Hellers Game PT 1 (Log)

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Hellers Game PT 1 (Log)

Post by doddseman3 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:19 pm

[18:47] Flare: is a streak of flame in the sky. Of all the unmitigated gall of these death dealers! And to show their cowardly faces so close to the hospital!

[18:47] ... The FOur figures would continue to hand out weapons to the masses as they began to realize...they could actually just have them..ammo and all for free. Theyd smile as the people looked each weapon over and picked out what they liked. Some of the weapons seemed pretty damn illegal as well. they didnt id or anything meaning just about anyone with any background was having access to the weapns at hand. "Common dont be shy weve got plenty people..get them while they are hot..protect yourselves..protect your families..we all know the so called heros could give less a shit about us..."

[18:48] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: takes out a cellpohne and sees to be making a call

[18:49] Kapi D. Lucy walks up to one of her favorite meat places. Usual trenchcoat and her hat pulled low to disguise herself. SHe pauses seeing people with guns "Um...is this a hunting convention? Is there like lots of meat to be cooked?"

[18:52] Pyris darts in and hovers over the scene, glancing around at the assembled crowd. In general feeling a twinge of annoyance at how whenever there are black vans around, stuff goes to shit. Plus... he was in the middle of important research when he got the tip-off.

[18:53] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a Resident): Powes star in a Blue goes from her Uniform to A purple costume She still works the Strong symbol .She Cracks her necl and Powers up

[18:53] Brittany Tairov (brittany00a Resident): Neck&&

[18:53] Nameless hummed a tune as she scarfed down her last hot dog and walked towards a table, "Can i have one?" She motioned with her hand and a random gun levitated off the table towards her, "I want one that doesn't make so much noise though..." She grabbed it by the barrel and looked at it closely, then turned it around... It was obvious she was blind!

[18:54] ... The thugs continued what they were doing taking peeks in the crowed here and there, they seem aware that what they were doing was highly illegal. A thuggish looking man in the crowed would smile as he picked out a large rifle. "man..its about time we took care of our own shit." Hed smile as he grabbed a case of ammo that came with it. As nameless spoke the man would smile then nod as he howed her to the weapons. "Well of course..help yourself..the boss wants everyone to have the chance to get what they want." As he spoke the two goons would reach for the back of the other vans as they pulled out even more weapons, at this rate most in the city would have there hands on unlicenced weapons

[18:59] wild thing beetle form: switches to owl form and flies over them sneaking to the top of a building to watch them just in case they try to make a escape her owl feathers canceling out all sound

[19:02] Kapi D. Lucy watches carefully tilting her head. SHe decides she better call Evie on the comm thing. SHe begins clicking the comm and not stealthfully at all talking into it "Evie. There are some guns in the meat place. Think its bad, or maybe hunting" she doesnt realize the danger of blowing her cover

[19:03] Nameless picks up another one, "Which on is silent though? I want a really quiet one!" She was picking them up and setting them down, not really doing anything with them as she really didn't need one! She was just here for when the heroes attacked... She was gonna take em out and show them what a real hero looked like! One for the people regardless of what they do! She believed what she was doing was right, so she was the good guy in this situation! Good gal... Yea!

[19:03] Solene fly over the area, and observe for a moment.

[19:04] ... The citizens at this rate appeared to be all armed smiling as they looked there weapons over. One of the men that belonged to the black van could be seen teaching a women to aim down the sights and how to hold the weapon properly she smiled as the man gave what appeared to be excellent customer service. The other thugs would look the scene over as if acting as lookouts. As nameless spoke the figure smaled as he reached for a large pistol with a silencer attaced to it. "This could help out with that..you want quiet..this will give you quiet...brand new....you know how to fire one of these yeah?" Hed smile

[19:05] wild thing owl form: quietly flys over to solene and whispers "did evie send you?"

[19:06] Solene look at the owl. "Yes and no. Not really, just looking for the moment" She answer on the same tone.

[19:07] Pyris glances around again and spots Lucy, figuring he'd do well to keep a watch over her. And then slowly floats over the crowd. Eventually coming to a stop over what he thought to be the lead seller "I.. trust you don't have ill intentions? And a license for all this and the sale of such?" he asked, not entirely sure of the laws on the sale of such things. However..well. he needed a cause to try and keep things from escalating.

[19:08] wild thing owl form: nods continuing to whisper "evie says protectorate also on the way just waiting for the moment when its safe to enter without blowing up the power keg"

[19:10] Kapi D. Lucy walks up to one of the gunmen "Um heya. SO those are really dangerous and I dont think you should be giving them out like that. SO you should probably stop before I have to punch you" she nods keeping her head down with hat lowered

[19:11] Narelle Leia (NarelleLeia Resident) calls down as she lowers herself to a foot above the ground. She places herself between the vans and the crowds. "Ladies and Gentlemen." She begins. "Please lay down your weapons and disperse." She smiles wickedly "I can promise you, these...salesmen will be leaving momentarily."

[19:11] Flare: calls down as she lowers herself to a foot above the ground. She places herself between the vans and the crowds. "Ladies and Gentlemen." She begins. "Please lay down your weapons and disperse." She smiles wickedly "I can promise you, these...salesmen will be leaving momentarily."

[19:12] Nameless held it up to her face and looked over every inch of it... She was really blind!!!! She then gripped the silencer and shook her head, "I just hate the loud ones! Never fired one before though!" She was aware of things flying overhead and waited for the inevitable explosion from a hero... She leaned forward and whispered to the man that handed her the gun, "Be ready, They are coming... Scouts are already here most likely!" She then grabbed a box of ammo and smiled, "How do you load one of these?" She was really clueless on the whole bullets and guns thing! She turned towards Kapi and shouted, "Just leave them alone! Or are you planning on massacring them again!? And you!" She was trembling with anger, "You gonna burn them again? It was you last time right?"

