Defrocker and Mamotizers day out (log)

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Defrocker and Mamotizers day out (log)

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15:04] Defrocker and Mamotizer two red armored figures come struting down the street " look brother " one says " that looks like a likely target , indeed brother lets get a look at her " so saying one brother lowers his gun and aims at the red woman near the fish shop firing it and counting on the element of suprise to aid him

[15:07] Evie looks at the weirdo as she passes by but doesn't say anything or amazingly, honk her horn.

[15:10] Inferna (hythinker) was just heading from one place to another. The cold isn't really her element, so that counts against her. She isn't a speedster, just very fast by human standards. The unexpected weapon hits her straight in the chest, its effect knocking her clothes off, but leaving her sword, which she catches and raises with a snarl. "What tha 'ell was that 'bout, ye, pot-topped, tin can wearin', sparkle shootin' mimtoothed tumors?!" she asks, glaring at the metal men with her very human green eyes.

[15:12] Defrocker and Mamotizer bellows with laughter as his beam takes effect striping her of her clothes " oh yes... these are awesome brother!! , now you go" the one called mamotizer points his weapon at the red woman and opens fire this beam aimed at her chest he keeps the beam pointed in her direction as he and his brother turn to run " haha listen to that brother.. i think your beam is just what she needs"

[15:18] Inferna (hythinker) has her eyes on her aggressors now, so she is able to react a little bit better. As the other points his weapon at her, she is already starting to turn, to let the projectile go past her. The trouble is, she doesn't know the actual size of the beam. It doesn't quite score a direct hit, but it certainly grazes her, standing naked in the open with her large sword in hand. "A'roight, that bae it!" she cries out, her scots tones giving way to actual fury as she goes on a dead run towards them.

[15:20] Defrocker and Mamotizer the brothers run off laughing raucusly firing behind them self wildly

[15:20] Faith Celestia "Katy armed individual incoming"

[15:21] Katy grumbles "Be on your guard ..."

[15:22] Defrocker and Mamotizer run up laughing crazily and as they do one of the the brothers nudges the other " hey brother.. hit them with your nudity beam " the other aims his gun " sure thing brother.. this should be good" and he opens fire sweeping as he fires the beam

[15:22] Kapi D. Lucy continues her walk hopefully headed towards the club "Hmmm its getting colder so this myust be south" she nods

[15:22] Kapi D. Lucy continues her walk hopefully headed towards the club "Hmmm its getting colder so this myust be south" she nods
[15:29] Defrocker and Mamotizer Mamotizer grunts as he notices the heat flashing at his brothers back he moves in behind him raising his targe and taking the hit feeling his suite heat up noticeably he lifts his gun and fires another shot at inferna " hahahah thats right keep on coming and ill keep on providing great natrual growth service!! hahahaha" defrocker pauses in the firing of his nudity beam as he notices lucy and with a grin he shifts his aim opening fire on her " thats it .. come out and play!! every one come out and plaayaay15:29] Faith (darkestdesire.destiny) is online.

[15:33] Inferna (hythinker) growls, more angry than anything, and very, very naked. As she leaps, she ends up diving right through the beam, getting hit squarely even as she pounces with her large sword aimed to come down in a heavy burning slash. regardless of if she hits, her landing is going to be wobbly, considering her maximally expanded cleavage.

[15:33] Kapi D. Lucy eeps as a beam hits her she stretches out her arm keeping her hat safe as her clothes disappear "Hey! Im not dancing tonight"

[15:35] Faith Celestia is hit with a nudity beam. simply sighing and holding out her hand "I think i will take that" she sighs teleporting one of the brothers nudity rays out of there hands tossing it too the ground

[15:35] Solene raise both of her gauntlet, trying to get a electromagnetical grip on Defrocker. If possible, she will try to lift him, and throw him with violence at the wall of the building. If not possible, she will run toward the guy, and throw a powerful kick with her mechanical boot, enough to bend a car in half.

[15:37] Juno (angel8819) wasn't much use in this fight without her suit, so opted to stay out of range, instead setting her stun staff to overload and dropping it at the still armed of the two goon's weapon to cause a distraction, maybe even cause it to short out

[15:37] Katy was still trying to hide in cover, her gear was gone and the enemies were still active, both her shotgun and the sidearm were impacted from the heat too ... there wasn't much she could do while still in her human manifestation, and she was now pissed enough to switch into interphase mode, preventing her from any actions this round.

