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[09:55] crime scene: [09:50] Allock (allock123) The city rocks to the sound of thunder and the roar of flames as multiple objects detonate, people scream and rubble falls to the street , as bombs go off inside the club exxxcilsior killing several in the process

[09:57] Lady Nightmare walks in off the street, giving a wave to the bartender and Velia, then as the explosion goes off she dives for the nearest people she can to shield them from the blasts, doing what she can to re-direct the force and heat out through any openings the initial force created

[09:59] Nirrae entered chat range (17.38 m).

[09:59] v01D (void.galaxy) is not one of the one who is saved by Lady N, which is not a problem for her persay as she throws up her hands to protect her face. The explosion burns off her human facade elsehwere on her body, including her head

[10:00] Drexia walks up to the club after the explosion "now what?" she mutters before heading inside through the no doubt ruined doors 10:05] crime scene smoke fills the interior of the club flames crackle along the celling and the stairs to the upper level burnt corpses litter the floor whole or in parts the bar counter lays in a splintered fiery mess the sound of a car speeding off can be heard in the distance.. the bulding shudders around you,, if something isn't done about the flames they could spread to other parts of the city

10:12] Lady Nightmare nods slightly as she sees Drex "Unless you've got a quick way to douse the flames, focus on getting people outside... gonna evac them to the hospital"
[10:13] Drexia: i can fill the suit with water and use that if you wish *nods, being completely calm*

[10:15] crime scene several people push them selfs to there feet and start trying to extinguish the flames, with the help of the fire suppression system. its hard going but the staff perseveres

[10:15] Talista Glas is offline.[10:17] Lady Nightmare nods quickly as she hauls everyone she can out the remnants of the doors, setting them in the last bits of snow on the sidewalk for the moment, making sure she gets everyone with any chance of being saved gathered up there "Go ahead, gotta get the fire under control before it spreads"

[10:20] Drexia heads outside and to a fire hydrant that should totally be around somewhere, she simply grabs the valve part and turns it, she does after all have quite a bit of strength, afterwards the just puts her mouth into the stream and forces her head againt the metal, causing her suit to inflate rapidly soon after

[10:24] crime scene battered and burned people watch as drexia seems to balloon with water there eyes wide theres some murrmirng but most people are to battered to worry them self s and are honestly grateful theres a crash as one of the poles falls over inside the club smoke exits in volume as the fires inside are battled

[10:25] Drexia heads back on inside a bit later, barely able to move because of all the water, once inside the suit constricts and water sprays from her mouth quite forcefully, letting her spray the flames, hopefully its enough, otherwise she needs to get closer and cut herself open

[10:26] Lady Nightmare steps outside once she has everyone that
isn't completely impossible to save gathered, reaching into her pouch and pulling out a small device, turning a dial and punching in a few coordinates, and then her and everyone she pulled aside are relocated to the hospital trauma entrance

[10:27] Moondance walks into the club WHIS IS PERFECT;Y FINE

[10:27] Drexia is a balloon because she decided to help put fires out, shes currently spraying water

[10:32] Moondance sits at the bar and gets a drink

[10:34] crime scene: (( pardon me its going to be a minuet))

[10:43] crime scene the fires begin to die as the staff and the people successfully battle the fires back in large part thanks to drexias timely help leaving the club floor a damp ruble strewn mess , the wounded had been evacuated bt the dead remain

[10:46] Drexia takes a bit to force all the water out of her suit, just poking a hole in it at the stomach area, leaving her intestine to hang out once she finishes, she looks around before heading up to the bar


[10:48] Moondance growls and looks to drex" who did this?"

[10:49] Lady Nightmare pops back into place outside the club the same way she left, but alone now, stepping in and taking a look around to see what the situation is now

[10:50] Drexia turns around, having emptied her suit out by making a hole, leaving her with intestines hanging out "what do we do with the dead?"

[10:51] crime scene as drexia moves to the bar counter a hint of daylight shines through the smoke and from the way the counter was destroyed its clear that the force of the detonation came from the outside blasting inward towrds the club..
[10:52] Lady Nightmare sighs "Lemme call up the Protectorate... we'll need investigators here before we move anything around any more..."

[10:53] Moondance: fuck the protectorate. I get it if they try it at the bar but this..this is inside the city

[10:55] Drexia: very well, but it is highly likely these are some of the explosives that were sold yesterday

[10:56] Moondance: so PAE is involved. I see a protectorate officer I am cutting them.

[10:57] Drexia: and why is that?

[10:58] Moondance: Pae vans supplied explosives ..they provided weapons

[10:58] Drexia: and those vans are entirely fake

[10:59] Drexia: to provoke that exact reaction you are currently having

[10:59] Lady Nightmare glances through the smoke at the figure that bursts through the battered doorway, shaking her head slightly "PAE isn't involved... the people responsible are just using them as a patsy. This group is organized and out to start a war" starting to access the external security footage copies from the database for the hour leading up to the explosion

[10:59] Moondance: I will find that out when I cut mikotos head off.. and whoever did this

[11:00] Drexia: and why would you cut her head off? she was not even involved

[11:00] Moondance: they provided the weapions and explosives. I watch the news

[11:01] Takamachi Mikoto looks to N " Evie sent us to see if there was anything we could do. What's happened "

[11:01] Drexia: you do realize anyone with a large printer could fabricate a logo, yes?

[11:01] Moondance charges right for mikoto drawing her sword. Trying to take the womans head off

[11:02] The Incubus grunts, barreling into Moondance to bodyblock her blow "Oh NO ya dont!"

[11:02] crime scene the video footage pulls up and after watching for a bit you see four men in gang colors the surround the building each one places a small object against the wall and taps at it briefly before running away the all converge on a rusty pickup of an easily identified make and model

[11:05] Takamachi Mikoto: SHIT! " She jumps back and flares her em field trying her best to catch the sword. She keeps her actions defensive out of respect for n, but when she sees Incubus jump in front of her she tries to push back hard on the sword to protect him

[11:05] Lady Nightmare glances back as Mikoto announces her presence, knowing what Moon is liable to do in this state of mind, quickly lancing out a thin rod of adamant from her hand to try to block or at least deflect the decapitation attempt "Moon! They're not responsible! They're helping to track it down!"

[11:07] Moondance sword was unaffected by magnetics, but the adamant at least slowed the blade, even if it slices through it. A kick lashes out at supersonic speeds at Kram..thankfully her stop was also at that speed, centimeters from mikotos throat if the adamant and em field were all to stop it. It lashed back to her sheath..she seems focused.. cold " You sure?"

[11:08] Takamachi Mikoto: " damnit! she shouts. She looks over to n " More counterfits, right? "

[11:08] Drexia: the one yesterday, apparently the news blamed it all on you

[11:09] The Incubus growls. His eyes on the superspeedy ninjette. Electricity sparks offve him after Mikoto gave him a boost but that speed is trouble. Standing between her and the two possibly most powerful women in the city, he flexes his muscles "... You smell kinda familiar." he muses."Yeah, more of those stupid stickered fakes was dropped off at the station just now..."

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