[19:15] ... The thugs spotting the obvious looking metas would look to eachother before one made his way to one of the vans, the other who spotted Pyris would speak out. "Piss off meta scum...no one wants you here" He sounded bitter as hell, as he spoke the civilians would clutch there guns tightly as they looked to the floating woman. The thug looking to kapi would smirk. "piss off girl...." As the thugs dealt with the crowed the one by the van would give it a few knocks before speaking into it. "Hay boss...weve got company." Hed smile as he began to suit up in the airtight suit. Heller smiled in the van as he looked his metalliuc gas mask over before slipping it over his fac.e The door sliding open as he stepped out a grin moving ear to ear as he looked about chuckling dementedly as he spotted the armed civilians. "Ah...ladies and gentelmen...i hope you are enjoying the gift i brought you all." hed chuckle dementedly yet again. And just in time too...it seems metas have decided to crash out little gift extange." He

[19:15] ... tisk as he wagged his finger. Hed then laugh to himself abit. he seemd off his rocker. "So!....they want to take your guns already...and for what? because yiou want to remain safe? protect yourselves?..i mean they feel they can protect you but how have they been doing eh?" Hed chuckle. "Pretty terrible if you ask me..." as he spoek the civilians would begine to no as they shouted out words like yeah! or FUCK the metas!. they appear to be getting a tad riled up. "Now now fellas...hear me out.no need to loose our heads...or we wont be any better then these people..am i right?"

[19:15] wild thing owl form: face palms at the scene before her figuring at least she didn't cause the problem

[19:18] Kapi D. Lucy titls her head listing to the man still keeping her face covered from public eye as the civilians got closer. SHe frowns and speaks into her comm "Hey Evie. Theres a guy here talking bad. I dont like him. Can I punch him?" she waits for permission like she promised

[19:18] Rain (lauranah Sirnah): gotta afk for a few v.v

[19:18] Solene shake her head. "It's going to be a mess.."

[19:19] Acheron watches from the shadows. Seems these armored men were tired of the Metahumans causing chaos against the city and were doing something about it. It didn't bother him much as regular guns could not kill him but they did still hurt a great deal and took too much blood and power to regenerate. He would watch what was going on, this wasn't his problem but, like most people curiosity got the best of him and seeing regular civilians handling firearms to fight against the Metahuman threat was quite the treat. If the civilians could defend themselves then it would be in their right to do so of course a gun wouldn't work on most metas anyway so they would need something very special to defend themselves with, of course these men handing them out wouldn't say that, why would they? This wasn't self defense, this was causing a war between the metas and the civilians. One thing was for certain though, this was going to be a blood bath.

[19:19] Pyris blinks at being called a meta, but shrugs that off and opens his unseen mouth to respond. HOwever the sudden outburst of rabble-rousing cuts him off and he waves his hands at the crowd "Whoa, whoa.. chill out everyone. No need for that.. " He hissed something in his commlink before speaking again, towards the suited up leader "Why...eh... why don't you just get your friends to calm down and we can discuss this. No need for the name calling or potential calls for violence. We're all citizens of this city.. so let's talk, eh?" Shit..shit.. Evie was better at diplomacy. Where the hell was she?!

[19:19] Packrat: 's backpack funnels the com through. Limping a bit, she looked around and pulled her backpack from her shoulders. "Yeah totally punch him."

[19:20] wild thing owl form: nods shaking her head saying "so......i have no experience on how to fix these messes so do you have any suggestions?"

[19:21] Solene "To be honest.. the one who are doing an error here.. are the 'heroes' who want to try to stop them like that. So, unless you are bulletproof, i suggest you to avoid that situation."

[19:23] wild thing owl form: smirks "no but i can become bulletproof " she think thinks for a second saying "but thats obvious so how do we stop this from becoming a problem go down and talk to the heroes?"

[19:24] Solene "I don't think that will work."

[19:24] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): "then what do you suggest ? do you think the heroes won't listen?"

[19:24] wild thing owl form: "then what do you suggest ? do you think the heroes won't listen?"

[19:24] Packrat: clicks the comm off. "I don't think that transmitted anyway." She mumbles, then looks at the crowd and the weapons out.

[19:25] Heller chuckled dementedly as he looked abotu spotting the news van as the reporter began to report on the subject. 'Ah good..a tv audience as well.." hed chuckle dementedly before looking to pyris as he spoke. "Oh? but why? im having fun!...are you having fun?" Hed chuckle dementedly before looking to the crowed. "Hear me! Celestial city metas." Hed chuckle dementedly...you are wondering...who is this man?....why would he pass out free weapons to the people of this city!...and you are probably wondering..how do i get to know this handsom interesting man better.. Well!" hed chuckle abit. "We can get to that last part later!...but! i do have an answer to the main question....Heller? what is with the weapons? why are you causing such a ruckus." hed laugh to himself. "Well ill tell you!...but first...i have to ask..and ask honestly..." Hed point to flare. "You.....what do you fear most?...city wise...what is the greates thing you fear?"

[19:26] Byron was out for a stroll as he normally does, just to get some air and enjoy the day, but of course the city never remains dull or peaceful for long. He was heading towards the city's center, hoping to just relax with his book and order some food when he noticed the crowd gathering around, a bunch of civilians, black vans, some familiar metas, and of course guns. "What in the world?" he asked to no one in particular. His companion, Kuma, grunts. The bear only visible to spirit users and chi users. Byron never wears a costume, often wearing civilian clothing so he probably wouldn't readily be pointed out as a meta. He hangs out among the crowd, watching as an intense situation got more tense. His book in hand, his spirit bear releasing low growls, obviously sensing danger himself. This might get ugly.