[15:38] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): what the hell,,,,

[15:44] Defrocker and Mamotizer Mamotizer staggers back a long gash in his targe wobbling by lucy he points his booby enhancer and fires as he trips back landing on his ass , defrocker mean while blinks as his gun vanishes from his grip " hey thats no fair !!" though he has little time to complain as hes slammed into a building his wall armor clanging against it " uggh fuck" he grunts and raises his targe as a kick slams into it a hum can be heard as a blade of the same nudity energy appears he pushes back against the kick the blade slashing out at solene , maomotizer gaps as the rod falls rolling away and breaking off from firing at lucy to fire his boob enhancer beam at juno

[15:46] Drexia just quietly looks at the group, shaking her head, thinking whoever was attacking could have brought actual weapons

[15:49] Kapi D. Lucy is still strunned from her clothing disappearing and is hit by the beam. But reacts quite differently as her skin and features take a more sexdoll like appearance. Lucy growlws seeing this and stretches her arm back all the way to the next building before throwing it forward rocketing towards one of the brothers "Now you pissed me off" her voice is more squeaky and her mouth struggles to stay out of a O shape

[15:50] Solene adopt a close-combat stance, just after avoiding the blade. She walk and jump backward, growling, and mutter in her comm.

[15:50] Inferna (hythinker) catches her step quickly enough, she has been a warrior for a very long time after all. She turns and launches herself towards the enemy she just knocked back with her slash, aiming to start pummeling his head with her sword hilt. She isn't as strong as some of the folkshere, she can't send a car flying with brute strength, but she can flip one back from on its side. her blows, focused through the heavy hilt, could certainly leave a mark.

[15:50] Sparks would rush out the side door priming her weapon, the body armoring and targetting interface still materializing and forming on her encasing her in armor as she goes to the edge of the platform, taking a knee as she surveys the scene, quickly zeroing in on the single clothed figure her cannon swinging to bear "DROP YOUR WEAPONS!" her voice booms out, amplified the artillery cannon barrel glowing an ominous blue

[15:51] Juno (angel8819) used her height to stay out of range of the blast, trying to keep that one's attention on her and not on on the street

[15:52] Dark Sparks (sela.baxton): ((targetting Defrocker and Mamotizer to clarify, since I didn;t realize Juno was here and clothed))

[15:54] NYX by now reached the necessary level of self-criticality to reorganize herself into machine phase matter, yet there was not enough time to manifest a full combat configuration. After all, her ranged options were now available, and Katy was now trying to attack the designated primary target with her dual laser emitters, trying to blind the sensor array of the red-armored big guy (Allock).

[15:54] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): i really to tired for this

[15:56] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a): Nirrae us there so maybe , no one will say any thing it i scoot the station,,,,

[15:59] Defrocker and Mamotizer grins looking up at juno as he fires his boobiyfier beam so the fist coming form no where socks him hard across the side of the chin launching him a few feet forcing him to roll across the ground , defrocker thrusts his nudity blade at solene once twice the blade huming , defrocker pulls up short though as infernas sword swigs down, he intercepts one swing on his targ , while another crashes down on his shoulder , mamotizer grunts a grins sweeping his boobytizer beam across the grup in a large sweep from his nwe vantage against the wall aimming to hit lucy inferna and solene as he pushes hims selfe away one hand gos to his belt and pulls out a grenade like object and chuckls it up at sparks " dude.. just relax and accept my service hahah!!" the booby grenade flys towards her

[15:59] Person of Interest (chuck.beam) entered chat range (19.12 m).

[16:00] Faith Celestia moves back around the corner as she lets the group handle the pair.

[16:03] Solene continue to walk backward, focused on any action of Defrocker. She try to keep her distance, and do nothing yet, since he is having a 'nudity' sword. "You know that you suck at sword fighting." Yeah, she taunt him, and doesn't notice Mamotizer beam. She growl in pain, as she is being hit by it. Her suit may be stretchy, but not her chest armor. "Bord..ouh !"

[16:03] Consuela De La Rosa watches the naked women face off the armored giant. She remembers one of her old fiance's crazy theories about her powers. One they never had occasion to test. She crosses herself and then moves to attack, raining fireballs on the defrocker.

[16:04] Sparks scowls, her amplified voice booming "LAST WARNING! SURRENDER OR BECOME A CRATER!" the cannon humming as it charges, a bluff of course for time as the weapon hasn't built up enough energy yet for a shot the spindle humming rapidly, though one wouldn't know any better from the electric blue glow and discharges around the barrel of building power, she would tuck her head averting her gaze but not moving as the grenade flies towards her, the pulse of energy raining on her armor her breasts swelling some then stopping as the material ripples and absorbs part of the blast...

