a fort is seiged(log)

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a fort is seiged(log)

Post by allock » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:14 pm

[17:11] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667) grins as they transit to the battle zone. "Time to show these cunts what "real" PAE firepower is."
[17:11] Faith Celestia pouts as she had wanted too teleport in the entire PAE armored division..

[17:12] Katy grumbles "Seriously ? No tanks ? No artillery support ? How about close air support ? And we still got that assault mech in our garage too ..."

[17:12] Moondance let them ramble, pulling her bow into her hand

[17:12] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) swoops in, slowly hovering down and setting
down, smiling at Faith, then looking at the fort in front of them "this is interesting"

[17:13] Z3PH-YR (aingelproject667): Unfortunately, Katy, this is our "long range" firepower...it'd be an unmanagable fortune to get the entire show out here.

[17:13] Joan Harker grins as she climbs out of the transport "So... I heard we're authorized for full force on this one, huh?"

[17:14] Kapi D. Lucy smirks stepping out of the transport and looking around. Placing her hat on her head and cracking her knuckles "Oh yeah this will be fun"

[17:14] Faith Celestia moves over too zeph and glares. "im going too bonk you when we are done here" she huffs and walks back too Hellguards side.

[17:14] Faith Celestia moves over too zeph and glares. "im going too bonk you when we are done here" she huffs and walks back too Hellguards side.

[17:17] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR dismounts from the armored car, tapping her helmet as she pulls out her tank buster railgun. "PAESEC1 reporting in. Anyone hear me?"

[17:22] Faith Celestia looks at the area and smiles too Hellguard. "as a reminder, only one here we need too capture is the leader. all others have no civilian rights. kill on sight"
[17:24] Kapi D. Lucy smirks already trying to stretch her arms out at one of the bunkers to rocket herself into the gunner

[17:25] Katy prepares her customized 20 mm Vulcan for combat loading a 250 rounds mag which was carrying a mix of armorpiercing and incendiary rounds. Katy is wearing her old, trusty PAE X-1 powerarmor , which was just back in service after a multitude of repairs from the recent 'bridge fight' a few weeks ago. Katy would report to her Head of Security "Moving into position, scanning for hostile activity." trying to spot enemy personnel or automated defense installations.

[17:26] Allock (allock123) as the vehicles pull up to the outpost preimter alarms sound , yells can be heard from the out post as dangerous men and women run to there positions a low humm is heard to either side of the out post as large blue beams of destructive light flash out aimed at the party ratcheting of weapons can be heard inside the fort and a voice sounds over all of it " how did they find us , you shits? .. fuck i swear if we make it out of here some ones gonna die i fucking swear!! , shut up and kill them" a fullsade of large metal orbs is fired over the walls to rest on the desert sand and the bunkers open up with gattling fire, one screams and gos down as a strange woman rockets into his bunker " fuck" he says and lunges at her drawing a knife

[17:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) kicks off the ground, hovering in the air and drawing her massive blade. The edge burned with hell fire and her hand glowed with the flames running through her "Weapons hot...well, that's a nice change" she states, looking out over them, speaking in the comms "hear you all loud and clear. Providing aerial assault fire. Death from above" licks her lips. As the gunfire starts, she charges a fire bomb and throws it into the nearest bunker, hoping to get it through the window and cause all manner of devastation in close range within

17:29] Moondance nocks an arrow, and keeping it ready, eyes rapidly scan for a hostile. Whe she saw it she would let the weapon fly. Where it struck him a glyph would flash on its head m regardless of inside the man or in the wall, and the local area would erupt in a field of electrical charge, like an area taser. She took another arrow as she dodged the blasts from the bunker, a bullet scrapping her side

[17:32] Joan Harker dives out of the way of the blue beams, grabbing her crossbow off her back and firing off 6 bolts, not bothering to charge them since the targets aren't metas, each bolt aimed for a different one of the men outside of cover

[17:33] Drexia was flying over the group and as the group takes fire she quickly tries to fly up all the way to the wall before landing and trying to use one of her wings to stab the unfortunate guard there in the back, making sure to hit his spine to paralyze him if she actually hits

[17:42] Nightangel is drawn by the negative energies being tossed about by both sides. She slips down from the sky intent on investigating, pulling up short when she sees the battle raging.

[17:45] Spyder-Bitch was with Hell Guard and Faith as they got the call that something was up. Though, they didn't know that. After they left, she followed behind, lying in wait to see what was going on When the transport arrived, she was smart enough to cling to the outside of it, even using some webbing to web herself to it as it traveled to it's destination. When the got close to arriving, she would free herself, and look for some cover, wondering what wa going on.

