Taking down the Nanite Factory

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Taking down the Nanite Factory

Post by yuritakashi » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:59 pm

[2018/02/21 08:00] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me exits the building looking to zeph in a rather nice outfit. smirking some she states "Oh good. was about too drop by. any chance you want too help me take down the fucker who injured Mikoto?"

[2018/02/21 08:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me blinks, looking at Silv. "Last I heard, he was dead, along with his companions...Mikoto managed to, ah...liquefy them before the nanites overtook her."

[2018/02/21 08:02] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me shakes her head. "No that was a group of Anti-Meta activists. Seth is the one controlling the mechs. just got a tip on where he might be located. along with his nanite manufacturing facilities"

[2018/02/21 08:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me blinks. "Ah! Well in that case, I'm interested...where to?"

[2018/02/21 08:04] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me pokes Zephs ass "i dont think that outfit is too terribly suited too raiding a mech / nanite lab."

[2018/02/21 08:04] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me eeeps and mmfs, blushing a little, but nodding. "I suppose you're right...I can go get my heavy combat gear first."

[2018/02/21 08:04] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me nods and smiles.

[2018/02/21 08:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: "Just give me one moment. Shouldn't take but a sec."

[2018/02/21 08:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me bows and warps out.

[2018/02/21 08:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me opens the door in her battlesuit. "This is a bit better. are we ready?

[2018/02/21 08:13] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me smirks some "Just waiting on evie while texting the mayor. orders are take leadership alive but dont risk lives. we can leave bodies if we have too. " she states flatly. "im bringing you in so PAE has closure, but this will be a protectorate op"

[2018/02/21 08:14] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods. "I'll follow your lead, then. I'm just glad to be a part of this."

[2018/02/21 08:15] Finding Demo: /me yawns, walking in and taking a sip of her coffee. Seeing Zeph, she isn't sure if Zeph is in on this. She says, "Who else is coming?"

[2018/02/21 08:15] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: If we need more people, there is something I can bring as some extra...firepower.

[2018/02/21 08:17] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me looks too Evie. "thus far us, though the mayor is wanting too send an arcanist with us. in case of the nanites. and Zeph and evie. im going to recomend bringing every thing you have. if the tip is right. were heading right too where Rolling is storing the mechs. we may be able too disable them before they go active. but if not. we have at least 12 mechs that will be on our asses"

[2018/02/21 08:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I see. In that case, let's step outside, shall we?

[2018/02/21 08:18] .: Join our group to stay updated on new <MPS> products:.

[2018/02/21 08:20] Mythos: /me flies down on what appears to be... a very large eagle... hopping off as it nears the ground and then it flies away "Greetings... I'm Mythos. Her Ladyship asked me to come..."

[2018/02/21 08:20] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me steps outside and whistles. From around the corner, what looks like a small tank trundles up and comes to a stop. "Just a little friend I cooked up. Supposed to be for guarding the streets around the tower, but this would be a handle trial run.

[2018/02/21 08:23] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me nods looking too Mythos. "Greetings Mythos, have you been filled in yet on what we are heading into?" she asks before turning too look too the tank. "likely should keep that on standby, its likely too create a lot of noise if we head in with it from the get go"

[2018/02/21 08:25] Finding Demo: /me steps outside after discarding the rest of her coffee. Seeing Mythos approaching the Protectorate building, but not recognizing Mythose since her costume changed, she says, "Go right in there, and someone will help you." For added emphasis, Evie opens up the door again and calls, "Seraph!"

[2018/02/21 08:25] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me gestures to the drone. The drone does a couple of manuvers, the only noise it is making is a low whining like a golf cart.

[2018/02/21 08:25] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny): ((may wanna fix your rp tool Demo :P

[2018/02/21 08:25] Evie: /me steps outside after discarding the rest of her coffee. Seeing Mythos approaching the Protectorate building, but not recognizing Mythose since her costume changed, she says, "Go right in there, and someone will help you." For added emphasis, Evie opens up the door again and calls, "Seraph!"

[2018/02/21 08:26] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Meat here is made for urban combat. Rubber treads, and a highly dampened rotary engine make him about as loud as your average car.

[2018/02/21 08:26] Mythos: /me nods slightly "Her Ladyship gave me a basic idea what to expect. I'm to provide support against an airborne threat, and assist in any other way possible"

[2018/02/21 08:26] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: But I'll keep him in the back so he's not making too much noise.

[2018/02/21 08:27] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I'm sure once the action starts, he'll get plenty of chances to prove himself anyways.

[2018/02/21 08:29] Jaron: /me flies in and lands near the group, looking it over "i see you are preparing for war..."

[2018/02/21 08:30] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me chuckles "Ok so, we will be heading into an enemy HQ. resistance is likely too be heavy, so we wanna go in quiet too start. hostiles are at least 12 high power mechs. and a most wanted target. Seth Rolling, orders from the mayor are too bring rolling in alive for questioning if possible. All other targets. non-lethal is optional" she states with a dark tone. smirking too Jaron "you could say that." she says before looking about "if your ready were heading out. Evie, for this op i suggest i carry you and we fly in."

[2018/02/21 08:32] Sprite: whispers: the tiny drone from PAE shows up. Seeming to mostly follow Zephyr

[2018/02/21 08:33] Evie: "I think for this op, I should just wait here." After hearing Mythos speak, Evie recognizes who she is immediately. "Someone's going to have to stay back here to answer questions if things start going amiss and and a heavy battle ensues. With me here, the press might come here to get answers instead of flying off to try and get themselves in the middle of the battle."

[2018/02/21 08:34] Mythos: /me hums softly as she hears the plan to fly, concentrating for a second, and a moment later the eagle flies back to her, perching on the ground for the moment, standing a couple feet taller than her like that

[2018/02/21 08:34] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me frowns a bit hearing evie but exhaling "Not ready yet?" she asks giving the woman a look before exhaling slowly "your choice hun. i understand."