[16:04] Kapi D. Lucy growls growing very annoyed now as her hair turns to shiny rubber and she starts looking more and more like some sexdoll. She leaps up and stretches her leg way up in the air above her thenm brings it down over the other brother "Im gonna kick your ass" she squeaks out

[16:06] Juno (angel8819) lands behind Sparks, having had enough of dodging the weird weapons of the two goons. Just as the grenade appeared, she extended her shield to full power.

[16:08] Sparks *is unaffected by the grenade at all thanks to shield, and gives a terse "Thanks" without looking, as she brings her sights onto the one that still has a gun...

[16:08] Inferna (hythinker) notices the fire raining down and opens her arms wide as if in a shower, or like some sort of fire goddess. Her Salamander spirit partners whirl invisibly around her, feeding on the fire, taking it into themselves, becoming the fireballs. They swirl and twist in the air, re-energized temporarily in the cold as they swoop towards both the brothers in a torrent of wrath and glory.

[16:13] Katy returns into cover when the pulse lasers show no effect at all on the target and remaining there during cool down phase.

[16:14] Faith Celestia sighs "Any thing i can do too help Katy. not entirely sure how too go about fighting this guy. "

[16:14] Defrocker and Mamotizer defrocker grins and chuckles at solene he points his blade at her and says " surprise!!" the energy blade shots forward no longer anchored to the wrist mounted hilt , he is now with out a blade for the moment he grunts and moves to back pedal but is slammed hard into the cement by two descending feet right into the still live stun rod " brother!!" screams mamotizer andhe charges his brothers body, trying to get there as fire rain down on him firing with one hand he chucks a torrent of booby grenades one at katy one at inferna and one at consuela " stay away from him !" as he gets over his brother his censors start to static " ug fuck"

[16:15] Inferna (hythinker): ((TLDR: I turned Consuela's fire rain into a couple of smaller, tighter fire tornadoes. Aimed ones))

[16:16] Devushka walks out to the edge of the building and looks down, frowning. "Gya, Blyat..."

[16:18] Kapi D. Lucy smirks connecting with one brother. As she decends she launches her arms back stretching out and then rockets them down towards the last brother "Dolly Dolly Drill!" she squeaks out

16:19] Juno (angel8819) kept her shield up at maximum power "I think disabling that weapon is key"

[16:20] Consuela De La Rosa growls a moment then cries out "Ave Maria!" and leaps at the armored foe as she sprays more fire down. Logically, she hopes the blast will slow her descent. She's pretty much leaping on faith though.

[16:20] Katy notices the incoming grenade and would for once make use of her gravity manipulation ability, trying to increase the weight of the incoming grenade with a factor of about 25x times normale gravity, trying to ruin the trajectory of the incoming projectile, causing it to end up too short "Take cover Faith, or you end up like Zeph !"

[16:20] Solene is hit but the blade shot by Defrocker. And pouf, she is totally naked, from head to toes. Her left eye still closed, she blink as she look at herself, getting red in the face. "M..mon. ma tenue ?!"

[16:22] Faith Celestia blinks and gulps "I do NOT need tits that large!" she squeaks out. muttering "where is that hunk of scrap metal Meta when you need it!" remaining in her cover.

[16:22] Faith (darkestdesire.destiny): Meat ^))

[16:23] Sparks smirks as the cannon in her hand gives a vibrant hum, one of the boxy chambers glowing to life with a charged shell as she dials in... burst-mode, 50% power "Blasted into scrap, disabled... eh" then broadcasts amplified "WEAPON READY, CLEAR THE BLAST ZONE OR GET HIT!" locking in on the two bothers as they close together....
16:23] Devushka draws her rifle, setting the safety off and aiming at the large red man, the apparent perpetrator of this act of indecency. "Ah nu cheeki breeki iv damke!" She says, fiting a round at the Defrocker.

[16:26] Inferna (hythinker) is laughing and laughing, her attention on the firestorm she is now controlling. The booby grenades hit, and her chest aches as she grows even bigger. The mass flame rampage spins around her, coming in for another volley. Her powers are normally heavily limited by the amount of heat in her vicinity, but with that rain of fire, she is a big-breasted goddess of destruction. She sends another rush of flame in a burning stream towards the grenadier.