[17:48] Tiz of the pae? the sounds of combat grow louder as the battle heats up , literally the man in the bunker with lucy thrusts his knife at her " prepare to scream little meta bitch " a bunker to his left gos up in flames its occupant screaming and throwing him self from the bunker trying desperately to pat out the flames , one of the six men throws him self behind a sand bag and opens up with a freez ray , beearly avoiding a bolt, three others go down while two more throw them selfs to the side rising and returning fire, the guard on the wall swings the butt of his gun at her wing damaging his weapon. tizes shouting can be heard over the " fuck fuck fuck , thats the pae out there and protectorate? fuck hell guard.. fucking hell guard .. wasn't she out of town? fire the canons again! a loud shrill scream " kill them!!!

[17:48] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR wastes no time going into action. She slaps the hood of the armored car, which, with a rev of the engine, takes off, using its speed to its advantage to avoid incoming fire as its turret pivots, aiming for the closest bunker sporting the dual gatlings, before firing, the 57mm hain gun spitting high-explosive shells at the hapless hardened structure at a rate meant not to pierce, but simply weather down like a melon under a sand blaster. Meanwhile, Zephyr raises her railgun, the cylinder rotating into position and slotting a tungsten dart between the rails. A low buzz emanates from it before it fires, a metallic clanging sound punctuated by a cone of plasma shooting 15 meters in front of the barrel, vaporizing or at least severely burning anything unfortunate enough to be that close, while the shock cone guarantees no normal human in that area is left standing on their feet if they somehow survive the plasma, as the tungsten dart screams towards its target, the large turret to her left, at hypersonic spee

[17:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR the large turret to her left, at hypersonic speed, though Zephyr has no time to see the results as the bunkers open up. Her shield protects her, her wings flaring, but already she can feel the bullets chipping away so she springs forward and slides against the sandbags, aiming her railgun up and incidentally at some poor hapless guard's face as the next round ratchets into place, the low buzz indicating it was charging for its next shot. "Cheers, love~"

[17:49] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR's other drone Meat gets in on the action too, trundling over the hill as its 20mm chain gun spools up and fires, aiming for the unmanned turrets on the right flank with the objective of putting them out of commission before they become operational. The blue beams slam into the drone, but it keeps advancing and firing, the unconcentrated fire seeming not to phase it much.

[17:52] Faith Celestia sighed as she looked out of the APC. stepping out of it as the shots rained down around her she muttered. "good as time as any too break the new powers in" muttering and reaching into the vehicle for some high explosive charges she teleports too the closest of the large laser batterys she can find and places half of the explosive charges on its base. taking the detonater in hand she prepares too teleport too her next target.

[17:52] Kapi D. Lucy laughs landing in the bunker and tilting her head dodging the mans knife "Hey Im not a meat. I'm a rubbergirl" and immediately attempts to headbutt the man probably with a bit to much force as she's expecting a super fight like the guy from last night and no one told her that these people werent super strong. All the while laughing and enjoying herself

[17:56] Katy would try to advance forward to not lose the initiative and keep the pressure on the enemy forces with suppressive fire of her Vulcan gun. Katy was slow and a big target inside of her power armor, gladly it's structure was upgraded with Yuri's darksteel alloy, possibly able to take a hell of a punishment now. Most of the smaller calibres would just be deflected, yet the blue energy weapons would leave smoky and glowing marks behind if they hit. As there was no time to deploy a shield barrier now, Katy would press forward, delivering a hailblow of 20 mm rounds into enemy personnel, while her right missile launcher would fire a volley of anti-tank missiles, which would more or less work like a Javelin, boosting up high into the air, then trying to hit the gun emplacements from a steep angle, where their protection might be only weak.

[17:58] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) calls over radios "focus on the heavy batteries and pillboxes. Heavy battery so we can move our armored assault forward and pillboxes to defend infantry." she commands, feeling a high caliber shot hit her armor and begins the process of changing to raw energy. By the start of her next turn she'd be primed with raw energy. In the meantime, she soaks up rounds and begins cutting away at enemies with her blade, trying to lighten the numbers in between

[17:59] Moondance gives a low sound, firing off a second arrow at one of the soldiers. This one normal. She flips up a scroll and unrolls it, run finger across some of the lettering bow and quiver 'melting and flowing int it. Rolling the stroll back she stores it then pulled two of her recently forged kunai. She seemed to vanish, using camouflage, blurry when in motion so not tru invisibility..but with the chaos functionally the same. With a dash she let a sonic boom out as she ran to- and up the front of the bunker

[18:02] Joan Harker marches forward steadily, going to slap another clip into her crossbow as she calls out "I've hunted vampires, werewolves, liches, mutants, and all other breeds of abominations... but you dumb fucks are some of the worst monsters I've come across yet" the return fire ripping through her human body, spurts of blood spraying out across the sand, but she keeps walking, black energy coalescing around her as she lets her rage over the recent events take hold, and then it explodes outward from her, making way for the glowing black avatar of zealotry, wings flapping and kicking up dust as she starts flying upwards

[18:02] Drexia grabs the head of the one she just backstabbed and with a quick crunch turns it into a mangled mess before using her wing to throw the corpse over the wall, leaping up to the door and kicking off of that to send her right at another guard, plunging her wing-claws into his back and tries to tear him in two before throwing him over the wall as well, the guy in front of the door fires his weapon at her, tearing numerous holes in her body, but it doesnt even seem to slow her down as she rapidly regenerates, looking at him and points "youre next"

[18:03] Nightangel stares in horror at the scale of carnage being inflicted. She soars overhead choking back the pain emanating from the dying below. In control, she stoops like a raptor, diving low over those in the open field. Midpoint, she releases a flare, bright as a nova, and screams, the sound and light physical as hammer blows.

