Meta-Riots Escelate

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Meta-Riots Escelate

Post by yuritakashi » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:34 pm

[2018/02/20 12:42] Group: /me of Thugs stands around the bank doors bats bricks and other light weaponry in hand.

[2018/02/20 12:44] Alice (Water Princess): /me follows mikoto holding her hand as she smiles 'Ms. Mikoto that outfit suits you"

[2018/02/20 12:44] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me "Thank you, I know I can trust you. As for the attack, I figured it was against you. The anti-meta violence is scaring me."

[2018/02/20 12:46] Lady Nightmare: /me sighs a bit "Yeah... and it may get worse before it gets better if we can't stop what's coming... suppose it's time to tell you about that crate. Understand that until and unless this gets out into the open, what I'm about to tell you is a state secret... revealing it is treason for the effects it could have..."

[2018/02/20 12:46] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me "I understand and I won't breathe a word."

[2018/02/20 12:48] Group: /me of Thugs Turns too look too the demon girl as the leader grunts out "Thought we made ourselves clear, aint no freaks like you welcome here. go store your money in a cave like the damn beast you are"

[2018/02/20 12:49] Lady Nightmare: /me nods slightly "The anti-meta group behind the protests has developed a nanite 'virus' of sorts that eats metas and non-humans... destroys their powers first, then the rest of their bodies"

[2018/02/20 12:53] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me feels that like a kick in the stomach. "My god, that would cause Armageddon. Not every meta could be affected, and even if it did, the death throes of a meta could do more damage than we can imagine!"

[2018/02/20 12:55] Lady Nightmare: /me nods "Not to mention, once word gets out, metas are liable to go on a rampage... it's gonna be a bloodbath in every which way. PAE and I both have research teams working nonstop to counteract it, but it's gonna take a little time to make a cure... time we aren't sure if we have"

[2018/02/20 12:56] Takamachi Mikoto: /me stands in front of Alice and pops her neck eyeing the group " You know who I am ?"

[2018/02/20 12:56] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me "Any idea on the location of the perps? I think I could get past my reluctance about killing."

[2018/02/20 12:57] Group: /me of Thugs looks toward Mikoto "Ya a meta loving bitch" one of the men in the back says as the rest start agreeing "if we didnt have fucks like you in this town supporting these freaks we could just throw them all in cages where they belong! we would be safe" they shout out before throwing another brick aimed right for the demon

[2018/02/20 12:58] Lady Nightmare: /me lets out a tiny chuckle "Actually, you know the person responsible... Seth Rollins, one of your doctors... though he's been skipping work since we started getting a trace on him. Regardless, I didn't tell you to have you help hunt him down, we have a lot of people working on that angle... I need you to be my agent on the medical end of this issue"

[2018/02/20 12:59] Alice (Water Princess): /me gulps as she hears how they are talking too mikoto "i dont think..." she stops as they continue and just frowns as she hears the part about being put in a cage. squeaking out as she sees the brick thrown.

[2018/02/20 13:01] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me rolls the name in her mind. "Seth. I know him, he's not a great fan of metas, but I never imagined him as capable of genocide...I take it the crate has something that can help?"

[2018/02/20 13:02] Lady Nightmare: /me nods "Not a cure, but it's an organic stabilizer... it should slow down the effects, buy anyone infected a bit more time"

[2018/02/20 13:03] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me "Should I start a quiet vaccination program?"

[2018/02/20 13:06] Takamachi Mikoto: /me whips out a hand sending a metal ball at the brick, Shattering it into dust She starts to float upwards and she is surrounded by an electrical aura The bolts of crackling around her making sure thatshe can still defend Alice from where she hovered When she spoke her voice booms through the street, amplified by her electricted. " The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers and sisters. And you will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee!" She punctuates the paraphased quote with l lightning bolts that rattle windows as she stares down the mob, Daring them to make a move

[2018/02/20 13:06] Lady Nightmare: /me shakes her head "They don't work as a vaccine... it's a limited time treatment once someone's infected. Each dose should halt the effects for a couple hours. The main thing is gonna be to contact me... I'll get anyone infected transferred to the research labs and put into stasis to halt the spread"

[2018/02/20 13:08] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): /me frowns angrily starts to speak before hearing thunder. "What the hell?"

[2018/02/20 13:08] Alice (Water Princess): /me looks up too mikoto gulping a bit as she begins too shake watching all the electricity jump about. a quiet wimper leaving her lips. not exactly understanding the quote but noticing mikoto was not please..

[2018/02/20 13:10] Lady Nightmare: /me glances over at the light show and arches a brow "Hmm... that looks like Mikoto's energies if I'm not mistaken... looks like something has her rather riled up" pushing up out of her seat and stepping towards the window to look

[2018/02/20 13:11] Group: /me of Thugs leader looks up watching seeming both happy and terrified at the same instance as they throw open the doors a gatling gun behind them as it begins belting out rounds that look something like spear tips. not the normal amunition, each round seems too be coated in a slight silverish substance. the leader shouting out "Kill the fucking bitch before she kills us! and take her fucking pet down with her!"

