arms selling and the long game(log)

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arms selling and the long game(log)

Post by allock » Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:19 pm

[09:24] Allock (allock123) a Van with pae markings pulls into the plaza the back of the van opens and out steps a smiling man " come one come all today we bring you a fin assortment of specialty ammo along with our normal supply of armaments" the man winks wand flashes his sharks smile " i highly commender our new pheromone rounds" he chuckles now " nutrailize an issue and have some fun in the process.. what could go wrong?"

[09:28] Voice teleports herself into an alleyway a block away from the announced site and then walks the rest of the way on foot, moving to blend in near the front of the crowd[09:31] Tiz of the pae? smiles and waves is hands at the tables to very large men where setting up even as we speak " oh youll like that one Mr grizwald i guarantee it will help you chase that gang of metas from your block"

[09:31] Tiz of the pae? smiles and waves is hands at the tables to very large men where setting up even as we speak " oh youll like that one Mr grizwald i guarantee it will help you chase that gang of metas from your block"

[09:33] The Dark Spirit after getting alerted by his A.I about the sighting of another van would make his way to the scene. landing on the bridge above his eyes narrowing as he looked to the group below. this was his chance to find out who this guy was..who he works for and where he could go to put a stop to this. As the man worked on his set up a black and red throwing knife would seem to fly from the sky and impail one of the tables as the dark spirit leaped from the bridge and landed in the crowed beow.

[09:34] Voice moves to try to be about 3rd or 4th in line, not wanting to look too eager, but knowing she doesn't have much time to make her move before someone raids the gathering, waiting her turn and doing her best to look like a typically concerned citizen among the group

[09:36] Tiz of the pae? looks down at the knife and sighs " fuck every damn time ! its like im hero nip or something" the man mutters , he looks up his eyes searching several of the citizens gasp , a man screams the thugs seting up the tables pick up weapons and stand ready as do many civilians " dats a mighty fine knife ..i could sell you better though"
[09:38] Crescendo flew by to hover in the air above the forming crowd" Pitiful peons, afraid to bow down to their betters " The air around her hazy from an ultrasonic vibration
[09:39] Drexia is totally here, observing, it'd be illegal for her to take action anyway

[09:40] The Dark Spirit would clench his fists as he watched everyone ready themselves his H.U.D panning to each armed figure highlighting there weapons. The spirit would never harm an unarmed non meta much less a civilian. he understood there fear..but he knew what this man was doing was dangerous wnd will lead to many deaths..meta and human alike. Placing his hand at his side. His eyes narrowed abit before lookng to the figure above as she spoke. This was going to be a problem. "You!" hed speak to the flying women. 'Stay out of this."

[09:40] Nicole (nicole.portola) gives allock cofee)[09:42] Voice lets out an inward sigh as some fucktard jumps the gun and endangers the whole plan, darting towards the table and scooping up one of the smaller weapons off of it, throwing a handful of bills at the closest of the sellers, one of the bills having a virtually undetectable quantum entanglement tracker buried inside it, then she takes cover, albeit sloppily, more like someone that's watched too many action movies than a trained combatant, and aims at the twin figures with the small gun

[09:47] Tiz of the pae? the line stays where it is some one shuffling forward some one else moving away loading there new weapon he groans as the figure appares in the sky " fuck ! dats it you know what!! no more sales today.. but ill give the this baby to the person who brings me dat bitches head!" he points at the woman in the sky as he pulls out a large scifi looking gun from a create " unless i do it first" so saying he signals the thugs to pick up the money including the bill the pink haired woman threw down , pointing the atmospheric dominator at the woman he grins.. " your gonna hate this" a peam of lue light blasts at the woman and more importantly the area around her

[09:50] Evie and Nano and Brittany stay parked up the hill ((only here for chat range)). Evie says over her coms, "Let me know when to move in."