[18:04] Spyder-Bitch ducked behind one of the sandbag walls, holding her sides a bit as the symbiote squealed; there were a lot of really loud sounds going off, specially from the explosions, and her symbiote was not liking them. Soldiers that came near her would be met with tendrils going to wrap themselves around their necks, going to toss them aside like they were nothing. The symbiote got really grumpy when it was in pain.

[18:12] Tiz of the pae? thugs all around are knocked flat on there ass as the railgun thunders its power across the field one of the large guns go up the other turns its aim towards the group and fires a large beam of destructive force aimed at he group it takes no notice of the teleporting woman as she sets her explosives, the thug in the bunker with lucy curses as his first slash misses he trys a stab unsure how to deal with her unexpected movements until hes head butted with extreme force, his neck snaps and he tumbles from the bunker , another thug gos down to arrowfire as the missiles go up and rain down around the fort a series of explosives can be heard " fuck some of the ammo was hit , put that out, you get it up" one of the big mounted guns lays a smoking ruin a , a dark blast of energy tore through the sandbags and men alike laying body's on the floor others were strangled from behind as a bright flare tore through the sky power and light riping down and bodys falling from the sky as

[18:12] Tiz of the pae?: as drexia begins to kill theres a as people draw closer the orbs seven in number leap into the sky and begin to spin at about neck hight on most people the stop and a hail of spikes launces from them in a fan around the orbs and at the fort a hum can be heard a wall of light rising and covering it in a famialer protective feild

[18:19] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR decides at the last minute not to be an arse, and pushes the barrel of the railgun up, hooking the thug by the collar and slinging him over her shoulder, ripping away his weapon with her other hand and crushing it with a simple squeeze. "Do stay out of the fight, dear. You don't need to die today for that arsehole." She says. The beam of light hits her, and she grunts, thrown back a little, but with her railgun charged again she fires her second loaded around at the turret that fired upon her. She flexes her wings, frowning as she feels her shield power crackle and fade under the attack, about to fail. The scream from nightangel makes her growl and look up, her armor ringing as if struck by a hammer blow. "What the-Someone, silence her!" She shouts, turning her attention to the shield. She blinks, then grins, holding out her hand, connecting to the shield system and sending the PAE kill code. Behind her, the armored car shifts fire, its cannons turning to rake the battlements around the turrets, trying t
[18:19] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR trying to chip away at the barriers.

[18:20] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR's drone Meat continues onward. It advances on the smaller turrets, continuiong to pound into them with 20mm cannon shells oblivious or uncaring of the battle behind it.

[18:20] Faith Celestia Teleports over too the second large laser battery throwing the remainder of her charges at its base. before teleporting once more too get away behind the APC as she clicks the detonater twice setting off the charges she had placed at the base of both batteries hoping 4 charges each was enough too blow the two batteries sky high. or at least take them out of commission for a while. using her hands too try and plug her ears as nightangel does more harm then good with her screeching flare.

[18:20] Durian lands near the group getting his rifle out moving up to zeph "situation report?

[18:20] Kapi D. Lucy frowns as the man goes down to single headbutt "Awww you are weak like that other guy" she pouts and walks out of the bunker looking around for what to do next. Then breaks into a grin seeing a fortress "Bet all the strong ones are in there" she smiles and runs back stretching her arms gripping the bunker and pulling back before releasing and rocketing towards the fortress with a high squeky laugh

[18:23] Katy would perceive the whole chaos of battle around her in eerie silence, the world around her represented in virtual abstraction. Enemies were just target markers, which went from red to grey .. neutralized. Only the chatter on her com system would disturb her silence "Taking heavy fire ... advancing the main entrance ... priority targets are those turrets ..." until suddenly her augmented vision would be spammed by threat indicators, when the 'hail of spikes' would pelter her heavy power armor, most are deflected but a few penetrating the defense, causing damage to coolant tubes and possibly a slow process of overheating. Katy would try to advance forward, as she was determined to reach the entrance, only to be stopped by the protective barrier, now launching her remaining missiles, trying to weaken the force field with a full volley of anti-tank missiles, which might not really work at all ...