[2018/02/20 13:11] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): (Of course, rl is calling me. Dammit!)

[2018/02/20 13:11] Narelle Leia (narelleleia): bbl

[2018/02/20 13:15] Solene: /me arrive and hover, looking at the scene. "Que.. quoi ?" She tilt her head, looking at the scene.

[2018/02/20 13:16] Takamachi Mikoto: /me ws facing off against and anti-meta gang. IT seems that she was trying frighten them off. When then opened fire She dropped down in front of Alice and flared her em field out in front of her. She noticed the odd ammo and wasn't taking any chances. She uses her EM field to heat the air in front of her, causing it to shimmer with heat. She tried not to damage the road but it was starting to look a bit shiny as if it was starting to melt as she focuses her electricity to intense levels trying not just to melt the silvery bullets but obliterate them from existence.

[2018/02/20 13:20] Group: /me of Thugs Noticed the woman in black fly up. mikoto protecting the demon thing they turned their fire toward the one in the air. The bullets that had neared mikotos field melting one by one, more then 75% of them vanishing entirely from existence. the few that were melted hit the ground and remained a liquid for as long as that field remained. one of the men rushing into the bank before pulling out what could only be called a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. focusing he began too fire it with out a lock on at the building behind mikoto. trying too bury the metas in rubble.

[2018/02/20 13:21] Lady Nightmare: /me notices the strange bullets and lets out a heavy sigh, stepping through the wall of her office and dropping to the street, her voice carrying the same as Mikoto's, except hers isn't a yell, it's a whisper laced with menace "Drop your weapons and surrender right now, and the city will have mercy on you for your heinous crimes... persist and none of you will ever see the light of day again"

[2018/02/20 13:21] Alice (Water Princess): /me looked up as Solene arrived on the scene eeping out as she was surrounded by mikotos ability her hair standing on end from the energy as she fought too keep her dress down. watching the humans grab larger more destructive weaponry.

[2018/02/20 13:23] Allock (allock123): /me peeked around the side of the bank , tossing an overly large ski mask over his head he strutts on to the scene " hey... dere some people are trying ta nap in dat park ya know!"

[2018/02/20 13:23] Mark Blake: /me peeked around the side of the bank , tossing an overly large ski mask over his head he strutts on to the scene " hey... dere some people are trying ta nap in dat park ya know!"

[2018/02/20 13:23] Solene: /me would have easily avoided the gatling gun, flying away for a moment, before coming back full speed in the bank, trying to kick the robbers with her armored boots. Ouch ! Flying kick !

[2018/02/20 13:26] Takamachi Mikoto: /me rolls her eyes When the man with the rocket launcher shows up she, rather calmly speaks "Solene. Fire at will. " She then aims aims her arm to the man with the rocket launcher fireing off a tungstum rod at mach 1 directly into the RPG grenade as he's preps to launch. Another lightning bolt comes down mostly for show, and when the light disapates she's standing there in her Raigeki garb

[2018/02/20 13:31] Group: /me of Thugs can only watch as one of there group is kicked full on into the tellers area by solene crying out. once solene is in the bank a mass of weapons could be seen filling the inside of the entry way along with a glass container that seemed too be in cryo storage. The man with the rocket launcher didnt stand a chance screaming out as the rod went right through the grenade causing it too detonate right in front of him. blowing the launcher and the man sky high. the remaining three men and there leader rush inside each grabbing a weapon of some form readying too die but hoping too take more metas with them. already within the bank every worker had been killed there bodies carved with words like meta lover or freak. some raped others mutilated.

[2018/02/20 13:34] Lady Nightmare: /me lashes out three of her hidden tendrils at the gatling gun, 5 tons of force behind each as they grab on and attempt to rip the weapon to pieces. Another of her tendrils arcs into the street and races through the ground towards the club to link her up with her stored mass there, while she marches slowly towards the doors of the bank, her stride determined and her features furious, a loud growl escaping her as she sees the bodies spread around the building

[2018/02/20 13:35] Solene: /me finally turn off her engine being inside. After burning some bad guy in the process, with her exhaust. "It's not a robbery.." She blink, and lower her head when she hear the explosion of the rocket launcher. "Wow ! Hey !"

[2018/02/20 13:37] Alice (Water Princess): /me gulps and looks about. her eyes taking in the chaos as she looks too mikoto. frowning. "Ms. Mikoto.. im sorry.. i caused all of this" she says falling too her knees crying. feeling at fault.

[2018/02/20 13:38] Mark Blake: /me mark sees this is taken care of and runs off as he spots something else in the distance

[2018/02/20 13:38] Takashi Takenaka: /me would show up running into whatever the hell was going on at the bank after hearing a report of someone throwing a brick as his adopted daughter. "Alice!" He yells, catching up to her and thoroughly inspecting the young dragon. "Are you okay? Who hurt you?"