[09:52] Crescendo heard them and could be seen grinning fact..she started singing. " Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head. Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid. Children roam the streets now orphans of war, Bodies hanging in the streets to adore. Royal flames will carve the path in chaos. Bringing daylight to the night Death is riding in the town with armor Because they'll take all your rights. Hail to the queen, hail to the one Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun. Hail to the queen" Music strummed, Heavy guitar with druns as a sonic blast taking the shape of a skeleton wearing a loose torn cloak and eilding a scithe flew at the beam. Ultrosinic tones imbued spreading in the area to trigger the parts of the human mind and cause panic and fear

[09:52] Raigeki swoops down and lands on the top of the van, perhaps louder that she needs to, going into a three point lianding. In her hand was a tracking device that she fastens to the van using her landing as cover " Hey. I heard you were selling counterfeits of my stuff "

[09:52] Nicole (nicole.portola): ultrasonic*

[09:53] Drexia moves in here all sneaky like, due to chat range

[09:55] Evie says, "Crap crap crap," Seeing Rigeki through her binoculars suddenly swoop down and then the people around respond. She says over coms, "Go go go!" And steps on the gas, sending it tearing down the hill and around the corner, chase lights rolling.

[09:56] The Dark Spirit looked tot he crowed then the flying women as things began to escelate. panicked armed civilians some singing meta who sommond skeletal creatures an armed ring leader..and now PAE He had his work cut out for him. he would input a command in his wrist mounted computer to get his car on standby incase the ring leader decided to bug out. The vehichle comming to life just in the outskirts of town before it drove to a closer location. He didnt intend on letting this man get away The spirit would decide the flying women was the bigger danger to the civilians as he pulled a device from his belt and armed it.

[09:57] Nano "Evie get me close." She spoke as she unbuckled herself.

[09:58] Voice pops off a few shots at the flying woman, like anyone would do with an offer for free stuff, holding the gun sideways like a movie gangster, her shots flying around wildly. In the meantime, she slips her other hand into her purse and pulls out another tiny quantum tracker, this one barely visible, slipping it up into the wheel well of the van in case the man with the bill gets caught or killed
[09:58] Red Republic is offline.

[09:58] Tiz of the pae? looks up and curses " well fuck... " he motions to the thugs with him and the turn on mikoto , from one thugs gun fires three metal balls about as wide as a fist which fly towards her though none look like there on the mark the second fires a lasso like field from his gun attempting to snare her , tiz grunt hiding his finger firmly pressed as the beam hits the skull thing, and as it dos the air around it begins to quiver and shake becoming more turbulant and even solid as the preasure in the section of the sky intensifyes

[10:00] Alisa Uchiha looks at crowd outside and giggles . Then shouts " if anyone is hungry then you can order something here. We make the best food in this city. I think you all should try""

[10:01] Evie says to Nano and Brittany, "Alright. Mikoto says we gotta stop Crescendo. Best idea so far is to shoot her in the face. Ready?" Evie gets out of the car, activating her shield in Reactive mode,
[10:01] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Waits for nano to move

[10:01] Nano nods and moves out of the vehicle moving into a better position. "Right.."

[10:02] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): I our after evie

[10:03] Crescendo Kept her song going the guitar riffs picking up " Blood is spilled while holding keys to the throne. Born again, but it's too late to atone. No mercy from the edge of the blade. They'll escape and learn the price to be paid. Let the water throw it's shades of red now. Arrows black out all the light Death is rotting in the town with armor They've come to grant you your rights Hail to the queen, hail to the one, Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun. Hail to the queen" The blast the atmospheric gun his crumbling but more forming as she sang intercepting the voice's shots, Others flying forth into the crowd, now striking at the buyers, the van, and Tiz..for now she let mikoto stay. the skeletal reapers shimmers like static from a radio given a visual representation as their scythes slashed

[10:04] Rin (darkestdesire.destiny) entered chat range (19.53 m).