[18:27] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls as she's blasted from above. She looks up at the angel and takes off, flying up, aiming a blast "sorry sister, this is not the place to be firing at anything that moves" she states, releasing the beam of raw energy at the other angel, looking to put her out of the combat for now. She didn't want to kill, but definitely wanted to prevent her from causing any more chaos on the ground below, or attracting the wrong sort of AA attention

[18:28] Moondance leaps from the front as her goggles start to compensate for the flare- trying to get clear of the field forming- the sound not bothering her much but their impacts slowing her momentum in the leap, The blurry figure landing a top the angels back as the spiked fly and using her as a platform hops again, one of her kunai striking at the head of a goon before she lands, rolling with it. " come with me.. and you'll be.. in a world of pure imagination. Take a look, and you'll see, into your imagination" sung softly, before tapping her comm <" Marathon, what is your status?">


[18:29] Spyder-Bitch would see the one of the rail guns was aimed in her direction, and would quickly get up, leaping over the sandbag wall, trying to avoid the blast as best she could. She would get clipped in the shoulder, her symbiote able to provide some protection, but would still be pierced. Blood started to drip from her wound as she shrieked out in pain. With the increased sounds, however, it be a bit too much for her to handle. She'd pass out, sand from the sandbags covering her body. The Protectorate didn't know she stowed away there, and with any luck, her wouldn't be found as her RP was being called away unexpectedly to RL. ((sorry to go out of order :( ))

[18:33] Joan Harker is well above the spikes by the time they go off, but the blast from Nightangel makes her reel for a moment, glancing up and seeing a couple people already moving to deal with it, so she focuses on the fort again, flying higher up and channeling air magic around herself, her hands stretching out and firing a trio of mini tornadoes into the shield to batter at it with a constant barrage of force

[18:33] Drexia quickly moves up to that last guy and quickly dispatches him with a claw to the face, she moves to avoid the beam quickly afterwards, taking off as it blasts through under her, followed by the spikey shredding which also misses entirely when she is in the air, she looks around to try and find another target or perhaps a way inside the fort despite the shield

[18:36] Nightangel comes out of her spiraling climb into a ferocious dive, determined to be more selective this time. The blast of raw power sears through her wing bringing a wierdly musical cry of pain. She swerves hard, trying to control her dive when someone bounces off of her back sending her careening out of control, mowing down four or five slow moving men like a human cannonball. She fetches up hard against the base of a turret in a cloud of dust and drifting feathers.

[18:43] Marathon touches her coms and answers "just arrived ready for what ever looks like all hell is breaking loose here" her eyes scanning the area while she moves to adjust her rather uncomfortable new outfit with some annoyance which as usual seems to be riding up in places she would rather it didnt "do we have a plan?... a target?... or should i just start cracking skulls?... the turret looks like a good choice..."

[18:44] Tiz of the pae? the barrier flickers as the kill code is issued and statics but then it hums to hard light the heavy fire chipping away at it makes it buzz a figure walks up to the battlements andlooks down " hah!!bitches, i have no fucking idea what you just tried to d ,like a fail safe? well fuck you i had my benfactor take a look at dat little toy of yours and he did something to it, now we got it hooked to fucking huge battires" as he says fucking huge he reaches down like he was fondling tow huge balls, squatting a little " bring it you fucking cunts, your in the wastes now!!" he struts behind the safety of the shield , as lucy throws her self at the flickering sheiled theres a loud blat and a squeak as she smacks into it right where tiz was standing the thug jumps startled then makes a face at her, anti tank missiles fire at the shield weaking it , tiz looks un preturbed or else uninformed as he continues to mock from his field " hey!! hey bring out the big girl" the last of the laser

[18:44] Tiz of the pae?: turrets go up in a flare and tiz scowls , then his face pales as the tornadoes slam into the wall " what do you mean theres some woman telporting out there.. did you kill her? " a pause " you didn't. fucking useless!" a hum can be heard from the four corners of the fort and a l ow rummbling in the distance as a large tank rumbles fort from behind the fort its self tiz cackles as they fight among them selfs
the tank stops turns and its guns begin to acquire targets

[18:50] Drexia ends up as one of the targets of the tank, she tries to evade when it fires but one of the rounds still hit her, and with a splat there are drexy drone bits raining down on the people below (( time for me to bail ))

[18:51] Nightangel lies at the base of the turret like a broken doll as the dust settles around her. Silvery light plays around her still form, feathers twitching oddly in her wings as they shift ever so slightly.

[18:52] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR grumbles. "Fucking cheating cunt." She says. Ignoring the giant man she turns to Duirian. "It's a furball. Your standing orders are to do whatever you can to kill the giant ball fondling cunt using any means necessary. With this said, her attention to the tank that made the mistake of parking in front of her. Smirking, she whistles a happy tune, climbing on the tank as her railgun charges and slots the next dart, sticking the barrel into the open hatch. "Hello, duckies." She says to the unfortunate crew, before pulling the trigger, sending a tungsten dart, a cone of plasma, and a whole shit-ton of kinetic energy into the tank's innards.