[2018/02/21 08:37] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me gestures to Meat. "We should have more than enough to back us up if things go sour. Worst case scenario, evie, you can be our reinforcements."

[2018/02/21 08:38] Evie: "Ne careful. You already know what Rollins is capable of."

[2018/02/21 08:38] Evie: "Be."

[2018/02/21 08:38] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I know. But we also know his mechs can be taken down like any other.

[2018/02/21 08:38] Jaron%3A: /me should i come with you as well? also... make sure you leave someone alive to question this time

[2018/02/21 08:39] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me nods too Jaron "some air support could be good if the shit hits the fan. or tracking if Rolling tries too escape. for now lets get moving out before the trail goes cold. were heading too the industrial sector"

[2018/02/21 08:40] Mythos: /me climbs onto the back of the bird, petting it a couple times before it lifts off, moving to follow the others

[2018/02/21 08:40] Jaron%3A: /me understood, ill stay close

[2018/02/21 08:40] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods to Jaron. "We can use all the help we can get." She gestures to Meat, who trundles off after the group.

[2018/02/21 08:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me flies in carrying Meat, dropping him off before landing herself. "And the scientests said those mag-clamps were useless...I'm my own personal dropship!" She chuckles.

[2018/02/21 08:42] Jaron: /me circles high above the group, running scans and such around the group just in case theres an ambush or something

[2018/02/21 08:44] Narrator: /me as the group lands a group of warehouses is visible before them looking like any other in the area. except even from the air the security seems like it is too much, turrets seem too cover the buildings roofs. and individuals with high power rifles seem too be watching the sky waiting for any thing too get close. at least 10 snipers could be seen if one had enhanced eyesight.

[2018/02/21 08:46] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me sighs as she lands three blocks away "seems like the tip might actually be legit, Fuck.. part of me was hoping it was a prank"

[2018/02/21 08:46] Steel-Dragon: /me is way higher up in the air and running surveillance currently, marking enemy positions

[2018/02/21 08:46] Mythos: /me drops off the eagle and it takes off again, then a moment later swarms of spiders begin crawling out from under her robes and moving towards the various buildings to climb the walls "Let's get some eyes on this situation..."

[2018/02/21 08:47] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: They're definitely expecting a fight....how do you want to proceed with this, Silv?

[2018/02/21 08:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me brings her shields online, her wings spreading behind her as her QEC cooling systems engage.

[2018/02/21 08:50] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me looks around. "Lets try and sneak in, " she states looking too Mythos. "think you can make those spiders a distraction. spook the snipers. once they are not watching we try a quick approach too reach the buildings edge. from there i can open a hole and see what we are working with" she turns looking too Zeph. "be careful they may have thermal imaging, given how much of PAEs tech they are faking"

[2018/02/21 08:52] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods. She gestures behind her to Meat, who holds its position, ostensibly hanging back due to its....unsubtle nature. "Recieved. Let's save the noise for when they spot us." She pauses, then smiles. "Thankfully, I have a nasty surprise for them if they think they can use PAE tech.

[2018/02/21 08:52] Mythos: /me nods to Silver "Will take them a minute to get into position... will try to hit all the snipers at once" settling into concentration as she directs the swarm in multiple directions at once to seek out each of the observers on the rooftops and get close

[2018/02/21 08:54] Narrator: /me The turrets all seem focused on the sky, it seems at least from the air that the external defenses are focused skyward. The snipers are focused on the road entry ways. a speaker sounds out too the workers. "Project phase one has been implemented, Phase two is already preparing for delivery too its destination, phase three workers please double check scheduling and prepare for overtime. "

[2018/02/21 08:55] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me frowns as she listens. "Seems like good timing too, the hell do you think phase 1 was" she mutters mostly too herself before looking too the others "On Mythos's go ahead rush too the edge of the building, it should block the snipers line of sight downward. but we will need too keep them in mind if things go hot"

[2018/02/21 08:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me directs Meat to cover so it isn't in the open, then moves up towards the wall, charging her pulsers and setting them to cryo, just in case. "My guess is they're about to deliver more nanites for their next move....let's interrupt their delivery, aye?"

[2018/02/21 09:01] Mythos: /me gets each cluster into position, then issues the command to the whole swarm, the spiders rushing forward with venomous fangs and trying to race for any exposed flesh they can find, though they are still just normal spiders apart from the mental control. The venom isn't fatal, but a few bites could paralyze a normal person for a while. She gives a few seconds for the snipers to notice the incoming attack before giving a wave of her hand "Should be clear of eyes now"

[2018/02/21 09:03] Narrator: /me The spiders do the trick sending even the most hardened sniper into hysterics. one spider was not an issue, but a swarm of them on top of you. they entirely forgot their posts for the moment and began too work at removing the spiders from there forms.

[2018/02/21 09:04] Steel-Dragon: /me waits for the fecal matter to impact the oscillating air transportation device before making his move

[2018/02/21 09:05] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me motions forward before dashing too the buildings wall slipping her hands into the buildings wall using it like one might use a laser torch slipping it enough too make an entry path inside as she waves for the two women with her too get inside. using her comms too speak too steel "Keep an eye out for any one coming up behind us"

[2018/02/21 09:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me moves in with Silv, one of her gauntlets up, scanning the area for hostile forces. "Meat will watch our backs. Let's move in and keep an eye out...anyone bring satchel charges?"

[2018/02/21 09:10] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me looks too Zeph "Right now we are doing extraction and disabling of defenses, after we finish up i am going too send a call to N and PAE for categorization and cleanup. " she whispers

[2018/02/21 09:10] Mythos: /me follows behind the two armored women, stepping through the opening and then ducking into cover behind the nearest crate, pressing her hands together as arcane sigils begin crawling over her skin and robes

[2018/02/21 09:13] Narrator: /me As the group enters the warehouse it suddenly becomes apparent that the outside was not the only area under heavy guard. inside of the building catwalks line the upper sections every 20 feet a guard patrols watching the area below with an assault rifle. though the guards seem too vary from tired and not paying any mind, too far too gung ho twitching at every shadow. off in the distance a group of Metas is being drug by a mech, each meta secured too the next in a chain gag nothing on their bodies except collars and brandings labeling there test batch.