[10:04] Raigeki waits untill the last second, Then her wings flare to live as well as a shield, The wings slice through two of the balls but one collides with her side, but she platys it off, The shield itself evaporated the netting on contact

[10:05] The Dark Spirit narroed his eyes at the flying women while he spoke to mikoto on the comms. He had a plan..and it wasnt going to be favorable to the civilians..but he had no choice. As the beams shot toward the crowed hed throw the device in her direction as it beeped. As soon sas it was close enough a red cloud would erupt from it filling the area. It worked much like his smoke pellet however this was laced with bear grade mace any in the area who wasnt covored or protected would immidiatly have there eyes burning, breathign would be very difficult, and any skin contact would cause the skin to immidiatyl irritae and burn as well, he hoped this would make the flying women stop singing..blind the thugs and incompasistate the civilians who may have never even been hit with any kind of mace.

[10:08] Evie winces slightly from the noise of the police sirens also in the air. She yells loudly as she moves toward the civilians, trying to be heard above Crescendo's noise and the equally loud sirens, wincing slightly in pain from the noise herself, "By order of the Protectorate, evacuate the area now." She fires two shots of her hard light stun gun directly at Crescendo up in the air. Evie isn't the best shot in the world and seeming to have an extra sensitivity to the noise around her now, she is even more likely to miss than normal, but you never know. She might get lucky.

[10:09] Voice turns her gun on the man in black once it becomes clear that Crescendo isn't able to be hit by it, again firing off a few more sloppy shots in his general direction before the red cloud engulfs the area, dropping the gun and falling to the ground gasping and crying like a proper civilian would, lacing a few of her nanites into the undercarriage of the vehicle under cover of the could as an extra precaution

[10:09] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Brittany Powers up if you want the civial to leave just say so a got non lethal starbolts for the occasion

[10:10] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): wait for yor orders evie

[10:11] Tiz of the pae? grunts and sweeps the gun acros the sky a grin on his face the beam taking control of the air around the atmosphere thickening and pressurizing "fine lets just make sure nothings moving through that space.. not even your demon minions!" civs began to cough and scream as the mace drifted down and ti him self stopped firring a coughing fit racking him the metal ball the hit mikoto falls to the van, where the top opens uo revealing row after row of needles, the ball hops a little spring in its bottom propelling it up were it starts to spin spraying needles all around it

[10:13] Nano draws her weapon backing up to not get caught in the cloud. She glances over and blinks as she notices the needles being sprayed. She inhales deeply and seems to go translucent as she moves to find cover so she can breath again.

[10:16] Crescendo was miraculously struck by one of Evies shots as she kept singing. " There's a taste of fear, When the henchmen call. Iron fist to tame them, Iron fist to claim it all, Hail to the queen, hail to the one. Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun. Hail to the queen, hail to the one, Kneel to the crown, stand in the sun. Hail to the queen" The hard light piercing her suit however. The skeltons dispersed by the air pressure however. Then The attack from the spirit struck feeling the air with its chemical. From inside the cloud, the music changed into something harder, voice crackling. " He is observing the chaos, taking in the lack of raw humanity. It's as if the entire world's fallen in love with their insanity. Hear the innocent voices scream, As their tormentors laugh through all of it. No forgiveness from all I've seen, The degradation I cannot forget. So sleep soundly in your beds tonight. For judgement falls upon you at first light, I'm the hand of God, I'm the dark messiah, I'm the vengeful one, (Look

[10:16] Crescendo: inside and see what you're becoming). In the blackest moment of a dying world. What have you become" The ultrasonics stopping as crescent moon spaed discs fly in all directions capable of slicing like the brick and metals like butter- not to mention the people. As the cloud lightened up a being of pure electricity could be seen

[10:20] Evie replies to Mikoto over her com, feeling like she had to almost shout to be heard, "Let's not have it come to you dying, Mikoto. If the van gets away, it gets away. Save the civilians." She thought that was cryptic enough that she wouldn't be letting anyone who overheard know the van was tagged." And needles that were coming at her would cause her reactive shield to flare up, bouncing the needles off. "Crescendo, get out of here," she yells louder, accenting it with another couple of wild shots from her stun gun. The siren and crescendo's singing combined was beginning to be too much for her though. She seemed weak to sound in spite of efforts she had gone through to make up for the weakness. All the sound was beginning to give her a headache though. She put her shield into always on mode, just to bring on silence. She'd no longer be able to be heard through her shield, except over coms, and she couldn't hear anything else.

