enslaving the masses(log)

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enslaving the masses(log)

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[14:32] Allock (allock123) Theres a rumble of shifting earth and shaking ground from the direction of the mall a powerful voice shouts over the screams of the mall goers " Ladys and gentelman.. today marks the the end of your days as people and the beginning of your tenure as property... any objections?..i thought not"

14:23] Shake: alright go ahead and set up the enclosure

[14:24] Iria grins and nods. She walks along, holes appearing in the road with each step. A concrete pillar appears for each hole she makes.

[14:29] Iria Starr: That a good enough transport? I should have larger if we need ))

[14:34] Pariah looks at the collection of humans, mask hiding any expression

[14:36] Moondance crawlled, form blurred along the wall of the mall downward..thinking " wtf is this guy doing? He probably has some graseschool nickname for himself like richtor or groundpound'

[14:38] Shake points the bladed weapon on his arm at the people in the enclosure and shouts " shut your mouths, no one said you can speak ,no one wants to own a talking object " he glances at several of the nearby thugs " get the vehicle prepped, sooner we get these human animals collared and taged the sooner we can sell them" he glances at pariah " keep a look out girl"

[14:38] Evie shows up, responding to a call, all her other officers busy with other duties at the moment. parking her car a fair bit away, she peaks around the corner to see what was going on.

14:39] Pariah appears atop the pillars. Modulated voice gives giggling an eerie echo. Then she speaks, looking over the crowd. "Cooperate, and you will live. Don't cooperate and...well, I will leave that to your imaginations." More soft, echoing giggles emit from the mask.

[14:40] Moondance pulled a few ceramic shuriken from her belt and tosses them down, their har edges biting into the pillars if they were something like conrete falling from them to the road if they were harder

[14:43] Kumi Choukoku (jonzi) is online.

[14:44] Evie grits her teeth as she counts the numbers and tries to measure the odds. She wished she had something like Moondance's shuriken so she could take out the tires on the truck but from this distance she doesn't even see Moondance yet, or the effect her shuriken had on the pillars. She loosens a button on her trench coat so she can get to her holster.

[14:44] Shake several thugs move to the truck and start prepping it to receive the hostages while the man barking the order paces before the enclosure, he tilts his head as pariah appears on the pillars, moon dances stars bite into the concert pillars

[14:45] Pariah immediately vanishes, leaving a small cloud of black flower petals. Pariah appears next to the struck pillars. A brush from each hand, and the shurikens vanish into obscurity. "So, it seems we have a rat who seeks to save those who would enslave us if given the opportunity." Her hand moves to her sword. "Show yourself, or you can take the blame for the death of these cattle! Any that try to run will be struck down." She calls out.

[14:50] Evie narrows her eyes, knowing someone else who could do that neat trick. She considered stepping out from behind the wall and asking for her shuriken back, but if this one was like the other, she wouldn't stand a chance of defending herself for long. She calls over her com to someone, "You're not available to stop some would-be slavers, are you?"

[14:51] Moondance: well I was trying too but you ruined the fog I was going to use for atmosphere you pretentious thot ~ she appears and hops down beside her~ any that try to strike them down will be unalived. Im not supposed to say the k word. Trying to be a hero"

[14:54] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) is teleported into the action, looking around. She starts to go for her mic to broadcast and then blinks, remembering she's with PAE now. She primes her abilities to negative energy, drawing her blade and the edge simmers with a sickening purple light

[14:55] Raigeki swoops in at high speed, pulling up by Evie. " whatcha got?"

[14:57] Shake several of the hostages begin crying at the womans words one woman collapses with her face in her hands , the man known as shake looks over at the sudden words from a new comer " sigh .. this couldn't go smoothly could it ..you and you, get this meat loaded " you you and you help pariah with the ninja wanna be " he grunts as more people arrive " ill swat the bugs " and so saying he points a hand at the approaching heros and a giant hand of earth and stone rises from the ground mimicking the real deal as it swings down at Raigeki

[14:57] Evie breathes a sigh of relief and says quickly to Raigeki, "A bunch of civilians inside the barrier, the men trying to load them on the truck. The woman inside the barrier in black with a sword is with the creeps and a teleporter like Faith. Dunno what twinblades' powers are if he has any. He seems to be the leader. Moondance is on our side."