[18:54] Elewa (kya.warden): (( i am confused.. it seems the PO i got it wrong because people are posting completely differently... ))

[18:54] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR's armored car skids to a halt. With the shield being the ext problem, it, and Meat, turn their attention to it, beginning to hammer it with 20mm and 37mm cannon shells, and a few antitank missiles.
[18:55] Tiz of the pae?: (( one was an exit post, and one was an out of order post))

[18:55] Faith Celestia sighs as the tank drives up. she looks too it and mutters. "Fucking hell" muttering she tugs off her belt of 8 grenades and then takes a cord running it through each of the grenades pins. exhaling she smirks and goes. "welp here goes nothing" unpinning all 8 grenades at once and then ATTEMPTING too teleport them inside of the shielded area at the SE most corner of the base hoping too take out one of the shields emiters or batteries.

[18:56] Kapi D. Lucy squeaks splatting against the barrier and glaring at the man "Hey turn off your stupid orb thingy and fight dammit" She leaps off the shield and bites down on her thumb blowing air as her leg inflates to that of a giant dwarfing the compound "You asked for it" she yells in high pitched squeky voice "Stuffed dolly!" as she brings her gigantic foot and leg down on the shield with great force

[18:56] Katy was cursing like an old sailor when her advance was stopped by a highly modded PAE shield "Fuckin' hell, it told ya that the boss charity will bite our asses one day ... gimme a second, i got an idea ..." trying to deploy her own PAE hardlight shield emitters directly in front of the enemy barrier, connecting it to her power armors energy supply and firing it up. As the enemies shield was based on PAE tech, Katy was somewhat aware of the emitter frequencies and would try to adjust her own shield until the shield modulation would the enemy, then phaseshifting the amplitude and possibly both shields would cancel each other out, providing a small gap to infiltrate the enemy base. Katy is distracted by this action and would additionally turn immobile due to the necessary power supply mode "C'mon guys ... perhaps i can dig a lil' hole ... lets push deep inside, eh ?"

[18:59] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches the Angel fall with a nod and then is hit with a missile. She growls and trembles, bleeding a bit from where the shrapnel had hiked up under her armor. She turns on the tank "be aware, we have flanking" she says on mics and holds up her hand, moving erratically to try and confuse tracking as she fires a beam of raw energy right at what looks like some sensitive targeting devices, looking to destroy its ability to track and engage targets

[19:00] Moondance flicks the blade clean of blood, brain, and bone <"We should stick to the mission. Put a scare into these guys. Protectorate and PAE are here, let them take their leader..but lets have some fun while we do it. Shit thats a tank. I didnt get paid enough to pull my sword.. "> the hummed and lightly sang " We'll begin, with a spin. Traveling in a world of my creation. What we'll see will defy explanation" Staying in the blurry camo. " is he taunting us like the french in monty python? YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER AND YOUR FATHER SMELT OF ELDERBERRIES! DO NOT MAKE ME TAUNT YOU A SECOND TIME!"

[19:04] Joan Harker glances over the area, deciding to try something different, drawing her flaming ethereal claymore and lunging towards Tiz, seeing if the angelic blade might bypass the shield, aiming for a leg to keep him immobile and distracted if her ploy is successful

[19:11] Marathon watching the fight she scoffs as moons over coms "If its their show then why are we even here?" she asks noting the fact that katy was trying to push through the shielding

[19:11] Tiz of the pae? the tank explodes a as the blast shoots through it erupting in sphere of fire and death ti on the platform says " oh fuck..." and turns dashing back intot he complex , but as he dos a vast shadow hovers over the glowing blue dome and stomps down hard the dome of light visibly flexes , and in the back theres an explosion as one of the generators gos up in a statico burst of grenades the shield bowing even more " fucking metas.. god damn fucking metas he pulls out a phone and clasps it in his hands nervously katy uses her knowledge and equipment to link the shields its a slow process but the thugs inside don't seem to realize they can fire through it ,the claymore pierces the field just narrowly missing tiz as he runs , clearly the barrier is weakening under this combined assault , hellguards beams join with zephyrs decimating the tank throughly

[19:12] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR apparently didn't consider the implications of exploding the vehicle you were standing on. Along with everyone else's contribution to its destruction, the explosion was enough to fling Zephyr off into the sky. "KICK HIS ARSE FOR ME KATY! LOOKS LIKE PAESEC1 IS BLASTING OFF AGAAAAIIIIIN!" *ding!*
((Heading to sleeps...nini and thank you for the RP!))

[19:12] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR Meat and the armored car continue blasting away at the barriers, and anything that is attacking Katy in general.