[2018/02/21 09:15] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): /me blinks, narrowing her eyes in her helmet. "Goddess." She whispers, quickly moving behind some crates in to stay out of sight. "Silv...do you see this?"

[2018/02/21 09:16] Steel-Dragon: /me tries to scan the building interior from his position, while keeping an eye on the door

[2018/02/21 09:17] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me sighs as she looks around the crates she was hidding behind cursing "fucking hell we have a hostage situation too. " she mutters. taping her coms "Ya N. we have a hostage situation here, they are rounding up meta's for individual testing it looks like. dont know if its for nanites or what. how do you want us too handle this. " she says at a whispered tone before removing her hand from push too talk "Zeph, think you can handle some of the guys on the catwalk silently. less eyes on us?"

[2018/02/21 09:22] Mythos: /me finishes her incantation, a tiny rift in the planes opening next to her, and a half demon half gargoyle creature leaps out onto her shoulder, nuzzling at her gently while she looks to it and whispers "Calm them down" the creature giving a small nod, then directing its gaze at some of the more nervous looking guards, starting to eat their fear and hatred, replacing it with just a general malaise. N comms back "You've got a quiet team in there... do whatever you can to get the hostages out alive. If there's no possible way, though, then shutting this down is the higher priority"

[2018/02/21 09:24] Xtreme Gargoyle Shoulder Buddy v1.1 L [WEAR ME]: Lets Get Xtreme!

[2018/02/21 09:27] Narrator: /me The guards that were on edge slowly relax as they feel the tension leave there bodies. some even lowering their weapons and pulling out cigarettes lighting up as a way too relax. The mech with the meta humans in tow drags them through a heavy steel door leading them further into the facility just through the door seems too be a group in lab coats standing around what could only be called a restraining chair. a brief glimpse is all that is offered before the door closes behind the group of metas. the speaker chimes in "Phase Two delivery too begin in 10 minutes"

[2018/02/21 09:34] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): /me nods to Silv and strips off her heavier gear, pressing a button on the underside and stowing it away, for the moment. She then climbs up behind some crates, pulling out a shell that looks like a shotgun shell, and biting the end off of it before placing her thumb over the top. As a guard turns a corner and leaves the sight of his companions, she pulls him aside and puts the shell under his nose, spritzing him with the "sleeping gas" contained inside, which would begin acting within seconds, making sure to keep a hand over the man's mouth in case he t ried to cry out in his last moment of consciousness.

[2018/02/21 09:35] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny): ((np

[2018/02/21 09:40] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me sighs as she hears the announcement and what N had stated. dashing out she rushes and knocks out two guards standing together chatting. looking back "So. here is the deal. with that steel door in our way. i can try opening another hole in the wall or we can try another path of entry, but from the looks of things we wont be able too stay quiet for long beyond this point. so we have too decide. go loud now from the outside, try and use it as a distraction. or wait and try once we are closer too the hostages"

[2018/02/21 09:42] Steel-Dragon: /me tries to scan beyond that door to try and see what is there apart from the metas, still staying high above the building however, out of sight

[2018/02/21 09:43] vf-25: flys around in circles sticking near to Steel-Dragon

[2018/02/21 09:43] Mythos: /me keeps her Fury subduing the guards' mental states, trying to keep them from noticing as more and more of them vanish from their patrols, whispering back to Silver "You're the boss for now... that countdown hits 1 minute and we aren't close, though... you two get out of here. The buildings can be rebuilt from the rubble"

[2018/02/21 09:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me pauses after putting another guard to sleep behind a convenient barrel, listening to her COmms then whispering to Silv over radio. "We need to get back there and disable that operation, Silv. Jaron says there's a shiteload of mechs and nanites and from the layout, they're going to start putting those nanites in the water supply. Like hell I'm letting that happen on PAE's watch.

[2018/02/21 09:48] Narrator: /me As the guards are taken out and thinned a large chemical transport truck starts too come from the road the group had entered from. In the room with the group of 9 metas the first is strapped into the restraint device as the group of five humans in lab coats start too discuss dispersal of the second stage.

[2018/02/21 09:52] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me sighs as she listens and frowns. "Loud it is" she mutters. "Zeph get your people here. we are going full loud in one minute. Weapons free. subdue the rest of the human guards we can and the snipers if possible. then have jaron and that drone take out the outside turrets too let your people have a landing area." she states as she speeds up her assault on the guards.

[2018/02/21 09:54] Mythos: /me nods as she hears the order, her hands coming together again as her Fury fades away out of existence and bright red sigils begin flowing around her this time "I'll be ready"

[2018/02/21 09:55] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods. She sends a signal to Meat. The drone outside turns its turret and lines up on the tank truck, aiming for its tires and engine compartments, making sure to angle so the shots avoid the fuel tanks and the tank on the back. "Give the word, silv, and their world will light up.

[2018/02/21 09:56] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me breaths out "Go for it" she states drawing her blade. and slicing through the steel door in an X shaped pattern watching it fall away as she surveys the situation inside.

[2018/02/21 09:59] Narrator: /me As the door falls away five humans would be visible 4 men and a singular woman, the men wearing lab coats the woman in fancy attire. The woman turns too one of the men and says in a very pissed tone "Rolling i told you not too fail me. You will be punished later. severly. now deal with the trash you have brought too your doorstep" she states turning away as she begins too walk for a rear exit saying lightly "Kill every threat my pretties " As the ten mechs start too begin a power up sequence along with the outer turrets.