[10:21] The Dark Spirit upon hearing the gunfire would look to the crowed his A.I highlighting everyone through the smoke in green allowing him to see through it rather easily. It would highlight the ring leader in yellow allowing him to keep track of him. He would duck abit however one of the shots would hit him square in the chest. this is where his armor was thickest however there would be a bullet mark in it..and he was going to get a wicked bruise later for sure. Hed wince however would notice she had fallen before looking to the ringleader as he launched some sort of device. He crouch down and pull up his cape like a shield as the needles flew in every direction. theydd impail the cape however wouldnt seem to go through it only half way. as the fight continued his Vehichle would park itself in a nearby ally staying on and tracking the spirit incase he needed it if the thug decided to try and drive off. He was not going to let him get away. As the first wave of needles passed hed look to the flying women as discs began to

[10:21] The Dark Spirit everywhere. Hed jump flip dive and spin expertly to dodge them useing his jump jets to help him along. However parts of his cape would get sliced off in the process as well as a deep gash in the leg of the armor, no easy feat. it was clear the discs were deadly. As soon as he was able hed use his jump jets to leap in her direction in an attempt to deliver a hard punch directly under the chin of Crescendo.

[10:22] Raigeki switches her gun to cryo rounds and starts fireing into Crecento, knowing that if she hits they rounds will burst and freeze. She keeps fireing hoping to encase the now electric wokman

[10:26] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): she walks in front of evie as her sheild goes up. the Needles dedlectig off of her. dreen orbs surrounds her hands , " Nice try mine turn ">fire non letha; bolts into the crowd to get the innocents Away . from Danger!

[10:26] Alice (Water Princess) arriving on the scene she stays back. slowly focusing on creating water she has disguised herself as human the only difference being blue hair which one could just say was dyed. she stays as far back from the crowd as she can while forming her water so high in the air it isnt likely too be seen taking her time for now too get prepared.

[10:26] Tiz of the pae? curses and turns to his henchmen as he holsters his dominator and motions to one of the thugs " start the van " the civis all the fight knocked out of them from the gass high tail it if the can though many remain hacking and coughing on the floor , tiz and the other thug back up , firing there weapons at crescendo as they go the thug gets into the van b ut tiz growls his eyes narrowing " you know what... fuck this shit!" he pulled out a small belt of grenades and a larger orb and chucked them out among the people and with that he slams the door down " drive!! drive" theres a screeching of tires and the fan peels out trying to escape , the big orb begins to beep

[10:26] Voice is still laying on the ground next to her fallen gun, seeming to take a while to recover from the gas, though actually just watching the situation now for the moment
10:27] Nano peeks out after letting out a breath. She watches what was happening and sees the van attempt to run. But noticing at the last moment the grenades that were tossed. She grimaces and calls out. "We need to get those people away from there now!."

[10:28] Alisa Uchiha walks to evie and covers her body with electricity and slowly expands it, turning it into a shield to protect evie " there evie her power wont effect my electricity" smiles

[10:29] Evie drops her shield to Reactive again, better now that she had a few moments of silence, and moving forward toward the grenades yells to the civilians left standing, "I said run! Run!" She opens her cover shield. At least that was Evie's plan, instead she bounces against Alisa's electric shield and is thrown back.

[10:31] Alice (Water Princess) uses the moment the van tries too escape too draw her water down using mikoto as a beacon trying too flood and surround the inside and outside of the van too give Mikoto a chance too electrocute every one inside if she so chose. any tiny crack in the van likly letting in her water into the main
drivers compartment.