[19:13] Faith Celestia Exhales looking about, doing little more then shout out "Remember TAKE The LOUD MOUTHED DUMBASS ALIVE. Fuck the Rest for all i care. consider them Live Stock for all the fucks i could give"

[19:17] Kapi D. Lucy grins and shifts the air from her feet to her arm bringing down the gigantic fist with massive force "Fall dammit and then fight"

[19:18] Katy was still trying to maintain the lil' breach inside of the shield barrier, slowly overheating because of her defective coolant tubes, when she suddenly notices Zeph's cry "Holy fuckin' bullshit, Zeph ... report ... report !" yet as there was no answer, Katy was struck by emotions, fearing the loss of her beloved Head of Security "This is for you, Zeph ..." totally trying to open fire inside of the enemy base, as soon as the slow process of shield linking would allow it. She would totally spray the inner square of the compound with deadly 20 mm rounds, possibly producing a interesting effect of ricochets inside of the enemy bubble ...

[19:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches the tank explode and takes some heat, falling to the ground. She begins charging her body, converting negative energy. The blade would turn dark and the area around her would turn cold and draining, as if the energy was being sapped out of the air around her, so she made sure to be closer to the shield than people

[19:23] Moondance resumed visibility and spoke over comms < " Shit. Marathon, do you think they are going to be scared enough..if they even live? PAE is going beyond the pale with the wanton slaughter. And that rubber girl seems to be jolly pink giant stomping on them, What do you think?" >
[19:26] Joan Harker sees Katy open the hole in the barrier and sweeps down into it, then off to the left, ignoring the people inside and just holding out her free hand, streaming her lightning into the largest pieces of tech she can see, hoping to take out the shield's support

[19:30] Marathon shakes her head answer anna over her com "this whole mission look like utter chaos who the hell knows... heros like this make almost agree with the fuckers inside" she sighs
[19:31] Tiz of the pae? screams out " hah!! got one!! and you hear that , fucking metas thats what they really feel, i wish i was recording right now, suck dick and die niza ass meta!" he starts dialing a number on his cell sweating and nervous as his fellow thugs look pale " shes .. she told them to kill us outa hand boss" tiz draws a pistol and shoots the man " ill kill ya out of hand to.. and your trapped in here with me.. do the math genius" they all look up as a sound thunders through the dome the shadow is gone then back and the dome cracks " fuck.." tiz scrambles up as gun fire enters the dome " were breeched breached kill them fools " he ducks behind a container and hides thugs fall like wheat in the closed in fort, the shield cracks further as its weakened by the darning effect , ttiz hits send on the number and speaks " dude due, you gota help us .. were taking fire were under attack! what do you mean by who.. by every one!! every god damn one in this dry humping fucking cess pool of a city!!"

[19:31] Tiz of the pae?: the shield shatters and as the control console gos up in a blast leaving the fort suddenly exposed , lucys fist comes down hard the ground shaking pining three thugs under it and then theres silence inside save one voice " what do you mean sing mocking jay sing , that dont make any sense you leg dangling hippo ridding podiatrist!!

[19:36] Faith Celestia with the shield gone she takes her chance teleporting within the base along the wall looking too tiz as she pulls out a pistol of her own aiming it at the hand holding his gun. "you so much as try too sneeze. im blowing your fucking hand off. so let me make this clear. My orders are too take YOU in alive... they didnt say how many pieces or in what state those pieces had too be in. am i clear" her voice like ice as she looks too the man with a gaze that dared him too try something.

[19:39] Kapi D. Lucy smiles finally breaking through the shield. The smile fades as she loses control of her ability and deflates like a baloon flying wildly landing and bouncing on the ground unmoving. Here appearance less lifelike as her limbs are positioned to that of a inanimate sexdoll

[19:39] Katy by now ran out of ammo for her Vulcan gun, both missile launchers were empty too. Her power armor was overheating more and more and close to an emergency shutdown. Gladly Hellguard would provide her some cooling to keep her in action "Thanks Chief ... lets infiltrate that bloody base ..." trying to switch off her shield generator now, improvising her empty Vulcan gun as sort of a giant mace, trying to stomp inside of the fortification, searching for possibe active enemy targets.

[19:41] Moondance looked to Marathon <" Come on lets trturn to base.. any that live after this wont be so gung ho, let go collect our money" > ( exit post if Marathon agrees)

[19:42] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smirks as dark energy ripples over her. She begins advancing, smooth and controlled movements, she approaches enemies, low caliber would deflect off her armor. She hit them with dark energy, weakening them as it sapped their energy, and then would finish them with the blade. She moved slowly and methodically, making the most out of being a visual target that was causing untold destruction, hoping to be a necessary distraction so a tactical team could go in and grab the primary target

[19:44] Joan Harker sees Faith targeting the leader and decides to give her a minute, so seeing things seeming to move into mop-up she keeps holding the one hand out, spraying geysers of water at each target she can see to slam them into the walls of the fort, working to knock them out, though in this form she isn't quite as controlled, so might drown a few of them