[2018/02/21 10:02] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods, then makes a gesture with her wrists. With a flash and several heavy clanks of metal, her previously stripped armor warps back to her, her pulsers charged and ready to go. She wastes no time firing, spraying the upper catwalks where the remaining guards are with explosive rounds, her shots deadly on direct hits, but aimed more for suppression than lethality. Outside, Meat spools up and fires his chain gun, aiming to destroy the truck's front tires and bring it to a screeching halt, before revving its engine and charging, aiming to smash through the front garage door and enter the warehouse.

[2018/02/21 10:04] vf-25: Engaging Targets. " Suddenly the unit pitches and rolls bringing it's weapon to bear .... On the large silver dragon! None of the anti-air weapons seem to be targeting the small fighter mech either. All of them were trained on the dragon.

[2018/02/21 10:04] Mythos: /me completes her summoning, the portal that rips open this time significantly larger and bright red, an enraged phoenix screeching out as it flies through and wings towards the door, whipping out gusts of flame ahead of itself towards the men and woman, keeping the flames subdued enough to not kill outright for the moment, but second and third degree burns will still be rather distracting to anyone hit

[2018/02/21 10:06] Steel-Dragon: /me begins his run outside, blasting down towards the first turret, basically firing a spread of plasma during his decent to hit all at once just after he pulls up to target the second turret, flying straight at it before moving his wings forward and nearly stop on a time from that speed, sending a huge plasma plume towards the turret itself

[2018/02/21 10:09] Steel-Dragon: /me does the same, just weaving through the fire, the turrets are immobile and thus easier targets, better to drop them first, each hit by the weapons from the machine fighter send green shards flying off of his body

[2018/02/21 10:13] Narrator: /me The turrets fully open fire on the dragon 15 in total at start now blasted down too thirteen, the truck that had been on a path for the facility now immobilized completely. the guards start too scream as lethal shots rain down on them most killed outright though a few are only seriously wounded. two of the scientist types light aflame as the phoenix rains fire down on them screaming out in agony while the two remaining men one of whom is rolling seem too be uneffected as a light glow of PAE shields shines around them blocking them from the danger of the flames. the woman simply walking through the flames while a skin tight glow surrounds her. seeming too not even care about the attack for now. The Mechs turning on Zeph multiple cone shaped drones launch all targeting her as they fire fourty lasers at her at the same time each streaking from the cones toward her in a focused barrage.

[2018/02/21 10:15] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me blinks a bit at the amount of response. "Fuck, Zeph im going after that woman. im passing command here too you. Capture rolling at all costs and try too save the metas!" she states dashing after the unknown woman

[2018/02/21 10:16] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me bails from the chopper early and engages her flight mode. She goes into a dive towards after VF and opens fire with her vulcans trying to drive it away from Jaron

[2018/02/21 10:17] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me focuses on the shields, holding out a hand as she sends them the shutdown command that Mikoto had provided her with the night before. which pretty much unviersally shut down anything and everything PAE that it was thrown at. Her next concern is not getting blasted by lasers, so she dives behind a crate, her wings springing up as they take the barrage of lasers, nearly crisping the poor bot. She pops up down the line of crates for a moment, firing her pulsers now at the cone bots, aiming to put as many of them out of commission before diving back behind the crates again. Meat, ever the loyal drone, turns and begins engaging the mechs, its barrels spun up to max RPms as it spits a blistering hailstorm of 20mm high explosive shells at the robots....

[2018/02/21 10:17] Steel-Dragon: /me gets absolutely hammered with turret fire, he accelerates quickly as green shards just spew off of him before he moves in behind a building for cover

[2018/02/21 10:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me overhead, a blue helocopter can be seen flying in from the tower, turning sideways and opening up on the VF-unit with a minigun.

[2018/02/21 10:19] Mythos: /me directs her phoenix to claw at the legs of the two men that weren't burnt once the shields collapse, trying to keep them from running, while it opens its mouth at one of the mechs and unleashes a gout of full force elemental fire at it

[2018/02/21 10:21] vf-25: /me peals off Jaron and begins to engage CELES, the two becoming something of a mid air furball as the two dodge and weave for position and exchange shots... the jet shaped bot seeming to get the worse for it despite the remaining turrets trying to blow Celes out of the sky

[2018/02/21 10:24] Narrator: /me one of the mechs is laid too waist quickly by the fire from the tank, the cones diverting there fire from zeph as three are destroyed by her counter attack aiming for the tank with there focused fire too try and save the mechs. the shields fail due too the PAE kill command for the males as they scream out in pain there legs melted away from their bodies. rolling rolling on the floor in agony. The turrets turn there attention from the dragon too the higher priority threat known as Celes. One more mech is taken out as the phoenix melts away its body leaving it a pile of scrap metal, though the remaining 8 seem too flash briefly adjusting too the flames of the bird two slamming into it trying too snap its neck from either side of it, two more moving for Mythos trying too tear her apart. and the remaining four making their way for Zephyr surrounding her before trying too slice into the middle hoping too entrap the woman and pierce her defenses.

[2018/02/21 10:27] Steel-Dragon: /me flies around the building coming in from the other side, quickly flying across the area as he tries to take out as many of those turrets as he can in a single pass, firing several plasma blasts as he goes

[2018/02/21 10:28] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me suddenly piiches away to the fight taking advantaged of her human form and begins fireing at the VF from odd angles that a plane could not

[2018/02/21 10:29] vf-25: /me tries to take anonher run at Jaron untill it's hit again by celes. it goes into a smoking vertical spin and crashes into the turret control center, Going up in a mass of smoke and screaching metal and fire

[2018/02/21 10:31] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me grunts as she is surrounded, loading her shields to take the slices. They hold, momentarily, then collapse uinder the combined weight, and Zephyr cries out as she takes a hit, one of her soulder pauldrons being taken off and the pulser on that arm being damaged. She growls and lights her jets, fliying into the air and firing her pulsers at the mechs in a circle, saturating them in explosive rounds. The damaged pulser suddenly jams and falls off, and Zephyr growls. "VALKYRIE MODE 2: JAVELIN!" She shouts. Somewhere in the city, a dull thump is heard as something is fired into the air....

