shoulder. her blood red like any humans.

[15:10] Alice (Aqueous) corrects. > The bullet would enter her shoulder and then explode within it. majorly injuring the poor dragon girl. (cause drills cant just be drills XD)

[15:11] Evie hears Jaron over PAE com and says into her Protectorate com. "All units, I need an APB on any PAE vans in abnormal spots. I need an APB on all PAE vans in a vicinity to be reported. Over her PAE com she says, "Jaron, can you report the last known vicinity to the Protectorate?"

[15:12] narrator the woman glances at evie then mikoto the crowed throughly drenched and shivering now but .. defeated the spirit leaving them broken " so what your saying.. is you werent the ones selling us theses weapons.. the one helping us defend our selfs" she sighs and sits on the groun " then why are you even here" the others follow suite

[15:17] Juno (angel8819) takes up a defensive position, getting between the crowd and Alice, drawing the stun baton on her back

[15:18] Takamachi Mikoto: I was held captive. Beaten and used as ransom to make sure that no one from PAE could do anything at that massacre." She then watches the dragon go down and anger grows her eyes. " you know what. The only monsters I see are the ones shooting an innocent girls. " her hands light up with arcs of electricity. " DEFENDING ? AGAINST WHAT?! " She bellows " She has done nothing to harm you." she then rises up in the air " You know what. I may be different, But I have dedicated my life to the people of this city! While you all cowered in shelters I was on the front lines fighting the abominations Shiva and the singularity sent to kill and enslave all of you, And now you're going to repay that by wandering around killing people different than you? !"

[15:21] Evie realizes what the protesters thought and says out loud, "You were all duped! Someone is trying very hard to make normal citizens and Metas hate one another. They knew about the protest the other night ahead of time and organized the attack by the metas against you and distributed the weapons among you to incite the violence further. They want nothing more than for metas and normals to fight one another instead of helping one another. We're seeking out both the surviving metas who fought the other night as well as those who organized the metas." She wasn't sure how well she was able to be heard, but she thought it was a nice speech and would be trying to remember it later when she had to give a report to the media.

[15:21] Alice (Aqueous) winces a bit noticing the individuals in the crowd are shivering she winces as she does her best too focus drawing the water from there clothing but leaving the massive puddle at there feet. saying as best she can while wobbling. trying too draw that water too herself too work on healing her shoulder. "Try.. too keep warm.. it is cold out.. you may catch.. a cold" she states calmly before sitting down behind juno.

[15:22] Evie also had a loud voice, not supernaturally loud, but loud just the same and was good at making herself heard. ((It's in her app))

[15:23] narrator an old man pushes to the front of the group and looks up at her he points to her hands and says calmly " defending against that" the old man reaches into his pocket and pulls out something a lanyard on on the end of it is a pae bage " and ms Takamachi.. you forgoet.. when were not hiding.. we clean your bullding, we cook food we run the tv station we sell the necessity of every day life.. we can't we can't fight the things you do.. but were tired of dying cause you forget where there " he glances at the dragon woman and nods " im sorry ma'am gertrued has been a bit on edge since her 19 year old son died in a meta shoot out.. poor things afraid to leave the house most times"

[15:24] Jaron flies over the scene, spotting the injured alice and lands near her, looking at her a bit but as she appears to be healing he doesnt immediately snag her up and instead asks "will you be ok?"
[15:24] narrator: (( didn't see evies post but ill respond to it in time))

[15:32] Alice (Aqueous) looks to jaron as she says. "i lack the energy too draw the water too me.. might you be able too bring me some.." she looks down at her shoulder. "it is taking a great deal of focus too keep my blood.. inside.." she says her voice quieting at the end of her words.

[15:32] Juno (angel8819) focuses on staying between the injured Alice and the crowd. She wasn't imposing but that stun baton would crackle every now and again which might put someone off.