[14:58] Evie adds, "They've already threatened to kill the civilians if we don't let 'em take them off to God knows where."

[15:00] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR is standing right here so she's actually in chat range but assume she's in the tank
[15:00] Pariah slowly turns as she watches Moondance finally reveal herself. Modulated, echoing giggles emitting from the mask. "Perhaps I should apologize for spoiling your fun." The ring of metal can be heard as the slowly draws her sword. More heroes begin to appear. Pariah sets her eyes on Moondance. "Care to play with me?" She asks as she slips a hand up her sleeve. Several senbon needles appear where Moondance's foot is/was, in an attempt to pin her there.

[15:02] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR The ground begins to rumble, and over the din of the fighting, the clear sound of grinding rubber-padded treads and twinphase plasma turbines can be heard. The tank rounds the corner faster than one would assume a tank could, sliding right into the truck-probably intentionally-doing what tanks do best to defenseless trucks. Over the sound of the engines, a familiar cockney voice can be heard. "Cheerio, loves! Who ordered the roadblock?"

[15:03] Faith Celestia teleports into the area hellguard in tow a bit out of sight of the baddies. <Mikoto im thinking i teleport that truck out of here, leave them without transport for the civs>

[15:10] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees the hand move and receives orders over the mic. She leaps to the air, nodding to Evie as she tries to fly to the far side of the truck, her sword turning to hellfire. She lands and then begins seeing if she can hack a few of the pillars apart, wanting to free the people if she could

[15:10] Evie figured the truck was taken care of either by Zeph or Faith, from what she heard on coms, which left the immediate survival of the civilians her main concern. Moondance was hopefully enough to distract the one in black, and most of the others appeared to be just grunts. She decided distractingthe leader was the best chance. Clicking her shield generator to Reactive mode and drawing her stun gun, she manages to also get in a hasty single shot at the Shake. "Freeze or else!" she yells.

[15:13] Raigeki: makes a mental note to ad a cryo function to Evie's gun, Just for the shits and giggles. She draws her own gun and actuvates cryo-mode and says "If ya don't listen to her I'll be freezing you anyway, so.. you'll probabally prefer her version "

[15:13] Faith Celestia quietly teleports too the rear of the Civilians landing behind them as with out asking she begins too move through the crowd touching them one by one teleporting them as she gets too them. taking her time so as too try not and alert the thugs.

[15:20] Pariah giggles louder, more excitedly as more begin to appear. Then the tank begins to roll up. Then the civilians begin to disappear. "Well, you were all warned." She looks to the civilians "Blame your deaf heroes. You all remember what I said, yes?" Pariah remains in the middle of the cage, free hand up her sleeve, surrounded by civilians. Each civilian Faith gets near begins to fall dead for no apparent reason. "Get away from them, or consign them all to death." She says, modulated voice deadly serious.

[15:24] Shake grunts as the stun shot slams into his shoulder he staggers a bit and snarls pointing his weapon at hell guard as she chops down into the concrete rings of seismic energy pulse out at hell guard , each ring pulsing and vibrating in the air , the ground around the mall shakes and rumbles and the stone hand turns pivoting lashing out in an attempt to grab at mikoto again , several thugs menace moondance while one spots faith in among the merchandise the thugs attacking moondance attack one through in a punch the other firing a red beam from his hands shake yells at the top o his lungs " ugggh our ride!! the friking truck you had to crush it fucking dick"

[15:25] Pariah totally voids her last post*

[15:27] Evie fires three shots at the stone hand, just to see the effect if any, then two more at Shake. She shouts, "Ever hear of Moondance? She's not one of us. If any of you close to her value your lives, you'd best surrender now. I can't stop her and you both and I'm gonan choose to stop the one hurting civilians!"