[2018/02/21 10:31] Mythos: /me sees the mechs coming her way and starts darting from cover to cover, trying to evade their gaze as best she can. The phoenix is hard to get a grip on, being only partially physical, giving it some time to take a few swipes at the mechs and unleash another blast of flame, but eventually they pin it down and rip it apart. She calls out "Someone make a hole in the roof!" as she brings her hands together again, running as blue-gray sigils start wrapping around her body

[2018/02/21 10:32] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me Meat is hit by lasers, its light shields holding before collapsing and its armor getting scorched and pitted by the small drones. It immediately turnes its attention on its attackers, directing its 20mm fire upon them aiming to blast them to bits. Above, the chopepr circles closer before descending, trying to land on the roof.

[2018/02/21 10:34] Takashi Takenaka: /me jumps out of the helicopter as it nears the roof, sheathed katana in hand. He takes a knee momentarily to keep his head down and assess the situation.

[2018/02/21 10:34] Yuri Mihail Conar (yurimconar): /me stops for a moment, looking up. "Ma boy said they were a well oiled unit... guessin he was right." he commented, seeing the tail of what looked like this dragon he was told of, even if it looked like some machine from where he stood.

[2018/02/21 10:35] Steel-Dragon: /me isnt standing on the roof and i s instead flying around , but chat range

[2018/02/21 10:36] Narrator: /me the fire too the turrets takes out half of the remaining turrets leaving seven left too fire at Celes trying too back up the fighter matching its targeting solutions until the fighter is taken down then they refocus on Celes all 7 trying too catch her in an overlaying sweeping pattern of fire. the mechs taking the rain of explosive rounds as they are pelted and stumble back from the rounds but seem too have already adjusted too the ammunition type. the drones falling too the fire as only half seem too remain. still focusing on taking down the tank as they have yet too encounter Celes. the two mechs that had focused on the phoenix have lost all outer adaptive armor due too the elemental flames, left with only there under carraiges they move too launch for Zephyr in the air along with the previous four trying again too remove the woman from the fight surrounding her once more. a few of the drones spotting Yuri begin firing on him 6 high intensity lasers trying too take out the old timer.

[2018/02/21 10:40] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me looks up as, as if in answer to Mythos, the skylight smashes in. A canister flies through it, impacting at least one mech at supersonic speed before it detonates...but even then something flies from it, which aimes for and attaches to Zephyr's outstretched arm. The other pulser falls away, leaving Zephyr with....a high powered rocket launcher. She quickly dodges, bringing the launcher to bear and firing at the attackign mechs, aiming for the centermost one. On impact, the warhead would detonate into a ball of electric plasma, but Zephyr would not stop there, turning and jetting towards the steel door she saw Rowan and the metas behind.

[2018/02/21 10:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me stays within chat range of everyone as Meat takes more fire, the armor beginning to crack and show visible damage from the withering lasers, but it doggedly keeps on firing, focusing its ammunition towards the remaining bots trying to fry it. The chopper, without Taka, ascends again and focuses now on the turrets, aiming to take them down under a hail of bullets.

[2018/02/21 10:42] Steel-Dragon: /me ends up taking another volley from VF before the machine crashes and the turrets go dead, he turns and moves to hover over the warehouse, scanning a moment to find a target at which point he lands on the roof and shoots a plasma beam straight down at one of the mechs, through the roof¨

[2018/02/21 10:42] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me sweeps around as the turrets target her then turns to face them. She thrusts her hands out and then a large shield forms, protecting her from the incoming fire. She stays there letting the shield take their fire and hopefully giving Jaron a clear shot at the last turrets

[2018/02/21 10:43] Mythos: /me dives into another batch of cover as her next summoning finishes, and the clear afternoon sky suddenly turns almost black, thick clouds rolling in out of nowhere, one of them bearing features almost resembling a face. Driving rain begins pouring down over the block, while several lightning bolts blast through the freshly opened hole in the ceiling, arcing around the room in impossible vectors as they start seeking out the mechs

[2018/02/21 10:48] Narrator: /me the remaining mechs seem too each be pelted by the assortment of attacks before they explode. Rolling clutching too a device as he screams out and presses the button cackling like a mad man as he screams in joy "It isnt ready. it isnt ready. i dont even have its programming updated to ignore humans but FINE. you all want too die so badly. then DIE DIE DIE" he cackles like mad before passing out. the massive 40 ton vat of nanites begins too pour into "something" under the floor as the entire facilities power flickers. and the voice over the coms states "All workers evacuate all workers evacuate. phase 4 has been initiated. Apple of Eden launching. i repeat all workers Evacuate. for those who had a means of electrical or energy sense the entire ground under the facility would begin too glow

[2018/02/21 10:51] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me dives for Rolling. Although too late to stop the man from pressing the button, she manages to grab him and pick him up, frowning as a lot of shit starts to hit the fan all at once. She looks towards the metas, frowning as she holds Rolling, looking at the man. She sends a comm signal, then turns towards the Metas, clearly intent on rescuing them as well.

[2018/02/21 10:52] Steel-Dragon: /me moves and crashes down through the ceiling window, ready to grab rolling and get out of there

[2018/02/21 10:52] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me passes rolling to Steel-Dragon and advances towards the metas as Meat, finally free of the withering fire, begins to pull back, retreating from the area.