[2018/02/20 13:39] Sean7474: at*

[2018/02/20 13:39] Steel-Dragon: /me totally breaks his circling above and turns, accelerating sharply as he scans the street, but keeps just under supersonic

[2018/02/20 13:40] Raigeki: /me saw the bodies and, for once in her life said absolutely nothing as she eyed the bodies of the raped and murdered woman, She flung out a handfull of metal and they began to rip through the bodies of the gang members. She stood side by side with a woman who she had once accused of being the most evil in the city, and was now not just using lethal force, but she was doing so in the most brutal way she knew how.

[2018/02/20 13:43] Yojimbo: /me a cold wind blows across the battle field a tall man apparring at the top of the steps next to mikoto " you.. foolish bank robber-sans.. do you require protection" his hat tilts up and he fixes his eye on them and more importantly can you pay..for protection"

[2018/02/20 13:43] Steel-Dragon: /me blasts past above the group, shooting off a blob of biomatter at mikoto, it'd move and harden around her if it hits, hopefully holding her in place

[2018/02/20 13:45] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( Jaron hasn't seen the raped and mutalated bodies, So he didn't realise that Mikoto was PROBABALLY justified in going lethal.

[2018/02/20 13:45] Shun Itagaki a.k.a. Yatagarasu (neophyte.wisent): /me arrives and stomps to the ground, creating a shockwave. "Takamachi!"

[2018/02/20 13:46] Lady Nightmare: /me links up to her mass stockpile and begins transferring it towards herself, stepping into the carnage as Mikoto's attacks take out the terrorists, eyeing the mech and sending the mental command to Lilith "Hack that thing, disrupt its attacks" while she forms her three tendrils into adamant blades, the swords seeming to fly through the air on their own as they hack at it

[2018/02/20 13:46] Solene: /me "You ! Looks like i am going to kick your ass for the other day !" She growl, taking a fighting stand. She turn on her engine, and give a small boost, just enough to take off, and throw a kick, while she will try to contain the initial slash of the Armed Mech toward her with her left arm. Schling !

[2018/02/20 13:49] Shun Itagaki a.k.a. Yatagarasu (neophyte.wisent): /me crosses his arms. "Takamachi!!"

[2018/02/20 13:50] Yojimbo: /me sighs and shrugs as he glances into the bank he turns to leave as it seems theres no one left to pay him , he keeps out of the line of explosives his eyes lingering on the battle wistfully but he holds to his code

[2018/02/20 13:51] Raigeki: /me was hit dead on by the glob... and was pretty immobilized. While this was pretty inconvenient her powers didn't actually rely on any sort of moment. At this point she began a two pronged attack on the mech, peppering it with super sonic shards of metal while at the same time trying to electronicly infiltrate it and rip it's OS to shreds. "<Look what these monsters did before you judge me Itagaki. You know I would not resort to these measures against those who didn't deserve them > "

[2018/02/20 13:53] Armed: /me Mech the mech speaks for once in the sound of a human males voice "Male, if you protect the weapons and mechanized force i have deployed i will pay you well worth your time, as well a bonus for every individual you subdue. that dares attack my equipment" the humans voice ceases as a hissing sound is heard from the cold storage container. the mechs eyes scramble for a moment as lilith tries too hack it. but the hive of the thousands on thousands of nanites fights it through sheer numbers. the eyes flicker a bit more at Mikotos attack as its frame begins too glow from being put into over charge. both arms now lancing for solenes body as it starts too cross slice at her slaming each slice with a semis worth of force. "Exterminate Meta SCUM" it says in a robotic tone.

[2018/02/20 13:53] Shun Itagaki a.k.a. Yatagarasu (neophyte.wisent): /me grinds his teeth in anger. "This isn't the Takamachi I knew. Things aren't looking good here, so I demand an explanation. That or a duel." He cracks his knuckles.

[2018/02/20 13:55] Steel-Dragon: /me eventually flies back in, hovering outside the door and looking the scene over

[2018/02/20 13:55] Evie: /me arrived as quickly as she could, standing back some distance to try to survey the scene.

[2018/02/20 13:55] Lady Nightmare: /me keeps gathering more mass to herself as she marches towards the machine at a steady pace, every step putting divots in the floor now, her body starting to ripple and shimmer as she gets closer, blades continuing to swing, while Lilith redoubles her efforts, piggybacking her own processor network with N's

[2018/02/20 13:55] Alice (Water Princess): /me sits on the ground just looking stunned. as she looks too takashi "the men.. that Ms. Mikoto just delt with" she says quietly as it seems even the mayor was involved now. gulping "its only going too get worse isnt it."

[2018/02/20 13:57] Yojimbo: /me Flashes moving the instant offer of payment is made reappearing behind mikoto twin blades drawn and slashing down in an x at her back " we meet again Raigeki-chan.. but for the last time"

[2018/02/20 13:57] Solene: /me would have failed to land her kick, and got throwed out of the way of the Mech. She spin in the air, her suit ripped at her belly. She land loudly on the side of the room, growling.