[15:29] Moondance rolls her eyes. She flips up avoiding the beam and punch " Ooo I have menace now. Rather have Vigilance or double strike.. then again..maybe I do?" She vanished from a speedy dash on first raised at each of the two that menaced her..not superhuman but super soldier..trying to not only hit them but sent them flying onto Pariah, seeing some needs in her boot, and some in the pillar where shed been " I give you an 7 out of 10 for that, good show!"

[15:34] Durian lands nearby zeph "a tank?...really?"

[15:35] Pariah giggles louder, more excitedly as more begin to appear. Then the tank begins to roll up. Then the civilians begin to disappear. As two of their less skilled 'muscles' get launched towards her, she tsks. Black flower petals are all they strike as Pariah appears near the destroyed truck. "Leave the tank to me, Shake." She holds out a hand to place it on one of the pillars. It vanishes, her aim to plug the barrel of the tank.

[15:40] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) growls, feeling the seismic shockwaves, pressing her hand to one of the bars and channeling fire into it, trying ot heat it up to compromise it structurally and allow her to knock it over, pressing her 4 tons max strength against it as she does to try and ensure it pushes over the second it gets hot enough but doesn't go flying into the crowd

[15:42] Raigeki spins out of the way of the stone hand. glad that her helmet hid the momemtary shock of a giant stone hand came for her. as she dodges away she fores off a few half aimes shots near the feet of Shake and the thugs near him. hoping to create uneven foooting for them

[15:42] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR thankfully doesn't need to fire the main gun to finish off the truck, simply turning the turret, slamming the barrel into its cab, then continuing to turn until the entire truck turns over onto its side assuming that nothing stops the tank from physically carrying this out. The speaker crackles again. "Not going to be taking many people today with your getaway truck in ruins, aye?" She says to the thugs. "Tell you what...those that drop their weapons now can go home to whatever families you have or hovels you inhabit. The others who choose to stay and continue to fight can suffer whatever fate we choose for you...savvy?" She says, her voice dropping to a low, dangerous growl. The barrel rises, aiming for the hand, but instead of firing the still-plugged main gun it fires the coaxial machine gun, lobbing high explosive 20mm rounds at the back of the hand, trying to chip it away. "You'll have to try better than that, duckie." This time directly addressing Pariah.

[15:43] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): ellie was on her way to register when she saw the commotion and decides to ask the nearest person who looked like a hero with angel wings "excuse me miss whats going on here?"

[15:45] Faith Celestia continues too work her way through the civilians teleporting them out of danger. thining the crowd more and more though she becomes more cautious about it as she moves through the crowd working too keep from alerting the main bad guys. not noticing she had been.. noticed.

[15:48] Katy eventually arrives at the called location and would hover a few meters above the ongoing incident, for the moment trying to scan the area to designate targets and categorize a threat list, she would try to prepare her Particle Projector Cannons for the next round of combat.

[15:49] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): ellie was on her way to register when she saw the commotion and decides to ask the nearest person who looked like a hero with angel wings "excuse me miss whats going on here?"

[15:51] Shake grunts , as large rocks are chiped out of the rock hand , other wise it seems unphased, Shake shifts and points at the ground with his weapon hand causing a stone wall to rise between him and the stun shots. the thugs menacing moon-dance, scowl as there attacks miss, they try to track the ninja but are brought up short by her counter attack the one who fired the beam slams into the pillars hard as pariah ports away falling down and laying still , but the other one grins, his head as hard as steel, he powers into moon dances punch attempting to throw her off balance as he counters with one of his own, the thugs around shake begin dancing but not shake he growls instead as his giant stone hand is chewed to pieces " fine you wana play rough!! lets play rough " the concrete pillar comes away thanks to Hell guards efforts , even as shake turns to face her and raises a foot driving it at the earth, the ground rumbles and a crack forms the earth spliting and separating in a direct path