[15:35] Takamachi Mikoto glances around at the weapons lowering down she grabs the jumpsuit and drapes it over her " I'm not going to lie to you and say there aren't metahumans out there who want to use their powers to harm others. " She uses a trick of vibrating the air around her to make herself louder " I understand being afraid of powers. Someone with powers nearly killed my mother. Me. When I was a small child I couldn't control my abilties. My parrents couldn't even pick me up without a ruber suit. One time, I fell and hit my head, and my mother rushed over to me without puting on a suit. She was electrocuted and in the hospitial for months. YOu say you hate meta humans and their powoers? I promise you that back then I hated them more. That event taught me that I needed to learn how to control my powers so that I didn't hurt others on accident. " She holds her coat open showing the bruses and other wounds " I probabally could have stopped the people that did this but they drugged me. I wasn't

[15:35] Takamachi Mikoto: sure that I could control my abilities enough to not kill them. I understand being afraid of powers. "
[15:36] Evie notes the arrival of the menacing Prisoner Transport Vehicle some distance away. She stays silent now and ready to react.

[15:38] narrator the old man shakes his head and sighs " i see we will never agree on this issue.. you say you know how scared we are but you don't " he glances at evie raising an eye brow " well thats interesting" some one should stop him then.. but you know.. even if he is.. i shudder to think how many more would of died with out the weapons he provided that day

[15:38] Jaron nods to her "ill see what i can do" and with that he takes a step to the side and looks inside the grill, asking someone inside to help him get a large container full of water for alice, hopefully getting it too

[15:42] narrator a nervous man provides the dragon a large handle less bucket

[15:42] Alice (Aqueous) Speaks up a bit as best she can "Sir. arnt we all living.. breathing. we all want too live, and we are all afraid of death." she winces. "You say you want protection. from the things that scare you... but where is the protection.. for the people who try too protect you, that jump into danger.. too keep it from getting worse.. I may be just.. another meta.. but one look at the history of humans.. tells me" she ends up coughing violently before trying too resume speaking. her shoulder dripping blood. "humans didnt need metas... they did a fine job of killing eachother.. the only difference now is.. Humans can put a name too that violence.. " she says as she looks too the nervous man trying too fake a smile. it looks very awkward. "thank you"

[15:43] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Brittany stands by Evie no sO SURE what to exect..

[15:44] Jaron shifts his weight, picks the bucket up and awkwardly walks back to alice on just two legs, placing it beside her

[15:45] Dark Sparks (sela.baxton) entered chat range (19.74 m).

[15:46] Evie yells, "The weapons weren't provided to save lives. The weapons were provided to cause more death; to stir the embers of fighting and make them hotter between metas and non-metas. Please, everyone just surrender the weapons so we can find out who's really providing them and stop this insanity of fighting."

[15:46] Takamachi Mikoto sighs " that's the problem. you were set up. The metahumans that attacked you. They were paid to do it by a man who calls himself pittfall. I turned the evidence over to the protectorate less than an hour ago . And what do you mean we'll never agree? You ever hear of the warden registration? The one that requires metahumans that want to enforce the law to be registered ? I helped draft that. I firmly believe that metahumans who are careless with their abilties should be punished even if their intension are good. Hell that's the very reason I stopped working along side Captian Strong, Because he's just too careless. The thing is, roaming the street in gangs trying to kill meta humans.. That's not going to solve things.

[15:46] narrator the old man shrugs and sighs " and there you have it,, you say one thing we say another thing, that to is human nature.. but as an old man whos been in this city a long time.. let me tell ya.. a storm is brewing.. and this storm is going to be ugly .. cuase this storm.. wont be aliens or demons from another plan.. its gonna be you and me and every one.. a storm cslled humanity" he looks to evie and grumpily snaps " well .. waiting on an invatation? arsst us allready whippersnapper"

[15:47] narrator old man stops at the words wardens and then starts to laugh waiting for the hand cuffs

[15:48] Takamachi Mikoto looks to Evie and shakes her head " Let them go home Evie. "

[15:49] Alice (Aqueous) looks too the water and sighs out drawing it too herself surrounding her shoulder with it and holding it there as she seems too breath in relief. "Thank you Elder."

[15:51] Chyleste is online.

[15:51] Jaron: it was no trouble, will that be enough to help you heal?