[19:26] Solene sigh, and finally approach, both hand raised. "Hey there.." She talk to the weapon seller. "I don't want any trouble personnaly.. just wanted to know.. and also warn you. I don't care why you sell that. I just don't want to see any PAE tag on that. We are not sellin any weapon, we are clear, okay ?"

[19:26] Kapi D. Lucy nods "got it Evie" then would move fast, disappearing to the naked eye and try to appear infront of of Heller with her fist coming forward. Not yet wanting to reveal any stretching due to the crowd. SHe smiles wide

[19:28] Flare: feels her temper rising and pushes it down. She spins to face her accuser. "What I fear is seeing the morgue in the hospital full of people. What I fear is the loss of innocence and dreams of everyday people who die needlessly."

[19:31] Pyris frowns, looking at the crowd and the fact that the media was getting in on this too. "Actually, I'd much rather be at home taking a hot bath while watching the new anime line-up on JetFlix... that would be fun, this is just a clusterfuck wai-" he'd cut off, his HUD picking up a movement he couldn't follow with his eyes on a friendly marker "F-fuck! Stand d-down Pinky!" he managed to yelp.

[19:33] Heller smiled at flare as she spoke happy with her answer. just before he was going to respond as he would feel a strike across his face as he was punched. His head snapped to the right. Rubbing the side of his cheek hed begine to chuckle...then laugh rather dementedly as he looked to Kapu. "Ohhhh...noo..." hed chuckle. "You see that fellas? i got attacked...and all i did was ask a simple question...Well! dont you worry beautiful...youre about to get yours." Hed chuckle as he reached for hsis back pocket and held a device in the back of his hand. "You Heros...have done your part..saving this city...making sure it does not fall...but then...you step on all the little guys while doing it..buildings fall...people that occupied said building die." hed chuckle. "And you all just get to fly home..like nothing has happened...but i...well ive spent a good part of the year to put a little thing together for all of you...to show everyone including yourselves...what kind of people you truly are.....and the best way to do

[19:33] Heller that..is to have you all scared." Hed grin ear to ear as he began to chuckle dementedly. "And do you all know just how im going to do that?....right now?...in a single moment...? ill give you one guess."

[19:33] wild thing owl form: switches to beetle form and says "theres no need for violence here " she then sees lucy not reveal her stretching and says "apparently your gun crusade is starting to upset non metas! since you just got punched by one "

[19:34] Ellie Izumi (leeanne Mowadeng): "you didn't get attacked by a meta though! you got attacked by a angry human! apparently not all humans like your plan! " she yelled

[19:35] Packrat: twitches her eye. She reaches into her bag and pulls one of the unclaimed weapons out, then jams it back in her bag before going for a second. "Somethin' ain't right about that loudmouth..."

[19:35] wild thing owl form: gets a nervous look on her face and squickly switches to mite form in case she needs to run

[19:35] Solene growl, and fly some meter away, shaking her head. "Bande de crétin, sérieusement." She sigh loudly.

[19:36] Kapi D. Lucy titls her head smiling under her hat as the man takes her punch "I'm not a hero. I just want all the meat. A hero gives all the meat away" she states in matter of fact manner as she does some stretches getting ready for a fight still making sure to protect herself from being revealed

[19:38] Packrat: "Think think... Bomb? Poison gas? No one laughs like that without something in their pocket..." The second weapon is pulled out and stashed in the bag. Frantically she digs around in the pack for the turned off comms.

[19:39] Byron closes his book and sighs, memorizing the page he's on. The young woman that attacked the boisterous speaker, he can see her aura, it looked like bubble gum that was stretching and restricting constantly, yet somehow fiery. Wasn't surprised by the fiery aspect, the girl couldn't keep her cool and punched the guy. Things were about to escalate. Also just as alarming ,the way the guy took the punch without flinching. Byron smells a rat. Kuma's growls were getting louder but no one would be able to hear. Byron knew to be on alert then. He wasn't liking this situation.

[19:40] Flare: has no idea what his plan is. But she can't let him harm anyone. "Before you do anything, mister, know this. If you harm anyone in this city." Her hands light up. "You will know exactly what hell feels like. You want to make a statement, fine. But I get to make one too. I guarantee you won't like it. Now place the device on the ground, take 3 step back and get on your knees, hands clasped behind your head."

[19:40] Packrat: fumbles the comm back on. "Fuck!"

[19:40] Pyris hears something in a language that reminds him on being chewed out by his mother. But no, he had to focus! "And tell me, why are y-you out here trying to instigate then?" he asked. Internally cringing at what Evie's deputy had started off "But your issue with with Piny there now, if you'd like. I can file a report on it and contact you when it's processed?"

[19:42] Heller chuckled dementedly as they all spoke amongst themselves and out to him. the armed civilians that surrounded them looking about abit nervously, some keeping thre heads down others seeming ready to open fire if they felt threatened, what heller had said was true...most of the time the heros as well as the villains do just about the same amount of damage that caused people they knew to get hurt...and the heros appeared to never be held accountable in there eyes. "Well...good guessess all around but wrong...allow me to ruin your nights. Hed smile as he winked at flare" As he spoke hed press the button on the device behind his back as he began to laugh aloud dementedly.nothing would seem to happen for a moment...however in a blink of an eye a thick sickly green spoke would erupt out of all of them at once the force of the inner explosion would push the gass throught the center of the city reaching just a tad passed the bank itself and at least 20 ft in the air. The gas would rush over everyone in the vicinity

[19:42] Heller would make visibility go to near zero for the moment..

[19:42] wild thing owl form: says to flare "please lets try to avoid threatening the trigger happy mad men!?"

[19:42] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): (smoke not spoke gha typos)

[19:42] Packrat: "Air tanks! Gas!"