[15:51] Shake: from him towards the tank , in an attempt to drop the ting into the sewers , one thug around Shake gos down while one begins hacking giant sticky loogies at her the other rushes hell guard spikes popping out all over his body
the man who spote faith growls " oh no you don't" and turns into a mass of snakes all heading towards her, one rears up and lunges in an attempt to bite her as more civis vanish

[15:56] Evie grits her teeth as the stone wall appears and fires instead at one of the grunts, three shots after careful aim. As pillars started disappearing or being thrown, she shouts, "Run!" hopeing the civilians would get a clue. She didn't want to explain telling them to run to Faith because she thought that would just be terrifying.

[15:59] Moondance frowned and shook her hand " you should have listened to Evie. You really should have listened to evie. " chi channeled into her arm as she used the unchi-s arm to parry the fist to the side, her punch coming at the mains head directly with enough force to put a dent in a tank ot throw an armored truck. Shouting " Evie, get these people out of here! metas in with them. One shoots beams, this one is..was..iss. really really hard. I hate men when they get all hard and try to be macho!"

[15:59] laughs as she sails in impacting the ground with great force. She chuckles as she dusts herself off seemingly unharmed "Yes! Found the party. Now who needs punching?" she smiles and cracks her knuckles
[16:01] Pariah sighs as her plan fails, and the tank still flips the truck. She calls out to Moondance "Well, can't blame a girl for trying!" Pariah looks to the muscle "Flip that thing back- Scratch that, scatter!" She shouts, leveling her sword at them for a brief moment before appearing behind the heroes. Then the clown shows up, and that eery giggling begins again. "Hey, SHAKE! Get ready to move your ass out! This shit is botched! Get caught and I kill you myself!"

[16:03] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) as the ground starts opening, up, she clears the pillar "alright people, get out of here quick" she states, motioning the escape route through the open pillar. She looks at Ellie "hostage situation. Don't get killed" she smiles, lifting into the sky, hovering a bit away towards shake and then holding up her hand and unleashing a wave of fire at him, her hand essentially becoming a magical flamethrower

[16:10] Raigeki was having trouble keeping track of evertything going on around her bu the stone hand wasn't coming after her so she took a second to assess the situation. When the telproter moves to the back of the group she puts her gun away and dras out her shocklance. There was a sudden sonic boom as her hard light wings propelled her twards the woman, going into a spin to try to hit her with teh staff and knock the wind out of her or maybe even knock her out

[16:11] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR curses, fortunately not over the intercom as she guns the tank's engine, moving to dodge the advancing crack. For a fleeting, heartstopping moment she feels the tank heel back, but then the treads catch and it climbs away from the rift, engine roaring. She rotates the turret again, tracing the line back towards where the rift came from until she has Shake in her sights, opening up with another burst of explosive machine cannon shells from the secondary coaxial gun again, as Zephyr tried to clear the main cannon of its obstruction. "Could use some support here!"

[16:13] Faith Celestia sighed as she watched the goings on and made her decision seeing the snakes coming she abandoned the rest of the civilians instead teleporting behind the "shake" person smiling as she knelt down a pair of handcuffs appearing one half inside of the ground itself, the other if she was lucky closed and locked around shakes ankle, the meta strength handcuffs she had left from her protectorate days hopefully entraping the man. though also leaving her dirrectly within his strike range.

[16:14] Katy would try to hover closer towards the PAE tank and descend in front of the blocked barrel, drawing one of her HF blades and would begin to poke inside of the barrel to disrupt the concrete obstraction, being busy and distracted this round of combat "Holy shit, what a bloody mess ... Hold your fire Zeph ! I'm trying to clear the dirt out of your tube !"

[16:16] Durian would leap into the air flaping his wings seeing the crack aswell pulling the .454 monster from his holster knowing where the crack came from he would hip fire the revolver sending 3 shots at shake

[16:18] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): ellie would quickly back away from the ground area that was cracking while listening to the ladies explaination she then shifts into a strange bug looking form and says "is there any way i can help miss?"