[16:27] Defrocker and Mamotizer momotizer grunts as he hears the shout of" dolly dolly drill and shift his aim pointing his gun up along her descending attack" oh yeah!! booby booby grow!!!" he chuckles as solenes clothes go poof slowly defrocker stands shaky but not quite out of it yet another blade hums to life as he lifts his targ to block the incoming fire rain his sword lifts to impale the falling Consuela, weather shes hit or not both brothers will be sent flying by a massive flame tornado slamming through the glass of the nearby firefly media building a stray shot from mamotizers booby beam fires of heading devus way

[16:30] Defrocker and Mamotizer is suddenly slamed by lucys drill attack
pushing them bth deeper into the bulding

[16:30] Devushka yelps as she is hit by the sudden beam, toppling off the building and onto the pavement. She growls, trying to stand, then gasps, looking down as she sees her shirt tightening...even more! "B-blin! Chto eto oznachayet?"

[16:31] Devushka meanwhile, for those with attentive hearing, the sound of plasma turbines can be heard in the distance, drawing closer...

[16:31] Consuela De La Rosa's halo is blazing. The sword did impale her as she came down. The suit came in is no longer visible. A blinding white dress appears in its place!
"You will stop!" She commands the brothers as she hits them again with super-heated flame.

[16:32] Kapi D. Lucy pussy now becomes a doll tube as the beanm hits but her attack would also continue. Landing on the ground with a bounce she dusts herself off and looks at the brothers with a glare. Her appearance nearly fully sexdoll. SHe hears the cry of Sparks and leaps away from the radius

[16:33] Katy was rapidly overheating rrom the induced gravitational anomaly and would deactivate the field to cool down, trying to get back into cover beside Faith, totally staring at your chest "Seems you're still fine ... by the way, let me open the garage for you ... grab some gear and make yourself useful, Faith." she would try to open the garage for Faith.

[16:34] Sparks follows with her barrel "warned em..." as the cell goes dark shortly after lighting up, the whining of the cannon reaching a crescendo then erupting, a harsh electric screech teasing through the plaza golden white projectile launching from the tip casting a blinding flash across the scene as it streaks towards the brothers, detonating with a blast that would obliterate a tank causing a literal crater as promised and blowing out glass, burning and sending anyone close to the impact flying

[16:36] Faith Celestia laughs as she notices Katys staring. "Ya. some gear would be handy" she says diving inside too get re-equiped.

[16:37] Sparks sways tail as she toys with, wiggling and pushign her finger into the tunnel, curling and stroking feeling what the inner walls feel like wiggling about in her

[16:37] Solene start to ran away, going for the stair, on the other side of the building. "Bordel de putain de merde."

[16:38] Dark Sparks (sela.baxton): ((or don;t ignore and IM me for more, that's fine too \o/))

[16:38] Juno (angel8819) pulls back into the building, her suit field almost spent

[16:38] Inferna (hythinker) laughs and laughs right up until the last moment, when the force of the impact sends her on her butt onto the very cold ground. "Ow!" She snaps out of her wrathful trance, then snarls and calls out "That's what ye get, ye jobby flavored fart lozenges!" she calls.


[16:39] Consuela De La Rosa shields her eyes as she is knocked back by the explosion. She cries out.
[16:40] Drexia gets showered in shrapnel but doesnt really seem to care

[16:41] Kapi D. Lucy braces holding her hat to her head to keep the explosion from blowing it away "did...did we get them?"

[16:41] Dark Sparks (sela.baxton): ((Energy blast, high power and heat, heavy concussion, no shrapnel, unless debris))

[16:41] Defrocker and Mamotizer Defrocker looks at mamotizer and mamotizer looks at defrocker " all right enough of this says mamotizer " defrocker nods and says " agrees, lets bring em together" mamotizer start converting his blaster a large tripod descends from it a cradle emerges from on top defrocker sets his blade on top where it locks in place and grips one of the special handles " oh sit incoming!!" they lay throw them selfs down on there weapons and take the blast there bodys rocking they lay there for a moment groaning as there armor falls off then determinedly they rise , looking to each other again they say in unison " lets bring them together" and the lift there combined weapon each holding special handles " the brothers are singed and beaten but stil they pull the trigger one last time and as the do they thrust there hips lewdly and scream " out brothers true love attack!! duality beam nudity heart / booby passion!!!!" and a massive beam of energy fires both striping and enhancing several

[16:42] Defrocker and Mamotizer: sizes any one it hits , the beam swings around and flashes through the near by buildings including the pae building


[16:43] Devushka yelps as she is hit again, her pants flying off and her breasts further expanding, struggling to stand as her newly resized bust strains and stretches her shirt. "Nekhorosho ... moya yedinstvennaya rubashka!" She grumbles, blushing deeply. Thankfully, help arrives in the form of a giant bug-shaped robot, which dives from the sky

[16:44] Devushka which dives from the sky on a sled of high-velocity blaster rounds, pepperring the area around Defrocker and Mamotizer before landing with a resounding boom, using its massive foreclaws to try and rip the strange tripod machine apart. "URAAAAAAAAAA!" The robot screams.