[19:43] Kassie Martian wanders up to the food stand, headphones on, listening to some awful pop tartlet, blissfully unaware of the battle going on. Walking up to the window "i'd like one garden veggieburger and a side of hummus please"

[19:43] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): (the effects will be apparenty on my next post just for now yall are caught up in it. up to yall how yall react to it)

[19:43] Solene see the gas coming rapidly, but doesn't move. Still wearing her gasmask as usual. She growl as she seems to talk in her comm.

[19:43] Packrat: With the exclaimation, several inkbombs are thrown frantically under her feet and she vanishes.

[19:43] wild thing owl form: using her super speed would race away the moment the button far away to avoid contact

[19:44] wild thing owl form: using her super speed would race away the moment the button hit far away to avoid contact

[19:46] Kapi D. Lucy eeps and stretches her arms out grabbing onto a nearby roof to launch herself upwards as the gas cuts visibility in the area

[19:47] Pyris was caught in the rolling wave of gas and growls into his comm as he looks around, trying to reconfigure his sensors to update the IFF "Shit, Gas!" he yelped. "Pinky, prepare to assist civilians!...wherever the hell you are..."

[19:48] Flare: has no idea what's in the gas. But her choice has been made. Flame gushes from her hands toward the madman.

[19:49] Acheron watched as the visibility went to zero from the shadows and narrows his eyes, this man wished to make it to where no one can see, two can play at this game and magic trumped tech any day of the week. He focused his power on a spot in the middle of the chaos as darkness began to pool on the ground. He appears in the middle of it as he creates a vacuum to absorb all the gas in the area into the realm of darkness. "Abandon all hope, ye who dwell here..."

[19:51] Byron watches as the thick green clouds erupt in the area. He pulls up the front of his shirt to cover his mouth and nose, but still observes as he back away. Kuma roars loudly, wanting to attack. "Steady" he said in a whisper. This was a dangerous situation and now he was fighting blind. He doesn't know what this gas does but he wasn't going to breathe it in. He looks around, trying to find proper cover, but could think of little else but to start climbing, actually going to one of the black vans and climbing to the roof. Then he noticed things escalating further as darkness began to sweep into the area too. Well that's just perfect. With a sigh, he takes a gulp of air before closing his eyes, taking mental note of the area. He was gonna have to rely on instincts here.

[19:52] Kassie Martian waves her hand in front of her face, trying to fan the smoky gas away from her face, scrunching her nose up and making a disgusted face "oh...my...god...seriously, smokers, why do you have to light up near my food"

[19:53] Heller continued to laugh dementedly as the gas engulfed the whole block while he did he was smart enough to get the hell moving assuming a rebuttal. However one of his men would not be lucky as screams of pain would be heard as he was inflames. The gas had interesting properties...a thing he used often in his own universe. The gas only needed to make contact for a small moment being absorbed in the skin as well as breathign in. which means gas masks alone will not work, filters are useless...and only those wearing a full airtight suit with its own oxygen supply would be safe..other than that assuming they dont have any resistances they would begine to feel the effects as the smoke began to clear. The gas effected the part of the brain that controll fear, causing strong hyper realistic and terrifying hallucinations seeing other people as things one would fear most whether it is a phobia or an arch rival. the civilians nwow able to see would look to eachother as they began to go in full ppanic mode. a women

[19:53] Heller believing she was seeing zombies surrounidng her would fire her weapon at the other civilians the other civilians doing the same to the others as they believed they were being attacked by either giant spider, zombies giant serpants ect. they would even fire at the metas as well believing they were such things as well. any meta in the area that was caught up in the gas would begine to see things themselves and possibly attack eachother or other civilians as well.

[19:57] Kapi D. Lucy laughs and grabs a flagpole on the building. She holds on to it as she winds herself up like a corkscrew. Then leaps down and lets go spinning around to try and dispearse the gas as she falls. All the while seeing the civilians calling her monster and freak again as in her mind she is performing the act in full sexdoll form. Body glistening in latex sheen. She fights back the tears as she tries to dispearrse the gas "Im not. Im just a rubbergirl" she cries

[20:00] Solene continue to hover, surrounded by the gas. Being too confident in her mask, she is literally going to be affected by it. She move away as the gunfire start, and try to get a magnetic grip on a van near her, to lift it, and throw it on the people around.

[20:01] Pyris would often times have a personal air supply for high-altitude flights.. however this was not one of the times. As his HUD regained it's bearings on the scene, he would find his eyes disagreeing with it. His pupils narrowing to pinpricks as he see's what was below. "Ffffffucking...BEARS!" he screamed, his voice cracking as he bolted an additional thirty feet in the air to put distance between himself and the Ursine Menace. Yelping a few things into his comm as he floats there, hyperventilating. An act which angers up his parasitic guests, who give him a few warning nips under his suit.

[20:02] Byron as he sat on the roof ot the car, he realized something was wrong. He could feel tremors in his body. His internal temperature rising. He hears Kuma's roars tranform to full words as next to him, the spirit bear was no longer there, instead stood someone that looked exactly like him! The only difference was that he wore a familiar omen mask. It was the evil tainted Kuma, the one who brought evil to the city, always challenging people to a fight, using and abusing women how he saw fit, the being responsible for him losing so much time in his life. "So this is where we are now?" Kuma taints. "You finally gain your freedom and now look at you, being taken out by some exaggerated fart? Pathetic!" Byron stares at his old tormentor in silence, but his own anger triggered at his mere presence. "You were supposed to be stronger now weren't you?" Kuma continues to taunt. "You're still weak! Allow me to take over and I will destroy everyone! I will show you what true strength looks like!"

[20:05] Nameless is here! She figured something was wrong and quickly discovered what it was when she touched the mad mans mind! She seemed unaffected by the gas because she was neither human nor meta, and she had a telekinetic shield up! She watched as chaos errupted around her and and growled angrily, she looked at the crowd and tried stopping the guns by motioning at them and grunting with effort to make them all point up! She wouldn't get them all but she would get most of them! She realized her mistake when she started seeing the presences of the monsters that conquered her and her people!