[10:32] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Power star shots a bunch or non lethal balst at the crowd "this should send the running for the hillsd

[10:32] Crescendo feels the cryo round hid her semi tangible form and freeze. Science lesson for the day kids: Ice isnt a good conductor of electricity. She begins to draw from the electricity around, crackling in arcs The sound rings out, "As the violence surges, And the teeming masses have been terrorized. The human predators all gone mad, Are reaping profits born from their demise. The rabid media plays their roles, Stoking the flames of war to no surprise. Only too eager to sell their souls, For the apocalypse must be televised" Her next attack forming..wait.. that was a fuck dragon glimmering like the reapers. Spirit impacts her and would be struck at by electricity, but one or the arcs glows brighter and suddenly she is gone arcing out of a wall outlet on the diner as The sound dragon breaths out a sonic blast capable of knocking hole sin buildings at Mikoto, made to look like flame

[10:35] Mikoto (kitsune.omizu): (( Soo.. If she's being encased in ice and ice doesn't condcuty well then how is she drawing in elecvtricity?

[10:36] Nicole (nicole.portola): she wasnt entirely encased when she did it)

[10:37] Raigeki presses herself against the roof of the van engaging mag-locks in her gloves and boots. the sonic wave buffets her and probabally the van as well but do to her position and her being locked onto the van it's hard to tell what the sonic blast did to the woman

[10:37] Allock (allock123): (( ill buy that ,this time as its an exit post))

[10:38] The Dark Spirit after impacting her woudl be sent flying back to the ground with a loud thud. His armor is insulated given he uses electrical based attacks to with a few of his gadgets, however that was a lot of electricity to take in. Hed lay there aminuts as he watched the metas deal witht he civilians. His eyes narrowing as he saw one of them use some power on them dispite them already being incompasitated and running, it may be non leathal but it hurt..and it only made his hatred of metas grow even more, he knew it was a bad idea to have them join in as well...they always cause more harm then they realize. Still there was nothing he could do about it now. As he spotted the thug making his way off in the van hed speak to mikoto through the comms in hopes shed listen before inputing a command in his wrist mounted computer. His vehichle's engine now roaring as it peeled out of the allyway and heading in his direction. Hed pull out his grapple gun before pointing it at the car itself. zipping toward it the cockpit would
10:38] The Dark Spirit open as he sat inside it. The cockpit closeing as the van was now highlighted in a bright yellow as he gave chase taking note of mikoto being on the top. Cearly she wasnt listening...typical meta he supposed.

[10:42] Tiz of the pae? the civis get up still coughing and begin to run as blasts of energy chase them out the van floods but the driver determinedly holds down th gas, the passenger side opens and water comes tumbling out , the orbs scream and a tornado begins to spin to life pulling the other grenades and the belt along with it the van continues on its way, a head can be seen poking out of it vomiting water to the ground

[10:42] Alisa Uchiha removes the shield because she seems tired because of something that happened before. Falls on her knees and spits some blood. THEN she again tries to make the shield but fails and coughs and falls again.

[10:43] Raigeki still clings to the top of the van. That or her gear does it for her.. it's had to tell if she's even concious at this point

[10:45] Voice starts staggering to her feet and stumbling away from the vortex, grabbing the gun and clutching it to herself as if she were trying to escape the area, but slowly letting her pace fall behind the other civilians as they flee

[10:45] Alice (Water Princess) wonders why her water that she is holding in place within the van would be pouring out. tilting her head a bit confused as the van shouldnt yet be out of her field of vision too maintain her control on her own created water.
[10:45] The Dark Spirit narrowed his eyes as he drove right behind the van. It would be clear to the thugs they were not out of this yet as a strange large red vehichle began to gain ground behind them. As he got closer he began to flip a few switches. As he got close hed ram the back of the van rather hard.

[10:47] Nano covered her face as the twister seemed to rage out from some random location. She stood strong and started to wave the civilians past her. "Go....don't stop..."

[10:49] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): she fire at the van but misses it as it peels away .. "Damn it should have hand them

[10:49] Evie watches the remaining scene, looking down to Alisa coughing up blood. If she had actually noticed the Dark Spirit, she might have ran after him to give her a piece of her mind regarding an incident earlier, but she didn't. She bends down to Alisa and asks, "Are you alright?"