[16:20] Kapi D. Lucy slingshots herself across the city. Screaming in laughter as she comes barreling in impacting a tank and bouncing off ricocheting around the field like pinball before getting stuck in a tree "Hey! I'm here!" she laughs

[16:22] Shake a thug gos down under evies shots shake growls again pointing to the ground and snapping his fingers , several javelins of rock fire at mikoto while a wave of spike rushes at evie, the man takes moondances punch again and sways dizzily his bell rung and rung hard , the one that was rushing hell grins and seems to sink down a bit before he springs into the air his legs taking the form of springs as he throws him self through the sky at hell, Shake grunts as flame and gun fire flash towards him he screams as his armor heats up burning him and with a grunt points his weapon at at the tank and the large group of heroes in front of it a seismic pulse blasting at them at the same time his other hand calls up spikes under the tank driving them at its treads and under belly several shots rip through his shoulder and he screams " fuck pariah get out of here im going 9.0" and so saying he calls up a large rock dome and as he dos he feels cuffs circle his ankle he growls " oh fuck" his blade

[16:22] Shake: slashes out at faith as durians heavy shot slams his dome the ground begins to rumble gently around the surrounding area, shake tilts as something impacts his dome with a squeak " are you throwing squeaky toys at me now? your sure taking me lightly arn't you!!"

[16:24] Evie yells, "Everyone clear the area," intending to be heard by the civilans now that there were plenty of holes where pillars used to be. She yells again, "Lucy, ever play dominoes?" Her shield goes in to always-on mode, as the spikes approach her, not permitting her to hear an answer as she was now quite deaf to the outside world.

[16:30] Moondance: fuck I really. I fucking hate you guys Dont shoot! ~ she pulls up a kunai a d teleports in a ripple to Shake, trying to slash the bottom of his mask off with the enchanted ceramic weapon that could have easily cleaves a clean slice on the tank like it was butter shen she tried to kiss Shake, tongue included tryignt o infect him with a neurotoxin intended to not only strike the body from responding volunarilly but also to feel like surges of flaming pain in hie entire nervous system

[16:31] Pariah opens her mouth to shout again. Sadly her mask obstructs part of her view. She hears the sonic boom at just about the same time she finds herself airborn. She slams into the wall of the building to her right with a sickening crack. Lights flash in her vision as she is momentarily stunned. Clearly this woman is built to last, as she somehow remains on her feet. Her sword lays no the ground, her right shoulder probably shattered from the impact. Her mask is cracked now, but remains in one piece. She hears the call from Shake, and nods as she coughs up blood. "Don't get caught!" The modulated voice gurgles out through the bloody coughs. Before Mikoto can come for the rebound, nothing but a small pool of blood and black flower petals remain where Pariah stood.

[16:38] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) breaks off the heat attack as the thug grabbed her. She looks down at him, keeping in flight as she raises her blade up, tilting the edge down, and then rams it home, trying to shove it through the thug's shoulder, intending it to be nonlethal but still incredibly painful as she'd been getting good at stabbing shoulders recently

[16:39] Correction^ A sizable pool of blood remains where she stood. Enough that one might think Pariah's a goner soon if she doesn't get help

[16:41] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks to Ellie "try and evacuate the civilians if you can. We need them all out of that cage as quickly as possible"

[16:41] Raigeki grab the sword up off of the ground and tosses an absorbent pad onto the spot where the blood was She then calls out to evie via the comms "Drop the shield and grab on to me tight

[16:41] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR rotates the cannon forward for Zephyr, putting the main gun and the coaxial out of commission. Now her only defense was t he secondary turrey, though it packed a hefty bit of firepower in its machine gun too, so it wasn't completely useless. Still, being this exposed made Zephyr nervous. She could only hope she wasn't...."Shite!" She cursed as the spikes rocked the tank. The tank's energy shield protected the spikes from sticking into the armor, but they still shook the vehicle around and several damage warning lgihts lit up on the control panel. "Katy! I don't want to put pressure on you but..." She didn't finish, hoping her tense tone finished for her. She worked desperately on damage control, working to grind the spikes off with her treads as she kept the turret as stationary as possible for Katy to finish clearing the cannnon. The smaller turret aimed and fired again, this time sweeping over the thugs and, to dispel any thoughts of recovering the truck, firing into the truk's engine and fuel compartm