[2018/02/20 13:59] Takashi Takenaka: /me would wrap himself around Alice to anchor her as Shun's shockwave passes over them, keeping her head down. "How did you even get yourself into this? Nevermind, You can tell me later, but I can't help Mikky and protect you at the same time. Are you able to run to safety?" he asks the girl, putting a finger under her chin. Seeing Yojimbo move to attack he'd shoot out a hand to attempt to grab him with his chi, trying to only hold him back far enough to keep the slashes from wounding MIkoto too deeply. "If you duel anyone it's going to be me." he'd declare. "Go, Alice. Now."

[2018/02/20 14:03] Steel-Dragon: /me takes aim at yojimbo, firing off a fairly dense plasma beam to try and blast him off of mikoto, of course it would also be /extremely/ hot

[2018/02/20 14:06] Evie: /me hastily unholsters her hard light stun gun and fires. With the time to unholster the gun and aim, she only got off a single shot and she's not the best shot in the world.

[2018/02/20 14:06] Armed: /me Mech twitchs further as the assault of Lilith and N persists before reaching forward with both arms releasing a cloud of viral nanites into the air in the path of N while the cold storage container in the side of the room begins a countdown mechanical not electronic. a watch within slowly ticking as it readies too release whatever lie within. the mech looking too the woman its body being hammered by her strikes its voice rings out "Hunter mode p..p...priority en...en..gaging" the voice modual systems having been taken over by the hacking.

[2018/02/20 14:06] Evie: /me fired at Yojimbo.

[2018/02/20 14:07] Alice (Water Princess): /me stands as she sees Mikoto being attacked screaming out as she drew a mass of water from the cities water lines under the street. bursting a firehydrant near by as water begins too rain from the heavens. her voice any thing but calm as she tells Takashi "Save Mikoto. Dont worry about protecting me"

[2018/02/20 14:08] Yojimbo: /me tsks and shift interrupting his attack on raigeki to block the chi attack with his blades , he he grins suddenly at the roaring sound of plasma vomit amied at both him self and mikoto and flashes again pushing him self right in the mans face a blade thrusting for his gut as the plazma continues falling behind him "challenge accepted" the stun shot wizzes by his fore head taking some hair and his hat with it , he tsks again " so many rude fools wo can not respect a fight"

[2018/02/20 14:09] Lady Nightmare: /me just keeps walking through the nanite cloud, trusting her own nanites to handle these, considering even Singularity couldn't beat hers reliably. She moves to place a hand on the mech's chest as she calls out "Sol, stop that timer if you can, or evacuate the area" and then she attempts to step into the mech's body, slipping through the gaps in its molecules

[2018/02/20 14:09] Solene: /me stand up again, and look at the container. She blink, and raise both gauntlet toward it, trying to get a grip on it with her Electromagnetic. If possible, she will lift it, goes outside the bank with it, and try to fly away.

[2018/02/20 14:11] Raigeki: " <Look inside the bank for your expla-> and suddenly she was seumbing forward cut deep.. but nonow free of the goup. though deeplyh cut she rushes forwaard into the cloud " NO! " Extending her em field to it's maximum She relentlessly goes after the nanites who in turn relentlessly go after her, but she was focused on one thing and one thing only. Protecing solene from the nanites " SOLENE! RUN! THAT"S AN ORDER!"

[2018/02/20 14:13] Armed: /me Mech is walked right through. its gaze looking too the hand on its chest questioningly as its body shifts too try and attack it. The cryo device begins too shift from its container. a silver liquid filling the entire container shifting about like it was alive as the container chimes "Air Dispersal in 50 seconds" the Mech now trying too wrap itself or in some way contain N so that she would be at ground zero for the detonation.

[2018/02/20 14:15] Lady Nightmare: /me gets to the center of the mech, then re-solidifies her body inside of it, along with expanding adamant spikes all around herself and setting off micro-explosions at the tips of them, attempting to rip apart the whole thing from the inside

[2018/02/20 14:16] Takashi Takenaka: /me 's eyes would dilate as the man sped towards him, activating the Take Ittō-ryū ( 竹一刀流 ). The world around him grind to a crawl as his perception of time reaches sub-microsecond. At that speed even a bullet would seem to lag painfully slow. Takashi attempts to deflect the blade with his armored gauntlet just enough for it to miss him, his own strong hand coming up to grip the hilt of his own sword, but without drawing it. "Then let us both leave this place and you can have me all to yourself, Ronin." he offers Yojimbo, attempting to play to whatever sense of honor me may or may not have. "Alice, stay with Master Jaron." he'd say.

[2018/02/20 14:16] Sean7474: he*

[2018/02/20 14:17] Armed: /me Mech The human voice returns. "State your name fighter. i will pick it up with the cities speakers, you have earned your pay. keep them stalled" before the mech explodes like confetti from N materializing inside of it plus the explosive spikes..