[20:05] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) caught trouble on the mics and shadow steps to the roof, looking around, trying to get an understanding of what was going on and trying to pinpoint Solene "what in the hell, someone radio me a status report!" she shouts over any available frequencies.

[20:09] Heller laughrd dementedly as he watched the scene unfold. The civilians were slaughtering eachother in blind panic, as some took aim at heller hed pull out his revolver and fire a round at them putting them down. Oddly enough heller didnt seem effected, his gasmask didnt have any filters and he had plenty of exposed skin. As Solene threw the truck a few civilians would look up in horror before they were crushed. God knows what they saw before they were killed. As heller made his way to one of the vans hed tap one of the suited up mens shoulder. "Alright boys...release the hounds...and raise some hell..make sure im not followed...ive got many more plans for this city." hed chuckle. "And you...come with me." Hed becon to one of them as they both begnan to sit. The remaining two would make there way to the back of the vans before opening up the gages within releasing three dogs from each van as they began to charge the crowed snarling and howling the two remaining thugs oeneing fire int he crowed

[20:09] Kassie Martian screams as loud as her lungs will allow given the thick pall of gas in the air, "NOOOO YOU WON'T TAKE ME PIGS! NOO ILL NEVER! GET THE FUCK AWAY YOU STUPID COPS! I DIDN'T DO IT!" shrinking quickly as her automatic defense, right out of her clothing, scurrying to hide under a chair, 6 inches tall and naked.

[20:12] Kapi D. Lucy cries and covers herself as bullets impact her stretching her skin and bouncing back at lethal force as she stands there helpless "Im just a rubbergirl please. Im not a freak. Im not some sextoy. STOP! Stop it! STOP IT!" she cries dropping to her knees and shielding her head curled up

[20:13] Solene totally launched a van on people, crushing them to death. "YOU FELT THAT TRUCK DIDN'T YOU ?! YOU WILL NEVER BRING ME BACK TO THE LAB' !" She goes to an other van quite rapidly, trying to lift it.

[20:13] Lady Nightmare suddenly appears out of thin air near the edge of the square, taking a look around to get the lay of the situation

[20:14] Flare: feels something on her leg, she looks down to see a spider on her thigh. Spiders were her greatest phobia and to her horror, the spider turned into two, then four, then 8! Suddenly, she was covered with them, crawling into her mouth and nose. She screams, then bolts into the sky, her body covered in fire. "Die you fuckers!" she screams

[20:15] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees the men opening fire. She throws down an implosion field to try and pull in as many of the dogs as she can and then shadow steps to the first machine gunner, doing an expert swing of her spear to try and slice his gun open, then bring the tail end of it against the man's temple to put him out of commission "alright everyone, now I want you all to hit the ground!"

[20:15] Raigeki flies over to to solene while typing something into gaggle.

[20:16] Asrya (Asrya Amaterasu): <<Hey look it's an angel of death come t reap all of your souls! GET HER!>>

[20:17] wild thing mite form: looks on curiously "i think based on what im seeing and what the crazy guy was mentioning its some sort of fear gas the man kept making fear references like what are you afraid of before activating the bomb"

[20:17] Pyris seeing the bears milling around and fighting each other he continued to hover there, confronted by his oldest fear. And with the sound of barking he darted his head towards it, only to see smaller, barking bears! That were moving in to attack the normal bears. "Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" he squealed as he raised an arm, a large tube emerging from his gauntlet and with a hiss of "Fffuck you!" he fired the small rocket towards the crowd...which after a few feet would break apart in the air, sending a series of small discs clattering to the ground - which would after a few moments detonate with blinding flashes and sound, a multi-flashbang.

[20:18] Allock (allock123 Resident) walks up to the plaza for a burger his eyes widening at the scene before him as people seem to lose there shit, he notices lucy freaking out and pushes his way through the gathered heros and civilians to lucy he reaches down attempting to put a hand on her shoulder " hey lucy, whats going on...you all right?"

[20:18] Nameless was scared shitless as the monsters roared around her, she waited to be mind raped, but it never happened... She reached out and touched their minds as she crawled along the ground carefully... Civilians?! She blinked slowly and looked around, everyone was scared of their own shadows at this point! Except a few... She sprinted towards them as she drew her laser swords, swallowing her fear for the moment and telling herself they weren't real! She spotted the one behind all of this and calmly walked up to him, "Mind if i tag along?" She was shaking with fear but holding it all in, hoping it would work and she could leave this madness behind! Her laser swords were clenched in her hands but not activated, they were shaking terribly as she tried to fight it all back! They were everywhere!

[20:18] Byron sate down on the roof of one of the vans, closing his eyes, trying to ignore the evil Kuma who continued to taunt him and talk. "What?" he said. "You're just going to ignore me? Try as you might, you can't, you know I'm right. You need me, you always needed me. Give in, there is no shame in admitting defeat." As he continued to sit, he was doing all he can to avoid acknowledging that this evil being existed. He feared that he'd rear his ugly head sooner or later, but it's been so long, he almost thought that perhaps he was actually gone. He felt his own power rising, the chi energy, his spiritual pressure, thickening the air around him. He can hear the screams and anguish from many others around him. He was not going to cave. He had his freedom and he will not succumb to evil. Meanwhile, his companion, the REAL Kuma roars outloud. Being an animal that exists only on the spirit plane, no one can hear him and sadly being under the effects of this toxin, his master wasn't hearing him either, but

[20:18] Byron still the spirit bear hoped to reach out to someone, someone in tune with the spirit and chi energies that could help break his master out of the spell.