[2018/02/21 10:53] Shroud Gundam beamsword: releasing controls

[2018/02/21 10:53] Takashi Takenaka: /me sprints across the rooftop and dives into the skylight with steel dragon, initially hesitant to enter the building with all the lightning coming through that hole. He'd talk into his comm, assessing the situation he had just landed in

[2018/02/21 10:54] Mythos: /me sighs heavily as she hears the broadcast "I have a feeling we're about to need a bit more firepower..." waiting to see what's coming, sending a command to the storm spirit, having it ready the torrent of water for the evacuating workers, intending to hit them with a tidal wive to batter them all unconscious against the nearby buildings

[2018/02/21 10:54] Steel-Dragon: /me grabs rolling with his feet and takes off again, heading out of the skylight and off towards the protectorate, not going to let him get away willingly

[2018/02/21 10:59] Narrator: /me the floor section of the warehouse parts down the middle as a massive fright elevator brings up what can only be discribed as something out of a childs wet dream. a full sized mecha. four stories in hight. the silver nanite compound flowing over its armor and internal components as a flash of light shines briefly from its eyes as it raises a beam cannon the size of twenty feet long a short charging sound is heard before the super heated beam launces for "meat" melting and utterly decimating the gound around it and melting every human near it. hundreds of workers slaughtered in a single shot.

[2018/02/21 11:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me Meat accellerates as it detects an attack, but the beam launches it into the air, and away from the battle. It can be seen overturned in the distance, heavily damaged but still moving. It is likely going to be out of action for a turn or two. Stand by for Zephyr's post!

[2018/02/21 11:05] Steel-Dragon: /me is dropping rolling off at the protectorate, someone takes him/her/it off of his hands and he begins heading back

[2018/02/21 11:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me the PAE Helicopter backs off, but keeps its door gun trained on the giant robot. After a moment's hesitation, it fires, aiming for the robot's "eyes" and its hands, attempting to blast the weapon out of it, and circling the giant mech slowly, firing at whatever vulnerable points it can find.

[2018/02/21 11:06] Mythos: /me chuckles a bit as she sees the giant mech come up "Oh, okay, not as bad as I expected... this I can work with" her spirit gathering up the water from the wave and lifting it into the air, lightning bolts raining into the water constantly as it forms into a giant hammer of electrified water and slams against the mech's back

[2018/02/21 11:07] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me turns into a glowing ball of light that slowly starts to expland. When the light fades, a gigantic armor has been engaged " ... Zephyr. I do not know if I can engage your target at this size...

[2018/02/21 11:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me frowns, lighting her jets again. She sees the metas at the mech's feet, and so with her main objective being rescuing them, she flies at them, aiming to grab at least two at a time and yank them away, up into the air and then away from the battle zone.

[2018/02/21 11:08] Takashi Takenaka: /me did his best to do as Zeph has instructed up until the giant mecha appeared, Takashi sprinting and jumping across the room to clear the freight elevator door. Seeing it occupied firing on Meat, Taka would coat himself in a filament of chi, hoping it would be enough to keep the nanites off of him, though he didn't know enough about them to know whether or not it would work. Waiting until after it had been struck by the lightning, Taka would run and jump onto the back of its leg, attempting to climb up the mech from behind while it was busy.

[2018/02/21 11:10] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: smashes down through the skylight just barely avoiding hiting the beam tnat Taka was on. She sticls out her left arm to cover Taka with the massive shield so that he is not hit by any of hthe falling glass

[2018/02/21 11:11] Narrator: /me The mech looked about the attackers for the moment analyzing the situation before leveling the twin shoulder cannons on its back taking aim at the PAE Chopper trying too shoot it out of the sky as the twin beams fired from it heading for the vehicle. the shots too its right hand loosening its hold on the beam rifle as the large weapon drops too the ground. the Mech looking around seeming too have no sensors aimed at its back or legs. it sought out targers using its eyes. the shots taken too them momentarilly blinding the mech.

[2018/02/21 11:11] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen): ( so where is this mechb

[2018/02/21 11:12] Rowen (kiyoshimasaru): ((i have too be up here for chat range sadly

[2018/02/21 11:12] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: (I'll rez a giant robot

[2018/02/21 11:14] Steel-Dragon: /me spotted the mech from a distance and picks up a large rock somewhere out of its range, he circles around and accelerates sharply, a huge plasma plume coming off of his body as he breaks the sound barrier, barreling towards the mech, simply releasing the rock and veering to the side, it'd continue and with huge momentum built up hopefully slam into the thing

[2018/02/21 11:15] Rowen (kiyoshimasaru): *huffs*

[2018/02/21 11:17] Mythos: /me hums a bit as the electrified bludgeon seems to have no effect, launching one more swing with it before letting the storm spirit fade away, the other clouds remaining, but the rain drops to more natural levels now. She lets out a low sigh "Guess it's time to wake old cranky..." bringing her hands together, the entire floor of the building lighting up with spirals of arcane sigils as she gathers the energy together

[2018/02/21 11:18] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me the PAE chopper takes the hit to its tail, and with the sound of whining jets and clattering rotors it spirals out of control, landing on a nearby building and breaking apart. The surviving crew scramble out, escaping to safety, but the chopper is destroyed...but its minigun still seems in servicable condition...

[2018/02/21 11:19] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me stands face to face with the giant mech, despite bing smaller. She pitches her main gun down and starts to fire

[2018/02/21 11:20] Narrator: /me the large rock slams into the mech from the side sending it toppeling into the buildings below it as it topples over likely throwing any one who had been on it off of its frame. its arms coming down crushing more of the building under it as it moves too get back up sending debris falling down on even more workers as it does so. the burst of energy its sensors detect from Mythos cause it too reaim its shoulder cannons for the woman as a humming sound is heard from the guns as they charge a high powered blast. the shots from Celes's main gun pit its armor leaving dents with every hit as they begin too tear through the outer layers of reinforced steel. a roar of a sound playing from a speaker within the mech like it was growing angry.