[2018/02/20 14:20] Solene: /me "Mikoto ! We must take that outside the city ! Let me throw it for fuck sake !" She revv up her jet engine, and the EM of her gauntlet, trying to pull the container outside of the building, and in the air. Sadly not matching Mikoto raw power on that side.

[2018/02/20 14:21] Yojimbo: /me tilts his head as his blade is deflected a fraction from its intent and sighs " another time.. i have a duty to fufill " he darts away suddenly his blades swinging down at both solene and mikoto as he reappears besides them " you will be taking that no where "

[2018/02/20 14:21] Evie: /me had fought Yojimbo before and knew it was crazy to think about doing it again. Last time, she didn' have a hard light stun gun, but she doubted that would make much difference unless she got him by surprise... again. She thought about shooting at him again, this time in the back, as he ran up the steps of the bank, but first she wanted to get a look at what was going on inside. Her shield generator was in reactive mode.

[2018/02/20 14:21] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me suggestion: give canister to this unit, top speed is higher than either of yours, higher probability of success

[2018/02/20 14:22] Canister: /me the canister beeps "ten seconds too dispersal of anti-meta nanites"

[2018/02/20 14:23] Raigeki: " Takiung it into the air will insincere it's dispersal!" She then slaps her belt and a a shielding unit activated, Warping around her and the canister A look of grim determination shows in her eyes. " Hope. Don't let these bastards get away with this. " She then tries to push Solene clear and slam the doors shut

[2018/02/20 14:23] Alice (Water Princess): /me stirs trying too make sense of it all as she only seemed confused. going too where jaron was as she was ordered.

[2018/02/20 14:24] Canister: /me a silver mist releases from the canister quickly filling the air and swarming over mikoto. entirely surrounding her like a second skin "dispersal complete"

[2018/02/20 14:24] Steel-Dragon: /me lands and looks inside

[2018/02/20 14:25] Solene: /me is getting pushed,and push Yojimbo in the process. Yojimbo would certain swing his blade into one of the jet engine of Solène. "WAIT !"

[2018/02/20 14:26] Lady Nightmare: /me pulls out a device, starting to dial in coordinates on it when she hears the hissing, cursing loudly and relaying a message to Lilith "I need tech containment, bio-hazard, and a stasis unit to the bank now"

[2018/02/20 14:27] Takashi Takenaka: /me sighed. "Worth a try." he mutters before reaching out with both hands this time, attempting to grab the swordsman as in the grip of his chi, holding him still, or at least trying to. "Could use some help with this one." he says aloud

[2018/02/20 14:27] /me It was impossible to see mikoto i the cloud. but inside the shield a torrent raged looking like a storm Mikoto versues the nanies. She had shut her helm to buy her some time, and while her suit WOULD have acted as an EVA suit for a short time, the cut yojimbo had made was giving them a means to attack back Lightning continued to surge inside of the bubble as mikoto fought the nanites

[2018/02/20 14:30] Alice (Water Princess): /me is still dumbfounded trying too find a way of helping yet she had no means of getting inside of Mikotos shield too help her

[2018/02/20 14:30] Steel-Dragon: /me fires off another blob of his biomatter as yojimbo is hopefully held to give it time to set and harden around him

[2018/02/20 14:32] Lady Nightmare: /me uses her tendril at the club to grab two of the bio-restoration nanite syringes and yank them back to her while she waits for the shield to fall, lacking the raw force to break through the barrier without using explosives that would cause massive damage

[2018/02/20 14:33] Evie: /me cursed as Yojimbo came up the bank stairs with her and beat her to the door of the bank. She fires at his back three times in quick succession. Her grouping wasn't sound, but it was still almost point blank range, but almost as soon as she was pulling the trigger the third time, Yojimbo disappeared into the bank.

[2018/02/20 14:33] Yojimbo: /me stumbles his sword swing at mikoto just missing her as hes pushed he growls his eyes hardening as he decides to stop playing around spirit energy and chi mixing and channeling into his blades " that is the last straw " his gaze sweeps the group taking in every ones position his gaze lingering on eive for one singel step longer " black fang.." his blades writhe with black energy as he stands facing the group " Rain!" as the lastword leaves his mouth he swings his swords in a rain of cuts a wave of black power flashing out at each slash one aimed at at each person before him the attack is once again slowed as the chi attack grips him "cursed majo " he grunts and struggles a bit he glances up and sighs only having time to utter a singel " swear befire hes covred in the gunk

[2018/02/20 14:35] Alice (Water Princess): /me makes a call using PAE frequencies not sure if it would even get through. having just a moment too look up before a black looking slash heads right for her. "oh..." is all she says as it slams into her small body and sends her flying backwards into the street. a nice long cut down her midsection.