[16:41] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR firing into the truk's engine and fuel compartment until it went up in flames, but Zephyr decided to switch tactics, working now on charging the Tank's flashwarp system. A low, ominous hum began filling the air around the vehicle, as lights seemed to spark off its surface like St. Elmos fire. Those observing the tank would notice that it seemed to blur around the edges, as if it were vibrating at very high frequency.

[16:43] Faith Celestia is slashed across her left arm cursing out as she mutters and draws the large gun on her right hip placing it against shakes body as she tries too fire the normally "less then lethal" salt round dirrectly against his body. if it did hit at point blank it was likely too be all kinds of pain given it was a rifle round fired from a specially designed pistol. blood dripping from her left arm she turns her gaze too the tank sighing as she listens too her coms and does her best too back away from the man she tried too shoot not wanting too be slashed again.
[16:44] Durian smirked as he fires off the last 3 in his revolvers at shake before reloading it "keep talking there...whos your maker there, dell? or gateway

[16:45] Katy would grumble when Zeph rotates the gun "Bloody hell, hold still for a second ... alright, done !" eventually completing the improvised tube cleaning action, yet of course this wasn't anything perfect at all and the next fired shell might end in a barrel burst. Anyhow Katy was suddenly spammed by several internal warnings of a pending seismic event and more or less involuntary accelerated upwards by her emergency boosters, losing all her actions this round, because of trying to regain flight stability.

[16:47] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): ellie would nod at her and grab a civilian and start racing towards a safe area at speeds that would make a cheeta feel like a turtle once one civilain was at the safe area she would head back for the next civilain and repeat as much as she could hoping to save them all before she over heats

[16:49] Kapi D. Lucy puills herself out of the tree and looks around ready to punch. She smiles wide hearing Evies order and looks around seeing only one thing that could possibly be dominoes. She stretches her limb out to grab on of the pillar steading herself as the area shakes from the mans quake as she bites her thumb and blows into her hand making her fist gigantic as she draws it back

[16:51] Shake the ground rumbles again more intensely then before and a voice can be heard from inside the dome fuck you race traitors fuck you!!!" he scowls as he sways back inside his dome a piece of his mask falling away, but not enough to make kissing practical , his hand comes up and attempts to thrust her face away " eww no!! i don't even know you, this isn't frozon and you do not finish my sandwich" he grinned to him self on that one thinking him self rather cleaves as spikes sprout around him from the floor walls and celling all aimed at moon " i prefer sis-kabob any ways" /me the thug grins at Hellguard as he grasps her " haha got you now" his grins quickly vanishes as she shoves her sword into his shoulder , he screams out and lets go falling to the ground below with a thud , shake jerks forward as hes shot and screams, the ground shaking hard in response as a bloody hole rips into his side, salt entering the wound he drops to a knee breathing heavy " fucking race traitors fucking god damn race

[16:51] Shake: traitors!!" he stabs his blades into the earth his palm flat " ugh Serve or die humans serve or die!! meta superiority!!" faith was protected from the spikes that were sent at Moon from the simple fact she was standing behind shake , the thugs all fall under the tanks remaining attacks leaving shake in his dome unaware of lucys actions

[16:54] Evie said something into her coms and cries loudly, "Run! Run! Run! Earthquake!" as she drops her shield and runs at Raigeki, trying to grab hold of her.