[20:18] Mark Blake walks up to the plaza for a burger his eyes widening at the scene before him as people seem to lose there shit, he notices lucy freaking out and pushes his way through the gathered heros and civilians to lucy he reaches down attempting to put a hand on her shoulder " hey lucy, whats going on...you all right?"

[20:20] Scarlet: The knight hovered above the melee, scanning the area for wounded while also looking for the instigator(s) of this whole ordeal.

[20:20] Solene was already hovering the other van, and was ready to throw it when she receive message on her comm. She breathe heavily, and revv up her jet engine, flying away at high speed.

[20:21] Moondance teleports inside the stand with a ripple on the air " did every one of you take lsd or something. Why are you killing these civilians?"

[20:21] Asrya (Asrya Amaterasu): <<Status update! The gas has been dispersed, there are humans and metas who are going insane, toxin is intended to remain in the system for twenty four hours. At least one van has been thrown and a pack of dogs was released into the crowd>>

[20:21] Kassie Martian cowers beneath the table, tiny and nude, "Nonononononono no cops noooooo i cant let em get me, iI've been so careful....."

[20:21] Asrya (Asrya Amaterasu): <<And there are weapons freely scattered all over the scene among dozens of dead bodies>>

[20:22] Mythos stays well out of the melee, hoping to avoid notice as she brings her hands together, her sigils starting to crawl over her body as she gathers energy for a summoning

[20:22] Kapi D. Lucy cries feeling the civilians touch her trying to rape her like some sexdoll. She screams and lashes out at the one touching her with a bit to much of her strength "NO IM NOT A DOLL! IM A GIRL! I SWEAR! IM NOT A TOY! please stop!" she sobs shaking curled in her ball

[20:22] Heller chuckled as he looked to the rearview mirror watching the scene unfold. what remained of the civilians would be seen screaming and fist fighting eachother. one could be seen tearing out someones throat with her teeth as the man screamed. It was a bloodbath. most of the civilians would be seenlaying dead ont he ground with terrified looks on there faces, the others would be seen running off clawing at there own eyes or fighting eahcother. one would even attempt to tackle byron. The dogs were easily dispatched as they snrled and snapped there jaws in her direction clearly influenced by the toxin. The men fireing would grint as there weapons wer ebroken apart. As one was hit agaisnt the temple hed begine to chuckle as he shok his head. "Wrng move lady. With that hed reach for the ground before tearing out a chunk from the street and hurled it in hellguards direction. it seems hellers goons were not humans..but metas...this...was a trap. just as he was about to drive hed spot nameless asking to tag along. Hi

[20:22] Heller goon looking to him would pull out his gun however heller would chuckle as he spoke. "Nah...let her in...could have fun witht his one." Hed chuckle as he offered her a ride in the back. with that he would start to drive off leaving the scene leaving behind the rest of the guns.

[20:24] Katy eventually arrives high above the square and would try to escort the retreating Soléne out of the immediate area of danger, additionally horrible busy on the internal PAE coms.

[20:25] Flare: is a missile, flying at her max speed straight up. But inside her body, her boosted immune system going to work on the toxin. But it would take time...

[20:25] Raigeki: Mark. they people have been gased. Get her out of her! drag her if you have to

[20:26] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) watches the man raise a chunk from the street "oh hell, you're not making this easy" she teleports out of the way, spinning her spear, activating the crossguard into glaive configuration and then primes it to incapacitate. On impact it'd cause immense pain to rocket through the body but was otherwise nonlethal. She began moving through the goons, hitting one with the blade, swirling, teleporting to another to stab, thrust, cut her way through the group, using her magic to continue holding the dogs in the implosion field

[20:26] wild thing mite form: would look on as she saw heller escaping and run over to him and switches to mantis shrimp form to melt the tires of the truck with her super heated bubbles

[20:26] Mark Blake trys to back away as lucy lashes out her fist once again sending him flying, this time into a pack of civis butchering each other , he gos down as one of them turns on him and starts thrusting his blade down over and over

[20:27] Nameless gets in the back of the van and shivers uncontrollably as they drive off! She was scared and tired and anxious, what would she do when the van stopped?

[20:29] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: would look on as she saw heller escaping and run over to him and switches to mantis shrimp form to try and melt the tires of the truck by firing at them with her super heated bubbles

[20:30] Byron continued to sit, trying to focus as the evil Kuma continued his taunts while the real Kuma continued to try and get his attention. There was pure chaos all around, he knew this. Something was wrong. A disturbance. Why would the evil one show up now of all times? was he merely seeing an opportunity or was there something else? Then he heard it.. the roar. The real Kuma was getting through while the evil one talked at the same time. He was trying to get his attention. While Kuma roars, the evil one says to him. "You might want to open your eyes." He ignores him, but he didn't need to be warned. He stands to his fee,t and spins to the side as someone climbed up the van to try and tackle him. Byron grabs the individual by the arm to try and twist him arm, to bend it backwards and hold it in a lock. He opens his eyes, in his mind, he was seeing the evil Kuma, again, yet he can see his real friend. Indeed something was off. "This isn't real," he declared. "The damn smoke is doing this." He'd

[20:30] Byron try to follow up by sweeping the faux Kuma's legs from under him, then grabbing him by the head and slamming it into the roof to knock him out, wanting to do as little damage as possible, but needing to take his attacker out of the fight.

[20:30] Nameless gets in the back of the van and shivers uncontrollably as they drive off! She was scared and tired and anxious, what would she do when the van stopped? The van grinded as the tires melted and she used her telekinesis to lift the van! Then grunted as she made it fly away! More like hover... She wasn't that strong minded! Either way they were getting away from the chaos! She wanted away from the chaos!