[2018/02/20 14:37] Raigeki: The electricty rages on but grows weaker and weaker as time passes after what was only a few minutes but seemed like an eternity, there was no sign if the silver cloud, but not even a spark of electricty. Mikoto was motionless for a moment... then topples over... shortly after that the shield flickers and fails

[2018/02/20 14:37] Steel-Dragon: /me crouches down as one of those things flies towards him and slams into his scales, sending a shower of green shards flying from him as he slides back, barely

[2018/02/20 14:39] Evie: /me's shield would flicker as it repulsed the blade moving at her. She thought she had heard a mechanical noise inside the bank earlier like the mech she had recently fought before and she was prepared to fire at it, but now she saw no more. She finally makes out Lady N standing in the dimly lit bank and other than that, just Yojimbo and the cloud. She says in Lady N's direction, lowering her stun gun as she is confused, "Well don't just stand there. Do something!"

[2018/02/20 14:40] Solene: /me walk back behind Jaron. She will stand near Alice, and look at her. "What the.. are you okay ?"

[2018/02/20 14:40] Takashi Takenaka: /me would run in after Yojimbo with his sword drawn, attempting to stand over Mikoto's body in a defensive stance "You're outnumbered. That money is no good if you're dead." he tells him, trying to persuade him not to attack.

[2018/02/20 14:40] Lady Nightmare: /me is totally focused on Mikoto, not making any effort to avoid or block the black slash as it cuts through her body, slicing her in half... but her upper body stays in place despite being severed and she barely flinches, and then as the shield collapses she races forward, her body still acting like it's connected, leaning down and quickly injecting Mikoto with both syringes, then she repeats the process from the mech, this time her body entering Mikoto's, atoms intermingling as she sends her nanites spiralling through the unconscious woman, seeking out the hostile ones, trying to distract and destroy them as quickly as possible

[2018/02/20 14:41] Consuela De La Rosa: /me gasps as she sees her friends being assailed by -some sort of shrapnel-? from the bank. She's unsure what to do without medical knowledge.

[2018/02/20 14:42] Alice (Water Princess): /me moves too sit up but finds it too painful too. as she says. "i am.. not.. ok.." quietly as she reachs too touch her chest and brings back a hand covered in blood. "not.. ok.. at .. all"

[2018/02/20 14:43] Steel-Dragon: /me looks behind him "suggestion: transportation to hospital"

[2018/02/20 14:44] Raigeki: /me lies there deathly still. Those closest to her might see that she was still breathing, but just barely. lying still as a once mortal enemy now fought to save her life

[2018/02/20 14:45] Solene: /me growl, and carefully pick up Alice. "Start your healing factor on yourself. We are going to the hospital for now.." She give a look at the bank, as she turn on her jet engine.

[2018/02/20 14:47] Consuela De La Rosa: /me is relieved to see Solene take the blue one to the hospital. She carefully steps up to the large creature. "What's happening, Nirrae? Is the boss in the bank?"

[2018/02/20 14:48] Alice (Water Princess): /me looks around "need.. water.., PAE.. medic room.. better" she says trying too look too Mikoto. "i am.. fine.. Boss needs help"

[2018/02/20 14:49] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me query: who is your boss? . . . statement: situation dangerous, stay back

[2018/02/20 14:50] Steel-Dragon: /me takes a step back to look at and scan alice, to try and at least guess the extent of her injuries

[2018/02/20 14:50] Consuela De La Rosa: /me steps back. "I heard the call over the coms. I thought they meant Mikoto."

[2018/02/20 14:50] Solene: /me nod, and head toward PAE tower with Alice, getting her to an autodoc. "We can't do anything at the moment." She grimace under her gasmask.

[2018/02/20 14:51] Alice (Water Princess): /me has a slash running diagonally from her neck down too her waist. it is at least 2 inchs deep

[2018/02/20 14:51] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me . . . lifesigns declining, seek medical attention immediately

[2018/02/20 14:52] Consuela De La Rosa: /me mutters a quick prayer for the downed woman.

[2018/02/20 14:52] Alice (Water Princess): /me is taken away for medical care.

[2018/02/20 14:54] Evie: /me is completely stunned as she sees Lady N suddenly cut in half and then part of her still move forward into the now lessening cloud. She almsot drops her gun and it takes her a few moments to catch it and move it back into position. Looking at the cloud now, she tries to ascertain if she should shoot something or run.

[2018/02/20 14:55] Steel-Dragon: /me turns to look at the woman taking a moment "current employer: PAE, affimative, the boss is inside

[2018/02/20 14:55] Consuela De La Rosa: /me takes a deep breath. "Any idea what's happening inside? Would fire help at all?"

[2018/02/20 14:55] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): (( mikoto killed the nanite cloud. N is now a nanite cloud around Mikoto

[2018/02/20 14:55] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): (( ... I think

[2018/02/20 14:55] Yojimbo: /me theres a snicket sound as of something being cut followed by a thud the goop cocoon suddenly sags

[2018/02/20 14:55] Lady Nightmare: /me uses her mental link in reverse this time, her mind tapping into every computer in the city that Lilith has access to and drawing on their processing power for herself, amplifying her mental capacities to aid her in fighting this battle on foreign ground while in phased state, prioritizing her efforts on vital organs first and foremost

[2018/02/20 14:56] Steel-Dragon: /me looks over at yojimbo, doing a quick scan to make sure he isnt about to escape from the hardened goop

[2018/02/20 14:57] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( yoj cut through the floor and dropped out of the goop

[2018/02/20 14:58] Yojimbo: (( yep yep .... i hope he gets paid... or someones in for a bad time dun da dunn!!)