[16:56] Moondance frowns but now with both kunai thrusts into his chest as those spikes come in towards her as the man. " then let me make a sissy kabob!" The blades intended to not only cut rhrough his armor like butterbut to cause internal damage. The spikes would seem to hit her but the body would evaporate leaving the chunk of concrete she had replaced herself with. The swap having teleported her after the attempted stabbing to nearby

[17:00] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees the man drop and sheaths her blade. As she sees the earth shaking, she swoops down, beginning to try and grab as many civilians as she can carry and rushing them off, shouting out to all around her "evac civilians from the area now. We need to get them free before things get even worse!"

[17:02] Raigeki takes off wrapping her arm around Evie, muttering " dammit dammit dammit! Fucking around with that stupid tank when she could have been grabbing civilians!" moving to hover as close to the scene as she could ans still be safe

[17:03] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR Among the carnage, there would be a blinding flash of multicolored light. Those who would deign to look in th direction of the source would, for a moment, see what looks like a tank charging forward over the crumbling asphalt before suddenly, and inexplicably, being enveloped by the lights and shooting away, a wave of concussive force following, and leaving in its wake a pair of tread marks that were sparking with blue plasma fire as Huey Lewis played from somewhere. Thankfully, no time travel was involved with this trip.
[17:04] Many windows within the city are shattered as the tank blows past at ludicrous speeds. She's gone plaid! -V-

[17:04] Faith Celestia ran through the people present taping each marking them as she could with only her right hand getting about half the remainder before teleporting them away from the fight and readying too teleport herself out. watching the light show the tank made before muttering "i hope that fucking thing gets turned into scrap metal"

[17:06] Katy by now had regained flight control and got orders to assist the evacuation efforts for those bloody civis, who somehow always ended up in the wrong place. Katy would try to stabilize her flight and would try to project a area effect of zero gravity around 3 civillians, possibly causing them to gently float upwards and then pulled along Katy's path with a minor inwards gravity vector, in an attempt to get those persons out of danger.

[17:07] Durian seeing the other power metas having a handle on shake he would fire on the thugs still putting up a fight to help with keeping the fight even

[17:12] Durian lands holstering his gun helping some of the civies that would allow
[17:13] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): once she sees all the civilains are safe from the other metas helping she switches owl form and flies over looking for hell guard if hell guard was already at hospital she would go over to her and say "thats all the civilians i think anything else i can do to help?"

[17:13] Kapi D. Lucy flies through the air her gigantic fist smashing the pillars to bits "RUN!" she yells squeaks out to the civilians as she leaps into the air. Looking dowbn at the dome and wondering why everyone is running instead of attacking. SHe flips and stretches her feet behind her in ballet stance. Shifting the air to enlarge her feet as she brings them forward intending to slam them down on the mans dome with full force "STUFFED DOLL NAILGUN!" she squeaks out
[17:16] Solene is finally here, hovering over the scene. Yey.

[17:16] Shake groans as the kunai are thrust into him he wavers hands still on the ground played still punched deep into the earth blood spills onto the ground beneath him , the shaking comes again worse then before , bit by bit they manage to get the civis out of the area theres a concussive burst from out side shakes dome , it cracks as the concussive wave hits it several pieces falling inward , the thugs were about to get up and start attacking , when durians covering fire forced them down again " now.. now it ends race traitors" the ground shakes hard but this time doesn't stop as a powerful blow crashes through the fractured dome " dolly dolly what ?" shake has time to say weakly before the wounded man is slammed into the ground by a giant sized downward twin spear kick .. the shaking tapers off and stops as the man lies there unconscious

[17:17] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR suddenly reappears near where the ruined truck last was, taking a moment to survey the situation and finding any remaining civillians.

[17:19] Moondance breaths as the ground shakes " fucker. Did I kill him? " leaving it open to did she want him dead or alive

[17:20] Evie holsters her gun with one hand and then brings it around to hold on to Raigeki with both arms, trying to not interfere with her Raigeki's steering. This might turn out to be a bumpy ride. She yells, probably unnecessarily at this point, "the sword the sword." What she meant, who knows.
a wild balloon. Floating down and landing amongst the rubble. Her appearance completely changed looking every bit a rubber sexdoll

[17:23] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) flies overhead of everything, surveying the scene. She lands beside the man, putting her boot on him to ensure he was not about to leap up and run away, and then looks to everyone else in the immediate area, announcing over her mics "looks clear to me" she states

[17:24] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR goes to the staging area, carrying three unconscious but breathing civillians in various states of injury.