[16:44] Consuela De La Rosa gets up screaming as the top of her dress expands.

[16:46] Kapi D. Lucy dodges the beam but to late as a tube forms in her mouth pushing it to O m aking it hard to talk proper and squeak "bamit is eter ot e ermnet"

[16:47] Sparks grunts as the wash of energy and blast sweeps back past her from the discharge at such close range, pushing her back some and cracking the glass behind her, but putting her partly behind cover as the overcharged strip-boobieshot sweeps the building, her armor material rippling and fritzing out as it's pushed off her briefly giving a glance at her naked body and swelling tits before closing back into hard armor, now containing a larger rack

[16:47] Defrocker and Mamotizer " uggh we can go on .. just one more one more time... " defrocker falls mamotizer starts to go down " no .. i must .. provide" and as he starts to fall he throws out the last of his booby grenades five in total , then falls lying still and out cold , there try pod weapons are torn to peices by the robot shards flying every where including the distance , one or two lands nearby in the plaza

[16:48] Dark Sparks (sela.baxton): ((hit by their own booby grenades? :D))

[16:48] Katy is still hiding in cover, waiting to cool down and a bit busy on PAE com's , until she is interrupted by the incoming wave of deformation and pushed against the garage "Holy shit... " and yes, whatever this attack was, it worked and was ruining her aesthetic shape, the A cup trauma of her youth now replaced with Zeph-style DDD's, groaning towards Faith "Shit, i need a moment ..." trying to reconfigurate herself into the 'default' shape.

[16:48] Defrocker and Mamotizer: (( well i was going to say these ones are players choice ))

[16:48] Solene get inside PAE. Where she will be hit by the last beam.

[16:49] Dark Sparks (sela.baxton): ((Nah, talking about defrocker and mamotizer, did they just booify themselves with their own grenades?))

[16:50] Defrocker and Mamotizer: (( and im saying who or what gets hit is all of your guys choice))

[16:50] Defrocker and Mamotizer: (( he threw them out but was also weak))

[16:51] Devushka drops her rifle and dives to the ground, not able to afford getting hit again lest she become naked bunny! Borov tries to catch some of the grenades and throw them high into the air before the explode, but whether he is successful is not something he knows, as he finishes dismantling the tripod, then looking for the pair that dared attack Devushka. "Debils! Show selves to Borov and Borov will make deaths quick!"

[16:51] Consuela De La Rosa sees one of the grenades roll near her. "No no no no!" She turns to run away and manages to get about 5 feet before it explodes at her feet. She screams again as her breasts are suddenly augmented yet again.

[16:52] Kapi D. Lucy glares and kicks a grenade back at the brothers "uckers"

[16:52] Drexia gets hit in the same blast, but no effect because fake breasts on the drone

[16:52] Inferna (hythinker) clutches her breastss, now much heavier than they used to be. The endorphins fromt he fight are wearing off, and they are extremely sore. She was the first victim after all, and got hit repeatedly.

[16:53] Defrocker and Mamotizer the brothers lay where they fell and the grenades are all dealt with one rolling back and exploding on the brothers giving them a small a cup

[16:54] Faith Celestia comes back out just too realize the fighting had ended. "well.. fuck"

[16:54] Sparks stands watching as they go down and stay down, the cannon going dark and cooling mid charge cycle as she slings it, reaching up and cupping her own augmented breasts lightly, then steps off the edge of the building as her chestplate reinforces, landing with a solid crunch of boots next to Devushka after the last grenade detonates, looking around her visor recording everything ♥

[16:55] Defrocker and Mamotizer: (( i don't have an avi i can use for them with boobys i don't think))

[16:56] Devushka looks around, trying to find her pants, one of her arms over her now massive tits as she blushes shyly and wiggles her nose. "Devushka...look like sex doll..." She said shyly. Borov, seeing his prey no longer active, grumbles. "Debils kill selves...not fun killing already dead...oh well." With that the massive doll picks the two up and carries them to the protectrate building for processing.

[16:56] Kapi D. Lucy growls and walks up to the brothers and kicks them a few times clearly pissed "ammit ammit ammit"

[16:56] Devushka: *massive robot....I don't think borov can qualify as a doll
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