[2018/02/20 14:58] Steel-Dragon: /me looks around to see if any of the attackers are still alive to be interrogated

[2018/02/20 14:59] Takashi Takenaka: /me would reach down, attempting to put Mikoto over his shoulder if nothing prevented him, which would make him pretty much useless in a fight while holding her big butt. "I need a medical team to meet us at the tower." he'd speak into his gauntlet's comm. He'd grunt and heft her up, trying to walk out the door with her.

[2018/02/20 15:00] Raigeki: /me was laying there as N was dealing with the nanites that she hadn't been able to deal with herself, hanging in the balance as N destroyed the rouge nanites

[2018/02/20 15:00] %3A: /me any one who could give any information lay in a bloody mess like thrown in a blender. thanks too Mikoto

[2018/02/20 15:00] Raigeki: /me was heavier than normal, having a LAdy nightmare's worth of nanies fighting another diminishing group of nanies

[2018/02/20 15:01] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me all enemy combatants have been eliminated, interrogation: negative

[2018/02/20 15:01] Takashi Takenaka: /me "Are you able to follow while you work, Miss?" he asks Lady N, never having formally met her to know her name.

[2018/02/20 15:02] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me . . . statistical analysis: chance of escalation 99.99993%

[2018/02/20 15:02] Consuela De La Rosa: /me is unsure. "That sounds like good news, right? 'All enemies eliminated'?" She backpedals, "Wait, Escalatin?"

[2018/02/20 15:02] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me enemy: anti meta fanatics, now martyrs

[2018/02/20 15:04] Consuela De La Rosa: /me gripes a moment, "Anti-meta jackasses!" She looks up at the dragon. "Analyze this; Best plan of surprise attack for a pyrokinetic to rescue PAE personnel."

[2018/02/20 15:06] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me analysis: stand down, rescue not required, raigeki under attack from unknown technology, maximum temperature resistance of technology 1200 degrees, estimated maximum temperature resistance of raigeki 940 degrees, attempt to use heat not viable

[2018/02/20 15:07] Evie: /me seeing everyone leave coughs into her com, "Get CSI to the bank. I'm gonna hafta have another chat with Venessa," as she storms out of the otherwise empty bank to go investigate the power drain at Protectorate head quarters.

[2018/02/20 15:07] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny): ((lol

[2018/02/20 15:07] Raigeki: hadn't cared about that when she fought them. She had tried kindness and iin return the anti metas used torture and rape. Mikoto had decided that if the anti-metas were going to use fear as an excuse to butcher innocents, Then she was show them what true fear was.

[2018/02/20 15:08] Lady Nightmare: /me is totally unaware of anything going on outside, her mind engaged fully on an internal war on an atomic scale

[2018/02/20 15:08] Consuela De La Rosa: /me is surprised. "Really? All right. Just let me know when I'm needed."

[2018/02/20 15:09] Steel-Dragon: /me looks over to evie "status?"

[2018/02/20 15:11] Evie: /me looks up at Steel-Dragon, her mind not quite caught up with things yet and still having no clue what exactly was going on, says, "Huh? Everyone still in the bank is dead. I don't know what happened. Am I going to have to arrest Mikoto?"

[2018/02/20 15:12] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me unknown, extreme force was used, all enemy combatants deceased, interrogation: negative

[2018/02/20 15:12] /me Evie had been inside. She had seen the butchered and raped Bank workers that had driven Mikoto to the extreems she took

[2018/02/20 15:12] Consuela De La Rosa: /me gasps

[2018/02/20 15:14] %3A: /me Review of the banks security footage would show a group of 6 humans coming into the bank and taking every female hostage killing every male, then after raping and mutilating every meta female. killing every remaining worker. before then attacking--

[2018/02/20 15:14] %3A: /me any meta too pass by the bank waiting too try and draw more metas inside

[2018/02/20 15:14] Evie still knows killing unnecessarily is slightly against the legal code.

[2018/02/20 15:15] %3A: /me Then once confronted unloading with a gatling gun, rockets, and attempts too kill any one who tried too stop them.

[2018/02/20 15:15] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): ( they DID try to shoot mikoto with a rocket launcer and release a cloud of nanies that would ki kill every meta in the city, so a jury would PROBABALLY rule it justifiable homicide

[2018/02/20 15:16] Evie: /me won't know any of this until she has a chance to review everything. She's got to investigate first. Give her player a break.

[2018/02/20 15:17] Nirrae: /me's player will not

[2018/02/20 15:18] Raigeki: /me lays there on the ground, her breathing groing stronger. She's deffinatly wounded but ... she didn't look like she was still dying

[2018/02/20 15:18] Consuela De La Rosa: /me starts to wish she could get her halo to disappear once in a while since it made her meta status obvious.