[17:25] Condiment Kid: a line of a thick yellow/orange substance that looks like spray cheese appears and tags the building as Condiment Kid rides down the strangely solid line, landing so as to land on anyone, he looks around.
[17:25] Moondance looks ah her bladesthe blood falling off them" well I stabbed him"

[17:25] Timber Wulff (timberwulff.ivanovic): **As to NOT land on anyone**

[17:25] Solene continue to hover over the scene, and finally revv up her engine, flying away for a moment, between the building, to define a safezone. (( *stay in chat range meanwhile* ))

[17:26] Faith Celestia sighs as she slumps against the cafe. looking about. before.. just sighting. before comming in <Threats seem too be delt with, Permission too withdraw?">
[17:26] Raigeki waits till it's safe then flies down Evie next to Hellguard to make the arrest answering faith < yeah. if you're hurt go take care of yourself

[17:27] Evie coms for ambulances for any remaining wounded and a PTV to transport any prisoners.

[17:27] Katy would by now have reached ground with her group of evacuated civillians, deactivating her graviton generators to not overheat from the excessive energy consumption. Katy would now try to deploy a mobile shield emitter, to provide at least some cover for the wounded civillains, until they emergency medical support can arrive.

[17:28] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks over and comms to faith <I can heal you if you come over here> and then looks around as Evie and Mikoto come down. She nods to Evie and smiles "you did well" she states with a smile
e pool of blood is still here ICly. Just removing prims ))

[17:30] Evie signals to two Protectorate officers who then load the prisoner in the PTV and take off.
[17:31] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR looks up as the ambulance arrives, laying her wounded with Katys and stepping back, sighing. "God I'm bad at this."

[17:31] Shake is taken away to prison

17:31] Ellie Izumi (leeanne.mowadeng): zips in arriving in front of hellguard she says "so i guess now that everythings over do you think you could help me with something?"

[17:31] Moondance ets her blades back" ok.. can anyone tell me what that was about?"

[17:31] Inanimate Sexdoll lies amongst the rubble unmnoving and speaking

[17:32] Solene come back, flying over the scene. "Hmm.."

[17:33] Katy does a calming gesture towards Zeph "Yeah, well ... lets just say the tank wasn't perfect for this situation. But i have seen worse, Zeph ... c'mon, lets see if we can assist the boss."

[17:33] Durian sighs looking around a t the mess "ffffuuuuck, im not gonna be able to show my snout in public for a long time after that asshole

[17:34] DAX/2 Unit Z3PH-YR: I suppose next time I'll stick with urban combat vehicles.....at least I managed to take out their getaway." She nods to the ruins of the truck. "Was good for that....probably should have just abandoned the tank after climbing out of that rift."

[17:35] Raigeki blinks down at the doll She sighs and pulls out a mylar blanket and covers it up " I'm glad I don't have her powers.. that's some creepy ass shit. " She then gets on her radio " Yeah. .. this is mikoto. Send a pair of interns down. I want them to transport a rubber sex doll to N's place. ... yes.. yes you heard me right. And tell them not to play with it. " She looks ad Durian and shrugs " you pulled at least two people out of that mess. There are a few who are going to remember that

[17:35] Evie walks over toward Moondance, trying to put a hand on her as if in thanks or friendship or something weird and says, "I think they were slavers looking for free merchandise... but it may be more than that. I'll tell ya later."

[17:36] Kassie Martian is online.

[17:36] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles to Ellie "what's up?" she asks and looks about "If you're new, I can tell you what I can or you can tag Raigeki or someone. What do you want to know?" she asks, doing a bit of triage, healing whoever she can in the area as she moves about
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