[19:48] Marathon shakes her head... "you can get paid i just showed up... i am starting to rethink this whole merc gig. or at last consider being more
[19:52] Tiz of the pae? as she looks down at him tiz swallows heavily and his gun clatters to the floor he nods slowly " yeah yeah i get you.. i'll be good, so keep ya cunt whistling hand of me " he thrusts the phone at her then pauses as he watches the one balloon girl sly around and come to a stop, despite him self he cackles and luaghs loud and hard " hey look a chck who knows her place!!" he says pointing at the sexdoll girl" , the remaining guards try to resist they charge hell guard and joan but are quickly subbed with no more tricks to even the odds "here umm he wants me to p ut it on speaker phone" and tiz pushes the button , and a very slow golf clapping can be heard"

[19:54] Faith Celestia sighs as she teleports next too Tiz quickly yet CAUTIOUSLY patting him down as she calls out "Watch out for traps. that fucker rolling had a bunch! Take it slow" before returning too checking Tiz for any booby traps with one hand, gun leveled at his balls with the other while he holds up the phone


[19:59] Katy swings her improvised Vulcan mace and is close to bash in some skulls of those bloody survivors, yet would pull herself together for the moment, worried about PAE's reputation and Mikoto's following sermon "Any orders, Chief ?" she would just remain in her position and try to guard those who actually did surrender, if there were any.

[20:00] Tiz of the pae? a loud whistling can be heard in the distance the sound of golf clapping can still be heard a steady unbreaking rythm

[20:02] Tiz of the pae?: ((also no more po screw po! its wrap up time))

[20:02] Faith Celestia hears the whistling grabs ahold of tiz and shouts as loud as she can "EVERY ONE OUT OF THE FUCKING AREA NOW. Hellguard Grab Zeph from that damn tank, every one out. i think the fuckers going too blow the place!" whistling too her with a crazy person golf clapping over a phone. ya... time too bug out. she teleports the dumb shit back too the transports

[20:02] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) dispatches the enemies, hearing the whistle and then the clap "Artillery inbound, get the VIP out of the kill box, now! Cover any valuable equipment with a shield but get the VIP out!" looks up and converts to ice power, ready to put up a protective shield

[20:04] Joan Harker flies up out of the fort and gathers all the air magic to herself that she can in her amplified elemental form, looking for any incoming shells and preparing to unleash tornado force wind blasts to hurl them off in different directions away from the fort

[20:04] Tiz of the pae? four streaks arch across the sky ridiculously large missiles streak towards the compund " well fuck.. fuck fuck fuck

[20:05] Tiz of the pae? he reaches out and grabs the sexdoll as hes teleported

[20:07] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) puts up an ice shield, dragging out whatever she could of her allies from the area, and then gets back, putting up another one in front of the VIP to prepare for the missile strikes

[20:07] Faith Celestia is sitting with very important prick next too the transports. away from the fort.

[20:08] Katy glances up into the sky when being warned about an incoming artillery barrage "Holy fuckin' bloody shithell ... " she was a sitting duck inside of her slow power armor, there was no time to leave the compound in her armor, activating the emergency ejection, which would catapult her up high into the sky "Good bye, old friend ... " she speaks her goodby to her ol' power armor, but trying to at least grab her vulcan with her !

[20:08] "BIG Morning Star": releasing controls

[20:08] Joan Harker sees the size and number of missiles and yells out "I can stop 2, maybe 3! Need a little assist!" waiting for the missiles to get a little closer before unleashing several hundred mph winds, focusing on 2 of them with most of the force she can muster, while directing what she can spare at the third to try to deflect it at least far enough out of the way to not hit the fort directly

[20:09] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) can't exactly track the missiles properly. Instead, she fires a beam of energy in the path of a missile and holds it, though at this range she fully expects the missile to be not affected as anything beyond about 40 feet was pretty useless

[20:10] Tiz of the pae? the missiles thunder in and slam hard into the compound , theres a flash of light as they hit and a screaming exploding noise a flash so bright it was like a new sun rising .. but nobodys hurt.. thres no death.. and as the sound and light clear, just the steady slow clapping is heard , the missles stand open a flag emerging from all four reading " gotcha" "sucker" "what a rube" and finally simply a middle finger"
[20:11] Tiz of the pae? one missle is crumpled and off course, its flag bent

[20:12] Faith Celestia sighs and lowers the gun too tiz's shoulder where there should not be any thing vital shooting him in it once. as she mutters. "Fuck you." standing over him still holding the gun aimed right for him.
[20:13] Tiz of the pae? screams and clutches his shoulder " gahh fucking lawyer!"

[20:14] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) turns back to the man and then looks to Faith and then to the man "consider yourself very lucky you were deemed worth saving. Otherwise you'd be as dead as your men" she states and looks to Katy "I'd be careful with those missiles. just because whoever fired them has a cheeky sense of humor doesn't mean it isn't also packed with munitions on a time delay or proximity sensor"

[20:18] Katy for the moment was just hovering above the base, of course surprised about the lack of effect of those missiles. She was a bit worried about the flash of light though, wondering it it was just a nice firework or there was more behind it "I have got orders to destory that fake PAE vehicle , Chief ... i can't leave the area in before it's destroyed." she notes.