[15:51] Juno (angel8819) lowers the power on her shield and puts away her staff, stepping over towards Mikoto

[15:51] Evie thinks enough has been said. Anyone who wasn't moved already by the plain truth that had been given wasn't going to be moved. She said as much. "What more can we give you? Anyone who hasn't been moved already by the plain truth we've given you is going to have to be moved another way." She starts moving directly to the man that addressed her. "Last warning! Everybody! Drop the weapons now on the ground and go home or you will be going to that van behind you!"

[15:52] Takamachi Mikoto: wait. Wait. I have a deal to make with you.

[15:52] Takamachi Mikoto: Evie. Turn on your shield.

[15:53] narrator theres a clatter of weapons dropping and some grumbling as people bgin to return to there homes clearly this wasn't an organized gathering , the old man stops and glances up"yes? " he looks wary

[15:54] Evie thinks Mikoto isn't telling her to turn on her shield to protect herself, but turning it on so that she is effectively plugging her ears. Instead of turning it on, she says softly toward Mikoto, "Eh?"

[15:54] Jaron zones out a moment before taking off, heading for the PAE tower

[15:54] Takamachi Mikoto: Turn on the mark four shield Evie I want them to see it.

[15:57] Evie hesitates and stops marching toward the crowd. Begrudgingly shee turns her shield on in always-on mode. She can no longer hear anything around her or be heard by anyone who wasn't wearing a com. Into her PAE com she says, "This better be good."

[15:59] Takamachi Mikoto gesures to Evie " This here is the mark four energy shield. As you can see it's already in use by the citie's top maw enforcement. I wasn't sure it was ready for wide spread use, but, I'm willing to make a deal. Everyone who gives up a weapon will get one. It's not perfect. The shield works both ways. Right now she can't even hear what I'm saying. This deal isn't just for you either. Anyone who brings in one of thes weapons can trade it for a shield unit. "

[16:00] Jaron comes flying back, carrying a large crate with his claws, decending and places it on the ground near mikoto before moving back to make a proper landing

[16:00] narrator theres several ohhs and awws from the crowd " the old man looks it over and moves closer raising his cane to tap on the bubble

[16:01] Evie turns off her shield, hearing Mikoto tell her she can turn it off over comms.

[16:01] Evie gits hit with the cane. "Hey!"

[16:02] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) purses his lips and sets down the briefcase behind the corner, opening it up and starting to quickly change. He probably wouldn't need to do anything but ... if he was then it would be worth it.

[16:02] Harsilius Steam (harsilius): if he did*
[16:03] Alice (Aqueous) wobbles as she stands up. "For what it is worth officer.. i wont be pressing charges against the shooter.." she says quietly.

[16:03] narrator chuckles " sorry there young lady... didn't mean to do that " he hobbles over to the downed weapons and picks one up offering it to mikoto " allright ill take one boss.. and ill make sure to tell every one that the pae is providing protection"

[16:05] Takamachi Mikoto: mne winces. Sorry Evie " She takes the gun and opens the crate. She hands the man a disk shaped device about the side of the palm of the hand andnd an instruction book. Lucilly it's designed to be simple.

[16:06] narrator takes the device and walks off though there are some who sim0ly walk away leaving there weapons in the mud muttering to them self

[16:07] Jaron: suppose this means we need to increase production *nods*

[16:08] Takamachi Mikoto: doesn't argue, She simply gives out shield units to everyone who hands in a gun. If someone who doesn't have a gun wants one she grabs up one of th the dropped ones.

[16:08] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) pauses as he listens. Seems like the quick change wasn't necessary, he starts changing back and packing things away in the briefcase again.

[16:09] narrator all of the people do there trae and dont then drift away

[16:09] Harsilius Steam (harsilius) left chat range.

[16:10] Evie sighs. She says to Mikoto, "I'm not sure that was the best idea."

[16:10] Takamachi Mikoto: " would you rather them have guns or shields, Evie?

[16:11] Alice (Aqueous) speaks up. "it depends on if those shields are then handed too the leadership of the opposistion.

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