[10:51] Alisa Uchiha looks at evie saying something then replies " dont worry baka. You know i can easily handle small things like this." coughs agai and then sits down to rest a bit.

[10:51] Tiz of the pae? the tornado spins faster and wilder gaining momentum more and more growing to gigantic proportions a grenade flys out towards rin another towards the prone civi who had been firing as derbies and and shrapnel are pulled from the area making a whirling death storm , and effectively cutting off the fab from sight

[10:52] Evie watches the van start to drive off with Mikoto on top, thinking Mikoto was going to any time release the magnetic boots.

[10:52] Crescendo hiss an electrical hiss. Brittanys shots at the van hit the dragon construct, its field shimmering. The tornado was there doing her job it seemed " Remember peons! all of your lives are due to metas. Bow down like proper dogs! " blared through every radio signal nearby as if the woman had some form of jammer transceiver on her, though the noise of the crowler blocoked out the voice in the local area..The dragon disperses in a light generated by the rapid sonic vibration causing heat, and as it faded Crescendo was gones as well, teleporting through the electrical system in the chaos

[10:55] Alice (Water Princess) sighs seeing the grenade heading for her before just swiping her hand at it as a small spout of water
cks its course out of the way into an empty building lobby. Alice simply muttering "twice in one week is enough" huffing out as she moves closer too Evie. "are you ok Ms. your bleeding. " she asks trying too help her.

[10:55] Voice waits for the fleeing civilians to get far enough ahead of her that they won't notice, then stops and turns back to watch the situation, waiting for the vortex to settle so she can see about providing aid to the wounded, idly inspecting the weapon she'd picked up in the meantime

[10:57] Evie squints her eyes as she hears a distorted voice she recognized all too well come over PAE coms. She says, "Fuck! How did Mr. Black get access to PAE communications?"

[10:57] Evie cuts off the police siren.

[10:57] The Dark Spirit would continue to chase the van far from the others that were present. His intention was the bring the van down..but he couldnt do that with mikoto on top..she could get killed. dispite not liking metas she did help him plenty of times. for now the spirit would do his own thing witht he situation leaving the others to deal with the civilians.

[10:58] Nano: 2me glances over and sighs watching the twister.
wreak havoc not sure what was causing it aside from some sort of weapon. "Any ideas on how to stop a twister..?" She sighs. "Like...freezing the air solid maybe?"

[10:58] Raigeki: just kinda ... stuck to the roof of the van

[10:59] Tiz of the pae? the tornado swirls spewing more grenades wich explode the one knocked into the lobby detonates but fianlly finally the tornado begins to tapper out and the fan , the spirit and mikoto are no where to be seen

part to a chase an a rescue

11:09] Tiz of the pae? the van speeds into the wastes its engines roaring and moving far faster then the piece of junk it looks like a thug looks out the window and notices the car chasing them " fuck boss we got trouble!!!" tiz sighs and bangs his head on the side of the van " what now!" turning on a rear view monitor he sighs " lose dat punk and do it now!" the van starts to swerve

[11:11] The Dark Spirit would keep pace with the van as he weighed his options. His car was much bigger and he couldnt fit through many of the tight squeezes they could. however it was rather durable, almost like an unstopable battering ram as it knocked the ruined cars and peiced of broken building out of the way as he drove into the wastes after them. Normally hed disable the van by atatckign the tires..but he couldnt do that with mikoto on top, she could end up getting crushed if it flips. "Damn women..why didnt you just listen to me."

[11:17] Tiz of the pae? the driver guns it ducking and weaving through rubble but still the red car chases them the driver frowns and flicks a few switches and the bumper lifts revealing nozzles oil sprays from the nozzles coating the ground behind it a voice screams out " get off our as tailgater bitch!!"