[20:30] Moondance: Gas? Ok. ~ pulling three ceramic shuriken from her belt and hurling them into the ground at the crowd- not intended to hit anyone..hut hey. On impact they would flash with a yellow glyph and burst into a cloud of aerisolized neurotoxin into the group, the poisons intent to hit the nervous system and make one lose control of voluntary muscles ..such as arms and legs.. in a sedative manner, not an active thrashing one. ~

[20:31] Moondance knows the gas is contact, not just inhaled

[20:32] Pyris sees several of the bears dropped from his attack and glances around seeing only more bears. He wasn't trained for this. Evie yelling in his ear caused him to whimper. He didn't know what to do! However a firm bite on a very sensitive area caused him to shout in pain and suddenly clutch at his crotch "F-fuck! Why?!" he questioned before glancing around again. This time noticing things a bit more clearly. The bears seemed to bef ighting themselves. Even if they were bears now, they were poeple before.. he had to stop that. And with his free hand he begins loading another flashbang, "P-pinky! Which bear are you?!" he shouted to the crowd.

[20:32] Raigeki: YOU IDIOT They were already gassd you could cause a reaction that will kill all of them!

[20:33] Kapi D. Lucy just cries and rocks curled up trying to block out the cries of monster freak and toy "Im not. Im not" she whimpers voice getting quieter

[20:33] Moondance shrugged" I never claimed to be a hero. "

[20:34] Heller chuckled dementedly to himself as he drove. as he did he would begine to sing out of season his own twisted version of jinglebells to himself aloud. "Dashing through the snow...breaking peoples knees. over the hills we go...stop me if youll please...the heros are full of dread...cause there in over there head...and ill go and laugh and sing as soon as theyre all dead..oh jingle bells..timber smells..mr strong laid an egg...the spirit mobile lost its wheel and heller got away." hed chuckle to himself once more before noticing somethings wrong with the van as the wheel began to deflate. Looking to his partner hed smile. "Go see what that is buddy...and...well then..." hed notice the van begining to hovor befor elooking to nameless in the back. 'aby...im 100% more into you now." hed chuckle ebfore looking to the goon. 'And you wanted to shoot her." hed chuckle as he continued to drive off. Al the while Byron was able to knck the civilian out. at this point all the civilians were pretty much dead..either by

[20:34] Mythos completes her summoning, her Fury spawning into existence on her shoulder and snarling slightly as it senses all the negativity among those gathered. She sends it a mental command and it begins consuming the fear from those around, focusing its efforts on those that are acting most violently to start, trying to calm the situation first

[20:34] Heller suicide or by another civilian or some of the heros that may have atatcked them by mistake. Tehre were few survivors of course apeparing shaken and curled up as they tried to shut themselves from the terror they were seeing, as moondance used her nuro toxin the remeining civilians would start to go limp as they vell over.

[20:35] Raigeki shakes her head and tries to pick up lucy. "Don't puch me. I wiull protect you.. " trying to carry her away from the crowd

[20:36] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: would switch to mite form and run after the cars that were getting away using her super speed to try and keep up with them

[20:36] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) sees one last of the goons lifting a gun and teleports to him, ramming the incapacitating beam into his skull and watching him fall limp. She looks around and reports over all local coms "Goons incapacitated. Mass casualties. Need to stop the mess" as she does she jumps away from the new gas coming from Moon, giving her an expression of wtf

[20:36] Nicole (Nicole Portola): I am easier rolling. wear off in 30, 15 with enhanced.. but really dont care how affected people are)

[20:36] Mark Blake little golden pops fill the street and golden particles converge on the fallen form of mark swirling around his body cocooning him tearing him down and rebuilding him, a clawed hand rips through the golden light, as it begins to clear and scarf snapping in the wind stands Rebellion

[20:38] Scarlet dropped to the pavement, and began singling out the wounded. She needed as many of them in one place as she could get. She acted with no concern for her own safety, relying on her curse to push her through any wounds she might sustain.

[20:39] Kapi D. Lucy cries rocking herself as the gass begins to wear off allowing herself to be picked up by Raigeki "Please. Im just a rubbergirl" she sobs quietly having worn herself out crying

[20:39] Nameless had the van now, it just took a little time to get going! She looked back and saw a miniature version of the monster chasing after them... "Mind if i break a window?" She asked then broke the back one out and activated her laser swords... She then focused on the heat the laser swords created and electricity arced along her fingers, "Little bastard! DIE!" Lightning roared from the back of the flying van and towards Wild thing! It was like being in a storm where lightning was abundant! Nothing was following them if she could help it!

[20:40] Kassie Martian feels the second gas attacking her tiny system, overwhelmed, falling to her knees, then falling out, for some reason not returning to her normal size and state yet

[20:42] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: gets hit with the lightning and falls down causing her to loose site of the vans

[20:42] Mikoto (Kitsune Omizu): : /3 me carries lucy to a nearby office building and sets her down around the corner out of sight " Stay here and hide. I will be back. I promise"

[20:42] Byron watches as the chaos seemed to die down, but he wasn't sure. Things were a little quieter but he could see people dead or cowering. He looks down at the person he knocked out, who no longer looked like the evil Kuma. Still he figured the toxin was still in his system so he sat down next to the passed out person, placing his hands on him as they began to glow. closing his eyes, he began to focus, using his spirit energy, creating a tether with it and the chi energy all around. He was going to heal himself of the toxin which takes considerable effort, but this person needed help more than him. He hoped he can remove all the toxin from this person's body to save their mind as well as their life. Feeling how the nergy surged through him, moving through his body, from his hands to the person he knocked out.