[2018/02/20 15:19] Steel-Dragon: /me zones out, running calculations and trying to break into the security footage

[2018/02/20 15:20] Lady Nightmare: /me stabilizes the situation, then starts pushing back, quickly gaining momentum at that point and crushing out the remaining anti-meta nanites, the drained systems restoring themselves once she has the upper hand, and as soon as the last of the threat is wiped out she steps out of Mikoto, her body re-forming next to her, looking around, surprised there aren't people already gathered around, but she swings open the bank door "Mikoto's stable, but probably not in the best shape for a bit..."

[2018/02/20 15:22] Consuela De La Rosa: /me sighs at the relieving news, "That's good news." Then she adds thoughtfully, "Mostly."

[2018/02/20 15:25] Steel-Dragon: /me zones back in "security footage reviewed, conclusion: enemy combatants unnaturally hostile, cause: fanaticism. . . 47% probability, timeframe may be insufficient

[2018/02/20 15:27] Steel-Dragon: /me zones out, trying to locate the fanatics on social media, trying to go over their profiles to see when and if there was a shift of some kind

[2018/02/20 15:27] Evie: /me shakes her head, waiting for CSI to figure it out and heads back to head quarters to figure out who was attacking the Protectorate's computers now.

[2018/02/20 15:28] Consuela De La Rosa: /me watches closely. "If I can lend a hand at all, just sing out. I'm with PAE."

[2018/02/20 15:28] Lady Nightmare: /me sighs heavily "Earth to PAE... anyone gonna get your unconscious boss to medical, or am I carrying her myself?"

[2018/02/20 15:29] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny): ((i think sean is afk making dinner.

[2018/02/20 15:29] Raigeki: /me bleeds a little.

[2018/02/20 15:29] Steel-Dragon: /me looks over to the one next to him "you may enter, assistance required"

[2018/02/20 15:29] Consuela De La Rosa: /me speaks over com. "Another pair of hands coming in."

[2018/02/20 15:32] Consuela De La Rosa: /me gets a little distracted by the leftover carnage as she walks in. She then frowns as she kneels to pick up the boss. "Easy now." She takes care to support the neck and spine.

[2018/02/20 15:33] Lady Nightmare: /me hums softly as she sees Consuela, giving a small nod when Mikoto is picked up "She still has some physical injuries... but standard medical care should patch her up in short order"

[2018/02/20 15:34] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me drops from the sky landing outside as she looks too the wyvern giving it a nod "Need assistance or is it mostly delt with at this point?"

[2018/02/20 15:34] Raigeki: is pretty messed up and unconcious but she'll live. Probabally.

[2018/02/20 15:35] Consuela De La Rosa: /me nods. "I'll get her to the hospital as fast as I can."

[2018/02/20 15:35] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me all enemy combatants are deceased, interrogation: negative, all staff and visitors in the bank: deceased

[2018/02/20 15:36] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me frowns as she hears Rosa. "Ms. i would sugest taking her too PAE Tower, there medical capacity is above the hospitals. "

[2018/02/20 15:36] Lady Nightmare: /me holds the doors for Mikoto to be carried out, giving a nod to Silver when she sees her "It's a fucking mess... but it's dealt with for the moment"

[2018/02/20 15:37] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me . . . scan of enemy social media profiles suggest recent involvement of unknown benefactor

[2018/02/20 15:37] Consuela De La Rosa: /me brings Raikegi out. "I'm just taking her to the hospital unless you have a faster way."

[2018/02/20 15:38] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me this unit can take her

[2018/02/20 15:38] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me sighs. "Must be a mess if you got involved Mayor.. there is blood on your shoes." she says motioning too a bit of the blood stuck on the bottom. her gaze turning too mikoto. "I can carry her. and ya. i can get her too pae tower quickly. the hospital really isnt suitable right now.. " she says looking too N

[2018/02/20 15:38] Steel-Dragon%3A: /me situation at hospital?

[2018/02/20 15:39] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me "the one who is using the nanites works for the hospital. and is spreading them using it as a point of origin"

[2018/02/20 15:39] Consuela De La Rosa: /me gets very upset. "Oh dear!"

[2018/02/20 15:40] Lady Nightmare: /me sighs a bit "Well, just get her somewhere... the hospital should be under control... I have an agent there watching for anything suspicious now"

[2018/02/20 15:40] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me moves closer too Rosa. "may i please take her too PAE? Steel Dragon will escort me. be sure i dont do any thing im not suposed too"

[2018/02/20 15:41] Raigeki: /me bleeds a little more

[2018/02/20 15:41] Consuela De La Rosa: /me looks to the dragon as she carefully passes her boss to the officer for transport.

[2018/02/20 15:42] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me looks too Steel as she hefts up Raigeki. "sorry if i dont use brakes" she states before launching off at her full speed too get Raigeki treated.

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Re: Meta-Riots Escelate

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