[20:19] Kapi D. Lucy the sexdoll starts to move again and yells out "MEAT!!" jutting out her fists as she returns to full form

[20:19] Joan Harker starts flying around after recovering from the blinding flash, trying to grab the missiles and carry them out of the fort and far enough away to not be a threat if she can

[20:20] Faith Celestia chuckles some as she looks too Kapi. "You did good i would say i owe you about 20 pounds of meat for all the punching you did"

[20:20] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sheaths her blade and looks to Katy "do me a favor and scan the van first in case it's full of civilians or something. I'd not be surprised at this point. Then you can do as you wish with it" looks back to Faith and the others

[20:22] Tiz of the pae? tiz lays on the ground clutching his shoulder and moaning , the phone hangs up , and the missiles are easily lifted they ring with a hollow sound as there moved

[20:22] Katy returns a nod "Alright, let me run some basic scans on it ..." activating her multi-sensor array to run several scans, thermographic, energy density, gravitational and possible internal data singatures of phones or other electronics.
20:23] Tiz of the pae? the van appares to be an old van, though its body is laced with tch of various sorts

[20:24] Joan Harker starts grabbing up the subdued thugs, flying them out and dumping them on the ground near the other officers

[20:24] Tiz of the pae? its is currently empty

[20:25] Kapi D. Lucy smiles wide at Faith "Yes Meat! Though there was no strong fighters" she pouts

20:26] Faith Celestia looks over the thugs and sighs. ringing up N thankful for quantum comunications "N, i have dumbass in custody, he is... minorly injured. stray bullet got him in the shoulder, we have a bunch of... Cattle begging for rights and citizenship. what do you want done with them."
[20:26] Katy steps closer towards the van, reaching out with her hand, trying to connect to possible electronic interfaces by using her ability of 'technological possession', which was based on enforced signal overriding by subatomic manipulation. Katy would try to gather any valubale data, or detect any possible timers or trigger mechanisms, should the whole van be a trap ...

[20:26] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles to Kapi "did good" she states and then nods to Joan, looking back to Katy "thanks, I just want to be very certain" she says and licks her lips, hearing Faith's calls and smirks "quite the statement"
[20:26] Tiz of the pae? tiz yells up from the floor " fuck you , that lawyer humper shot me in the shoulder!!"

[20:27] Faith Celestia slaps Tiz "i will have you know i doubt any lawyer in the city would take your case. so shut the fuck up. or a Accident will happen too your fucking dick next"

[20:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks around at the ones on the ground "we'll wait for N's response, but I say strip the remains of their fort and leave them out here"

[20:29] Kapi D. Lucy sticks her tongue out at Tiz "You were super weak. Where are all the strong people at? Taking people out in one punch is soooo boring" she pouts


[20:30] Joan Harker kicks Tiz in the gunshot wound, her voice echoing and dripping with malice "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be cause to rip out your tongue" N responding over the comms "Any survivors are treated as criminals from the wastes that have attacked the city... they'll be arrested, but have no rights as citizens... suitable punishment will be decided for them"

[20:30] Joan Harker kicks Tiz in the gunshot wound, her voice echoing and dripping with malice "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be cause to rip out your tongue" N responding over the comms "Any survivors are treated as criminals from the wastes that have attacked the city... they'll be arrested, but have no rights as citizens... suitable punishment will be decided for them"

0:32] Katy shrugs when the van seems to contain no valuable information or hostages and would step back from it "Suppose nobody got a few bricks of C4 at hand, right ... " preparing her PPC's to evaporate the imposter PAE van.

[20:32] Faith Celestia looks too Hell. "Hey N. remember how i said there was cattle. i dont know how many will make the trip back... See ya soon" she says looking too Kapi. "hey hun wanna earn some extra meat. punch each of them once. if they sit back up.. they can come with us. if they dont, they are staying.. one extra pound of meat per punch sounds good right."

[20:34] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) shakes her head "no, that's not going to happen. We're going to do what N just said. You wanted to call her, we're not beating prisoners right now"

[20:35] Kapi D. Lucy looks torn between her love of meat and her craving for a good fight. SHe frowns the strain from thinking clear on her face "Why would I punch them? They are weak and now helpless. Thats stupid"

20:35] Faith Celestia sighs and mutters. "Understood." she looks too kapi. "eh either way you did good work. and your right. it was a silly request. so i will give ya extra meat. say 5 pounds. because there was no one strong here." she states and moves away from Tiz, seeing as Joan had him covered.

[20:37] Kapi D. Lucy jumps up excited "Yes MEAT!" she cheers and bounces along with a smile "Yep this is good day"

[20:37] Tiz of the pae? groans as his wound is messed with he watches the goings on a small smile creeping across his lips he chuckles a it, then laughs " oh man.. oh man.. im not even mad bro" he laughs again and remains quite

[20:38] Katy evaporates the damn van with a blast of her PPC's , since no objection was raised "My job here is done ... "

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