[2018/02/21 11:21] Takashi Takenaka: /me would continue climbing the mech, now clinging to the back of its torso on his journey to the head module. "It's working, so far it doesn't seem to know I'm here."

[2018/02/21 11:21] Sean7474: ((void my post00

[2018/02/21 11:22] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me returns from rescuing t he first two Metas, and flies in, aiming to grab the second pair from where the robot was standing. Assuming it isn't stopped, she would take them and fly off again, depositing them somewhere safe before heading back.

[2018/02/21 11:22] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me Meat is still out, though anyone who was watching would notice it isn't sparking as much, and its move to right itself are more vigorous.

[2018/02/21 11:24] Takashi Takenaka: /me was almost to the top, clinging to the back of the torso on his way to the head module. "It's working, it doesn't seem to know I'm here-" before he can finish the sentence he'd be thrown off the mech as the boulder sends it backwards, the man landing onto the cargo container, breathless. He'd only manage to roll out of the way in time to avoid some crumbling rubble, landing in a heap beside the container

[2018/02/21 11:24] Steel-Dragon: /me circles, running a scan of the mech to try and identify a good weak spot

[2018/02/21 11:25] Mythos: /me completes her summoning, a beam of energy erupting into the sky from the center of the circle, ripping a hole open in the air, from which emanates a few loud whoomph noises, followed by an earth-shaking roar as her colossal black dragon dives down out of the opening, its wings spreading to halt the descent as it gazes over the battlefield, then lets out another enraged roar

[2018/02/21 11:27] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me charges the larger mech swinging her saw blade for it's left knee, carefully avoiding the right leg so as not to cut Taka into tiny little organic chunks

[2018/02/21 11:30] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me lands next to the five remaining metas. "I can't keep doing this..." She breathes. Thinking for a moment, she sighs. "CELES! Taka! cover me!" She says, then begins winding up her flashwarp systems, gathering the metas around her. "Everyone group up, and don't stray! This is going to get close!"

[2018/02/21 11:32] Narrator: /me the metas surround the woman as they are told too. the mechs left leg detachs and begins too glow briefly before exploding. only for the mech too topple over as it was standing on one left now. the designer of its OS aparently a complete and total idiot. as the mech slams into the ground on its back trying too in some form still fight the group of people attacking it. thrashing about on the ground.

[2018/02/21 11:35] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me makes sure everyone is safely gathered around, she closes her eyes. With a flash, she-and al lthe metas, dissappear, warped somewhere safe. She'll be out for the rest of her turn as she verifys everyone's safety

[2018/02/21 11:35] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me Meanwhile, around the corner comes...meat! Not to be outdone by Celes, Meat advances, firing its cannon at the thrashing mech.

[2018/02/21 11:36] Mythos: /me sends her dragon to fly over the downed mech, the creature drawing in a deep breath and then spraying a torrent of acid over it, trying to melt away at least any of the nanites that are still active if not disable the mech itself, taking care not to splash the acid back to where the others are

[2018/02/21 11:36] Takashi Takenaka: /me probably would have been incapacitated by now if not for the PAE Mk1 suit breaking his fall. He grunted as he stood up and cracked his back. "Whatever." he tells Zeph as he's given new orders after his last ones almost got him killed by friendly fire. "How about a warning the next time you guys try to bulldoze a mech while I'm climbing it?" He follows Zeph, drawing his sword

[2018/02/21 11:37] Steel-Dragon: /me keeps at a distance, watching as the others hammer the mech

[2018/02/21 11:42] Rowen (kiyoshimasaru): ((Celes's post)

[2018/02/21 11:43] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1 (ryoko.mannonen): ( skji[p me

[2018/02/21 11:45] Narrator: /me The Mech seemed too stop thrashing about. as it tried too self destruct it found itself incapable of doing so, in Takashis climbing his foot had managed too flick a switch along the mechs back too disable that functionality. it lay there unable too upright itself before finally running out of power. and shutting down. the giant mech doing surprisingly little damage given its size.

[2018/02/21 11:46] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me returns just in time to see the Mech go silent. She stares at it, frowning lightly. "Isn't it going to explode?" She asked, aloud, after a few moments.

[2018/02/21 11:48] Mythos: /me gets a message relayed onto her comms and sends the command to the dragon, the beast reaching down and grabbing onto the mech with its claws, then starting to fly not out towards the wastes, but rather straight upwards, the portal re-opening above it as it goes up

[2018/02/21 11:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me looks to Mythos. "That thing might have some useful info if we can verify it won't blow up in our faces. Can your dragon friend keep it safe for now?"

[2018/02/21 11:49] Takashi Takenaka: /me would shrug, having no idea he had even done anything to it while scaling the mech from behind. Because who puts the off-switches on the outside of the armor? He looks up as the mech is hauled into the sky, hoping it doesn't slip and fall on top of him like it almost had already.

[2018/02/21 11:49] (HUD AO)SLC Bento AO Notorious [ZHAO-II MB2.0.17mod]: 33% memory free (21978 Byte).

[2018/02/21 11:49] =Zenith=Criminal Police Boots (Black) Maitreya - RARE: Reading configuration...

[2018/02/21 11:49] iT %3A Full Metal Titler: Slide to HUD to access the main menu...

[2018/02/21 11:49] =Zenith=Criminal Police Short (Black) Maitreya - RARE: Reading configuration...

[2018/02/21 11:49] =Zenith=Criminal Police Jacket (Black) Maitreya - RARE: Reading configuration...