[11:19] Raigeki: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[11:21] The Dark Spirit conitneud to drive right behind the van as it sprayed the oil on the ground. His car was starting to lose some traction. His A.I Would put up a warning about it as well. Still The dark spirit was an expert at driving. Flipping a switch the tailpipes would open up abit before a jet of flames shot out behind it pushing the car forward making up for the lack of traction as he worked hard to keep the car faceing forward and not spin out. Grunting hed speak to his A.I "take the wheel Lisa....stay going to board them...i cannot do anything with the van if mikoto is fucking around up there." With that the A.A would begine to drive abit shakily given the lack of traction as the cockpit opened. The dark spirit pulls out his grapple gun before firing a line at the back of the trick before zipping in its direction dragging abit along the ground as he did...a rather dangrous position to be in...between the van and his own car.

[11:27] Tiz of the pae? the passenger swears again " hes still on us boss " tiz smacks his head on the van wall again " did you use the oil?" the driver sighs course i used the oil " tiz bgins straping in as the van continues both vehicles moving at fantasic speeds "don't get smart bitch" he throws open the back of the van and takes up a large mini gun the barrel spinning to life as he fires a stream of bullets at the car behind them faling to notice the spirit to the side as he opens the door right as the spirt hits the ground and rolls to the side a bit " time to die mother fucking wana be punk!"

[11:30] Raigeki: zzz gunna punch 'im in the balls... zzzzzzzzz

[11:31] Tiz of the pae?: (( oh sweet coyote! tizes poor balls))

[11:31] The Dark Spirit grunted as the back of the van opened. Usually that meant gunfire was to follow. Hed quickly roll to the side as he was dragged crashing into abit of rubble here and there which did abit of a number on him and his suit. Ashe bullets would seem to bounce off the car however the headlights when hit would go out, the ries would get penetraited byt wouldnt go flat given they were filled with a gel that would allow them to keep going a while longer...still they would need to be replaced for sure. The glass would also appear to be bullet proof however the impact marcs would show rather well. The dark spirit would reach for his belt before pulling out his final special smoke pelet that he had on him, only carrying two at a time. Hed quickly roll back toward the center of the van before tossing it in the compartment ging of inside filling the area with the thick red beargrade mace laced smoke. given the open air in the back of the van the smoke would pour out of there and not fill much of the van..but the shooter

[11:31] The Dark Spirit may be having a rough day. If successful the
spirit would reel himself to the truck ignoring the shooter for the moment before climbing to the top to mikoto.

[11:35] Tiz of the pae? tiz doubles over coughing and vomiting as the smoke pellet gos off his eyes watering he trys to lift the gun but can't past the burning fire in his lungs " ugh fuck fuck fuck"

[11:38] Raigeki: Zzzzzz fuckin.. counerfits.. zzzzzzz not even good ones .... zzzz how did they fool anyone ... zzzz people are stupid.... "

[11:40] The Dark Spirit after grappeling to the top of th evan would holster his grapple gun as he panted and winced abit. the dragging and bumping along the ground caused an opening in the already ruptured leg part of his suit where the flying villain used her discs. Blood began to gush out of the crack in his armor staining the armor itself and the top of the truck. Wincing hed make his way to Raigeki before attempting to roll her over and check on her status.

[11:41] Raigeki wasn't rolling. She was knocked out and she had mag-locks in her gloves and boots, which is the whole reason she is in this mess

[11:45] Tiz of the pae? tiz vomits a bit more and grunts shaking his head he looks up bringing his mini gun up again his eyes scan in confusion " wait dats it? " he grunts and pulls out a few more grenades " say good bye bitch" chucking them at at the car he throws him self back into the darkness of the van