[20:43] Kapi D. Lucy just rocks herself and nods still hugging her knees and hiding her face as the effects die

[20:43] Moondance touches her goggle recording the heros devastation. Marathon might want something to throw in peoples face about the state of 'heroes' in the city

[20:44] Mythos keeps herself well back, directing her pet from target to target, trying to speed the cleansing of the toxin by treating the symptoms, reaching up to pet the creature gently while it works

[20:44] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) moves to the main group. Any civilians that were still acting out, she'd siphon just enough energy from them until they became too fatigued wo bother. She shakes her head and moves near the main group towards Scarlet "I've got your back, update as assistance is needed" she states, flourishing her weapon once and then sheathing it, seeing no further need for it at the moment

[20:45] Raigeki ruyshed back off and looks to Hellguard. and Rebellion " Do whatever you can to protect people. Remember they are affected by some gass. .. As for the metas. try and make them exart themselveds! speed up their metabolism!

[20:46] Mark Blake follows lucys evacuation with his eyes then turns back to the crowd reaching out and doing his best to knock out civis as gently as he can

[20:46] Pyris feeling another series of bites he whimpers and squirms in the air. The pain doing well to focus him as he tried to figure out what to do. He felt freakin' helpless. Noticing a lot of the bears were dead and others were down. he saw one bear moving between them and doing...something.. that seemed to be calming them down and slowly floats down towards HG. "W-who are you, bear..err...person? Thing?"

[20:46] Scarlet: "I need the most grievously wounded civilians to be laid down in a line!" she shouted over the din. "Have them grasp each other's hands, if possible. I can heal many at once if they maintain skin contact."

[20:46] Kassie Martian lays unconscious and naked beneath the table, still doll sized, barely breathing, her eyes rolled back in her head, her body confulsing....

[20:47] Heller laughed dementedly as he drove far from the scene as eh did he would shout. "I fucking love this city!" As he escaped with his one remaining goon and nameless the streets would be left to the heros. Many lie dead either through the actions of the heros or themselves, the others paralized by the other toxin for now. one of his goons layed dead burnt to a crisp by flare earlier. the other two knocked unconscious by hellguard. the hounds just floating around, however many of thse hounds were dead as well kille by eachother in there own panic. things were a mess for sure, blood filled the streets heller got away...though many would probably get the sinkign feeling that..this..was only the begining.

[20:47] Flare: sees the world as it is, not as her nightmare told her. She was higher than she had ever flown before. tears streaked her cheeks. Then she saw, far below, her city, stricken. Flipping over, she zoomed downwards,

[20:48] Raigeki: Pyris That's hellguaard. Look the people are gassed you may be affected to! Try an exert yourself and get your metabilosm to burn out the gass!

[20:48] Moondance: now..for the hard part ~teleporting in another ripple to the street to the wounded civilians she made several hand signs and began to focus chi into them to speed up and affect healing upon the first one

[20:48] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) looks back at Pyris "I am Hell...Bear. Hell Bear, deity of Bears. These bears are injured, they meant no harm. Please assist me in bringing all the bears together so their evil can be cleansed. Help Scarlet Bear to do this" she says, pointing at Scarlet and seeing something under the table, walking over and trying to pick up Kassie, trying to bring her back to Scarlet

[20:50] Raigeki sticks with hell. protecting the woulded as best she can, Bonking anyone tho tries to attack anyone ese

[20:51] TheDeviousOne. (doddseman3 Resident): (alrighty guys thats part 1 of four :P hope yall enjoyed the rp! more to come soon! ill leave the civilians fates up to yall :D if yall have questions about the gas if you are studying it just im me :D)

[20:52] Kassie Martian feels HellGuard pick my spasming, barely breathing body up, the two different nerve agents wreaking havoc with my tiny morpholgy....

[20:53] Kapi D. Lucy slowly gets up legs shaking. eyes still watery from her tears. SHe holds her hand along the wall as she slowly tries to walk back to the area. Keeping her head hidden unsure what was real and what wasnt. SHe speaks into her mic sniffling and clearly distraught "Please Evie. give ride"

[20:53] Pyris hearing Raigeki's tone he instinctivly snaps off a salute and focuses on his cybernetics. Switching over from battery power to bio-electric power... and instantly rapidly lowers to the ground, only managing to float an inch above the ground and his glowy bits dimming notably. At Hellbear's introduction he nods slowly. Trying to focus as he felt the fatigue burning from his energy source switch "R-right..." he then mutters "Working with bears...Ef-Em-El...."

[20:54] Byron kept his hands on the person he knocked out, the process taking time but necessary. He figured and hoped those who could be saved were being saved. The process of burning out the toxin was a bit complicated as he was searching... searching for.. an impurity of sorts, as if looking for something that shouldn't be there. He was going to try to burn and push it out, Like a cleansing. He was forming a connection of sorts, like a bridge between him and the individual. His energies bending to his will, doing what he tasked it to do. Search for the impurity. Get rid of it. And that's what it did. What appeared to be like green steam flowed upward, out of the man's body and disappearing while Byron's hands glowed brighter, getting warmer. He was driving the toxin out, killing it in the man's system. He'd worry about himself later, unaware of how long the toxin would last in his body.

[20:54] Mark Blake staggers out of the chaos and towards lucys hiding spot he crouches besides her and starts to reach out with a clawed hand , then stops remembering him self" you ok lucy? come on just breath its all right"

[20:55] wild thing peacock mantis shrimp form: proceeds to groan from the lightining attack and run back when she sees hanna talking about evie she then says "Hey hanna are you ok? do you need any help?"

[20:55] Hell Guard (Talista Glas) smiles, carrying Kassie back over to Scarlet and places her down with the rest to be healed "here's another one, going to try and get as many others here as possible. The goons are incapacitated, going to let that be known on the Protectorate comms chatter for retrieval"

[20:56] Flare: arrives on scene. Already, her staff, weak and confused, were wheeling gurneys toward the fallen.

[20:56] Mythos sees the situation seeming to be mostly calm now and brings her hands together once more, her fury fading away as fresh sigils flow around her body, this set glowing bright white, and she starts slowly walking onto the scene------------------------------------------

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