[2018/02/21 11:49] =Zenith=Criminal Police Boots (Black) Maitreya - RARE: '=Zenith=Criminal Police Boots (Black) Maitreya - RARE' READY

[2018/02/21 11:49] =Zenith=Criminal Police Short (Black) Maitreya - RARE: '=Zenith=Criminal Police Short (Black) Maitreya - RARE' READY

[2018/02/21 11:49] =Zenith=Criminal Police Jacket (Black) Maitreya - RARE: '=Zenith=Criminal Police Jacket (Black) Maitreya - RARE' READY

[2018/02/21 11:55] Mythos: /me chuckles a bit "He wants it for his hoard... but I'm sure I can get him to let us borrow it for a bit if we need to later... I'll just have to bribe him with something else so he doesn't get too cranky, he's already insufferable when I wake him up" the dragon snorting a bit of chlorine right then, as if he could hear her from that distance, and then he flies up into the portal with the mech and it closes behind them

[2018/02/21 11:56] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me no longer sees the need to be huge, so her armor flakes off looking like glowing hexagonal blue leaves. She looks at Zephyr. " I noticed you staring at my cannon "

[2018/02/21 11:56] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me lands as she hears celes. "Well Zeph does like big thick hard cannons"

[2018/02/21 11:57] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me grumbles, running a hand along where she took a nasty hit on her armor. "Yes, well my breasts are still bigger."

[2018/02/21 11:58] Takashi Takenaka: /me would sheath his sword and turn to walk away, heading back to the tower.

[2018/02/21 11:59] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Taka. You ok?

[2018/02/21 11:59] Moondance: /me crept along the roof, camoflaged but not invivible..if one needed a movie reference, - Pradator

[2018/02/21 12:00] Takashi Takenaka: /me "I'll discuss it later." he waves, walking off

[2018/02/21 12:00] Steel-Dragon: /me lands on the roof, observing the scene from above

[2018/02/21 12:00] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me chimes in "we need too seal this place off till we can get a cleanup crew in, heavens only knows what they have stashed in the crates or in the chem truck."

[2018/02/21 12:01] Mythos: /me hums a bit as she looks over the unconscious workers that didn't get blasted "Looks like a lot of people to arrest too... anyone need medical care before I go make my report?"

[2018/02/21 12:01] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me looks at the disabled chem truck. "Indeed...we'll let the Mayor know and she can send up a cleanup team to gather intel and burn this place down. We don't need this crap getting into the hands of the public."

[2018/02/21 12:02] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me shakes her head "No Mythos, but do a once over on the mechs for any remains or better yet just melt any of the remains of the mechs too the point of oblivion"

[2018/02/21 12:03] Moondance: /me watches cleanup efforts. Glad it was downhill from her bar. Lord knows crescendo might go on a bender

[2018/02/21 12:04] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me goes over to Meat and inspects him. "Seems like Meat proved his worth today...got pretty roughed up, though. Will need a day or two in the shop..."

[2018/02/21 12:04] Mythos: /me nods slightly "Can do... will head out once they're slag" turning back towards the factory, the red sigils starting to flow over her as she summons her phoenix once more

[2018/02/21 12:04] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me equips her heavy armor for no reason. She then looks at Zeph and start flips her shoulder canons down then up again. Then down

[2018/02/21 12:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Oh right.

[2018/02/21 12:05] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: CELES, meet Meat. Newest robotic member of the team.

[2018/02/21 12:06] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: looks a litle banged up

[2018/02/21 12:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Meat got its fair share of hits, but it came out on top, didn't you?

[2018/02/21 12:07] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me pokes Meat's turret. Meat says nothing. Meat is silent. Meat is eternal.

[2018/02/21 12:07] Moondance: /me looks at the messed up chink of helicotper and even while camouflaged started to pull chinks off

[2018/02/21 12:07] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: Should i restore the citie's water

[2018/02/21 12:08] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny): ((was fun deux ty

[2018/02/21 12:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me looks at CELES. "I want to verify that its uncontaminated, first...is there any way you can keep the industrial sector turned off and turn it on for the rest of the city?

[2018/02/21 12:08] Steel-Dragon: /me flies off towards the PAE tower

[2018/02/21 12:08] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: " yes. "

[2018/02/21 12:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me glances up. "Also, whoever is pulling pieces of our chopper off, please stop that. That is still PAE property."

[2018/02/21 12:08] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods to Celes. "Then make it so."

[2018/02/21 12:09] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: We'll put it in the report as being routine maintainence to a damaged water main. No need to cause a panic.

[2018/02/21 12:09] Moondance: /me throws the pieces down into the alley..now where they would hit others and began to leave

[2018/02/21 12:10] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me is rained upon by pieces of helicopter, regrets not bringing an umbrella. "Speaking of which, we need to get a recovery vehicle for the helicopter up their.

[2018/02/21 12:10] C.E.L.E.S. Valkyrie 1: /me goes still for a moment while she closes various valves and reroutes. after about ten minutes water in the rest of the city starts to flow. A chunk bounces off Celes' head while she works and no fucks were given

[2018/02/21 12:11] Jashrax: /me flies in from somewhere, moving extremely fast before slowing down over the disabled truck, lightning arcing off of him, he looks at it a moment before grabbing it and taking off, heading for the wastes, accelerating sharply and leaving a strong ozone smell in the air

[2018/02/21 12:12] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me sighs as a propeller hits her in the head and she sighs grabing hold of it and tossing it aside. "irritating" before blinking.. "did a fucking dragon just take off with our evidence?"

[2018/02/21 12:12] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me blinks at the sudden exit of the truck. "Oh well I suppose we didn't need that."

[2018/02/21 12:13] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Could be a friend of Jaron's. We'll ask him later if he can bring it back.

[2018/02/21 12:14] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Right...well...

[2018/02/21 12:14] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I've some things to attend to.

[2018/02/21 12:15] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me nods and stretchs out "im going too go get rolling some medical attention, im thinking we can start interogation once he has recovered some blood"

[2018/02/21 12:15] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: /me nods

[2018/02/21 12:15] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: Go easy on him. And scan him thuroughly.

[2018/02/21 12:15] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: No telling if he set HIMSELF up with a self destruct.

[2018/02/21 12:16] Silver Nova (Faith Celestia): /me laughs "is it bad too say i kinda hope he has?"

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