11:49] The Dark Spirit looking her over as he tugged on her abit would take note of the maglocks in place. Hed look to his wrist mounted computer before inputing some commands. Hed then open a slot before pulling out some clamps attacked to some wires. It was his hacking device. Given he was a master at infiltration. he figured he could shut her suit down for now...something he could easily do as long as he wanst interrupted with a fist from Raigeki. As he began to clamp them to her armor and began to type into his wrist mounted computer his A.I would do its best to make a good distraction. As the grenades were thrown the car would swerve abit, however given the oil thing it would spin out a tad causing it to get caught in the explosion. The car would then flip over and stumble violently down the waste as fire began to engulph it. A warning would be desplayed to his visor courtosy of his A.I. hed grunt as he spke to himself. "Fucking damnit." That was going to be expensive to replace for sure. As he worked on hackign into her

[11:49] The Dark Spirit armor his A.I would alert him to some stims she had on her armor already giving him a better and quicker option now that his distraction was gone. Pulling out the plugs hed reach for one of her stims before looking it over a minut. Hed then stick her with it before injecting.

[11:51] Raigeki apeared to wake from the sudden jerk, Fortionally the helmet muffled most of her exclamations so the van drivers SHOULD be none the wiser

[11:53] The Dark Spirit narrowed his eyes as he looked Mikoto over slapping the cables back into his gauntlet. The blood continued to gush out of the crack in the right calf part of his armor. Hed tap her helmet abit as he spoke. 'Wake up....lost a lot getting you." he was annoyed..not much at her anymore but the fact hes going to have to go through a lot to buy the parts and make another without anyone noticing that the firechief had a lot more money then he lets on.

[11:54] Tiz of the pae? chuckles " yeah take dat dirt bag!! " he then slams down the back of the van " alright stealth up and get us to check point one, were gona wait there to see if we got a tail , as usual" the driver hits some switches and the van starts to shimmer tiz throws him self back onto a seat and closes his eyes " ugh at least the guns are selling"

[12:02] Raigeki: murmurs " I'm up. " She is murmuring something into her comm. sounds like gps coordinates and a direction. She ends the transmission "trail us from a distance. Bring angry people "

[12:04] Tiz of the pae?: (( this event was the precursor there are several trackers on the van and tomarrow is a fort seige!)))

[12:05] Raigeki looks at a gage and then murmujrs " oh shit.. batteries dead.. " and starts to slip when her laglocs release...

[12:07] The Dark Spirit nods as he spoke. "Good....because you owe me..." hed then look down to the van as it began to shimmer. SO this is how theyve been getting around without his A.I picking them up. for a while he had been trying to intercept but this explains why he was never able to track them when they were on the move. As he looked about he would notice Reigeki. "Im going to finish this...tonight...hes going to jail....with a few broken limbs." As he stood hed wince as even more blood gushed out. It was worse than he thought. Hed reach for his belt to pull out his biofoam needle hwoever hed notice it was gon..torn away from his belt while he was being dragged. Feeling lightheaded form the loss of blood hed breath heavier and heavier befoe falling over and sliding off the van tumbling hard agasint the ground.

[12:08] Tiz of the pae? the van zips away into the ruins

[12:09] Raigeki catches specter as he falls and uses the last of the power in her suit to flair her hardligght wings and slow them down, landing with more of a thump than a crash.

[12:11] The Dark Spirit after being caught would groan abit as his vision started to haze. He was used to having a healing that he doesnt have one anymore he couldnt take as much damage as he was used to. as she spoke her voice would sound muffled and yet echoy at the same time. His A.I speaking to him aloud through the computer with a child like voice that belonged to a female. "Spirit...your vitals....spirit answer me........"

12:15] Raigeki: hey. whoever you are. he's hurt but not too bad. mostly blod loss. I'm going to patch him up " She pulls out her med kit and sprinkles quick clot on it, then patches him up with a self sealing badnage. Good ol surplus military medic gear.

[12:18] The Dark Spirit would coninue to lay there still pretty much alive at the moment. As she spoke she would get a response from the synthysized child voice. "Oh i to assume you have transport? if not i can send his over immediately.- as Mikoto worked it wouldnt be hard to find the sight of the bleeding just look at the large crack in the leg armor and bam, though there would be no ral knowing if there is any internal damage as of yet, but either way the spirit would find out soon enough.

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